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Friday, July 14th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. I pulled him in on Friday. It's it's only here to win Curtis Stevens since taking up until. Close to 7 o'clock tonight. Every Friday and Amanda happy Friday to you as well wow man weekend is already yeah that's right one week it's been an all star game everything and all downhill from chairman and that's feels like a long time and doesn't it does but were or push our way towards the end of the month then the it's going to be it's going to be things are gonna have an out of. Breakneck pace here moving forward. It's. One of the things I want to get to today. Is real and who's sporting events we don't typically talk about but you start to get into a little bit here. At this time of the year one of them is tennis and before we get to the headlines here's the thing. So Roger Federer. Is going to another. Wimbledon final and this deserves mention here he's nearly 36 years olds. And he has not lost a set. At Wimbledon yet this year and the last one to do that was Bjorn Borg now Federer is gone to the finals twice without losing a set. And wasn't able to finish the job. By. This is a remarkable accomplishment and he is one of the most remarkable athletes of our time. He talked about 36 years old. And still playing at this kind of level would this kind of precision. Is really incredible and he's done it with such grace over the years too as well he's in an athlete that you can in Meyerson today beads tossed her rich. Is going to the finals gonna play more Marines so Leach and I know his pronouncement incorrectly he won. The US open in 2000. Fourteen and he beat San query of the US. With 25 aces. Today I. Today but but remarkable accomplishment. By Roger Federer and somebody who should be. On sort of the one in the one of these one of the mount Rushmore athletes. Our time and we're gonna get into a little bit of that today and that's the thing and I are gonna have months. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat at WS FX HD true. Here's what's trending now from a policy air remains headlights desk he. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. Baseball is back Marlins park that's right 7101 pitch the MLB best Dodgers are in town with a record of 61 in 29. Marlon check in at 41 and 46 danced really takes the hill he's seven and four. Against a Brandon McCarthy once again 7101 pitch tonight ten X don't you dare Marlins let Joseph. Of that rope NBA's summer league the Miami Heat. But the wind yesterday at our find themselves in the quarterfinals or take on the Memphis Grizzlies and old buddy Doug Davidson Dell's team tomorrow at 6 o'clock out in Las Vegas. And has even mentioned Robert Roger Federer is in the men's final in three sets overtones burnished in Marin Cilic. He defeated American Sam queries in four sets men's final will be on Sunday and those are your Friday headlines. Here and so on and rely rely on baloney the message tonight. Texans Allen Meyer Federer I don't like he wears a blazer to the court overs tennis clothes. What a jerk. He's a jerk critics I don't know why did Turk well anyway here goes I I had Roger Federer is great army but he's got Pete Pete Sampras disease. I mean it I mean by that is that he's not very interesting only I mean he's he's just nod. A guy that really moves the needle and he's. The type of guy that I think will be appreciated more win they throw those graphics 56710. Years from now. Then I don't know man he won that many times and there's no question. It's remarkable heroes left for dead a couple of years ago yeah sport. Is an injury start piling up in you know. You even the tennis people that know the sport inside and out said. You know what Roger's never gonna win another major I mean he's gonna get to. The semis and then that's about it he can't beat Djokovic you can't beat Nadal on certain services. It's just not gonna happen and here is when did the jokers got some injury issues. He's the last man standing at Wimbledon so. Did he fund the US open if via if you get hits that in the in a few weeks but it's pretty marbles pressure when you look at. Federer and tiger were kind of the two guys stand that dominated in those respective sports. For the last fifteen years and one of them is just completely off the map in Erie is you know fed is still it's still rock and in doing. Yet Federer eighteen grand slams already five Australian one trend seven when molten five US opens and only for his eighth. Wimbledon title that would unlock the tie. With Pete Sampras so he descent you know I know we say doesn't move the needle I I think he's his style of play. AEU. I mean eight if you're if you're a tennis fan. There is such beauty in the way that he played some bunch are right he's not eighty. He's not a strong personality. Well I let them talk about in the world tennis and attack succumbed and you know Roger drop for more than Neil yeah in tennis. But if you wanna put him deal we talk of the all time greats. In the history of sports. His name is not going to be one of the first five or six mentioned when it should be nuts on set and he'll be we're gonna deal maybe. You're gonna go to the mainstream sports first and he's not a dynamic personality like Andre Agassi was in that sport where the crossover appeal especially in this country is going to be. Is gonna be well noted you all continue to eat take a look at. Athletes in their late thirties were still competing and high level. I'm Tom Brady. Comes to mind immediately Venus is playing Venus 37 assembly tomorrow morning. And it allows color my my next question that. Is deal for you for all the young man games stuff. With all the nutrition the technology and all those things. Should we X acts. Athletes to play until their 4045. Years old maybe and in certain sports. Wear at the time. There's no way you late thirties are guys gonna break down. Note Tony romo's talk about air Rogers talk about Tom Brady to throw the ball better than they than they ever have beaten and you're going. And some of these guys. Play into 41 when Drew Brees and don't play that other five years and I'll be 43. At a high level or you're gone maybe you can do it may be LeBron can do a million yen up nicely good. We LeBron can do it I mean take a look at I mean who is who we were talking a little bit about how wide receivers and who's sort of the in in football who is sort of the elder statesman at this point in the NBA right now. Who's the best player 35. Be in his mid thirties at this point I guess. The MBA yeah. Who'd be elder elder statesman. In the league. Maybe Dwayne yeah might be to land right probably a mean. I mean you look at DC all the scoring leader of all time scoring leaders need the 2003 class of the guys are all there right now. The day it's that admits it's LeBron it's Carmelo and it's time right. And and Dirk against right of dirt yeah there is the one guy is still high and down from that group there the rest of those guys have all retired. Garnett so everybody from their call you won't hear Scola me adore this is his last year tourists say but yeah I mean he's the last man standing but if you're gonna guys probably. Has a couple years the kind of elder statesman reroute probably do the Dwyane and so. I mean how would you like Roger Federer what he's doing is beyond ridiculous. Yes it is but I just feel like it should be getting more run and it's not so why isn't. Well part of it is is is tennis right I mean doesn't have. I mean he doesn't have quite cachet that it had. In past years when he's not I mean not an American there you know Rios aggregates of the mobile semis or meanwhile the men's tennis in this country hasn't really done anything. In the last ten to twelve years and all now I'm seeing it's been a lot of Marty fish. Yeah I mean and Andy Roddick was the last guy that that Hannity and I mean he was younger what he won one or two majors the but Armenian army and we did dominance of Sampras and Agassi. But yeah I mean what it's it's unbelievable what he's been doing. They still don't like that you would say he's probably gonna be the favorite. Going into the US open yes I mean it's especially Djokovic is injured right so I mean it's is and look at Venus I mean all of that's crazy. It appears doesn't do it than Serena would have been right there in his eye redness or have been there and Venus is done and even though she's been dealing obviously with with the off the court did but it just did you see you know what we're watching is a normal. Now it's on I hope people appreciate it. Well and that's and we talk about a couple of guys. Plane into the forties we we got to see younger and Ichiro here. Right obviously not at the top of their sports and moral yarder in two years ago. Had a pretty good year for the Panthers. So that's another good one other than any of that comes appears Vince Carter. Yeah he's an ageless wonder he's he's amazing what he's changed his game as much as anybody. In. In basketball in recent memory right I mean you to talk about a guy who was a Dunkirk who's now switched out to being a defender and a three point shooter. And you know he just wonder. In he didn't get an opportunity to win a championship in he missed it in Dallas. By year. By what it would have been like if Toronto and able to keep McGrady and Carter together. All those years and I think Vince you know and down surround an immense you know that nets team that played heat in the playoffs and you know and obviously playing in women's play is played in a bunch a places south Phoenix. And all the rest this text comes in Venus seem to another another train Serena stays pregnant for the rest of her career. Well Venus is getting more attention as a result of this thing. And then V is probably a little one a few more majors and wasn't for Serena yeah a lot of them they are an early in his career Venus was beaten up on Serena so me keeping a kind of goes both ways work what is there all time. Head to head. It's got to be well Serena is Serena has been taken care of that lately. But Venus Venus owner early in earn career seventeen to eleven this Serena yeah. Seventeen to play a lot of those were in semis or finals Venus has been number one for a total of eleven weeks arena for a total of 316. Missed. So. Means you very easily say you're watching the greatest female tennis where multi in the greatest male tennis where all time right. And I think that's fair to celebrate him and that's pretty special it's a says an old dog not a tax Knoll personal ever top 2009 Brett Favre. It's pretty good got teleconference conference championship game. Yeah I had a great year with the vikings on. I'm out I would say I would sing but I would think Tom Brady's gonna top that. Yet in his elder I mean I would bet that like that's the thing it mean your site everyone's expecting Brady. To be done. The end. Just watch it I think you have to look at the other way I mean it just you you watch him in that Super Bowl. In a buyout issue how old is this guy you would say disguised when he beat 29 years old he's in the he's in his prime years long. In theory is pushing forty right. And says he's got a plane to lease. Independents forty I mean like you people kind of scoff at data I'm Golan. OK now you know it happens everybody. Where you just fall foot cliff. One like Peyton Manning had the MVP year in the N guys everybody yeah she's just kind of waiting Allen Iverson's and other long in the league in scoring next two years couldn't do anything right here is waiting for it to all does goal on a guy blood. I although I mean if you had a bet on somebody that's gonna actually make that thing happened now Brady your probably one guy. Yeah Brady would be the one Aaron Rodgers says he's in he's entering the back nine in his career he's 33. Yeah I mean I people forget how old Aaron Rodgers is just because sleaze sells out the first three years did he employ dozens of so far was in front of them. Men jays scored when he gaming age forty if that always gets overlooked is that those washed teams and make the playoffs but Michael was pretty good those last two years so. Don't pay he was and playing playing differently to. Moved up to the forward position and and was still well to the basketball. And one thing it and you touched on with Vince a little bit he would Brady a civilian. If you're going to play that long. You're going to have to change your name right if you don't then you won't play that long. Right so hard hole I mean that's what they did your credibility if you're gonna play twenty years forty plus years you're going to have to change the way you play. Because your outlets is that is going to go at some point in him and he would Brady. You can't sit in the pocket and take hit after hit after hit the ball to come out of out quickly you know certain things you get better at. When you lose a little bit of your outlet says. Korean as the finals MVP at age 38 career was a no one people forget notes these more techs coming inner crossings along its excellent. People forget how productive Julio Franco and Rickey Henderson were into their forties. Affluent those are all good one man is a question here art Jason Terry and Vince Carter the only active three decade players. There are the only ones that come to mind. Two of them on dirt. Under. Well Dirk is yet Dirk was stretched and that's right. Dirk Dirk drafted in the ninety's knows what the 96 try and NEC extra trailer you're straight before. Tractor trail believe tractor trailer entrances. That would not not one of the better moves than Milwaukee is government. All known in my. But would Dirks first couple years and Dallas our first year in Dallas though was rocky. There there was a lot of questions why would you take this guy he's not that the you know he's not he's never going to be a productive he won't adjusts. It's a life here. Brought our tests turned deny any. Colin my original Oden over your answering com. Gordy Howe played into his fifties that sure Italy Korea now and text housing or don't forget that Al Bundy once scored four touchdowns and single game while playing pulled high school. Those high school that's. Still different. So who would you say is the greatest ageless wonder in sports we got you magical we have in our town. Yeah we drove back into joining so he's not a thug that's not exactly doesn't return of the base paths now now but I would say Brady now. Right right now. Federer pretty impressive man in that sport and then that's when we're gonna thirty you're supposed to be dawned. Yes they all those young guys Jason Omid EQ did you know about you know all these young guys and they're the ones retiring in getting hurt and tell us they retire like retire from matches. It's. Yeah yeah well exactly I mean in doll and all that how how old is. Hold isn't all of this point Rafa as well he's not as