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Ethan & Perk: Draft Night Eve

Ethan Skolnick
June 21, 2017 - 7:04 pm

Hour 1

  • Ethan and Perkins open up the show about the Marlins and their season thus far and won’t touch on them too much until they reach .500. Conversation about NBA free agency about Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, and Kyle Lowry about the Rockets acquiring some of them. And how the Rockets believe they have a shot to beat the Warriors in the West. Conversation on teams trying to build super teams or “dominant teams.” How Kyle Lowry can provide a little more than Chris Paul because of age, if they go the right team they can change the entire the dynamic of the team to beat GSW in the West.
  • Chad Ford joins the show and talks mostly about the NBA draft and the Heat selecting Donavan Mitchell at 14 who should get selected anywhere between 11-14, and other early picks and drama on Thursday night. Some more talk how Johnathan Isaac is underrated in this draft.
  • Talk about the centers in this draft and their importance for teams this year, conversation on the Heat magically dropping to 5-8 to get a better draft pick but trading one or two of their current players. Discussion on the story in Cleveland right now about Jimmy Butler going or not going to the Cavs. Talk about LeBron and where should he go, and just imagining if he did leave to anywhere.


Hour 2

  • Dwyane Wade opting in on his 24 million contract with the Chicago Bulls and how Miami Heat fans would will feel if he took the same contract to come to Miami. Conversation about what f Lebron returns to Miami and how fans would welcome him back and Ethan and Perk both agree how Miami would gladly welcome him back. Question comes up on if Lebron does not get help in the offseason does CLE keep him for the entire season?
  • Discussion on if Heat are going to win the Hayward sweepstakes or stay in Utah or head to Boston. Talk on LeBron’s future and how he acts towards it and if he is going to talk to the media about it. Talk of all texts coming about NBA free agency and the destination of each player.
  • Perked up comes up and “redouble” has got Perkins perked up. Contest on what is the worst thing that people say that make you angry.


Hour 3

  • Talk about Dwyane Wade and the Bulls situation including Jimmy Butler, Kyle Lowry talk to Houston, Wade 24 million reasons comment to the Bulls and his ability on the court at 35 years old. Talk on Dolphins, their back field, and screen game will improve, and Jarvis Landry’s comment about not talking extension just yet and his ability to score more touchdowns because we all know he’s got the receptions and yards.
  • Ethan and Perk welcome Zach Olstramen from Indianapolis Star talking NBA, Heat, and Indiana University guard O.G. Anunoby and the Heat looking into him.
  • Text contest line on “The Heat draft tomorrow will be _______”

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