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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, April 20th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Moral. That's a shame because it creates. So I went to holidays colony from minute works. Didn't play this company's biggest solar had breakfast this sorry area. Good Vanessa with disseminated tickets are will's weird. He doesn't check your mail anywhere else so there are beyond check your mail like I understand. We electronic bills now and you know everyone's emailing you video. Your regular snail mail and often but not to check I don't know how is that what happened was I ended up moving in here's our to restore just certain to catch up what I told Cooper moved up and basically removed. And odd moved to apartment complex. And there was an issue with the key for the male salute lamb has ascended to my panel Kara I gotta support Miller over I don't get mail everything I do as people listen everything is automated check my policy is paid every month I don't. Just me. It might have been a bill village you know they're emailing you or call and you. Obviously people pay bill. 90% of it is just like ads in junk mail. Magazines I don't want her ads are junket whatever. Literally nothing in the that I care about except red light tickets so I got a red light ticket Agassi no amber. And then I can pay for. And then he ER by generous to everything up until he's two MP four to the point that I had like three or four notices that might lakes is Wazir gets suspended invited to that relate to make us look I finally get the public and it'll. So I had to go to the court to this court today like Don lay on the Washington just over there and and my two personal I don't. I never saw this relenting searchable. Look at how. You just said recently ran the big Camilo your money I don't even check my mail only. Isn't there a better way to do this lake if they're not gonna pull you over and stop you get the whole we're what isn't there like can you go at least. Reached 2017 status some like he million even higher electronic filing down gasoline taxes which they can contact you because you're gonna cut a meat chicken by mail. They god knows what I think is gonna happen if vital look at this mail this week. I get my license is completed two weeks. I still figure the weird oh here though because you can go a couple of weeks may be without check your mail war and once mentally be in the mail much what do its own since you are a card. Opponent until Tex please pay actual car what have you responded but imitation of kids' birthdays are actually the most commonly I get is now I don't forget they hit it Hewitt school or they eve I didn't bill. I had no need for male or not think it was odd to cubs in the separate airline un building in front comes on the oval side anyone else anyone else either six eminence Edward do gut check your mail at all Robbie you check your mail right at least probably check your mail routing. There. Oh yeah that was ringing endorsement for male chicken and in every now and then but for months. Not enough celtics'. That's why it was excessive sort of moved in there was an issue with a mailbox I did release what do they knew there was nothing coming in I didn't care lake. Again my big what's your biggest thing Indian life like paying bills rise or the couple credit cards I have my my game instead PLO let's it's all automated you know. Everything is sound credit card bills auto pay every month a couple hundred bucks whatever it is so. It's what what's might need to check the mail and seal like you got penny saver and an and then like look at the two little old little Miami Beach magazine Boston. Coupons and their brightness and now I probably had two for one A bodega good stuff. Are 67074. And join Texas show Cooper Manso with disseminated ticket. One more thing on the Jose statue we will move on to promised that this is a text that you know I'm I'm tired of this one too. On somebody says they'd drop Joseph Paterno statue for indirect involvement we shouldn't Revere Jose. Or something clear and directly involved. Fair point but there's a huge difference don't you put Jose back category that is completely unfair even though. What he did was criminal and Denny probably would've served jail time for it. You can explain Jose he's. Staying in as a one time mistake I don't know and actually what's. But you could say in a lot of people have do you wise in their right back to work it right back to sports and right back to whatever the next week. Sometimes there really are. And you're not judge and they're not a problem because they were lucky in that and nobody did die. But Jose made a decision it was the wrong decision was a dangerous decision and ultimately took his life and two others. Posey on CB Joseph Paterno called Jose Paterno sleeper suspect easily with the Miami or Cuba tonight. Joseph Paterno. If he if you believe everything that's been reported and it's certainly seems like