7-14-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, July 14th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. She's done. How proud of Iowa Vermont and similar real live from the seller on rock poker room do you would tell these big would you clear. Price you're trying to be hi Emma I don't mind. My flag on them this year. Earlier this beneficial for public pressure and everybody was about but I think it's a good idea if you lower registers rather my surfer is there. Pleasure Friday got this ready visors or eight dollars and Macy's sorry it looks like you're sorry we. Things are there was get ovation. Does not talk of the art design on this because he's like a candidate for all my best groomed for the fiscal. Look at that today. You're definitely is if you or that they've been good drivers red dead. They hope there's not as good as those of it is fairly well I'm Carl junction of 23 Jones-Drew yeah. Love about it about having pride day. Is now bringing elements of the week and I hate to say this but it kind of glad baseballs start again are you of the Nazis or else. The and so I did it right. We had we have the press comes just say and I watched the Mike and I've done for a they've done which I did not do very much enjoy it. Really. I mean I just didn't. You don't want it I wanted the last fifteen minutes to be the entire document I wanna hear about the good times only here but the bad times in the documentary record usage that only about shenanigans. And conflict. And the last of cements weather like out. Well he did this and Mike and the mad dog didn't speak to each other because my friends as a missed a plane. And then the institution of the for months until France has invited him to his wedding. You owls team but I don't know so we already on the radio and somebody please your candidates what. Did Tim Tebow hit a walk off homer that did happen. Well I walked off split what do you think Lucy's comments and own mind this is amazing some I I don't know who's this factually true but it's on to go to somebody give it. Tim Tebow has hit an eleven straight games. Are right he is never. It is at a bunker on eleven straight complete passes. Goes to surely I was right he shouldn't be boy quarterback but no my that was my drive as baseball skills he's raking. Raking and library and I was yeah. Where is he now what's in the city none and what level of high eighth. High end so. That's like being in kindergarten now. Now numbers are very getting yeah I first grade. First grade or middle school that your call middle school Billick. Middle school they go to high school which is double I and he's gone to dig a year off we go xxx wasn't on June events such a college yet they've done throughout the day. Yep yep. Jose Fernandez went from from high A it's the majors. Oh really he did. OK but that was already play employees also forget why they are the markets and a couple guys going to DL right before the seas are excellent out of desperation they called it was effort at this. That and use rookie of the year Brit so worked out pretty good form. But. LeRoy September call ups. Look at the far fetched he keeps regulate this and and they'll let promote an adorable that's a horrible I just sat down and this is when after this to do. Listen a little. A little bit of a PR push for the New York Mets geno how highly rated since you know Majorly based Allianz would be. It's crazy I actually jokingly so basically Tim Tebow is the kind of McGregor baseball. Actually jokingly said to the mosque earlier that we should carry the Saint Louis Luke saint Lucie Mets on the radio. They have radio games. Around that idea of there. Time. Interest and Tim Tebow those going to be the major leagues it's happening. This cannot be stopped no of course the study we call it a sadistic play he is all starting to earn it now he's earned his stripes. Ernest judge Cecilia his feet wet over and now with a hose so at the fireflies. And now he's settled then still employed he silly or stupid shirt. Yeah ma awesome Michael usher it. He's so jealous you want alike because he shows up every day and that damn blue teacher and those products and every day I've worn Crocs to work and won't know it's. Or what are UN. I got. This I got sticker on what kind he has that he doesn't have new balance sneakers and really original on side I mean to slam the Crocs you know robs the croc man. With does that answer your love Ralph Lauren freaking Jersey on graders to have us never. Oh no you need to hell here here's what we do. People makes it to the major leagues would you put him in a better athlete in Jordan now Jordan never made that they'd do know that. The move we not know reject him in the closet Dion a whole though it's a huge stop. Why you stop right now clearly it's Friday is I feel I have anything it's all bubbled up huge -- are to get legal he's highs did you do when your surrogate I'd wait too high ugly hold on to incite a right you you're you're talking with a motion om come with facts. Heisman Trophy winner of the won a playoff game got ousted by a jealous John Elway who want all the attention. And now he's breaking in the Miley one trillion pales in England where he got out to my Elway not because of because Elway was