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Thursday, May 18th

Josh Friedman slide from the co-host chair to the host chair as Ethan is out but Chris is back! The familiar beat-writing duo react to the thrashing of the Celtics at the hands of the Cavs, and then extrapolate this to the overall quality of the playoffs. The guys then talk to Walt Aikens about a number of subjects including; foods he absolutely won’t eat, who’s the best the fisherman on the fins? What sort of Welcome to the NFL moments do they the vet have planned for the rookies? The show switches gears to ALL NBA teams’ announcements and the lack transparency of the media member who vote on them as some borderline crazy votes are revealed. Friedo and Perk then switch gears again as Friedo poses the question of if you could be a fly on the wall at any sports moment in history which would it be? The answers take a majority of the next hour of the show, the rest is spent on the seemingly forgone conclusion of Cavs-Warriors Matchup and how if the cavs have an even better Lebron does that give them an even better chance of repeating.


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Mean you try everybody will be getting the feeling inside everybody rebuttal. Florida it doesn't sound like even as good reason I'm not that I have been freed earlier fill in for either alongside Chris Perkins perk and I will. Take you until just before 7 o'clock. And what that game last night Kirk another source said it was a thirteen point difference flood with Cleveland winning. Over Boston 1171 all for it wasn't that closely through the score is not indicative of just how dominant. The cavs were over the Celtics. Thousand but taken just from the opening quarter all the way through an absolute but it didn't. We knew we knew that Cleveland was the better team but I didn't expect a game like that like the right out of the data no Boston it. I just played a long series and Cleveland was well rested and blah blah blah but. The game is in Boston you have to make a better showing the net Credo knowledge you know what he. You know people say. You know two or should the cavs have been worried that in a home court now it took him one game to real core right right. And then LeBron was was his usual dominant self for an end. Yeah it was it was first quarter points right game set match right exact eleven or April exactly I don't I don't know really what Boston and duty get backed into that well. Get back to him or not out of the series. Pretty much. They're not out but I don't know they can do Winfrey on a no Boston has really good ball movement that's one of things that that they rely on to score but right. They just don't seem like they're going to be a an effective match just on the court match up physically. Or months analyzed like. Cleveland to Amy with a mindset were taken listening to Wear and there's nothing you all can do we take in this thing. I don't know what Boston didn't do physically or mentally blossoms are corny or clear rules are Tony to with a half Cleveland came in and punch him in the mouth. Yeah Boston never copper yeah I think that this I think it's going to be a short series wanting to go six or be shocked. To 200 beside a seven is just not a question just absolutely out of the question let's let's let's robbery right right exactly a Muslim Rondo does show up for the next five games GM is they have not Bowen seventh but yeah I would expect court Bob I think Boston wins eight game. But boy you ask me which 1 I I am hard pressed the buy new Rio de it will be game three may be they sneak up on them in game Su but I don't think Cleveland's lead in the series get even though either. They're runaway of years ago wonder when the knicks came and played I think was the knicks were Tyson Chandler were. You don't mix for a while put up doused two but I think it was the knicks were playing heat in a playoff series the Big Three was here. And Chandler came in with the flu goes also to those who question the whole day would he play woody play video players hugged each other before the game. And I was saying. If I'm Tyson Chandler I go to the Big Three one of the time and hug these guys essentially just to say hi and read all over in my game three that we too sick the play that's. That's exactly it. Exactly hey you gotta try some because. I saw somebody just sex and text in Boston doesn't look like they believe they can be Cleveland which is planning. I think that's and that's kind of one of the big things I've picked up from last night is that. Look Cleveland had been taken their butts all season right wasn't hurt their last regular series would rush and bluster yet won fourteen to 91 I believe was the final score Russell you're right absolutely crushed them. And it seemed like this carried over. Boston's got a buying some pins that they can do actively freedom. And we'll talk about this you know after the headlines everything but their you know there's ways perk. The Boston or the Cleveland can get even better which is real disconcerting. If you're Celtics them before get to that their headlines let's go to here's the thing. I feel like I'm an enabler perk gavel of our ball I saw the headlines today ME SPN dot com wants three billion dollars per shoe deal when he sees no need to market to women. He says one outrageous thing after another and guess what are the idiot talk show host that keeps talking about him. And that's forty wants the more press he gets the better for him the better for sun they still haven't sold. Bomb a ton of shoes are here are read here that they've sold for 500 pairs of those shoes that were five cornered hours of not nearly the projected sales. But here's Lavar ball making one outrageous statement after other. You don't what we shouldn't ignore him we meaning me too and I don't I keep doing the same these things I want the guy on one hand. He's interest thing for me to talk about on the other hand I just if I could pick anybody in sports I didn't semi show. Well we eager to go to cure secede just shot off it would be Lavar ball so I can't have it both ways. Any and I want to both ways. I wanted to go away but he is just fodder for what I wanna talk about I react I'm doing exactly what they should be doing. What exactly. What I I wanna do ya wanna do because I just find his statements all rages I feel like I have to comment on it and handle other talk shows across the country as well. We are definitely enablers and that's that thing has brought you buy out before Lauderdale when Audi Coral Springs the best selections. And the lowest prices in South Florida Tony coral are allowed to Coral Springs and orders perk with headlines. Boom you're listening to us 790 the ticket and every 1043. HD do what. WA XY AM South Miami and W Passat fast pandemic H. Miramar here's what's trending now from a concierge for business headlines desk ET no problem that a thousand what's concierge. Homeless concierge men's dot com. Miami Marlins open a four game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodger Stadium at ten tonight. The Marlins who were in last place in the NL east eleven games behind Washington have lost eight of their last nine. The all NBA team is how the first team includes James Harden Russell Westbrook LeBron James why Leonard and Anthony Davis. Miami Heat sooner Hassan Whiteside did not make the first second or third team. NBA playoffs take a night off tonight Cleveland is at Boston tomorrow for game 2 of their Eastern Conference final series the cavs lead 10. Those are your headlines. It's and you look at the score perk L 1710. For Cleveland as I said Cleveland can get better just a couple of things. To pick out of of last night's game Cleveland from beyond the arc just eleven for 31 they can do better than that. Carry your Irving. You know what he do up until last night just eleven points for eleven from the field. And the bench per Cleveland did not think they scored fourteen points. Out of a 117 they score there's room for improvement which will be real disconcerting. If your boss one liner or beast the Celtics fans in the house to be true. Let's admit mistakes we get Credo sports is full of knee jerking if Boston wins the next one convincingly. You guys looked danger zooms you probably felt the same way when the tales were down 31 in the finals. SA MH the cavs down 31 of the finals for team that won 73. Game set a record yes I think Barkley was out of it. If the Celtics managed to win one and even up the series no I'm still saying that series. Is not gonna go we are by Britain's oil in my visits I think it's just a short series lead Boston. Head hasn't had control of their games against Cleveland they've. Why you have to go back and look at a pink is is it may be the last five that they lost to a murderer drew some and something along those lines they've. They've they've not done well against Cleveland recently and I don't think they have the confidence. To think that they have it in them somewhere to beat these guys. In a best of seven or even take hit some seven games. Even if even the Boston comes out and and wins convincingly tomorrow and it it say they win by fifteen or something like that. They're still going into Cleveland for games three and four and I'm not. It in Boston in those days no audio book Isiah Thomas senate he started seven for nineteen he was either one of seven or old seven. You know two to begin the game you just can't have that an and he needs help I mean. Yeah port pay out more fertile forum eleven you know he didn't have any help at all. From from the other guys in just. You know bush helping Eric Kelly a Winnick no one expecting Kelly wanted to do anything close to the 26. You know points he scored its overall two points yesterday I mean whose gonna help Isiah Thomas tolerate now. And you had Brad Stevens say he might entertain the thought of having to double team it it's like pick your poison. Yeah to be double teams LeBron all find new willbros agree distributor you know what conclusion can get it to another guy carrier Irving don't expect him. You have just an eleven point game again and looking cabin up in all time playoff high for himself. You know he was very good I think five or seven from from three point range a super coral. Boston has to get 101 of these other guys right Avery Bradley and in. And then the game seven with a with a huge spurs have led you know yes O live make one of these guys has to do something else more per liked. Any album my but just one of them. Or per one game he stood really find his rhythm and be able to carry the team. For stretches win when they're double team and Isaiah imports of the ball out of his hands somebody else has to prove that all right I I can tear this team. Or 68 minute stretches that aren't as if I'm Cleveland finding out mom gonna force Isiah to you know. Take I'm not gonna let Isiah beaten. I'm not gonna let him be me and also someone says on the text machine Coral Springs arm on the tax line. So there goes six you're wrong correct area that's a way that's yeah I was sick some rock I'd be surprised if it went six games yeah. Yeah yeah I don't I don't I just don't see. You know Boston winning too you know two games in the series has to force and I just don't see that I'd. It's just it's a talent thing clean was not much more terror now Boston. You know that they could sides say Gordon Hayward I mean you know you talk to pay him more to stay there what they could sign him of course the Stevens connection would Boller. They have the number one pick in the draft would be there and take a T your take a player or are trading emperor who are wants to. You know pay up for that so there's a lot of currency they have to spend in this offseason and get even better the thing is. I heard something today perk. Play I was bigger player were still wanna come to the east if the money's equal everything else is equal. Because they figure the road to the finals might be easier because really there's just won a weak team in the east don't Boston fans but that's just the way it is. Wearers there are more. Quality quality teams in the west but now I you know I read somewhere someone Roy I Ira a lot of articles that camera which one was saying. Players don't want economies they just don't wanna have to deal with the juggernaut that's that is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boy I'd I don't know about that I've been players go where the money in the opportunity our end. Suited to try to figure out well LeBron is here and and staff courteous here and these other players know these things can change in a year and a half for two years pretty quickly pretty drastically. So tilted to pick based on day. Old may be comes into play but I I still think gives its money and opportunity your you know your one and two factors. I'm probably by far. A no it's just. You look at the. Series I know Washington Boston won seven but really it's just been. A boring playoffs not really competitive playoffs. Some oppose a question me the other day. They give the playoffs so everybody is waiting for again the third time mineral ore were rocked the cavs meet the warriors right and so said. Would you watch a two hour movie. That you knew was bad if you the last five or ten minutes was gonna be core. And that's kind of what this feels like we we think the finals is gonna be great and much more competitive than the games leading up to a daily you know you look at the spurs. We we don't know quite Leonard gonna play on Saturday that's gained three almost pops said cobbled he's go he's questionable that's five days in advance but. I do without quite a letter they have no shot at all whip I think you're gonna make a pretty competitive series and their April there were 23 points when he went out of the game in the third quarter. Yeah hey is it look like it was it had a chance to be a competitive series as you say without. Why they've they don't have much of a shot they they really don't end. Popovich knows that it anybody watches the NBA knows that I won't say that it's impossible by. Your chances are sold greatly diminished without a wide and even with Hawaii. The spurs wanted to win that series they they just more you know you of or it's taking game one though gold seen him a shot. You get much shock yes