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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Pain as a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. They hear each installment of Christopher didn't. Times 796. Hits. Lot of new CS two today lot of news CFT today. Few Jews get and only some of that was that the two press conference is that you and I attended so we're gonna get to those. And a lot of the sound from those two oppressors. Play here over the course. Of the show. What was your before I get to the heat here. And before we get to the headlines and sort of wrap up all that news perk what was your single biggest take away from the dolphins presser today. It's draft talk but they see it that they are not necessarily committed to going deacons heavy industry have noticed the defense that finished 29 overall in the NFL. Thirtieth against the run. They think that the acquisitions of they've made so far. A long Lawrence Timmons TJ McDonald Nate Allen bring him back Andre branch Kiko Alonso columned EC. But that gives him the flexibility. To have an option. To go off prince in the first round and and beyond actually. Non. And that's sort of what we talked about yesterday was that that they did enough in free agency. To kind of cover themselves. And a lot of these. They saw that as they every three starters per per one draft pick. Date they could have done similar patching this this year in the offseason. I still think they need to know defense in the first round but they have given themselves some flexibility. To go best player available. I won't get to the dolphins more to the course of the show and as I said some of these headlines. But I wanna start here before we do that with here's the thing I was at the Pat Riley press conference today. Not as many fireworks as in past years he wasn't telling anybody to get a grip or. You know telling Dwyane Wade to lose weight to or anything like that there wasn't sort of really anything negative. About the current team at all. But if you takeaways god and I'll give you hear from the presser and then again like I said we will get to. Some of the sound the first thing is that Pat Riley has sorted out of the whale hunting business at least that's what he's saying he's saying that he could go get somebody in a trade. But it that you know these these contracts he's 38 million dollar. Deals. He is he called the Max deals of players are getting these days are ridiculous. It doesn't sound like a guy who's willing to give one of those to someone like Gordon Hayward. He kept talking about three guys solo he didn't name them specifically two of them were pretty obvious. Three guys that he fell. And really made the most of the program and become guys that they really really valued in two of those guys. For shore are James Johnson and Dion Waiters he spoke really highly of both of them. It's clear that both of them are on the agenda as far as players that the heat are going to try to retain this offseason. I'm assuming that the other one may be Wayne Ellington again he has a decision to make on hand. A six million dollar decision couple other things that came up here on. During the presser Riley was not happy. And all about the tiebreaker system in the NBA. If he would he'd gay he made a point and we talked about this on the show. That the heat. Played Chicago three times once at home three times once at home and ended up losing head to head tiebreaker. Now it should be said that that the heat lost a home game and so if he's you know there's no guarantee that they would've won the second home game but he would have liked. The other opportunity about it but Riley basically as he said he said he was pissed. About this team not getting any says they deserve to get in. And they didn't get in some we will get to the rest of this and play a bunch of sound here from the Riley presser also from the town and a compressor but the key things take away from Pat Riley is. He's gonna try to build this team from within and I we have Manny Navarro on the show. He talked about a this is becoming more and Erik Spoelstra organization. In the sense of culture. Kind of building these players are we have not necessarily going after the biggest name in free agency and certainly Riley played into all of that. Today and that's thing Brooke T buy out before Lord & Taylor at a Coral Springs. The best selection in the lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale and Audi Coral Springs and our Chris Perkins with the headlines. Usually what's trendy now in Miami on its. XY AM South Miami. Right here. New England tight end Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his single occupancy jail cell this morning in Massachusetts. The apparent cause of death is suicide. Fernandez was serving a life sentence with no possibility of. Parole for the Tony thirteen murder of olden boy. Dalton senator Mike pound C a former roommate and teammate of Hernandez's at Florida as well as a close brand. Left and instead rim message today that see it to my three and my brother drew to an end to end right or wrong we never left each other side. Today my heart hurts as I got worse news I could've imagined it was just a day ago we shared our last con bowl I will forever miss you and love you bro. We will meet again rest easy over in baseball Miami Marlins have a 20 lead at Seattle right now and getaway day game. Meanwhile ex Florida governor Jeb Bush and ex Yankee superstar Derek Jeter had reportedly joined forces to try to purchase the Marlins according to the Miami Herald. There reportedly billing against Wayne Ross Bowman New York finance a year. It's unclear how much progress the bush Jeter group as me toward a final purchase NFL the Miami Dolphins. Speaking at today's pre draft press conference did they won't necessarily go with a deep dense heavy draft next week. Because they think they're offensive moves gave them the freedom to pursue the so called best player available. Or bta. The dolphins ranked 29 in overall defense and thirtieth against the run last season. Finally Miami Heat president Pat Riley. As you heard even refer to speaking at his annual post season press conference today see if he's not happy his team miss the playoffs but see at least he will focus on retaining their own players. In the off season. Riley also see it as he regrets using the term way dole last year who described the team's pursuit of a top player. Those are your headlines I. Let's get to some of that sound if we can. Hear on the we have all the OK we'll get to that here in the second prom. So a lot of news there to get to also. Yeah how do you feel about my pal C put that out there and Aaron Hernandez. Says Brenda it's his good friend. I try not to get involved and in people's relationships whether it's husband wife for Brandon and prayer and brother and sister that's up to them. I don't think that Mike Pelosi has ever excuse what Aaron Hernandez did he's standing by his friend. You can feel how are you want to about that. I I feel good about people standing by their friends. I think that's what brands are for I don't have a problem with with what penalty did hopefully old Moya is clearly does not consider that. Disrespectful. Or or anything toward old boy I don't see is standing by his friend I don't have a problem. What about this ownership thing with the Marlins to this is another hot topic today Jeter and bush we thought they would be in two separate groups and said there and one group. And again they're going against a New York finance seer I don't know who has greater resources group. I and whether or not she'd rather have a bigger names. For the bigger money. I whoever's gonna be the better owners and and I say that from the standpoint of don't. Have stepped like Jeffrey Loria has done. Be willing to spend the money be willing to let your baseball people run the operation I don't know anything about Wang rock Obama never heard his name until. Just a few minutes ago quite honestly. I know a little bit about Jim bush and Derek Jeter but I don't know what gun owners they're obese so. Idol here whoever would be the best owner and put the best product on the field that's who want to buy tomorrow. Do you think owners can recruit. Players on the unit and we seem a lot of that I guess oh yeah well Michael Jordan hasn't really done at the Charlotte right. No but if if you know somebody. Such as Mickey air soon and charge as opposed to somebody such as Donald Sterling. Yes then the owner can get involved. A normal run of the mill owner I'm not sure that that. Ndamukong Suh tears that Steve Ross souls the team. I think it at a certain extent every owners on a tummy and say the same thing and glad hand you and anybody we're glad you're here we really would like to have you. Somebody such as Mickey Aronson who has a track record of being a good owner and letting his basketball people make the basketball decisions. He can recruit either either passively or aggressively you know but. And somebody like Donald Sterling can be a deterrence but I think it could be a major factor in some situations. Ownership I don't know they can. Actively recruit to somebody and be back dues but they could be a a swing factor either way. I won't get to both of those topics over the course of the show like this and there's a lot to get to. Today and we want to take you inside these two press conferences let's start with the Riley presser. Here is him at the very beginning. We get a 4 AM in the morning you know have the time than. He didn't have a heat index that I haven't prepared notes of who we all go through it and so becomes a habit. You know in that's one of the reasons why it. You know I aides stopped coaching and I arrived you know. 5 AM in the morning you know in 2003. Or somebody that could trip them. My wife I'd like we don't like violence. From that would keep him. Console itself I've done. I'm done with the we haven't done over the the door for you five they have 54 opening. All right so that was about the current schedule I wanna get to some current system stuff he said about this team. Here isn't talking about being angry when the season and it. I'm pissed off I mean I was upset you know I was I was hurting from them. I burst you know when I walked in the coach's room I could talk to him. You know what upstairs but it does fist. Does this team when I want this team did they wanted to and they deserve to be in the didn't Gideon and then we have nobody to blame but herself. All right so this was him talking about the the end of it and then hear him talking about not being you feel good kind of guy. Typically that these things don't affect him that way. I've never been that as I said goose bump Lee and Fuzzy haired you know I have that in me too. I think doesn't put soap and unload unload it and that would mean. Haven't bunny ears. I was who spoke clean Fuzzy hair that night but it but anyhow. I really care about the team I would think you so much so well and then to experience this competition this would confront this would have been funded in. Not only would it be fun. You know from that standpoint gave it would have it would validate. Really validated all of the work that they put it. Yeah that's the biggest thing that that he got into repeatedly today and we'll play more clips from the presser as we go forward but he talked about all the work that these players put in. And eight and all the work that Eric put in with the staff. To get them back on course after they started. 