the truth. Joseph Paterno know willingly homered off. Sexual assaults on young people and did it for a long enough time. Denny could have been. Multiple generations. Of young people getting abuse so that's not to me a one time oops. You know I made a mistake it was costly it was but this is some saying that he knowingly did. And let it go from wait too long to the point were other victims could have been saved or not. No I look this is why I go back to original put on statues statutes to Mir are touchy subject in general I don't know why we're so obsessed with putting up statues for people there are very few people in this world deserve a statue. As we'll ask elders are closet we've all the things that we certainly have the base level you just mentioned perturbed or who say for the mistakes they made. About what they think there's a breeze about the mistake was losing of course we want to mystic with Jose who what are other time did he kill two other people. That's not missed only guy who is at stake is he's putting yourself in the position. And recklessly drive a boat while on cocaine and booze. To the point where you could take someone's life that's the part of having a hard time with morality and when junior like so it's okay if he got lucky and they didn't hit the rocks. And he still took the same risk and nobody died and it's okay their decisions not as bad it's a really did your doing today. It it is and it's that again is such a touchy subject and that's where it goes the Marlins had to have thought and examination tomorrow is really different Gloria because it's always lorries decision in this kind of stop and he's the owner should be. When Loria decided to do this and commissioned this this this scope or to make this ended his you know. To get it ordered succumbing to the ballpark. He needed to have Paula ball this and I don't think he thought too and I think if you would have to talk to groups like you mentioned you know you know mothers against those drivers drive any man even talked to the Marlins front office people and is at around limits in the Jeffrey this is not a good idea. But I do when your team in term of billionaire hand whatever you do which won't suffer headlines. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. Pat Riley spoke yesterday said he wasn't. Together thinks he can win by bringing back to free agents wells thinks he can win by adding a mid level free agent. A draft pick and then retaining James Johnson Dion Waiters and the others. Any said he doesn't give Bruce Lee and Fuzzy haired when it comes to that turnaround in the magical comeback he'd made because in the end no playoffs means. It's a disappointment it is a major disappointment because of the run they made to fall short bought big picture. I excel more as much as rosy competitor. Here's a man who in the pre season and going into the season said it was a total rebuild this was a rebuild year which was hard for him someone of his stature and supported his beliefs. And the hole hole from the heat and all things you hear about it's hard for him the say that any senate so the fact they finish they finished. I mean to me it was still a successful he sees it because you found that a lot about certain guys. You still made it fun you found a brand of basketball. That was fun to watch and more than anything Elliott validated held a coach that Erik Spoelstra is I think it's funny that in a non playoff season without really superstar players. Air sport sure validated himself more than he ever did in the Big Three or were people would always say why he's got a great players of course is a great coach. I expo event in show this year and and grow the talk about the yesterday what a great coach years. The other news from a local teams the Marlins off today but they lost last night ten to five. It's Seattle at Seattle ten if I was the score and Ichiro. Made it a memorable loss by going deep in the ninth inning in what might be is finally back in Seattle where he played for more than a decade. And Bobble head night free Ichiro in front of all those fans they actually gave the standing ovation cow's pretty cool it was a great moment in his set he can't script Ichiro for those you don't realize. One home run each of the last three seasons so that was his quota for the year to be instituted Seattle's perfect. Perfect timing and also and the Marlins go back to work tomorrow against San Diego on the road. And by over the Marlins are eight and seven game and halfback Washington so they're like the matinee is seven so we talked about a roller coop is if they just hang around have that type sees just hang around may give us a summer. While we wait for dolphins low weight free to make moves to her what the next step is this is all going to be. A process led the inner tennis at. And from the NBA last night Atlanta falls to Washington so the wiz. A different rescue players strides last hawks. So it was well I were watching that last he gave me in the media section