young as you think it. Isn't thirty to. 3131. From. There are it's it's been I mean. I expect to in the wind on Sunday. Yes Huckabee had the losses that and I as the Los dissent and that that would be remarkable accomplishment to be the first one since. Since Borg to do that now would be. Towards mormons are one yes George Foreman is not a good one. I we're gonna try it we're trying to catch up next with a martial burn. Covers the NBA. For ESPN we'll be right back on some ninety. Are it's almost I don't let a thousand bucks just are listening to take a starting Monday at the training camp 1000 dollar four days. You to a 1000 dollars four times today eliciting and it's seven and 8 AM three and 4 PM Monday to Friday starting next week at the code word text to 72881. That's 72881. And you just might win 1000 dollars the training camp 1000 dollar for days on am 7:9 AM FM 1043 HD two. The ticket. You install went back here with. Curtis Stephenson respect and be joined by emotional Bernie here. Any minute someone text in how do you for Dan Marino bonds and Clemens will get to those here the second. Wanna get out to Ramallah joining us right now on the air Ryan fuels does isn't the answer is yes I'm virtually steps. Beyond convenient for ESPN has a great job so number amount of children are grown thanks for taking the time we know that you traveled. Yeah I Arriaga a big man who really been getting the bug and the like only when they get through airport security right yeah. And the. Well you asked him earlier through week so we appreciate that yeah. What a start this is what was Zaire there ya I'm assuming the argument that summer league we've seen some of the covered sheer. What's around what what is what is being sort of your biggest takeaways from summer league so far. You know personalize it in hot list put this contemplate card is pretty. I'm railing I got held gear box like never changes man I can't tell us personality and its. Then at the junior who. A lot of people didn't know about him that he hadn't served nondescript they emanated but numbered yeah I think I didn't have a late lottery get a lot bug but. He with a guy that like a budget team. You didn't have the courage to pay higher but they really like like I remember the lakers only Manhattan Democrat do you really good that they are out again that blog all right so. This kid has been put it should put on us out over there and without really meant obviously loud building great. About all looked really get when he went out there and then Kourtney got hurt but you know Jane can hate a local race like we don't water picked Baylor. It would get out summer league yet the call by everything that lady. You know in terms of buying into the hype and especially after a couple of bad throughout the night with the finalized. You bid document over the Carmelo Anthony story let's direction let's judge people upon on now Ramona. Are the knicks just taking a pause here and kind of letting the new general manager Scott very conservative alliance soda. Don't I think so I mean I think. It might I think the knicks are playing and they're thinking that there Riley I think they're going beyond that trying to rebuild from the ground up and now that you know they have the expect that builds up and resolved and yes had you wanna leave that word that the bad did rank. They they can they can you think they can do you think that if you can get a reset site they'll think. I thought that Carmelo blue but right now they bear yeah you're trading him from that was you know bottom conditioned area like him not like your values really I it is not like. Everybody's trying to head into a lot of competing operated. But being a bit lucky you're looking at her victory that he that he would waited OJ caused barely keeping. Yeah I mean that's progress that is progress and Deanna and want to see their other stints. Threw him out there Paul George guy in the sit in Oklahoma similar do you see there is a possibility that he could be their long term. Do I gotta be on Blake. Their web site that extension and let you know you've been there may mean that the people go all out like the thing about all of like. You know I think he just wanted to team with a plan to win and we wanted to clean lip like up harder she didn't get behind and I want to be an ally in all aspects. You know here's a long time and especially. In these people feel that you Apollo Group Miller and let the lakers not up but I also think that he's. He's got married until like the culture there just like that organization lake. I don't think you well but I don't feel like you say can I think you need to put you know any type of impressionable you that would that would wipe the slate like Abu. No I was I need all of that wouldn't about your pond down like many people know what I'm bill and play it this summer rally but it really. Pretty far out there right like it's not exactly a we're like suburbs terrier who in the valley near valley and when he missed like an hour and a half from LA. And a couple of manic panic following the Israeli blew down south and he likes to golf I meant fishing up like. The part of the play exactly bright lights big city you know. Kind of guys I think he may be okay in Oklahoma and he literally woke especially guys like let certain. Cut from the same pot and like you know I could be happening but it also comes down to whether a lesser offense that extension. This summer and how long he'd take that but laughter river he's trying to think that it was up a bit of August I remember. Driving around and everywhere without spoke with an Olympic that would likely less strict in the ability and you can't let them in August but he's big time but if he he does that again this year. And I think that the chance that he doesn't then I think that press during got a good look at per plate for the Petraeus. Are you surprised with the all the maneuvering that's that's gone on here in the last a few weeks that Cleveland has pretty been pretty stagnant. You know I'm probably by the all of it right we'll know where you need company NBA you look at it that you hear about the blacking out that. Right load the number of people tried it that hard to work it out into the fact LA. Obviously like Chris Paul playing for the rockets now I'll toward an Oklahoma that you like. Think I collect moved a big star player like a pretty. You know appreciate that doesn't happen often that me and given it immediate interest function of the war like the word that everybody shut. Then in every you have to be so good they even unit in Pendleton the worried if you are willing to try a lot of weird stuff. I'm Bob I like it can dial I'm not like I like Alec you better make a movement you know made in swing and today I like that. Daughter Ramona shall burn in here from ESPN. You mention Alonso all. It looks like a better score. The navy was credit. Lori Drew Carey. I mean not on the bike. I think I'm hoping. I think going to bonus for hammock in the early like the biggest thing for me when I watch and the family didn't and all the way got to play and it got thought at first came in at up. The folks who bring in Kendall Marshall guarded him and Kurt and Ryan Kendall you know remember him with a lottery pick and it's 56 years ago we need a longer amount ago. And it kind of a veteran guy who. The play that eight you really get pastor is that kind of guy who can. You know you like well you really highly never learned this course you can eat up aptly put on the list but that's similar comp right at a player. And what kind of garnered him you get totally back Gotham is like giving him seven feet. And though the person can get clippers in my blog that I assume you ballot happening this stupid that scene and one for eleven great Kendall basically daring him to hear it. And I think that's probably going to be the way most can play him like when you get into the half court and you can't you give him space like air this year because. One it's not his game play did not shoot first point guard and puke. Like he has got funky shot they were not quite sure I'm gonna translate into excel he can make. W I put it not like she's gonna have a little adjustment here in the NBA because. Even you know read how you played you get to play with pace solid Simon and that cover up of the fact that your shot the law. Who's not that Canadian big challenge. It's not Irma shall burn here. On 790 infamy as cannot last one for your Ramona the lakers in general I tired are they. I mean is this also LeBron coming hey there is this something that we're gonna seed play out here. Oh yeah and you know you know LeBron the blog anybody write a letter that you think you know about LeBron. You never know what you gonna do but it's always gonna get himself back low leverage and maximum options right so. He can go to the big to a tree and going into that here at one they have really done anything you'd have to decide. What they're gonna do with Kevin Love long term at the decide they need to reboot get another star there. And if he needs another Big Three. And bulk of the site if you look at that I guess diplomat but I think that would be the most important thing of all because. What do you the fighters do acute elaborate right right they can do it. And I think about that for LeBron like it does we'll all be aligning the Galapagos. You look at how they think it's when he got KCP and the clutch sport client is gonna play that you garden. A great defensive player along I love the like that they like I I'm not in that they want those are not that carrier like that but he does have that similar type. Aiming at the left field especially coming into the league where we need the quite complex thought we need somebody to play defense at the right. And I think that like that. That was a great little bit later and got really lucky that it is Elin and their lap like that. I think you know the part of it but. You know the whole these elaborate you apple before all that straight Oklahoma what you feel like I think yeah. But now my blue like it you pay their focus a lot contained herein and in knowing LeBron away we all do it like. Now he he want him so popular they may become a cut below eight by. Big monster now that's way more attractive. But he can that he won't buy another lap very last second here. Ramona thanks for taking the time we appreciate it have a safe flight. You gotta thank you all right Obermeyer summer and there. From ESPN. And I mean it we were talking about this a little bit on the show Alonso ball moon has got a guy who's gonna be as attractive he think he's gonna be somebody who can pull another player I do. And I think his style of play and me who would wanna play with a guy like that completely unselfish. Always going share the basketball. And push the tempo and you look at what it's going Golden State. That's where this league is going to the ball up the floor on get as many looks in many shots and positions as you can and he is. You his vision is special it really is Diane and Jason Kidd like. And he's gonna have some nights this year where you know he's gonna go and give much the last night's extra warning. But and gonna have a bunch of assistant probably bunch of turnovers until they get better players around him. Until we learn how to play a little bit but he's special man he's been a lot of fun to watch a lot of the some early action and it's been it's been pretty fun to watch him in the lakers play. But how to say this on LeBron like I I just don't see an and things can change in her is Ramona said put. Is don't see it long term in Cleveland. Because the roster were. Just it's it's about championships with him so how's that roster going to get better it's not I mean especially if you're gonna Macs are a lot of long term like bed then. You know either there's a point where you just can't spend anymore and you know Kyra reed is still developing but I feel like. There's a ceiling there's a ceiling there for the whole team in the ceiling is great for most teams are sealing his word when Eastern Conference. But we camped the clipper Gershon who can be the warriors. And LeBron it's not about just getting there it's about winning the whole thing so. Mean he jump ship down here why. Well it's also the lottery Cleveland's so dramatically good but it party. ENC path. Writing is on aging wade videos this rosters and you know we we kind of got as much as we could get out this roster he didn't believe Riley Entrust rise that he could retool it. You know once the same data gays in the ray Allen's moved on. He saw a younger guy named in the bay in the Tyree to kinda you know pair with and obviously they made the low trade general Wiggins saw the sort of the lakers one young guys cap flexibility. Los Angeles. Sets us on that but a lot of options there for him and there's a lot of things that there are a lot of things collective Los Angeles and here. Yeah and you when you talk about. The Casey team moved to a you know if if they don't find a better to learn out there. He could be a very serviceable Dionne accrediting early love but no LaBrandon original KCB is a better version of of my Shumpert basically. Defender. And three point shooter and and LeBron likes playing those three Indy guys take a little bit of pressure off him. So you know there's once I worked with a repeat her for a little while and Rick had an idea he said LeBron should play for different team every year. Just to see. If he can take that team. How far he can take that team in the playoffs because soon there are a lot of teams are jammed the brawn to that wouldn't. Would in a first B playoff teams and second in most cases be content I knew I mean I say is summing meal kind of LaMont Jordan have joke really take Jordan in the and the bottom eleven players in the league at the time that he's made in the post season. You ominous is how good he was LeBron the same type of type of guy. It Texans if he still and we consider loves his cats seem better to they have a shot at beating Golden State. I as well is wigand's it and we as a so inefficient to certain degree right like I feel like Andrew Williams is still he has distinguishing itself enough now. I mean he's a nice piece of the young core in Minnesota but I don't know. Then he's made that leap. Yet so another text comes in guys Kevin loving hand picked carrier ring was spectacular can't take anymore talk of what perfect team LeBron has to be on win a championship. There's no where he can go otherwise he's gonna end up. Like Shaq he's an age better than Shaq as he keeps himself in much better condition. There's Shaq does somebody also Texans he's a mercenary and I would say he's an opportunist. Yeah I think that was done anything. That's that drive would come out your muted you'd say it's right or wrong. But let's that's the way LeBron think in is you know how to I want you get to the easy the path to