1130. And end this would this do this playoffs. Perimeter and the other thing Perkin we've seen this now. You know. Boston was vulnerable. They knew Boston was vulnerable they also felt like they matched up pretty well with Cleveland we need. So when nurse closest to us talked about you know we thought we could've been playing for Wyler Goran Dragic says we think the series the boss would have been a seven game series. They truly believes that. And that was one of the things again as I mentioned that that Riley was not happy about this tiebreaker was Chicago he also isn't happy with something else he's not happy with rest. Yeah yeah he talks about that quite a bit today that he called the travesty. That teams are routines arrest and all the players. I heard that. In the radio on the way to the dolphins I think he also made some reference to a 1982 game where they don't look what what was it eight and the owner Don tried and tried to rest some players they got behind by the. BA Jerry Buss us and we're not sending Kareem and we're not sending word relief we're not sending magic. And so Riley didn't and the plane players and at the interesting thing about that game it was in Portland and Erik Spoelstra was there. Let's just say so what else mimics pet. The thing that came across to meet from from the little bit of tech and ideas here on the on the car radio. And that due to steal soul ultra competitive. The most competitive person that I have ever covered later coached. And he's still that way it will look at 72 eldest and reveals an attempt. In print you could just hear it in his voice he said this dude always wants to compete always wants to contend for a title. Grind grind grind every freak in day yet incredibly was he he does doesn't quit. Yeah we'll get some more this like I said and after the break program play a lot of the sound and then later in the show we'll get to the Tannenbaum and her sound. Rally it's uninteresting things to say about justice Winslow also Dion Waiters Josh Richardson we will get to all of that. We were attacked on seven iron ticket. I even saw an attack here Kurt Birkins on seven I had to take it yeah. Take you up and so close at 7 o'clock this. Joins us tonight the ticket and be Fort Lauderdale air show the weekend of may sixth and seventh of surf and sand a Florida beach. Featuring demonstrations of the US air force F sixteen I Perth lost in the US navy F eighteen F super hornet and the Canadian air force snow birds. Sponsored by Broward healthy. Providing the best healthcare our community for more than 75 years for tickets and air show visit Fort Lauderdale air show yeah. Dot com these things. Are gonna bring back some dinner the next segment haven't done us a long time. So hopefully we'll actually get some questions were at this time cause a lot of suddenly try to that was an abominable failure and I blame myself we're. We're gonna displays in the juice so if you have questions for me you can sentiment on the Tex lines if you have questions from me consent amend. On the text line. I don't know if we'll do we're Dan would it do call sedate treatment. Lute and aggression will do whatever I want when I want liberal liberals aren't they we'll start with a text and so that's. I we're gets the Mike Tannenbaum presser a little bit later in the show but. I think that the heat press conference was a little bit more revealing today's so we're gonna start this year. One to play this clip from Pat Riley Gary spoke for about forty minutes. Today. And and he spoke about this idea of looking for a whale. So credit terms of your strategy this offseason and gone after rather well are there enough whales out there to execute. You know I I think I regret ever making that statement because you know now lets you know that's always out there. I think the collective bargaining agreement is going to dictate. A lot of things about free agency into if you go back to Tory chairman. It and when we were fortunate to be able to. Secure and many of the services of LeBron and in the CB in Dwyane. The rules were different than the money was slower. They could sign six year deals so. A good sign and trades. You know all of those slicks. Today. It's a lot different in. In for any any great players with the team. Is going to have to. Give great cause. Probably walk away from. 65 to certain emission power purchase or whatever the number might be. To go somewhere else is gonna he's gonna have to wanna read the coverage you were gonna have to want to leave. We're years. All right so we've talked a lot about the whales that are out there this offseason and it's it's not a deep pool of Wales. Really. Gordon Hayward Blake Griffin. That type of player but more rallies talking about with a collective bargaining agreement is very true there that. It's simply much more lucrative. For players to say whether your in the wire you gonna turn now that kind of money musher in the horrible situation. Right or you see some other city. As beneficial beneficial to you in terms of your marketing your profile. You championship chances. That it outweighs everything else and I think what it was ten million when it was twenty million dollar difference. You can make a case for one it's a seventy million dollar difference. That's a much tougher case to make and the other thing Iran is talking about there is 2010. You had a situation where you know if you gave the extra years. EU to do a sign and trade. I need to get the actually years to LeBron and the bosh they had to do sign and trades in the game in the extra years. On their contracts and that ended up working out. You know rather well for the players and work out so well for the heat because the heat. Gave the four year deals with the with the you know within option with six year deal with a foreign force here opt out and of course LeBron used the fourth here opt out. To get out of town and then he had to give up draft picks to. In addition which for different four draft picks the Cleveland Toronto which is limited the flexibility. Going forward all of those things are not options anymore it's all that's all changed so. You know right now it's just about the money. And the money is just so much greater. Staying where he wore. It is a match. That sucks when you don't have that guy went when you don't have a young Dwyane Wade or. Whoever else is out there Isiah Thomas who or whatever name you wanna apply to it and receipt is in that situation right now so. Again I keep saying there is no rush to get the whale right now you have this off season. You have the draft you have next year's trade did or Indian you can go into next off season. I don't know why you have to get the way old right now. Ball toward the draft immediately after the draft. AM. Here's the other being that the pet talked about how these players had improved. And both players Kyrie doubt you with him they carry trade value and I got mud up her pet were hurt too something about getting a big player through a traitor org or something along those lines. But I I think that that is that is what you have to focus on possibly even a three team trade. As our civil war because there is going to be some player out there who's disgruntled some team wants to get rid of a player because he's not gonna re signed. That some situations. Some team that that wants to acquire an expiring contract. There will be opportunities so stay patient don't spend thirty million dollars on Gordon Hayward and expect him to beat your alpha male to lead you to the title. That's not gonna happen that guy is not in the pool this all seats or probably will not be in the pool this off. Here. And I think. What you get what pats get out here is. You know we have to build from within like we have we have these players that we gave a chance to that made the most of their chants and certainly sound like he wanted to Simon. How much how much do you how much stock do you put in that build from within because what. I'm sorry I keep seeing 2003. Word where you soon Lamar and Chiron and Brian grant to the lakers are Schick I. That's a normal building from wood using what you have to get something I think that's the way to heat is on opening I would be shocked if this team. The framework of it is still intact it at this time. Next year I think there will be some kind of a trade to one of those major pieces from where we sit right now that. I just don't know that this is progressing quickly enough for Pat Riley. I live here that rally addresses this actually was asked. If you could compete for championship just bring back your own guys. Well if you look at it Golden State then you'll look connect twelve Cleveland little defending world champions. Then you look at a Golden State probably those teams in Houston in San Antonio's top four teams in the league. They know what happens you know to the other teams in the Eastern Conference you know the ones that have been true view would Washington. You know in Boston. Purely and so forth. Yes I mean you have to save yourself. I want to get there as quickly as we care and in content and and so you've got to be honest Minnesota seat even if you brought all of these guys back with the fourteenth pick in. Some kind of groove exception better and clear this good player. You know. Can you beat those teams. Continued then you'll never know unless you get there and so you know. So basically he didn't really cynical or early he did not answer that question at all why are hurt that would on the radio and I was like pet you did not answer the question Namibia I'm not mistaken he went on to say made we should set up some game with those teams are pessimistic. You can't compete and you don't wanna say that in front of these these. Hard working players they are I have nothing bad to say about these guys. You weren't winning you are contending. Or eight title with those guys as your core you're just not pet never answered the question outlives reform. Know you were not listening tour title when these guys. That's. That's that certainly sounds like what he was kidnapped. Wilson yeah I understand you didn't you put it together you just complement these guys it was a 3011 finished they maxed out. But you don't want a solemn you guys maxed out just still not good enough speed that's had looked at it. Yeah well this this was an interest sing god click here. From. Where Reilly talking about. What the chances are I mean in terms of I'm having made the playoffs this year and he talks about this frustration. Would not making it and we talked about this a little bit on the show that that it's it does seem a little bit weird to. But you don't play the same number of games against every team that you competing with the tie breakers right. You know because it's not like the you know the NFL has that ring where you can play a team just wants. And and that would qualify as a tiebreaker. But it. In the NBA when you're playing teams a minimum of twice. And up to upwards of four times it does seem like you should use something different. In terms of in terms of the tiebreaker. Four we'll get to that a little bit later so. All right look this some other things that I took out of this today. He said very clearly mideast keeping justice Winslow. He hang heat he said that he's ran a lot about Joseph attaching justice Winslow or something like that obviously. He wasn't asked about Josh McRoberts and exiting Germany knows where the organization stands on that we non. But it is he talked he talked about attaching. Attaching justice when votes are here here's this clip on the bulls. We should add to games and in my immediate Chicago. Really that's ridiculous it to be attuned to a tiebreaker so we could put the complaint you hear this we're going to be put. So that should not be that should lobby card tiebreaker when it's what it's worth head to head don't take it should be quality. I'm not sure really get that. I because I. I think poured tiebreaker purposes the odd number is better right. Because there have been saved if you if you split suit soon now you're joining us conference record and I. I I actually do like the odd numbered that you play three times a word good simply by times. You play three times were going. Didn't play once it's three times right that's the only odd number you can get in the NBA right right to play each everybody from out your conference wants at home and once away. I I like that I don't look in dop it suited to win. You know now what what good is they hit they hit it it's I even number well I should say that as a could be 31 or 40. But I like the odd number we're tiebreaker purposes. I can see what she sang their become but that the problem is a home road split. Not against her but again he didn't win. The home game they re happy to watch on the game and that turn into sort of day. You know love fest for delaying Wainwright and then planes sold the foul on justice Winslow. At the end of that game night. You know Tex comes in yes it's not fair it's not fair that you guy gets to all means that your I mean there were other series didn't dom. The heat in Indiana. Did he said. How many times and he played the pacers just three times right. Three. That that's what Chris and implement indicating right at how many of those were home. I remember one on the road. Well clearly if you play three times somebody's gonna. Right well let's go to well and I was saying is Miami. All would have won a tiebreaker over. Over Indiana because they they I believe they won the series 21. They did and they had two games and home. So. The argument that was made about Chicago. Indiana could have made the same argument about Miami Newton. That they got the benefit of them playing the additional games so that's another way to look at it. I well we're gonna get back to all this we've got a lot of rallies out to get to I wanna get into his thoughts on individual players James Johnson. Dion Waiters justice Winslow. Hassan Whiteside and in particular. The next we're gonna play squeeze in the juice again questions for me. I'm just about anything you can text meant 67974679. Some informal do now we come back from the brink. Yeah. I joined seven accidentally. 