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Happy St. Patrick's Day: Zaslow Roms and Amber

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
March 17, 2017 - 10:07 am


All the Brackets are getting busted and Zaslow doesn't want to hear it. Hypnotize brings back big memories of the 90's. Northwestern's tournament win was super emotional. Roms says he was once on TRL. Amber watched tons of Inside the Heat. Zaslow thinks the Heat could fix Andrew Wiggins. Amber can't use the cough button right. Romberg can no longer deal with Miami Traffic. Dwyane Wade got hurt. He's done for the year. Should Heat fans feel bad?


We celebrate St. Patrick's Day with an Irish Heat Balls song from Tobin. Patrick O'Riley is loving today, right? What the hell happened at that Dontari Poe meeting with the Dolphins. Should Mike Tannenbaum be negotiating with his own agent? The Jose Fernandez story gets more upsetting. Investigator place Jose behind the wheel of the boat. Does this change how you feel about Jose? It's not a Friday without hearing some Freezing Cold Takes from Mr. Freeze


More reaction from the Jose Fernandez story. Udonis Haslem says he's sad about Wade, but is there any part that has him saying "told you so" Romberg has his own Irish song. He challenges Zaslow in song form. The trash talk really picks up between Zas and Roms on their basketball face off. Amber demands a date be set. St. Patrick's Day allows us to get the best of Conor McGregor. Of course we close out the week with shoutouts and getting Fact Up

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