while also having been hawks game and the nets bulls game on TV. That is so that's true rating that's so he's authored the hawks literally said oh screw wrecker worry about things where a player crap players. As did you get out of the it's swept every year the brother way. There on the way when and I wanna what was the score there also Golden State this was crazy gold Steve rest Kevin Durant. They beat Portland 11081. They wouldn't like twenty highs and frightening 29 without their best player guests one they're one B depending on how you look at him instead of curry. And I I think it's worth asking this question her lead guitar was saying they would if you took to rant and step off the court both of multi court. Used does Golden State win net series for drug agreement and cleats that broke pretty damn close I think it's not even a question like at this point. I think it's not even a question you can take steps curry. And you could take him to rent off the court and Golden State with. Wet with Thompson did drain Marlins. Iguodala and no more playing time for some of the other guys the role players to look so pretty damn competitive team. Are gonna win you win that series with a mean. There it still yet Damien Lou leather would be best player in the series. He's not alone Telemar great 12 punch but that's about it maybe not she dream would be investment in the series he still the best player in the series. Stuff Pachulia out there. You always have a chance of Julie Clark yeah I mean and I think we'll zoom in a terrified which was so. It's always leads to the questions that US in the Emmys as dramatic as the NBA season is it's it's almost it's funny how more often than not always watching a movie were you know the ending. You know it's it we all the week we complain about the cavs and their lack of defense in the whether they still got it in their struggle against the pacers in the warriors now direct her they were cut up you know at times there were lackadaisical this year even though they still won what 66 games whatever was. I think but we all see the inevitable that's gonna likely be the warriors a cast again and it would be the ultimate shocker of a war. Let's get that Riley seventy getting sidetracked so Riley yesterday spoke for 55 minutes and several ones you know. Going into dominion Neitzel no more zealous about two or does know that that's right it's a big speaking engagement and he says a lot of interesting stuff but one of the things I've got to get overlooked is a funny moment. Which. Took you inside the true feelings of pat Ryan. You know some of the truth comes out when you're not even trying so hard you just you being. Natural and I think that happens sometimes for people and have a few drinks right. Loosen you up a little bit well Pat Riley was just ripping yesterday and he wasn't talking about LeBron. But I thought this. Told you where things stand still. Years after LeBron left him in the dust bruised his ego content Riley took it very hard he admitted that. And Jiri is talking about Hassan Whiteside and how we can still improve to another level and take a close listen what happens. For us to be Golden State. Or the world champions. You know in Ohio. Or any other team that's gonna be ruled champion who we're gonna need to have a championship. Center. The team up in Ohio that reminds me you will avoid working in Ohio where they won't even say. Michigan you know like the rivalry runs so deep Jim Harbaugh won't call them Ohio State right Urban Meyer won't call that Michigan is just that team up north. Did TV nets stayed up north. And rivalries they do that all the time. Riley couldn't bring himself to say creepy blend or LeBron whose name he called the net Tebow and Ohio. Well it's two days either he did that or just she's getting showed his age seven to reach is completely without really rambling now sharks still eyebrows but it him sharply trust me I've citizen Intel's low pad before. There's ever waste of born Pat Riley exact when he speaks. He knows exactly what he's saying meaning he saw this it's not like he's saying something in the banking and it really wanna say that he is very very deliberate in his exact actions and words and clearly. It was a shock yeah. He's so measured and I he heard that right away thought wow. Here we are. -- we caught a no no no I don't think it's a bad day and let me get this McGee did district I think this is fantastic. And I love that he still. Up there we're all there still are bothered thanked the fans can relate. Look we talked earlier about Dwyane Wade and routing form be reform do not perform I do eighties to weigh in and be because I don't care but the bulls. But when he comes to the cavs I mean there's no. There's a line and additional like I'm glad you could cross over to nominate a root for the cat no no heat and once the cast to win a lesser with a counselor at all it's sucked as a heat fan. To think we'll see LeBron got his wish he went to Cleveland brought the championship