jealous now because he can play football that's right Jeff. Taxes facts. Dion as an all pro football got drafted by the Yankees was video files was started there than get traded to Atlanta what any other. Even baseball. No no I know I got season I know dead. Both Jackson and breath. And followed Jack's gotta put it in the class Bo Jackson Miller and toll you he Britney videos never greater support group. Thought he wasn't at the pros. Who was that the pros but he is an all time college player. Great agreed okay great well apple he got to the pros and led his team to success though led his genitals and down at your boy tenant who has never won a playoff game never. Ever deal with 00. Point zero playoff games for your boy ten help and you go to bat for him like use your brother. Like family you go to bat for ten hell all the cool springs I'm zero point zero playoff wins this show never changes dumb ass Tobin comparing tea mode in Deion immediate. Yeah I've I've done that frequently good history of the show text there. Tobin sounds like he's give Ohio in his own supply head sit up there and great big advocates at a rule of three maybe it was three but I don't lives. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now for almost cozy air remains headlines desk PD. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. So she's Evelyn says there. People who rock Crocs just aware of them should all hold hands and jump off a bridge. Robbie you may read it or jump. For much of going anywhere college alternate or by the way what YO dog what's on the air it's a hassle let's. And guess what until you're doing doesn't wanna talk about anything personally. After we did tried by segment. Other headlines are brought to you behind the fine folks at can't see. Gives easy spicy crispy zinger chicken sandwich is available on a five dollar Philip. For a limited time get it that can't see its finger liking good limited time offer great participating. In the KFC's. Tax extra. We got we got baseball news boys the panned out. Is video. Released for assignment. Whether Red Sox. Mean does in his first time as that's the word elegant or does neighbors on the yes correct. Don't come Bob Graham you know Billy's got up money to buy belt buckles through go. Marlins started steered the Dodgers tonight most part in Australia the writing on this 743 point 31 ERA and British McCarthy will count her for the Dodgers the road righty is six and 33112. BRK sole CEO Leo the moral is do here in the second half they are only I'm games below. 500. A sudden they there's Mosul teams reportedly incidents stand you think anybody takes that deal off their hands now. Anybody know I don't think anybody has struck enough to think how he can be our final peace and non themselves into another 210 million dollars or something about Loria waiting until March. For what. Because they don't wanna pick sixty million yes he's cute do we start yes I've seen that. Okay and did I say that we can go would you words you see that. No matter if Gloria. Yeah Wallach had a decent battery silent it was OK he's benching could pick out what is he ever splurge. I think it's kind of a wash though because here's the thing you know sixty million in the county he's losing sixty million a year it's not trump is not meet tiger be decorated aphorisms principles. The prince Reza loses it give it away. By the way what did he lose and if he. Pays sixty million ever lose the money up today. If you lose my nose if he goes all the way his cell till march he's gonna lose money this season. For four of those over sixty million a year reportedly. That's that's that's fine he does not put accounting now is that funny accounting. Fuzzy math yet what else beasts. Bob we have no summer league in the last night boy your boy oh Karl light. Nicely nice night last 123. Oh my boy Robinson pump finally due by may 22 points. Top Vermont man is now gonna play again and like with severe weather rests on us so imagine mammoth. We had a real theme song form now we do we do. What. Well I don't know if the intern has a ready. You have already we're allowed to bring it up as a cover all of well because I am glad I looked over I thought rob who has borne out pain but he's none the intern. But in the board OK don't this this we do here yeah. Have been some there could have been turned them upon up. RA and I'm mine so much that's. Take these out of everybody this OC Richard has the same professionalism is what happens when you put these in the power chair right I mean the part Caron I didn't read our. He saw. Handed inside it's time. It's. The the mom yeah I want to mom. But is there. Terrible and Alex on his sister Nancy how did he say it's terrible oh I'd. Well executed played good on myself. I'd like there's Alex look like this feud played like he goes and bam highlights there's a lot. Obviously it was not well executed and maybe grow license Pat Riley talking about bandwidth there and you know liquids and production work crisis. So it was easier sell to exceed a little less the Celtics better. This they're getting Miami based movie and you can put Tobin is an extra. That is true maggert well what do what is was your dad today man it's not a gag though we we have started a new