you get much shot Portland Boston has. Yes definitely more than Boston has but I I just don't think that. Golden State blew the way that they play is. It's horror to it's hard to match him in San Antonio would be and has been in the spot against Golden State where you've got to make your bigs pay off. You've got to be on the plate through this all and end LaMarcus Aldridge and really punish these guys and that's not what happen and in. In fact we're seeing. LaMarcus Aldridge. Being handled and pushed off his spot. By a combination of of Pachulia. And JaVale McGee and David West and dated it's not just three month given him that look. This is given the market's huge problem so you've. You got a lot of teams a lot of layers of up at lead and then say an offense and all that to deal with against Golden State if I thought Aldridge and assault could. Could be. I guess play better role bigger roles more consistently. I guess San Antonio more of a chance but. You're down Tony Clark heard you heard you were downright why Michael why probably isn't going to be a 100% now anything close to it for the rest rest the series so. Good luck San Antonio. And local Eleanor good luck summer break Blake. Speed bump. Are we come back the dolphins have a big weekend this weekend perk it is it's a golfing tournament fishing tournament right now. And a talk about that Doug Dalton safety Walt eakins is gonna join us here next on seven and this at. Don't miss South Florida top restaurants and chefs at the 2017. Orange Bowl food and wine celebration. And don't miss one of the official judges. Least that's tomorrow right at the Broward County convention center. Tickets are as low as 95 dollars and proceeds benefit make a wish Special Olympics and the oracle leadership academy. Sample food for more than thirty of South Florida's top chefs and restaurants use the promo code ticket. And save ten dollars on each purchase your tickets today at Orange Bowl dot board had. How did these get this is why wasn't I attributed this. I don't I don't know man I. I hope these does a good job that's all I say I know he's gonna have a he's got a layup particular leaders in the and I heard among his entire Al McConnell rim today. Really into inside McConnell anti guacamole Camellia out the judge of food contest live that's. Basic as basic food like ability right does this of the liver and onions this is album cuddle while the most. Guys and you know what I mean he had the surgery like I did a little bit different type. If you looks at food now he gets cool. Yeah you know what CNET strike attentiveness by the teaspoon I don't think right how many dish is can he actually tastes like they hacked yet the bad and yeah he's amazing yet. We are we have to rethink this whole thing would be stoned I wanna get in this site IS server have lost a lot of racquet you little more he that I would I would really enjoy this that this seems like. Up plum assignment. This really does yeah well look at it. Anybody who's and it don't prepare guacamole for beast that nothing with guacamole or if not all not right yeah yeah do you have like up McConnell sue right you. Have just sliced avocado he could have guacamole and all condos no limit for beast is there are some thing the U absolutely you've never tried that you never will yeah it's just. Out of the realm possibility that you'll try you'll take Haggis. What's that way there's there's there's the Agassi is like look at the Scots staying within the X sheep's stomach in a hook like a lot of having it's a lot of but innards. This letter yeah it's that the death on earth that's it I don't I'm not a big man organ meats but pretty much anything else Ali. Galliano will we talk consoles I told you can pitch I decide yes yes there too ugly I just never will they try and went amok and whiskers and everything as you don't eat the whiskers or is this is an ugly fit and not enough. Who do you side it's ace do. It's a school. So yeah you know mode Trish is in ugly looking fish but it it tastes delicious I'm more of a shelf pitch guy shrimp things like that you know. I'll tell you perhaps a I I love shellfish I love Graham about love gravel lot more than lobster meat too but man I gotta tell you free go I do badly. When you have to cooked. And Daniel cook in the mind. Even even in muscles and and oysters and you know definitely lobster and and and cram about think about that what a terrible way to go man that they taste great but didn't eat how'd you like to go into. Pot of boiling water. Yeah I rule continue this size in just a second here for joining us right now is Dalton safety wall vacancy joins us right now he Orion fuel. And downstairs convenient source guest line they're truly steps beyond convenient Walt thanks for taking the time to join us. Are no problem or hurt him any Walt I I'm sure you love. Graham and and and and loves her do you ever feel bad about us there Boyle a lot of feel bad about let her know. A man are they got to bush split second and I think you know despite the night I still dividends cocktail sausages are nearly I was a little bit of letter let's talk about there. Just talking is there anything you never tried that you just never will for whatever reason has to grow cedes you're never gonna. Ever take a sample of the. That I release are relies traveled there must look I'm a social. I try to at least. You know get around the trade and E*Trade is something new every year like a year ago I tried it cargo flirt I've always heard about it. Anyway that bad actually like those little light hearted thing. It looks a lot worse than its face right there you're your idea I've still got a long ever try to. All of our target coconut RJ they're coconut Ozzie don't really dumb that I am not a coconut and it is not a motivator treated in the labor is there or the kid I didn't want to record when you guys went up to buffalo I was going around the locker room asking. Who could eat the most wings a one sitting outside it was the consensus but your opinion who go around that locker room visually. Who's getting the most. Bearing Jordan through that yeah. Your fellow might trigger Erica at the tour at as do it that's good so low ball yeah you're here to talk about beyond Miami Dolphins hum. Bound Jason and in the dunes weekend golf tournament now don't tell the people this. Those those. The Miami Dolphins up foundation and unknown may nineteenth and twentieth there's been a host the 21 annual bins weekend. The orange rays are gonna benefit city year Miami the events start on Friday that's tomorrow we may nineteenth with the team's weekend golf tournament and Miami Beach golf clubs followed by begins Friday night party present about South Florida. Up poured in hook and tackle on Saturday the fishermen take the water for the billions weekend fishing tournament. The way in present a budget motor South Florida and billions weekend champion celebration at Rican soccer marina if you want more information. Go to the ends week DN dot com. Woke up all the best fishermen out there on the team and I know some of the golfers I know the ticker isn't and John Denney in the punters be there golfers. Especially on that team. You say so myself. Let you have. Else's right. And I it's good bad how are really and we've got to get a boat and will put it up all board. One under other prison melody. And deletion list any popularity so our way it is I believe again markers on the boat. I got a look at it undecided voter would school. But I mean I was proud of myself but I am desperately now well we have a lot of people out there now there's there's good air realtors and the like Nate Allen who's very busy. But these are certainly is always in the usually goes out there. What's than it's ever caught how much it would it would. We and so on alert here there it better and he's a great tool but in your lifetime you you if any time you finished. Our fate as those shelters there's I don't know how much away we can't get the win a split. Just very don't look through the bigotry is I've ever seen in person or Karl Marcelo. Now as truly the one that got away. Erica that has slipped Malta until we got some of the rookies who do you know do you know many of them by site I mean I know you know who they are. But did did did you just like walk around all right that's Charles airs escort rates angers me that's that's a rate plummet no do you know my face yet. You are right now we're still didn't know a lot of but remote part of oak tree in my the majority of them. And and another they've been around. Slocum who eat out so where where are getting Maclean it. And they seem to be a pretty personable group like ass CI does seem to have a lot of personality Charles Harris who also irons out the US gun of the the purse personality wise who stands out to you and why. A lot of people around a motor car trying to portray accurately. These as a planet blue man he's he's a crude moved. And coming either admired or right now bought out there and ask you questions have been doing what we need to do. But in the locker room he like it's so would so I mean eastern right here. If you were gonna joke around these guys off the field. Would be Europe welcomed the NFL moment for them. Well we appreciate. Welcome good area so mall. They are prone to error some or do something Smith immortal do work you don't want to easing again so it. It would measure say they keep our candidate George. You know who get candy and a mural which. Leiter should take break Tunisian bankrupt aren't they cute there so you gotta make sure you have our favorite candies in the. And she heard your Nadia or like we go out to the dinner with rookies and also an all look at the very end all the investors leave only the rookies of paperwork. Bellowed go bad bad that would rather have a good. And I mean we just enjoyed each other companies Lou we don't daughter does Satan years. Count elections. Do get to know each other and have a good job. What do you are you playing in the golf tournament tomorrow. Not not everybody can remember or Richard don't get updates what's what was your golf game like to muscle you had to turn theory I can't remember what a lot of Dalton's desert challenge golf tournament not try walking around you you have a boat got there were no. Pay no more per problem actually go from the old real golf course the booklet. I have made upload yuck how much of tiger loose so. Yeah. I feel like I can improve my game but I away and let a word Tuesday. What are you like to do their and other stitching is that you play golf for the first time what athletically you do. Away from the gridiron. May everything basketball or any sport threat. Soccer we'll get it can we even played have all week. Allude part of our lives today we ran and play have bothered that the sum game like you've got to keep moving toward Detroit red. Now aren't you look who is a good hymn book about how wash that in the Olympics and I think there's a lot of American athletes. Basketball and football players who probably be good it at hand ball were you any good that it was okay yeah. I'll demand and so you're gonna. Let. Anabolic is another way we can get these other athletic ability like. They're the big guy to actually move around a jump ball they've. Those great sushi like everybody hating you have a look all he did a certain amount of status employee plan and then who's really tried to treat. Lagged wall they can join the safety for the dolphins now we see you all you guys on the football field but in terms of all around athletes. Pick any spore you want who's getting picked first on the team more more than any other. Our. What we do mobilize so. When we're bigger game is archaic part of dollars and in the top straight. Do you dollars in revenue dropped juicy had a nice little guy. The act you see that I could I please see that again. You know the dolphins are having their. Tens weekend this weekend they've got a golf tournament tomorrow out of Miami Beach golf club are not all you road they also have the begins Friday night party. That's that marine stadium there written bunker causeway tomorrow evening and then on Saturday is depends weekend pitching turn a minute written barker marina. And know what how many of these have you done you've you've done it every years and you've been here right the fish. Yes sure every year outbound trumpet. Yeah yeah nice and and so what what do you like most of us about the fishing yellow color of their early now you're out there at 6:30 in the morning. Yeah yeah we're out careful about eight hours and it could give us chances to get in the lot Martha could not get it just goes top right so we will get to chill on the boat. Enjoyed this size is different lag by the water. And I mean as school is from my experience. And if you haven't done and I are suggest you do so. Because army is nothing like getting another market play out. Vision with a mortal blow to get to talk about everything. In the music. Should be if you don't distribution deal we already. The F yet no joke. You know Jo Walters this. I know were shot I'll do look at freighter order right now I get beat because you don't. Call another no wonder he got several out of forget there are battered off. Rated one thing our Walter is is this offseason is unfolded. Free agency the director and everything how closely do you pay and the dolphins resigning on of their own free agents. How closely do you pay attention to what the team is done to improve the club during the off season. Our pocket at this resort. I felt like when we edit from some key pieces to detain. To pick up to the mega level you know actually. We did pretty good this year with regard to your bed and and doing it better. Are coated select the right people and make right choices. To make sure our team does so. Ball died and I know you guys have met burger run in the defense there have been stills of the former defense coordinator now that he would go to Denver. How well do you know met Merck again no we worked with the linebackers mostly last year what do you think are going to be differences in the deep into whether obvious or subtle. I know Matt Berger William Elliott they're personable person. And I would alternate the DB in July last year even had allowed back goes. And the factories would be coordinated now he it is