7-14-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, July 14th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Not a free game. Back don't they run alive it's a little hard rock poker world. On the back here later this week and your senior kids on Sunday. I NN. Poised to men's gonna be here yeah all had Wilson via phone malevolent tool all have to allow dissent is that like. That's weird. What do should be drew did they would David's a different of the morning China's he you know two other thing is my wife loves it plus online itself. Under a hundred journalism demands Donnie wall berg he's going hurled some of the best corners of the ninety's. Well let I mean it is just came out like recommended that music that's pretty much did. Some of that. But that dual knows he's midseason because they're still get their money through moon. American the American Idol was having there issue the national sleep he can actually the contenders pick contestants. Both this year certainly lies to the American Idol what happened look Bob we've heard what's facing us Simon yet. Doesn't overall the guys he's a salad place chances he's actually kind of lined up and on America's got town but. The chances that upon you'll actually sing live. Mike oh there's no way she's lip sinking trend upright. Boy she does what is it blowing kisses in the win them in essence the ballots are actually dance in the air. Command. And squeezed. Always does but besides those securities. I can't be comedians from what I heard this rush rush when. Yeah. Plus just aren't that was the first. Knocked out was there it was Gloria. Did you it's Adobe's did you find us to go to show it tonight you're also really want these chickens illicit deal LeRoy we I mean you over the where you mean me and I what's going on. Second sauces. Her right now oh no I got a I got a note to. I'll let you know. Found it. We'll figure it out man not anyway got over the several hard rock poker room grew as off the weekend always make things happen in the on the weekend. Unity with a ball and used to be now you're inside the casino and now separate are gonna walk out in the heat or the Rangers you mean nasty weekend. Beautiful beautiful lots of screens waited for this kind of McGregor. What press conference and Leslie's who has decided to eastern. But they showed up to our justice is my first thing in the morning and learned to embrace 6:7 PM there. There there is a double yeah oh yeah answer so. But you know you want you know London means you know who's gonna be there. Hooligans. Home I couldn't Irish millions I promise you woods onto rug won't be certainly McGregor they're. Solar of the body does but it's a Graham. Of Connors or not security reader. I like amen hey. Stored to a cage do that there very damaged or not but you know there's two other 300 pounders next to you. How we get I mean even then. Because look when you have a group of people you just need to take one out from double to run. You know them they did it SA and its owner watched the video for had a Connor Floyd see him to be pushing. Do what you get but it could still aren't you could be two or reserves were two domestic cricket club at bishop might come up on the faceoff. Played I made that we have to go to these background videos to watch and I like my kid that just I guess it's just the epitome trying to too crazy with that but I would love to hear those live. The I mean you're going to be doing bushels with your knows this is unprecedented to have this many press comes as in this many days. Death witnesses got a sellout crowds right concern in the fight more than a month away or is it. Just horrible they normally have the press conference that. Bar before the ficus and go train red blood. Just to do four at a near all over like what 08. And flows of the tougher traveled to his confidence and stand Ireland. So after the split going up while you live now does all the little Las Vegas. I knew this man that was a bit a couple of days but didn't. Thank you very content travel over nonchalantly as usual like two weeks out of you probably expect very policies donors and who knows a start Campo Las Vegas and honest I don't know. The headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a concierge remains deadlines to ask PD. No problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. And an advisor rod you might gulfstream park casino. Did call at gulfstream park casino visit them Wednesday's 5 PM to nine BM they're 25000 dollar progressives. Free play giveaway and and Friday's Saturday's for their fast cash free play does that gulfstream park dot com for all the details. Roger Federer wins his match at Wimbledon he moves on to the final. Meanwhile the Celtics have made it official assigned to Gordon Hayward. Down pump on the southern Israel official yup good for that new. Who gave overrated a bomb Gordon Hayward choose the substance that I wanted him anyway. Howard the only person that was no guts is Robby. Ever wondered now was withdrawn real time don't Yangon and get them how to buy you anyway oh my goodness who won't do workers. I. They. Sit