trend we're gonna have vice Friday shirt but in my shirt front and I mean I got plenty of Tom about Tommy bahama like you brought them. Moon rock group but we just talk about once heard a couple. No one minute and they cut in all sizes but the why elevens are that was up with some know it wasn't just. Belichick guided the teasing me by Tim Tebow is almost left visibly portals. Yes he's a Little Mermaid for the rest of times that are. If that's ships that sail and you're I. As it unite you're Europe over the Jacksonville jaguar like stinger threat like you that doesn't bother you anymore. Well and regular routes is the very end here and it was a good jaguars as chimera now would you most passionate get about as like ninety's jaguars like. Fred Taylor renting the CIA should be in the hall and like that's right Freddie to you should be in the hall of fame I jaguar bias. I kind of agree I did do a patient zero point facilities on all things. That's bonus though he's been. Yup it's a shame it's a shame and a crime blue Beckham in this. Slides my. We'll today and a yeah well sector. Tomorrow Almonte. It's better bonus mom and yes miles. Words. He does show's success that's an important walk go homered for Tebow LeRoy you later just by now. B team you don't have a walk off homer acknowledged the greatest Ahtyba. Acknowledging how wound acknowledges. We give him props if he makes the major leagues or resent him a publicity stunt no because it. She and if you get all for the hot tempered old guys got this but this plan OK bottom line that don't let me. If Tebow gets cold to the majors mean it won't be cute because of his palate and not a publicity he's breaking. He's raking right now. You can't deny the stats. The numbers speak for themselves. They are excellent. And so the Mets did a little bit left handed pop off the bench no props in one year no props. You'll say props to Tebow looks and gotta reform but he'll. In Lille had not book I am not the guy everybody thinks is they hate people pay is not. I believe he's no good or it but I hope that that's all I'm is a guy like I got the whip. What do I think of him. But everybody takes it into what does it say OK you don't like Tebow your people wait that's not accurate at all I guess what. That means everybody at NFL must be haters because guess what nobody want him to play quarterback I got sick right and so now he's taken adversity. And and put the chip on the shoulder. And now every time he swings and the ball was out the part that chip is riding with him around the bases and it may just ride him all the way to queens. Paid viewers jealousy of TiVo's move and that would do. I don't know man a woman now. So when Bobby Locke and let's see I my dead bees bees is they is the Gator hater use forced to Wear a Tivo Jersey for weeks. Haters because it 20 well all right here's where it stops. Was responsible for playoff win doubtful we wouldn't be that. I think the same thing. See how you can go to de valmont gosh yeah value gone too far. Okay. I actually played at a both football and they don't give you little story is one of my favorites. It was a great week. We had a bye week we got snowed in right so I played X de golf got a hold of you. And blew up to Minnesota. Practice a couple of days played against. What to say Arizona Cardinals. To step some one else is that out pretty good. Purdue did okay within within within overtime now do. No clutch gene. Do you like this. Period public. Tebow could hit the Bolivia as with a big joke it's a bite but what about for an encore what do you have written goals there we are watching the game what about with goes. There goes the poll. Here comes the bad joke. Utley put regular guys thanks and this is not good for baseball and I. I don't have a problem I don't have a problem with that if the Mets won a call about how. I'm not hate like that let them do whatever they want but the malls give that one at bats Adam Greenberg. We just because like now where one out with a mom this is give this kind of that nobody that reason why you come. It more because she actually. The faced. Him was that tragedy was bad luck early but when it was like no. Onto important he was gonna play Major League Baseball. Them. But something's happened to like move like Graham and and infielder dreams. Morehouse. What it. Norma field a dream like I am and the doctor he never got to play you I stepped on the field he was stuck noted that he had to go in Madrid go head to help ago the hot dog yeah. You know so. You know some zombie you'll find another calling and maybe it was an individually baseball but to Yves. TV is selling you that he can handle adversity. Could fit to pass over newsroom with Tebow this image he played size ethnic and cast your question. Are you only pulling this fake love for Tivo because he went to high school in Jacksonville. Though. I don't care if you like got to have this affinity for Jacksonville is like the jaguars basically play football for niece high school in Mexico and these high school that sure he was home school. While it wasn't performance or concessions from the pulpit here let's do. Or Vietnam whoever wants and they can be horrible to play sports about how usually home schooled in you have to be