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Friday, August 11th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Pain as a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Played played by doubted. Under duress much to lose today. No neighbor loses on the same page was yourself. We'll call him you know I saw the this press OK even I'll just make they'll receive and make a great. And our rocks there yeah. For the Miami Dolphins birds it's alongside Chris Perkins. We'll get to it all here it'll football Friday reaction we got the autopsy on preceding game numero all know that was the good but there was a lot of bad that came out of the game for the Miami Dolphins we get some huge NFL news. That judges broke a couple of hours ago hurt and we got some trades. That's. Come affect the Miami Dolphins and around about way inside the AFC's type dome Amanda. I'm doing good manager Eric just huge enough bill day wasn't it with Ezekiel early and Emma and the buffalo trades are. Got a couple of other warning you see jails throughout the lead from from last night's game not just rate plummet Millon so Lotta Lotta news in the NF build them and. I was bombs or to get through it all here. Coming up here we got a lot to get to we got a jam packed show tell you about in not in just a moment but I was bomb last night in and then when the news kind of you saw the MacMillan. Hits all on special teams and then he left field and then the kind of the news kind of was leaking out of people are going. Thrown around those three little letters ACL aero Lloyd. And I go IA aware what a terrible for the dolphins. And then I kind of just an okay yeah. That's life so to speak and you have to move on because you kids sit around and feel sorry for yourself. In that league because you'll gets banks and he's not the first got to be carted off and he certainly won't be the last note that that does that. Really true it. The good though the Condo. Extra tick in the stomach for the dolphins is that if you consider the quarterback. As the captain of the offense and the middle linebacker as the captain of a defense. You're down two captains got. Many of the captain and it paid agent and head. I know my usual our Baja humble wayward captain my gut is that it is way off course. I come down and Adam days don't relate right now that there there's no question they got do they bring in somebody else. What do they do. How they dual roles funny you know Manny was in here with with me yesterday. And now was his guy he's a man hours she Rick on McMillan policy Rick one repellent. We put the spot on a couple of guys in double back to that but. Boy his. I guess he gets a redshirt year does not Turk. Yeah yeah he does he does an antenna that takes us right in the here's the thing. It all those need a linebacker now they're routine middle linebacker ray Kwan McMillan has a serious knee injury. But the fortunate being is they don't necessarily. Need a middle linebacker because Kiko Alonso and Lawrence Timmons and both made a mess by. So the door opens really just need a linebacker be hidden inside linebacker or an outside linebackers so don't expect them to just focus son's middle linebackers my exact gore re melt now Maualuga. Sorry D'Qwell Jackson or Brandon Spikes. There's outside guys out there DR Andre Levy Sean Weatherspoon they both led and some pretty serious injury problems recently but. The point that is the dolphins aren't in a box because they have a little bit of roster versatility. So perhaps. That ends up working their managed. That's the thing to happen here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds located and Evan Shura on this game boulevard. A new purchases to repairs all the way to customize drone drone nerds has all of your drone needs under one roof. Visible today. And drone nerds dot com all those things are pretty good until 2011 correct lyrics backed her and her exact agreement Zoellick you can go oh yeah as a local guy yeah we can go out loud and a Kelvin Sheppard. We let that get you right of direct. Exactly you are you're you're exactly right up the mess part of the dilemma they they have versatility but you know collect at quarterback options at this time a year. Just aren't that peeling cut down day is going to be a a big paper everybody in the league. But that's you know that's that's still a ways away you're not going with Mike Cole at middle linebacker for an extended period. No bands. Do they were. Do they wheel and deal a little bit do they swing a trade order and all that's billion trades here's headlines. These speeds WP XY AM solves my. And WS at six Ph.D. Joseph Miramar here's what's trending now for cozy air remains headlights desk he. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Miami Dolphins rookie middle linebacker Rey on McMillan sustained a torn ACL in his right knee according to several reports. And will almost certainly be out for the season. The dolphins haven't officially made a statement a McMillan the rookie second round pick from Ohio State who was injured covering up front in the first quarter of last night's 23 to twenty victory over Atlanta. But McMillan projected as a starter never got to play a snap from scrimmage. Slid them NFL Dallas running back who ZQLU has been suspended six games for violating the league's personal conduct policy. The suspension comes as a result of an investigation that started more than a year ago. When an ex girlfriend made a domestic violence allegation against Elliott in Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus, Ohio authorities are not pursuing charges in the taste elitist planning to appeal and has three business days to file the appeal. Buffalo made to retrace today the bill so wide receiver Sammy Watkins and a 28 seen sixth round pick to the Los Angeles rams. In exchange for cornerback EJ gains and Tony 182 round pick. The bills also saying cornerback Ronald Darby to Philadelphia in exchange for wide receiver Jordan Matthews and it's when he 183 round pick. The bottom line buffalo now has 21 round picks 22 round picks and 23 round picks in next year's draft the Miami Marlins threat Colorado tonight a seven Marlins seven games under 510 and a half games behind Arizona put a second wild card spot. Don't let go of the rope. And now the leader board at the PGA championship sponsored by Edwin watts golf shots. Home of the ninety day 100%. Daryn see. Kevin does there is your leader after shooting a four under 67 for the second consecutive day at quail hollow and Charlotte. Or Bjorn Olsen a second at four under through by today there's a group at three under that includes Rickie Fowler Hideki Matsu dumb luck. Gary Woodland Louie we stays in and Chris proud. Those are your headlines over the tech for the test on. That's word Taylor I think over the past contests while Manso while a couple of couple words we got one right now for your time you're just win 1000 dollars in the training camp four days. Texas word pencil. Pencil to 72881. At toward pencil PE and CIL. 272881. And you can win 1000 dollars just one more chance to win after this 1 Indy 5 o'clock hour so be listening. But again this hour toward his pencil text that now to seven to anyone for your chance to win message batteries may apply to a Texan drive is he 1000 dollar training camp four days. On AM 790 and up from 1043. HD to the ticket you can always Texas show on the Coral Springs on 400 tech site 6797 for the 679. So on for the party star into a rolling here by the way on the Ezekiel Elliott suspension. Clarence hill top for large Fort Worth star telegram he's gonna join us in about fifteen minutes so we're gonna go up there and see what's going all the big. Word around the league that Jerry Jones is furious. Six games I was surprised Burke are you know this is schedules come at you and I thought they'd they bang them for two games maybe gets down to one. Bob what's six I mean you talk almost on a multiple how. Half a season that's almost for the drug use they get you know the TJ McDonald the world those guys the top of the banned substances and some of those things. So six games now. He will appeal and they'll try to get shaved four. And maybe three. That's the team that I mean man you're taking the best player. Off a team that a lot of people fought to win the Super Bowl or certainly get to suborn Dallas Cowboys a lot of you are high on the boys so. Let's that's huge news we got a couple trades would quote which we're gonna get to but rape wondered Millen. Bad and again bird I was I was bummed out manic let dot now what's his kids play by fills a need for the dolphins does NeuStar from day one. It on a guy and then all of a sudden just Don and as much you wanna feel sorry for yourself. You just go and me and you can't do that in that lead you just got to get you just got to get a bingo and the next man up Mitt and attitude and that's with a dolphin throughout today. It's just so unfortunate from the standpoint that. It looked like Justine was a little bit set did admit there's just a couple of weeks ago can't beat it looked like they were set coming off the ten and six. They're on their way and then you get hit Larson then you get. IE Ryan Taylor hill now rate plummet Millen. And you've got a lot of holes I did die is coming back possibly this week. But Tom and you you've got just a major major holes appeal no Jay Cutler's there per pretend hill but. Still don't you don't have your same guys that she went through old C days in many camp with and it is just mix male enough but. Why are you you just kind of shake your he would Etna at it at the injury missed. Orton had no I don't know that they've been ravens they enemy that there's there's there's no way around that but. When you look at the totality of injuries but it just like yeah I mean the major one miserable last year without the biggest chess piece may be in NFL history and Robert costing so I mean I'm mad dog ends and the only miserable but like. Just move on like did you yeah yeah everybody yeah it's it's it's just. Mattingly Mattingly maddeningly. NASA gets frustrated and hated it drives you mad at your event did you friends and Mattingly that there must let. But I had a million Mattingly that's what us limit to save anyway because we are Marlins there's adjust. Broke right now Jeffrey Loria according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald and of course you hear months of ninety to get this is this is just out. Jeffrey Loria has agreed to sell the Miami Marlins. The two. New York businessman Bruce Sherman. The end former Yankee Derek Jeter. He has agreed to sell the franchise for one point two billion. Dollars that's with a B. And Major League baseball's expected to receive the written agreement today according to a New York based MLB sources is what Barry has. Sherman if you don't know who we is. Neo wealthy venture capitalist who has become as a home in new York and is building a home in South Florida. Will be the control person quote unquote similar to a managing general partner. We all know Jeter's deal. So we don't have to expand on that. Who's trying to pieces together here Jeter is believed to be in Germany only 25 million of his own money but as a great relationship with Sherman. Also it's a Sherman is a Marlins fan. As well OK so we knew rough bomb. In that group vowed out last week what happened already not so he's not involved in this troop Torre Maas is not involved in this group. So Jeter's been Jeter's been did do was every pretty girl the party and he finally fell one to take home in Bruce Sherman. That's kind of how this and Laurie definitely want to sell to Derek Jeter then if you need to get to his price that was it this is kind of this is who BO we re between the lines on this thing looks like it's. It's gonna get done here are we knew would happen I thought it would it would be delayed into the offseason but. One point two billion as the price thing that's fair. And Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman will mole find more about. Out about Bruce Sherman who on the allowed to had that one in their back pocket but. They're gonna be jaded yeah Jeter did that they're going to be the new owners the Miami Marlins. Hopefully that changes things around here and starting with attitude of the fans the Lawrence this men and payroll that that will take a while but hopefully starting with the Palin's people wanting to go out to the ballpark people wanting to or. Not Tom being pissed off that spending their money out there and including who the owner. Hopefully that's what changes to me that's the that's the biggest thing in the number one being that bad knees to change around here is ownership. And so that that trickles down were over to the fans. And then you can kind of talk about our you know building the land base and and building loyalty to the team and and all that kind of stuff but. Ownership change I think was the number one step and it appears that we are on our way to that. Yeah how the South Florida needed some good news around here it's been a rainy a couple of days. Kind of bust the bad news of another dolphins game yesterday. Been rough for some injuries. Obviously South Florida needed some good news so Jeffrey Loria again if you're just joining us has agreed to sell the Miami Marlins to Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter. Were reported one point two billion dollars. In Major League Baseball is expected to sign off on it today so other have by the way if you're wondering. Corny mosques. Was mentioned in the article by by Barry and he pursued the team and with the board officials this week petite. Decided not to match the one point two billion bid of the Sherman in Jeter grew so. Our president Gloria gets close to that was what I went three right at a rib that was the story well the story originally. And I'm trying to go back to when this thing really rigidly broke it was a back in the February may be. When I. And it was well before Leo and our the season season yeah yeah somewhere in area and the 016. I think that number was the wanna I wanna say what six or 7 PM and I got okay that's a little high. And then you figure. It's gonna be it's gonna fall in the in the 12. 