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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: The Rutgers Rule

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
September 01, 2017 - 12:43 pm


Leroy tells bad tequila story. Tobin thinks Giancarlo has been cursed by the Lexy Panterra video and Tobin thinks he lost focus since the video came out. Robbie gives out one his locks and introduces the "Rutgers Rule." Kyrie Irving says that one man cannot carry the team in his introductory press conference with the Celtics and the guys wonder how Lebron is taking it. The guys talk about what the Cavs will be like if Isaiah is out until the All-Star Break. Leroy is pumped to see his son play the band for Bethune-Cookman tomorrow when they play the Canes, but he has to temper his expectations because his wife is driving him crazy. Tobin wonders why the Canes don't take their band as seriously.   


Leroy says he wasnt too excited about Ohio State struggling early on in the game because he knows what Indiana is all about. Cam Cameron was a Head Coach at Indiana and Leroy reveals he coached him at Michigan and was the biggest yeller he has ever seen. Tobin thinks Robbie's rules of gambling are stored in an ancient Citadel like in Game of Thrones. Tobin and Leroy address the biggest positives from the Dolphins in the Preseason. Leroy says running backs especially Jay Ajayi should not be getting 25 carries a game. The guys get into a heated debate about whether a Condor has a large wingspan. Robbie gives some more locks for the weekend. Beast wants to know why Zaslow wants to fight him. The guys give their score predictions for the Canes-BCC game tomorrow.

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