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In west palm all right we're gonna go to. Squeeze in the news. That's how all my skull yeah don't squeeze juice due to. Choose just choose its. Hamas controlled. Now since the show. Shows when I'm home soon. Yeah borrow. Tirade let's do this so here's the rules. On this questions coming on the Tex lines 6797467. Months and four. And I have to answer them and 24 seconds or less 24 seconds or less that's the maximum that I can go in the pro will start reviewing perk you gonna man attacks line on this. I will I will Lim the six mine. Alaska I'll I'll ask you one to get us going here new we've we've got a lot of Marin we are we ready you're ready all right. We don't. Even though the better taco Taco Bell. Topple ball the Central Florida center at ports couple Charlton the Michigan because they don't have a. I know it's I don't fall on the I think anytime you get a 76 guy with a his goggles. You gotta go with him plus I'm sing the title follows made up into some mock drafts in the first round. First round and beat Dallas it's not he can walk to be it's not go at the same time apparently that's all you have to do when you're seven foot six so I'm gonna go taco four I. And another when can you triple stay a double steal. Can you triple stand a double stamped yeah. Who knows the answer. In the still want more clued in right can you triple stand the double stand. That is deep like tech hands deep thoughts. Of great. I don't have anything on that here's another one. Why would give away tickets from the heat trivia of the worst seat in the house policy. This is as I always get asked this I told you about this. And I get texted photos people like summer at the stratosphere. Looking at the hands down on the court I am not seem to do which tickets and again all I do is give them away you don't see them I don't know where this nods are. And I'll start listening to that message that I got on Twitter. From the guy who won tickets I think the Clinton thank you mr. casting. Our night. Let's see here. They zooms would Riley except way back if he were freeagent. Depends on the price. Depends on the price delayed any talk about Dion Waiters today and the growth steady season Dion and sounded less likely to meet today than anything else on planes name did not come up to the press conference and Chris Bosh is name came up at a press conference they would get it to that a little bit later. By no I I don't I just don't foresee your reunion this year and the other thing as. Dwyane may just decide to take money now. I mean their. The notably one now avoid all couples and Freddie now they're little sports soup it's not another Nagano was there are either at this boy it's not such an awful place to be apparently. Are right here's another when are you confident the NBA's MVP voting won't have Russian interference. No I have no confidence whatsoever but I just know whatever it is we want investigated that sound it. Slow news Adam silver hi hi Sean Spicer birdie preparing his denial here for this now I I I can't. Say that it won't have Russian interference I do not have a vote this year by the way. Had one last year but do not have votes I can't be blamed for any of this these are right. Ethan will would he make a splash this off season. On a whale. I don't think so I write really don't I think did the well I got at a rally today. And yes sometimes in his press conferences are not necessary harbingers of the future because. He ends up sort of changing course a little bit when other opportunities arise you know he's always you always have a plan until. It didn't placing the unit in the face type or or some star player says he wants to play for you and then you have to reevaluate the plan but I do not expect. That they're gonna make a major splash I think the out some of the assets they have I think he's he believes it can be enough improvement from within. Is the earth really flat. We're gonna carrier ring units. I I I is she British jets yeah I mean I can't personally attest to this I've been to Europe but I never gone to Asia this I never gotten that claim. That's correct shouldn't feel too sorry you saw it it it could be flat is very possible. All of that would make it tougher to see Russia from around six. Our butts off. Sarah Palin isn't spent half I. All right is there ever occasion to call someone a lumbering inks. Yeah I think there's some occasion I mean it was an athlete getting paid a lot of money is not run up and down the court I think lumbering over it was appropriate right. Debates I mean I attending anybody specifically of the he had any lumbering notes. Nonetheless. I hate to know me well as you say Shaq not good there was little from Texas could have been. Muster. But he also took Dexter Pittman. It Dexter played hard and hustle Kansas. Dexter Pittman and oh was an interesting guy actually I like Dexter Dexter was the biggest Adele fan in the NBA right Gagnon a screen saver of Adele. We needed. On fact. I don't and Eddy Curry die in Eddy Curry was able to solve a Rooney roots cue faster than any any athlete ever seen. This this is president now does this is everything's blurred out of business if I squeeze the fruits yes. Let's say yeah there's I am not really obeying the clock right now. Yeah I read actually did that people are saying you can't triple stupid double stamping the line in primetime on memory asked would you suggest that we feel like now. Tom let's see here. Who would attempt smoke more likely to sign Heyward or Rudy de. It happens more likely to sign that's that's that would that's IA actually listens and he aren't he has a sense early this summer already. JOB a lot cheaper. No question about that and Rudy Gay has a place down here. Our member few years ago when he went to Haiti regain made the trip with a and that's before he became a free agent a year he knows people inside the organization. He's more likely than Hayward I still think of Hayward goes anywhere. Is Boston I would suit me to play for his college coach who by the way and I'm going over time right now. It's a Boston radio stations some guy wrote a column about how maybe Brad Stevens should be on the hot seat. This. How quickly things turn out. Unifier. Who. All right. Football question is looking letter or hook and lateral. Yeah I've heard it both ways right yeah it should be hook and lateral because that's what you're doing but I think it actually is with the latter. Pretty sure it's a commander being. There with the blue stair steps the boot so more than Mora that's the latter adjustment yeah multiple level and apple that's the actual letter. Let's see here. Who would you take in as he uniform wave or Melo. Because he knows the culture already I just think but but again I don't think either guy is coming I just don't. I don't know about the way that this team played last year everybody shares the ball everybody defends is just. He's getting Carmelo to do that I'd side it's not just getting teaching and you don't an old dog new tricks it's also a 33 year old. And on bad knees so I I just I I have a hard time seeing how he'd be able to change it completely. Should I washed Apple's cucumbers. Fruits and veggies that people touch. It depends which people touched on. They're just say no and public people sneeze and a woman. You know you are very definitive feelings on this. This it's like it's eclipsed. It. Guys I say you lost them all I am not the best about that sort of thing I'm probably the wrong person ask Obama only person you can ask in this segment as a guest. Do you eat your pizza or do you boulder pizza or either flat. Rifle the rifle that that's a New York thing now but but I IE yeah I will typically fold. Pete side also as we've discussed in the show previously did not mind pineapple Olympics. Yes that's it that's what state that has been the site it. Let's see here. New. Yeah and I don't know where I don't know with that when means right there. A well I really don't is it based were bonds. Iowa is not with violence. Instead of pretentious and that's it's kind of returned to somebody here are some prices from pine crest. It Texan in pick your bill monsignor that was so. That's the one I didn't vessel and I didn't understand you add titles and I didn't know what I was safe and they're both they're both. So a teacher is they're educators applying Crespo Muncie was athletic director. A long period of time so I don't wanna pick and choose between congress people say both. And it. All right who's going to be the way you know this summer. Again I don't think there's going to be one I mean I decide I don't see. Hey word or aggression and are any of those players. Here. This season I I I think you'll be much more. Side and much more bring back the core. I'm Riley sold me today that he believes in a lot of these guys and he was pumping up their value to extend. That I think he feels comfortable that he's going to be able to bring them back he doesn't think that's gonna hurt him in negotiations. Here's an excellent one for squeeze in the juice that's the person who gets it why is the past cents per text text it and not just text. Like rated RED is steel rated and not really. You re at the book you didn't read the book that's a good point that stuff and death. It is I texted do I text. Some people do say our text you know right on now domino. They would send text you that's a really good question I don't need to be more of her Marion to figure that out. Ericsson. What TV show rooms are you watching. Amid all that. A little bit because of a watch and so much basketball lately but what do I watch. The Americans. Got to catch up on that. Gotta catch up on ray Donovan got to catch up by the house of cards those are three. That I need to catch up on and I need to catch up on mister robot to those core. Pizza cutter Papa John's. Can I say neither. That wasn't an option but I guess you could I am I see it. I would add I'm at a soccer well I would say well you never know I don't acts I would say of those two I would go to pizza. I. Let's see here. News. Spalding Wilson. Small move on to see this person really good people are getting better now what's another word of the source. The source says Soros. Good. There is no other word of the source right that is really good I guess a Soros is the arbiter on all things that should be compared to each other yeah all words that should be compared to each and and that's and his. That is really really good. Let's see here come. The solos are big cheese that that's that's a date quit at today's question but I amenable far to go a big cheese and I. Let's see here. This pet selling the player is already or her. He really mean keeping Winslow and Jerry rig. He doesn't have to sell those two players right because those two players are under contrary to the bank anyway but right and I mean unless he trades in the but he DeDe did give a spirited defense of justice Winslow. Unless that was simply to drum up interest. From other teams split on the look I don't I think we make too much of that the drumming up interest. Rather teams and the teams had you know they they watched tape I mean they know what I can do what it I can't do it's not a secret adjustments and it's improved his shooting. And that is something we're to talk about the next hour. Because actually Riley was more passionate about that than just about anything else today. I was might be the front door and is dry ditch eighty Jones. Doesn't mean I guess good that I once you step up there you wanted to do more. I think it's a sad sad that Eddie got that reputation here. I think you and I both jump to that same conclusion. Yeah is dry it's Jenny Jones I I I think keys. Now I I I he's a totally different type of player it's so hard to compare it I think. Goran should of prove to some people some things this year I mean basically he had the same season he had with Phoenix. Which got the heat to send 21 round picks forums so do you want him to be your primary closer no. By it are you fine with him at seventeen million dollars or should point guard I think you are. I'll say that now they're getting better if so all the the dirty floor and is the so dirty or the floor clean. I'm mama half glass empty. I'm not I'm. I so I'm gonna say that the the so it's turning wounds who would win a fight between says Loewen beast. No. That's a good. Move by its thirty year. I think Venus and Hermione v.s with my attorney here I'll look at and now I know we've we've got a text remarks on De'Angelo. What's the opposite of me and synthesis Thomas a deep thinker and you gotta like that. The opposite I can't hit consists of love that. I love. It would be. Similarity right. The better carbon copy. May be right. Antithesis Lou yeah. Yes a little bit human here Monday. None you out of I think he had any got to close this one on the scale of one to ten what's your favorite color of the alphabet. On Goldblum. Thanks for participating we're back. And I don't here and there and don't you. And all OK okay. It's. Okay. As mom. Good. You okay. I'd say they've installed like Darren Criss virgins on Wednesday. Yeah so close to 7 o'clock. These 1000 dollars slammed onto its back your chances in a thousand dollars just by listening to the ticket underway now until May well. Was that for the code word had seven at 8 AM. And again at four and 5 PM Texas work seven to 881 seed with a thousand bucks. The son and 790 NF somewhat forgery HP to its ticket. Even stole it back who is Christopher innings. And like I said we will take you up until close to 7 o'clock. Tonight so thanks everybody for participating in the reprisal of squeezing juice on the feel like I got off easy there are so if then I don't that'll get back to where it used to be that's a positive that's positive and I have to do I've been known to hear pretty Cynthia bring that back and then we'll get you all perk up now and lather up for a your thoughts on. Stop and stretch her out yeah OTA east underwear Olympics underwear Olympic race is going to be greatness that's a good stuff now. So does some we'll get to headlines here to second Terkel have on the lot and went on in the world of sports today. And we'll get to some this apparently sound one of the things that really get into when it comes to Riley and here's the thing. Is his view on just this Winslow and I thought that was one more interesting things about. Riley's press conference today as he really defended justice Winslow he kept talking about the other things that Wenzel brings the game beyond just shooting you emphasize that he's only 21 years old. And made it clear that the he has not given up on justice Wenzel at all I thought it was interest in today nobody asked about Rodney Magruder. But I think it's pretty clear that if justice Wenzel is healthy. And has a good camp that he is higher upside the Rodney Magruder as well as Magruder fit but this particular team. But could you play Winslow and James Johnson together that's something that we'll have to be considered. Going forward and give you a couple more ball handlers on the floor I just don't often we give you quite enough spacing but we're gonna get some of that sound of Riley on Winslow today. Because he made it clear he's not planning on just packaging justice Winslow just to get rid of another contractor trying to get. Eight whale although he is difficult to reconcile when Riley talks about. The way to get a player these days may be in a trade and he did talk about that today to reconcile how you get that player without trading a player who has. One the highest values on your particular team so we'll get to that here. On the show and that's the thing brought T by Ali forlorn and Ellen are you Coral Springs the best selection and lowest prices in South Florida Audi Fort Lauderdale and I Niekro springs not Chris Perkins with headlines. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. It's New England siding and Aaron Hernandez was founded in his single occupancy jail cell this morning in Massachusetts. The apparent cause of death a suicide. Fernandez was serving a life sentence would no possibility of parole for the murder of old Malik. Dalton senator Mike I don't see a former roommate and teammate of Hernandez's at Florida as well as a close friend left and ends the rim message today that says. To my friend my brother of truth they couldn't stand right or wrong we never left each other's side today my heart hurts as I got the worst news. I could ever I could have imagined it was just a day ago we shared our last con bowl whom I will forever miss you and love you broke. We won't meet again the rest easy. Over to baseball Miami Marlins trail Seattle 43 in the fourth inning right now and getaway day game. Meanwhile export a governor Jeb Bush and ex Yankee superstar Derek Jeter have have joined forces to try to purchase the Marlins according to the Miami Herald there reportedly building against Wang rock bound New York pine and cedar. It's unclear how much progress the bush Jeter group has made toward a final purchase. NFL Miami Dolphins speaking to today's pre draft press conference if they don't don't don't necessarily go with a deep and heavy draft next week. Because they think they're often to moves gave them freedom to pursue the so called best player available or BP A the dolphins you'll remember ranked 29 in overall defense and thirtieth against the run last season and finally Miami Heat president Pat Riley speaking at his annual post season press conference here today. He's not happy that his team missed the playoffs. But said that he will focus on retaining beer guys in the offseason. Riley also see it he regrets using the term great deal last year to describe the team's pursuit of a top player. Those are your head Lawrence and now it is time print a test concept signed your chance. To win the 1000 dollar slam dunk techs this word rush are you SH 272881. That's the were rushed. RU SH a 72881. And you could win a thousand dollars. You can wind through the middle of may so listen mornings at seven and eight and afternoons at five and six. Again it does ours were in Ross takes vet now to 72881. For your chance to win message and data rates may apply don't Saxon drive. It's the 1000 dollar slam dunk and AM 79 the end there model four point 38 speak to. The ticket. All right let's get to we'll get to the the office conversation here a little bit later. In the show worlds and talk to rod Higgins former NBA general manager and about 520 we'll talk to about the current playoffs what's going on. Particularly the situation between the bulls and the and the Celtics which is not very interesting here very quickly. Twin weights never lost the playoff series when he's led in two. Led to zero and although he's not not the best player in the bulls he certainly played. Well last night I wanna get to Peron is comments on justice Winslow. Today I thought this was one of the more compelling things that Riley talked about here was him talking about not trading justice. He didn't go anywhere. However consumer Rican package and here in tactics and their analysts' two took. You start treating guys you start putting that stuff from the paper and you chuckle out of what you love this team but then again start. Are you did did we become like chattel. And so I try to tell them not to green and I think. Even though you're all adept and very you're you're all Pulitzer Prize writers of all that stuff and you still read that stuff. It can't help you read about me it's okay cut. He's got something to prove there's no doubt and I think you he'll prove it. You approved idiot he's he's more than just that he's a winner men and and we're glad to have him every day it. All right here's another one rally talking about justice. He didn't go anywhere however there were recalled I it to me okay sir that's the same one. What I wanted to get to hear. Wins on Richardson being part of the future. Talked about that as well. I think both. Players. Give us. The opportunity. To move forward. Without being lottery team that year to get better. Last year when Tyler and justice and Josh came off the bench with. Drawing and Lou and Joseph in you know all of those guys. They were like sparked likes. Anything they did was like you know. Over the top was wasn't. Humble you know I mean they were great energy that don't these grown need to share and Josh got on this incredible record run at the end of the season. I think your experience going into the old rules the Eastern Conference playoffs and so. You know those two players so are our future are part of our future be part of our future. We believe them. For now yeah for today or I don't think that he's. Intentionally lying there were misleading or deceiving I think that he truly believes that. Today. Things could change tomorrow things get changed in December. But right now I I do believe I don't think he's just putting that out there to try to some players I think that. Seven days or whatever we are from the from the end of their regular season. Yeah I think he does look at the end and not knowing what trade possibility throughout clear etc. etc. etc. yeah I believe for now I do. The only thing is yeah I mean that he doesn't know exactly what's out there from a trade perspective but if you're going to make a trade if you're gonna if you going to. Bring in and he did talk today about how trading was this one of the methods that she get a player yes you don't have to pay the player wrecked the kind of money that you're talking about with the with a free agent contract. Yeah I see that that was what are referred to were I couldn't remember exactly what he would see it but I I do like him saying that and I agree with that a 100% I I think that that is the direction that. Well that that's from where we sit now that's the most likely direction that this team goes to become a title contender. Sure you could bottom out next during get the number one pick in the draft but. I I take a trade it and and you can overspend on a free agent and a high ice I really think a trade is there's the way this team is gonna go. Come. One of the things we're gonna get too little to their shores at a rod Higgins next so we're gonna get to that. Here but Riley's thoughts on Hassan Whiteside at all really interesting today where he talked about. You know last year was just about sort of validating. Being a player that she pursued. This this year it's about sort of turning a son into a super superstar. And ending giving him a platform for that so we're gonna get into. Back going forward. He'd beat their taxing me a lot of texts and hear about Paul Georgia Blake Griffin to the heat so obviously nobody believed pat and hit. Half packed up its. About building the team for women will get to more assaults and other players who runs onto running in sacks and seven and ticket. I just calling back here with Chris Bergen says he doesn't so close to 7 o'clock this. It's tickets NFL draft party broadcaster Dave and buster's. In Hollywood sponsor my hubby Charlie Davidson Thursday night. April 27 beginning at seven follow every pick of the draft a complete analysis of dolphins pick him giving way to pair of tickets to a dolphins game. Admission is free which need to register at the ticket Miami dot com with Dave and buster's eat clay watch sports sponsored by Palm Beach Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson is always a first round draft pick pick one at her Palm Beach early. In west palm Ethan smaller back with Chris Kirk James we talked a lot about the heat today we're gonna go. Around the NBA a little bit now with our next guest joining us on the rise in fuel and dancers CBS or is guests lined they're truly steps beyond convenient. Longtime NBA executive. Rod Higgins rod thanks for taking the time. There's no problem record and have him. I'm one of the sword here or do you just going around the lead a little bit with some of these series. The Chicago Boston series out on on paper it looked like he could be competitive just because. Chicago has some guys who have been through while in Dwyane Wade at least been through this situation before and Jimmy Butler guy who can take over gamer are you surprised the way that this is played out so far. There are good did it. Only because from a competitive standpoint I thought Boston would probably be unit. And it the World Cup petition to force. Not refuted Google. The tragedy in their with a new team would normally would from larger Tomas Norstrom. I don't know him he achieves true. I pictured it goes guards are just kind of struggling internally you know turn you. Up for the game in which it's almost as I'm scared almost. The more believes something right there because as a player optional. Even scored their angry new job and you've gone to look at force your little fortune good summer. I'll meet those unfortunate because we are number one seed in the east. I'm you know who fought to get. I'm in foundry in order to speed through Beatrice see how they come out. When they don't give up in Chicago lyric you know we're all. Indeed you've got to come home you know what the talk mentality altogether. And ultimately can come out and there and and and he's competed how noble soul. Even if they don't win the series tickets are good well and so on you know appropriately Osama. Rod and same with this series does Chicago old. Appeared to be any confidence seemed it seemed that it may be pulleys second round not certain and get to the Eastern Conference finals or is it. You know chill would that we're only two games into the playoffs. Yeah I would have problems. Whole group put the break torrid could it appeared certain writers we're seeing how Boston response. You know are we could do it they're going Kamal. You know what a lot of energy. Arm Chicago you can you know you guys grip computers doom for the last real spark out of Miami and in. You know they were able to give being Tom you know what it's hard workers so. You know repaired there are spoken down mobile director out of bounds missed the green so. I don't think that it will be this week purchased a home for the future and the CR Chicago code now would make your home across. Home noted you have blocked your pursuit go to player Gingrich in February they're they're not would you rather go on the moon alertness movies are. Also our. You know what I would vote for people who relief. To pick it gained three this particular. Series excited. Tyrod Higgins former NBA player and NBA executive arm rob Pat Riley spoke today spoke about a lot about. The heat's issues going forward and kind of the direction that he wants the team to go but he also talked about our league issues I was just curious for your thoughts on it. I he's really angry about the way that resting. Any NBA has proliferated that of players sitting when they're not hurts. During the year EE even though he knowledge is that that he is team the lakers was fine for this back in 1982 wanna game that they they didn't bring Karine then. And James Worthy and magic within. What's your view on this what can Adamson rally says Adam silver needs to do something what can Adam silver do. Europe's super question and I