I mean it doesn't really seem different you know. Go to Byrd who are very close and they came from a strange game so I mean wouldn't we just try to pick up where we left off and then go to Byrd added that is. We've just been updated in cured now. There Walt thanks for taking time to come out of us today we appreciate it. Yes sir no problem girlfriend do I and I smoked that was dolphins safety while they can when Kirk and I come back here and I've read on here filling in upper eaten today. The all NBA teams came out to be the two teams 12 and three there's a couple of shocking things on there that we'll talk about next rate here in the sick. Aides who got no C. The NBA is on the ticket every game of the conference finals in the finals keeping your from the NBA post season on your home for the Miami Heat. Did the NBA AM 790 NFL moral core 38 feet to the ticket. He's been out today Credo here filling in for him along side her care we will take you until just before 7 o'clock Greg likens. Sits in for me you'll take you from seven to ten. Per plastic tab. 1117104. Over the Celtics today the NBA all NBA teams came out the top three teams first second third team. It's more surprising I guess these votes are transparent square basketball writers vote on these I don't think their votes are made public. And perk to people voted what will Brian Russell Westbrook each got. A second please vote for the first team all NBA. How how is that possible if the votes were transparent. Nobody I think would have the stones to do that publicly. That's rough. The I don't add Mike how do you how those guys goes second team in anybody's mind. Why would you put on in front of him. You know I. Don't I guess maybe you could do Harden Seth Curry. And in Key West brook on on second team right about how do you first all Brian never deserves to get anything that a person in Korea forty turning Westbrook is reported to triple doubles I not want from the right. I did you put known for Siemens so LeBron that's probably the best guy I've that's why I think the need they should be. Trains carrying a sometimes for the baseball team you get these people we've all these obvious first ballot hall pay all time greats but now starting this year. The votes are admitted transparent you know you did do do it you're gonna see who did who. Meet and greet his vote either by omission or commission and and you know you're not seeing in this hall and be able no it's just ashamed it. Now. It's a shame you have that kind of Haiti this right now are at. I can't say that that the term that I wanna use it'd stick cal don't early it would get like can't have this going and really coz seriously that. If you okay if you don't put Anthony Davis on the first team. Even. I can even call why limit has to be on the first team doesn't mean I know he looked company and many delicacy named first team on 96 of 100 yes I mean like. Yeah I think I think is second best player in the only because I think what kind of defense of course correct correct. It's meant to force spots on that team should have been obvious correct yeah however the auto first team by the way James Harden knows rise there up LeBron. Westbrook coli and Anthony Davis second team was regal bear curry. I still can ever have brawls yours a week walking ice that. Yeah honest until school. I'm just. On its co pac boy out of fuel balance of com home now do at odds it's a couple good soccer tonight. Yeah that aren't as important does that play out this I was calling here okay GI that's thank you yeah I saw our voices to say on this one very stumpel. I Kevin Durant and Isiah Thomas and thirteen dream and green John Wald Jimmy bell or the bulls. DeMar DeRozan and the average Jordan of the LA clippers. So no no the satellites and as you said your notes on. That's it's it's you know old George. And that's gonna cost him money that's gonna cost kill millions of dollars slayer I mean I can't explain it but you wanna explain like he even pick out something Anemia. Well nobody just me Indiana could have offered him north of 200 I think 210 million dollars. Because they were because of a clause in the CBA if he was named to the one of the top three on the eight teams now they can offer about a 180 million dollars. But it and then the most an outside team off writing is a 130 million some like the idea. It. Cool why takeaway gets it's designation correct. Why Leonard but he signed I think before last year I think a five year ninety million dollar deal was he last year I think a lot of noise he I think he just finished the second year that the in my area a buddy was two years ago but yeah. But on yet quite cool I've made it not thought somebody else would have would qualified or or could Gordon Hayward. And they were yes motors has gotten in the jets can offer quite as much as they would have liked that he made one of the top three pennies or from the course of region this year. I gotta say somebody somebody text. Then just you know of Gordon Hayward we are talking about the game. They were say in man I got oak if I'm did any gains on trading that number yeah fund Indiana's Paul George the end signing Gordon Hayward that automatic. He makes you a true threat to LeBron. Wonder they have no money to do that day the room. But two you don't make that trade unless Europe a lot of talk to georgians is represented a relative to sign the watcher you're you're gonna tell that further for the prospect of renting George per year correct. And then Paul George Indiana basically will make a decision on him by the trade deadline because he's so his contract expires after next season. If you wanna get some informed you you do it before this before the trade deadline it's. By so I would I would think that this would probably. Make it more likely they would trade him since they can't offer him until so funny saying this since they kill off from 210 million only kill off from a 180 million. That's that's kind of a stupid thing to say a silly thing to say that it's only a 180 million. But you know he ate the incentive for him to state is not quite as big as it would be before it's a lot more than any other team and pay him. Right right somebody sexy and John Wall and get about to get paid yet and that's the other women knows we're okay that. That could be there could be up for that the that designation. But. Look this is this is it's it's a when we go back who. LeBron and Russell Westbrook getting a second place bow. That's just ridiculous it's got to be some open patio just can't especially LeBron Westbrook. I mean I can't see that either. I'm not mistaken for Westbrook 42 triple doubles and they were 33 and nine in those games. That guy belongs on first team all NBA LeBron the best player in the league so why. I'm with you I would I would just like to see. Who did it and end here why. Maybe he just said he Yunus himself or herself. You know what I just I want that discussion there now I'm the only one little note that it was neither created this discussion. Levity to swat K beings that period and put those two movies today that. I cannot for the life of me pat them. Unloading on gives James op any person you like I just can't there's no zone area works from me and that. I am I am not trying to just run does not give you the public may know and I was. I'm saying for Graham there's no just a potato I don't you know you're giving your not in the room. But I'm just like what's. What possibly into it you run to offer Daryl gross ticked off of the guys question. In this is just personal. Via an MIT it. Diseases like you know on title run be in group think my take him down and rush right yeah. Yeah they're used me to me is not a writer who who halting glory and he said I'm not gonna I'm oh good make sure that no one has ever a unanimous. Baseball Cramer tell all open guys are likely to get and are more likely I'm born against and so that'll never happen under my watch. I know like when we the media make ourselves the store also included hole were the athlete. We tell the story they make the story yeah I mean daily you know guys he'd spent a lifetime accomplishing what they did in the penalized for. For some selfish reason is it is yeah pending news. This might be the text of the day this might hold up as the text of the day somebody hearing me try to pronounce young it's his last name undertook a here on its of our two. Forget about it the nuclear nuts that's good I like their stuff is funny is we had a gallon could actually say his Atlanta and I'm below under the control. And that's what does whatever our sales at it and slip past say with confidence may be onto Google. He's perk I'm free don't offer the defensive player of the week it's sponsored by in the journal of the accident attorneys call 1807. Or seven free that's 180747. 3733. Our defense of player of the week is going to be hot. The Finn and quite Leonard correct. Going off on Zaza Pachulia saying that the play was unsportsmanlike. But not appropriate dangerous. Who who had better equipped better depends combat during the week or more high profile more significant gold significant. Defense and then Gregg Popovich coming to a dump his superstar wide winner. As got to be RT principally of the week right. If he would have played in the it and it went in I go get dinner have a glass of wine click open next day go to practice and move on but this crack. And because he's got this history can't just be O was inadvertent he'd. She didn't have intent who gives a damn about what his intent was your reader of manslaughter. You still go to jail I think when you're Texan and you end up kill somebody. But you might not intended to do that all I care is what I saw. All I care about is what I what happened. In the history there exacerbates the whole situation and makes me very very angry. Now this. Our sister station the sharp it's a Pompano Beach amphitheater on Sunday may 28. Featuring the hate gays unlikely candidates calling the dreamers Nokia chance K play and grew flawed. Tickets are on sale now at 1043 the shark dot com alongside her come Frito. We'll take you up until just before 7 o'clock thing Greg likens to get the rest of the way until 10 o'clock I'm filling in for you then. Likens filling in for me. And you know we got something interest thing. Computer hacking king got an idea for me I'll tell you about that. Shortly after the top of the hour a new thought they came to mind year. But before we get to that. We've gotten these here's the thing and here is your your net. Today I'm going around the Internet and IC ESPN has this quarterback confidence index reading. It rates all 32 in a bill teens and their quarterback situation. Your Miami Dolphins. When he fourth while 24. Now let me be clear about one thing that was clear in the article. This is not just how would you feel about you were starting quarterback. This is your quarterback situation. And it it involves your back up what you think about your back up what do you think about your thirteen where. Are you confident your starter complain all sixteen games how much longer can he play how do you feel about the backup he has the play. Again the dolphins are twenty board I think that's too low I think that. Ryan's in a deal with his season last year. Nineteen touchdowns twelve interceptions a career best 93 point five passer rating. So that he is definitely an above average in a bill starters he is a good. In a bill starter would even say quality. In a bill starter now. He's not a Pro Bowl quarterback. And he's not a guy that you look at and say yes he's gotten us today AFC championship game or to the Super Bowl. But equality in a bill starter behind him mental war to win tin and two and one in the Indy three regular season starts that he made. Hum started against Pittsburg in the in the wild card game but he didn't have much of a chance there is it would have taken a miracle. But I think the door opens heavy pretty good quarterback situation. Again it's not great but but listen to some of the teams that that they have over. Bomb over the Miami Dolphins including. Minnesota. Which is I don't know about that. Bomb buffalo with with went with Tyrod Taylor yeah I'm not sure about that they've got limit when he too. They've got Philadelphia there at at 23 with with Carson winced. I don't know some of these teams as battered in front of the dolphins. Are chosen not sure that. That that's correct. Again I don't think that's in hill is going to take you to the championship or to the Super Bowl. But when he boards where that that whole quarterback situation would meant more proved himself man. I think that's a little bit low and that's what being brought to you by LD Fort Lauderdale and how we Coral Springs the best selections and the lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale and how he co springs and now here I come back that you within Luntz. Yeah you're listening to us 790 the ticket and it FM 1043 HD two won't. WA XY AM South Miami and W Passat fast at vanity. Miramar here's what's trending now from a concierge for many headlines desk ET no problem that a thousand would come. Homeless concierge men's dot com. Marlins open a four game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers the Dodger Stadium it's in the night. The Marlins who were in last place in the NL east eleven games behind Washington have lost eight of their last nine. All NBA team is out the first. Includes James Harden Russell Westbrook for LeBron James wide winner. And Anthony Davis. Miami Heat sooner Hassan Whiteside did not make the first second or thirteen. NBA playoffs take a night off tonight Cleveland is at Boston tomorrow for game 2 of their Eastern Conference final series details lead 10. Those are your headlines you know. A lot of view where it's been gone for a long time now computer hacking UC perk these companies that are getting her computer systems are getting hacked sometimes. At great expense to the companies or two with the people. I wanna talk about anything that seriously but it it got me thinking about. Being able to break into a file or be behind closed doors more act we all love you were this conversation is. And everything to perk if you go back in history even two days or years ago. And you could be. Did you break into computer system blitzer you were privy to one