the championship and you look around and go on. Okay we've got to Max this thing out as much as we can. There's a reason he keeps taking these short deals yeah obviously that's part of that's right he wants to make sure that they're putting the right pieces around them. And he wants to be a believer if you want to gradually if if it doesn't work and death it's IEA you know this guy gets herder the summing he's leaving it easily be an out of form solving its you can call that we're every one. But that's just the way he's operating. Texans into the research we can scoring has increased every year now it has the he's not in terms of his defense. He's not is now where he should be jewelry essentially. Through the research we've done the research is he is Andrew Williams the third best player on team to win the NBA championship right now or even two years ago when they won the championship the answers now now and I now. Not at this point right. So. Research at that point they don't win a championship two years ago injure Williams as the third best player. Probably not although Kevin Love was not great not fine not great but I mean he was pretty bad actually cancel the last game. Yeah but I mean you didn't get their leg and now. Now you want to have a long term as we're going to be better two years from now the Kevin Love him from a probably so yes but that's some other traders may now. Now Texans in what if LeBron for the minimum join the warriors easy way to get a chip he muscled us and the league. At that point rise that's even LeBron won't do that under the rug got some pride in some standards. Fresh writing that reside is enjoying record. I would we come back we'll get more your sexier Lotta more commentary. On this. Somebody suggesting another team here that would be interest sting. For LeBron will discuss the next in seven of the ticket. Thursday morning's AM hour just tips and amber on the ticket Thursday morning's AM hour. Tries raise goes public adjusters who got your assets covered call 855 Getty CPA. But disease 'cause public adjusters dot com don't settle for less than listening just the tips on hand 790. And FM 1043. HD two. The take any console went back here occurred Stephenson. Continue the Andrew Reagan's debate. Here yeah on the textures onto had a big Andrew Williams fan club here in South Florida I mean there's a reason his great player but there's a reason they traded him. Immediately to get Kevin Love now because they wanted to win a championship so was it shortsighted absolutely but. Me was he ready is a nineteen year old player to. Public team when an MBA championship. I don't think so too and neither did de and that's why they moved him. Now the other thing that I heard too was that he he didn't sign clutch. And so that played into it little bit and maybe maybe to trade their but yet Kevin Love was was was further along. In in nine in development here in terms of being able to help them win a title but gay in the kennel until like you said didn't play well. In the finals that they want and the other one in a he was hurt me was out not not his faults got up to shoulder wrenched by Kelly elect Obama's that trait. But into yet another text about about the whole you know is Kevin Love and you know why are they trying to move him with. Like in Chris Bosh said the said the time is. It's tough being in that third guy right now but that's not for everybody either now the third guy is tough when you're not getting when you used to getting the shots. In other places when you used to getting. Everything called for you and when used to being a certain place on the floor they're asking you something completely different oh by the way still get numbers and stuff the other quote that Chris Bosh gave me on that and Chris and again in a little heat for that our member. We talked about it before we went to the went to Brazil. And I just say Aston you know in he he wasn't being critical of LeBron he wasn't running there wasn't like that it was just you know he said he he likened it to when Jiri you used to being out of buff Fay. And instead you're not about saying anymore you're at the table and it's like oh OK where is my bread. You know where's the rest of my where's the where's my vegetables wears dress in my state that kind of thing because you just think as you said you just not accustomed. To getting the ball in the spots that she got this look that you got in the spots actually. The event that story blew up to such a degree were in that we're in Brazil that I was in an elevator with Chris and actually apologize to him for the way that that story. Got played out. On the your neck has got played out like Christmas criticizing. LeBron why he was unhappy with his role and he was just say it's different is this an adjustment right. Then see with Kevin Love. It at it and Tex comes in at the end of the data catalog trade worked and won a title. Do you know. I mean they did. I mean and now but the other point to a back to would you rather have Williams for love now in the future that has been OK but that's the deal you made in that they brought Cleveland title in Akron. They're not gonna change that put this all goes back to what's LeBron think and the end user anything more than you could do with that roster. Other than okay we're gonna bring in Dwyane Wade on the bottom buyout may be or maybe Carmelo on a buyout. To close the gap with Golden State. Right and it now that Carmelo you know it you know added to the next or you know with Scott Perry in that move now. This may take a little bit more time now and the Cleveland looks like they've. Got their general manager in place so we said we could see a trade with the cats let me ask you this question and and remote we just promoted earlier. Okay Scott Perry I think the kings of the action are pretty good job they had a very good draft yeah overdraft offseason I think they can be pretty competitive year after the hold the deal boogie cousins debacle. But it is do they think they really one than than you think they really want to incorporate Carmelo back into New York is up early today. I can make this work or I or now or there is waiting for better offer I think going for better on the peninsula. Yeah I think that that is sort of sale of Carmelo and and it's just a weird situation you know the next made the move for Tim Hardaway junior before they you know with Steve Mills running the show Scott period and have anything to do that. So you know it's Tim Hardaway junior and Carmelo that wasn't a great fit the last time no. I don't know why you wanna do that again and again I mean if you're building around Tim Hardaway junior and Chris Haas parsing this. You know they re signed Ron baker writes so they donate that bright you know they have several pieces are non Gomez. No they're not going to be very good this year no matter what they do but the minute I think the the whole idea now is just to try to get some young assets for Carmel I mean the story the last night made it almost sounded like follow maybe we can you we want to bring him back. And it's like I think there's there's planning their pasts or their yeah out to try to get a better offer now may be Cleveland jumps and a little bit maybe Cleveland. I don't know exactly what Neil Young facets the knicks would want it. From everything get a third team involved but. Obviously the Houston deal that was leading get what they were looking for months and now you pull back and go OK let's let's restart this thing. And who wants Carmelo Anthony let's see if we can gets a little bit more here. Sex comes in Kevin Love still not ready to a championship. It's a lot of these that are coming coming in here. I I just think when you look at their situation I think you've hit on a cabinet they've. They've sort of Max out when this current core. Button and taxing out is something that fourteen other teams in the east would take. Only right and and and also. They've maxed out. And they thought this would be good enough and but nobody thought Kevin Durant would join the Golden State Warriors last summer and throw the MBA. On top of its head like that's the thing like Google was good road good okay we got to play San Antonio you know might lose. But we might win not okay the next year we got a plagued the clippers OK so proud beat them. They never thought that this would happen like Macs being out would have been good enough for the next three or four years for Cleveland. Right moving forward now not so much. Right yeah it's it's just not the same thing is it as it would have been. You know I mean this again when you're talking about a team and has four of the top thirty players in the India. And I don't think there's any question. About that right we will agree on that with the wind. Not just Korean Durant but also green. And Unclei. You know it did it put the whole thing I mean you know some of the role guys that they Cleveland had it leave look like nice moves at the time but when you're competing against attacks. It's just impossible com. And you know would Iran he's taken so much pressure off curry to the that was the other thing curry didn't play well. In those first two finals and in this finals. Played much better I think a lot of that had to do with the fact. That that to rants and was out there and commanding so much attention and and and hand and handling so much of the burden. Text comes and they needed to cease fire Phil before the draft the draft of the Claremont for the triangle and just forked over semi one million for Timmy junior perhaps food but that's the next that's on the next operate. Where they're trying to fix things they screwed up the they well who should they have drafted there. We should they have drafted. Was monks there. Yeah among was there monk would have been appropriate fit refused measure of trade Carmelo and then you know he's basically a better much better version tomorrow we junior and yes and anyone million for Timmy junior. Texans in 76ers money and young talent you think LeBron actually entertain the sixers. I don't know I don't may be I I'm still I'm still very reserved on all the young talented but remember have been ten Simmons also another clutch. Okay I mean at the part I I go I'll only go down that road. So so far with you on the clutch stop I'll by the way Dennis Smith was a guy they would they were down have been a good pick him. Title in Miami news I think he might be rookie of the year. Art is you're not on opportunities on a bad doused in the really showcase. And you a lot of shots he's really good. He got kind of forgot because on Tuesday wasn't rigor this year they write the post season or anything like that. Blood dom. Let go okay like the link clutches got a pretty good roster all of a sudden they edited so you go to a lot of different guys at me I think I think LeBron has one. Runs like where can I win championships. I think that is everything else is just kinda he did if he's got the one for Cleveland the next great his legacy is cemented their forever only right now just about. And I stack him up man can I get to four can I get the five can I get to Michael six the ends. Think he knows and he recognizes his basketball mortality to like hey I got about. 45 really good years his greatest shape she's in there about 45 high level all NBA type gears here I got to make them count there can be no wasted. Years even though getting to the finals losing in six games. Is greats. For him he views it as a negative. Yeah that's. Amateur Rouen and we've we've seen. You know was he seen in the measure say opportunist so I think. Is a good word and we have more names and any go to Phoenix let's it was a clutch guy they had young talent. The rockets and well obviously a Chris Paul is there so I mean he's gonna have options I don't think care. It's no shortage and NBA teams. That would be interest and an invite died Texans and LeBron or Seles Simmons. All the time. Criminal defense of his complaint. Yeah I was what you talked about that that that we have really seen them play yet we seem on the sidelines a lot. My has played an NBA game. I'm just I'm just curious moon before we wanna put the sixers into the into the east finals here in the next couple years or write a new city here volume town always does I don't I think what's happened there is that we were waiting on MB and then when indeed played we saw. The great we looked terrific. So the question is is Simmons more. And being Denny is Okafor. I mean I saw mean Simmons played a source of his playing college a bunch though she knew it was good. Yeah he's a really good distributor. Yeah he's gonna play that point forward. Position and an ammunition and able to do a lot of things. But I the drama and he wasn't a guy that you looked adding all my god this guy's gonna take over the Leone's does a lot of skills and needs to develop a little bit again at LSU team's disappointing to make permanent enemy Paterno. I when we come back we have more this McGregor. Stuff. Still going on here is McGregor Mayweather. Stuff. Is again a little bit to close the line we'll be right back on some nights ago. Welcome back on set and had this. It even sold like here with Chris Stephenson taking up so close to 7 o'clock am. Tonight. Hope you're having a good ride home. Today on a Friday. Korea to headlines. He's got a few of those today you GNU here's the thing. So the espn.com didn't dare. Goal for all thirty. Major League teams. No with the Marlins it was listed as pretty simple the potential sale of the team by owner Jeffrey Loria long looms over the second half. Three bids are reportedly insular area a big names such as Derek Jeter Michael Jordan Jeb Bush. It tag Romney Tom Glavine and rapper people involved in some of the group's favorite however may be South Florida billionaire Graeme mosques. And that is where the Marlins are now it's not necessarily about. The baseball on the field even though Marlins are I guess not trying not to let go of the room as per courtside. But. It's about getting this ownership. Situation resolved and it's about also seeing what happens here. With a potential fire sale. So good second half for the Marlins would be. First thing don't get fleeced when you make trades. Make sure that if you're making a deal. You're able to get some prospects there was able to bolster the system particularly pitching prospects some and that's what this team. It needs they need they need guys who were a year. Or less so way. From contributing at the Major League level being able to give you six innings. Consistently and that of course the other thing is some resolution here with the sale because we're does it eat can't go into next march. With the situation still. Unresolved and that's the thing and now we gonna headlines. These speeds W. He XY KM south Miami Heat at WS FX Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now for much cozy air permit. Deadlines