it sucks. There's no way around that. That he met an Ohio. And so great read his column that from now on that he'd say I'm nineteen and Ohio tonight you know it was sort highlights in your note to see you guys do that throughout for the heat games to combat team in Ohio to Miramar if rose is that we can send exactly he's the boss. I we got some other funny sound actually this this one. Not as funny as the media thought it was. It's a trend it's a problem and we'll address it the classic old like a cancer this might. This might be the worst of all time we'll have to do it happened when it is teams practiced. And I wanna know the perpetrators can I think it's the worst we've. I'm tired at all. My cousin and. Flaring. And if you Wear a man accessory. I seen him before she I think god is great I don't lose its results available for seventy something years old seven to 72. Rock in a man bracelet how you guys feel about that. Checking I would maybe it's a fit bit that we need to get to the body has a -- that's who look fancy now here he's bright he's probably got the cash to afford a nice look and fit it. I I don't know though it looked to me more bracelet issue I think it was a man's sensory. Other romance answers. All right texture you weigh in specially Pat Riley where is right maybe Pat Riley does becomes cool he's got a guy. It's shoes no socks like I I never really thought that was going to be something in my wardrobe that I saw Riley do that so the next day or worse than us up to two coolest things where the no shows us since it is true that dress your. He tossed the best that that you guys the two men two legends that I looked up to when I got here and I got the job. And then I always there particularly moniker was nervous to talk to go that its athletes celebrities don't ever maybe ever so don't care they're just people in world people doesn't really matter. But these guys these particular guys number one was Ira first armored rally for some talk rally I just. Until myself I just didn't feel comfortable because I thought of the legacy in the career of the lakers and how it. All it's a showtime. And then Don Shula. Dodge too just meeting Don Shula was you know get a reduction was referring to so that a couple user until the server quick. I do cover of that with the we're invited to go very intimate setting Basie was the anniversary of one of the safe houses you know one of the Shula statehouses. And Chu was there. They don't read interview and afterward in a free state dinner right I get is lunch lunch free steak lunch they say stick around let's have lunch my photographers a huge stalled offense and he's like a cloud now we sit down and we have had lunch with dot Cilic is why people have a legend on the legend Daschle and this boy hum well in my career met. The coach many times but still it's Don Shula you know. So we're sitting there reading and they bring that desert. And coach says what are these. And the way he saw those those are sure gross coach truce music journalist. Ever had one of those and look at amateur signal. And I ice that would dodge who was teacher was the first time any loved them so at the end of the the fingers that sure was sitting there. Coach as well if you wanna and he's gonna I don't know I'm good I'm good and the typical older guy any good everybody's got to doesn't get it. Like a minute later he grabbed censure or eight RE eight loved agitated and does little of your journal who does what the future will Don Shula trouser Dutch who the first and nurture us. I don't know that there's my story bet your claim to fame right there. So you know that's pretty good story I like. I like to laugh in sports well I like to on the glass glass like the guy who don't like to be around somebody like Riley has moments Reese funny. Riley get out there yesterday told Shaq stories are pretty funny. He talked about a boiler maker he likes have a shot of beer with shot a bar of the beer with vodka and it bears are in Africa. Patrol render its boiler maker. Patrolled you drop patrolled in the beer credits coal boiler makers are Riley you know EC tells the story like that and looks to have us. And so you know that to be Warren some laughs yeah. Not that much laughter voted down a little bit to give extra pass that was one of us. That's often the case with athletes they give you something it's like a little funny. And so you want to do you knowledge as a media member and it was something funny you appreciated and you do a little path like we'll just have to. Yeah I see will do that before it's very very authentic yes he's not an actor try. Unfortunately sometimes the media takes it too far and that happened down McCain's spring practice. Was running back mark Walton stood by the way Beckett and anywhere disaster question even answered one that's funny. Apparently the media thought it was hilarious Lewis it's. It's. Why. They asked him if he wanted a break or if he didn't like the way the canes were using them and he said. I just