8-11-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, August 11th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Happy Friday everybody loves money and so here we go live from these them. Hope the world disease by your Friday and I'm let's say it's the first time in the series Diane defeated. With a so what you should shoot totally buried in this money. Simpler life and love from both Hargrove and I was going to get to you since mr. ego Mr. Big the move these. How I went all Orleans today I'm I don't I got my shirt Friday meant. All in line against us is one of those there's abuse is binding for attention yes there's gonna save these how our youth. How are you beast. That. I'm not enough fun and your trap I'm not gonna do a knock and drag in here and you're your your your whatever you got on a guy. A woman of no pleasantries then. Several hard October open champ did you go on a daily doing the big things going on a bit LeRoy is wearing a shirt beasts. It is a thing of beauty can we get a picture he's got oil choose move what pants. But he is rocking a white hat and then he has the most beautiful white pine apple shirt he's human Anbar had a cabana and it is gorgeous. I love it is should he be greedy in the play on Tennessee Allen would tell you he's the he's on the ground you know he's that guy that drives you to. Oh yeah. And of course that's kind of evidence did reference today. But I think got a B drive why cannot behave balls the plays the shirt that's right no you're bulbs. This year. This could I change it up I would be like they've made it gala what will look kind of evidence do they eat on Fantasy Island. Big name Bosnia paying. Can I just tell him to. Yeah. I had oh hole that if I had a little baby goal right now it's it. And it is indecent Jovan do you ever seen a lot of Brazil and no man battles what is your question. You were mad that he didn't start that he didn't talk Pia and did he start. Do you still happy that he thought well I used pouting because that and say his name at the beginning of the show you know I know is that we're live from our rock and message pieces back to the studio. And he gave you of them and I got a massive evidence meanwhile got sent here twice this week without even notice. By the way not that mine like man I'm a may have had a limited too much crown now. Apple flavored last night and yesterday in my utility. We were driving. Really Dusan series driver here calling pass to get there. Today to fasten your guess we got. Mobbing the Obama lost my both my bust you on this from yesterday and I know. In the past we are that's in the top is rolled out accountability here and an account and. That's an hours here. You know there's webinars about it every month accountability. No or vowed to PBR megaphone. Sir. Anyway let's headlines love football stuff going on the other is. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miramar. Here's what's trending now from a concierge remains headlights desk he. No problem that a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge medicine dot com yeah it does. Really you left your email opened Saturday to see all the stuff but how close a forty. Does that mean that goes without saying I would start locally before we get to the other stuff which is that the rate on in Britain McMillan. Is done for the year torn ACL played special teams last night a lot of people are outraged and sir you guys we'll have your tape I know that we still stop this nonsense right now and don't know just way to really didn't know what the headlines then you could stop the nonsense. Cash and cash. So he's done for the year. And yet there you go dolphins won last night Jay Cutler didn't play. Matt Moore threw a pass with Dee damn do demanding action Thursday night. I don't think it's long fellow buffalo deeds. Is it strong follower stringfellow or something sir. The other 199 yards as awesome hey how about like got to take Wes Welker anyways. The adult tobacco connection next Thursday night given your exemplary profiling I mean ms. Dixon I don't get me started that damn broadcast this Dick Stockton Bob Griese Bob Griese before the had do you see what happened before the half. No let us what is there's is she. That Pennington guy and they brought him gay and does the other Chad and as a you know what happened and then now. That's announcement on the news. Anyways. Other football losing Gil Elliott has been suspended six games. That's not a shot today LeRoy and he he. He'll stop making it easy eagle Elliott is generated and it lets us know whatever we want to. And we're not close enough. To show distracted particularly. These. He has been suspended. Season became the violating the league's looks like to add new content Mozee is no none and a figure. You have got to let passing out disease say your name fast without you doing today. Now I'm dissident he'd be a minute mood. Are you yeah. Obviously the mood is not doing radio. If do you a believe it. Red bruises games. Those are treated Sammy Watkins. To the rams. Leonard format says the NFL's slower than expected and it's easy. Who happened wanted to get ahead on this first planned practice and now often a fertile now. Nobody is a disease even. Know what. When you go plan the estimated. I think dead below and you had a mantra sounds and those letters that is too