to ask you need no problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Australia the Marlins they open up the second half tonight against the LA Dodgers and Marlins park first been set for seven attendance rarely takes the hill for Miami seven and four. On the year Brandon McCarthy will throw threw the Major League best LA Dodgers 61 and 29 demolish a game. 541. And 46 and say it with me don't let go of the rope. Per to somewhere screaming and that is he is a on vacation. Moving to the NBA summer league out of Las Vegas the Miami Heat find themselves in the quarterfinals tomorrow at 6 o'clock he'll take on the Memphis Grizzlies. And the Wimbledon men's final is set Roger Federer advance in three sets. Today also Marian Cilic he had defeated American Sam aquarium four sets so it'll be a cellist the end Federer in the men's final. On a Sunday and those are your Friday headlines. All right I do wanna play more McGregor. Mayweather sounds is two we had to we have a stomach for this at this point. Oh boy we talked about it I issue the question yesterday was a gonna get woes are gonna get really. Would you say may not even nasty and just very uncomfortable. And downright. Just. Just really untruth and and we hit that point yesterday and yeah let's let's play a little bit of this McGregor sound here. I get a good they did this visit I did feel welcome or the club party blown. I want you to take this I'm really isn't doing. Iron and there are no good. I'm maids and I really am can't. Calling it wouldn't. When you do here. I don't. I'm again. That's not the newly. Gibbons and. I know I'm Bob Black yeah. And the panic to now do we ought to do we know. Well yeah. Hey. Again the post I'm. In the US senior. To win two World Cup. And I do love. I'm gonna let let the dogs. All my eye can see that the include. Yeah yeah. People without any blood and I. I. I don't do well. I. I'm still win. We. You live. Is too. You'll fifty. The these tiny mountain. I knew about it. It should be doing. And all right so bomb. This dice comes in a related to this materially jumped the shark patient stop the two cities they run out of mid tier guys under present right at texture is that's exactly what I was thinking and it's gotten. I mean they had every one. Buying the fight so to speak the first couple of press conferences. Right Davis Claudia was okay some jokes there he had this is a circus. And then now it's just genuine new race is bringing in bought and they say it is not even about the fight anymore. It's about just I mean how whose how I love siren I know how low can you go who can read. Right yeah how low what how low can you go as far as the cheap shots. And it's I mean you know you McGregor was Colin Mayweather a boy a couple times yes in the dance. I mean it was just a lot of stuff that was just like what are we doing here like this is this is really. This is our watches anymore so we leave you attended a you know I'll watch the fight or you all watched this show here. I mean with a fight rolls around yet but I'm uninterested in any more of them just on stage screaming and yelling like it's gotten leg it's not funny it's not fun anymore. Also believe they just did depressed comes in London and apparently Floyd sort of about what he said he gave termed it a forward with a loiter Connor Floyd said today bouquet and a professor yourself can I saw that and I know who said it but I. I mean we were heading that direction right down hood tonight they just have to. Keep topping each other our thoughts Ken and I only here at 520. We talked a little bit about this fight before wanna get into it. With him again. Easy mil per communal equal time we'll play the Mayweather. Doing time campus high. Thank god. You'll quit too. But three. Oh man. The white. Okay. It's. So they don't. Now that is that is McGregor but apparently today and yes he'll moments of the London press covered she's you know. Said some the nets it's really derogatory so that does stay tuned for that more headlines on now and they like this point it's just like. Leg what are we doing here the evidence someone Texan in the stuff is entertaining. There's still. A segment that's going to be entertainment but yeah I mean when. You start. Win this stuff. Only two things can happen either one you just run out of material or to. You hike up the material to such a place that you can come back from it. And I feel like that's where you were worth that's an what's next right. Right what's their what's well what's next is probably what we sought so when we heard today we don't have the sound from today as of yet so but I'm sure. Who get that this text that was and you guys are so soft these pressed on deserve hilarious I can't wait for the spy. Okay and IBM dislike got I look the first two the first sewer rate remained depressed covers talking about like their funny entertaining now she's Psycho terror. You guys you would need now that said the run out of material. And when I semi solid they're going on for. Ford different press conference at four days it's like OK geez that's. You wanna live breathe a little bit and games. I mean at some point yeah there's you're gonna run at a jokes and you're gonna try to be funny and you're gonna go someplace where you really want don't wanna go to. And that's where we have to harassed. Now just ugly it's I even like kids I'm like funny anymore and. ON and they're they're just going over the same old ground here and you know it again because we don't. We don't know what this fight is gonna look like although I know you you have a pretty good idea that I know our next guest. As a pretty good idea it but but yeah I mean there's a certain number of topics obviously. Connors gonna come out with a we wearing something crazy. No question. And he's gonna get on May weather's style literacy and we've heard you heard that. Mayweather is gonna get on Connor quitting. And the difference in terms of I'm more money than you and I I am more money to do and then of course Conor with the IRS. Stuff so now's Foleo should really crowds or pay your taxes and its. It's Texans and mark my words Connor will be the first UFC billionaire. Another one this is like the Kardashians vs real housewives. If this then that's what it feels like open. It does it does have that. Here to yell out I mean I'm glad I'm so gonna deal watch the final solely by looking how low we need for. Media circus is in four days. Now that it's kind of Neil Neil devolved into well I am also so close together. My four straight days right now I I think they would have been better off spreading this thing out a little bit they'll literally the wilderness do a couple and then come back to it. And it dude I Texans in all the things they're saying is common trash talking on the street cheered all the time. On the streets on both sides. Someone else's fortunately the presses are done now Lisa showtime on access. Should be fun. I mean in Kevin article today may soon mean the headline is the Mayweather McGregor mediatory is derailed. It right it does after yesterday right we was near the way haven't today over London again and and Anna and it's McGregor. It may McGregor has been. Sort of the more risque won a little bit it would you agree that now. And he's been the aggressor. Gets you know and all these things he's right. This it is not a Texas saint boxing's is Debbie Debbie he passed thank fake then turned. So. Millions and I'm not gonna disagree were that are you know. Now. I mean Floyd it's funny because Floyd is is is talking about the difference in terms of what they earn fighters appoints the one deal with the IRS problems and yeah I know that's tough when the shape right there. Right Uncle Sam of the tax winner tough when the shake remember gotten those certified mills letters in the mail knew there you know talking about. And a television. And current. I'd hope you'd overdo it perfect and right benefited. Order not only until pink slip in the in the mail by Newton. W logo low post office we have solely for you sign right look and wonder what is cool grimace simulates package. Uncle Sam. What's take your money. And after noon. Text of tennis that's funny Connor bringing Jay-Z incidents. Too it's like everybody's being drawn incidents regular grip and fifty cent. On that and then I'd be that the legacy Floyd and then fifty are still tight. Like they have amid tying years now when your laughter the sense of a visibly. When opening move forward can see that that is your illness in some leg unity thing you get the thing did. Mean I and you think guys I don't know if guys are writing jokes not jokes Foreman our guys in there to Europe this is off the cuff I don't know what to me well that's. Something we'll talk to Kevin about the text comes in of course it's think they travel on the same play a private plane over to London. OK and my little lower than either. And then another one Connor is done after this fight is not gonna be no billionaire Connors and on back to fighting for three million dollars it. Three million dollars to fight I thought about that you know what's his next step Floyd's fifty you know and then pennant and he says that's it right up. Yeah although we've heard that before running the truth is nestled around and I I remember cover in the Pacquiao fight last year supposedly that was his last night move against Bradley. Hundred and maybe you should have been well. Yeah say that after the fight considering when apple with a warrant. Montezuma may when this the last fight to live after this serious into this is RNC have DC FTC were this looks like. Right and if if there is any competitions and this we don't win their beer rematch is another question. Africa having normal comeback I talked to Ken and I only next on seven I take. Well yeah. Iowa the Mac on 79 it'd say it. Last December 10s of thousands of music fans came out the forlorn obesity twice nationalized performance and tickets of the 2017 return is accessible. On December 2 and third on sale Friday July 21 at 10 AM. While we have no plans to announce a single cancel early August we can confidently say this only bigger and better than you ever imagine. And that is a promise did you discounted tickets for a limited time beginning July 21. At the ticket Miami dot com when they're gone you'll pay full price rip tide 2017. For man 7:9 AM FM one a 43. HD two. The ticket is installment back here with Curtis Stephenson or go out there Ryan fuels downstairs to the answer is yes on their truly steps. Beyond convenient talk to our next guest has a great job covering. All of the the fight sports here can I only pay. Takes time with us thanks Kevin appreciate it. I ordered good job we talked a little bit about this fight before all of these press conferences and you're you you're of the mind right now that is enough frank. I remember the last day and thankfully that was. You know they kind of went off the rails but by yesterday you know the first few days he'll do some hay hook stuff that was said in. You know they crossed the line and things that they had been cited real life you know. They were there would have been consequences. But the yesterday. Was really bad I thought it just it wasn't funny either wasn't in good taste there was nothing about it that really. Made you feel good about what you are just seat. You know today it was a little bit of a combination of the old the other two but yeah I I don't think that this would you know we started thinking these guys are comedians. And we realize that. You know any of their boxers not comedians and they don't have been all this material as there are. At their fingertips and they were required to put on a show when you really think about it at depths you know unhappy they're done they're gonna get back to training you'll be okay court about the slight not. But not all this nonsense. The year Kevin wolf behind in the the four day media blitz here I mean it was a Qaeda is okay it's come button towards the slow as we can sports such as cram it all ended it seemed like they'd be better served to let its a let it breathe a little bit here and give us a little bit of a taste here in there. Well they don't really have the chance to do that in boxing because one of the issues they have this. You know the guy's got to be camp and really put a lot of long days in for real too much and there was a lot of logistical problem getting they would electoral Boehner earlier but there was some logistical problems getting it done so this was he is way. Terry did not rule in the box search training schedules too much they get out during get the word out and I think you know from this level of getting the word out they're letting people know what's happening they it was a you know a huge success. I mean they they had a lot of fans attend a lot I it was well over. A million streams I think. You know probably would let me see in the final numbers several million live stream you'll lose on television. Virtually every media outlet covered it it was wall to wall on a lot of hope for a long period of time. You know so not put the stamp when it was a success they just can't make a lot there and take advantage. All book they kind of looks ebb and flow over the way bought she works in the and they did that. I would and I only here on 79 units it. I mean Colin has made a bunch of big. Promises here. You know I'm we're always LTD and feel he had any chance. To win this fight I'm sure nothing he said has convinced you otherwise. Are you ought I think it's going to be. Mayweather victory in. And there were fairly easy Mayweather victory you know I did say that Connor in no luck handle the other day. Can you give your full work that's Magruder Mayweather greatest strength and how are you gonna Connor that he told me. With a straight face and very seriously thought he had the better co worker and he thought that. His training in all the different martial large would help to Libya benefit talk. I don't see that happening in anybody I speak truth that no boxing goes you know other than Dana White who wrote bought and very well. But he's aligned with sub McGregor. They just don't see it happening I just think you know that's just the Tor and all the Stokley not to order going to be the big thing and then it's gonna be a last column the bow. Our host is gonna ask you do we see the best of this I mean is it behind us almost. Because I mean nuclear Bubba down a hundred dollars that I know a lot of people will and there's an element of intrigue their what do you think it's going to be. But actual fight at all. You don't mail where you don't Mayweather should talk somebody could not come out and you and I know he's not going to be him he might stop them. You know it because he cut settlement called allies supplement that think that Mayweather talked a lot got there or just our camera away adamant get in the toe to toe battle. That's not how