Ethan & Perk Finals Finally

Ethan Skolnick
June 01, 2017 - 7:02 pm

Hour 1:

-The NBA Finals finally start tonight! Perk and Skolnick discuss who their X-Factors are for the Cavaliers and Warriors.

-NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently went on Colin Cowherd’s The Herd to discuss the state of the NBA. Listen-in to what Silver had to say, Skolnick’s and Perk reactions to super teams, and how what’s the right way to build them.

-Monte Poole covers the Warriors for NBC Sports, he joins the show to talk about Golden State ahead of Game One.

Hour 2:

-Willie Reed reportedly decided to opt out of his player option with the Miami Heat, and other Heat news came out during the show. Ethan and Perk review the possibilities for Reed and react to the news. Also, what defines a super team?

-Was this truly the most lopsided playoffs in NBA history? Perk and Skolnick discuss if dynasties are good for sports.

-William Hayes’ opinions on conspiracy theories, mermaids, and aliens always garners everyone’s attention. We go through the list and see if Perk and Skolnick agree with his views.

Hour 3:

-What would winning this championship do to the reputation of Cavs’ and Warriors’ dynasties?

-Skolnick and Perk rekindle an old debate on the 2012-13 Miami Heat vs. the current Warriors team.

-Golden State’s Draymond Green discussed trash-talking and pressure with the media yesterday. Hear what he had to say, and more basketball tidbits. Ethan and Perk give their NBA Finals predictions.

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