that you could you could be in a certain meeting or certain session or. You know Buick Bill Belichick when he game plan something or beat. You know a closed door meeting it's happened in the past sports related of course. Ordered BP if you work if there was a hush hush thing going on. And you could be in the area maybe it was a meeting between two people. And also you got access to it and you could listen in what would it be. That is a really really tough one now we're we're talking about sports correct yes sport so. I you know I don't you wanna get in 67974. Is the text or call and it's 7863600790. I'm. Thinking. Maybe the the the conversation. Soo Nam. To have Jackie Robinson. Played in the majors that that might be the one to be a fly on the wall. The other one that isn't nearly. As as serious. Might have wanted to be with the Portland trailblazers when they see it tell us Sam Bowie over Jordan straight up audobin wanted to be in that room to sample it was no slouch now we remember that it Kentucky. To do little bowler but I. You know and it wasn't illegal seven footers at that time a team went birds we second and end Jordan third. But man I just liked this year the whole conversation and and you talking yourself into yeah Louis best bets are it or Greg Oden over Kevin Durant. Not quite as it is not quite not white but yeah that's someone texted him perk. And this is what I was thinking of you love of god will be that in Vegas meeting in that room with Pat Riley LeBron. That one you Mozilo bronzed. Watching whoever soccer game as Arnold the right around like he's right that's roughly trying to get as it has on India was burden will cut us up there don't know bring drove really right now need. It LB some that are some less than LeBron and Dan Gilbert. Right you know on right now be a good win. And it there's all kinds of there's all kinds of real good wins he was there a Tom Brady's pocket of the ball quick god that's good that's good yeah. Brady and and India the deflator right. That's right the deflator so you are just if you could I don't like to see like Bilbao I'm out it may be not quite as the eggs extensive. Public see how gold Bellic Jack. Game plans to NBA what he's got to plot a big surprise all right here's one when the dolphins plan to use the wildcat. No idea you know I think he would actually lost once in every city or Arizona they were all into. And they decide who are worried how this thing the wild cat goes back decades but it hadn't been used in a long time you know and when they decided that week. We're gonna game plan for this that we're gonna pull this one out of the hat rate and see other patriots are caught off guard. And for the players not to seat. Breathe a word yeah. You know like how much fun would it have been to beat them they. Knowing they were gonna break this out and shocked everybody and they can't say anything and is more fun after you win the game yeah. 'cause that it wouldn't work it would have been that fun. Trading Babe Ruth about their commerce there ago that would have been a good week. Let's see look at this on the plane with wade and LeBron before he left Miami tipping over untold ways. I think Dwyane had to have a really good idea what was going on. I think Dwyane had who beat more than 50% convinced. Then I knew what was going on even LeBron didn't tell him directly day I'm out of here. I would think to Wayne picked up on it even knew who somehow. My guess you brought up Jackie Robinson I told you this before the show I think this is really cool ought to read this the other that uses that. By Jesse Rogers of ESPN 1000 Chicago not today is may eighteenth. On this date seven years ago today. Jackie Robinson made his debut at Wrigley Field out just a little over a month after his Major League debut and what's cool about that. Is the attendance that day was 46000 and change perk so many people wanted to see Jackie Robinson that's still. Is the all time attendance record at Wrigley Field seventy years later man. That is the test is about that yeah that's something. Because you knew you'd think with the modernization. Of relief that now they probably had it did in two when he tells the more seats. I. Apparently not apparently no one of the CM I mean people or just clamoring to see Jackie Robinson a month after his his Major League debut in that would was April 15. Other conversation somebody says a Pat Riley speech before any game seven. Somebody else is releasing Peyton Manning for Manning and Indy. I gotta tell you man I would have liked to have heard that too because I was I was on that on that bustle of yeah I'm not gonna take Peyton Manning those neck injuries 11 blow and he's done right. Yeah. Yeah or one or Nick Saban was talked out of taking Drew Brees for the doctor you know what not I'll go call upper right right right exactly. A couple others the the first time concussions were discussed in the NFL. Okay that would be or or really. Well one of the times where they allegedly so did it's not that big a deal will need to share this information if you guys try led to believe the LeBron to tell wade your dumb because of B didn't. Others no way they can still be friends you know what opt out collar that by saying. Pete Intel Dwyane Wade may be used trying to protect Dwyane Wade so wade wouldn't be the only comparable Panetta be answering to Riley why didn't you tell me yeah. And there you keep him out to protect the debt right we know what I'm have a discussion on the ball or something go to the other under the plane Duaner it's your you don't wanna hear this did you. Are we just sort coming in here the fire sale of 98 Marlins tall man. Same person sexy in the meat Cabrera trade. Marlins okay yeah that was at the winter meetings. Now here's one herb Brooks speech. You know firing a US hockey for the Russians and after they beat what Finland though that was the you know mental did I say that that they know Mike Rosie O we told the story. Of his speech to fire pristine for the gold medal game. I've told this before but you haven't heard it's good. Michael Rooney was you got I've got to clean up radio but Michael Russa only said herb Brooks walked into the dressing room. Before that gold medal game not an already beat the Russians this was Finland they just had to get back to Immelman won the gold. So herb Brooks the coach walks in. Looks in his players he says and this is screech from a ruse the only. He said you you guys lose this game you'll take it to your week been great. It turns around he starts to walk out he turns back to his team and says your boy weeping in the grave and he believes and that sits. Asked if that's out there and accept that as outstanding. As great again. That's great because they want. Nice and they had they lost if and when will we be saying about that speech nothing then there's a little bit and as. The more right on the team yet but their but they wouldn't so that's automatically a great speech rights and we flip the outcome of that. I have a very what do you get lost we'd be we be rip them for that speech right now that is out legal to their own devices and now this is an offshoot of hard knocks perk again if you could be in any room any meeting any phone call you could be privy to a lower beat. One guy said Vontae Davis with his grandmother of three particular all I'm mad at I persons from hard knock that yeah yeah yeah that's pretty good that's pretty futile war room one Marino dropped the dolphins. Yeah you know I wonder at what point to the dolphins realize they were gonna get him maybe because maybe there were two or three teams ahead of them or the by this team mate for. May draft a quarterback they may I've gone off the board. What's Marino still available they may try to draft marina. Mean about this Michael Jordan talked into the bulls have are tiring early. Okay that would have been. That would have been some unless unless that conversation came from the lead about his damn well there's another one Michael Jordan David Stern talk about the gambling if you're yeah yeah. That's all elated so. They have boats then but those do we still need to say that is is the latest new moon I guess tells Americans opens than we know we do you fear not be suit. Or good. Let's see Jimmie Johnson Wayne. Rising in discussing Marino's future. And while. Yeah and Illinois as you said Wendy going back to win as it gets forcing Dave Dombrowski to disband the World Series team. Right here you just won the World Series and the Brodsky said he obviously he argued. Vociferously against that did everything he could talk way out of it and and was unsuccessful in doing so. But can you imagine rising it is for you know we of this World Series team sell everybody bright cool all right ought to disband the whole team. You that had to be some shop room. And shot somebody's lives the locker room talk when the warriors blew a 31 leave Hamas. That would have been jar files are literally how tough would it. Man. Pop species his players after they lost game game six. With the ready three pointer to tie it. Wow okay the Ray Allen just didn't bring it all huddle you'd want a million. Oh definitely that one. A big game the game three here and in in 06 okay against Dallas win win. They're down like thirteen points was except minutes ago yeah yeah and Dwayne say and I'm not going out like this. Yeah I would like have been in that and consequently. What the following year when Dwayne and GT got into an argument on the outside line of the double siren and then Chicago yeah right yeah via that was really good players trying to keep them separate it that would have been a good good Hamlet can also. So different reasons than those two models abstract. Some are said Pete Rose or two Terrell Owens halting discussion wall there would be in he rose's case because those urges ballots and then. Football playing yet everybody is around. In the conference from the name for the Super Bowl those are discussions that happen that they know who hears a tough when. Pat Riley telling Stan Van Gundy he's taken over the coaching job so there go. Boy. Yeah that would have been one was okay here's one perk you were there I was there the O'Reilly one church speech because we're both in Dallas covering the final out. And Riley says that the media guide you know I I told my team I just brought here to Dallas because it was two games that are in Jena Six and seven this was before him six. I told ray says I'm like I hold my team all a brighter Dallas was one shirt one suit one yet if you believe. I Herbert I so I get the old media one rule if I woke up well but I I you know I'd. I don't believe me I don't mean a couple I don't liberals. I know believe whom and even if it was true. It would have been easy enough for him to light. In order some closed room. Some tailor shop in Dallas on series got his measurements and you know. You order it'd be in the morning and it's deliver the next day altered or something he's got money and connections right now I do you. Though he's only carry one Su loses they go to the the routine training and have like fifteen in his bag and I I well let me just union Riley wants specifically write your your getting technical your didn't yet to go to the lawyer read my buddies area. All right one isn't right just in case right I got meta got to live all of us Muslim bright but I don't twelve others on the plane yeah. We got so many great Tex coming into we continue to sex yeah there's some phenomenal as you guys are on fire out there alongside perk Humphrey or back after this. Bulletin for sexy stats November undertaken Monday morning in the 7 AM hour they sponsored by East Coast all the good jobs or as we've got your assets covered. Call 855 again ECPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters dot com. Don't settle for less and listen to sexy stats on AM 790 NFL moral force three feet deep to the ticket. 30 here alongside person we'll take it till just before 7 o'clock Greg likens takes over in my show. I don't take you off until 10 o'clock go Michael Jackson here. Those who hold schools. High Court could I have been talking. And you could be in behind closed doors for one meeting one poll call one tool session will would have beat and we're getting a lot of interest thing. Things here how about. Let's see like carry that what are your and a half here and there are the usual week do we know. I do like boost to the heart of one Brett Favre lost his dad there you go on he put a great game the next day 309 and yards I think for a five touchdown passes. Gee I thought what I say you know what I said Paul Giamatti his dad. Bart Giamatti need the wood then baseball commensurate Pete Rose. You know you go to pre I get no one and a lot of ones earlier or about O'Brien and Pat Riley being in that room Las Vegas that temperature. How about this woman De'Angelo Russell walks in the locker room after leaking the Nick Young video. In. I'm gonna take total Brian Reilly won a step further how about Riley on the flight back to Miami in what he said to holes lieutenants there and and throwing a lot of a lot of real want to a lot of four letter words and I'm October how about the meeting let's go back a few years earlier when Riley recruited LeBron walks in the room. As the rings on the table. Just his recruiting pitch to LeBron L be fun. That would have been that would have been next and and really to be and wherever LeBron win whether it's a Condo in Miami your hotel room and immediately after that meeting. And his reaction to. And I would guess that he was sold. Pretty quickly yet and how about or bronze or the meeting where someone says a recent somewhere yeah this decision thing is a good idea. Who decrepit that better than the current idea to go now one etc. contrary to grow boy I was yeah. That that that though welcome celebration. When Pat Riley say it was something that went wonderfully got a wonderfully out of hinder or however you just always there armor that have me two minutes and winning. It was financials are young winning and once he sent always like you know thirteenth at the time how is this thing does is a fan you're. And it's PC quiet that's when you we talk about our Riley when he said to the media before game six in Dallas in 06. I I told my team only brought one suit one shirt one time. And