offered the same you go kind of you know accessibility to public high school public school. Seeing things as everybody else you know why Tebow is so. Just what was aware of with the war don't get yourself in trouble no. So polarizing polarized near you. Here's a here's why here's what explained. LeRoy just because his religious beliefs just because of his religious beliefs there's no reason to be such behavior. Conceit of all the people you know. I can separate. Off the field. From on the right in fact. I try to do it as much as I possibly can't I absurdity volume anytime so tonight so it doesn't feel like you're having to do yourself. There was biggest beef ever with Tivo was the fact that he wasn't good enough to play quarterback cues given opportunity try to make it in another position and he refused. Read but everybody with a halve his and his team guy team got right in he says I'll do whatever I did help my team went. Well that's not entirely accurate as long as you get what position you want as a visited several quarterbacks. That have played other positions that bit success in any NFL because they were great athletes. So when people say Tim Tebow is a great athlete. I say a word that probably means to me as the football player he could have had success too with something else on the Pope hope you grow because he's great afternoon. And affected you refuse to play another position. To me is saying that he was very limited as an athlete or beat it wanna be hit. It didn't have met. Don't tell me you would do whatever you give for his team to win a list gets witnesses he was the point and that's what's garbage to me. Does it bother you that he's even in this position now because he knew he is getting his arm too because of publicity sure who it doesn't bother me at all. It doesn't look quite good. I don't think. He's got to have success in baseball. But right. Yeah let's. Little bit sad. That it owed batted over 300 can be a hall of Famer what is open yes. Or one bit lower so but somebody all of those they did is no way his own PS or is on base percent is it was overnight hotel. That it was over 900 a hundred. But it's higher than not present in the walk off homer. And that's. I hate you Tobin I know I gotta be so mad men what is this guy up he doesn't need pumping up. I think I think it's cool story and by the way. My husband are knocking him down or not doing it for religious reasons. Mats you can take that argument stuffy some people I know me so I went to get to that point because. That's why he's so polarized. He's not for the right no he's not because he's good or not good if people ever know that they're not sure look he's a rising. Because. Everybody who is religious. Big stop only reason you would say something bad about his ability. Is it you don't believe it's a bridge topologies of the blood but I just haven't you that's a bunch of garbage. That you know every Bobby commented about Tebow is a bit about his ability off the field I don't know is still don't know people. That is OTS is 993. Pretty damn good. Pretty damn good OK but I think the thing and that's that's and the people that have Jairo PS. Have weigh less now pats. This. Kelly he's kicking ass man. But then the religious aspect with Tivo I don't think it's a much fuel persecute him for his religion. I think it actually is the opposite I think the reason he gets so much backing from a lot of people is because Iraq right correct right so would you say anything negative. About people they automatically take it people don't mind. He's a great guy. Never questioned that and never questioned that. Only questions have been about his ability to play quarterback. Well here's here's the deal a case of my wife and just a horrible lie and Tebow fan right right as of the gators and all that stuff. And when I continuously tell her that he sucks. But football in the per in the professional ranks. He goes back to she always revert back to. Please nice guy in the world really does to her. Charity and she'll pull the video of him you know with lake a disabled child Erica Pratt a hospital bed on the top with cancer it's like yeah that that's let's wonderful. He'll prob stand for all the charity does that's like Lauren doesn't mean he did throw a football. Number allure is Mike Huckabee has done every human props to the charity I do. Mayweather did that is that do it is in this like. Used saudis paying your taxes. But here is going to add some disaster about my greatest talents we get to that press charges because it was they believe show. But somebody's like that you know any time anybody wants to be all the bad tsunami like I'm a woman beater by can't count. How come nobody ever brings up all the charity I do. Just admit that because that is what is really bad for a and you should be able to count. You are bitch. They started the votes to gets let out I would question his ability to help. It. But all the problems. I was more I thought it was like. You're being so how aquarius it because there's is all the other the Macgregor Mayweather has turned into a huge like racial storm now. Now now the gloves are off and they're gonna and I thought who's been really great but then he's like yeah he's like you you know I think it's