13 category somewhere when it was awesome and thousand bells my thinking and they settle on on one point two billion don't. Can't I'm we're dim a couple of text here. Just heard this war combing when it's official OK and that's fair that's how I was gonna ask dude do you believe it somebody else takes this will now be the fourth time the Marlins are sold this year. How old believe it win Loria is gone well I'm not worthy used for Laurie I'm not break it out the champagne just yet yet. I'm not popping bottles right now we're not mean you know we're not going to let retarded and afraid you know Bob there's other really seem to go with Major League Baseball go that route. Well they got the they're all these early at the creative weekend so to speak right yeah they do they're gonna do here is another seventeen a public school jerseys this weekend. So there are the biggest strides there. But okay I'll I I tiger the techsters you're right you're right they were given to her does before. Bomb but Major League baseball's odd ball to once they sign off on it that's it. So then Major League Baseball this isn't going down and you know didn't and financing for used car but Dave they back to they know Bruce Sherman got the money. They know where the financing you're coming from. Got to be happy with frontman Derek Jeter right in and baseball yes baseball wanted Jeter to would you put me in the twenty when I abundantly clear outlets like you know something but we know there's this money by a million more than I've put it correct yes but they wanted Major League Baseball they wanted Derek Jeter involved in this the Jeffrey Loria wanted to so they're Jeter Andy he needed to find a big money man who was all end Andrew Sherman. Is all end and Bruce Sherman can come over that money. Yup and I. Later on where we're. Trying to process this say in whether you're experiencing you wore or euphoria or just a you know you just don't tear we will. Getting into do you trust Derek Jeter they even just as the as a front man even if he's not the main decision maker did you feel better with Derek Jeter in ball. Right nor cobalt dirge just put me twelve million dollars to order a million dollars Burke. So like dirt Jeter Alex Serena Williams and and that whole deal with the dolphins are Derek Jeter I would expect is going to be involved in decision making. Our aim is going to be. And I think it's a good idea to be the quote on quote. You would say face of the franchise especially in the front are yes. I mean why not thanks all right you want your Jeter out here so the public. Has that trust no one there's. All guys all play in this idea of the captain is again and we elect gap between your bag out and what it's like to look at the golf blossom captains but the Marlins got a captain and in the air Jeter but just all those things involved when your wooing free agents times in money talks on Major League Baseball. But when there's a free agent on the market Derek Jeter's gonna take him out to dinner Derek Jeter's gonna be the guy who got the winner meetings Derek Jeter got the private general manager in those baseball people. But Derek Jeter yeah I'd expect him to be involved Tom would you just along for the ride. Just to be at the party and say you know part of the ownership group you you need is credibility. Yeah I mean I I don't know you know what more probably more sold in his expertise well to the public to the public. Yes you need his credibility around yeah if anything is being moved to being a figurehead. It's just that there's a good look for the in my remarks aren't we got we got that going on. And we got Ezekiel Elliott's. Roger Goodell the dictator comes down hard. On Zeke the freak war or head to. Big deal and find out what's going on Clarence hill from the Fort Worth star telegram is coming up next right here on seven I didn't take it. Burners work check with your. All day Friday afternoon. Cowboy football. Player himself from the Fort Worth star telegram will join us in just a moment the first. Seven I do think it is out of Friday night sound waves tonight in Fort Lauderdale by the day one day lost souls boulevard from six to 9 PM make sure to stop by. 790 the ticket tense then get your WW do you live presents summer slam he waved towards its. While supplies last summer slam he's wave towards his Latin American Airlines Arena this Sunday August 13 at 5 PM tickets are on sale now it's time now for our code agree on all training camp update over Greg auto mall. Friendly and I'll draw the price who wants bonds by Samar growing Doumit drove home the fish taco. MS sports bar you down seventy by the Miami new times by concierge men's wellness. BP got a sideline to back in the game concierge men's dot com and by Lex is a North Miami enemies in. Automotive experience as we head out to be Ryan fuels announcers you mean soars just line they are truly stepped beyond convenience. Hey big suspension for big. Clearance till junior joins us I love his Twitter bio this is perfect cowboys beat writers is 1997 a battle tested two playoff win six coaches Kallis scandals controversies. And unfulfilled expectations. Keeping it real. That's that looks like and yes. I guess no adult nobody even heat locally in the heat now I look at another scandal well quote unquote a little bit went a suspension anyway as he joins us now here on 79 it's a good Clarence I know it's a busy day for you thanks for taking the time. It involves at appreciate it no problem and and personal boardroom burglaries doubt. A way to respond to that million dollars from all over the country. Apart you can't compare Miami huge drama did valid. You're just losing Clarence that's all just a losing part as I outlook. I've struggled though isn't he there's a week you get LeBron in secondary being immoral and it. All are we're D'Amato Miami Heat up argued Donna Martin Jim what you're a little bit easier and Dick didn't work right now. And. And that's what does a look at it yeah you're still out there and odds are you knocked it knocked up and get this the time straight and I've sexy you have to call mix and then I'd like knock me over they hear it but wait what time to that story break you must rally but not in the morn amendment. Man I've been up since five birdies they could lead out these coach that there are a bit of blood but you know I know gonna win it we're gonna break and our big thing then. Did Andrea PA integrity and sort didn't take him in Israel and you know try to get editing could you know they're gonna give it to their people who they give their stories too and everybody have been I don't know would close within the last night. And sort of met Bob May not have been up early had been so yeah I've been up and Bob Bob started to describe this morning got here but it broke. I guess about not hurt and here. Don't let him would be going to an update them every bit demanded immediate problem Carl would. What. One of the panel of investigator of the new and you know and you get nobly. The statement from the people whatever they are sort of been this good or not. What could what exactly does this go back to Romania. The go back to Columbus and the of these domestic violence issue Bob that you pulled the girls top down. Odd during a parade he's got new a couple of other things six games though lot of games. Where exactly is the lead coming from and say OK you did this wrong and that's why you're sitting out. Well they're they're coming from the domestic violence accusations from former girlfriend dating back to last July is what happened to a draft the FB is that the current direction. And right before training camp and at depth in that wooded and failure that incident. It was Warren pick Damon that stick game and that's per the collective bargaining agreement. Domestic power moves against the red didn't serve there but after the Bradley they've. Haven't gone to legitimate game then they've gone lower than that. But date through the book in the region they believe they have credible evidence even no be prosecuted in Columbus. Didn't could pollute cage and then yeah uncharted. They have evidence that the prosecutor didn't have been in certain of their burden of proof is not the same they go to look illegal or that. Well Claire's is another case that this closely resembles an NFL history doesn't doesn't closely resembled him Roethlisberger many. I would to a certain extent yet because it would also suspended. Without being completed it you know and and they're told. In India and give bin Robert murder case they I didn't. Conversation and and that the monogram prosecutor. But they would be indeed even though they could not. Up bring a case against him and turn in this situation which they did talk to the prosecutors. And then saying to prosecutors believe the girl he couldn't bring a case. But it believe that you were critical credibly believe her story and you know they go back and what sort of evidence. They believe she was credible turtle. But after some what you did lie and they admit Q I didn't make our heartbeat why can one at that but no other instances of that he speculated. Maybe Lisa was Corwin because they have. Paul olden times stem from photo of the bomber injuries that a conclude that what their testimony lone individual did not have any explanation for that. Clarence hill joins us from Fort Worth star telegram didn't cover the cowboys for twenty years and he joins us here on 79 the ticket now Jerry Jones has been as you know out about the hall of fame deal. And he's been asked a lot about is he Hugh Elliot it seemed like. Kinda thought there might be a one or two game suspension coming down the line but Jerry said he reviewed his own evidence all those things. I don't believe he thought it was going to be six games and there's lot of reports around the league that he's actually steaming on this what can you tell from that front. Or does no doubt and Mandy who have had an end Jerry didn't see any Israeli government. Well yeah go to. A number of times that there won't be in the right no okay he's seen on evidence. And then it did not warning suspension he predicted know who's been in several times Chernoff from the start training camps. And even mask Woodward called claimed there were times he didn't know what was meant there is no good and you know the bread and they have no case. So it definitely blind side and promote her report. Well oh well they wanted to get those random and an outlook is based on the league is trying to. Pin something on an island because look you know a lot of bad optics and Nolan and then things didn't get into but as far as. There would and we need no one knew would have wanted Llewellyn who would have the the Colombo police said in an end they're prosecuting and what they put out there. And certainly go I would they put out when they. Make good nobility case it didn't seem like gore enough you know what again. According did it well authorities. They have more information and then the Columbus police cash in they have credible evidence. 48. Domestic violence suspension and they gave him big day. Clarence. Jarvis Landry have a situation pending here and it's. It it's it's not like a Z dual Elliott's but. You know it involved his girlfriend and and she's in bed she was not physically harmed it was our vocal disagreement not think his is the term that she used my question do you is this should this ZU Elliott. Suspension. Should this and steals down the spine up everybody who's in a domestic situation in the end up milk or is this exclusive to Ezekiel because it's. May be more than one incident. Well again. Yes look I wanted to do it in there with a lot of 88 are all one regulation and about several haven't visited local court support dates yup when he was with her. And and you know did not eat fish you had to know they you know people are saying that you noted moved well what do you cannot warm in this league record didn't Rivera got a busy they've certainly. Elliot going up the only burden an already blessed and felt for a soft fluid than. In cherry pick and reported in the end and so my dad they believe that that bigger have a uncontrolled verbal evidence are gonna come out. Are in the next few day I don't know whether or an enduring appeal struck incontrovertible. Evidence of this say. But you know I don't know where would do where was when they were. As soon meet before the commission has certainly before the panel are in June. But this is about alienating an in about a situation so you know. You did you learn about the behavior with a player who bear particular McNamara certainly it didn't end there. Again they spent thirteen months or listen you know because then thirteen month on this. They have to come up with something that got away all their time and energy to come up with something they would burrow. And they believe that they get the right thing here. Only one division game it's holds up for six who died I expect us Ezequiel and his people to appeal it may be good shape to four games. Are you know how that works bud. Know when the giants in week one and it's a division game among the six can the cowboys survive this and they don't have as it purely for let's just say. More games or five games can they survive this. I'll turn adorable person or an armed only. Yet first got this sort of put pressure ready when the public golf and you know he often about the running game and and is predicated on that you knew that you had to borrow yelled. They try to say Derek does they be bit by keeping tomorrow to seal unit wouldn't it be able to do that now without bail it out neural. Rely on their press kind of passed yet it's only one divisional game that a division again as a team that swept him last year to jab of the match there were targeted for each. Two with a lot of organs died. They also play had Denver. Buy into that first preamble on the road pretty good deep into the world so there are going to be shall I don't mean we already knew that they were gonna go to virgin three last year they've played that. Glassware is go to this year blip blip first place schedule. But it's going to be tough you know I didn't know what else happened that individuals are good though do you learn to resume but mentally for six games. They won't make it play out of that case. While there's what's your opinion on on these types of suspensions. Should there be a blood a precedent and I guideline and everything goes off that or should this be we can't really do that speaking as the lead because there extenuating circumstances. To every situation. Or are they very good way to sort of said look very good guidelines and gave him gamma you know that the base grabbed works the American Obama now ill. In an individual or any situation in the end and you know certainly. In the last few years that they're. Other than god forbid and popular domestic about the they haven't gotten six game they got boarding got very began to I didn't think you're right now. You know they've they've taken a whole different posted daily as situations stabbing this maybe the president to go in the Brett probably didn't look which they they had independent parents mom law enforcement they'll. Professional. Look at occasion and give advice to the commission so this is something new it may reduce in the standard bearer. Never dull moment in Dallas and you've covered it all declared its regular much for taking the time and we'll see what happens that down the road this thing that is the only smooth. Are begging Clarence hill from the Fort Worth star telegram if your cowboy fan you better be valmont Twitter that Clarence. And boy have no plans since. Some comfort one year you have done known for about thirty since he was and at school University of Texas I have some friends down there are used to drive down from Texas Arlington. Three hours maybe ought to leave leave my place at seven B in Austin it's India on 63 by like 1030. You have some more stories. Off yeah I should evaluate your players we got a few back. Boy did you Elliott's six games and that is that used rough man that is brought pull. Six and Roger Goodell is that in a year and added again writes oh my goodness you're talking about just. Lay in the wood so all these guys and your Jarvis as you likely mean like he's you're Eliot there's no investigation going on as far as we know right. There's no there was no charges. Now we're 50 right this happened over a year ago in Columbus. I mean local authorities not new press charges right good Roger Goodell comes then he gets some evidence say and talk to his people and that yeah we're gonna we're gonna suspend you and it's like. OK dude. Put me in six games I thought he'd get one or two. There is still the NFL wants to make it look good right. Put yes six perhaps to to below games repairman for a one of the faces of the NFL one of the best players are the best running backs India in the NFL owner just just went dude you know to the whole thing was inducted into hall of fame and now. Reportedly he's curious would leave probably each man I would wonder of decisions up in court. I think you're Jerry's should be no suspense I used to always say that but we are you heard him talk