here and mood is the guy who starting. Highly of eight you know the next few words out of his mouth we're gonna be nonsense. Stupid haircut could. Marlins and Dodgers tonight start in the series on Marlins park here pitching matchup against Israeli going for the face the righty is seven and for a 3.3 one ER. Maine. No clean Kershaw this we can what does Maggette oh we missed since the dining critic did coming out of the matchup was the Libyan people as of Sunday heated pitch in the all circuit and he's a pretty this week and makes no sense and it does doing. It feels it feels like rob is Canada had a bit lately kind of LeBron James ask. Probably sold aggressively and I agree. Like Adrian liked it is this pick who could say something to pop culture gold and white all. Stand comparison to last. What is an and that's why skip this weekend. It's coming out with facts Clayton Kershaw a knob hit you over the Dodgers tonight Brandon McCarthy is the writing is six and 33 point 12 ER name. That's a ridge matchup first pitch is 710 at Marlins park. Running any other hot take joining you in the idea Alex wouldn't do it pitch in the all star is pitching tomorrow a clay Purcell an opportunity to our weekend. Sorry man and a crack up like eagle at Indian games Robbie. The order to see Kershaw gets to end his faced and city of our estimate Dodger Stadium to see it again Stan does own Dodger Stadium he's really do. Oh my goodness like. Well right. Next time you start Jihad take. Please take a deep breath before you start look like you were bread and not oxygen that they invent that little rain it normally included for days. And what those duties that's it that's that the meant to sub indexes in the next did yesterday. Well they hired they had to do from the games. As the GM. So the king do we have a here quests that king's question in a get rated do. Do we have a situation or can anybody think of the situation. Where guy comes from a losing organization. Or coaching a loser. Goes somewhere becomes success. Fellow Jack. No offense well yet at the ready to go right to. It's talking to him doesn't it say movements and nick and they came out or are destined that it may have to remember that this Lackey. Outs. How hope you call right from the ground no bones are. He went back with ourselves and they were to Genoa did so well it. How many stories start with the giants and right start with a giant earlier won Super Bowls and has had I'm talking in my head coach now had today. The fact Joseph Torre would have been the only Manila. Yes through before Joseph Torre had to do with the Yankees and anything in Randolph Pete Carroll. And no because he has success that you received when he was with the jets in New England before he went to USC so when they hired and he was pretty successful college really successful. I they've been Doc Rivers doctor is on the brink again fired in Orlando and you know I know and all that long run and got coach of the year adjusted for the Boston you've got to break the environment for the got a Big Three there. Well no quit but it did successor in Orlando. My did they give us that those media success like yeah they say if you know. I am trying to beat the worst coach I can think of well not the worst around the group Fiat would have started a fire from here. Philbin all follow Phil didn't put up what I a year older firfer Modano. And I Angela takes into the symbol whatever our political outlook has held at the look. That they don't vans vomit what are the one of Al gold and ends up becoming the go to an NFL team in wins. Home and move. What about but. See but here's here's some talk about right like we take you write your speech which and that sucks because you're so good it's not you them quite. For that big from the kinks. That king's I can't think of one. Did not mean Ryan does it is that just home just won a downhill snide and in which he had six he had six I don't think that's at all. Dictates what the kings of the playoffs Altman now Chris and where this guy before you with the kids because he wasn't with the kids very long right. No he just got hired by the K okay so where was he before that. Now. Get our for a job in that you leave after three months gazillion because they ask you signed Vince Carter and Zach Randolph and you like. Most are looking elsewhere this is not have a long road to success and I'm behind much of users. Very people here that. It's like Fuji does let's look at the blues you like we got he white boards they're looking at this. And under their top plan they got Randolph and Vince Carter does their white borders from 2008. Traded booty. Man so yeah like I can you pick up anybody and Isiah Thomas were calling for the south of where was this guy before he was whipped. Vote. The kings. Because if you get from the kings but it was only every three months ended he has quit stated told you over it. Did. It has a different feel to right. Yes I would bright so so let's before we go it go all. Cleveland problems on the situation it's over he hit it and apparently he's all Bill Belichick on a multi. Outbreaks little bit and doable