funny. I think it's funny that when he talked about Mayweather people bring up the bad stuff like I'm a woman beater and I can't count. The matches all the charity work I do. Get them to the charity work that you do you don't have put a wrong resentment. About hey hey I employ a lot of people. Just men. But still slept the ladies. To quote. It's like. I didn't see consumers should sit them not all that but you know the that was pretty bad. The that is pretty bad yeah I mean that's we tend to remember you. It's not like it's gonna go way that they own Brigham and I'm sorry. Sorry I didn't realize. That you you know you could put a bunch of houses up habitat for humanity and he's not a good enough person for YouTube. Give them a free pass and say oh he made a mistake because he's just been a bleep hole the hole. Your weekly there's a different line between plea and oblique pull and and slap an apple woman. You know hope like. Just I just don't lose a guy you know I don't know Floyd's it's kind of like how wanna put that also doesn't on Bravo all the time but. You know. Don't I did see you want people to say hey. Overlook it but the things like. I'll break as I give I give a much security guys' job Z right. Yeah you gotta have nine bodyguards Jazeera you kind of bleak. He doesn't need a lot of anywhere for a hundred points or. Crazy we Rhode avenue your voice. He's getting fresh press cheeseburger stuck in my through movement and use of corporal. It is and I'm against me. That's not unduly. And ridiculous. I don't know I'm Bob. I've read the petty booted around. I'm just I'm just does not squashed this the president. Well my beautiful. Black female band. Scott McGregor has today in Brooklyn yeah. And it did not go well this today. It's all right Joseph it's only a matter time before some and bombers dropped. There's a guy go man like there's no way. There's an obvious in its only matter time yesterday they show up and influence of two hours late. Two hours late two of us was those six that he started. After 830 foot anywhere where they yesterday there were they in Toronto to New York Brooklyn but he abruptly like they've been traveling around like things happen no. There just in town regular poorly Floyd was diamond shopping. Well also I saw McGregor. Locked in due time square no shirt on yeah news shopping shirtless and he bought this giant S mink coat that he came out. He came out with penicillin or does it does does not and that was another highlight the Macgregor performance yesterday. Because there's like there's all right over the first two press conferences this all the stops around McGregor yeah. With the dancer make comments that at one point he's that he was on duty catalytic Guillermo the funny little reporter who asked the silly questions. And yeah you know he says some thing about like you we should say associating with with a rocky three Jim. And so everybody's like this darned if that is the Vick was starting to burn up with Connor. But it did if you were letting go I don't I don't think this sort of boiled over. But all mink coat wants to swagger out there yesterday he's like let's just get this off the page and I'm not racist. Because I'm half black and and the crowd LeRoy. Which was very pro McGregor all the sudden that air was sucked out like home. What does is it when he said from the waist down. Man I mean that crowd turned quickly on him didn't go over all beds and not go over well at all and so. Then like in the midst of it he goes and gets he gets Liggett a CD of Jay z.'s new album memories over the Floyd. Hughes is not a consensus today Connor was like. You resist out was his comments is no we're good and then Floyd gets up there. He's got no new material he's Joplin curse words every two seconds. And then he goes of the goes. Formal drawn. And his bodyguards. Just start surrounding economy McGregor and his USC crew. And like you can't see him anymore in the crowds booing because they can't seem McGregor. And employs that even saying anything while he's due this stupid around. The ring an easy shot. And nobody could nobody knows that hell's going on. And Betty and the taken. As backpack filled with dollar bills and makes it rain on Connor and says Dana White data what you have. And and I was Brooklyn. And those Brooklyn now on to London and so what was unhappy to this yesterday. Because. The because of Carter's comments onstage you know account he was kind of letting it go and you would last about blood Nolasco Liz. Well yesterday he let it be now that he's not pleased. He totally disrespect to my daughter. He disrespected. The mother of my daughter to disrespect the black women he called black people want. Monkeys but what I wanna say is this. I'm proud to be a black man. I'm proud to be an American. And I love everybody have a diverse team because the line and ultimate toll. I guess it before you can't do that. Kind immigrant you can. This tree spade work when he came to suspect black people period. You know we've been to align. We've been to a line. So that will. Well we'll look. I agree. With what he said. But if you saw in just been in Seoul and everybody. Like periodically. They tend to cross the line and advertise what you eat some ice sheets. Right yes