don't know what. The commissioner couldn't really do recruit rules or what the rules are. And the last thing you want the term directed the players. More rest in the mid may be good hole. Because you don't wanna do spying Google fake injury come in the quarry and you know good guys really written. But they're gonna put some sort of injury to boot injury report. The Mets when he gets kind of murky. You don't look premiered at premieres. Don't believe for a change in. A more new normal. Fan of the game. So it's almost like you know keep you know what regional groups sometimes if you don't people with a new candidate left. They are understand the mentality of not ripped employers as well they're they're American Jews these players are reporting that. Home there go to real are I. This can be a topic there are what America is gonna go to summer problem too. Some marine during her major wouldn't be used talk implement the order talking to the commissioner. Of New Yorkers don't know. What the commissioner could do at this point. I know wouldn't. San Antonio I'm starting to be able pep talk about him dormant and didn't. It's just you just got our situation right now because you know Brooke Bulger's school mentality. They don't believe in it for you to know how it's probably helped San Antonio. Took portable when in whichever huge debate are so determined to. This could help the cardinal. Rod when you. Look at those the Miami Heat and their season there were 41 and 41 a lot of good vibrations at the end of the year from the thirty and eleven finished. The question is how many of these players do you bring banks. What what are your thoughts on on that topic and bringing clean bagged intact and keeping it together. Odd that does this team needs some kind of an explosive addition midway through this season did you go this whole season with this team win Dudley change need to be made. If they change needs to be made. Well first and foremost Pratt. And they'd be. Obviously you can coast bolster has done a fantastic job all retool the murky. When you. You know musical you go to the Big Three and now. There's none of those guys that are currently playing. And then compare the may be a cloak their employers they're. Oh really groups taking you got through public almost anybody could have anticipated you know the trade accord targets was exceptional. I think you have probably in the MVP type year there are different you guys. Arm put. Of course. Didn't you know this employers are there really address you all remember sir our ports are you became so dominant player. You know few years ago he was struggling to stay in early Metallica so the developmental aspects of what you guys are doing it. In Miami speaks for itself you've got a guy like. During Sharpton who came in and you know worse probably. Overweight. But now look at him look like a complete. Yeah you have could figure out what you gonna do creative field sure who aren't familiar look spirit. What they're gonna do would trump would journeying through Dion Waiters. Also Rose Garden could come campaign Rangers. Completely. Part of their core is that clarkin. The universe employers I'm sure. He grabbed the dress. Publicly on the perimeter. Europe and Richard you have stepped on the little perimeter spots could see it took so long you can banged up and their injuries. You like withdrawal beyond its bankrupt this year. You expect sustained when you always will have nice peace and around the perimeter appears to have been given the pain you gonna be solid. I'd like. Sometimes watching Willie Reid clearly they're you know a tobacco Xbox. DelHomme whose economic goma Italian become a doctor do you aren't normal to. Questions. You know gonna have to address found in comparison and they're gonna have addressed our. No look at fort the other team. Go to the Connecticut makes you have to be a different character young quarter they can. Continue to grow work and he taught you intolerant of sort. Karzai as a global player much tougher personal stake so you forget aren't fools who Jong explosive. The German Ahmad a nice pieces to build around on the. Tunnel running against former NBA player former NBA. The executive. One of your former teams of old state warriors prohibitive favorites. To win a championship this season. Does anybody have a chance I mean you see Durant may not play tonight he's questionable deal with a chance aren't. But if they're healthy. If they're healthy can't can Cleveland beat them again can San Antonio beat them a seven game series can Houston pushed them. Or are we looking at second championship in three years. If you are duplicate it in the mid different light. This year as opposed to the other teams that are gonna compete against him employer also. Pentagon in the west San Antonio probably would be good team knew I was street. Could call them the most problems. Because they're experienced and championship medal. Home Houston. You know what they can put up a lot of points or just don't see them being able to stop cold misty I mean between local and state in the equation. Pretty good order darn good people into a world there's darn good also saw the plant also after the basketball. You know that makes what championship caliber team on Murphy Cleveland if you are up to the east. Couldn't implement our soon. CR did because you can go through the Eastern Conference someplace else you know where they can. You know on the ground and he stopped guys stopped being didn't they're not sure there right now and you know bigger a lot of strong tall rhetoric whatever you wanna call it. Last month this'll come about bill talked a moment you know success and you hear about this book you heard it. Borders smoker this farther so maybe there's some cracks career. On what the guys do. True culpability so little atrocity two other American actors dressed the beautiful you have the best player arguably the best player in the world in the broad. And he'd go make sure they're thirteen news is competing every night I would imagine so. I would say the Golden State from what are being. Yourself with mr. Brinkley will the pace that they played with it would be troops that could be. Can king dude you know they can shut you down will be probably going to be present clear that you'd ever did on the roster and during mongering. Are receiving American slavery argument could be. It rod we got to ask you about one of the hardest arguments in the NBA right now that's pretty MVP who you got. Well you know. What good the criteria of the it. In BP treats to charity. Arm. We're Barron's claimed a mid eighties reluctant. The magic to the birds and the crew leave you monocle he's been intrigued the code even Teixeira who you spoke to. It is important it would all about winning you know those guys. They get older VP trophies reward and had a high level in new always championship. Caliber. Team typically poor. Now know Stefan curry the last two years so you know what that might fit that women do I don't and in. You keep talking about the candidates. You don't you have to. There are I think yet put on. Our quad. It has more loose arm saw a strange Harden and congressman Ross who returned from almost year. What would all of that is bearable Paul we both fought hard blue cross and blue. We interviewed her are used Turk different turns. Back who wouldn't wage. Home. We need extra. There's just we have we could probably would do I'm sure Google toolbar which up to marvell. You can go all the critics. Predict renewed our universe. That's what I feel and that's you know that's probably who aren't so what will vote for. Well yet let me ask you this -- glad -- Westbrook die as you will see ultra mud line above questioning here aren't sure if you don't give it to Westbrook are you punishing him for not spread essentially for his pursuit impressing your whoever not surrounding him with better players right 33 at 942 triple doubles but what more could he do who saw. I think your content punishing him for not being surrounded by better players correct. Why America argue that point. You know he's. He would contribute Capellas into more aware and I followed argued. Computers you do extreme or not. There wouldn't put him immense. Clarence no number you get played Houston so when you were and are rumored suitors are way. I don't know that you're not in the classical world tournament on the spurs obviously you're not oh go the spirit warrior change so. Remember wouldn't. Straight at least you can do you know home. It Ito got favorable console is all the peace Google roster. Discover the way it is home. And you know what brought you can't argue will work attribute every you don't talk to them all the clear that there are administered okay. What does that mean he preserved through repeated you don't look the criteria Bibby can you curtail leads. What a few minutes now yeah we'll let you know something we didn't say there are units in. This argument we got bigger criteria out in mid may we boy or girl they're cute. Select print directory arrow talk ordinarily upbeat criterion changing you know what I was raised up. Brooke you know regard the depth of grip seemed remote championship. Elements are there and they've they've also mourn their work. Nobody is BP's blown it wouldn't wanna give DP one are gonna get future teacher. Rod distaff we appreciate I'm sure you get different opinions and armor Sean Sutton. I did you have got probably give credit markets that put up little weird you can. Fast. If so where does well on Amazon worked on us we appreciate your time and thanks a lot clerical error I former rise NBA executive and player. Friday is breaking things down for a little bit we'll be right back more that Riley sound his thoughts on Hassan Whiteside. Diesel jumped out at you a little bit we're back on some united ticket. Higgins for joining us here on the show first and I gonna take up so close to 7 o'clock. Defense had an American Airlines Arena tomorrow between ten and six for geek culture data celebrates lots of merchandise and he teams early 50% off its. Policy does hasn't will be there for photos and autographs between two and 330. Piazza take a photo with a three. Larry O'Brien championship trophies furry and heat dancers will also be there that's tomorrow. At the American Airlines Arena. From 10 AM to 6 PM. Lot of heat culture talked it was gone on today at the arena. Thanks to pair rallying. I'm talking about culture that they built T talked about going from world class. You know going going to world class in terms of their conditioning of players in this is always been a big push. For Riley and also would just in terms of the internal improvement getting players out of their boxes getting them to do more. One of the players he talked about today Kirk quite a bit with the sun Whiteside wanna get to a couple of clips here. Riley talking about his son. And how he feels like now his son is establish himself and he's capable of more. You have to carve out some things more. For him offensively so what should she give him that he may be able to go there and so when you got a permanent positions CP can you can do that I think he has the ability to put a bigger numbers blows your numbers equal wins and that's what we have to get out there. We have to get that kind of performance out of him. We have to get those thirty and forty in ten nights out of him five times a year and you have to get them. Are those ways that we played big games and I think he has the ability your problem. So thirty inch one in ten games so I mean there aren't a lot of those us. Help compare the two assists and blocks Jim turnovers what's the didn't. I know the thirty bullet used poison renewal wasn't it highest blogs and only now that's. I know he was. Being yes he was just throw out numbers. I I thought it was very very. Interesting. That he's suited you've got to carve out something toward the sun. Meeting runs employees storm or even the ball occasionally. And I did but I wondered do you think he was sought the belt early in games. We were fourth quarter. I think he's talking about all the way through. I mean you know get getting him more profits I think what's interesting is that they stayed away from all stats thing with a son last year who now they wanted him to focus on stats less break and I do think what's interesting about that Riley comment is that he does throw in there. You know we have to see if that equates to winning you know so right and that's the issue as you can fetus on Moore has sunken put up bigger numbers of to have more touches he's gonna put up big numbers. But does that equate to more winning that's the question. Com here's another one from Riley talking about. The sun and you kind of what to expect. I'm glad that we do that that we made him a priority. You know last summer and didn't sign any new thing and I think she's taken on the responsibility. All right so that's basically. That in him Maxine a son now. I mean very first if treatments. Bring his song as their toughest match up out on the court. Eating might not be the best player but he is the he's the toughest match up for an opponent because there aren't many senators in the league who can do the things that Hassan