you know you are talking was that real we we cannibal believe that in fact he probably brought to. I almost had to pay a ping the other the other week I went to Baltimore for a wedding. And all I brought a suit it there was only at the wedding was only thing that's keeping everything else was casual you works genes. A couple of golf shirts that said so this I only needed to get dressed up one night we can win on Thursday the wedding was salary the rehearsal that was Friday. And Thursday night I was having trouble sleeping and only 3 in the morning it occurred to me. I forgot my pressure off and now Friday morning in this story bought here in Miami. As a store up their life looked in my own sources few miles away from the hotel I went in there and I told them. What happened nice that I need to measure might you know and you need me give me measured I think I know my size they said Walt. Let's look at our computers or whatever size you bought one earlier size unit and they had us so I just me measured. But I'm ticket what are I didn't realize this tool but see an hour before the wedding when I was getting ready out of afterward called short with a suit. Are yeah yeah yeah yeah you have to you have to be fashionable just where the undershirt and imperil the jacket on with the slack off him and hope you can. Convince a jumper Miami there's a lot like how do you know you got to try to pull off Rio how to help that I think about this at 3 in the morning while what what prompted that decode. You know across the transom of my mind. Yeah our I don't know what part begin try to do we should go Miami Vice. Now you yeah he looks. Like cool it and I don't know ruled that's the look that's like go to the what do moon who modern does very enemy you like right into that that's you know yeah telemundo did I guess I didn't try to show I would have the stubble though I guided Shea before that wedding. The united of the Don Johnson stop yeah. Yeah you bet. I mean I don't know who who modern Ireland look you could say like a bad boys write books. If I beat up a pity they didn't have a I would love it as Scott is kind of gonna be Miami Vice doesn't notice that slow work. Thirty year old reference us tracked like. Is the look is but it went yard numbers Osiris was right I I I. Now here's one guy who'll I don't know if you could be at a meeting with a Riley and Ella sperm were trying to Ellsberg we're trying to see how much to pay Dwayne Lee. A year ago and and Riley decided not to call yeah. Now there have been some would jump viral now. Dez Bryant if his mother Paula said here was a stripper gas refusal poker you know right now unfortunately. Spoke very important was a cowboys fan thank you Jeff spiral yeah because we got to me you know we got Dez Bryant has just. Unfortunate and then every level I'm not a Dolphin Stadium that's. Unfortunately in in every way isn't it. Ireland Altman's NSA though it is Bryant likes to just name all the ways of that was very unfortunate now would appear to perk AA you know you've covered the dolphins for a long time I have. And it just seemed that from the moment the dolphins to Dion Jordan was just disconnect between Ireland in the coaching staff the coaching staff could never quite figure out. Is he gonna wind up with a stand in the dirt as he double in the linebacker how are we getting user interest in seeing the coaching staff was. As site to get him as Ireland was to draft him I would like to see the discussions may be wee. On that trade moving up nine slaps the pick a number three in what it would Oben said away from the cameras. What that that would have been brutally really good number because. I'm not I'm not totally convinced that some. And I I I probably would have to prove that also that it Dion Jordan was supposed to be good. I'm not totally convinced that that anybody in the room really. See you in any phenom. But good distance he nobody uses guys from the get old I don't know there there's no doubt because he was a Tweeter but. You thought that he was such a good athlete that you could enemy and either as a worth three him in the dirt. I'm not sure anybody really protest at that move matter respect but I will tell you this they were gonna take table on Austin if they didn't take Dion Jordan. Palm sold. And that hasn't really worked out that will either team on Austin has another guy who. It's really kind of hard to run indeed a true home for him and so. Either guys now at least save on Austin is still in the league give yeah at. And ensign a pretty decent contract last year Bunnell is I think there are programs are but Tom. Yeah I I've I would look to a heard that conversation because. I'm not sure that even today anybody who was in that womb with a door opens in that war room could say oh I raise my hand until the mavs a huge mistake. Probably would have beat the way it worked out it was a huge mistake but at the time might not have been psyched about a cover up probably would have gone toward. He had good credentials I would love to see those now look no one wants third draft for discussions I mean Peter King said in this. In the in the niners draft for this year. And and wrote about it but I don't anybody wants their discussion still live because they need if they we could film like. War room discussions as the draft is on going if a team agreed Leo all right. You couldn't ruckus as well maybe not for a decade or something just to see what it's like in the war room. As the draft is unfolding and maybe they didn't really got to decide whether to move up move down how those go. I just did because there's so many decisions that made it lightening speed I'm also intercept the wire wants. Yeah I don't think anybody won that out there with the idea they greens are you couldn't you've got to you know. Embargo this for a decade. You know. This suit. Anyway here couple of other. Meetings they want here's nick Stephens exit meeting with the dolphins and I would have been a good all my god that would have been a good you know those rumors. Dave I was right there right yeah exactly it. Goods from the rule and on this again all put alleged here of the meeting were stern told Joerg need to take a year off. From while in this case allegedly for too much gambling actually took two years operate two years away those those years that you suicidal read the during the bulls won green. Used to want to inaudible 13 and when he came back and this is one it's a sad one but had to be compelling magic having to Telus teammates he was HIV positive gap in there. Kim Cameron pick in the Ginn family. That was that was very unfortunate. Barroom for the first conversation doing Ing tiger needle mark now with a bowling scandal. Then I wouldn't been ignored Gerard Golan pink fire from from the Panthers in Carolina. You know they. We don't go to camp that's right right exactly exactly. Now that was you talk about bad optics on that when where the door of the total where he's outside weight on the cam. And assists. Vary vary ban it or here's one perk in the room when the knicks got pat Riley's backs. Boy. That's something. Though Robinson Nazi. Got to you know get the being in the warrior locker room after they lost game seven last year you know that you said that earlier you know. So I'm dead just you know. Bunch of good ones went on to good wins yeah so any image inching CO it's it's fun to think about the easy if you could be. You don't sell leper throwing as mouse pizza piece of the rest okay you know those that Joey Crawford or Australia new atlas that's right. All right so I come out next year perk. You don't you NBA if there are trying to do something about player resting right they're gonna you were pre season games are gonna fewer back to backs they don't want these resting. You don't pay and give disappoint you when LeBron or other team's goal you know visit cities and all of a sudden. Didn't make the trip or are playing and people paid a lot of money those green seats the CD's players. And suddenly just because of rest something that you didn't see during the Jordan year are magic or bird and less players were injured you'd see them any room. Sitting out the rest and really it's reached a beaver pitcher to reach the legal office and they decided to act upon it to try to. You know and penalties might be dished out and if players do that. This is happening now in another sport and I haven't heard any push back it all about this. We'll talk about the next rate here on the sect. The NBA is on the ticket every game of the conference finals and the finals you've been here for the NBA post season on your home for the Miami Heat and the NBA. On 79500000790. NFL moral or three HD two with a ticket. He's hurt I'm free you know take you up until a little before 7 o'clock they're great likens takes over. Until 10 o'clock. Marlins in LA trying to right the ship boy they're there was set while seventeen of the last when he won games. By two percentage points they are. Not quite the worst team in baseball so they tried to. Correct that she vows there yesterday and it's cavernous it's a huge catalyst that to say released. You old. Basketball players LeBron and the like you've got criticized for resting are not playing when they're healthy just to rest their bodies was a year to go LeBron. Roy kind of took a vacation. In the middle of the season just to rest his body now cavs fans will see all look at all the good it's doing right now. Wall brown also just had ten days off between series and for that factored into it as well. For Roger Federer decided that now he doesn't do well on clay deciding he's won one French Open items eighteen majors he doesn't do well. He said I'm skipping a major of the early for the year of course I'm skipping a major in order on my career figuring. Why should he burn all these calories when he knows he's not gonna win the tournament anyway and for tennis fans you are your talking about. The defending the guy who just won the most recent major. All right he won't be there by the way the woman who won the Australian also Serena won't be there because he's pregnant. Op it's the first time like forty years that that the players who won the the major before and won't be at the next tournament. But if we don't you people buy tickets the French Open in part to see him play and now he's not going to be there what do you think about resting now spreading to other sports. I don't I don't have a huge problem wit with what better is doing. It's his day to us and it is an individual sport and much like gold board. Boxing world or what have you so you're not really hurting the team. So I I don't have is as big a problem with dated sits more of a sell British ended individual decision. If he's the quarterback of a team or the key player of eighteen to where it brings down your team. Such says. The college football players not playing in in the bowl games right. I have a I have a bigger problem wit that there and bed rural whoever's sitting out an individual sport. But because. Of XY and Z. Well way to look tigers has been so injured over the last two years he set out because of physical ailments but it can I just can't imagine if tiger did the same thing. And you in a wire heroes dreams you can't imagine a healthy Tiger Woods. Missing any tournament at all. But at B did I mean think about how the fans all the money they paid to see Tiger Woods although those who sponsors who. Bought your TV time because they Europeans want to see tiger play interment NFP bowed out because arrest. Would that would be seismic. Yet that that would that would be seismic but again it would be tiger's decision to do it for whatever reason myself and everybody else. It well it would definitely your TV ratings and right there at the road I guess the whole. Authenticity no hope of winning whatever tournament that he is would have been damaged. I don't I don't mind it that much for better again it's it's an individual sport and an individual decision. And we are talking about. One of the best to ever play the game. So I. He's he's done his his work I'd probably have a bigger problem in this lose 67 years ago way and he's still building his resume. Toward being one of the best in the world ideally the guys out there but. Individual sport I don't have bet big a problem going ideas I just hear Saud I resting I mean what he's doing leg. Part of me thinks it makes sense because if he knows he's got no shot to win this tournament then why Burr calls calories and expend every ounce of energy. We know it's could be an exercise in futility. Well I I don't see I don't necessarily agree with that part of it computer competitor. You do get out there and compete. But this is served as he doesn't do well correct Greg you know you can have your your own reasons and sold. I I would agree wit his right to sit now for whatever reason. He sees it. I wouldn't agree with that particular reason that. I'm not gonna win anyways so I'm not gonna play but it's it's his right it's it's his ride it's an individual sport. It is for whatever reason he wants to give that's Brady much OK with me I might not agree with that reason but. He's got they he's got the right to. Play whatever tournament he sees the by the way Isiah Thomas to their practice and were not scared of the cabs. You should be okay. This year you're about to start your offseason vacation. Much sooner than you'll. I don't I don't think that. They might not have a beer up of Cleveland. They play like it but they might not every theoretically looks to believe that that they get out there. Every moment of the game and they're into written in their battle in in their thinking you know we can just do XY and Z. We can take this game in week and get back in the series are or what. That that's fine. But you don't play that way and and that's that's kind of the problem is you you place to hear you do you play like you're scared of Cleveland. Even though you might not be even though you might not going to regain sail off. LeBron is gonna kick our butt again where do you know he's going to be here in these turn around the weekend of this blob blob lies she. I believe that that Boston as the top seed with home court. Probably is confident but it's not what us on day one pretty well. Any you know I looked as if the rupture Boston I'm one of