high school oh okay you're little about biased look no. He's 230 who has found it and runaway fourth or you get it would ever do you get a Jersey okay we're masters in Ed and let me explain some do you yet. Okay. Why he's saying it's easy. Is because. It hurts him more new hurts him. Rockies and Marlins started a series demolished part tonight your pitching matchup looks like this Jose Mourinho go into the system right he's ten in 53 point 70. ERA. Is right. John Gray the righty is foreign to four point 94 and has been good ER eighty us. And I literally have any student. This shows there race you're right I mean living has been just as good though in reality and the rest of the scenes in the upper Echelon of Major League Baseball they don't have minutes. Last ten starts during his or better. Right now there is is on Carlos then. Oh yes he had his 39 on the last time in 55 is clearly a renewal and I I was telling Robbie knife I feel like it it seems rice on the to get in on some sort of bad on this. I'm not then I don't want negative mode judge John Carlo again and then we know he's gonna take of these and it's a fastball to the face again without OK okay I'm just saying. We would have we don't what do we just kind of make predictions no gimme my prediction is gonna have 55 home run a check. And last but not least it's time LeRoy from the federal watts golf shop a PGA championship leaderboard rush to lead one to golf shop. Moment the nodded a 100% guarantee how they look at and links. I'm Kevin kids there now has the lead at six under deep weeds. Grayson Murray. Storm Bjorn full lewis' new. For all that four under are Rickie Fowler is at three under. A lot of guys haven't teed off yet where Hitler speech. I'm looking. Months of your key is that plus one and hasn't teed off yet that's why can't do it this kind of hard to do it win. You have to waves on her. Thursday or Friday so the guys who teed off yesterday more suited guys you saw in the evening yesterday tee off this morning and the guys that. We got the scores war tee off later in the day makes a little difficult so Rory 36 under his lead and it. And is probably let his get tough is getting coverage give more firmer. I was still keep an eye out for Brooks kept pure A Gary Woodland because they are bombers and he can do this. You don't hit the ball Levy where you have success I can't leave the country for over. That's normal and I were like a US open again and PGA not the masters or to British so sometimes the British Open. I mean there's been determines where plus one there's more than nine plus one plus two is one a US open so what do you think this. The cup was this like seven or ray film true to tell you write your own. Ramirez so again that's the dolphins last and I yelled Rick one McMillan LeRoy OK listen here you get hurt. Dunleavy had to lay defense right special teams right collides the teammate you have home. Season over bomber who embodies is it's unfortunate but guess what. Most of your linebackers. Tight ends that go wire receivers. Running bags. All those guys and you're young guys and placements of teams all year. So it's not. A unique situation. It doesn't matter that he was gonna start. That's just that's what Dick. Linebackers do you're both mixed and what to gain. Attention who's brilliant. All the special teams. Look to defense mostly linebackers. Safeties. Corners that's what they do. All right but like if he's going to be starting middle linebacker hasn't mattered date that Dole's got. During the season you'll have 53 guys. You have eleven spear guys like us citizen sounds. What would reasonably special teams work. Then he got to look he has learned the trick here this war usage could only put out there and is ready did you feel perfect example. Right we play I want to start. OK I wasn't a starter he bought in beginning year but after the third game. But how long kick off. I had like a seventy yard touchdown. Bills comes over sucking up more aired in the three people around me plus hot air he says I need you to run Donald Google. What that's why if this Apollo. You gotta do that you don't have a hundred guys on the sidelines. Many analysts were lashing out right now because Vegas it is worse because the worst case scenario occurred this and this has been offseason Brett Larry season let's not act like that's a unique situation. Go look at any team. In the pre season it's mostly young guys in didn't during the season especially defensively. A lot of hills guys play on all the specialty is like lineup to be the worst one reason prices rich he's retired randomly and David Boston beat up for the unit in the scrimmage. A guru off. Fuels like dead during a guru. He's AK group he didn't talk a good talk about before the show there have no room and ask you how proud I was of all the steroids that he didn't I yeah. David Boston has enough money guys every time we tried to run large sums snapped and he wants. It you can eat it all I'd be more babies in August opportunity it'll show huge upper body didn't need. There was an ESPN the magazine feature I think within Thompson had him as a remit his rookie year. And like he would just wake up in the middle of the night to be a red light on it just David Boston doing curls in the room. In the small wrong here in the right word we're getting attacks in that Hasan