we fight. McGregor gonna try to pressure him. But I don't know how effective he could be doing that so you know I think you're right we may have seen it has to it already but I think this look fighting hate. The fans the men at this fight. It's it was made via social media and it just because people talk about it so much at. Everybody in Boston why are we negotiating this we know when they see it everywhere you go and happen to me. You know over the last few work and I cola people say that this man with a McGregor fight Connecticut native that would strip. You know what kind of grew out of nothing and the Netherlands further getting wouldn't talk. Kevin correct me if I'm wrong the MMA community. There emboldened by this fight the boxing community kind of looks at it as I decide Joseph looking down and is that correct. I think you know with the boxing community looks rather it is you know hey who's this you don't guy coming into our sport thinking you can be one of our great fighter and so I think that's how they look at it. And it may you know it's interesting I I thought that may be more and then they can't put think Connor had a chance. I'll but I would even on the radio station yesterday in Ireland and and not post could be even the conclude Ireland though. That doesn't Mayweather probably get a win and win big you're gonna be root like heck recorder so it changed to here play. If he doesn't win it all my god the trash talking you're really here for the Irish fans. Are they ever make fans are gonna be in suburbs all but I don't necessarily seeing. Right now all that. You know there either side believes say they either gonna win this fight I think is itself. A win for them to get Mayweather to recognize how they look Mayweather as a person you know what a great job you know why go to so it's almost like as if she finally recognizing that there are forty excess. It took them in front straight way that's who it. We were it's I was only ten and I only here on seven knighted say get we were talking about. Unless we're on its iMac mellowing GGG. And sort of whether or not this takes all the air out of the room I mean how are they gonna top this. I mean they have this. Hey look it's the best buy it it's a fight I've been looking forward to for a long time and it's gonna happen not release after this. Well you know. Think about promote a number of different stamp points number one you know just as pure a personal budget east and honor our son a pay per view. And you're just gonna watch the paper here big party have you know some pieces and either you you're gonna spend more money. To have entertainment that night and you would on on most nights now you're gonna come back a couple weeks into it again you know it's the same kind of crisis you know that's tough for a lot of people. So you know a lot I don't think that they're gonna do it. The media coverage is just wall to wall on this thing and it's gonna continue because the traffic and then and the likes him and everything looks so high. You this is gonna continue not only to look quite good for about a week or so after the fight and they know what kind of prevent this so once people start talking. A ball. Go walking in and Alvarez you know. I think may be no early September is going to be the best second home court and you know while all people know it's a great fight and it's gonna sell a lot. Because that really big number that I think they could've done they needed all that free immediately eater all that extra runway I can help them and they're not gonna guess I think it's gonna hurt the. What kind of number we look at that August 26 though. Okay I'm write the column now and I said I think four million this site and you'll get essential lock. And I'm starting to feel like five million dollars. It is a real life possibility I do but I know it's hard for me. Could I covered the paper viewing history since it beat him in 1991. And it's hard for me to believe in this save five million like to meet a complete guess you kind not a not wind and it's say that I can get it do five million just astounds me but I think they have a really good shot out. Generally great style slot thanks for joining us again we appreciate it. You don't got to appreciate you five million. That's a lot of money right there right. That's a lot of commerce rolled through there and that's not even just the the Vegas stuff from me I went through the tickets yesterday. To deal. To get in the building for that five in everything that's going on that's that's a lot of commerce. For a first circus style fights it is for fight that well well the thing is it probably will go pretty long way because. Because maimed we know the Mayweather is not a knockout artist but I let somebody that's qualified disqualified meaning McGregor right. Let's join me I think it show which could happen if which saw them as announcements they look at the worst possible snare like early in the second round like he kicks them were some things is disqualified in their rooms going to be. This and when their money back PM I would think that the the referee would be lenient right on that. You know little howling you could be boxing and boxing. This is not does not know what you're never big I sir Richard you Beverly earlier in a boxing ring and the writers are kidding guys do so you know. Texans in the levels of ridiculous says that boxing is reaches on president and pretty soon expect these guys to dress up in costumes and blocks and tight rope but again this was an unusual event this was. That this was an unusual event this wasn't tied to anything else that we've seen before as much as it's a boxing match. That's the rules. I don't look at as a boxing event. I look at this is us off on aside. But divides and haven't three weeks later that's a real good fight right there yes that's a really good fight that's a boxing fights. This is like. Just almost it's a surrogate and I decide show exhibition in Newton type of deal you know I mean it's one of those things. Let's cut off to decide that there might want to take a peek at the end no boxing is a meal mess to begin with when. It well it is it is. But. You know Mayweather has. Manage having but he can't take away from a Mayweather is on as a question you know to be at this stage where he's going for fifty you know. By. If you know he's the fact that he's he's done it while he's been so polarizing not just. Off the off out of the ring but also the way that he fights that they're just a lot of people don't appreciate his style that they wanna see. More contact they wanna see more engagements and that's a four. It was fascinating what's fascinating to me in as will gets close to the fight is with Jeff do you hear some of these guys talk. They're not very sympathetic figures. So like you're you're gonna love you we're gonna by the fight and they're they hate both guys and that's what I find fascinating. There's no kinda guy you can McGregor Horry came from. Like. He's not you look at Floyd and his past. This path with that you know with but the abuse all those things but there's not a guy that you can kinda root for like deals one of both to lose now so there's nothing to pull people the people in that way but yet people watch regardless that's what I'm fasting is really a guy Kelly Kelly now like any of these guys bottom of the -- -- anywhere yet well Floyd has a Floyd has a pretty cool. I mean pro athletes love it. Right like pro at like the NBA community my employment with the army beaten these great boxer mostly does that mean you look at. You've got zero endorsements outside the box again outside of that I mean just the dealer public putting him in your idea I don't really like Kim you even this Tyson was. As bad news to account OK you know he's my guy and people like Floyd but just it's hard to root for him. When you look you know his history. Outside of the ring in the McGregor told given that. Point where Seattle like this guy anymore well the all the coming from nothing stuff it's like OK right he's come close a line here yeah let people watch and that's. That's the main thing to a five million paper views and a hundred boats about in your Smart guy you can do amounts. Will receive the McCarron the one parent 1500. Text comes in watch ever once talked all the scrap the fight will actually turn out to be good. What crap police say that and also I'll be wrong there would be nice. The only nine SI will be right back and some ninety. I welcome back on senate side and then. Unsung story it's almost silent a thousand bucks just like let's say they didn't. Starting Monday it's the training camp 1000 dollar four days you win a thousand bucks four times a day. But so it's again at 7 AM three and 4 PM Monday to Friday starting next week at the code word Texas to 7281. That's 72881. And he just might win a thousand dollars training camp 1000 dollar for days on hand 7:9 AM FM while for a three HD two. The tickets. Even smaller back here with Curtis Stephenson. You follow up on all this summer league stuff. You know I mean I'm lucky my eye on it for off some some reasons some monetary sum some otherwise just information just. You know heat man get a nice win yesterday we are on the air they were down big early on in OBM at a bio in the you know got to credit. The of Chris Quinn in the coach except. They were off for Orlando in every man they were what 015 and his team they shot 33% from me in the go out to Las Vegas in the table couple days in the get their act together and earlier in the quarterfinals. They are release at their best player and AM yesterday as they're played Memphis tomorrow such critical for the male opera whites looked pretty good he looks real good neutral good yeah I mean not. And I mean you know we we we sort of overlooked him and you know whether or not he's a potential rotation player Armon last year he came up in that coincided with a winning streak. He got some minutes during that period of time and then. Not so many Astor. But you know he's he's an interesting guy because he allows you to play. Small he can he's he's played some five but they may not need as much now they have a limit but. But you know grow about a paralytic is replacing Willie Reid say may be some minutes in the air for a car wise. This year you know for years there Reilly loves the vets you know and give people cal laughed about the draft and everything that the draft seriously good. I mean they've done a really nice job of finding guys here I mean in the you know just kind of awful out of nowhere where there was Tyler Johnson where there was a somber Whiteside you know Willie Reid. Karl whites. I mean even you know they drafting a Josh Richardson the second round like those are good fines man. There was a long period of time there was long drought this year early on you know you take a look at some of the guys that they got first ball in Anthony Carter Mike James Malik Allen. You know just some low and then obviously Udonis has long runs a while Anthony 2000 Niger while I think was 2007. But after that there was a few was a few years there where they didn't really develop. Young players and this is a real priority church Spoelstra to be able to develop young guys and they've done a really remarkable job of it. I mean to get contributions economy how many they got wet was it like ten guys that have played in the run their roster last year ran and and starters. You know obviously you know. Hassan Whiteside a dribble murder also writing a gritty effort out among them amino so mean these guys in. Total amount I got a really. Mean they believe he's a player and he's not just a guy and it just steel hanging around like well they're not handing the starting small forward job to to justice. Not only because not because obviously if they think the Magruder. Outfits and they were comparing. You guys to. The girder at the Texans and they got back in the game by playing driving kick. So they're playing a lot of the same way that the heat play in and the heat does a really good job of aligning. They're different they're young players in terms of the style that they're gonna play they've they've done a good job at Sioux Falls. Getting those guys. To play whatever the the the big club is playing time which which is important treasure is it because you know when you want when those guys come up. Suits should be able to perform. Be formed that way where we talked about this a little day yesterday. It's called George story. And I wanted to bring this back. Today. Paul George for Klay Thompson we gotta we gotta Lotta that it was at the very tail end of our show. Yesterday. And I was surprised cap and that. There's some people had such in most strong opinions of doubts yeah all right one player being garbage or the other player being garbage. We got down on the Texas girl walked and now. Bomb that all man what a trade disguise socks that I would it's a much better this and that and then it got a lot of run last night and even hinted today. Like wow. Am like. Okay now you have two guys being traded for Judd out of the big kind of blockbuster deal. But to me would have no effect whatsoever on either team. Now I mean played would it it would give Indiana two years to decide if clay was going to be their their lead guy. Right like that that's. Now he gets operate solo. Good news heal these and we carry on the Texas cigarettes in the race is this the words where it's usually pick Toms or Paul George yes no the yet however you wanna do the breakdown Klay Thompson's the seventy best player in the league appalled Georges the eleventh and is currently nets not a big difference now. We're not talking about LeBron and Klay Thompson you know here current deal like dad. So to me you may dead trade. Leg of the warriors gonna win eighty games it notes there's kind of the same team Iranians. The I think Klay Thompson we talked this is the police to come over earlier. I think Klay Thompson is underrated in what he does. On that team. Wait how nice not just the defense is stuff but how he fits in that's not easy you do I think it Thompson really good player. Yeah no I think he has to I mean defensively. He's really good and and he's. Even in the playoffs when he was not getting a shot down he was still. Effective in that way we talked about he's not greed at sort of creating his own shot and getting to the basket. And finishing that's not that's not Klay Thompson saying. By a yeah I mean Dick clay is a top Tony player at this stage I mean I think we agree on that you put him in Indiana. Focal reportedly offered and he's our urgent warning 617 again yeah I mean it's similar when James Harding got out of Oklahoma City. Right and James are go to Houston and they put the ball in his hands more often and you know that's the whole thing is is I remember talking to heat players. About James harder when that trade was made and they they all thought. You