what a weird night I mean you get the level pick in the draft and then you get your butt kicked. You know you you read that there there really LeBron maybe you said this earlier. It was like a bullet any came downer Cleveland a bully interest and punch them in the mouth and then it's like this the Celtics just got knocked out and never came to. There there are big. Especially just getting some confidence that whatever you do could lead to a victory. Could lead to another victory and could lead to making a series out of business. Again they didn't do well against them in the regular season game one didn't go that will well game one went like. Crack formed and right you're putting out right now opening bell FiOS opening tip a lot of but I know I'm seizing an expression Buren opening to but I'm saying they knew they you. Round score by eleven in the first quarter by another eleven in the second quarter adjusted well Brian fifteen in the first quarter almost from. Right at the start of his game you do it just it appeared over. And Boston has got to find something I'd say it's it's probably got to start with Isaiah right. I don't know if they can really start with. Avery Bradley urged a crowd world war or Al or murder or any of these guys it's. It's probably got to start with Isaiah and at some level whether he's distributing Weathers he's hidden threes whether it's. It's driving kicks to break down that Cleveland defense and and dean and make it kinda get revived and get their confidence but. My my thought is it by Isaiah is a leading the way. This team probably whether they're scared or not they probably aren't going to be able to do a whole lot in the Syrian people thought would delay off the back Cleveland. No not that not at all not at all and if you're Brad Stevens. What are you doing with LeBron went double team what do you do with a knee you know what he's one of the best distributors and in all the game really you've probably got to just give him a bunch of different looks and see what works for. Three or more minute stretch and among the different options you choose whether there's 234 options the one that worked out best whoa that's we go to in the fourth quarter whether when we're only down by. Eighteen but misty was edited cursing court today when he met with the media he said I you know when I came into the Leo what this is maybe what is for your pinky just finish is worth your in the league. He said when I came into the NBA. I didn't think O'Brien be any better and that's what he's gotten better and and everybody who coaches for against LeBron. Talks about his high basketball IQ it's just off the charts that city. You know I heard David is the only ESPN I talk about he was up and Bristol north of the car wash the other day right and just talk about all runs IQ just in in all. Mike Miller did it today did you get here I EDT whip through those who ESPN ringer and he was saying that eats eat things that LeBron is is playing better now than me and he was a year ago and I'd I've got to say man the focus is definitely their pro LeBron emit as good as. As good as Golden State is. I still wonder a little bit about the finals now I think Golden State. Definitely wins. I say definitely. Almost certainly win inside you know definitely over the last fired a shot. Oh and our guy definitely get my shot I W much shot but I think Golden State. If you look at them one through whatever one through nine. There a better team just. They were last year NL's before adding Kevin Durant right now yeah that just is they were last year though and admit LeBron had it. And then card real world and also dreamliner happened yeah inland and greater yeah dream on happened also so I I don't I don't discount. LeBron James. It was only last year when we saw what he did do but as inflow was just saying Golden State is adding Kevin Durant. You're just a better team won just as. We usually the better team really was familiar write a weekly rose more talented than Boston and and Golden State is up with more talent than the Cleveland. When you know you saw last year oh yeah. Here's Cleveland down three games to one they have to now only three a row two in Golden State and Michael Steele lost at that point maybe two games all year. Some incredible images of someone and undoubtedly Narnia. But I really short hole right yeah correct me to drag them to say they were suddenly three and right you got a bigger there. You home where there was incredible I do remember when it was but yeah and since. Boy I since Cleveland was down 31 since they lost game four that series and went down 31 they've lost a playoff game yet they won three in a row. To close out that series and have won nine straight this year twelve straight postseason games are clearly come in need of both teams met in the finals undefeated. That would be great. That movie was twelve and I'll have an exam and has not happened. I would allow it I mean just it's it's seems improbable it now what seems to and I think Golden State's gonna blow through San Antonio if there if Leonard doesn't play Piaf. I would give if I if I had to choose between two between the two karma is finals I would say Cleveland would be a sweep. And gold in the way in and giggles they would get worn to games are spurs present you wanted to games off. And while I taiba or or acquire perk of PPI the the best ball power index and the SPN. I'm gonna show you or tell you when we come back. Their odds of Cleveland winning the finals I think it'll shock you plus let's talk about. Some possible players that may fall to the heat. With the fourteenth overall pick alongside Kirk armed freed or back after the S. Your company has what it takes to conquer the birdie and learned small panel championship for. Challenge hundred team afford to compete against fellow sophomore corporations. Into this series of challenges her chance to take home town and some cool prizes. It's Saturday June 10 at Miami marine stadium. Lexmark Key Biscayne. All proceeds benefit Big Brother big sisters of Miami visit foreign hold dot org to learn more. 30 we're sitting in for even alongside Kurt we'll take you. About another hour than Greg likens takes over in peace and you know my show until. 10 o'clock. 679744. The text. Her job before we get to here's the thing in the headlines. The PPI the basketball power index three ESPN we can elaborate on this after the headlines everything. It gives the cat is he ready for this to win the title. Off five point 4% chance that's it's an hour. I think we can agree Golden State has more talented to put it just sounds like they're putting Cleveland out yesterday's trash. Credit record today's strategy didn't know is that is that from 538 or is that the ESPN dot says espn.com. America. Yeah and they said there it's updated daily. So this took into account I guess yesterday's. Yesterday listening 5% 88 point 8% chance for the for the warriors. To win it. And the spurs four point 9% chance the Celtics aren't Celtics 1%. Wait a minute the spurs are barely barely just behind clean yes that's sort of says. I don't know how that doesn't make a lot of sense to me but it's it was updated today updated daily. Why that is applied Leonard injury doesn't make that big a difference to them and not according that's always the and its interest and yet. Not to win at all as it should shocking. Now to win. It's still only gives the cavs a 76%. Chance to beat the Celtics in this round. Unless they're thinking look of the 101000 simulations a few of them have LeBron. Getting her ending out. That's the only thing I can figure that if it is mathematically that's what's dragging it down. I don't know what to be dragon that now I would think that. I personally I've got to Hammett. I don't know maybe 85% that we limit Manson still marvels at 76. Seems a bit low amid its overwhelming odds 76%. But I've been best on the floor right. Well I really am looking at this and AP OK if everybody gets what they expect Golden State. Meaning Cleveland again for the third straight time. Oh by the way just as an aside perk that's never happened were two teams have met three consecutive finals. When you think in two quart of lead in the eighties the lakers and the Celtics wood about three straight times and they never did. Man that's that it that is surprising that's very surprising. I mean magic and bird they were just you know your one on each coast that would though those were magical match ups yeah pun intended I I liked I liked. The fact that they're probably gonna meet its worth third straight time because I love rivalries. I love dynasties. Are acting they're good for sport are in great perk number say slumping eight. Yet the casual may end in bowl sure and they ordinarily. Wouldn't. Hear about the NBA finals but there's probably a lot of people around the nation. Who are basketball fans who are. Hard court NBA they ends who will no staff Currie is going against LeBron in the NBA finals and rule. Probably try to pay attention to a little love it not not lost every game or anything like that mobile. Probably shot I just because step courier LeBron are such high profile guys in big names that. Everybody knows they transcend the game. Definitely LeBron more than staffs but. At that I think that's good sport I. I think that that works out much much better than Golden State against Boston when people would probably be going in Isaiah Thomas DA says shortened. I'm right a year and that's about it didn't play for Detroit radio gotta think right back right exactly. All right boy I would get into that says that if the that the cavs chances are sort of given the coaching and what a difference that may or may not make. If the finals are we expect Golden State vs. Vs Cleveland. But first here's the thing. And I think I'm being an enabler and I I see that with no shame but it just a bit of reticence. Because I'm more of these guys the reads everything that will VAR ball out loud mouth says. And it it's. It's interesting to me I think he's a blow hard I think he cares much more about himself than he does his children. I think he's just living Ashley vicariously through stroller and I think he. As one outrageous statement after another and he doesn't care what comes out of his mouth when he says like I could have noticed crushed Michael Jordan in this prime. Well now we came up with another are read a statement purse you wanna shoot deal from a ninety under armour or do you this for all of billion dollars more. While Alonso ball and his two Brothers who were who were coming up through the pipeline. As well. Ought know you can get that the three company said forget it now all he's saying those three companies are gonna regret it's so much that if they wanna talk to me. I want three billion dollars as he said triple b.'s billion billion and billion. The quote is that's the only way they're going to come to me I'm already in the building I don't need them for nothing as you can tell. And that was aren't fox sports ones that was on the Herschel account power show that T said that. And yet I I want him to be quiet like everybody else get what he says fascinates me and I talk about it and maybe I'm just. Beating the beast and other talk show hosts across the country and I were talking a bottom any sees all the press that he's getting. And Jessica just due to empower him in his mind to keep saying we saying keep doing what he's doing. When in fact I would like him to still wheeze go away at least go in the background some. And what your son beat your son. And that's the thing it's brought to you by Audi Fort Lauderdale rowdy Coral Springs the best selections in the lowest prices in South Florida. Howdy for a lottery don't Audi Coral Springs and our ears perk with headlines. You're listening to us 790 the ticket and it FM 1043 HD two won't. WA XY AM South Miami and W Passat fast advantage. Miramar here's what's trending now from a concierge for business headlines desk ET no problem that a thousand what's come. Listen concierge medicine doctor. Com. Miami Marlins open a four game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers the Dodgers stadium it's in the night. The Marlins you're in last place in the NL east eleven games behind Washington have lost eight of their last nine. All NBA team is out the first team include James Harden. Russell Westbrook. LeBron James why Leonard and Anthony Davis. Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside did not make the first second or thirteen. MBA playoffs take a night off tonight. Cleveland has at Boston tomorrow for game 2 of their Eastern Conference final series the cavs lead one old. Those are your headlines. Person. If those two teams meet I mean in your mind you wouldn't say all right the cavs have just eat a little over a 5% chance of winning this series you would think it would be much closer. If if this series went every casual warriors series the three Quito matchups if you will. When I think if or when anything less than seven and really be surprised. Really yes I I'd be surprised that they won only six. Ma I'd be surprised really because I just think they mean with LeBron being LeBron. You've got fiery you've got Kevin Love. I mean as long as those guys stay healthy I I think they have a much better I mean last last what year. That PPI index had the I think before the series started had. Given the cavs point 5% chance of winning. Now goal say it was defending its title and you can see the cavs came back under astronomical odds ran 13 enrolled according to a Golden State. Yeah they're throwing for one thing they're confident they can do this now if they were hesitant at all going in the last your series that's disappear. That's fine but I think Golden State has a better team this year with the position of Kevin Durant and so to me that's good. That's the dominant. Aspect of this whole being is that. Golden State is a better team than they were last year and they probably. Are more focused and more determined the cause of what happened last year and now I believe LeBron is going to be justice focused and determined by. I think the collective will of of Golden State. They blew it last year I'd say they know. Another assay they show LeBron took it from them in Maine in an incredible performance probably the best NBA finals performance we've ever seen. But they've I just think you've got to be sold incredibly focused in addition to being the best. In the most talented team in the NBA. That's pretty much an unbeatable combination. As confident as the warriors are and they have every reason to be just boiling over with confidence. Let's say within a game they bull big Lee what happens in the NBA. All the time throughout the season put a favor big lead and the cavs come roaring back and take a weed. Now again the cavs won three straight games in a row but is there any. Here we go again creeping into the mind of the Golden State Warriors OYO. So yeah I would. Maybe not maybe not even do it here we go again. Norm but may be in a form of are we can't let this bleep happened again maybe it's more determined maybe it's more. Tom. Focused and and it it turns into a positive as opposed Sukarno that fear factor of oh we youths LeBron he did to us last year maybe maybe it becomes. There is absolutely no way we're lenders do you do this to us two years in a row. Only amass what that's gonna happen if that if baby in the if they run as this is what you like that where the cavs are meant. To chip away at the lead they'd started up a film and it was is it going to Iran's. Yeah I I would I would stink picture right that should've happened last year. Is it out last year it but you got delivery this year you're -- better team I would I would have to think that. It drained load and pull some more crap somebody's gonna smack them in the bad publicity didn't say in dread remember what happened last year. I William and doesn't factor in itself because he because I think he I think he puts Mosul majority of the blame on that. When Luna Helen and some of. On your carpet perk I know I've I've seen heard the last of me wade 06 finals best finals performance we've ever seen I thought that until last year. And then there there was one final Jordan averaged what 35 points a game union was that made you saw earlier Portland one. Have to look at I have to look I'm a bit you know hook you either so many viewers save it takes snap shots in your mind. Oh LeBron James and is further re so many but going for that block there which was just an all at Berkeley near the U activity now is right just. Imprisoned on my brick on amazing effort play it was although I think I think that probably in these. These deep. I guess most pivotal playoff moment to meet for LeBron was probably. Game six in Boston wrestler a forty even seven point nine and seventy evidence well over whatever yeah yeah I I because you're you're down. Rita Sue Bird you know two to three or you could say it. Com that that's going to be. Elimination game that you aren't that that was going to be it Terrelle you know their Big Three yeah right here you proven to be a fraud he lost the Dallas. No you lose the Boston that was that was companies are met and Dallas I mean in Boston celebrating in the garden celebrating. In his it was as the whole user and he was the enemy did our enemy was celebrating isn't gonna beat you the heat in the lot in the and Kirk knows this hallway leading. I'm sorry if weeding to their locker room they pictures plastered all of these very big photographs. It's gone now this photo because LeBron has a long career but they had LeBron. Bent over near the end of that game hands on his knees are royals black uniform level we've. And just this look of determination on LeBron space. It's and that's another imprint on my mind. Is video that was toward the end of the game and it's. Like there's no if you read his mind then there's no way I'm gonna let us lose that he have had a look since they need to have a lashes on the LeBron yeah I had deficit that look of like. I don't. I don't I don't know about the look but he had the attitude that's Judy and I got called Arab remotely as good yeah I don't know ALCON look you have to out of you know. This photograph and talk about is just. It was just this this error determination and and you know you brought a confidence earlier. Our our I just think that's always a big deal of sports I'll start by this would be the the other day. That's a huge deal in sports and if you believe you can do something I would talk Kelly elect. That basket and look about ninety wiper admitting he was ten of fourteen fruit fielding in his previous playoff piper. Was fourteen points got a 46 points fourteen just in the fourth quarter alone. It looked like his body language every time you are shot left his hand he just looked like there's no way I missed the shot. And he was he was right he was a pretty much right wasn't he. I you ever dug the look the performance. I you know moved. Last year's finals just considering everything that you were up against the best regular season team of of all time when you're down 31 as you say you've got to go in there and win those. Those are games on the road including a game seven. That's. The looked it is one thing the performances or another. But. My my point is that I'm not sure that Tom. I'm I'm not sure that LeBron has ever been better. In the moment he'd email you know for an extended period will say that there because meg game that game six was one game coming back from three Warren. That was a lot of time a lot even on the off days we're just in your he would all we've got to win this next game. But. Yeah I. To the text or yeah I used to say to Wayne's. There were angels six was the best until last year and somebody sexy and Jared Jordan averaged 41 points a game against the suns in the 93 finals. OK so. But the deficits that wade and LeBron spaced and almost good. Those certain death. You know Mo answered yet those postal how you are sure gold Steele lost game would have been gained five last year and Cleveland are still roam back to Golden State. Art or up 32. We've lost what two games at home the entire season were 73 when we're gonna take this I think the the the the pivotal game in my opinion perk. And saw it was game six because once they lost that I think all the pressure was on Golden State yeah yeah I mean in the game set they had to win game six because then. I am pars on concern the pressure was off Cleveland going to the game seven you had that point at the super clean limit the tame finish the job how small inkling what we write the correct. And and wallet you know yeah you you desperately want to win your right the all the pressures on young Golden State at that point you lose you have. Yet you have you have turned it to where we'll meld they've got to win. Well consider goals they did the exact same thing in the troops took a seed that correct around before correct correct maybe they were down 31 in June and came back news. Game demos all know often if they meet. In the finals if if if Cleveland takes world's first two games and Golden State I mean the pressure that I would think we squarely on Golden State. May include a home court advantage would depend the situation he can't go into that second game because they gained file was. I think Iran gave filed last year is that's automatic when the closeout game errors you but then you heard Jamal without him running back Eric that's yeah that's that's that's kind of weird well we're live right. I at that's. That's who has a little bit of most troubling thing in the N com. Well Bogut went out during the game boom which wasn't which led to a lot of the bonds performance because he with the goods and around Wimbledon was and was always there. I don't set by the way the photos are money sitting looked like he was possessed. Yeah. Well that he was a that would see his moment right here that was. We're LeBron that. Was the either the Big Three is gonna be deemed a failure after this game or we're gonna get a chance to prove. By you playing game seven in mangalore and you know on bet that we are legit and they've proved the latter when we come back. I wanna talk about coaching how much of a difference it makes. Coaching in in in in these two semi finals he's conference finals games. How to make a difference talk about that next right here in the sec. Check out the ticket on FaceBook like this it's an. Breaking news behind the scenes videos pictures articles. And sometimes our thoughts on things like us 790 the ticket on FaceBook. Alongside her come Frito print take yup till 7 o'clock Greg likens takes over or might show he will be on. In until 10 o'clock. 786360079. You know we have to four packs to give away Marlins vs Phillies. May thirtieth it's at 7:10 PM first pitch 710. Really were 24 pack so on the text line 67974. Route take what we consider this is subjective on our part is the best two suggestions. On what the heat should do with the number fourteen overall pick though what we we will we think of the best two suggestions. We will. We will give those to each person they four pack a moral stickers with total of 242. We turn over and we have a total of 24. Packs to give away against Marlins vs Phillies may thirtieth at 710. We're gonna for next week. Can the angels are coming OC Mike Trout you know I was I was like to see players I don't ordinarily see great fun to see him best player in baseball. He was given a little home run streak and Assam where I've been Aurora area so much that. Be nice to see what he's got maybe the maybe the Marlins couldn't pin actually it's two on government I think after his second year. He signed a deal many angels obviously recognize what they've had. He signed a deal after a second year a six year 144. Million dollar deal news. And you'll Ron's got to be looking at now like here's a guy two years into his league and all 144 million is guaranteed NBA contracts or are too. Put it on the salary cap able luxury tax Albright had to be shaken said this kid is you know barely out of diapers and he's earning 2.4 million a year. Yeah and on the other hand. Stand and is looking at that deal no law Yahoo! I've got more than twice that that's right 320 million dollar deal they are solid saying your you know. Also a third of a billion dollars. Nice work if you can get a union invest invest some of American to the Marlins are fresh for. Yeah I how much does. Coaching make a difference by that I mean you know this Tyrone Tyrone Lou. Make that much of a difference with the cavs I mean you look at Steve Kerr who I think look he he took over the team for Mark Jackson. He revamped the offense and they've you know I know they blew with 31 series lead in the final last year but they've just been. He took them to a new level I believe over what Marc Jackson had. I'll when he was coaching I think he coached the the warriors for three years. But here's Mike Brown. Taking over for Steve Kirby has Kurz back issues have precluded him from coaching the last few games. And they don't seem to mean missing a trick and by the way just as an aside perk. Don't you think that more than anything else in the world Mike Brown would love to coach the team that beats the past yes almighty god yeah he's an idol he's admitted that now while reporters have you asked him about that alarm sure re saying. We're focusing on the spurs. And this is Steve curse team. But many top behind closed doors Boyd like deer and talk about that one. Here you know he's he's a little fired up about that this this team that got rid of him twice right twice twice. I would say that Tom and as far as the dipper instead a culture makes it very hard to quarrel by. But. I've always maintained that probably. What 80% of what they do is behind the scenes it's not the x.s and o.s of big game. You do have to wonder about beings along the lines up and I their concerns about Steve Kerr not not being there when nuts who. This stage and the NBA finals when you're going up against top. Are you going up against LeBron no disrespect to dilute the erroneous and brought in effect so from coach James that's right that's right exactly. I pour pour Mike Brown he kind of kind of hope dumb to use some of my peers last game because one of the things that I thought. Was how is this man gonna handle dream on once he gets going. And we did see that last game member drew him on got the well and there are no Mark Davis call good call detect or numb it was. And it was a pretty weak call to me in all right remember. Whom he was deemed to have shoved down but he got with tech right there in front of the bench and and dumb. You know he he went crazy. And and you would have thought that he could have gotten the other tech because he did say one of the magic words that gets you objected. I. The rest well believe was Marc Davis the original Dow didn't hit them with a second today I am whatever happened after that. I would say that. Mike Brown or someone on that staff maybe it was somebody on the poor but they saw him slate they call dream Mon Darrell. And that's one of the big beings that I think Steve Kerr was able to do was was reached dream on green and other people may at least a little bit focus that Mike Brown or somebody on the staff was able do that. They were able to do that would Els Steve Kerr so. That's that's an encouraging thing if you're Golden State then the other thing is that. Steve Kerr has been with the team matter of fact I I've seen that he was supposed to travel with him today. To San Antonio for game three had been talking to the minute at halftime of of games one and two. Are above of the games and so Tom. Bingo bowl pregame but think of one and two against San Antonio but. But so curt has been there and and Mike Brown has sold me a little more so when you say. The difference that a coast makes I still say most of it is behind the scenes. Off the actual floor of the for the game. But Mike Brown has done a so far better job than I thought he would lawyers I mean look. Wall last year was what 394. When he to go right when permits all that time right so much attention it was Denny Green that that that I don't knock down open. Anyone think we talk about their exports for a you know in the Big Three was here. Yeah whether or axes host be sure coaches were all sorts of pat psychologists strategist and teacher setter. But I think. Even the biggest challenge it irks Wall Street had the Big Three was managing personnel and of course you know and and here's and maybe it's an. What what I consider an analogous situation is managing Raymond green men and in in that