don't like being the bead end that war to do this. But again you would think this was more wall nude standup. Nobody will I will look I we've all been in this position what do you remember you still think it's now funny. But the reality is this were all that position where US do in pet he got to really spirited guy who's talking and got to give your attention this person talking you were you don't want to miss anything to a times. And we've all been guilty of it maybe got that extreme we just staring at them and any little thing that they laughed that because he probably sick with a smirk or smile is gonna joking. You can hit. You get like a lot now as time goes on YouTube that you serve to recognize a cadets that with a funny. So it tends to be I noticed there are people that just have that filter that aegis goes. And the to start crack me up when it's well enough that they get media overlap if you just give us to formula that Betsy equation. For a media over last Jerry your steering your waiting your wait could. You can go to the villain viewing music. Okay that was funny there really wasn't that funny is just weird when when I'm doing his ideas I guess I'm removed. A look at remove member of the media I'm watching it after the fact on tape. Yeah and your morning Phil and you break down this media strategy was that hooked. It puts has got this one guy to right there's one guy and it's really overlapping here. Or maybe maybe that's the only lasts. Thought he was watching the Chappelle show like. That guy you'd have Doug where is he really funny that be frightening I be afraid of that guy who is the last year and we used to play gay men and the sports from back in the day was named that grunts like tennis players can you name their scrolling shoot out over a grunt again this year over grunt. Canadian men laughed. I don't think it's our guys here are holding its Frito Frito is an overlap for though Clinton got. There's no there's the free or left her for. She's the New Orleans we. It is not an overlap for his over reactor meaning his face all right you disagree this this early laughed. But he stays expands and and more since like Jim Carrey. I think it's long crazy none of them compare to the Cleveland media overlap anytime LeBron says anything doesn't have to make a joke LeBron can just say some thing it's just a little remotely funny in this happens I. That's classic media from Cleveland were butter and such and such so I've done before I don't want act like a perfect nights early overlap and I've done and I'll leave public you know that was frothy bit. There was that textures as he was there a four year old the mark Walton press conference where I lived a four year old laughing at the end after the a big overlap for let's listen again as her four year old there. The much bigger second left the second level we can we separate the young now with the FBI and guess you missed it it was a prudent to any pressure. What's going on there's stuff there is. Well done Robby that isn't that a young laugh. Yet that's not and it's not an old person's Lafley once you've seen some things you know laugh like that anymore. Yes the young left pressure beast is that guy Texas is a beast an overlap or. At what he's paying attention. You'll yet this journey is luck and I'll seriously funny and peaceful Latham and these are not listen because I was actually kind of funny and you do you react this is actually funny do you see the tweet did Tony Fiorentino your partner over at fox sports on reacted to him from heat fan now sued the Riley press conference happened and some heat fan of these names Brian and got the actual tweet here yet Bryant. I resent that question to Tony Fiorentino and I I thought this was so funny and there were made it. Was coaches reactions appearance you know gets this text tweet. Do you think Riley was take your shot Hassan Whiteside. Saying the sky is the limit. I think his limit is actually all the way up in space. Oh boy is a serious question. From a heat for it. Directed Tony cheered Tina I shot at a sob in the sky's the limit because it's only the sky you get it. Homeowners and yet not opens big east which is much higher there is Gary. If you didn't see your humor or just thought it was a serious tweet and he said. No. He agony of the exact tweet but he basically said a pair raise it no coach Riley thinks very highly of this culprits of the development. Do you think this guy is the limit our. This guy. And it's actually open space pace slowed and mood is the limit for that would be funny if we actually did. You like in an interview with the player. Deadpan. Our were remarked that way this guy was serious as he there was series we can you imagine if like your interviewing Erik Spoelstra and he says you know with Osama sky's the limit your woke. Coach coach and there's a space up there and just say I have us a sour face after I also the suburbs I misinterpret tweets. As I try to be lent you the same way try to do it don't need to