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Ethan & Perk: Fight's On

Ethan Skolnick
June 14, 2017 - 7:06 pm



Hour 1

  • Ethan, Perk, and Curtis talk Lakers & Celtics 30 for 30. Discussion about the evolution of basketball. Conversation on current players playing the old NBA teams and old NBA players playing in current time, also some of the most unstoppable moves in NBA.
  • Starting the second segment speaking about NBA draft, free agency and trades. Who would be a player Bird or Magic in today’s age? All three guys said Bird. Best white American born current NBA player.
  • More discussion on all white NBA American born team. Also, African-American born baseball players. Jerry West talk on being the NBA logo.


Hour 2

  • Conversation about McGregor vs. Mayweather fight on August 26, 2017. Discussing how many rounds Vegas sets it up, can Connor catch him, can Floyd play defense the whole fight, etc.
  • Better possibility of Connor McGregor winning or the Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals. Perk and Curtis strongly agree that McGregor wins for sure over the Heat winning the Finals. More conversing on the fight and the betting details. Discussion which sport is more intensity, how many minutes per round vs UFC rounds, etc.
  • Speaking about Lavar Ball for a bit and selling his autograph. Reading over text’s and people’s opinions on the fight and debating on watching it or not. Connor McGregor inside and outside the ring on his actions.


Hour 3

  • Talking about the Dolphins minicamp and the situation of the bees on the field. Ndamukong Sue on thinking about the Hall of Fames and being one of the all-time greats. Giving away the Game Fly contest on what were the bees doing at the Dolphins minicamp?
  • Reading texts from people texting in to determine the winner of the contest with the best text. Conversation about Aaron Judge and his homerun ability and all the hype about him.
  • Discussion about Gordon Hayward, the money and NBA free agency. Most likely going to go the team in the east that has the best shot to beat Cleveland. Conversing his role is with what team, does the living situation a problem for Hayward on choosing where he goes.

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