know I was like well that's a lot to give up for James Harden at the time. It didn't turn out to be very much and he players were totally right. And all of that they were there remember Shane value saying he's going to be a monster. In Houston and and obviously. He has been a non. Few of the text that comment on this George is a better player to clay fits better with the legal state plays doesn't need the ball. And the similar sentiment from other taxer put up called George would be worse than dongle stays were shooter they still win a championship no. And and yeah I mean it and yeah I mean that they are they're different players in terms of style meaning one on his Russian enemy need another tax clay is useless inside the arc. On offense. When James we outside Bjork the Obama. I could do this thing today drew near that good outside the yards you can make up for yeah that's. Yea you're able suits and played pretty loud and we've seen I mean clay it's I am at a guy he scored sixty points. And was shut down right I mean we all the missiles scored 37 points and a quarter right. Mean either the same guy in the essence of you put one on Golden State in one on Indiana I that you're getting the same results team wise and probably individual why don't. Analysts you know we read those guys garbage I know that that guy's not that much better than the other rather kind of the same. Same player and we talk about the ninth best player in the league if you're doing these rankings is in the eighteenth best player in the league. There's very little difference. Right I think once we get beyond what LeBron to grant. They staff maybe staff. Russell Russell men may be hard maybe harder. Though those times and then. And then you're getting into the Anthony Davis the Anthony Davis Susan like if he there's a booty cousins write like sitting out of the nobility or is there a difference. But he did not was not a huge line right Anthony Davis I I would take Anthony Davis but it's not the it's a lot of that is because of the other stuff trying to they actually brother Paul George and either remained the real and not its territory on asinine and 9101112. Home. Million in that range on guys know. Texans and PP GPG thirteen is poor man's Cady was better on ball defense. Then and simply tossing the up. Yes Clint not conducive be below balloon on the perimeter and and then. Indiana is much worst team with clay instead of Paul but the warriors they are about the same. I don't I don't we we don't know we haven't seen clan that role and whether or not he can do it every night. I yet another guy you mentioned denying their we Jimmy Butler and pulled Georgian a quiet. Obviously I'd put him slightly ahead he tribunal like the right after hardened IB MMX summer right. You know right about the young guys in Lotta people are texting and now Leonard a tough time that's fair that's definitely for area are action taken probably had a hard. Yeah and I I think we started to see that that that's the shame it had to I've wanted to see that series I wanted to see him. Taking on Golden State without the ankle injury because she saw how. You know when he's aggressive. And and that's always a question and NBC such a laid back personality. When he's aggressive no as he was in that early in that game one. The Western Conference finals. I mean he has everything in his game like there's no there is no weakness. In his game he may not be as explosive. As some other guys he may not be as prolific three point shooter although he's pretty damn good from out there but I mean what is cool wise weakness. Mean there isn't one defense probably. He's not say he's not selfish enough. Right and that that's the thing so when he is aggressive as weakness economy is the mean this is my point they were talking about like hey you want heart and optical why you're good yeah. Liberal good liberal horrible grizzly find tonight neo and even though they'll handle it just fine there's no difference really when you get count after LeBron keyed the good stuff you're on okay no they're all pretty good. This test comes in though that worst teams all that on selfishness he would hear that team up. Paul George did have any memory and an issue with CJ miles taking the last shot I would assume he'd be OK with staff. Or Durant taking the last shot right. But money he wanted to responsibility even though his numbers taking the last shot or not very good what I tried I think he'll be that's why I think he'll thrive. I don't know to a point where they're gonna be able to beat. Two of them Beagle stay put. That the Russell Westbrook is the alpha male they are keen. And I think Paul George will be better suited it's great to rent TO. I made some of the great they're raised now made for the lead role now who lead roles sometimes I mean usually wrong with that this much in today's MBA where you need. Two or three of those guys right here anyway right. It's the only way you have a chance to compete I will get into this a little bit more. On the other side of this also law wanna talk a little bit of dolphins. Today we haven't done any of that it's I know it's a little bit slow on the news from their blood. We recaps thoughts on some things related to the fans are back on some minutes ago. The solid back here on the ticket with Curtis Stevens since ailment so close to 7 o'clock tonight backed up here every Friday with a primer on the morning show. Thompson and coach and run the taste of perfection and more winning coach and run run that is not just age. But nurtured. Even smaller back here as I said with Curtis Stephenson well we will get to your headlines here. In a seconds. First here's the thing. So the Miami Dolphins we have talked about the much lately this is the dead period this is so when they're all sort of getting their last bit of relaxation before training camp starts. And I'd be interested to see that. When you just look at projections and never all that but there is this expectation of a drop off for the dolphins this year. And I think that my only counter to that would would be I think that there is not underestimation. Of Adam gates. You know that's the one thing I know we're talking about same old dolphins and you know dolphins were eleven and Simon 2008 and and we saw what happened the next three the next three seasons under Tony Soprano. That there is just a lack of faith. In this market on the team of the team and so that is spread nationally. And we see the number in Vegas which is sun rather low. At the moment but I don't cases pro mussels some different here and my knee on the I'm excited for the sort of can't because I think. That he has now had a year to evaluate these players and he's gonna have a better idea of what they're capable of what they're not cable out. This is Tina made the playoffs with a two with a defense that gave up the most jurors in franchise history. And defense should not be worse this year and if there in any way I dramatically better. And then this team has a chance to may be replicate. What he did. Last season so we will be talking a lot of dolphins next week here on the show and that's thing. Now gonna headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now for much Kosier remains deadlines to ask PD. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Baseball is back and the Miami Marlins a welcoming Major League baseball's best team. The LA Dodgers in the town tonight for a first through three games at seventh and first pitch from the park then surely takes no for Miami Brandon McCarthy. For the LA Dodgers won last time. Don't let go oh I love the road Miami Jackson with a record of 41. In 46 NBA summer league's Miami heat's. Her in the quarterfinals out in Las Vegas they're gonna do it on the Memphis Grizzlies some early unit. Tomorrow. At 6 o'clock. Over detest Roger Federer. Defeated Tomas bird bird it's in three sets to advance of the men's final also merits tillage. Who defeated American Sam queried enforce its men's final set. For a Sunday over at the all England club it finally in the NFL Michael Floyd. The vikings wide receiver has been suspended four games. For violating the league's substance abuse policy for his DUI arrest. Back in December. The nose off following a golf has lost those are your headline there was a dolphins win over there's always seem to me it was in many ended up for the patriots have so Ayman Al Minnesota so that just got handed down. Buy out Roger Goodell and and his. The unit there the other dolphins where one and follow up on that with your momentum. Yeah I mean. Lot of great things happen for them and American call them flew key wins but there were a couple of victories in there on the are now winning streak there'll okay maybe the ball doesn't bounce like it should have. And maybe the tenant six is a little bit different. I just look at where that team came from. And it kind of goes back to the Miami Heat in the first half. Blogs are one in four. Early what was against the browns and mom and they turned that thing around yes so they're gonna speed they have to start off on better footing the net. Well and then the schedule this year. Sets up a little bit better than it did last year I thought I thought that you know getting those two road games. Early on last year and you know was was challenging this year. You know again it's the I don't wanna do win loss win loss win loss thing planes some meat grinder who knew always it is by but you look at it early I mean it's not. It it's it's not that imposing I mean the the Buccaneers have a chance to be pretty good at depending on James is development journal Michelin and right. But I had Los Angeles against the chargers civilian use of that no substantive I almost since and it I would think continue to steer. At the jets and that home. Before you get to the soundness and on those little scenes are great now. Entering those and probably make the I mean they're okay. There's no New England in there now know that there's there's no Steelers in there there's an old one of those teams are okay. We better get our act together here it's NFL so yeah you don't lose you look good in December. As opposed to September. But they have to get off to a better start than they did last year and they were able to come all the way back from that start to your tribute debt to the leaders in the locker room their perseverance and obviously out. Get together head coach just talk credit I think has a lot to do without my name. And they are gonna have to play better because you look at the last six games of the season and again we don't know. But you get the patriots twice we we kinda do know about them. That is you can say they're going to be they're gonna have their act together all other active then you got your game at Kansas City. Rats that is not easy crews receive that's going to be cold and then you know men and two against two against the bills which you know again division division game. One of them December 17. Well one thing that that really boosted the marchers there were four or it's just the bills. Now the Hokies blew a New England that's all you take right now price that you get a split were doing when you you take got to run of the bank. Kenya can you go for no against the jets the bills results the jets you definitely should treat to get us to be the judge should be anemic now buffalo. You know they're they're going to be there and add up about a bit later in the season now and the bills may be out of it by a band to bow out now by army as a so they can they were not replicate that you have I have to handle business insider division and they were only do that last year were called fort organs jets and those. But I mean there is. Mean there's a won't get into a neck a little bit next week in and perk role will we back and all those things. The just you know one of the big question marks and some of those things at this camp opens up where's their biggest hole. On that team. And you know until the run defense gets fixed now probably be either of the biggest thing in the new got you know we don't for me dolphins aligned. I think until we find being pushed out to left left tackle one. Op the most important player on the Miami Dolphins for me for their success to win the is like pounce thank your march yet he's going to be healthy I'll say that over and over and over and we just on now with them. It's it's tough to say because you know he's he's injured both hips at this point. And he just has not been able to stay healthy and you know one more time and you may be looking at a career that's over two. Right and you know designed to do things in one of his other homer number that thing games and one insults now in London and let me not them. Both into crazier attack and we all they would just being put him on the but then at first that first know what six weeks of the season end box chargers jets saints titans. Yeah. And roots run not in the know first final weeks and we need I would say it's the NFL like it's an IQ test every week is just so. Is just the mother you know an and we don't know I mean last year going into last season there was not an expectation that the falcons are going to be with they turned out to be right. What a tour allows you to be so bad right where it you know so you know is just a lot of different variables there you know you lose a starting quarterback the free week for. What do they look like and we twelfth. So. Let him I mean. The main thing the one thing you have to sort off you have to candle jets bills and you have to find a way to guess what we're doing with. If you're gonna be about to put up sent to me is the most important thing. Get your business done inside the division and after that secure your home field to him you know go six and 271 home. And then you're looking pretty good from their wrists the basics of the basics in the NFL yeah I mean people are taxing in the the titans are good and yet they made they made strides last year or. Like and Marion and healthy. Obviously that's that'll be big for them it they've they've added. Has the advantage some some plane making their on offense if you like forever the titans. I have needed playmakers on offense right why I love with the titans don't know Mario like the titans at home. Okay. Mike did that the old can't win a game. If your playoff team you should win that can India play on them Mozilla there's nobody did you get to go to New England. In December yeah okay that's going to be that's going to be rough for some like dad or at Carolina or something like that briefing that we are going to Baltimore. Wind they've never really done well on Baltimore now rights are in those games are allowed you to the Steelers late in the year okay titans at home and it. Yeah okay they tradition be able they can win that game and design them off the chart where you go oh my god they got no chance of that game. Now now 100 