researcher he was he was hired in the front office by the Detroit Pistons okay. All right he served businesses in general manager for the Oklahoma City Thunder OK on the proceed he was hired right you piracy. Use hired by the U and a magic. And within their front office. He held traffic to all the depot Alfred. These are good players and then he was tired of the kings so last well well as his most involved was Orlando. Got to be in the front office. Under breasts he served as an assistant general manager in a case in a press OK so there. So it doesn't seem as bad. Not as bad as usual what Landow right. And media. Got the players. The dunk contest champion could be as your course. To be honest which he was an assistant coach of the university of new. Ease. Again. My question is this how far down. Well president. Vice president of player personnel guy do you have to go before you no longer get credit for dressed in the play. How long did a lot of pain because like. I figure if your assistant you get credit. If you're assistant in the assistant no credit you know what appears little it will it would appear in the scalp that time that found the guy gouged out. The top five picks didn't outline all of us out. I hear you it won't Riley did that rather left Ron Rothstein here with a fifteen win team to go scout. PN's Michael Beasley. And not Riley's father breezy when I have had actually turn out to terrible cook you're the last. And there are immediate Bolivia made slowed up a local sports. The worst logo on sports Robbie yes. The worst alternate local soccer official logo but they didn't use it that one got a Credo is just good jags ovitz I came into my body there's an 88000. Worse logos and sports and that won't. No. Jaguars logo is that that is just held its key that makes it that I had a little itself does not that none of this stupid Muster injures and Mo this Thursday night game. It'll take president this year we collect 30 Thursday and yeah I don't know. And now later went up buffalo and all of read the jets and all green yet in the go to college right jolly jolly green it's an amount later as father of the colorblind they couldn't they couldn't decipher. Tones and I'm I'm not I'm not making that up like that was the story after that game colorblind people were complain to the NFL for the crew and decipher which he was which. I know billion million make about this knowledge trolls on this origami and knows this story Internet that the last should they went away from that and the color rushes became all white horses all the color they they went away from that last year. Right through the color blind so everybody war you'd if you didn't have an all white you knew you were know what you do for them get a Packers percent of all white hole which the Pallet of Rosalind with the browns going on right now go numb the pants idols who lets her free because of the weather here in jokes in north. I'm giving props I was those crowds the media is doing this again we also wore the uniforms would it look like Bowling Green. Yeah or experience and a proud like Kumble made it throws so why did it he got to. They really is does six falling in the use of bomb coach and into the who could benefit their own Brisbane Australia. Well at the browns but the only team to fire three times the ball waiting for a five time of czars. Super Bowl winning coach. Thinks it waited that went out. Somebody Texan I mean I'm colorblind it was insane to watch the fifth. The defense there I'm sorry. A side here that we're back after this. Where a lot of the civil hog rock poker room peace pack in studio with Robby and David are you business. I don't know resident I don't know music and dance. Because it's going to be Conan doesn't know how to do computer and everything nobody settled I'm Hannah says that the thing only he gets a little out of my window. To slightly out of my window is did you lose to repair. A ferry hit a couple times I was I was I was on the radio station. So the programs in the music. That doesn't. With all kinds of whatever it was hot that day like top fifty music and but whatever was a guy like we used to get like the Promos CDs that they had to rate decisions. Like I gotta go program this put this into the locked in a stupid vote. Author of the new kids but I understand that your kid who's like just like the pop groups when when like in prize if they were. Fashion was and saying Britney Spears here regular writer OK okay it's like just when my new kids is out of now the back are now the mayor come back you up all this press comes. All. This is remark wrecked your boy. I unseal a little bit him on Twitter almost done its homework done so no alternative. I get a news schedules and let's take care of your news has sent out about eight revisions. Market has a sharp good Tina viola. What's really good hatred does. The demands they what does that Debra governments which want you know when they have. Invite beast do we show I'll not comment on August. August yet Rick says that the press congress since AC what does it AC media kickoff zealots don't FAA out there and Charlotte or