The HEAT Beat with Josh Friedman


And NBA free agency is off and running....

Day one of free agency saw deals struck, rumors about deals being agreed to, an agent denyng those rumors, players huddling with teams desperate to sign them and agendas being promoted mostly by agents who are leaking information to a feeding frenzy of reporters.

And this is just on day one.  Remember, while deals can be agreed upon, contracts can't be signed during this moratorium period which ends on July 10th.

Questions surrounding the Heat's Big 3 were swirling on Tuesday.  Yahoo sports first reported that LeBron James is seeking a max deal.  Will he lessen those demands if Pat Riley tells him it's necesary to sign a player or players that will be integral to the roster retooling Riley said is necessary to move forward?  Will he perhaps settle for less than a max deal with Miami while holding firm and demanding such a contract from other teams who want to sign him?

ESPN is reporting that LeBron is undecided as to how long a contract he may want to strike with the Heat and may opt for a shorter deal for one or two seasons.

On Tuesday, the Portland Oregonian reported that Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade agreed to cap friendly deals with Miami.  The paper reported that Bosh agreed to a five year contract starting at $11M/year while Wade agreed to a four year contract starting at $12M/season.  That report was denied by agent Henry Thomas, who represents both players.  Thomas also represents Udonis Haslem.

Carmelo Anthony didn't have teams come to him to make offers. Instead he took to the road.  On Tuesday he met with Bulls officals in Chicago at the United Center.  Anthony entered the building by walking right by the statue of Michael Jordan.  The Chicago Tribune reported that Anthony spent nine hours on Tuesday with Bulls officials who put on a full court press to get him to take his act to the Windy City.

Also in attendance to try to convince Anthony to be a member of the Bulls were Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson.  Later, according to the Tribuine,  Anthony went out to dinner with Noah, Gibson, Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and former Bull Scottie Pippen.  On Wednesday, according to published reports,  Anthony will meet with the Rockets in Houston and the Mavericks in Dallas.

Marcin Gortat had been mentioned as a possilbe Heat target.  Scratch him off the list.  On Tuesday, Gortat agreed to remain with the Wizards by agreeing to a 5 year/$60 million contract.

Also on Tuesday, former Heat player Shaun Livingston agreed to a 3 year/$16M contract with the Warriors and the Pistons will sign Jodie Meeks to a 3 year deal worth $19 million.  Regarding the Meeks contract, it confirms the old axiom that you're worth what someone says you're worth.

The roller coaster that is free agency is just starting.  Strap yourselves in because rejoicing, anger, anticipation and tension are just some of the feelings will bubble to the surface of NBA fans as one player after another agrees to contracts in the ensuing days