Whiteside does. There are a lot of you know stretch poor's and and scoring wounds and and deep prince of mind it three use or whatever they're just aren't that many guys in the NBA who can defend a bank to the basket senator. And defend him effectively and so. That's what I sun gives you that that's why I really like a son that's why I consider assign. Almost all of it well there to me he's their most untreatable god. And OC is unique player in today's NBA. Here's another one from an honest I do think that now we know hear them. Across the board in every aspect and he also understands his responsibilities. Americanized you know we've sleep we discuss a lot of things about the sun. You know and how he can better help us you can he be. 1714. And Ford guy. And shoot 61%. And 70% from the line which is what I think he is right about now. Or can he be at 25. In seventeen point six footer and I think he can be that. 2517. And six. Again assuming that the six blocks not a sense yes. If that's the sixers will be tougher for price should accumulate data it's still pretty lofty expectations though 2.5 seventeen. And six. You know we've seen dishonor us and dominant stretches where it looks like the best player on the floor just a pat wants that. More often and you don't want to see if they can get that for men but. Why why wouldn't. The suns better numbers translate into winning. Well I think the only question would be if he if if you're you're giving him shots that you taking away from other people of the ball's not moving and it's just sort of going into him in the posts and he's pounding pounding pounding he's committing a turnover. I got better at that this year getting the ball out quicker. You know but in what he needs to learn the next thing for him is post Enrico sort of get the ball post. Kick it out to somebody and then somebody sent it back into you Shaq was so good is that and good at getting better getting better positioned yup. And you know that's a hard thing to do it's a hard thing for big to learn. By and I think that he's capable all the look we've seen growth and his game and so many different ways you so much a better federal defender. When he was when he first came in he's a better free throw shooter than he was when he first came in. I got a little bit more work around the rim yeah he's ended his game. He's good sort of working the baseline and and so I mean that there are things that he's really improve that and I think pat sees those things and pat loves Dix. And you know he easel I mean look at the guys that he coached over the years. You know whether was dreamer you lingers though. And you know he believes you can still build through big and I think. You know you can and you can't build through two bigs anymore I think what New Orleans is doing is really challenging it's it's just that. You don't win the world is banking on his and it Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins are so unique in their ability to step outside and put the ball on the floor. But you need EU can't have two guys who parked in the pain anymore you can only have. One doing that consistently. But you can surround that player was shooters and I think that is assigned gets better as a passer that's a direction that they can go in so. That's one way to look at it com. This text comes in is occurring he conditioning standards Reza in response of things like the Eddy Curry experienced or is it always be good I don't. I don't recall this in place circuit ninety's. I feel like they always had a pretty good conditioning program. You know us. Yeah knows fully in place in the ninety's and practice and practices harder than they aren't haven't you heard the stories about the trash stands out there 'cause Slater is a lot rice. No that is always always been the conditioning beamed. That that's always we're gonna be the best conditioned team in the NBA go to. You have a three hour practices. In 979899. A lot of this is how we came up as a player perk because I mean he was days and leave the gym rat it was supposed to chase Jerry West around. And so there's no way he could've done that he wasn't in good condition and so that was a big part. Riley being an NBA player and so now he's tried to instill this. Oh win their team. One thing nobody at this Texans and wanting no one ever trust a dishonest passing out when he gets off as a rebounds. He has so many after the boards sometimes he should force the shot back up into teams collapse and M he needs to learn how to throw it out to the open shooter I think again these are all. Next steps in his progression to getting suited to BA completes. Completes on her. So I and I I think that you know again he's K he's shown he's capable more he bought in this year even for them odd people are asking of Beltran is still he strength and conditioning coach he is. The Texans and the conditioning was in place because Tim Hardaway filled a lot of them Tim was the one who struggled the most to kind of keep up when that. So didn't have those problems as much but as there was a woman Booth. And Antoine comes a year after its championship lead as my locker to locker room saying he wasn't a stop drinking until last. Humans training candidate just a day's drive after the championship in 06 or needlessly drunk he was good for his words you've. Product you don't you don't go baby go Hillary yeah you hang of it on your anger of the Iowa we come back more Riley's thoughts and they would kind of spread this out over the course the show we do wanna talk a little bit of dolphins to the rally at some thoughts on James Johnson and Dion Waiters will get to those we come back and seminar has taken. Welcome back on tonight and resilient. He's installing share crisper against taking up so close to 7 o'clock. Animals. And it will take your phone call us here to this our 786360079786360079. If you've heard any of the cliffs. From harrowing and a curious of your thoughts in its. And some of the things that he says the today. Rallies and a year press is always interest staying. Really you know not as. I wouldn't be maybe contentious is the wrong word. But it it was it was more of a love fest today Arianna from Riley towards these players these coaches. And kind of what they did. So we'll allow we'll get some more of these clips here. Going forward. Texans and I disagree with Riley and wins and that's finding its paid to do that job I get paid to do something else. I do agree with the organization's public view. Of where they're going their franchise. School. What do what is the public view. I think the public view is that they're they're they're both gonna build this young teen mom. But they're gonna and fourteenth pick in the draft they're gonna and Winslow back to this team and they're gonna kind of see where it falls on me and you know. They eat in a rally also mentioned they have the room exceptions so they can maybe add another player that way. No you know I would expect probably Luke babbitt's not back that he's replace in the probably. Willie Reid is going to be challenging to re sign. And what he considered to be value. And so I don't know that till the Sara Libby back but you can get a player fourteenth overall to replace him. So I think that's a possibility. Yeah we have the public I I just think the public view is some. Analysts say. So tenuous your sole temporary but. I don't think the Mets. The Who year vision for this franchise I think to keep them together. And they did a great job and I'm so proud of and I'm so happy form. As pet C did he likes to contend for titles and I think that this. I think that this is really a one year get us through until we can figure out who's out there and how we can turn this team into something better. I I I don't doubt the did the sincerity Pat's comments. I don't play again I don't think that pat was sitting up there and lying. But I think there in the back of his mind. And it stinks. Yeah I I've got to turn I've got to use these assets to turn us into a better team not develop these assets. And turn us into a better. Well again though the one concern is the caps not going up after this year you have the bosh money to spend the season so you can't. Just rolled over so yet make an industry that they could sign players to train they they could hear that. Yeah I only did I think this trade how they're gonna get better prepared because I I do think that all these players are assets and ships. As opposed to guys that you and build a rural poor who were three years. I got into some lead issues today too I thought some of this was interesting com. They're go to this here's the thing now Riley railed against two different things and a my camps of the leak he railed against. One was all of the rest the players are getting rid of clinical appear in the second. And again and then and they're taking any other was the tiebreaker. And with Chicago getting two games at home and he can in one game at home and I thought that one was a little bit weird. For pat to jump on its simply because again. You know the heat. Got the advantage of 821. Home road advantage with Indiana now and tiebreaker would have been the difference there head to head and so the heat would have a 21 advantage. In that scenario. So I I I do think it was a little bit odd for pat to go off on that the other thing about rest. Is during the LeBron Eric no the heat didn't just randomly rest players they didn't rest once and lock the playoff seeding. And I don't know how all you fix that I don't know how Adam silver. It goes out there and changes the rules to force teams to play. Their players when they're resting their players from the playoffs I think that's going to be real challenge so. I think this issue was so challenging that somebody like Riley who's been leaked from what five decades and really didn't providing solutions and he just said Adam silver in the owner ships in the ownership needs to look at it. And I think that is why this is among the most vexing issues that I am so there's gonna face during his commissioner ship. Is how each had a change. Team's perception of breast. How to force teams to play players when it doesn't seem to be a good solution and that's the thing Retief by Ali forlorn little tiny Coral Springs. The best selection and lowest prices in South Florida Audi Fort Lauderdale Hattie Coral Springs and our Chris Perkins and headlines. Usually what struck. Now in Miami. XY AM some Miami. Right here. Six New England tight end Aaron Hernandez was found in a single occupancy jail cell this morning in Massachusetts. The apparent cause of death a suicide. Hernandez was serving a life sentence would no possibility of parole for the murder of all Malloy. Dalton sooner or my panel C a former roommate and teammate of cornyn is that Florida as well as close friend. Left an answer ram message today that Syria to my friend my brother. It doesn't stand right or wrong we never let each other side today my heart hurts as I got the worst news I could have imagined. It was just a day ago we shared our last con bowl. I will forever miss you and love you bro we will meet again. Rest easy. All Major League Baseball Miami Marlins trail Seattle eight of war in the sixth inning right now when a getaway day game. Meanwhile export a governor Jeb Bush and ex Yankee superstar Derek Jeter have joined forces to try to purchase the Marlins according to the Miami Herald. There reporting reportedly built bidding against wing raw moment. A New York finance see your. It's unclear how much progress the bush Jeter group has made toward final purchased. And not build Miami Dolphins speaking at today's pre draft press conference since they won't necessarily go with a deep and heavy draft next week. Because they think they're off season moves gave them the freedom to pursue the so called best player available. Or BP A you were called to dolphins ranked 29 in overall defense and thirtieth against the run last season. Finally local NBA news Miami Heat president Pat Riley had you heard those referred to old date. Spoke at his annual post season press conference today and see if he's not happy with this team missing the playoffs. But see if the heat will focus on retaining their own guys in the offseason. Riley also see is he regrets using the term whale last year to describe the team's pursuit of a top player. Olds are your little. Irate I questioned comes in here. Are the heat locked into the fourteenth pick aren't they in the lottery. They are but there odds of getting eight top three pick here you only eligible for top three pick and odds are less than 2% so there's if they don't get a top three pick. Because they are the best team that's in the lottery they automatically take fourteenth so Damon 90% chance. Picking fourteen Riley actually came down spoke about that today a little bit too we said. That he was kind of glad he wasn't taking in the top seventy visceral point Lawrence. And four and a lot of them are expected to be point guards and at the heat you wanna have to make that decision. I don't know if it's gonna be top seven or point guards but I think there can be five point towards that goal in the top seven. Fultz ball. The and I'm missing one. Parent fox. It'll