whatever is so to have them all they see teams there Jim officially he's already said that it C at the top conference how about. And I'm very proud to be here excited to be here. They for Nagin had a great year any ACC as I can say we have up on it we've established itself as. I think the premiere conferencing college football I think we've what we've accomplished in the last few years of things we've been able to do is a conference. And the commitment to our conference is made in this schools in this conference in May with the coaches the players everything that goes with it very proud to be a part of this and now very challenging at the same time. Don't keep that is SEC. Or big time and this is how seriously you stayed out because of us who in your arms when an S championship yet. OK I would guess what. I must foot state. Do you really think anybody else has chance to win that you Jay chip and then I'm seeing a lot of buzz of the kids to make a run to that schedule so we desk guys. Liam. I have evidently. Stumbled upon what the big topic is today up there in the ACC. Kick off. They asked Mark Richt give a hot dog is a sandwich who may need came back Adam with the draw our rain which no re tweet of the ten bite sandwich. And he tells you how to eat a sandwich. It's fascinating stuff on the Tony nominee that somebody from Monday to just gives a new map. Just existing Guinness. He is apparent right away to ask one employers might one. The other corners bite to. And the build of the middle of the have to fight three and in a split up the back corner into two bytes that's five by teach half. Here. Question is new. Now. We all. During that Al Golden who leave because he was. Smooth talker for a break. You we realized what he was doing was no good yeah whose son is a gremlin. But he probably less than a little bit longer because he was good talker there. He lasted little Lanka's allegations of sanctions that's why less a little longer and I finally agree with Robby on some things. OK so ya he last saw it as a pity all all that's all that being said yes. I mean the colts now. Is pretty bored yet Ronald Moore and on purpose. But handsome. He does he is handsome does and how well his rugged tarps gloves do. Props where props is do that didn't keep may care whose job. I know he was used I had an idea of a meg Campbell was was more like throw handsome than mark Mark Richt is classically handsome. House's hand. It's got he's again he's got that silver fox and you don't work out a lot of time and certainly Peter sands and I know your rights maybe that Mark Richt is is and the thing about it is he's got just a fine personality he just doesn't want you to know that because coaches and quarterbacks of course don't use only along the lines of a Bill Belichick. Well I wouldn't go back in our own news really don't I don't know I don't mean as far as coaching I mean as far as the weekend who views personnel on the army built Jason totally the other direction where he says he did all he could always take it that way no I nobody was always like Jim Clark he's saying he's not gonna give you anything he's just he's he's like he's purposely not gonna give you anything he left. What do you really didn't know what they're good kids. Today. And yeah it is day just some hot tapered like Jim Fisher came out swinging and he says the best conference in America is what are. The national championship penny pick it better why it. He's paid you money back he was real big stick c'mon. That conference he came from the SEC I wanna bubble the next parliament sensing. Admittedly on the SEC very I would like to hear Mark Richt says. Really know what he's right we all of this comes in the years the in the USA. You got ya Big Ten Conference he got the whack. Yup the pac twelve. Yacht us yet SEC. You got conference USA and that's who do you just rattle off all we are here's the problem though. 11 national champ ship in the last. Our last say 5622. Yeah after Syrian content to attend. 210. Is doing its own. The speech yes and noon. Ohio State won. One. Alabama won't have a live. The king I want to go they awarded EC back and obviously. Robby. Yeah she and sort of one of its Ohio State got robbed while all that's still not all learners. As easily read original us six out of ten. Plus one who won a hundred. No that's excited to have so Auburn Alabama Auburn and Alabama heaters are the ones who did all the gators did win two mode when was that. One Ramone wasn't ten years ago one and one of those million. Was well I think Ellen yeah. Lets you know Ellis you lose not when might do it and JaMarcus Russell now Alice you won the after tomorrow missiles actually lost two games of the season is still one title. Saddam Arizona at a very low Sosa go over so. It's seven other pit. Seven out of ten SEC one and you're saying basically get the best conference plot to break it's I'm just a few breaks to equal went to with three in a row but that. But. Is that two out of four for this season. We have to Zealand four years ago to does thirteenth then I go okay two of the fourth that's half. Think guys you weren't