and Tyree on the same pickup team you know what we'll get to that we inserts a clarion silence those guys because they woke on the stuff. Also by the woods dimensions until it and airlines yes he did four times. Meant by to list something. Just me I zoned out on you. A zone news soon so a lot of people keep thinking I'm the program director. Did you do try to act like you know I. I am not the program right ear listen you'll are essentially the mouthpiece of the program director and you are you are spicy but I. I don't but I'm not the president I don't make the decisions you have but you take you right are you take our grievances and you either spin them in your corporate suit asks in ways. Or you take them to the boss and sometimes things. Public all the textures are like asking me to do things with the schedule and do this I don't do that that's not me I don't make those decisions and you know he just makes the schedule and sends it out. How ever it's usually always wrong note the FDA did and what I went off before I send it out it goes to the boss to be checked. And he you know the thumb over so you're down also he gave huge thumbs up on the road schedule that is correct in cool so there. I guess what. You might want to be a little hesitant before you go kiss that has to adjust to a month that the bullets you know it's you know this you know this is like for management fees there's a lot of passing the buck. Like it's never on grated that's never on him ever you know ever. That is that it ever. Got so UV it's what sets her I mean. You shenanigans that catch up to you. I really heightened threat lightly I I listen you're you're not wrong. We'll get the Z Dell. Overruled. Overruled. Dialogue back so that they were. After some lava flow through beast running back in the studio to buy shirts Friday. Oh yeah we needed to figure does not have looked. If you look at them and it's hard it's hard to deny that I've offended in the pineapple series. Sadness about today red for the shows he's yelling at six game 66. Games now Hartford. For violating the personal conduct policy. Of the NFL he was accused of domestic violence twice last year. By a former girlfriend he was not charged with a anything he was not. Arrested. Right but and the other ovals investigation they deemed it's. And some mass you right suspended for six games and have reportedly. Jerry jones'. The list. Quote who I mean look. You know what's amazing about this. But I have a problem we get no. Punished. Without being charged really big time. But I will save us. And believe it or not Steris maintained my mind on this to some extent. Because she says. It's possible that the NFL head their own investigation. And that the victim was more open. We've dim and then they were with the police because they didn't want you want him to do charge. And so the NFL may have. Access to certain things that other thing is is that. It's really hard to prove these cases in the court of law yes so you already dealing with. You know situations that are are different. It you know in different environments so. It's it's up thing the other thing with a Suh is you wonder about the Papp public backlash when she's not going in front of anybody if there's an NFL investigation if there's a court right. You know that she's is now Obama pointed to write it and as you said it and I did that. I get that Tom. Maybe it's just look. Pump your brakes. ZQ pump your brakes. And okay did and he he is you know a couple of situations now. Right. Where. Did you get the feeling let me ask you questions. Based on. Defense of his first year. In the NFL. Right. Do you get the feeling. If somebody had a serious talk would've it would stop. Like is you get it but it does get it in the movie we'd he'd get out enough so from that standpoint. Is this going to be okay easy Q calm down. I don't know man like that's the I think goes to those things it's tough flight you know I look at a guy like John Jones that we think governor Jon Jones got taken off. One main event soon enough or once this version that would have been enough. It's like you don't know like some people. I think he can just they feel like they feel like they're gonna out runner at all would like that was the one time I was gonna get it okay and it what do you say it is as the NFL's new. Don't you have to do that. Man that's tough and to me and I know as employees. As employers they gonna have different standards than it. The court of law. But I have this weird feeling will they got to take justice into their own hands free I did not they're not crusaders. And you got guys out there. You know slamming each other's heads against each other it's all very violent in the in the sake of entertainment lake. This weird stance of the NFL being. The moral police. Well it's not necessarily be the moral beliefs if you investigated and found out why and why they qualify to investigate here's where here's why am too. Q what will because they're your boy your boy can investigate. Yeah but here's where here's the other. Just where is that like OK you do your investigation and then you have Cadel. Sitting on his high throne saying. What we'll get meets the applause of people to know that I am hard on these kinds of things. Six games and it's a Skype guys maybe there's an appeal will walk it back. But just like it ate