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Ethan & Josh: Luck of the Draw

Ethan Skolnick
May 16, 2017 - 7:43 pm

Ethan is joined by Evening host Josh Friedman on a semi big night, well from the heat's perspective, as it is draft lottery night. Before they talk about that the guys talk about the Game 7 that happened last night and how the conference finals is gonna treat the Celtics. Ethan and Josh then talk draft lottery and the various situation that would spell doom or joy for many NBA teams, and also get South Florida involved in things as to find alternative to the current lottery system. The dialogue with South Florida continues as new lottery methods are developed including aping some Soccer concepts that would send the worst team in the league to the D-League and last seasons champs to the NBA proper?!? The Juice and Friedo switch gears to talk about the news of Pete Carroll looking into signing Colin Kapernick or Robert Griffin the Third as a backup and why this situation is mildly infuriating for Friedo. The Show is wrapped up with the pantened (Patent Pending!) "Bad" Sports Radio as tickets are needing to be given away. 


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