The HEAT Beat with Josh Friedman


If anyone saw the license plate number of the truck that ran over the Miami Heat, please call Pat Riley.

I can only imagine what thoughts, in addition to likely many words we can't say on our radio station, ran through his mind.  He saw his team lead for all of 32 seconds in last night's game.

LeBron James said the Spurs came out of the gate more aggressively than did the Heat. A 41-25 first quarter lead by San Antonio was the result.  And as we all witnessed, the Spurs couldn't miss.  Everything they put up seemingly went in the basket.  In all my years covering sports, I've never seen a run like that.  At one point I looked at a monitor in front of me with a box score and the Spurs were 19/21 from the field.  I'll do the math for you.  That's 90.5% from the field.

Then they cooled down slightly if you will.  This Spurs set an NBA finals record by recording the highest shooting percentage in a half(75.8%). LeBron said it was a combination of the Spurs offense and a woefully bad Heat defense.  Ya think?!

Kawhi Leonard put on a clinic.  He only scored 9 points in each of the first two games of the series but scorched Miami for 29 points including 10/13 from the floor.  That 29 points was a career high.  Hell of a game to reach that height in his young career.  And on the other end, LeBron James was held to 22 points in the game and only 4 in the second half with Leonard on him.

Perhaps the most disconcerting  post game comment came from Chris Bosh who said, "Guys just weren't focused.  We weren't focused at all."  How is that possible?  In the finals? On your home court nonetheless?  Is that the players fault?  After all, does this veteran club really need to be told to focus?  Or does some blame fall on Eric Spoelstra?  Truth be told there is plenty of blame to go around.

LeBron was asked if this was the most frustrating loss of the season.  That kind of obvious question is just a reporter looking for a specific quote to fill his story even when he knows what the answer will be.  Of course it was, said James.  But he went on to say that it's just one loss and the series is at 2-1, not 4-1.

Want the good news first or the bad news? Okay, let's start with the bad news.  There have been 36 times In NBA finals history when the series was tied at 1-1.  The winner of game 3 went on to win 30 times.  Ouch!  But I promised you good news, too.

Let's not forget we've seen this movie before.  Last year the Spurs crushed the Heat by a whopping 36 points in game 3 and took a 2-1 series lead.  And we all remember how that series ended.....