Josh has been with 790 The Ticket since December, 2005. He came aboard as our reporter and while still continuing in that role, he was also recently named as our weeknight talk show host from 7-10 p.m.

Josh began his South Florida sports radio career when he moved down here from Chicago back in 1996. He has been a reporter for more than a decade and has covered every major team in town including the Dolphins, Marlins, Heat, Panthers and UM. "Friedo" says the highlight of his career was being inside the winning Heat locker room in Dallas when they won the NBA title over the Mavericks back in 2006.

While hoping local teams win because covering winning teams is much more fun than covering losing ones(Hello 2007 Dolphins and 2007-08 Heat!!!), Josh still maintains his undying loyalty to his beloved but hapless Cubs and the rudderless ship they call the Dallas Cowboys.

Josh lives in Miami with his wife Jackie and their two year old twin daughters, Jill and Nicole

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