about. Yeah the cure the ills brought up all the time when he was doing although the hall of fame rounds ADR Kelly said he'll look okay is he still gets one game. The idiots to get eaten any appeal may be one meal to number one or three down to. Our blog. Now who's that guy I mean that's that's a long haul man on the long hall on and I was there really buying in the cowboys. And lets everybody else to begin with them. And then now like OK like Dak press got there once and how good he is not a show looking goods moved well good you look to those yo you're right we now without that do that running game and it. I ate a lot of people say that a tie in is a quarterback's best three and I always say is the running back in the running to him than behind the Z they got offered more assuming at Darren McFadden you know. So you know it's not do nothing number does. Like the Bob linebacker situation those will be good names of those 2012 correct you know tax code get back to that as and the Miami Marlins all right. No more screwed around looks like does that we've been that they got to deal in place. Somebody's got to cash. They've agreed on a price and the Miami Marlins have. And will be sold will tell you the principles on that coming up but Dow's eco record Alamo training camp but they don't agree got a ball. Trillion dolls will depression once sponsored by Samar grilling go to growth over the fish taco named a sports bra to down seventeen by the Miami new times. My concierge men's wellness GDP got a sideline get back in the game concierge meant dot com. And by Lexus of North Miami in a marries an automotive experience of Baghdad this here on seven items they're. Oh. Curtis and you're on 79 incident and our thanks Clarence hill for dropping by talk didn't some cowboys' Jason Cole. He's going to be here here around 520 we'll get more on that we we have breaking news hitting us in the face left and right around here per we're dodge and induction. Trying to work Robin we've been around here you don't like McGregor and may weatherman Murrah. We're try not to get hit witted but it's in his right to face we got stuff happen all the time we haven't even gotten to the big trades in the NFL. Today old gonna get to that but I'm big news is the Marlins. And the sale of the team and though they chew on that in just a moment but first. Let's of the governor gray Guatemala hourly training camp updates on the ticket or degree got a mall friendly enough what the price you want. Also sponsored by CN bar grille in coconut grove all the fish stock on MS sports bar up too down seven demon in my many times by 'cause here's men's Lomas GDP got a sideline. You back in the game concierge men's dot com MI Lexus the North Miami in a may ease and automotive experience the fins are under way. On aims of a nine you know from 1043. HD to the ticket. We started the show talking about Rick one McMillan being lost for the season with a torn ACL what she suffered playing special teams. Early in the game yesterday deny you get a chance to play the linebacker spot as he got hurt. On special teams. And as soon as we got that perk this story breaks Barry Jackson the Miami Herald very good all over the story and rightfully so to Barry does. The Jeffrey Loria has agreed to sell the Miami Marlins to businessman Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter. Sources say also a Major League Baseball is expected to sign off on the agreement today and the purges crises for one point two billion. Also bears added a Michael Jordan is also part of this group although kind of a small part just kind of along for the ride so to speak. But dug too big principles involved Bruce Sherman whose day Mitt big money manager guy. At a New York the end you do a Google search on Bruce Sherman and one of the first things if not the first thing that pops up is his seventy million dollar yachts. So I'm guessing he's good to go on the money side of things. I would hope so because we we got a couple of give me some Astoria hotel guests so I would hope that this assay and the Marlins can move it he would. And again to me right now it's building the public trust that it is vet beckons dark. Immediately that rebuilding the farm system and and expanding the Major League payroll and all that. That's going to take more time and and that's yeah that's that's. You know well let's worry about that when it's time right no you're trying to restore faith in a product a product that. Has been stripped down a few times. People had opportunities to get excited. Nobody wants to believe that this is real number one and then number sued that. I'm not sure that their guys and that's judgment from the text climate that's why I say there people learn we always did as a pork right and then I think beyond that once the ownership group is established the new ownership group. People still have to actually see him spend money and hear him speak and follow up on those words so. And it we've got a ways to go cap but to me rebuilding public base in this product in Major League Baseball in South Florida is job one. All I got a job one is getting Jeffrey Loria and David Samson as far away from his joint as possible or not till lunch don't come back it's been nice knowing you goodbye and good luck with all your money. And just hitting the complete reset button on everything baseball. In this town and looks like it's finally gonna get a chance here. As out one point two billion that's the number Bruce Sherman he's got the money they're Jeter these contributing 25 million of his own Jack to get in there and it's. I'm Bruce Sherman we should say is that these are indeed the New York based venture capitalist deaths is a money manager guy. He's got a big pocketed deal and in Major League Baseball would not have signed off on missive if they didn't know that this deal. Could be financed and if you didn't have the where with all my legs and we've been through so many. And so many different downs of either and rabbit hold all these guys that had money don't have money Jeb Bush. Is easy would this group B with that group and enough is enough enough of the nonsense you know. A bush and Romney and Jeter on Bob's answer all these names and and there was hope this will be done by the all star break and then do you know people are they do well you know maybe it takes longer but. In the meantime. I think the answer our. Just getting even more bid up with a situation that's even possible. That it is just like just say oh this team already Jeffrey Loria and get the heck out of town and it appears that that's about to happen. We we don't we don't even have the I guess the excitement that we had last time we thought it was so well because I think people are are scared of getting burned again by. Once this becomes a visual then I think we'll see a little bit of euphoria and a little bit of luck OK maybe I'll give the Marlins a second chance that. They got to push dare Jeter of their promise the microphones don't let. So there's a computer so look so Jeter to tell everybody is okay the cat in the sear I know how to win lob lob saw. Maybe you know me you've got to get there though of the bands back on board with this franchise. This is this is kind of a wild deal because drew Sherman's a name that I didn't appear. And all of this process yes Elvis and he comes in and he makes is happy and good for him. And I mean job we don't know much about it says in the article. And buries stories out there that that he's a Marlins fan. Soul okay. Arm pain he's he's over in he's over in Naples so babies are big Marlins fan and this is this is all well and good but. The main thing is that yes you have new ownership when you start over and baseball gets a chance to at least. At least try at least gives a chance to succeed there urban really been given an opportunity with all the the mistrust in the stripped down to the fire sales are low payrolls and the stadium and all those other things where. We waited a EU is never being given a chance to tune to being nurtured in this town whatsoever that that's the big. The enemy captives it seems like baseball hasn't even really had a chance here wondering if you are. The Marlins or the heat where the Panthers. And you just make some bad decisions but. It did the Marlins say they don't even wanna like get into the fray. They're they're just gonna bomb outside maybe lightning will strike like it did in 9703. But you don't even see the serious commitment that you received from the other franchises so. Hopefully hopefully hopefully cap this thing turns around and and even if the Marlins don't win a World Series in the next. You know whatever by 710 years. At that faith is restored in the product and people believe that this team is is genuine. They can trust what they hear they didn't believe in their actions that the franchise takes. And that gets you back on the road to public trust now brand new you know the bill farm system and you know getting got closer and a little bit and all that that's a dip. It matter what it means one thing really bad. Like to got to try once act like the theaters. Correct rather there been have been just diskette populated mast per firfer fifteen seasons studio. Go back to the year of the rat they had one playoff a couple of years ago but they've been they've been the struggle the dolphins they were they were they lost their way. Burger better part of more than a decade. Bomb but you but people thought viewed those franchises differently but that you're trying new people viewed. The Marlins. Yeah don't give a damn just just give me non Major League Baseball will there right like you're not even trying. And then you know Jeffrey glories but now letters and taken out. Big letters in the in the paper about all you got to the 2000 and what 2012 mess and they saw all those guys off of those things. So. Yeah I mean the Marlins brought a completely different level and even teams Georgia is bad in this town. So. If this if this story turns out to be. The be like OK like enough is enough already. Like it did sex that's and you know what that's protesters are given it was like yours are given it to us we keep biting like a rookie ball and the way pumped makes. He had then in this one. What the hell are you talked about you know you don't believe anyone is going to be you work over the Marlins in bag. I believe the only people experiencing you for your right now is Gloria. That people are very Miree skeptical about all beings Marlins and especially. A serial one up there will be excited that they're drawn. When he's out of here. People are you know what debt you look at this excellent people can't even get over the they can't even except that these. That the that the Seau is is he doing that's but it does get the sumo liberal paper into I know that that's I understand about but if they can't even get excited about the possibility of L'Oreal leaving. But they got the bigs more like meg big hole and orchards of some sixty downer cow. Look at this text lie that people are good people feel like they've fallen through this before the sales meeting. Not so you gotta get over the sales being a million women say opening gets real you gotta throw Jeter out there and when Jeter becomes real you've got to make some acquisitions and when that. Happens you've got to win gay head I mean. Admitted that are they further off than I thought are the Marlins didn't and the love for baseball of them learn by police they love them but like the taste though the tolerant. I said earlier I'm not I'm not popping the champagne just yet. I'm waiting for like the handshake. I you know whenever you OID's. How do you change ownership that they do Nikita marlins' mark. Yeah I got help become bigger than these doctor Raj you're gonna sign but it certainly over to her serve minutes at you don't like what I did his work. You see the computer and follow follows Dunbar complete list that sale is his official why you might be right about that depth I mean I'd love this text line. Adult I don't even think that people believe that the sale was gonna go through from some. Reading on this excellent even jerked around on this thing every which way for the past six months that's why would target band for the other part of the possibility of it's finally done. A midget baseball signing off on this and that the NL. That well Marion Berry's story says that Lou the leave is expected to receive the written agreement today today. Right so mob mob rob Manfred giving him. You know of south figure out how to improve the the speed of the ball game and actually do some work of their end and get this thing done and get. The Lauria the crew out here we got to get to the 5 o'clock hour we got headlines. Boy what mean ray squandered Millen we NFL trade Ezekiel Elliott out for six games Jason gold going to be at 52 when he and oh yeah tomorrow looks like finally. Finally finally have been sold it to all coming up. The 5 o'clock hour here on 792 ticket. 5 o'clock somewhere where both 5 o'clock. Right here on 79 delegates in the Monfils and Jo Malone who can hear you tell me man today. Reveal that we get 500 done indispensable power by force is over second and third on four bardo meets Saturday features caged the elements. Weezer injuring man in the wilderness. Portugal man and more Sunday features casing in the sunshine band borders Lou Gramm. Lords day in the time for the tribute to prince how old are going to be. Loverboy and more to the announcement and I and a Darlene accident attorneys. Call 180747. Free that's 1807473733. Underground music blue chair may Romley drink responsibly. Tickets are on sale right now there until this morning go to take a Miami dot com you don't wanna miss of that event here in South Florida the retired music festival courtesy it's alongside. Chris Perkins our thanks to our players till he joined this talking is he Joseph Elliott suspension. Earlier in the in the 4 o'clock hour Jason Cole from the Bleacher Report. All talk to him about that we got some NFL trade there we need to get to the Miami Dolphins last night they lose. When they're starting linebackers ray quandary Millie in the but the big and the Miami Marlins looks like it's finally official. They found a buyer they found a suitor. Sherman who's a money manager venture capitalists got big pockets deep pockets the money man. India and the face of the franchise will be Derek Jeter he's he's in this group. So while we whole lot going on here on a busy busy Friday but this does this each Eliot thing here perk. Roger Goodell these strikes again man that they ends boy. It just seems like. In they gave him the power the the my parents gave him the power. Others what it off two days anymore and all these other things the concessions but he is the judge. He is the jury and he certainly is the executioner. Debt that leads us right in the here's hoping. Rudder to dale could be sauce. And benevolent while sending a stern message with the disease you Elliott situation. Goodell could be tough with the six game suspension seemingly harsh penalty for someone who hasn't been convicted on crime in the court system. But remember that he is being mandate from the Lee units new new policy. He could be benevolent by reducing Elliott suspension to say board games upon appeal. Any could be a stern messenger by allowing that initial six game suspension. To serve as V guideline. To continue serving as the guideline for those who get in trouble in the future it it's going to be interesting to see how did dale handles this. From a precedent setting standpoint. Jets do you remember when jets wide receiver Quincy you knew what he got the four game suspension and when he did teen poured