it kind of feels like. With him it's always is this wow factor of I got this thing and it's kinda. Not a heavy handed. Again. I wish. And who would probably look a little better in the public eyes. Is if they suspended and then. Tried to do something to help the play and you you know if you say okay. The six games could be three games if you go through some anger management or whatever. But at no point in time duty do anything to fix. The issue dead deer punishing. And so if you. Think it's important. For your players. To. Actor sir weighing it when they don't do something to help didn't write all of us that that goes in those situations they. Who's a gun on the cemented his Bryant. More Josh Gordon where you know they get these long bands from wheat. As cal like well do you the Powell's Julie and get fixed they don't have the structure of football now weary and so is it about what their friends that there didn't know that they're rich. That is probably not gonna go away is really get worse and so is kind of one of those things where. You almost Richar to where you suspend them to keep them in the same environment and I don't know how. You possibly do get them before because of the employee. And if you enjoy your relations you know it's it's weird late. Obviously it came down to try and I'm not trying to to belittle domestic violence and I understand what a serious issue it is and that it does go on noticed a lot and our country. I just don't think. Yeah I know Seles is either but I don't think they should be the flag bearer of we're gonna fix this really does not do not trying to fix it. What you're trying to do is. Show every one. How important do you view this issue news. And we you have one of your players. You bowl did it domestic. Disturbance. Can you investigative fund out something happened. You kinda have to come down hard based on what has happened in recent years now here's where. His way have a problem with this. We talked to keep that they got cut it wasn't him. Well look UN had yeah yeah I would give my aunt and so any time. You. Can give what ever kind of punishment you want. There is no need. To retract that if you were wrong I just think that they are. And again I'm not trying to put hitting women and inflatable balls in the same category but like with her to go to the guys that are the NFL does an investigation. What was an investigation for football's man like how much most how how are we supposed to know what they deem is this is this is. Up enough and this is it lake. And at at I just feel like it's all kind of for show it just get a I feel like they really care about the issue what I mean like it was all just kind of put on this umbrella well who are here is so we're really don't greatly relieved that this there'll care about the issue Wheatley raise because all the stuff collectively bargained as far as slick point you know equipment and I'm just wondering like you do it does the union get involved as far as. Dealing with the league as far as may have been completed does this this is how many games it is or no well that's not it's not set and we Roger Goodell has the final say and there. Is that they can they can be competitive six game out there they can knock it back no here here's what is. Now there isn't a set number. There's a number for multiple fences. OK but most of the time is up to did you hear and so basically for first time off and he got the maximum sentence. Which is conduct detrimental to six games right so I MI guess and that that'll be walked back. I don't know bridge if you keep walking back all these don't these. It was a Boeing going all out like that anyway well I see I think the reason that. They go high and now instead of low is because your over the red resident of the red resident initial suspension was two games. Right. And then they got the video. Then the country and lipped out and then a gamer isn't playing football anymore. So so days they wind up heavy handed or if they have to watch your back there will only watch your back. Here. The country is okay he can appeal of three days Natalie I plead not I don't think this is gonna be something that. I don't I don't know late this is this to me at the net I think this is like yeah. See with their investigation of the famous Ritter is I don't know of any more details are about seven over a year ago he mom and nobody charged him so and why these these details that are getting leaked it's kind of like you. They're putting it out there so. I guess you know they're trying to make this step because it's just weird to be aware of the NFL chooses to. Make their stands and where they don't at times it's so. It's so just like it feels it's almost like real fortunate filly that just don't that they spin a wheel and tally hey it is worried this is this is approved where we are now. Well. Look. It is believe it or not. Is the NFL's do. Because there's so into an inconsistent. Wins. The communities that they do Sheldon. Dead now. Fans. Can question. We you know every movie that comes out either know my thing is is that when you think of the NFL. You think of organization. That. Has all their ducks in the room has everything together. Here they're doing everything to make a big game better. They're jittery that spun a money. It just seems odd to me that they do things like this. To give