a math major repairs. I'll book the book but I can help you you have a hundred duplicate. That. If you. Thought we got seven. I did then they went up about it if he goes yep we went to little heads up. And I. To Gaza there I think conference Friday as one of the dumbest things in sports right because I hear the idea that you idea that fans root for the conference is so stupid anyway. Because. You know how people whose team sucks. When they team lost and change your game right and did it go. Well good group for the conference variety titles for those debit I don't replied I would never run out of Ohio State I would never root for any rival. Variety of my teams right I should I care that it's a follow in this in this feel like I rooted for Clemson because I hate Alabama. That is the Internet this that's the same that's on the same lake is you hit Nick Saban correct right but it's not your room kip puts them because they've play put it. You know then you could have been very universe and wrangling comes and guys in the pac twelve and didn't matter on right exactly. Minister repressed counseling and suffer of the two hours on the they're going to be late again. What is what is those 2 o'clock that this trying to press conference can start to. What does this being affected by the students. No I don't get. Well the you're gonna go listen to it. But he's got to wait a problem for us so I don't want I and I got to dig tonight with a wife and I don't be looking in my Falwell. Little. Formula so what's going on tonight a look at the minutes from the bits of them are going to hold it down beyond where you go goalies so where you know how but I don't tell anybody where no big. How about this on the radio get a result drinks obvious amount number and has made us. Because you my friend yep. And you don't want it to work out for you tonight and don't eat anything. We you can go ahead at like a monkey with a former cupcake. Is. We went and got some ribs motion and we haven't got some red list this happening don't go don't go anywhere we can only. Like. A monkey on the company does not real attractive to oh you're right. It's an out of a comparison on FaceBook. But who knew me he'll win key emerging among. Wink so. I don't know. Wiki and the double heart lies. With you give today play. Not a diversity in their plan OK well let's just say that it appears open cute women face of groups the right. Break up. Another look so bad so omitted is thought heavy dose group does not come affair friend I think hey how are you mayor. They hit. It. Some homes. I ate a piece that they get the rap Brit at the rim is in the line of anybody you didn't. Same personnel went to a Crowell. And then write a tell you what date nobody from New Orleans drew for the falcons. I brew without never. Ever. Yeah I don't like what that would Packers fans root for the vikings and now whole. Why would you what they is there could bring those fans grew for the browns. I think everybody's sort of burned by the way no one in the AFC east is rooting for any other team in the AFC east that's happening Devlin out. Definitely not the only the only the only situation yet immediately if they were playing each other no question yes it would disagree less is it different. In the NFL this isn't college. Yeah I think they don't like I don't think it happens a lot in the pros I don't I don't it happens more like the hot rooting for here comes Olympic college thing what about what about what about. In the eighties one DH he was getting trounced every year they went disapproval was there ever a point that you were rooting for AFC team when we got to the Super Bowl. I mean it was buffalo I think care Nomo won this bird Cincinnati. Boat wasn't we have heard that yet whom. That's when was record your eyebrows thank you won't forget her. Not ask young is not the teams ago. It seems this search teams this kid that was not really agreed to pay we never want to know certain says root for Chicago to win. That sounds crazy. Newton. No no mega business. Welcome back. So there are a lot of personal hard rock poker room. Still in this press counselors are forever. Plumber. Do well this press conference wins for star man you could love then. Of the good ones timing of the giant clock there. Who knows beyond our. Though mr. LeRoy in The Hague yesterday of Pierre. They are now largely from our behavior before I don't know I can't wait til Steve Miller breaks into the song tonight. The better. Now it is my friend and opening a practice. Playing with friends Dana is opening movie nine to eleven songs set and then Steve Miller who's been taken over. What's good idea what the media made somebody cuts concert tonight. 