look at all should be good. The underdog in the not blaming them all that's what is the number and I was at 77 NASA and a half. Yes this all I mean I go to you on these banks and I that's those who you ask your question Maria silliness that can they go 500 this is the question out in Vegas. To the dolphins get to a Nate. And I would think so I would play the government. Look at and what about what about in half. Eight A half as little more squeamish but but but I I I think that this is. And nine win team minimum so I I would I would go that direction I mean I don't think there are eleven when I I think they're gonna win nine or ten games seven and a half. As the number and rigorous cut. Which is very strange to me because those people like you don't like losing money out there I heard that. From a couple of guys yeah they don't like to lose it all like to lose and they're usually pretty good about the death scene did you hear. That a bunch of cubs fans didn't turn in their tickets again because I guess that one of the frame moment all that stuff yeah that's funny that makes sense. I figure that I mean they had a lot of commitments now and then a lot of those fans were out there. It's it's text comes in don't they have the six high as scheduled seven the last nine vs playoff teams. And and and that three game messy road trip I'm going under each other the there road trip is. Which is a road trip here we're talking about Mario Leo early in the season right that the chargers jets the jets and saints now. You know three Sundays. They they have you know with some of the other things here play out okay like they they get the ravens on the Thursday night. But then they'll get they'll get the twelve day worthy then at the ten did ten days. To sort of get their act together before they play the raiders are. Raiders and home. The mineral Carolina on Monday night. No I mean. They did the patriots on Monday night at home in up place is going to be in going to be jacked up. Mean it's the NFL. Like. You look at the schedule this year there every year news go. Okay and make every week is just the death march throughout the season. And you know I can breed these you say yeah the jets are gonna stink the page it's going to be good everybody else in there who knows Herrera will have another. Being yeah I would agree that say that led to I guess I'd ask you will this dessert I I do it if your in that. Tennessee right now or New Orleans. Or you're in Denver these are all teams and Miami schedule and you see the dolphins' logo on your schedule we're doing no shows in those markets right what do you think what are they thinking there in a sinking sort of what we're thinking about the titans right. They're on her including OK pretty good about it you know now on your casual got an offer to commit now return to have to win. You know now that's not the case now. And you know we talk about this for the contracts. You know the rich German stuff earlier. India in the week then that's what makes the NFL so great is your year everything can change. Playoff teams peel from a year ago all the sudden kid can't do anything right then they go from from eleven and five to six in ten and vice Versa. It everybody seems to be in it other than like the browns. Who were awful every year every NFL team gets there might at the apple and every year team's arena there's optimism. Then there's this and rightfully so Carolina Kansas go to the Super Bowl Cam Newton looks unstoppable next year there there were no worse easily. And then they bounce back again and so they just yeah I mean there's no guarantee the falcons going to be back where they were last here now. Or what we will zoom lens with a division. We actually believe it won't be crazy if I Carolina or Tampa Fred Taylor really gets really gets going there. Let bitches that that's been in it's it's wild because there's really no player movement shifting everything like in the NBA. It's just the way the NFL is. Right everybody's kind of kind of be cool. Power you know well how am I missed field ruled they're holding penalty here you go from eight Nate attended sixteen year in the policies right. It's not a league as others a couple of teams that are always above the fray like New England. Pencil them in every year for eleven and twelve that's not the norm. Now that's something norm I mean really they're really look at teams. I mean Denver has been pretty consistently good right an enemy last year offseason because they couldn't sort of work out their offensive line situation all year. By Denver's been pretty consistently good the Steelers have been pretty consistently good over this over the Tomlin era or even going dating back to cower. In the NFC. I mean you know the NFC east is is kind of I mean that's a year to year proposition we saw the Redskins when it two years ago we saw the cowboys. Emerged last year. So when you mention the NFC south I mean what what happened with Carolina. Last season I don't know I mean just losing Josh Norman I'm in the Los a couple of other pieces to but I don't think anybody projected that they would struggle the way that they struggled last season. So. Total. So I mean he has a couple of really dire teams like the browns and the jets in the mayor's well so that. Later once they can now playoff Selena buffalo only mail we get good deal will be that we give me right there green. So upload only Tyrod Taylor yeah. Yeah after much consternation right now I'm. Kind of like cam I don't you know I mean EE I don't think he's ever going to be a pro bowler. But he doesn't I mean last year he made more of them but he doesn't make a ton of mistakes he seems to play within himself. I I I think he's a pretty decent. Player on my question is is Sammy Watkins or say healthy. Yeah I mean I think Tyrod Taylor is a really good player but only saying he and so I don't know why they wanna keep didn't try to get rid of him but I think. That's a got to that strikes journey especially you know on third down you get there with the street right thumb he's good he's good player like you say I mean you look at. Guys just make plays and he's he's done that ever since is going right Tuesday's Virginia Tech so. Yeah I mean literally matchup against Miami. In that game that the dogs had to win on the field goal. The Antara tailored you know through it was just car Miami's defense up yeah. I you know they they I mean this Texans and Tyrod Taylor are tackle I knew that was coming and I knew I knew that's actually recommend. And in you know what. I can't I can't say you know there's not a crazy different players obviously. Different players different skill sets. But believe it shows the Tamils still has some approved people that mean we're start doing a lot of news channel shows I'm sure well this is what exit and Ryan has said it. Already. Then this is by far. I far the most talent he's had to work with guests on offense yes it is time to calls now I'm across. So all. If you can't get it done here with this group. Intimates say and in I'm just so I'm putting points on the board move the sticks all those things is not getting he get any better than this. A quarterback friendly coach. My pretty good offensive linesman ship pal she's healthy three receivers still yet he would release three receivers but he really good receivers and and and a tight end situation should be better you got a couple of tight ends of if Thomas is healthy Julius you got Fasano and they're doing his staying the judge age idea Kenyan Drake. You have Damian Williams. Like you got quality guys this isn't about it is the Theo is a rookie year we sorted the bond best writing Brian I'm Brian Hart line right now he's now he has more work with there's no this is by far so that it did that even might struggle. Like the offense cannot. Now. Now with the defense has to put them into the defense his role as basically not to put the offense in terrible positions don't don't put them in situations where they have to get away from a shy. Where it has to be all on tanning or tiles thrown forty plus times so that's that's a match you don't want. And and the defense and it's been interesting to hear a perk I've talked a lot about this on the show is major city here and Donna can soon take even more responsibility. This offseason. You know talking about how the run defense is not good enough that starts with him I mean I don't know how much more heat can do. Necessarily but I I I like to see a little bit of leadership from him text comes in here all depends on the line. The other guard situation. You know a little bit look rule will seek re a mean word there's no it's not a sure thing garbage you mention my house see them. I don't you I'm used to be shaking my head like I think it reveals refined ride is wrong here is how seasonal thing as the seamen as they're the senator man. Now he's the centerpiece. I will be right back on some ninety. So yeah I'm so close senate clock. As our let me remind you that football season is coming the ticket has you covered from training camp which starts at the end of this month through the regular season and super mall. That is Germany accident attorneys call 1807473. That's 180747. 3733. Football here on AM 790 NFM one off for three HD two. The ticket. By the way do you lose some days so we've. Wondering there in New England is twelve and half that's their that's their number around Vegas for wins this season trying to build a six and a half of the jets are warning half the other -- sounds of now suddenly know what division is they're the most respect for. Off to Tom my head here I that city NFC east TM pro and I Philly is is that he's the giants are at. Had eaten there have. I know Dallas is going to be more all or more than that Dallas is at nine and a half. And who earlier how Washington the seven and a half. Seven and a half Alina that's pretty that's pretty competitive so. I mean the niners are four and a half those that's the lowest on the board with fear with the jets. Five Lafayette LA rams are meals in those earlier drag easily also foreign happens the browns on those zero. It was your bottom feeders in the loop. We got to answer this question here's somebody Texan in one of the guy sounds like a dog from the Stanley IPOs of Sports Radio show. Which of this which of us is it okay. Good jets loud and who do you think. Would I don't know. What's the dog's name and friendly guy he's Bryan Ryan that's right. I'm I'm gunning I think it's you I think he gets me I think it's that it's you do pilots say that I thought. I'm the same thing was would you call me out of god an element bloody and another guy I would call a lot worse and Arnold is. Anything wrong whether Brian knows very successful character for a long period times 679746. On and on some four. Which of a sounds like Ryan from Stanley I doubt should be really like. And when you say like nothing to do I need to do that a let's sing if let's not mature metal or you know I don't know whether that's not a Santa. That person is not series semi private. I agree with that yes I drew Edmondson at you know the guy Texan in these things someone's thanks in no it's not Ethan. Don't. I think that they're telling you make of the textile mill yemen's in the won't knock him around him and that's one. All right Bob Bryan O'Brien. It was a very good chunk press Alex Dewey. Yeah yeah neither of you. It's definitely not Ethan and I. I never heard that remembering a lot of things went Brian okay let's that's different business owners though. Very well. Idea how to channel that maybe that I was drawn to this is 61 on Friday. You have been it could have been you know someone saying and here dude definitely sounds like Bratton. OK so it's not maze of the same and you I don't okay no okay that's fine under and a home for. And I I don't you know I mean I'm sorry but miss Emily and I have a connection which is totally unexpected. Okay yeah I don't hear. We know does the kids are what it. The move. It is in the end that Seth MacFarlane the text or rights and as an adult horses and and it doesn't whistles were news he's made a lot of money doing that mean he's done very well. Yeah. There is loses there's no doubt about that so. And it's. Writes and says definitely not her dogs out there Nazi donuts detects my U. We're always some reason I semi we're Mike Ross from friends. Little what you sound like. Who very unique deal I don't think you'll never kind of put it together. I don't know if I've heard Ross from friends before now at that nasal thing on on the other house in the big Ross guy was kind of kind of wimpy for me. So yeah I was more generally. Like Chandler. OK and who knows where I mean I mean I was more of Jennifer. Or know outlawed all yeah yeah we're going that route yes of course and then still Jennifer. Then Courtney and then. It was a Phoebe maybe then according according couch Jennifer's character was is Rachel. You know most of persona. Dude sounds just like Brian and Brian that came and I thought it was him night and Kirk and on about this not a Texan anything sounds like a whiny girl. It's nice. Learned I mean well we're gonna play this game now when you sound like he's got a captain's sounds more like Joseph fluorescent an element from Brian. There goes my house watching the that the Mike and the mad dog last night and they kind of you know that since I was a big part of it two guys from New York commitment and pretty good I mean it was you know me out to anyone and. Now I mean I dare show was was groundbreaking in the drifting in and with its Sports Radio is a lot to that format and there's no question about it. And I know like their show but the shows in New York so me me me me being from Miami I really don't really care but you know from your together. Those guys hate each other seem like I mean watching that thing. Those guys that wanted to know what nothing to do really each other right now well and that's not right and that's kind of how that played out at the end right. Now but you know do you mean it was a site how do you like you just say instead they certainly tried to make it all bomb. Like fuzz the game they need in reunion there reunion as skin you know it's like in the kept it it's just. When dealing they were together. They did talk together on the air and it just like you can just see they too big day deal want any to be part of any any of them at this point. Either guy and princesses on the way out right he's retiring entire. Is a long time to be. Doing that. Texans in camp leading as bulletin all the names on that channel on France and I think most people know how do I mean like tells more recycled writer like friends are much. I like how I Jennifer Aniston and some load you know but. Mean who doesn't seem friends I give munitions. Yeah I'm in every run you sort all the shows random in the air forever to dry air forever. Scored these tax. Our are pretty