domestic violence situation. Reportedly because he was cooperative. Giants kicker Josh Brown got a one game suspension toward domestic violence situation. So at the punishment has not necessarily. All been handed out evenly. But still the dale could send a stern message that. If you get in trouble off the field especially with the domestic violence or sexual assault case. The commissioner will come down on new beer read very heavily. That's the being cap peers are being sponsored by drone nerds located an adventure on Biscayne boulevard in new purchases to repairs all the way to customize drones. Drone nerves has all of your drone needs under one roof. Miss them today and drove nerds dot com. What are you hearing here's my thing perk and do we get a season coldest total point this out of a sex line at 6797 for the call is on a mock and it's a sign that they're all our. Set guidelines now we know the drug stuff yes the drug stuff is set in stone Roger Goodell this ghost and that's not a guy who failed. Once twice we know the drug east we know what the drug is that that line of punishment is. But everything else just seems very random to me. Tom Brady's Tom Brady's a year are no Tom Brady's four games are disguising game Mac guys four games this guy's five games that guy six games. I.'s domestic violence. Is that our holder lied two I don't know I mean that that's something it is not known and that's not bad scuttled the. Problem with this because you do have Quincy a new mother who got on board games and Josh Brown who got one game six is supposed to be the number. But it hasn't been in. The numbers so. I you know maybe then. It's hard to say that good dale could come out. Looking back I don't know good in this case but again you to new edition six and that's the stern message that's by league rules. You reduce it to board your benevolent you'll listens a ZU Elliott and other players there's no. A you know there's no conviction there's no charge really even. And but did you still send that stern message because even more dangerous as harsh as a quarter of the season. But it may be he could Goodell come out a winner here the best written a needle at. That's three in a needle but you hand out six you end up with for an appeal. May be good bill and can come out being all beings all people. In this situation why that's just one of the many many many possibilities slow and many headlines we got today so let's direct told. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. Here's what's trending now for let her see air remains deadlines to ask you. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has reportedly agreed to sell to seeing for one point two billion dollars to a group led by New York based venture capitalist Bruce Sherman. And it's a group that includes Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald paper work is expected to be submitted to the league office today. Miami Dolphins rookie middle linebacker ray won McMillan sustained a torn ACL in his right knee according to several reports and will almost certainly be out for the season. The dolphins haven't officially made a statement on McMillan the rookie second round pick from Ohio State. But he was injured last night covering a punch in the first quarter against Atlanta McMillan projected as a starter never got to play a snap. From scrimmage. As you've heard by now Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended six games for violating the league's personal conduct policy but the suspension comes as a result of an investigation the start more than a year ago when an ex girlfriend made a domestic violence allegation include Columbus, Ohio. The Columbus, Ohio authorities are not pursuing charges in the case. Elliott is planning to appeal and has three business days to Bobby appeal. A couple of trades today big ones by the Buffalo Bills they since Sammy Watkins to Los Angeles rams. But he also saying cornerback Ronald Darby to the Philadelphia Eagles. As a result buffalo in next year's draft 21 round picks 22 round picks and 23 round picks. Now overdo the PGA championship. And our leader board at the PGA championship sponsor by Edwin watts golf shops home of the ninety day 100%. Guarantee. Kevin kiss there is your leader at quail hollow in Charlotte he's shot a four under 67 for the second consecutive day. Tor Bjorn also in second at four under a group at three under that includes Rickie Fowler Hideki Matsu young mark Gary Woodland Louie we stays in. And Chris Stroud. Booms are your headlines over to cap for today's task contest were. All right final word that's right tiger just to anyone thousand dollars in the training camps for days Texas word. Code that's right code 272881. How appropriate that the word code CEO DD 272881. And you can win 1000 dollars this is your last chance to win so again this hour's word is code to access to now 272881. For your chance to win messenger data rates may apply don't Texan drive it's the 1000 dollar training camp for days on am 79 FM. 1043. HD two. The ticket good luck to everybody out there that's the the last code words so it's been heck of a run here had a contest so the hours word last one is. Code real quickly. There's so much or are now one of the bills don't that's silly Watkins deal they just gave up on him. Pretty much mention all the picks that buffalo has they're just they're just rebuilding ranked it seems to me and AFC east. You have a New England lose just the attempt daddy's and then you got Miami. Who's there they're trying to they're trying to be brave enough to that we got it we you're we find even though guys are dropping left and rights. On our field we're gonna be good enough bring you back to the playoffs was I which I respect that I believed to. I mean you got two teams in the British rebuilding. Yeah is that this is still bad that's that's kind of big cap and it is all just point sue once again. New England has the team with the stability witness star coach with the star quarterback. And everybody else is trying to just somehow. Find a way to get one of those wild card spot right now and it it's it just seems to be chaos and and no I just really a search for answers per per all three of these teams whether it's due soon poured drafts injuries bad management. What ever made they did Regis can't seem to get it together. What Miami did I mean I think. They got a coach now and have a direction minds on the right track. The dolphins have are they minutes they've they've screwed around long enough but they finally getting figured it out we talked about that last Sweden. And then are you liberal asserts get hurt. Good that's a if you can't control but as far as organizational philosophy player procurement. Fraud office head coach especially Adam case. There in the they're on the right track buffalo when the jets have no direction whatsoever seems like they'd has hired new coaches John McDermott. The jets they're gonna fire Todd balls at some point here. They don't have a quarterback the jets they don't believe in Tyrod Taylor up in buffalo so they're just I mean it's berg did not just rebuild elected mayor this is or isn't just general. I was there like tripping is down this is like fires are still Marlins off almost. Yeah it's the look you were. You have admitted basically that what we're doing before it did not work right now let's start all over now that that's pretty much what this is there's an end. And I guess you've got you've got that analysts say all the time in the world and in the NFL that's like a year and a half two years so I I will say you know you you do kind of have. All the time in the world would you consider two years all the time in the world but. That clock ticks in an all pro sports and I always say you don't have more than really realistically 83 year window to play and wouldn't quarks and all that because of injuries because of reagents C. Etc. so I. The guy I give I give him two years I don't give this group two years and the in the patients is gonna start to run them again. Jason cold gonna join us here in about ten minutes is covered the dolphins for for a number years. Now a Bleacher Report it's a blast c'mon now national issues and there's a ton going on. Bob before we get to Jason ray Kwon McMillan. People get in their cars 5 o'clock raided the weekend. Feeling good it's not a good feeling with 300 Millen where they go for linebacker help wizard guy on the roster or they have to look outside. I think they have to look outside aid and and really tamp it it depends on what you're going to look bored because rate Kwan was projected to be the starter in the middle. In this 43 defense. Seagull has played middle linebacker he just did last year lower and Simmons has been an inside linebacker in a 34 alignment in Pittsburgh. So he can play inside. You can either look for a middle linebacker. Out there on the market and keep. Lauren Simmons on the strong deciding to go on the weak side or you could move one of them either Timmons or T go through the middle. And then find yourself an outside linebacker to end son to me it it depends on not. What's best for the middle linebacker position what's best for that remand you and. Was this routine yeah and I did think about that until you said that to me when you came in today that they can do that I think to think about that you know there's a little. Flexibility Boehner opens its good that you brought that up and the idol but I'll just say this. I like Keiko in space like that medal that's that's almost a certainty because he don't undersized he zero minus impressed he's not the bumper that that Timmons is when you thought acorn would date a fire hydrant in there don't they knew they need to blogger. Are all those things and so why and I thought you're playing with fire Makiko last your plan middle Maine I mean is this say the viewers you were. Jurors today that chamber a couple of times and I thought in heating get hurt. So all idle Ottawa to press our luck again but yeah. I think people they got a lot in and finds guys looks pour some of those options. A little bit later om we got to get to a Jayson Cole seek Elliott's six games. Gone from off from Roger Goodell six games are we trades happening we got. All the other pre season games get under way here are we'll talk all about it NFL Jason goal from the Bleacher Report that's coming up next here on 79 minutes ago. It turns everything Chris Perkins. Did you call enjoy it is just a moment. Tennessee football players when your lead come the biggest third annual enjoying greens John playing fantasy football Campbell's special guest CBS sports dot com Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night. August 26. Transporting the gulfstream park from six to 9 PM it's free. And you can win some exclusive one on one time when John clay themselves Saturday afternoon news register now to get Miami dot com. Taylor Darlene accident attorneys call one in hundreds of enforceable brief. That's 1807473733. Spots by Tommy Charlie they're always the number one draft pick by rip it energy fueled by grave jerky and by champion four by four feet. For more details on attending for free. Go to the tickets. Miami dot com we head out now to the Ryan fuels downstairs to mean soars just signed their choice steps beyond convenience we talked to one of the best writers and information meant any NFL Jason Cole joins us from the Bleacher Report Jason how are you today. Our temporary court or are we or our desire to sort all this new news here and we got done baseball teams being sold down here. We got guys being suspended we have guys being put on our. It's it's it's a feeding frenzy here right now but Duff let's start with does the big NFL news is you Elliott's how were you surprised by how stern that ruling was. On the bright blue circle not for the vocal coming up what my old you know they were to grow up you know. For weeks now that they regard the apparent multiple big. The good looks that they weren't there with a call with a death row you. You know. Carl you began to lose the difference will eat them before since he did too little amounts front at all. I'm going to be intricate and see how a player that our parents Gerry and they're happy could earn Vieira. Interior they're going to sort of map with the PLO it and move it. Typically. Have covered very curious to put an art so I don't we return particularly well especially on the deal with a or payment structure where you can Google all you. Jason how do you decide or or I don't know. How would you decider how David Stern aren't Roger Goodell decides. I don't want it we don't decide to put a bet you're right right right of whether it is they just. Punishment. For domestic violence because we see. 14 Ezekiel Elliott one per Quincy a new look right port games one for Josh Brown one game so. In in your mind is is it all extenuating circumstances or should everything stadium from six games and men you worked your way down. Ought to turn the really hard to. The first time out on all of whom there was some sort of like everything. Anchor of domestic violence she just put an automatic six game but that won't stop. Are saying. What they are now the way to get around that is to say okay. Now to Roger beat bill. He and as you know McGraw a cop the crime dog. Goodell essentially no right to grow authorized methods that there are great regret what I thought you'd like on eligibility. You try to make it sick all the time and each you know you play that role out. And then you leave it to. An appeals Bork to say okay. You know we will look justice the you're up or down a little doubt that those. After we hear the appeal and militia group which you don't have a system yourself. Are literally knows Roger Goodell. And it can collectively negotiate cooking did you make these rules they were creep too by the players from Uga do judge jury excused or what. So if given that and you can appeal court so if given that power. She's going to you do clued into the extent these future that. Now do you tried to beat them do measured ways of doing it but I think it's brought up and took the keys have a problem is that. The public go to always good to see every shred of evidence that's put out there. Am we get to argue back and forth aren't a lot of technicalities like everybody works is that. Well at the club to please the secret to charge him with a crime. Why should we have a goal you know suspended for six camps click with a huge difference in church or somebody with a crime wouldn't. Potentially can go to jail. Am confident that commitment circle partner acts like there's the other think there's that there's a big giant childhood between those cheap seat to Greg and people seem to forget that because they think it's all. They think mr. mr. football games to go jolt the regular really curious punishment. Jason calls whether it's from Bleacher Report here on 79 it'd take good problem burg I would just talking about DA FCC got to know England. We just run in things not only in the visible in the NFL the dolphins are trying to find the courage. The thing that they give back to the post season and any untoward incident or that I think you're just completely rebuilding. Caught is that the case we know the judge predicament as if that's the case says you go with the bills. Well no I would argue that they're not that they're actually trading out. They blew the getting rid of people that they don't like to get people political batter and global graphic along the way. Moon you know it's okay. There literally you know I don't play good at the combined bunker over or if victory by the bill we're on the jets who worked seven and perhaps. This year so you know it's seven