we did take it literally now we also I guess it would Floyd saying now let me ask you this. Is that guy you want ten car was not a lot but this is. It. Is this guy. You'll want to dip Britain being. I think his opinions fine. It's it's it's totally cool that even can say that even if it is Floyd Mayweather because in the moment right now the person who is in the wrong is Connor. The thing now and the thing that I know the thing I don't like that this has turned into that is bothersome is. I knew going into this there was going to be some of this the moments but now. This is what it's about now the fight is an gimmick fight it's not and who wants to put it is going to be about this is what. Gotta be about this I didn't think the top subject was gonna be. Was gonna be racial stuff. I knew that because that's also a preference is no I don't know where they get bit again. Again because his life goes why fix because. This isn't going to be a fight just covered by boxing people this is at the point but I want Floyd fought many hockey out. And he NN news is that news a lot of stuff with the domestic bonds is coming out and had Rachel Nichols and then Michelle beatle band. Because they're not people who cover boxing. So they're gonna ask Floyd not boxing stuff they're gonna ask him the human side of one way we you know would you run zona produce about. Now that this is gone to this it's it's cross a line to where Manger pores are going to ask fundamentally Connor. Do you have an issue black people and is run by about race. Right but it but it again. We're familiar with condoms work. Then. And we're familiar with the lord's work. Now I think. Connor. Do you lose the freedom to go wherever he wants. And some people will feel uncomfortable about that. But it ended today. Do you honestly. Feel he's trying to disrespect dean but. Because these. Always dominated. You know. It away but that was is also done it it's over. That's it. Yes I guess I guess the thing that has to be asked with Connor is is does this seem. I think it's tough to say. There will close up from time to second. You don't care if it bothers Floyd. Because he's your opponent but it does clearly bothered him that he is being called racist. Because he comes out on stage immediately if you grant to address it right and that's why I think that's where I think things changed if Easter all of those things out there. For Floyd saying dancer me and that's just get under Floyd scanned and put you Jihad wants to feel right. But then you're coming out you say to an arena full of people hey let's just throw this out there. Very I don't I don't know if at that point you can say hey you guys to be mad at me. His if you know Floyd's gonna get a so that why would she feel like is his fans especially his black fans would be upset with you Brad. So what the other thing is said this and start. Is that the guy that should be same positions Michael Floyd yet. That's the only other thing we got that's the guy's got as much different as now I understand that but if you weren't safe dum bum who. President opened up. More of his doors did it does Connors. Good got his goal at about the mouth but it is educate disrespect black women like that on black. Did what you think the next question is going to be. Who can it will it will be new display like whip when you got edited situation. You understand what I'm saying yeah I get to bed and so. Like it this whole thing has become. Chaotic. Not because of what is being said. But the situations that it's putting everybody here because now Connor has to defend himself. Say he's not racist in any way too far and now Floyd has the common knowledge that to try to. Slow everything down when he's really not the guy did it play yet. Well let's hear a little bit McConnell talking to reporters about what went down and what what is done the press conference situation. Finding only that comes close doesn't have a little fun it was a fateful day I'm gonna included that the daughter how to live in and it is up it's also an online on my part. If he is in that mindset love and that's his business semi gonna. I don't care if she had I don't care I know who I am people who election now. You know remain so if he's upset. And angry will then. Can you clear oppose it do every year the dancing and things like that. Is that what you're trying to insinuate what are you trying to stay in insinuate and if people are saying O'Connor McGregor is racist disgusting sense that's been held without makes him I don't know I honestly don't know that's that's what that's. That's what's annoying me I mean that's what I wanted to bring it up to reckon that today in any in their in a way in a playful way. I mean how could you say that one look at least show him in a Cornell rapidly be. I'm sure arguments and I'm I'm I'm engaged in the entire applaud Jay z.'s album and ultimately to a total comes up I'll be trying to. I'm a big fire and all of of the goes up in army and I guess any other moment playlist is a month holidays there was wrath. You know remain so. I'm just out there harmful and if he's got a culminating in come to suspect when he's angry saw walk delighted with. And lives that's kind of the the point I was regulations that come on