4-20-17 Ethan & Perk Interview Udonis Haslem

Thursday, April 20th

Ethan & Perk interview UD at Heat Culture Day on a number of subjects including his current role on this team and what his skills would warrant on the free agent market.


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Look back on seven out of the dignity is installed it here with Chris Perkins we are out at American Airlines Arena for the first. Of perhaps an annual event heat culture day. Here on the steps of the AAA and we are joined by it we call you the grandfather of culture is that it's the big title for you. It's been a lot of different names thrown around OG grandfather coach who last summer. I don't I don't dispute it is bigger and bigger. That's that's Udonis Haslem many of them you like. They would OG again stick with the president as little skiing yeah it does those artistic ability he's coming up in the gun dealers would go to OG zero. You know got a lot of knowledge the do's and don't solos of and games actually go to. Four OGQ Brian grant maybe it's yeah I mean I was fortunate man we now look back on paper that I had opportunities and experiences and learn from me. Yes Ryan Grant. Definitely image onus off analytic you know when you talk about the opportunity to play we you know Steve Smith and secure those in the room. You know Gary pay. I mean this is Google holds a little here you know grows. As I can keep going on and on Shannon Anderson. You know have an opportunity bureaucracy lateness and on this many of apportioning take a little bit from each one of those. So when did you feel you made the transition. Sue somebody that was instead of looking. For that kind of advice to somebody who other guys are looking to to get that kind of nice this year. As you this year is no good thing even last year you know we had Joseph Johnson you know Lou you know guys like that you know so those guys were. You know Joe's is my knees you know blue still that's still open yeah. So I'm not. I. Got to see adversity a lot of the credit out of the bottom and I didn't. And went you know I just go. Eternity you know that to play together on my this year was literally nobody you know around my age so. You know those who think he understood what in Ellis fine it was fun. Ways that. You look around just around here and and measured your career and and say Mahan things attacks as we look at these condos in these that would you know when you your rookie year this this was a parking lot over here. And that there's still than maybe people you see in the arena security people or the way the third. Champions Alley wasn't there first there are things that you can measure your career looked around and go. I have been here's amid. The way he would dress. And number one the way we do witty guys just coming in locker room poses no way. You know that guys just when I first came in early in the way you know I jurist or anything like that. That's the biggest thing that I notice is this you know the fashion. Has changed you know as far as you know the city of Miami that look around and she'll do an instrument of policy. You know we would be in a terrorist situation you know when Kobe is through a note to receive you've got a car we were you detergent. Well I didn't realize that you cannot tell you if you do not trying to BL per hour and Jackson Hewitt at the GPS unit hello this sort of look at all those different things and things is gone. Higher things changes in you know. I assume that you know I think you know today's society you know Tomas and around town today today's youth the bill off fast food social news. So yeah I shifted kind of understand what is positive things about me things about. You know that'd be just instill the mean learned regardless of how times change that I don't know which tiny Udonis Haslem here down an American Airlines. Arena for the first heat culture day when did you feel like this team this year started to get it. Was it that eleven and thirty or was it earlier than that that they sort of understood the work that needs to be confident. I think it was a run out West Coast trip that we took. And I think we only won one game. Out of the troop we would end up winning at Sacramento. We went to. Lakers game and we lost. And we had a really really intense price to the next seeing guys get after each other and child actually spoke you know they're pretty soon. You know the first round she'd been vocal about things that. You know at that point and started to be included in new leadership I don't locals and anybody can still book it takes fluid. Because all we're gonna get this done is together and you know the thing was that that should the message from child who's that militiamen and we live in third. You know we don't we we have no clue you know obviously our way is not working so. We need to start listening. And be a more attentive and of conduct is listening. Which translates something that would doing the price of some things are we talking about turned it into you know production on the court. Beauty there's always this into you'll be in the guy of of wisdom who talks who the players. Company's individual one on one times do you meet which. A specific players throughout the season and how did you pick those buses I guess it's different with everybody if you choose talk to. Yeah I'm I'm out of MI an erection and everybody on several occasions and an assist to solve Bristol how are feeling you know it's a feeling. What thing about his you know are pretty much drew attention and see everything I notice a line you know appeared just the body language. You know a lot of different