and a half nine to. Right and I remember and that's what we're looking up because they've become glory but there are worried he'll likely to victory dual cam. Production trick play each other twice then hang out they couldn't Vick of course tie which would be just the rough. Just keep off the lead. Yeah I'd be perfect right Tom. But yeah I would suffer under Obama victory is compiled by those two Jean Luke seven entrepreneurs who went up I mean if our monetary order scare anybody. I mean business on the normally. Orleans culture shock from mr. Williams coached in our current credit card I had points I do. I think it will go to that got better team than the jets but only in the most march at all where it's. Jason are you you're very familiar with the dolphins covered import a lot of time what do you think about what's going on here with. It's specifically with these injuries attending hill we know colors in. Biaggi had Jai concussion he sued come back rate on McMillan Tim Larson at left guard this. How do you see this being shaken out as far as a victory total. This would not be an ideal start to training camp of the one thing that helps hump this year is we get people in Kunduz and with the sole judge so. They should good they're good you know windows for games if you get those four games and they neutral way up in the harbor circular victory from her schedule. And some you how durable way to get back in the playoffs probably are based on me in adequate cure to rest but to those early you know they help global output. Are they making progress from where they weren't narco belt that's really can't we've got many people. Hi there already in Abu sort of those kind of tradition that injury. Expect to beat you substantially better treat their track I didn't even know that you decrepit and completely healthy. Remember looking in the struggle between the teams could lose struggled people are Arabs. They struggled to beat Cleveland promoter Leo and some real work stream to a literary great they dodged two bullets up so. And so you. I thought that they had a lot of look at the scoring games go the right way last year. And that there on the right track like completely like Africa unlike Charlie vehicle struck that wiped his temperament Vieira. I would also would also under pointing up. Particular got to build up the base Alabama case there's no question about. What do you think about Jay Cutler when you lose your starting cornerback the first recap there's not a lot of good options there I guess that's the best they can do lets you wanna get no cap predict stuff. Letting go that route budgeting jays got one season good season in him I'd say it left and embodies all had a couple. Pick a particular look at this like. And we all wouldn't consider who can put them the best possible scenario coming out you know coach and knows the guy. But more important than appearing knows what forgot what exceed those free Google like he knows how to talk to. You know and and do you expect to get that. At this stage of the of the year. It's really hard to do and and she won't talk about a rate let me know who's still out look the press reported should. In Jay's career you know who changed you know the whole story of James parent from her negative not relationship builds and all that kind of stuff. So to me the truth you know. Given the circumstances you couldn't have a better outcome if you make good thank you know it's not a good thing. But it's the best you could possibly hope for and gives you so. You know pick huge support current Pope of all the playoff run through a lot. Jason among the major I guess the major three options the dolphins had a quarterback. Cutler. Or mom or or met more or. Someone else calling tempered it perhaps. Did they make the right choice. Yeah because you're not going to break through and though he can. I'm you know Jay Cutler had a good year away iBook okay great unit could hear clearing and especially the other Gregor by his own standards. Figure that usually get a OK am again. You've got to coach who knows what he likes pebble YQ you know you have the culture goes. He's gonna anticipate conflict Jay Cutler is the classic GO PQ receiver to throw. He's not a guy who flew in to. Are open area producer that's okay go do the receivers there won't be if you watch him play enough. You know that's had an option that movie is every get away with a because we have incredibly strong arm. But he not anticipation thrown MP associates well. And so. He you have that you have that knowledge you have of our culture that's our building plant you have a coach who does okay I can do this most of us. Ever approach to bringing in Colin kind of predict Ku Q yeah you may have drawn up complaints for Colin can't predict when you were thinking about. The two gonna get the camera can go job but that's a whole lot different than actually being the practice without. Seeing how to motivate him seeing how to talk to him seeing more picture and what he does apply. You don't have all that knowledge of how all that appear between decent cup. Jays order Jetta here on this is really can change so quickly we just as we just seemed. But today in what happened last year is no guarantee is gonna happen this year is your team realize kids there's somebody that suddenly you're high on the turn off their bodies radar screen here. What are really good like that charters within a few injuries but first brought you her personal journal jerk who looked up from way behind. You know we're talking about currency you know it's sort of like which which will be working in my little Trout before turns. To really fall while where have. I would say that's our. I Blake. I like Washington even though they didn't think to close closer they don't all loose drama around them because Kirk comes. It off couldn't score a lot of points from their better defensively but I took a lot of people shank. But not great but they're better. And so I want to eliminate those other teams but the one that country expects. I'd like Tampa Bay and last year I thought it would not come close look well a thought there were concerned that killed him but he's being partially. And they might make him in the playoffs they did last year they should take another step of progress this year to go to another team to people are talking about but I but it took. Everybody's talking about Tampa to export. Now then especially on hard not steroids given that ducks that book love Jason always a pleasure thank you very much or talk to your during the season I just. No problem figured out he's one of the best right there Jason call from Bleacher Report you valmont what are your an NFL fan it's an absolute must. At Jason Cole 62 when he covered the dolphins. For a number of years down here if you're a journal bombs and you certainly of he's got more years on new perk I think you might have we Jason do you know why you're too. Jason Donald Jason must clear up the sun sentinel together when I started here in 97 he was doing dolphins and I was doing you wimp and then am. He went to their hero when Armando went to ESPN and so we covered he was at the hero who knows that discern what we have now is more risk. We're covering covering the team so yeah we go back a lot of years meant as a as with a lot of these people that. I don't know who's a veteran like it's it's getting a lot of news and a lot of people no way am I the only one you know win win whenever anybody say is you know would you like wind and they say I like it. And then they cause that in my the only one who want to say big butts and I cannot live on the web until I was gonna feel that I am I the only one who does letdown but. Yeah I know it should use our life can take a pause in my mind that's what I'll do the Edwards it's a very immature you know I don't and our bottom of that just. Jason Goldman lights the lights big blood and I didn't testify about how Martin del allows and you know allowed us go back here yeah I know it's August when we come back that's a federal we come back Bob. Marlins have been sold. Looks like it's a done deal all blood is on pills. Never been here I yeah I guess I'm sorry I'll start to go with a Texas love I'm starting them you know I didn't see I gotta yeah I got out of final I'm starting to go with the sixers they have brought me around the bears to their dark side it is happening parlance hard not to bleed. Or maybe all the details on that. Break one McMillan out through the years he Hugh Elliot. Six game suspended by Roger Goodell we had trades going on in the NFL. Off it's crazy around here it's just crazy we're gonna come back and I get to all the right here on 792 ticket. And it takes. I like big. I'm like an antidote guess all you say it's gonna put your life you realize. Tampa Bay that's. I read that I wouldn't it never did I like Tennessee. Hey I could they have they take their cause we we play the song little bump Mercury you like. Do you agree but I like he could send your kid allies that's for sure I'm with a big bucks are on here we also love. Tennessee football outright purchase. I feel and had met in a way I tell me it's you may homey we got we got a team we got we're gonna do it together man we're in this thing. Come back after thirty years after thirty years at some write your back in the fantasy football season I. You know I think after losing. Accusing James wilder it was first round and that's exactly we sixties and you follow that up with who would you get there Wes Chandler Chris Collins worth there and than that next year around Seattle you'll have there was there was a tough choice you know the really tough choices and combo with Kenny Anderson a quarterback but young -- has a boyfriend super balls since the mid eighties to do so we're drag them back into the into the fray here. But you gotta get involved to win your league. Come to take its third anyway enjoy living John convince a football camp was special guy CBS sports icons Jamey Eisenberg Saturday night that story tomorrow. August 26 of the sport of kings gulfstream park from six to 9 PM it's free. And you win some exclusive one on one time when John claim Saturday afternoon just register now to take a Miami. Dot com in its. 107473. That's 107473733. Sponsor what is called public adjusters. By god what South Florida in my life storage for more details on attending for free. Go to ticket Miami dot com there might be a couple big butts out there as as well as it's gonna be to be a festive atmosphere I was going to be great man a good night above Mayweather McGregor as well. So law real precludes. You know hang out learn a little bit about those e-book mobile talked some dolphins will talk AFC east will talk entire in detail everything that John Clayton Jamey Eisenberg view. And then afterwards criteria there could have definite Bergman Edwards willed we'll see what happens after. But we're out we're ought to be out there we're looking forward that so please join us and getting on the ticket Miami dot com. Make it and Megan Knight image yet again dinner over there and you know take palladium innocent conversant fantasy football vice and a amicable drinks and a couple laughs and and talking up. With us. We got the Marlins we got an owner. We guy Derek Jeter and ball and we got a price though got a Major League Baseball greatest sign off on a very Jack's been although. All over this story since the first pitch months ago and looks like we're almost to the final out on this thing. Marlins. Owner Jeffrey Loria has agreed to sell the franchise for one point two billion to a group led by a we haven't heard this name before. Bruce Sherman that's right his New York businessman he's a venture capitalist he's a money manager. He's got a lot of dull and Derek Jeter is along for the ride as well say Jeter corner Mary is putting in. Point five million of his own money and Michael Jordan's also involve blood just kind of hey how you Dylan. I kinda im involved but not really but the main two principals in this deal are. Bruce Sherman who's the big money man in Derek Jeter so we did jeetz. We have Derek Jeter off Corey Maas looked like he was a front runner in this thing he bowed out these kind of balked at the price. We we knew about Roth bomb and Jeb Bush in that group they bid a do with a do last week. So all in all the names we are right Glavine logos was involved yeah some level Romney are tagged Romney number tag Romney. Just so many names we cycle through cabinet. I gotta say that when I when a person all this story. I was getting excited I'm always believing it lived that glorious finally going to be gone. These text is gonna beat me down I am now a mob B. I'll believe it win Major League Baseball announces. It's a but it's official it's spinal but sale is done there's a new owner to the Marlins until then. I have always I decided I would believe and I learned this is a no way doesn't but I doubt Barry Jackson. Who I trust him and believe but this is just. Circumstance. Situation where we didn't we bawdy and before we believe Rick war. Texas worn me down man Ali I quit the sexism I'm number doubt I'll be excited when I hear from Major League Baseball but the seal was a bit slow Mo. The most encouraging thing in varies report. Is that Major League baseball's expect to receive. The written agreement on Friday and sign off on that has all the best today. Yet today announced today as they try so that's it. Bomb they've reached a price. And I know we've been we've been jerk all way around on the staying in and here there and everywhere in a million names and a million different price tags and all these other things this a promising. What do you fingers crossed I'll keep my fingers draw crossed because it is pro. Singer wanna believe in and odd the product in the Miami Marlins are are really do. Look guys I wanna believe and and David Beckham. And I you know our I want all sports and make it easier not promote well not just from a selfish reasons speaking as a sportswriter but. It's just more fun it's more exciting your your more about a big time city. You have to you have the ability to attract even more events and so I've. I hope all this stuff works out the you know Panthers and Marlins contains an FA UNF by you right. I hope everybody rises course we know if they can't and won't happen by. I want them all to do well for future success for what it means to that area to have athletic. Appeal of this. Entire area because it baseball baseball's one of those things mimic little bullet response South Florida may be baseball's not not a good market for for South Florida I don't know I. All I know has never been really given a chance to succeed it's just been one of those things has put up I'll say this and we detector rights income is too this is kind of with the Marlins look at the fans look this guy OB birdie Mitt Bernie Madoff 2.0 bland I ran off. Make sure he got the money there well I listen that out I'll say this though are seeing this more long time can I do believe that one of the best investments out there if you can afford it. In the professional sports franchise. I don't sing than anybody has lost money since Bob Johnson sold sold a Charlotte bank in the day starting to Jordan you I but it. Is it seemed like a beer eat dairy. Safe investment if you have the billion Arizona and all these guys is it just means you'll be a fan of a team. Yeah it did that's cool being the owner team but it's a really good place to play your money. It makes her fur you know for decades because today. They never did never goes down NB you're gonna you're you're getting. Returner Mike member when Wayne and Wayne was about as you know these to be saying if wings so I'm Sonia