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Tobin, Beast, and Leroy: Hurricanes and Hurricanes

Joined by D.J. Williams

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
September 05, 2017 - 12:56 pm


The guys are joined today by D.J. Williams. Tobin was not having it with Robbie's choice of music to start the show. Leroy's goes on a rant about his time at the Hurricanes game and blames them for ruining the college experience for him. D.J. takes offense to that and the two get into it. Beast goes through some interesting hurricane protocol for the station. The guys talk about the Hurricanes game vs Bethune-Cookman and thier QB sitiuation.


The guys talk about the preperations for Hurricane Irma. Leroy and D.J. go in heavy on the football talk. Tobin goes off on Dead Beat Jeets. The guys talk about Brad Kaaya getting cut by the Lions and being saved by Ken Dorsey and signing with the Panthers. Does Kaaya regret leaving early? Tobin still fawning over Goran lighting up the EuroBasket Tournament. Beast tells a funny bathroom story here at the studio.


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