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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Bet Off?

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
September 06, 2017 - 1:12 pm


Tobin is tired of getting texts from family about the hurricane. Tobin doesn't understand why the Canes are cancelling the game against Arkansas State and Leroy gives perspective. The Dolphins are going to be playing without a bye week and Leroy says he was more miserable in the seasons with two bye weeks than in the seasons when he didn't have a bye week. Tobin has had enough of the price gouging. Leroy tries to wiggle out of the Mike Pouncey bet because he has an extra week to get ready for the season and Tobin calls him a weasel. They bring in an Arbiter Adam Beasley to settle the bet and he also talks about the ramifications of the Dolphins not having a bye week.


Isaiah Thomas writes a Player's Tribune letter thanking Boston. The guys try to find out where Norris Cole is playing. Tobin and Leroy wonder if the Canes fans should be more nervous not getting another look at the Canes before they play Florida State. Tobin says people who are surfing during the Hurricane deserve what is coming. The guys talk about what happened to Michael Bennet being handcuffed for being black during a shooting and Leroy says something needs to be done about it. Robbie tries to rebound from last week with some more locks for the weekend.


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