so. Where we're Wayne sold. The ball is Stephen Ross you. And sales or was one point 2 PM one point 11 point two men beat Laura. Blige NFL's printing press machine now that was splits the Dow was when the Super Bowl what 78 years ago via. What is the dolphins were now. Schneider he's doubled his investment recognize what's the money into the stadium bright and half a billion bright but. But I was last on the book for the Marlins were one point two right what do you think Nadal who go for on the open market for crown. So yeah all bets. That's all gonna say about that. Boy it is it's gonna happen Kirk. Ellis you're the techsters yes. We've been we've been. We've been thinking that it's getting it done but when Major League Baseball gets a mall today I mean all these names sound right Derek Jeter they wanted their Jeter to be involved he's involved. Got through Sherman now he looks like she's got more money I'm today and he got the money king toad to be the money man. And that's that so. What more honest about your media in the 6 o'clock hour and also would come out one or just some deny a lot of people were upset. Watch in the the game last night's as a relates to re Kwan McMillan the and below or just that coming up plus we got easy Q earlier news will tell you heard me tell you how long the suspension. Roger Goodell. Came down on him also get some trades in the NFL that happened today as well we all that come up next Johnson and I do take. Our review here. It's against the whole run you up until 7 o'clock. The take him publicly shoving at the pleasure of the Memorial Day birthplace may be Lama met Friday September 15 from seven at 10 PM at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Expectant and new parents. And enjoy an evening filled with a activities learn about the latest products. For their growing families exclusive discounts celebrity photo ops and chances to win amazing prizes to sponsor right AMP air conditioning or official sponsor of the story book. Photo station for tickets and more info log onto the ticket Miami. Dot com it's been a probably busy busy day we still got done a lot to get through here. We got cheater shine which is sundin. We do at the end of Friday's show. And got to reflect on the week there was a you know or my. My shine is going. I don't whereas you signed a lot of ought to do away I we are very real but Libya we got some good news. As it relates to the Miami Marlins. Today. Yard you you're really gonna every yard you really got to throw some shine that would leave your buying me. And cloud cap paperwork hadn't looked a public textures outlook butting don't I first yeah they bring they brought me around us we'll build from Boeing's they had I had done that once this is know arrives I I'm glad I don't bored I'm Hubble aboard their train you need to see like Jeffrey Loria hand over the keys to the Marlins park. To Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter know although while thousands of some former us in that Bob nightingale. Excellent baseball writer yes and he's been on show a few times saying he said that. One of the that Michael hill and David Sampson. Are expected to stay on in their roles. With the new ownership group so that story's been out there to know and that's a little bit I'd I'd. I don't recall. And seeing in and the same old story. That David Sampson would not be around as our called it's either when it's come up it's that he's staying on. Horry hasn't been brought up by I don't think I've seen anything this is that correct if this if this ownership group purchasers routine Simpson is out pulling in the clean house. Let's just say that. Deserted that that would also help with the with the public yes yes some aim Michael hill I think he's good he seemed like a decent baseball guy. Are you disagree I know I'm a baseball guidance sensor and I don't know. 10 Sampson Amy no you can't do it Simpson out to the decision does defeat superb as are Jeter out there. Bomb it such a tie to the old two Loria yeah nobody likes their sensenbrenner. Bill bomb. But Michael L odds are from baseball standpoint and and maybe he's been handcuffed by some things from Jeffrey Loria ownership wise. But there baseball decisions in their drafts have been horrendous. I did that. They need they have not had yet a Wheldon and the two of the topics have been have been banned also. I mean I army of the outstanding ideology I mean but they could spin. There's been one. And they haven't been well. None of them I'm religious events but it goes down to that that's the big indictment but we don't do do draft during the like gadgets the violence is abortion baseball you know. So. You know from player procurement standpoint they've been awful. So yeah I had the sky like a complete completes. Reboots. Reboot on net. Our big news coming out last night's pre season game really talked whale positives out of the game it's all been wasn't a big negative in any time you lose a possible starter a graduate high hopes for perk. I guided to second round pick. Ray quad McMillan we onto the worst fears books like today it was confirmed. Out for the season break one we barely knew you. Yet to happen that leads us and here's the thing. The dolphins need a linebacker now that rookie middle linebacker ray Kwame Millen has a serious knee injury. But the fortunate thing is they don't necessarily need a middle linebacker because teak. Apartment yeah. 79 hits against civil run yup until 7 o'clock. The take him publicly shoving at the pleasure the home. Memorial Day birthplace may be Lama met Friday September 15 from seven at 10 PM at the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Expectant and new parents. And enjoy an evening filled with a activities learn about the latest products. For their growing families exclusive discounts celebrity photo ops and chances to win amazing prizes spots right AMP air conditioning or official sponsor of the storybook. Photo station for delegates and more info log on to it's a good Miami. Dot com it's been a probably busy busy day we still got done a lot to get to hear. We got cheater shine which is some than. We do at the end of Friday's show and got to reflect on the week there was a you know or my. My shine is going. I don't where's your signed a lot of ought to do away are we are are we Elba Libya we got some good news. As it relates to the Miami Marlins. Today. Saw you you're really gonna every yard you really got to throw some sign that would leave your by any. And cloud cap paperwork hadn't looked a Republican senators I would buzz don't know I first yeah they break they brought me around us well built rumblings they had I had done that once this is no arise I I don't bored I'm Hubble aboard their train you need to see like Jeffrey Loria hand over the keys to the Marlins park. To Bruce Sherman and Derek Jeter up although law allows it just informed us in that Bob nightingale. Excellent baseball writer yes he's been on show a few times days he said that. One of the that Michael hill and David Sampson. Are expected to stay on in their roles. With the new ownership group so that story's been out there to know and that's a little bit I'd I'd. I don't recall. And seeing in and the same old story. That David Sampson would not be around as our called it's either when it's come up its net he's staying on. Horry hasn't been brought up by I don't think I've seen anything this is a lack of this if this ownership group purchasers routine Simpson is out who they need to clean house. Let's just say that. Deserted that would also help with the with the public to ask yes somebody Michael hill I think he's had he seemed like a decent baseball guy. Or do you disagree I know I'm a baseball guy you sends an I don't know. 10 Sampson Amy no you can't do its engine out the to the decision just defeats the purpose I haven't Jeter out there. Com it's such a tied to the old two Loria the end nobody likes their sensenbrenner. Bill bomb. But Michael L odds are from baseball standpoint and and maybe he's been handcuffed by some things from Jeffrey Loria ownership wise. But there baseball decisions in their drafts have been horrendous. I did that. They they they have not had yet a Wheldon and the top picks have been there have been ban also. I mean he's elevated the outstanding ideology I mean but they could spin. It's been one. And they've never done well. None of them I'm religious events I did those things that that's the big indictment where we don't do you brasserie you like I just go to my assistant or some baseball you know. So. You know from player procurement standpoint they've been awful. So yeah I had the sky like a complete completes. Reboots. Reboot on net. Our big news coming out last night's pre season game really tucked away in a positives out of the game it's all been wasn't a big negative and anytime you lose a possible starter a graduate high hopes were perk. Are guided to second round pick. Break one McMillan we onto the worst fears looks like today it was confirmed. Out for the season break one we barely knew you. Yet to happen that leads us and here's the thing. Dublin's Neil linebacker now that rookie middle linebacker ray Kwame Millen has a serious knee injury. But the fortunate thing is they don't necessarily need a middle linebacker Murkowski Symonds can bowl play that spot they've done so in the past. Sold the door opens really just need a linebacker. Be hidden inside linebacker or outside linebacker so. Okay this doesn't have to just beyond some of the middle linebackers. Zach gore Rey Maualuga had a well Jackson Brandon Spikes. You can also start to include outside linebackers such as DR Andre Levy your Sean Weatherspoon now I know. Both of them has some major injury problems recently but. The point is the dolphins don't just have to look at one position. Middle linebacker. Because they have a little bit roster versatility. Maybe they can make that work to their advantage. Here's the thing is sponsored by drone nerds located and Evan Shura on Biscayne boulevard from new purchases to repairs all the way to customize drones drones thirds has all of your drone needs under one roof visit them today. I drove nerds dot. Come Barrios the names also that's have flown around up there all with the dolphins might do do they go in house. I do they wait for cut down day which is you have to wait a few weeks and we wanna plug in a possible starter. And there's just one cut now this year writing an Angel from ninety to 75 to 53 dollars and ninety to 53 yes so there's going to be a lot of guys are in for work and isn't a lot of transactions that on that final week and before the before the regular season and that often my outlook for other positions too. And I just linebacker but. They often blowing you know backups now serves so. He on this is just didn't grow only one game in your perk I mean you know he's just know. Maybe that's the global just knows gimme some other guys are your banged up test nature of the beast and. The only thing you know rough plugged a rough deal for me rough estimate is that is that always say in an NFL season. You'll probably have. Three starters. Who have to miss four or more weeks. And and probably one of will get put out of the season but it you know among those other two it could be six weeks it it could be more weeks it could be two weeks here in two weeks at the end but you just kinda have to plan per bird olds titled injuries you're you're gonna lose a starter for the season almost guarantee. And there are a couple of other starters are probably gonna miss a few weeks and you've you've just got to hope and it's not. The key you and hope that it's not at. The wrong time well whatever the wrong time happens to be and you know your situation is never good time loser guy for the for the entire season no you do it hope that it's during a jets buffalo Cleveland stretchers some like that you know well it just seems to be more. I would say tolerated like where you say we six he gets torn ACL but enough. It's pre season game running down on special teams quality of that as well argument you guys missing weeks not for injuries and I miss them for suspensions. That gets us the headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now for my cozy air remains headlines desk he. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has agreed to sell the team for one point two billion dollars. To a group slid by New York based venture capitalist Bruce Sherman. And it's a group that includes Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan but according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Paperwork series is is expected to be submitted to believe all this today. Miami Dolphins rookie middle linebacker ray club McMillan sustained a torn ACL in his right knee according to some reports. And will almost certainly be out for the season of dolphins haven't officially made a statement on McMillan the rookie second round pick from Ohio State who was injured in last night's pre season opener. McMillan projected as the starter at middle linebackers. Never got to play a snap from scrimmage. Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott has been suspended six games for violating the league's personal conduct policy the suspension comes as a result of an investigation that started more than a year ago when an ex girlfriend made a domestic violence allegation in Columbus, Ohio the Columbus, Ohio authorities are not pursuing charges in this case. Elliott is planning to appeal and has three business days to filed the appeal. The Miami Marlins host Colorado tonight at seven Marlins seven games under 500. Tell gonna have games behind Arizona the second wild card spot. And I always say don't let go of the rope and now we get through the PGA championship the leader board at the PGA championship. Sponsored by Edwin watts golf shops home on the ninety days 100%. Guarantee. Am just here is your leader at eight under quail hollow in Charlotte. Hideki Matsu young my keys to Beckett six under Jason Day three back at five under Jordan's Pete trying to become the youngest single history to achieve the career Grand Slam. This type of 44 at three over. Those are your headlines. It's the rope in the and the Marlins sales trends at cell transaction there that's a that is a very good question man I think we're all left Poland to roll bar I think Delaware told in the back on stadium are exactly exactly and as you know there's the grip is loosening task is as people of his legs suggested the rope is spraying there's some glass shards and it. And two and a half with how many how many games left probably they're probably about a hundred and I have. Boy named New Zealand where they could leader of the united seven games under. These are you sixty yes some like that. So Gloria so there are fifty million yen where they where we'll watch him stand him home run title at this point or when. We're on stand watch your idea on our watch every game every night I really do premiere it's and I try try to catch a couple of innings but Tom. Now. Right it's. You have Lindsay you know after the the trade deadline and everything like bad luck. I'm still hold out hope inaugural program so that rove are gonna mean anything to happen we we we size again we saw with the Dalton's. One enforced or six game win streak are we saw that we were the easy thing 1130 start millions there's thirty and eleven so you're look true and now that's what it really is into your so I really LSI number I'm saying you know I'm Arnold I. How will address on the new we've we've been so busy today with trades and suspensions in sales and the baseball club drown here. The rate on McMillen thank. You got her