come to mean the league are now he's not really a point guard he's a really point current. Nobody here it's Kansas Q school and and he you know later in the first round Ben and most of these gutter freshman currently. They're all fresh they have a point guards I think. Yeah they're all free drug Josh Jackson's not appoint her he's gonna go right. He's gonna on the top five. For sure on one and get to this this was Riley. Talking about the rest in in how he views it. You don't rest I don't believe in it. I think he's got to the point where it's it's become a travesty that absolute travesty and blatantly blatantly so I don't care how many players of your resting or moved who are the words were entitled. Did get the rest first is doesn't rest. We don't arrest we maintain. Play it's in obviously in certain situations when a guy is playing you know. A guy is playing banged up only you know that then you might shorten his minutes are you might do something but she just blatantly leads people Holman. In Indian not you can not played them. In the situation I just think it's wrong you know we don't we will rest players we we maintain intimate of a guy can't play we will play. So the maintain thing that gets back to the Dwyane Wade thing right it's a maintenance program is this just like a live. There's no difference right you know crossed by resting but I think he's saying if you have some kind of a any injury. And then maintain the players you out years. The same thing. And urine. The rest being is is something I think that is probably. More of Mensa because it's a second night of back to back or. Late season when somebody else's is buying for a playoff spot. I don't see you very much difference between maintenance. Right. Maintenance and do your sit somebody out when they're when they could play their healthy right. When you tell me that he just wanted to keep them to a certain number of getting. Them. You can call maintenance program and put a little bold one but you're wrestling. Yeah. That's how I see it. I well I also but there's a little bit a jab at LeBron and there are led the word the use of the word entitled who's entitled surround this is not a now again to remember the end of the season the heat benefited from rest. The heat benefited from Cleveland resting LeBron and carrying and they benefited from Washington resting below wall right. So they they they the don't now that they didn't benefit from Brooklyn resting players but again let's. Let's think about that the wave the bulls are playing right now. What were the odds of the bulls losing that game anyway at home when they need to begin to Brooklyn. In el Amin and at this idea of everybody being up in arms about what Brooklyn then. But Negroponte did dispute weaker earlier and they did they did as Jeremy when said we helped the heat at that point yet. The sole. The only it was ridiculous way to what are you arresting them for golf you know rounds of golf I mean I understand how people got upset about that. By eight you know as far as Atlanta arresting players he would have done the same thing I mean if if the he had locked up playoff seed and had one game to go. They probably would have sat you know be given Whiteside and Dragic arrest. Let them prepped for the playoffs I mean that's that's pretty typical that that the question. And and Riley in me in knowledge later that he was some are responsible. For this that the with the lakers and we talked about earlier than in 1982. That they rested players and refine 101000 dollars. So this is been going on for a long time its is this a Popovich made it's sort of a central thing. Where everybody was paying attention to it. And indeed he did it and in primetime Dane somebody text and and you don't arrest the men primetime games. I don't know why didn't you well you shouldn't because now you're messing with NBA in their money and you know all that but. You you maintain number you rest them home kind of whenever you see it. And until right unless until nearly a rule made against it if you're just leaving it to sportsmanship or the discretion of the teens. You came in and kind of ressam during a primetime game understand it's against the spirit of the leader of the rules journal or whatever but. As long as it's legalized. Our our wrestle whenever I feel like. Texans and wave was on a maintenance because he and history of being hurts. The others arrest him because the quote tired of course Riley has no time for the latter. You're either in uniform you're not right. Cirrus I understand I understand that wing. That was an end in injury thing but the point is you're healthy. You're sitting out game. So it if you're injured OK usage but your health it's the subtlety and arresting you call it maintenance unit resting your health beat. You're resting. And it's the maintenance program that's the same thing missile site and I look back about this for LeBron right. He's maintaining a stripper 82 didn't think this is. A program there's no difference no difference. No difference yeah we're gonna get agony this argument we should bring enemies on here are. That's gotten it I know I had and that's. It's senator rest in the maintenance program would what is the difference. Maintenance is something you knew wrest the slumping your opponents do is that the difference. Nets. It shoots. Well and I did you know did you sing in Laguna. Yeah. I'm being warned be careful. Pedal Miami does not as somebody else you know Romeo and assume for questioning the godfather. Listen I've don't Sulu rusty after Rihanna you know nobody well nobody. Question pat about then again the premise that the last two games of the year that they benefited from Washington and then not. And Cleveland not playing guys late in the season but it does show you again how complex this issue is like it pat didn't have a solution. It there is no easy solution to this is not just like okay we'll find players. I mean you just gonna have guys hiding it used to have teams hiding being behind injuries you know claiming that there's a calf strain I mean even though that was ridiculous like good Cleveland put down and cry. Calf strain not here in the second of last game of the season and Aaron Alaska you know and. Well what looks burst he lied about a calf strain or the truth about rest on the final day of this even when you know you're not going to do you won what 23 getting all right so what looks worse. They're probably. Blizzard out there about a does there have been spends each other. Very. You know what's they that Niemi is Riley said and you were somebody else around he says. This is interest thing I thought I don't know if we have this clips on just and I'll just read some of this year. He he talked about how private the everybody assumes that NBA players have a better now than they used to have it. Right because so he is yelling at these chartered flight and everything is easier for men. This O'Reilly city some private air travel after games is ridiculous its absolutely ridiculous I mean getting a for an half the time and having game the next night. I mean we all go through it's a becomes a habit. He Isa but it's horrid I'd like to go back really I don't remember. Ever feeling the fatigue when I was a player in the 1970s. We flew commercial we played the game a little shopping lobby bar we would have a burger and beer we go to bed. You get up at 7 AM you get on a plane you get into town 12 o'clock PM lunch take a nap ego played a game to stay overnight. You get a day off in the city lead at 2 o'clock I don't ever remember being that tired and as a player. So I mean he preferred it when they would leave. And they day of the game you get a good night's sleep in the ten Doumit you just played in Brian I I always thought that they left. So that they can get there as soon as possible that is why yeah. Because that is why that there's also a rule that the planet did the plane can't leave until the simple and so the players eat right. Credit to him so that takes some time I mean I've only been on the team plane once and that was to Brazil. And yet that was unique experience you know they had food set up for you know it was a lot of media on that on that particular flights so. It was probably done a little bit differently and obviously that's a you know it's an international flight there was a whole different deal. On the they do get treated nicely and they do get it quite a bit of space and we were not in the in the front section where the players and a couple of their wives were down. It still wasn't a bad way to travel. Yeah and I know most charters psalm. Number back in the day when there so you could turn off your cell phone's gonna mess up the navigation equipment it never happened on team charter. You can use your fool you these are some reason it didn't mess up their navigation. A great man special navigation equipment and don't don't get me started on the airline industry that's that's that's all of the well Lisa wasn't united. I think it's easy I think he'd be flew delta to Brazil. Have to do imagine that I think intimately fly America I liked him drew up. Player or a staffer we need to see where it's a hard. Badge. Go to a player who we need your sleep right James Sorensen we need to seriously it's easy to stand up and be like you know what CL a black belt work right. You cannot he's six under the blanket right. But anyway Riley raised this issue this'll get some attention he wanted to be he wanted to be heard on this today so. You know but that's that's pretty typical Riley I mean he doesn't believe in in in sort of artificial rests. But people are all every on the tax on some we'll get to that. As this happens when you miss Pat Riley yeah exactly exactly and also got some we have tomorrow sigfosin glance crave Turkey to civil do now we come back after the break. It's a draft party a drug test and Dave and buster's and Hollywood try so my Palm Beach Harley-Davidson Thursday night. April 27 beginning at cent in a follow every pick in the draft the complete analysis of the dolphins kicker we're giving way to pair of tickets to a dolphins games. Admission is free. Jeter register that sickened Miami dot com Dave and buster's. Harley-Davidson is always a first round draft pick. Dick wanna Palm Beach Harley. In west palm all right. We get to a little bit more this is our rally samba we have. Some Marlins tickets. To giveaway also. And so I think. We have a unique way of doing the Saddam. Basically Riley gave out these cards he's always carrying these cards within. He's got forever car words he's got a lot of life for god and he's got all kinds of different cards and and he'd laminate these cards and hands and out. And as was Carney gave to the media today and about twenty of them up at the podium and on one side it's an absolute respect. Explanation point in on the other side he loves the word apps salute to the toe that's around leeward. And on the other side it said warriors don't live in the past. The pass is dead life is now. And the future is waiting warriors don't live in the past the pass is dead life is now and the future is waiting. Here's I want to give way he's moralistic and some Tex lines 67974679. Simple we got to four packs give away. Marlins pirates are and on and April 28 and also. Winners get a cry a cry winners getting crave jerky. Prize pack winners get a crave jerky prize back in addition to getting. 