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Back From the Storm: Zaslow, Roms and Amber

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
September 12, 2017 - 9:18 am


Zaslow and Amber are back from the storm. Romberg is stuck in Atlanta. We'll hopefully get the Romdog back later this week. Zas and Amber discuss their storm experiences. Amber evacuated twice because of Irma, once on the east coast and once on the west coast. Zaslow only got power back yesterday. He was able to see Monday Night Football. It seems like the Saints have a Wade-Bulls situation on their hands. Storming the field has been completely bastardized. Why the hell is Clemson, national champs, storming on anyone. For everyone who missed this weekend's football action, we have your week 1 NFL recap. Is Game of Thrones only this popular if there was never any nudity. 


Who got it the worst from Hurricane Irma in South Florida. Did Casa Roms survive the hit in the keys. Miami Beach is shutdown and keeping the LeBatard Show off the air for more days. Zaslow and Amber can't believe UM was taking heat from people for canceling the Arkansas State game. Who was the worst at price gouging during the storm. How the hell do the airlines get away with what they get away with? Zaslow isn't going to do any manly work after the storm. There isn't an amount you can throw at him that he won't pay to have someone else do it. Amber argues the manly work will get him laid but he got laid without being manly after the storm.


Stephen Ross tried to get the Dolphins game in London moved back to South Florida. Zaslow is tired of London. This causes a battle between Zas and Fake Ajayi over the greatness of London football. Fake Ajayi won't stand of London slander but Zas suggests he does an plays in NFL Europe if he loves it so much. Is it a bad look television networks for send out so many reporters in these really dangerous elements? How much seniority do you need to get out of that as a reporter. We close the show with a little Big Deal/Not A Big Deal NFL style. Plus are there more gators on the loose than normal after Irma?

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