on special teams. All right rookies play special teams everyone plays special team to. Get over. Did you ever won every dolphins freaky now won't we don't plan on special teams. A less surest quarterback. Hop horror. Had to perk I can't even think until our top five. Wide receiver maybe you're running back but you know those guys the return game looking everybody plays special teams everyone comes up on special teams. And runs down on kick off returns pre season regular season whatever may be up. One of the one of the things I noticed it's funny now as a kid but when I kinda started figuring out the NFL might have been real 161718. Years old. I went to a dolphins game in. The end. IA one of the first things that struck me. Watching the game and I look to the sideline. And I said where are the where are all of the players. And you look at it down there and you got eleven guys on the field netted you looked at skyline gold. That's all they have I expect there's only what 45 with a third with a third emergency quarterback that's shoot up on a Sunday afternoon. Forty I've got you go when he two starters. You take away punter or kicker long snapper. Act of quarterback quarterback you do the Mac. Starters are playing on special teams being important players are playing on special teams. If they don't play on special teams. You get deep on special scene there and you did beats. In the game because your special teams are lousy so for all of dolphin fans were free get out on Twitter and we got into it today. And last night about all what is break one McMillan doing going spending the dolphins aren't stupid. Everybody plays special teams you've got to get. As many snaps as you tune in out of the guys that are on that that active game day roster. You. As you said a letter unless you're a quarterback or just a really really used to position. You're gonna be out there on special teams A because they need your body beat because they need Europe led a schism. Dion Jordan was that was one of the best things that he did was was special teams he gets so is that let a schism. Not that he was 88 Pro Bowl special teams player but. That was the best way that that dude as it turned out showed his that led a schism he was nothing from the line of scrimmage he was better a better special teams player but. My point here than the dolphins in one at that way your planet that way but the point is here's the number three pick in the draft right. How they're run and round on special teams. It has to happen that if if the dolphins keep. For running backs. That fourth running back. Oh Jarvis Landry. It and one of the most vulnerable positions right kickoff and punt returner he eventually got to valuables so bright they wanna take them off but as as late as last year. Because you keen grant couldn't be trusted to handle punts deep in the Balkans territory where you saw a jar resolve their book before Jarvis was a regular. It's just hasn't happened you'd you'd. You'd you have to have booed the vast majority of of those guys out there you can't afford to sit there you're not gonna see Tim hill lord Cutler in this case. Jay had Jai a kid that those guys but. Most of your others just got to do. Drop by as president and goes on all around the league ballroom all around the league and the problems are just a bunch of idiots. Over there play in their guys on special teams for the elements. It was not know there was there was not a dumb move by the dolphins at all there's this is this is the NFL. And it's news to go a little bit further with it you know. Adam gacy that he was only gonna play he great 121 half anyway so it. It wasn't like they were gonna be running this guy into the ground you know for an entire game that he's album appealed all the time. The first pre season game. Means they they had a plan they had a plan but. The plan that got blown up. Aren't put special teams the minute that's that's the league I mean people don't wanna notice it gold look good who runs down a week one on special teams. Brawl for all the team's New England payable bay where they were playing Miami you don't like wow yes but nobody really know this is it a list they're returning to football. Let that sit I mean there's only 45 guys that stood up every single Sunday. Up and listen at different times over the last couple of years. You seem Brandon Albert and Mike I don't see out there on the extra point unit or the field goal unit because. Yet there is a a fatigue factor and you don't want them taking too many snaps. But you also don't want some die barging through the middle of the line and blocking your deal Moeller or blocking your extra point that your best players who some extent has to be out their Helio. There are busy Baghdad when that guy once the best players on special teams that can have. And that then when he cuts that would cut down comes to ease of their screaming and discounts well my opinion I think this guy's mettle teams and you know. He's biting in the weekly meetings when they decide who's gonna do what he's fighting at most pre draft meetings also. He's told us dead you know he's agencies not the final vote obviously but. They they eat. They need guys who have some special teams experience because otherwise your. You're starting it here at ground zero. That that's one being and you need athletic guys who they haven't played special teams. You didn't see some they have the necessary yet let assume the more than necessary skills to get out there and and and learn the job by the way the bombs were awful on unclog coverage yesterday a special since it was not a good special teams performance. Last night. They were missing up view. I core special teams guys when they weren't very special teams guy and another that it was gonna make a huge huge difference gut level if you didn't guys like that. But they were missing a few but. They did not and not had no excuses and no excuses are not a good performance you you did have stormed Johnson's 44 yard kickoff return but. And and you did cause a fumble and recover a fumble or maybe two but still overall. Not not a good showing. But I mean I just O'Neal last night on Twitter and just continued today. It just like the fans like this is what happen. Happens what it is like to examine this and a bunch a losers running down on special teams every single game and he's a real NFL players. Yeah you did you can't just have a bunch of guys who don't belong in the lead out there because eventually you'll get exposed. That goes George premiere T yeah right right. Right now it. It you don't belong in the league is it's it's tough to say well I'll display special teams are soft to see a GM or coach saying yeah. He's done a thorough quality but it will keep morale for special teams if you're not in the bill quality you're not in a bill quality and in most cases if you are. You're gonna end up on special teams at some point community in most cases. It's amazing people rip in the dolphins and a coaching staff and I'm like oh my god like really do it got to put him out there you've got to put him out there and listen at and I'll I'll also tell you visit there a couple of guys as as. As football nerd as this sounds Saddam looking at. Some one is Vincent sailor the sixth round pick the deepens tackle from Oklahoma State he he blocked a lot of ticks in college and the other one is raise Marten I don't know how to pronounce his last may go GUIKEO. Only yeah I don't know I don't know how to spell it I don't know but he's another guy who blocked a lot of six and colleagues so I actually look for those to an end you know seem that special teams expertise right near that will be out there but. Along with him you will see you know and Andre branch or whoever starting all consumer deepens of linemen. Out there because you need the quality and you need a the body. Now more nailed that and I want last night craving marts into reality Ky I kind of drags it out on for weeks mean they'll the last on the broadcaster outside I don't even know how to pronouncing. I don't think he's he's he's number 76 right. Yes I I I don't know it's praise Mark Lee high used in OG UIKE. Rookie at a temple yeah out at some point I'm I'm gonna have to ask you know I DN amassed a war how to pronounce. He's made our way to the moments turn to. Bill the captains of break on real and we know he's done for the year we'll get to our our training camp report coming up on the other side plus we got shade or shine around the corner as well right here on. Seven I knew Tigger I don't. There are no. While you possibly as young team and we had a news comes pushing him. Let. You. It's. Obviously you know it's. Not having a cell phone that you know it's. Hard nosed and it's. An actual case. And fast and flat out amazing. How Adam gave us last night hands and master pre season game and number one and winning it seal in a falcons that was on -- one McMillen well the news is not good rate on McMillan. Towards ACL that write me out for the season. And gets us to our career creek auto mall trying to give up they kogan creek auto mall from inaudible the price you want to sponsor by Samar grown cogan a grove home with his taco and MS sports are two down seventeen by the Miami new times. By John Sears men's wellness GDP got to sideline him back in the game. Concierge amends dot com am I Lex is a North Miami and amaze and automotive experience. I don't bummed out last night perk. Greg is the you know it did look good from the beginning. And then the got a new who's started to trickle out a little in the second half and your two EE NA NA and Adam is tweeting in Joseph always worrying and our motto on everyone and it's like okay okay okay and is again this is this is not good he's going to be out for awhile. And entered not enough for the season. Hand but then after feel sorry for myself I go okay. It's the NFL like you can't sit around. And stay in sync your fist at the heavens ago dam youth football gods. How dare you know taken away Ryan Tannen Helen medlar Cedric won McMillan to follow we had. Playoffs at our minds we had it mapped out yes so. You know the there's he's not the first gotta be Carter off. Any will be the last the bottom line is. You kids sit around until starters over their league or you'll get buried in the Miami Dolphins. And Adam gays have a good job this. Just get back after man but that being said you still need talented people. And he still needs some bodies out there and I look at their backups and that nothing is enough and is. Nothing is still another set my hair on fire over your perk what are you know what you say what you think. Not think you've definitely got to go out and you've got to get me a veteran player though the question is how lol are you willing to go in other words. Almost everybody out there is Al they're more reason right if you look at a guy such as Rolando McClain. Well he says some arrests he says some some issues in this task and has Dion Andre Levy and Sean Weatherspoon as I said major injury issues and D'Qwell Jackson and Brandon Spikes and and ray Maualuga talks even. Oh brought up Kelvin Sheppard who has been here the board zag or recently retired. There and there are a lot of there are a lot of drawbacks on these guys. I don't know there's a reason they're not on a ninety man NFL roster of the spotlight right exactly exactly and they're out there are parallels you know one of the first things that that you do have that as you know is you look to see all right. Who played for who in the past ten network when you look at Jay Cutler and Adam gazed right manner and and we know that as such as from Rey Maualuga he played with with Matt Burke in Cincinnati. And and so there are some ties that you look at immediately and am but then you think well. Is it they're gonna be worth it is this guy to older is his injury history such that it disqualifies him for. From getting a legitimate shot that's that's kind of how I looked and and DA and look. You have to have a system it too especially if you're looking for linebackers. Because while you do have one linebacker now Lawrence Timmons. Who was a an inside linebacker in three more set not a not a true middle linebacker but. As much as possible you wanna get a true. Worth three middle linebacker or true port three outside linebacker. You don't want to be in a situation where it's like well this guy was. He you know he was a stand up to be tens of the end may be weak in the you know may merit pay and in the dirt deepens a Vienna maybe we can make him an outside linebackers some like that you. You wanna get as close to the position match as you can as close to the system Pitt as you can. And as much familiarity with a player as you can get bets the starting point and then you work your way down from that. You can Wafer cut down day but that might be a little bit risky there because you don't know what's so what's out there another college have a better idea. Then we knew who the numbers game they've done all things okay. They're not this team gets so many linebackers they can't afford to keep this guy. We'd like cam. Probable reasons you just mentioned the myopia could personal connection there that's great. And that might help you out more Tomas starting quality middle linebacker here named Bob do you make a trade do you go that route we sought to drill but trades today and you know. Sami as does not like crazy talk like him bone you know he he's he's willing right he just did last year right we got a song would Byron Maxwell and and key goal obviously not shy yeah I was raised trade yeah from some good out from from the rim Julius Thomas know right now means so. Do you go that route Amy did you think that it is you're if you're if that's a big hole for you. You have to you know if you've got to do something I guess because capping it yet this is this is not. And I hate it I mean every thirtieth and run defense again writing I got bottom line yes it. Did this is not a guard dude this is late middle linebacker in a 43 defense. He's as much the captain of your defense as the quarterback is the captain of your offense. The beat there at the importance is different but are a couple branching that but but he is the aid of the backbone and and if you're one of those such as me who believes to stop the run you need to be strong up the middle. That means a sooty tens of tackles but the middle linebacker and your safety when this case will be Rashad Jones. You've got holes now it middle linebacker and that other defense of tackle your due would sue. Jordan Phillips says is wavering to the point where he's probably lost his starting job to DeVon got you all the big brown kicked out out of LS. You jordin a major player last night the main thing he got he made a player as a penalty don't have to right right he got a call bore hole and he did nothing last night. Yes oh he's you've got this middle linebacker you you really need to get it right there and again. You do have some position flexibility Keiko played in the middle last year he's undersized you would rather have does that lead a system on the weak side or Lawrence Timmons has projected now as the strong side starter but he played inside in Pittsburgh's three board it deepens a scheme so he was inside linebacker not necessarily true middle linebacker. But dom. You you've got to you've got to get it right on this one it's hard to makeup for a middle linebacker one other thing on that position though can't. Is that you're probably feel when you talk about reducing pain started you know the or looking at the bright side you probably look imports down player. Re glad it seems in or their. 