24 packs. To four packs of tickets to see the Marlins play the pirates on April. When it's all it's one to. OK I guess I can't room. Yet if one was that the character and it's it's who it's one dollar Chris Gunner just rhetoric I'll take the blame for. A four pack guess to have. Oh well I always have jerky in mine her kinky. Cindy Turkey it is there's not gonna go bad it's it's good it's meet its you don't have to store it in a refrigerator. Always have jerky in your hurting kicked it to some gray jerky. All right so you're always going to producing and producing these rights and always play the producer RIT years are gonna do. If you want to hand apparently card. You gonna hand apparently card. Into cited card here. They laminated to sign a card what would it say. You can be a message to rally on something you want to do it can be sort of this show of respect. What would it say. What would you necessarily be. And 67974. Also remember we have to read as a man. All right it's yet on an empty nested Texans. I know eyes you know we'd hopefully we won't read any bad ones on here but be ready with a dump but just in case our National Guard yeah yeah because I start reading and it's too late. No doubt camp where you can't turn around and done that before. Tom you know what I don't know what my car to pet might say Tom. It's obviously is always have Turkey is part of the deal would. As a marble who. Isn't this survival food. Yeah it gets stuck to the Marlins game and you can't get out reasons that's right now okay that's. It's about ability to I would look and fit fit for writing it. Truck is at its instant hot on the yeah on the statue now stuck in here gotta give me some turkeys like it's about being booted finchem. Just out of bed they're there right out of the camp and opens he enthused yeah horizon that great yeah. And so restore were starting to get of you have these. Come. While. I'm assuming there's route that the that the somebody C is merely meet. We knew that. But hairy beasts. Met up up up and give it apparently Chris Riley might be a little Zeller Australia they were only just learned today that your Chris locked him out of the Palestinian Bakley had a trip. Maybe there's an opportunity there somebody its exterior and doesn't pat have a key alone and that's and I think that might have been an embellished story I would surely that's. That's never Dulles a story that now slowly now just wanna be clear on now yeah. On people wouldn't when you call someone to over before you that opened to Aso. 4 o'clock in the morning you my things away from you now. Yeah that's a good point that's a good when you are right probably spoke today about how long he wants to do this. Here's here's what he said. I just want to have a great summer and come back and have a great team and and try to win championships contend for championships you know I don't know how many more non playoff years I could take right when a taker I'm not so sure that. That if we had no playoff years I observed here. So that's the philosophy that's not going back into the lottery philosophy and so. Are soaring in. Are they soprano lets it go through these now day. This the stakes is god father on the front in Riley we trust on the back. There's smooth not heat lifers slide woman. Next stamper site to let's see if it's. One. God Bob or on one side other side don't mess up this team. And I. Clean that up. But it does don't mess up this one as profound. Arrogance is earned intelligence breeds success success breeds confidence. Confidence allows for arrogance. I'm wrong. Smooth gonna sit back and have a beer and think about that pay well and easier today did a bath he likes his beer. No with a shot to drop. Pet drinks patrol would move the Charl and beer. Ha even even hasn't. Even had a name for two apparently called Mon. Yeah he had yet to name four. Six. Yeah I know pat wasn't true and I think that drink really want and that's about it yeah that's that's about balancing that drew post race. The true this one get rid of big pop. He doesn't mean he doesn't need a card for that one I think he's already aware that that would be the best way to go but I don't something they have. A good option there this one's culture exclamation point. Who loves you as you as always a boiler maker that ninety text comes in it's a boiler maker someone else said it's a loaded her on of the Naimi uses Boylan. And I thought boiler may resist whiskey. And beer. Clinton and her CO balanced and that I don't know might be room. This day if you listen to this report card. Once I see is LeBron soft the other site capture the way. Actually help this well enough fourteen strong minus one. Now. News or minus one. Snake Roberts sent. I'm not thought that was maybe eighteen peddy tighten yourself. If I don't I don't always go to run when people criticize it did in the first place I go. This one on the front twelve dollar mail late charge garage closes at 12 PM on the back not responsible for damage is far left overnight. Civility that's really good that is out says it's as we go that's a contender. Another terrorist lives in great coach on one side Big Three credit steeler on the other side. I don't put that another one ATP into the wind you're only peeing on yourself rush. Like some of these are very profound here. That's yes you know they're they're used to be that. Well will that I'll get to that later there used to be about the rumor of a sign an image he bathroom though I don't know wasn't true. Where that was kinda blasphemous. And let's see side A legends are born legends are made side be made in Miami. It's nice dinner. 11 on one side godfather the other side smiling faces hidden agendas. With impunity that's the truth. From. This one always a seat for you. Yet that was interesting today are Riley Riley said that he left love to have him back that you can't sort of quantify what it is that you guys gives to them. But he also said he wants him to be a player next year he wasn't to compete to be a player. I mean Udonis would want that too so it's just a question of whether you hold the roster spot for a guy. Who's you know let at this point you know largely coach non ending and we're gonna get the chance softy dies tomorrow. Poured down at the arena so on so hopefully I'll get a little bit more clarity about what he's thinking but. Yeah I mean he's so. You know he views himself as as somebody who can still play and you know the heat they're saying that they want all fifteen their guy SP players so we'll see how that goes on. None other one. My my. Honest. Side wound a culture in person. Sites who crying LeBron plays the city is DN Gilbert in some accidents is that it it's been. Learned. This text is probably true boiler maker is beer and a shot of whiskey you're right there for Riley just changed little boiler makers worldwide. Does he have the power to change drink names. Well we'll see tomorrow brain if you order a boiler maker with Bartlett hey you patrolling with your beer or I will see the I I love that pat. We just take things. For granted when he says that they're true. It's and is it going on for years years. And here's and here's a year and it's like I always talk about the stats that I always felt he used to make up a practice a lot can trail statistics. Man you didn't do any but he didn't dispute downloaded Giuliani you don't have any way to counter it seems there's no way he would just. Stout off a bunch of sadistic you would say this guy's not playing well defensively to be like well actually our numbers are showing this. I don't have access is numbers I don't know what goes into his numbers. Because the latest there's no way the process that. Iowa we come back will hobble pick one of the easiest opponent 67974. What would be on the cord that she would and hang around in your aipac and some minutes. Skin. My game fans as an American Airlines Arena tomorrow between ten and then 6 PM even alternate routes to celebrate not so. Merchandise as he teams stormy 50% off. Falsely Donna has lobbied every photos autographs between two and 338. He doesn't take a photo with a three. As the American Airlines Arena good from. 10 AM to 6 PM. That's what he's zealous like Kevin Durant is not gonna play tonight. Questionable. For. Golden State so acronym. I don't know Portland got a bills gazillion points from the back court last game it wasn't enough. I don't think so not home I'm home on the and in some rest when you against morass and see what happens there Tom. More cards. O'Reilly go to O'Reilly current more of these there's more and wait don't miss you back in the car damn you LeBron. It's not. Side one justice Winslow side to six draft picks from Boston into the hooker. One now. The senate hears there's room. Through stats don't lie back trade Winslow. But there's a lot of those as here. Oh boy. Cy de Waite county so I'd be back. Snapper. And then it's not them who they talk about two lane were were pat. I got beat to me. And then standing but he isn't well recently. Signed one team first you're last side to stay blacked. Very and it's really. Do we have a favorite right now. Tom I usually lets you pick. And and that's usually disastrous. That's there that usually leads to Rinker unrest the gnashing of teeth. We don't wanna union and LA turns one as pretty good and that's pretty good. The thanks. And still it's pretty good you believe you think that's gonna give you Big Ten forward. Let's answer it. Fresh. This. He once I would say guts the other side with say parade down Biscayne boulevard. Some. Well what are some of these. Front godfather back smiling faces hidden agendas. Michael on the front Beasley on the bet. It's. That's. Michael reed business card that Mitt. Did you miss being ahead of the need to introduce supply so I'll pass a beat a myself to introduce it was right exactly yeah. And winning on one side misery. On the ground that's it and that's good that's that's a throwback he might have that card. Speak very possible he could yeah that one's. That's pretty good to have him what more people taken on the dolphins dolphins logo on Friday evening on the back. We really didn't talk about that press conference call today. Is that all right. Not so you know it'll still be there tomorrow then that's your course will be on it he its culture and I altered. And slow it you know I hate freedom and be easily and and I many tomorrow coming up next it sure they can and they're they're gonna handle it they're gonna get a heart. People are still some Indian high coups. When yeah I don't know why that has had staying power this mean neither I thought we are ridicule for that. Yeah there's. Yes sure we'd be did it pretty much for months. Side won in Riley we trust site true picture of all his rings on the table the when. Are Rome. No point. It's funny but I Q2 01. What do you have to lose. I. Tennis less aware and serious. Are front Jesus I use Eric Reilly wins. There you go there it's nobody's nobody's imitate my it and that's the wire written for me the I don't know why reopen. More intently defensively when the consumer. I always wonder if you would have mattered. That's me talking about it not the texture that's always wonder if that would have been enough to select him I doubt it. Rough. Side won the absolute truth sites through its waning threes than Wayne Ellington yes. All I'm seeing now I'd like this one really love this team back until something better. Until. I love that. That's really. I low density do you like down wanna we'd like an LA warm. And I like that at that this pet that is I gotta love listen I love this seems. On one side Edsel sold the data comes along that's pretty much what passes at the day you. See his serve and I'm reading between the lions couldn't miss is our guy you know that that so. Let's see here com. Side won there is nothing stronger for it seemed and a good leader site to thank you pat. A new. See year. Side one godfathers site to two assault. Can yeah a lot of godfather stuff and you're there but I I I liked the I love this team because that is sons soul do three at her press conference of his right yes Gary pats should just handed them out to man I love this team until something better comes along right. So Paul George. Morrison is Vanessa I'm right. Pretty swiftly tried and then just this love best about sit about you anyone anywhere you know right now James doesn't. Eight million you do a lot of stuff for us Lou now you can do it and in the end you do this summer. So elegant and. Other good news this is my house. Not wage needs. And this 12 side one missing the playoffs stinks side to at least you know Phil Jackson that's not an. Soccer field but it's an. Front side. During two day two dose that keys backside replace the most interest in men in the world gonna. Think peccadillos and soon will the world. Kind of could literally vacations of Michael Douglas goes to the you sort of drawn do you have an opinion that would Mickey he has been accused of the world. In his previous game gets locked themselves. Up. It doesn't accumulating lots of TV don't Alice that's an agreement in fruit because the minister didn't execute well. What's interesting Mahan and now resuming of coral gamers or things that they will sell a home. On the water in the gable slowly yeah he's not like you in the room. The knuckle walker and the no no no I'm not living in one bedroom near cocoa will know so is it really is a way. Yeah I I if I. I say I love this team until something better comes along that's less and less marble right. Now it's my vote. They should though they should get through go see the Pittsburgh Pirates without sterling market. Yeah that's right. The other student that eighty games or even unity from Martin's routing her you really regret it exists so why can't play in the playoffs. Can't plan that that's a big thing if it construed makes the playoffs they can't even plan. Right right yes yeah that that's exactly right if they make the playoffs he is not eligible for the playoffs right. So yes so I'm numb and dumb I wanna get the exact wording of the of the winners of this is the one that wins. On the front love this team on the back. Until something better comes. Forgive. This is a similar theme here this one on sight one on non interest in Wales side to. Watch out Carmelo here comes captain Ahab. And it's. Fairness. And literature reference don't get me a little emotional now will only get more of lately after the hike to thing week yeah. It's true all right so freed us up next he's got to both Manny and Adam Beasley sleeping cover both press conferences Torre and that's they should. A lot like this ms. Dixon is I give Baghdad a tickets I just want the Turkey. Let you know. Hey at the end not just the Marley did you crave jerky to move I will be at the arena it's more for heat culture day. So join us and me tomorrow join us appearing on that that would be great on the going to be out there will be out there from at 2 o'clock on. For he culture day from ten to six. Tomorrow on the have a great night.