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Tobin, Leroy, and Beast: Slovenia Ballin

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
September 13, 2017 - 12:48 pm


Tobin hates the Imagine Dragons Thunder song. Leroy still doesn't have power and is exploring his options. Beast wants to know what his ass looks like. Leroy is appauled by the face he needs to spend thousands of dollars for a generator to help him pay for electricity. Tobin brings up Goran Dragic balling out in Eurobasket and the guys go ballistic. Tobin calls Hassan Whiteside's coyfish "stupid fish." Tobin wonders if any of South Florida's superstar athletes have to deal with power issues at their homes. Beast thinks Bill O'Brien will be the next coach at Notre Dame. Beast is worried about his Patriots after their game against the Chiefs. Beast casts his vote on the Mike Pouncey bet controversy between Tobin and Leroy.


Tobin tries to alter the Mike Pouncey bet so that the bet gets pushed back to the Dolphins first home game. Tobin doesn't like Derek Jeter bringing in his cronies to run the Marlins. A Michigan vs Miami college football debate breaks down when the guys find out Miami has to travel to Toledo in 2018. Leroy says you can't only count the good years and that Michigan is the winningest program of all time to which the guys counter that they only have 2 championships. The guys talk GGG-Canelo which leads to a heated debate about Brown Bears vs Grizzly Bears. Tobin is tired of Patriots fans making themselves the underdog. Leroy doesnt know how to download movies onto his computer.

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