do good guy doors I sometimes read it's we end and then. As I'm either answering or after ransom like you know what this person really wasn't that seriously must be Joseph a little bit and you later found out here outside Rouse is these are massacres. We need sarcasm font in Texas tried hard to find why why why isn't that a thing yet so there's smoke g.s for everything you can do winking him OG which I found is pretty effective. People like an LO wellbeing of attacks to show your Joseph heroes in the UK I don't tell too much I had a sell like three or four and that its he's you know twelve sack. Never funny. I know it takes is accusing Steve got to the overlap yeah but that's part of the show but that's the state that's part of the show many easy Ed McMahon of the show. Yeah that's an old reference Ahmed and I'm just didn't get set when you don't yeah you did yourself yep salute dinner so yes. You know. Actually say that now on people just think you talk and Marv Albert. Number Maher Roberts called what every their retirement a Jordan we going to be shut. Yes. That and were still dating ourselves that they don't want to put him I don't something Ari does Jerry get more modern organ temper. Kevin Harlan. Fred between the I was saying let's is little thing. Did you guys like between the united between the eyes deals like that thing I don't like that it's okay my book I want to get sterling gained of the day and I'm like. He just canned line. This is can you just have this conversation reporters that he loves Dora pretty. Or about refereeing in the audience yet and he's okay and he's easy to see but I think he's more of a caricature of himself he just kind of just screams alliance. Just text on a guys why stoppage space with Whiteside the outer rim of the Milky Way is actually is limit rule has one that's set to the next yeah tweet don't. Yeah I mean at no that's that's a funny comment right yeah. Thank you never Lawrence the over left and the little young person who's covering McCain's practice. Final thought on the overlap so. This is there isn't. Awkwardness always even to this day even after all the years you've been doing this in an interview athletes it in a staring at someone answering yeah. So intently that you're you don't you don't wanna ask a question and that's and that. Pay attention right. Sometimes we're tweeting out stop writing down stuff for typing stop as they say and the athlete coach we're risen those that you're doing your job. But the same time you wanna give him the level of respect you're least looking at them BI. Most of the answer right but there's an awkwardness in just a rendering issue with the use of those overlooked out there and it was just there are some of the guys out while they're giving you a one and some athletes and coaches really like to stare yes and then doing a little nod and being prepared for the Luke react. You mean you're making these noises you have to find a level of kind of comfort where you don't want to overdo it but this event you wanna pay attention to bolster we'll give you good eye contact he all right looks really good icons that's out on the big Tweeter some console like I'm looking I'm doing this a Mike and the rate the person to secure look I'm looking at Cooper all the data like rattle beginning of the week and a lookup let's focus I don't wanna be like a jerk come out looking Adam. Even though I'm sure he doesn't care Tom Brady about a interviewed him a Super Bowl media day and he does super intense eye contact. And it's argues he's from he's got his dreamy eyes. I'll customs all right banks are Beckham did his record a suburb the team. Beckham's parish in the eyes useless. You lost designs he'd make it it's not about that you know hit it like to think we're tougher men and now I use it some are not soccer housing mess up Manny stack gray hair. Vital center. Barbara we will check the clock don't do this stuff remember it is the best today. Best of them or charge on the following that is he could have hurt in the July from a commercial airlines arena he culture day he culture you know I saw the. Ashley street culture today. That set a united we beat ourselves on who shows there's they don't eat the the perks album by MLB partly cultured it and got I know that to sell and what. Close to 2% off T shirts things like that Udonis has is gonna be there. I'm assuming meeting greet with fans that is so be a good experience repay its again I'm not there at one last time I miss going to the arena I do that it. At times I look forward to the end of the season in the sense from it's a long grind that you don't even as a broadcaster use you know it's it's a lot of games in. You look forward to that piece of kind of a couple days awful week. But then when it does arrive observed the Caldera we don't like the table only if he's not basketball and until Halloween you know in the bad then all of sudden like crap this sucks you know. So you already start the message but the heat if you missed