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Irma Fallout: Zaslow, Romberg & Amber

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
September 06, 2017 - 9:50 am


Hurricane Irma is a looking scary as a sonofabitch. Water and gas are extremely hard to find. Zaslow actually found a store with a lot of water, but only bought a few cases. He's trying to be a nice guy. Also, he's calling himself a "job creator" for hiring someone to put up his storm shutters for him. Amber & Roms question his manhood. Amber worked during Matthew last year, but won't be working during Irma. Slim will be working, and Romberg thinks he's only in it for the company-provided snacks AKA munchies. The Dolphins will not be playing in Miami as scheduled this Sunday. We still don't know when/where they're going to end up playing the Bucs. Julie Durda joins the show for a quick Hurricane Irma update. Amber gives her take on the Ezekiel Elliot situation. 


DJ Williams is in studio for the remainder of the show. Is the NFL overstepping boundaries with regard to their investigative procedures? Specifically with the Ezekiel Elliot situation? Zaslow is bothered by the faux outrage when people complain about missing football. The guy who says "There's more to life than football" is annoying. 


DJ & Roms predict the Miami Hurricanes will play in the national title game within 3 years. Udonis Haslem & Dwyane Wade have discussed finishing their careers together. DJ is astonished that basketball players can have such long careers. DJ talks about "losing his brakes" late in his career. The Canes game has been cancelled. DJ is concerned about his Dyme Life Clothing sales. Though, he did bring some shirts to the studio, and Slim goes full-on Mardi Gras to get free stuff. Tobin has to hit the dump button a couple times when the hosts describe Slim's lude act. The show wonders why hurricanes have such non-threatening names. 


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