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Ethan & Perk: Dynasty In The Making?

Ethan Skolnick
June 13, 2017 - 7:05 pm

Hour 1:
Curtis Stevenson is in the studio with Perk and Skolnick again! With the Warriors winning the NBA Finals last night, the guys discuss what this means for LeBron James’ legacy. Curt says that the NBA changed last night, it’s now the league vs. Golden State. What do teams need to do to contend with the so-called “super team.” The Heat could make some moves during the offseason that could put them in contention, the guys discuss what those moves could be, and their likelihood.

Hour 2:
Small Forward Gordon Hayward seems to be the whale of the offseason, and the Miami Heat are strong contenders. Does Pat Riley have it in him to bring him to South Florida? ESPN’s J.A. Adande calls into the show to talk about the state of the NBA as we move into the offseason. We go to the text machine to see what the best driving songs are.

Hour 3:
David West and Tristan Thompson got into it on the court last night, a little too into it. That reminds us, what should the ring-chaser do that he got a championship? It’s arguable who was more excited about the championship last night, Kevin Durant or his mom. Momma Durant got some heat for interrupting a postgame interview to celebrate with his son. Is it really that big of a deal? Who are some of the worst parents in sports? It’s Flag Day tomorrow, how are you spending the big day?

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