yesterday. About a it will mess so here was long without. And could receive competitive because he's got to go over to his responsibilities over to ABC six. How old are the same had Gjelten soon but now for a finish off this show. A Pat Riley yesterday meeting with the media address a lot of things Roderick call Riley this the master of seeing a lot. But saying very little. Yet. Being so we interest in just capturing the conversation. Who mentioned a couple times Riley spoke to media for 55 minutes. Which is a long time ago but the most post game press conferences are fine it's. Most end of season press conferences for you know coach. I GM are fifteen minutes in a pretty adult and each player and potential scenarios in the off season ended you know recap a little the season. Packets up there and speaks for most an hour. And everybody's captivated. And know what is leading the rebel was thinking gosh what easier to show up you know because it's Farrelly NB is. He always has an interest in big say even though when the big picture you really say much yesterday he's not gonna tell you the creation plan. You know he'd be he said he had maybe whale was the way to go but it doesn't indicate it well you know as a minute not gonna try to get a superstar. He tells the trades are possibility. But that doesn't mean he's gonna make trade. Does he loves justice and they wanna keep justice is not going anywhere but we all know that left opportunity can. For the benefit of the team in the franchise would actually trade. Amanda that Ahmad Ahmad same apparel is lying to you. But as a president you look at every scenario and he doesn't know what's gonna happen with free agency -- this know what's the matter with trademark is no snap with the you know he is free agents. So yea Isa her after an hour north palace that was interest in. Does it every time. They were last year apparently dropped out compensation is a former respect. For a player and there was talk about Dwyane Wade obviously in and out of course we all know what apple would win weight so he says something's been you never know what is actually planning team downside. And I still I will. I don't know the answer to this. And now that I delve into it you know and asked people behind the scenes of the heater because honestly to me it's the it's moved on its wholesome situation would win we we moved we moved on the tit. The latest Chicago. We love them easy dear we'd love him he's gonna have it's because statues earlier he's got a statue and they the American electorate he's gonna have. But hey this is Jersey the rafters he is the greatest player need history but he moved on the Chicago and both sides of the mid default that made you move on from that. But there's always going to be a sight of me just a part of me. I would never met this or should he. That inside. Pat Riley doesn't make a lot of mistakes like some personnel intentionally things may happen that don't goes way does he isn't out of control over any everything. The kings he has control of he really feels on I think part of them last year and it was ready to move on from going. And that's not an insult to Dwyane Dutch is mean. The Dwyane Wade era in Miami had to end at some point and when that air and then it was going to be rebuilt for the Miami Heat. More what more likely right. And this is what this you'll as a riddle Riley admitted as much. Happy indeed. Riley wasn't so torn between leaving that I think. He knew it needed to happen at some point. And last year was kind of that point were needed to happen. And it it it sounds like that the two year forty million dollar offer that he gave to doing weight after they lost summit Kevin Durant was sort of the PRC face off for that apparently due to outside knew that we was not gonna take that deal. And he was prepared to move on. You know it's it's an issue poorly in any could be true I don't I don't know why it's hard to say if I know that he would welcome back with the team he made that offer they would they would of had to build that team still around Dwyane. But I there is something that we also know is that Arab into the market and he knew that there were polity teams like Denver Milwaukee or in this case to Chicago. I was gonna try to free up money and have money to get him and those of the team member of the twin was talking to. The way it worked out I might look back on this you know now and they're ready in Cooper's talk earlier about you know do you root for Dwyane. I think big picture as much as it's Stalin and it's still stings to seed Wayne in another uniform and not be and he uniform. But mostly back and now thank you I'm glad it happened it was the right thing to happen now while we missed some. And and he was a great player his legacy will never ever be questioned Miami. At some point you had to move on Wayne's still wanted to play policy wasn't the retirement nor should he could still play the game. But he at some point needed to move on and rebuild because the one thing you