Ethan & Perk: Banana Boat Boys

Ethan Skolnick
June 16, 2017 - 7:09 pm

6-16 Recap


Ethan and Chris dive into the back-and-forth beef between Draymond Green and Lebron James and super-team arguments. Ethan agrees with Lebron about him not starting the super-team trend, but disagrees that he wasn’t on a super-team with the Heat. He and Perk argue about which super-team was the first of this era. Perk believes the Warriors will only be dominant for two more years max. Kevin Ioli joins the show to discuss the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Ethan wonders if there is any chance Lebron leaves Cleveland. Brad Turner of the LA Times comes on the show to talk about the possible moves of CP3 and Blake Griffin in free agency. The Juice and Perk go over the alleged trade talks between the Sixers and Celtics for the #1 pick. They then speculate the circumstances of the Banana Boat crew getting together. After a headline about a baseball manager missing his son’s graduation, Perk and Ethan reminisce about scheduling conflicts in sports.

6-16-17 Ethan Skolnick Full Show.mp3

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