things like this sort of not feeling because little confused of forestry and doing. You know lose some of the confidential. Know might be some and that the into a best moment something that's resulted. You know us in the public takes up to. Reach out to a have to break this before purchase price of course when I was situation may be on the road in my going to do it again couple. So you know where Russian feel is not removed. The blueprint to you this I just figured out. You made the playoffs. What in all but three seasons since he's been a Miami as a right. I was mostly to a Altria could get one pair she hasn't allowed 20072008. And then 1415. Are out there but it was too OK I. Well they're tricky and I this'll be three now. Are you watching you watching Dwyane are you Bill Watson Watson I mean I'm not surprised you know. You know on jinx not that good you know the phones have been minimum and we've been Chicago. You do have more rings than you from from Miami. Like like local local guys and in any sport ever thought about this coming football the UN does. You must be the net the. And well I'll think nobody you know me is that as far as you know on concern gnome has been a history of the little Miami sports in my opinion. Is second to none. So I just. Put us all in the boxing you know throw saw in there and you have to shake a solo you know they selfless bush is sick you know when you combine that the success of he knows that the Marlins and you know even before the Kansas comparisons assistant. You know you talk Obama don't even though you know certainly to his long time ago. Still around would that I am. I don't if you don't don't don't stick waiting. View. You happy to what's going on data UN yeah you know really have a camera on the moderates on the bridge continue to do agree. No systemic what you see with a quarterback situation we'll be deliberate 'cause the what they like six guys compete for that spot they got a lot of guys who people are spotless record review due to do this information he has the right guy for the job. You know the talent is obviously there. You know we look forward to their flow statements of the game. You made it clear you wanna play you like keep playing how much longer and kind of what is the process. From this summer. I mean I just they really mean are you. I know Marbury in the gym working out. You know from the dome. I explained people you know when you get to this as your three you guys you got two choices you know either. You know you used to go on and you're in every good situation which. Your car and I took them probably have to sacrifice playing time because rebuilding in these young guys are gonna please get that experience. Tour go to a championship. Team moratinos contender and you might get me it's most likely gonna give me is good to go look for work ago it also brings to table. Look at all it does not only does my agent aluminum wheels are known as they did to us. Please save may have gone instantly going say. Jason Terry when you say. Jamal Crawford when you say Vince Carter and go to those cars are not rebuild and they're going forward right now. So you know have a choice you can reveal it was this is this is my home in this well wanna be and although bent upon that crosses. Good. I come in their prepare myself to play and you know if the situation room. Domestically after the race so you know hopefully this year and I can be a part of your good processors continue to have these guys broke. Com but also to push myself and wanted to be prepared to play if coach called my number here. More proud to be in the situation I have to be in another opportunity it's only going to be contenders not to be another good situation. Gals don't throw Vince Carter in their but I know UB and in this business forty so I didn't know not a not me and I still come visit them like us I mean you know look around Augusta all the guys who must situation that is a nobody thought rumor rebuild those guys are going forward. We understand that no I don't have a few more publicity train was so you're saying these things save enough but he. Things what was your ideal role next season. I mean I love the mixture should room we not Logan upon those guys and then to a ship I love watching those guys talk to a sort of drug load and upon the maturation. But at the same time you know markets to contributor and Boston awkwardness what you would be confused in thinking like hopefully I can't play. And you know god forbid had to go somewhere of the like damn I know he couldn't get. Yeah yeah. I'll just look like this for 36 is just there's a reason why it was a straight statement out that the way out of this because I work my ass off and if my numbers cause I can't contribute you know nowadays. Had a conversation Jason Kidd before Milwaukee game nowadays five points four rebounds did you sixty made sure I got a good bet it's. I thought 'cause I worry about that is BC sixty million dollars nowadays do you think I can do you pay me half to. So you can still play this game now be ready in one beer punished processing growth and if an issue he now stars from here and saw it right finish here. There's always messy business partner gets caught and so. So fewer working on it happens to it was that three almost went down. When man and right now we're gonna fly through for you that's one of the things people who like their minor league do. The next day Dunston. I highly doubt it says here he culture day nobody better to be an ambassador for the organization we appreciate you taking the time he did I appreciate you guys think. When we're attacked on seven and take.