Ethan & Perk: Welcome to Bam Town

Ethan Skolnick
June 23, 2017 - 7:05 pm

Ethan starts the show saying someone told the Heat were taking Bam, He says he thought they’d trade the pick, Ethan says Bam will fill the void of Willie Reed, but the only criticism is had they traded down Adebayo would still be there. Howard Beck joins the show to discuss the NBA, Ethan, Perk, & Curtis wonder if the Bulls got fleeced for Jimmy Butler, why aren’t the Celtics using their assets to trade for better players. Ethan asks if anybody feels bad for Dwyane Wade with what is happening with the bulls, the texters do not agree & have little sympathy for him. Curtis asks if this is all setting up Wade, Melo & LeBron to be free in 2018. The guys discuss the Marlins possibly trading Adeiny Hechavarria. Perk asks did the Heat draft the best player available or filled a need, Perk says filled a need, Ethan says filled a need. The texters blast Perk for not being in love with the pick. We played sound from Riley on Adebayo and got reaction from the listeners

6-23-17 Ethan Skolnick Full Show.mp3

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