man. Box and its ground show it is the luncheon that everybody trying to get a B each other's skin and when he does. It's political at mission accomplished we nitpick what he's saying. To. Play okay. He's a suspect the women. Right did it look. I get I get how a woman may quit. And context what they've built really bad theory and OK. How about how will eat your kids. Okay. Oh who've written. Well but that's I think he's crazy people don't mighty kids spinal beat Pitt he's serious about that. Why did I get just to watch but what we're in the society now. Where instead of understanding the environment. Here where we are and what they are trying to do. We immediately go to we go to worst case scenario with anything that's fit like a person can have a Freudian slip a person kit. You don't save some bimbo it it just comes up you can't do it anymore no bid so you kind of have to understand. What tiger is about. Wiki like him or not this guy has been doing this and talking trades through out his whole career save people with bullet. Now we just take Connor is better at it. Yeah I would say Connors better and the other thing that's zoo with Blake. He says that good I'm glad that I got under his skin it kind of bleep do you think that he knows that he he was gonna go to that line because. He's clearly good enough to do with out lately making fun of the fact that ploy as IRS problems or. You know the the can't read stuff. I mean. He's got material. I just but he's he's gonna try it because. Because I do think this Connor has seen effectively if I get under somebody's skin they can make a mistake. I've knocked people out because of it right so does he feel like he asked dude does he truly how these guys or does he know that I got a pussy emblem as far as possible because. In his mind this is how I I win fight this is how I this out can go on win. Instinct he feels that. He has a bigger stage and he's ever had. And he's gonna give everybody the Bull Connor. And that's basically what I feel I think he's gonna go as far witted as he can't. And I think that GM MAV board. That have. Been around him for long periods of time he's pretty much disrespect that everybody. So whom it it and once you've gone. Through all the different nationalities. Embraces them people then you figure OK he's just being that way now for boxing. For the people that are familiar wit who condom Gregory this. Did it may have rubbed him the wrong why. Yes and it's not is acutely that's that goes that's my point of this is a mainstream fight it's not just it's not in the boxing world use you'll anymore this is. This is on CNN this is on Good Morning America this is in new. This is on house wives television and I finally got that's how big the planet that's what kind nerve. Once. And so from that they have. Wait regardless of what to say like I've got escorted to read it and lucky just like not yet okay so. If he has this everybody else. But we have to go win married do what he needs to do so bit. And that's his attitude whether it does it rub people the wrong way sure. Put a lot of people don't like the true stalkers. Mary it's funny. Because we have to clean cut guys box and no nobody buys the fight knowing about it we've got to an award right under bush the there was a choir boy. We knew bring it to my stalkers the guys across the line because it's Obama eaten kids that guys that talk about. All of the subject is doing just what. People might look. You know who did that he can they do that with kimbo like kimbo was. Was packaged as this menacing guy. From the streets. Don't you want across annoyed listen to goes on we tried with he's one of the nicest people think you can interact with the great family man. You know all a lot of good things about him. And but that's about it but that isn't going to sell that's not gonna bust ratings but no men you quoted pretty yeah. X prize fight it fit MMA. That these kind of goal god awful wrong. During that time so if you particularly like pick. It up but it did. Not allow for the last Sunday to process prime Ricky had as last time. So it yeah okay I was there for that. I mean they said he did say dean and Jose held them. He dead yet he did you did that he tried doing it's an idea as in work break. And you know it's addictive lure was races we've looked as though your fight. US who are some routes of the ring pocket he told pot gallon atop deal with some rice OK okay what we're not sure. No I know puts up the missiles pursuit of 1:2 o'clock Jeremy Jamaican sushi was that Floyd yeah can quiet. At this point right now like. The thing that the vagueness of his he's not the one who's doing it right now excel Floyd who's going to go on that and on the defense and take back caused. It is an NC possession of what I know I guess some sympathy here for once. Let you think that's the angle you stick I don't know I don't nobody but what does it what Blake if if Floyd has this this this opportunity to have people. Look at him as the good guy for once do you think he'll go that route no. I think he's more of says that Connors steal his thunder. I want to be decades. Great play because it because Floyd is always. Head has always fought. With that chip that nobody likes it. Who gets deadlines next.