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Ethan Skolnick: Believe Me

Ethan Skolnick
March 10, 2017 - 7:38 pm

Ethan is joined by the ‘Buzz’ Barry Jackson to discuss the continuing Free Agency moves by the Fins as well as the rest of the NFL, then the duo talk more NFL with a small aside wondering who Pat Riley is scouting. Chris Perkins joins the duo to help fill in the finer details of this in South Florida Sports. Ethan, Perk and The Buzz continue to talk about an assortment of topics including Lebron in cahoots with D-wade to hold down the heat, who’s the second best player in the east and which new fins player believes in mermaid but not in our ability to get to the moon. The Juice, Perk and Buzz wrap this wild sports week in South FLA with how much more can Adam Gase open up his playbook, question what moves are left to shore up the team before next season, try to figure how to give away tickets while not actually giving away how the tickets are given away, then spend time gettin’ real random to wrap up the week.

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