45. No older old. 53 plus you. Steve Miller was ninety's he has some good stuff and he did not have anything in the ninety's he was big cities and laugh or they saw you had might have been this into guarantees ever ever. Yeah dad. Yeah I mean I always though you know things. Who you think you know please indulge us. The guy that maybe one would. No no no there. Never learned Tom Petty cool. All right these kinds who's the guy is the one guy with a vague. Yeah nose down kid he's a big guns and think about that guy would let me do that. But some guy in ninety's with the band Dave Matthews do you day and then you have. That you yeah. And let he didn't want hey you got a note if you let's get that. Yeah. So it. You complete me. Contrary. Think you're right I did not out of the Madonna hook up and oh yeah and it. Possibly tell dad Symantec's NBC very excited about that ball just let's see. And it. Worst. Be easier said it would do do the boss I texts are rights not yet definitely. Any climate can spend some time on the off the Israeli Mossad the Arctic this that'd be signal and it was amazing he just so assassinate kisses ass and do another show with a prominent. Magnate and no that's not how that worked that's kinda how alert now in our own. Kind of not really notice or he did for an hour and because Oz or another people claim that they were busy. There are. Not amber. Okay let me explain something about us. The church raised soon. Like he's like a football team would have much trick plays like soak the way he's got to know he's the wildcat us. Techniques have you can send in. Your best dad. Wrote it who voted to know. I used to hate. But this is on the radio talk you don't know intent easier crap for firstly Kong was either go or go go yeah this is just. We gets one to let this is a bit about that. You don't it doesn't memory. And you think everybody thinks they know. It doesn't who doesn't know. Two and a big deal then of course you don't know the report played in the game you play the game. It just it doesn't matter don't hate to put him again let me play isn't. There's a lot of people who knew which way bears citizens go. Couldn't tackle him. So we do we call it left got a lot like despite. It's a new image I have Floyd Mayweather a ball in front of its IP right. It occurs is well with this tomorrow. They going to even angrier and didn't miss since like I know that shoulder all think I'm getting that's not gonna work on me. You know we don't have his body his men and he's just against the ropes and can't hit them that's gonna happen but isn't it I mean okay anything goes away. I mean kind of going in the same route same way. I mean who took almost like people with your credit what in the states is a ring Carol those guys have been going off on a boxing it's in a boxing kind of rain is every girl. I think so Jesus lonely yep. But they Mayweather is that you just talk to reporters I don't know what's taken so I'm surprised that gives up a broke it. Now let's give point where you know the Williams really enough when he gets out oh yes. How many Irish lies beneath thrown influences. But that's. You can't just the movement that's just how it goes. Does he send the peach remote due to the boss. No. Monster is no Lebanon's. He doesn't nice to thumbs up a modes is. The months money extent of it. It's got a whole menu that they now. It has auto modes. I got only once in a boat so does it just shows up and evidently my iPhone knows all black because when president a and black a moment. So I don't know how we got this relationship going bump just a great program that's about. It's six to a sex earlier yeah that's like what you do was all it was a I had nothing to do when Harry Blackman here. Black Modi have these had nothing to do we go. Dude what did you did you set for one and it just automatically update the rest of them for yourself and your phone new. Oklahoma's of those black but it took one look at is on an item on the black there. I don't know then called Smartphone from often will we we may or may not have a special treat for you guys before uniting here. What is it. I'm waiting for Rami you look at me and Tommy were OK but sometimes he's puzzled and with as let's close so we have Mark Richt describing how he to sandwiched. Let's go and. I get this thing like that this. Is why I want. Okay this is quite too and I prices may have little bit bigger. My three is right here it's. A good bye this. It's like the delay of the it was that was arranged and cars that you turn it turns sideways. And you zoom fight for CO 12. Three and it's probably for I was saying it's time. Then you if you repeat the process that's attempt by accident yeah. That guy is something. I've read tweeted the picture it's also on the to your FaceBook page of his diagram of how you eat a sandwich he can't say enough awful. Now you have dogs. Really know that I'd be eaten that that you'll be due to the imperatives that. He's been a good idea that the critical god though that's when pressure and I got a leg up on Sunday in the summer mellow you. Out critical god knows it going to eat out. No you don't see plural not this he's that like like you I always go multiple low cost million dollar fifteen which is a hunt on in the soda and here it is satisfied with one Helen you're not I'd. But Chile or whenever god does that mean to an all out. The and everything like I. Nice parent I'm gonna go I'd say my cocaine impaired cheerleaders are good bacterial Tutsi Gaza Monday and LeRoy enjoy the weekend are you to tax me.