50% in the nickel color Daria warrant was the guy who came off the field on third down so. It you know it you're looking for silver linings I got a dead you're looking you could be only looking for a two downed middle linebacker but still you've got to get this right you need that on the run against the run. Those guys aren't hanging on the corner of 441 and I was very well I got to you know get out and hit the guys they give up some that if you wanna guy a substance. Are a lot of text came into other cores of the show this is simic Zach brown they should assign him. Com where you on that train was how I was OK with that he was. As it turned out he went for a decent price he was affordable and I wasn't I wouldn't be done all my goodness you've got to get Zach brown right and end. Listen met and that wasn't just because those Colin EC thinking nickel and BC would be available but. I think. Neville Hewitt is is OK. In spot CB. Five starts last year right. Not he's not your ideal he's not which you want but he's OK Ian spots might coal. Now it starts getting a little you know you start going down a little bit to monitor backups. Yeah they're they're backed up but it so there's little things guys don't I don't know I just wore special teams guys but I didn't think there is that moves nine he wasn't you know must get I don't view that I had a huge red state and I don't project I text in six months ago it's at the opposite assigned Zach brown and then let's say David I could Texan now all ten Gil sitting on surgery. All right what did you say that back in December right or you just play in the got to play of the circumstances here no problem. Audio widened Julius. Played Julius has not been and Julius Thomas is tied India is not been a a standout player. In training camp he matter of Brecht he's almost been the invisible man. I had Durbin the coaches will tell you it's up to the quarterbacks sued to get. Him the ball but you still see a whole lot of life and end zip out of Julius Thomas you'll see a whole lot of demanding. It you know ordered there'd be you know get me the ball by by body language or by action meaning. Bus and his butt out there and and make himself a big target and all those kind of things that the two seat from. Jarvis Landry year teeny stools were other players you just don't quite see that would Julie. It's there Elliott somehow or another type position that it is noon they play ten on elevenths like so many games last year there were just down a man and database. For every great play caller. They love who's in the Qaeda and you are exactly because. It's just such youth movement that chess piece Iran now for. A solemn. At left guard I'm not sure he went at right guard a note he had been playing both. For a while there. Lamar Vincent sailor. Sixth round pick out of Oklahoma State did okay. Ed deep into tackling you know Isaiah toward the wide receiver Sam Brown picked Virginia Tech now the knee injury it and it just CEO because there was target about on the 99 yard touchdown and shrinks fellow had DeMaurice stringfellow like I noticed him in practice capital selling you bet during a break right earlier but I am telling you I can't remember I remember him pretty good things are bad things and enough but like if he had made a couple of nice catches a repeatedly called poor ball starters some but I can't remember but I know the name and here. I'm practice every single day I am seeing this guy in 8084. We did you been doing good things are bad things but he's been doing some good out there exact and I traded yeah it is that is. Right I know is number I remember that number of personal running and I just can't remember they are as this guy's been sucking it opera I've actually been terror enough I don't know I had no idea no idea I can't remember but I can't get too excited about him. Or or Francis who sue you know or even. Who when the other Ford Georgia Morgan you Narnia and losing that in order to western New Orleans yet or what's your ultimate Nebraska all that and the like I did you know rule once there's you can't keep all the old wide receivers like they're stacked at that position so these guys. That's a look at their fight trial for another and there's a lot more practice practice quoting people but. I just one of those do you generally get too excited unless you're going to get with this text here. Our our jars Landry for Wagner I'm guessing he's they get Bobby Wagner out there in Seattle man to make that deal happened than you got to place the senior wide receiver. But there's just no rule per for an otherwise misery and did you team grants yes. What I had a pretty decent game last night now statistic we. Some receptions for eight yards yep port target he went up high enough one on third down you're retarded and about Dinka Brendan dowdy interception correct. Bomb him he was under thrown I believe was a situation but. The thing about sixteen grand. He played all outside receiver last night. And that's the transition they've been making this offseason remember last year he was a slot receiver he played all outside receiver. And they believe that they gives him the opportunity had been one on one coverage suit it to beat somebody and and use his skill in space so. This this kid is is getting a shot and he's good he's been pretty good you remember and crack use today is pride in Tuesday's practice and he had the two long touchdown receptions avenger coming yeah yeah and and so. Who knows maybe maybe maybe there's some with him and three punts handle last night none mishandled. So I thought to. Eighteen had a nice showing last night is not gonna put him into the first starting lineup. Right right but just promising exactly right specialist and and outside receiver with some insider slot skills. Either make himself more valuable I heard about your took drugs or whatever guys careers ruined the nice touchdown last night nice adjustment on the ball we don't take crew last year's third round pick. Mean I mean you know Biehl Malcolm Lewis hurt you open yeah I felt I don't just look at Randy Moss the next two games. That pitted and Oregon team. Yeah I can see it as the G team it's hard to get around him because he's the return specialist it's hard to take his job from scrimmage right our from on the run on the 53. Because he's got to roll yeah he's got a job so if you're you have your stream bellow or or whoever else you know. Mich Matthews or Jacob westar camp right it's. It's it's a lot tougher you better do some you got to find a home run on un special seemed true Morgan punt returner but. Good luck didn't help there if too team doesn't mess I on this excerpt the dolphins won't be in a situation would break on injured usually is Thomas and they would have drafted the Joseph cool. Their parents are allowed Lou is loud that is happening and you know you're oh do you improve. Where senate tight end aspect that the war would still go with a middle linebacker dat and a joke who might know how to run defense to Wimbledon he is not gonna help that run deeply thought out drilling at the moment fans upset if we had guys labels weighs well we gather around a special teams cents. I lets you do imagine. You know what are we we used to joke with and so about that a little bit last year and I aecom touchdown passes and as a tight in an Ole miss. And we used to men he was an you was limited drool at quarterback. And just you know non B was just back there has the quarterback he wasn't on any passes by. Yeah we you know it's on those we laugh when the oh. I saw you have to wait players example was also out there it was the last journalist tears really Earl Mitchell on the back they did the FBI. That's always fun isn't it I mean I know you've used do you pay as you pull for the guy and you laugh at Edmonton but you know as they say it's all it's all running game so somebody tears and reasonable. But it would yeah it would have been on C tells alone there are tied in news idea why Joyce Ian hurled back there in the back field goal line toward yardage. I go back to I go back to you know the fridge go on into the end zone tumble to one in India you know that's Robert Walter Payton and his touchdown everybody loved her my love that but I love that. There by the guerrillas fact guys that can move right I the beauty you and I have Vince Wilfork Einstein's well forged gets it and sell my. Yeah you don't he's running down the sideline highlights the greatest thing and indeed all of sports right now it is fair value guy with a football let's move it right you pulled Laura do you just do you want them you part of you wants them to run out of breath but the other part wants them to score yeah Cuomo of tussling that's missing here of all time in all sports history is is the linemen that it's the football everybody gets excited Pandit and his everybody is chug and he's got about. Fifty yards whose love of green grass in front of them and you wonder is he gonna do it when he make it work showed into the finish line here we come back we watch later shine a week dead was a busy weeks. And that was our -- agreed on a while training camp update kogan creek auto mall friendly inaudible the price you want sponsored by CN bar grille and Joseph gonna grow all the fish taco name escorts mar 2007 team of the Miami new times by concierge man's well this. You got to sideline him back in the game concierge men's dot com MI Lex is the North Miami and it may ease and automotive experience come back she later shine is next here on 792 ticket. On the way to tell if Jay didn't shine you know how to work suite that was frozen shade on some than you do now life. Put a damper on your week. We're throws or shine on something that. Okay some promise to your rights of that a major happenings of denied he had you know what shiner shade you get the points. Perk and I got a couple here that we're gonna throw option here. The first seven and it's a news out of bed Friday night's sound waves that's tonight in Fort Lauderdale. Friday one day loss olds boulevard from six to 9 PM will be there until 9 o'clock make sure to stop by the 790 the ticket Ted and get your. Always EW WE coli present summer slam he's wave toward tickets while supplies last summer slam. Heat wave Tor is live at American Airlines Arena. Sunday August 13 at 5 PM to Sunday at 5 o'clock. To get Toronto now some ronning grab some tickets bird though you know each summer slam. Marlins are good they've been sold perk and Paul though. Nobody believes it can they go in and sold eighteen different times who looks like this is the one this is the one deal we got disease you Elliott suspended for six gains rate on McMillan. Out for the season and we've got a a couple of NFL trades. It's been a busy day man so and it's been a busy week whom wow so lot of gets us to share data and shine where you go first. I had some shine to John Carlos stand 39 home runs major league baseball league that you let's miss hit it to. Yeah I was that's a good luck to you when I had no one I now on ten on my list I would go shined. Bruce Sherman I don't know who you are. I never heard you before. But apparently you got a lot of money and nearby in the Miami Marlins for one point two billion dollars. So good for you you get my shine. Hands you bring in Derek Jeter along for the ride with satellite. Now and it's a good thing that's giant but also relates to shade. Okay. Don't keep David Samson. Ed don't keep anybody making the baseball decisions or who have made the baseball decisions. For the last few years they don't know what to go on and they've been awful baseball decisions. Oh. Good job with the shine. But yeah we know if you're gonna let's let's is that a complete make over of the Miami Marlins pleas are right let's read some of these we've gotten in here tapped. Signed to mr. Ross for having a hard rock stadium looking great top of the line stadium could want somebody else ends in the shape to AC Ailes for affecting not one but who dolphins players Dylan Dylan and rate on McMillan there. By the shade their shade to the football gods and the injury gods I understand. Injuries can happen anywhere led cutting got to some slack down here we met our quota lease for the first week of pre season. Yeah somebody yeah somebody was gonna whip you on that they say essay to pre season football for causing so many unnecessary injuries or multiple teams. You're in that day a couple of years ago where Louis Delmas and Kelvin Benjamin when the dolphins were practiced airline and they both were there he seals and our practice. Somebody. Sexy and sign the Marlins just got sold shade is Sampson stays this girl like you look at. Somebody else is signs of LA rams are trading for Sammy Watkins. Since he singlehandedly killed the Dalton's in multiple game the SM UR comes out of the AFC east now. Somebody says signed seafood Demorrio a stream global 'cause before last night no one knew his name yet that 99 yard touchdown the. Reception David fails. To outlook it better fails or dowdy. That's a tough when I got a lot of people in my life that love branded Dow because he's from down here in the right it's family or Broward prep they love the kid and wanted to the succeeds so they know what I do and they're like hey. Let you know Mike I certainly not always gonna do I'm not Adam days for the like do you think he's going to be the thirty being animated TV good news these you do that and I thought he played well other than the one interception. I thought that. Both the the the thing about that camp is that neither one of those guys is better than a number three quarterback referendum really on ad didn't really occupy myself too much with it. A matter fact that I am. I still haven't gone back and watch the game a kind of handed on this morning and watched her part of the birds have but I haven't gone back to me like actually watch the game. I really don't bog you down with third string quarterback on all of the cuts are that scenario and I had to rate the rate we're going he might end up playing you might not starting to see your guy he's a local guy that's why there are people migrated out inexact Saddam you know no problem with that somebody takes in assigned to the team grant not dropping any ticks last night. I'm sure the dolphins will agree with that somebody say is from shade to Ryan's inning over still believing he has another chance. At not having surgery I'm not sure that that's totally true you got one last one I got one last point I don't throw some sign into UN maintains masters tomorrow you'll see a scrimmage get out there. Meet the guys buy yourself some season tickets all that kind of Vista contains miss tomorrow what we knew the war I believe. Believe bald man it's gotta get down there it's going to be grades cain's foot all retort he cool days away 21 days away. In from football from Lubbock who took a minute my final one out of there was some shine a Jay Cutler's wife. Because if there wasn't up to Christen. Have a Larry. Jay Cutler might still be retired this year and what his ass out of the house kind of softens what Havoc starting quarterback and so there you have it good job not her logic other will see him. Tomorrow a mother waiting stresses that are right stadium. We're out there in her new newborn Mona hearts did you get up on things going on here aren't perk always have a great weekend man yeah I will will come back and do it again next week in and got a got a game dolphins game on Thursday thumb against Baltimore or ruts stadium so. Jay Cutler should be planned then I think particularly in there. Offer Chris Perkins for air 2000 thanks declared sued joined us. Earlier as well as Jason Cole ESPN radio is coming up next year and have a great weekend everybody to be right here on 79 minutes ago.