particular situation where you're not okay. Yeah you're right. It is bad there's not a whole the national media of being expo at a ski hats and LeBron had to know he bomb explodes both had to deal lit met. Yeah I use whatever happens behind the scenes whether. Whether spoke Hess who ask Pat Riley to get involved where this ball has to keep Pat Riley from getting involved. Weather's Bo has to sit down with LeBron man to man peso based. Those are the type beings they go along with the X the knows you have to know how to manage your team. Keep them confident keep their keep their base immune that you know what you're doing etc. etc. That's a big part Cogent also glad that's why I wonder about. Steve Kerr and I say it's kind of hard to measure but look so card. Nothing to complain do so to Mark Brown about right and hurt him. Playoffs now he's one of the head coach three times twice with clueless as laborers. Well but I feel if could be guys I read a story about him you know he was eased since I'm the spurs. Just as the as the kind of as a as a pop in by the right to have to just gonna spend time with the men. And com. Steve Kerr called pop and asked deepening Mike Brown is really get back Guillen and and pop see it here and pop went to Mike brown and seated. Steve Kerr is probably going to be calling you and you better take the job. So. You use you happen it was going into the arena Goldstein neither game Warner gained two. And the police were escorting the spurs. Boss team bus and any in front of that bus. Was an SUV being driven by Mike brown and his son was in the air. And the police kept saying all over pro over and Mike broke once for the real any would he finally they forced him like off the road to pull over. And pop saw this many Tex what it. Brownie you laughing his ass off raising some like republic of old prisoner by the cops up will they just so the spurs must Buchanan rebels there and when that's that's really good second I didn't earlier in the most critical UCL I got a text I see the numbers there's been popped the taxi pretty cut and ready to limit if that's good to make a lab like bad right that's right and now they're pump are going to laugh mimic kick your ass yeah yeah yeah. No no asserted that that all coaches would be laughing at each other interestingly each other's demand situation right. Here's a look at some if you think this deserves a four backward and go. Heat's pick put all the names of the remaining available players on ping pong balls the Tumblr FaceBook live the drawing in draft that player. Mr. critz Eminem man does not bad. Trade the peak in Winslow Freddie were moved. See. Give way to you you're Josh McRoberts it was finally does noise that couldn't do it. Traded computer picks so we get an offer close to what Boston offered last year for a number ten. About. Millions of the Asia trade the editing in draw against the pacers were Granger. So it's pretty good. I got to Michigan depicted the Marlins that's written. C. Trade the pay day and drug gets to the bulls from Butler. If you give it to the nets because we feel bad. Almost. Yeah that 2013 trade didn't work out. With the Celtics and then they have to lose the number one pick overall yeah given that anything afterward they put into the season and remember and yes he's so called the show when I was all of these the other day and said I still haven't. For giving Chicago its Chicago yet to forgive it's the nets I mean WL loss of the bulls anyway. But this sick guys and reduce those chances to really zero. Then you have be upset with the nets are gonna get so would any team. Yeah I I would I would agree and we're really see what's gonna happen in that situation. There's got to be some way. That's the NBA can help protect its so produce those situations it's the only thing that I come up with news. Somehow you've got to you've got to the Euro way to wait the last seven games ten games twelve games so that if you're a bad team. And you have eighty. The better record than the other bad teams and those last whatever games. You get a little higher chance at the number one pick you so you're rewarding the bad teams for finishing strongly. And that way you kind of forbids them from saint dean at a at a time of year win playoff. Spots and playoff seeding are being decided you give them some incentive to play their hardest. Late in the year when the games don't mean any pick so I mean I don't know that that's the answer but something. You've got to do some that we were. Talking about this Ethan and Iowa or not this was a suggestion I heard he kind of come back to it I heard a suggestion that once a team is eliminated. You know the team with the best record after their eliminated its more ping pong balls yeah now his response that was while teams all. You know taint sumo may be rather you know and then sort of at the end of the season. I'm Mark Cuban came out by the way and he says it's the data he admitted taping. Yeah well the taking part and I don't he's equity of welcoming NN headline news or use our Deb and Carter. Yes of our call it was more of corporate tanking from the standpoint that he'd they decide it. The tier lower tier players were played most of the minutes. And he was saying. We weren't truly tanking because muscles players got out there they busted their butts of their playing part of their future in the league so it. It wasn't as though we told him don't make shots. It was we're going to play our worst players. The Garnett and yet the so basically that's that's what he was saying and and there's got to be something you can do and it's it's only board it's not only where the teens com. Who are who were actually tanking and giving their fans a bad cry about. Its board the integrity of the plate races old so it's an answer to pull me right. As he found out I mean again that's probably one won the game you know what they would have Ellis a marginally better chance at the end. Rested I put that word courts their players and our gaming at Oglesby I yes definitely although. Lou we knew remembered that that Tom you people really get the sixers know well Brooklyn had beaten them like a week before right but still die I agree with you you. You would do you it at least it appears that he you'd least like to see Brooklyn. Try by the way someone can this guy must sex in the other day because we had is the bottom three teams in the league it's on down to the the lakers and the six or and yet the TV partners would just love that right. Yes hello de LA is not in the MBA but Sioux Falls is correct incorrect idea at the Austin toros earlier that bad would you not only TV anyway. But that there are always the lakers they're people organ you know. In there won't be as many prime time games but they're still second biggest market in the country manor and yeah and I think people who for about a basketball this does Lesnar team. Yeah well look I'm sure that unbelievable for a have both but it can only have one thing better basketball. Yeah but I mine mine which is how like this text. About Mark Cuban he legitimate he legitimately tried to play Tony Romo OSX ten. That that's pretty good that's pretty good. You know what I. I I do think it well I yeah look look let's go to break will only know about it was employed at 24 pack yeah. Will give display on the those one more segment to go perk and iron here until 7 o'clock back after the. The NBA is on the ticket every game of the car. How much finals and the finals you've been here for the NBA post season. And the NBA hey M seven shiny and ever more importantly it. The ticket alongside her time 3 yards and 7 o'clock regulations. Warming up in the bullpen he will take you until 10 o'clock. We have one winning. Text so far to get to a four pack for the Marlins Phillies on eight conqueror you know may thirtieth. Said he'd take put all the names of the remaining available players on ping pong balls that Tumblr FaceBook live the drawing of the ball and draft that player we're gonna call you sir and give you. They have four pack of Marla cigarettes we've another one anyway given the others that are track your eye here. Bring us all and you know as yeah well that's that's not a winning planned com. The pressures are yeah yeah yeah and I'm looking for I'm looking for so that would be. I hope be really good are really funny. Sign waiters and Johnson trade winds low in the number fourteen pick for Carmelo and a six pack of Busch light in Cannes. Brother of the bush likely Carmela does it. I don't seem fitting in here I really don't. My room I just like a good thing it'll deepen our lack of. Well you you you definitely have to have a plan. Where there that it. Well and and nobody would be caught off guard by karma know deep and all right so it's it's it's not like he would get here and that he would goal. The minute this guy can't play the right you wouldn't know that going in and I I put that down there and under the pile low if the Wayne comes back. He's not gonna be thirty points a game in and blah blah blah he's. Dwyane has to realize day. Coming in just like he has to realize Melo is not a there are certain realizations. When you are here to to to do these things Tom. You have a couple of to give that he picks to the Marlins. I'll say this I like the idea of getting back to end on an end to take some of relegating teams like soccer does one. But hey you just can't do that in in American pro sports Kenya where it's realistic and thought it was just like no I don't I said that if the other day right just got an idea of a color as you say there there is that the basketball related income in I'm just thinking if whoever state torrent pays. The lakers a million dollars a year for advertising and now we get relegated to the not pay them a million dollars for. 197 games over two years humans on the cubs or other majors anymore. Yeah well I and some team like Indianapolis is coming up to the list and I don't have a problem telling the team's associate. Sports story socialistic. Environment you need them all to play well. You can't yet you you can't have bum. LeBron in the one or another and you couldn't you couldn't have Dwyane Wade in the LA on Christmas. Us there I got you in that respect it in in well that idea house trying to say was. You would use. He was eighteen didn't easily tanking for a long time let the semi six's I even put upon them because they can think of what it. More than five years better Bre part of a decade navy. The last minute there's no why idea as they like it may have. Like you listen met teams are dealing must stand you take your team is Leo you guys are mentally heard garbage like you gotta go to. Panama as the B lack of it every B way. Consistently. You legend successfully in the with the draft lottery right like I like in the lead out LeBron right emits an NFL yeah when Cleveland went in my area came on here. They'll go to dealing because they've been meant bad for that long by just further humor purposes here's one perk. Have Lavar ball under the draft and take what fourteen just for the entertainment. Now we LSU three minutes here so we got to decide the pressure's on we did sixty minutes stop wash your India. Com. And why are thinking about that yes we forgot to mention MM you can decide this final here. Is Giselle bunch and going on TV and say I Tom. It's a concussion pretty much every year he's played yeah events that say eight PR nightmare I was like where New England what probably happened. I'm guessing Rawle surmise and you probably want all told his wife always knows Tenser is that the oil on the luxury missile the patriots. Oh yeah and some doesn't know I'd probably the patriots on this one at all no no no I think that's probably what have you rally came home and see in my theater so probably got a concussion in. He's probably see a ban on more than one occasion without telling the patriots and you have that's contrary to have you with her idol and we love you all humor or would you put my misses are there. Then she was like a little crush you with my wallet shut up. I just think if you don't can't measure before we got married. Patriots he made him sign a pre nup tiger did and things like and I love and I got to watch operators are great more than your devices are not talk about touching off you have to live when you're twelve million he's shut up. I. You got to finally got to where they are they're. He Latin. I'm. Glad I don't see idols sing another good one here man. Rapture zealot force keep it. Listen I mean the attorney James Johnson in the fourteen to Chicago for Butler. It's loom. But the restaurants in space make the politically it into the Houston Texans yeah. I mean I got at least give depicted the Marlins in the in the Marlins know your boots on. We got a guy who guided by it let's do that I they're going to give. It's on the phone number only we get out here in the in a minute or so beyond that Tom Brady thing. We forgot to garment to go there but that Hosni precincts where she goes on CBS's Laura -- C -- currently illiquid with Charlie Rose right here I am like oh my god they're gone through the patriots like Albright and that's that's that's always that's always flip and Albert's the patriots and their medical staff are probably curiously assembling the paperwork and here's a week full of years we will be never told us he had a concussion some labeled it just allows about two headache heat but yeah. The look she's received she didn't do anything wrong she noted it it was spoken innocently enough right just like. In the course of conversation but yeah I know a lot of patriots people probably cringed when I including Tom Brady what. Is all they could be all horror of our plane to make Tom retired. Show you right for a moment you see you want him to retire he doesn't. Yeah I said in my play another five years. You know if you like are you implement the buy it lets you do direct actually this guy right right I'll I'll will drop a bomb a week if you don't retire wreck. Simon well that's gonna do it. Thank you per it was great yeah and Julian Lennon junior a lot of thought into it to another Reche Antoine terrific job by you thank you very much are things that. To Walt beacons for coming on Greg likens his next he'll take you up in the 10 o'clock alongside Kirk are free though have a great night.