do know is that this year under Dwyane. Chances are you what you don't have a deal on. You don't you probably don't developer James you don't have Gordon be the main guy and has signed. Probably doesn't have all the focus on him as well in key stretches he would've been all about Dwayne which for thirteen years it was and you had a lot of success. You could still had Dion Waiters is Dion Waiters was with the exemption his contract decision accounting you know I'm a blessing how of them I mean use in the way you had them you know they eat it just wasn't gonna happen beat that. Dwayne was what does it take shots into it was only if you could have as a six man. Kind of guy sure but he wouldn't have developed what he did because let's face it by mid season when he got rod deal was your best player. Loyalty would the only place 46 games this year there was little little trauma when we played sixty so one biggest thing could happen that was a positive but people say they want to work together. But it could have British insurance for each other if one guy goes down you have the other guy. I just don't know competence why is it having to win there would have been good for Dion I think Dion came here almost knowing hey I gotta replace. Remember the deal being kind of came together quickly any OK dog teams were pass an album people work out again the a's 24 year old with time. But all the town the world's foremost fourth overall pick in the draft. Nobody seemed to want. Because all he showed the NBA was being a guy that was gonna shoot the ball odd that a lot of wild shots the many not be that ultimate team guy. He gets here he gets the opportunity to ways longer here he became the ultimate team guy. And now it's a guy that you're talking about in the beginning of the season you don't want that he would talk to most but he'd. Man I think we can be OK I think rubio or but Manhattan Dion Waiters my god this guy she's gonna chalk shots in the east not good in. He's he's just a wild player and even early when he was shot in the shots early in the season you'd see it on Twitter and he would say on the streets or quit wow man. You look Arab oil when it was would this deal waiters. By the middle of season ever was again you gotta keep Dion embody the season it's like he's a most of form player you would've made the playoffs if you were to stay healthy. So it's crazy the way the narrative changed by any big picture when you look at it. Looking back from pat rallies discovers last year where he talked about winning study asserted going. To now Boeing's been gone. Happy it worked out for the heat in a happy worker from Dwayne in twins got his money. You know he's gonna likely opt in to that point three million next year what would need is team is in the playoffs up to well he came back from elbow injury scored twice to the other night it's a big shots. If you may be keeps playing well on the Playhouse in the city make it to the Eastern Conference finals in Dwyane Wade play as well then there's a chance he opts out maybe you walk the 23 million packet once season but maybe get a tackle for multiple years maybe three years of 43 years a fifty something million. Have to have happened had exhibit cash in their money I think it probably is what I plays one of playoff security has if he has that kind of performance either the other night and the bulls make a raw and into the second round even at least files will simply start to finish Celtics which even up to always not easy I expect Boston to bounce back and play better in that series. No I'm not sure they can win for the next five especially now going to Chicago. The bottom line heat season was I thought. Pretty darn good were rebuild. Riley says yesterday still decent pissed off a miniature you still mad you make the playoffs they every heat and genuinely was mad at the end. Because it was so close he played so well and yet he didn't make it. Now we see with the dew in the offseason meanwhile quick note dolphins schedule for those that care. We already know the teams are playing but the schedule comes out today seal get to know exactly when they're playing tomorrow. On this show I assume liked them the foremost Tobin LeRoy a piece of myself order to the cheesy way too early game by game win loss win loss per prediction. You only know what with a dot. Surprised to save saying nine and seven to see it's it's pretty normal for most years but nevertheless she was the big step up so I think it's a good excited about I will listen on the drive to work tomorrow. No we listened you guys may post terrible predictions. And LeRoy analyzing we seven in multiple or whatever games. Giving us the breakdown at some agility as. And makes a big difference played buffalo it's a timber is playing buffalo and his in December solar thanks for being the only one actually the lone person who did not attend accompanied little get together today. Someone had to be your Petitgout Pueblo was you thanks soliciting the best dance next.