and the senate Brian Seth MacFarlane actual vote is the sign actually voice that he does split senate. Am a little bit like him punching I've heard Seth MacFarlane talking to me that horrible question who we are a million ways to Diana Lewis and analyze those awful. As that's basically been anything he made done and tent right Ted won Ted intent to I didn't see tend to listen tunnel and into ten to reload. So while we missed on a much or that someone says I sound like Spoelstra. They process. Process. Culture culture. Then narrow not really not an hour. Say not everybody is not a race for the Miami he moves. The world someone is famous lines below this below isms as this Muslims in tonight as well as. I don't know maybe he was a once you start with a don't let go of the rope yeah that's right and that's I mean perks are that from him we got to keep keep puller rove to pull robots and and it's trusts the way and it to a trust is a big thing. Also rom. We're sort of his better ones and trying to think expo isms though who can and that's all I got culture I process. Now. I can you find a blank keep fighting for those of fight in their lot pure pure he's absolutely pure organic to excel want to hear organic jets again and now. Sure this one Tyson was in. Guys you sound like yourself well that's premature death thank you very much general sort of tunnel selling anybody else and other people are saying I'm grinding with passion and that that's that's a good one. He made a lot of aggressive. Plays that hand made they dread place now felt like she had. A lot more persistent than five. You get into the paint. So there you Al grinding with passion. Granny would pass and that's only summing up like to do a Friday night partly a much ignorance let's look at that I haven't heard on the war. Another one now love other show it's derailed by listeners test ten taxed. Yet it does I tend to resist grinding with passenger riding with passion until the end of the show. Yeah I mean this is this is one of the I mean next week we're going to be able to pivot to football right. We'll sprinkle a little football I'd imagine yes. Illness. I mean you retire him out this week it the other side about how this week is a slow this week. In sports but next week there's not many summer league. But I mean there's there's tons of stuff sorrow we have not federal motor show overall earlier we talked thought about the MBA. It's gotta be you in the usage notes you. The Dow was bothersome. That was bother somebody or some like. Not like I'd neo reveals a shot or anything on the aisle but it was just like very curious to know because I I don't I I I can matter I have this nasal you sort of. You know it's not a New York accent anymore you sent in New York accent but I have this and easily sort of voice. I don't think I ended doesn't strike me as Bryant says I as far as can be me this. Yeah I and I and finger could be me I don't I'd well I've just. I don't know why did the process and eliminate another mom doing the same thing gets it or was going to our heads here and you're looking at me and I'm look at you there right. They in these stolen words is gonna come from a people want me to sort same words to sound like Spoelstra came winning place. That's a good one that's polls show that dispose of position less that's a good one I'll be invented that by the minister Keller says a lot. He nation you nation. Zealot. He started Samad when I remember when Dwyane was hurt and one point Curacao. And they came PK he came in with that he's like don't worry he nation. Pretzel looked a little that's a little cheesy. It's easy start Reno at the yeah I mean the mean literally about to grinding a national. Granted at NASA's Orion we have that would you have doubt in my judgment grinding of bashing either same the last as what sounds like Brian. The current largest. Offended by I'm not just startled by and it's kind of stunned by it. I'm just screw them as losers kind of when I mean an advertising anything sounds like a nerd so I mean you know I don't like yeah we think you'll love a much say we could have gone a lot worse then yes right a lot of negative text where you sound you know whatever it is. There's like. Neil the dog from Family Guy wanna be sounds like that I was used. OK not me it's got to be you and your leg it's not you it's going to be me. In there have their logistics and its value so okay outsmart. Irrational confidence building habits that's gonna pentagon wants disposed that's enough so as a anomalies. Now we've got. He's got Beatles so much on the now I don't insult no talk very well you talked eloquently on your very well educated. Mean that's all those things but not likes. Well it'll sell expose our system that's on Zenyatta so we gonna got conversation started this sand and now some are saying Curtis doesn't sound like Brian it's Ethan. Okay. I we we sort of get the response from a we have enough we have enough. Onto a through to both of you and and here's another one if it's any consolation the dog on family guys the smartest and the panel that's true that is very true. I thought the that is very July's I derailment sang and we now one left we're back on some ninety. Got seven guys again last December 10s of thousands of music fans came out to for a loyalties STY national tax reform in the sand. Tickets for the 2017 rip tide music fest on December 2 and third on self Friday July 21 at 10 AM. While we have no plans to announce a single man until early August we cop police say this will be bigger and better than you ever imagined and that's a promise get you discounted tickets for a limited time. Beginning on July 21 of the ticket Miami dot com when they're gone you'll pay full price. Rip tide 2017. From AM 790 and FM 1043 HD two. The ticket. That you wonder what they got cooked up man. Yeah I mean last year than I was pretty good channel I mean I did not go but I heard that it was a pretty much at all and not try to get out there this year. It's not a family. Says you guys latest Spoelstra and everyone his voice was hoarse listened to the April 17 interview and tell me that doesn't sound like Ethan. The April 17 that's a pretty good memory by our leaders say that guy oh he needs now a little bit more what I was that's a pretty good memories that's pretty strong right there. Again he's a fine Diane is a grinder he's grinding with passion grinding with passionate. It is pure. Sets. That's one of those duke. Quickly on the NBA. Summer league ma'am I'll be just as we have a lot of TV. Time but it is merely at the summer league has exploded into something that. Let people are really into. Yeah yeah hurry on up ala Ali little level I mean right it's just like every game is now on TV electoral threw just seemed like. But at me like two or three years ago it's like the they. Couple some early games now from which it now always the growth of the NBA or what the people are like fired up about. Some really watching then go to the rookie class would just please just let it broke to lead a is luckily I think the rookie class is a lot to do the two. That is that is a good. It is a really good rookie class send and I so most of the teams. And one player at least that she really wanted to watch a is Donovan Mitchell plan this game for you tell. Look like he was doing an interview so I think and I think he sickness one out. Now 37 the other night does look a high score of anybody in the some bulletin. Milan's on 36. Pitted just I just look at growth of sports and it's just town but again like some early pure Abdallah and that's why the MBAs. Where it is where there's this interest everywhere. So this is something that not too long ago we can you become really for years like. Louisiana the easy to Monte below zeros tell us some I guess how this guy do Helio Tony point OK right moves that now it's a big deal. Lola this blowout police isn't very good place right now I think. You know that Lee in the NFL the Major League Baseball we've we talk about battle we that they they're still sort of finding. Their footing you know who their next stars are going to be the NBA has come to a place where where you are talking earlier or we can name the stars right off the bat right out. So. That's it you know that some. You know with the NBA this year I mean this should be a really incher sting. Year at least I I've been appalled George sting Timmy was picked because he need. You needed ELN and the Chris Paul move I mean those two moves at least you can look it used in Houston and Oklahoma City not say they're going to be called state. Let's say that they're going to be interesting to watch to see how those things fit I mean they're going for there they're not they're not backing down from the mortars and look like. I might be the case and might be one ends up happening out there and I'm I'm I'm with you I mean I credit them for going Ford. It's just. You look at I'm waiting for one more piece of 400 I I just know that Cleveland got to do something. And will do something now live and maybe amounts into war a listing all they're gonna get Carmelo they're going to be. You know liberals Stater they're going to be that much better but I just kids who can't remember that same groups on his waiting for them and LeBron Jamaica Melissa LeBron because. He's gonna be the driving force behind this bomb teams. And it Il and another on another thing will they sit under a whole lot of future assets to begin with but will they sell out future assets. If you doesn't give them a commitment to long term. Right it's gonna be difficult to get them right I mean that that was a big part of you know Kevin Love wanting to be in Cleveland obviously that was a that was a trade situation. We've seen a lot of other guys. I joined Cleveland because of the the thought that they're going to be playing. Would LeBron long term so yeah I mean if he there's got to be a commitment from him this right and I think that come from from in Gilbert. Eight and now relationship which I don't think is good and it's I don't think it's good either but Daniel what's got to empower the guy the guy that they haven't charged now I know on could be on the he's a bright guy I think that. I I I think that he's in good position to have success. The franchise is young guy he relates to young players. But there might be too much damage it's done already at the ownership level and if there's too much damage has done them a bronze and so looking around and LA's gonna look very appealing we talked about some of the other teams. Earlier you know you know we Houston at Philadelphia some of those other teams that could be options for him. Don't take a little break here fur for a couple of months of the building council we open the season starts saw a lot earlier man maulana earlier about a week earlier and earlier you know the star around Halloween now organ into almost mid October. So a devoid of back to backs which highlight the season is longer. Bly I like the fact edits that to suspect the Maxine you know the the quality clearly better Reynolds things and there will be less excuses about guys certain guys all announced and yeah that's and Tex comes energy guys seeded magic signed Simmons and assigned Jonathan Symonds. I'm not a whole lot less there on the free agent market looked mbah a moute. Few other guys certainly grow there grow is Rondo or genre well that that's not done yet write the day he didn't meet with the pelicans. What rose that was Singtel the box out with a box rosette with a box and ray and Rondo on the right the Taliban in that they haven't signed right you're still out there initials like yeah we mean we kind of talked about this. A couple of days ago just like you out a mighty are fallen you're going at this point what can they give you an at this point. Also did you get those guys are the difference makers rate. Rose for the bucks is a good fit I think actually they have broad then they have yacht is handling the ball that they could use one more ball handler. I give them another scorer and that's a young core you wouldn't be too reliant on him. I think Dan makes some sense there for differed Derrick Rose to be telling Zelaya I'm just curious to ruling you know money in years were there what you'll know them. It is interest from a guy it's went to from where he was too where he is now on. Was made is a pretty good change Russia with and actually make an eighteen million bucks easy million dollars with the next shares some other than if your gonna bring him back not tomatoes that round then now the knicks don't have a veteran point guard. Right they are on maker in this again now and Alina retro thought they would they'd bring your they bring him back just on the on the surface thereby. Yeah Tom and in the mellow stuff we were Marshall burn on earlier I think the mixers trying to via their new GM and he was to come in make his mark so to speak. In his only asset or commodity is Paramount is a rather than present atmosphere not lead that's you goalie around so he wants to. Knew he was put his stamp on this thing bomb in this. There you say is the ultra this guy might try to get their let me analysts. And they lay off form so we'll see we'll see what happens you're either Houston or Cleveland a thriller that took from lowest ago also to be one of those two destinations Texans in five years ago those are the two best point guards in the east and now they're unemployed. A life comes at too fast that's right. Heard and I just asked I mean right now the top two point guards in the east are John Wall carrier ring John wall's. Tire Kyle Lowry. I'm always dom John Wolf first I know I know some people don't know about road John I'll go John Walker from this. No I think that's. And I have really done. We forgot a guy. Come oh come on Brian. I'm Brian Griffin Wafer got a guy got a guy and it's me on the tax liner you've got a guy. You're talking about. Not Lowry well our c'mon. Say everybody were amiss there words say it's a say it. Goran Dragic. No no commitment on. This month. C'mon. I was the guy who's straight there it is you're not eaten these tiny guy. Allies asked me. I think. You know it's some questionable one I'm not sure. I put a man of any doesn't offend and all million Harry doesn't either rent a little lower calorie so and still assessing that I missed something to the knicks get a new GM and negotiating with Scott Perry. We did a nice job come with the Sacramento situation. Yeah and I'm usually in you're not joking. But you know you're really late tonight into my job naughty to nice and yeah and I I I I really agree with that now he TDs and those who think you were just joking around like a number. Friedel and like guns and their necks freed on likens Immunex all right thanks to our producer thousand for sticking announce they play in her young man playing her fuels and of his other dolphins what churn on I every weekend.