feelers. You know it's like here. This is what it truly is and dance did you know if it's two games of the three games like you know. Okay. Three games that's a lot of good. That's so that's a lot of you know that yet that hurts but at the same time to go. Haas sixty okay only two. Like it makes the whole situation. Now it's not as sincere as it could be if you're in if the NFL was more of I guess authority. You know with this is what it is this is what we believe that Hillary should be and next issue. And like stop trying to get the Steelers of everybody because you lord NFL do look and I used to take the lead on this in show. That these situations matter same thing happen whip. Concussions. Yes like that's isn't it it it it to me it's a steep hike again I think part of it's going to be too with with with a Z and you know. Believe they have good information that he did he says and things and yeah certainly used to be punished for it but I think also that but the problem is the punish her. I feel he lacks a lot of credibility. Quickly he is he is. You know Dem patriots defensive coordinators one assured of him as a clown. Because of his witchhunt against Tom Brady like it's it's like you said it's just so pick and choose so touching go with a where. Days blink their horns and do. Now here's my question. And and in this thing if he won't hit it felt cared. So much about this. Anyone we can have a look good. What windows is saying no way than to lose investigation. We're gonna speed do you pregnant during the summer. You're precincts. Right he's he's very fit in and so you wanna showed it to care. Did so as you get the information. Acknowledge it. Do something aid crowded. In the removal button but with all these issues going on for a year. It's hard to who how many guys do that though like when we come as the league. Was did they give you the colts though Jim Tressel played when he got hired. Did they keep over his suspension from the NCAA that he likes to jump at them again yup that is running into the heavy it's always tell you think of something like that. Well he's got to remember that these things happen is use music Collins yeah. OK so now the question. If you if the Mitt happened. We knew Warren employed by the NFL's top ten the NFL Banesha. Will this lead over exiting the first time he was still technically I'm not in the draft in the news July it was sixteen so that he was as you got to drag draft that you weren't so. These guys Contra. I don't know. He's nearly late. Paramount right elect elect I am I'm just saying do you get penalized. If you haven't signed a contract you're not part of the NFL yet. And it's weird man it's well I mean there's been this complaint that Roger Goodell is the is real you know the judge jury and everything for for years now. Well in the end their power and he's on anything be done right I mean on ninety you know along those lines like that that's when you go back to the collective bargaining agreement they gave enough power. Then he has been renegotiated it's tough we tell you know I know it is time kids understand. If I. Was a player. Who never got in trouble. Why would I give them money true give up something knows. You know. So that he would have powered that doesn't affect you and it doesn't affect most of the NFL. Yes I did series San America but then you go and BC were pretty guesses values for for tamper with the balls and then Brady probably thought I'm never got to gets in trouble. And no we have the power of the sky so though it's tough because you wish that. They give for the NFL like you that you decry Los agree in the corner actually feels like they got the back of the players and not necessarily. These kind of like working with the league could here's a narrow the feeling I get sometimes talk real. All of these issues last so. Loan. That by the time they get to an end of whom nobody feels good about the situation good list of Malone so. In most convince. If it was sped up. This number does a bull that it didn't look like to go. Quick and that's a big that's. He shoot and I well. This is more just to get us to get a break and get to the next subject because Peter Messi comes thundering and scene he's reporting that carries preferring to play with the clippers. Mean I'm a mine it is he's not throw lobs at the hundred Jordan right now on and Los Angeles. Keystone practice lobster Hassan Whiteside in Miami baby and I get to this. Totally ruin our lives in Seminole hard rock poker rooms very excited now I'm by Tony learns from the hard drive so there's just matter appreciate it always felt among exists you know Lama said we have an agreement. It might surprise you know. We we talk about it you're good at all didn't deserve those circumstances occurred they do it and sometimes. You know it's. Then have to be a broad strong today and pineapples. And Atlantic thank you look real good by the big Beth tell us about this may be good because. It's packed here down there you can come by that so ignited yet tonight there's in my until nine tonight. We're already at another 348 NBA. Prize pools are you one point six million wow no guaranteed three million here to register reentry component where players from Miami whites back home twice. They combined twice a day to buy toys tomorrow or the marvelous thing it wants tomorrow. So some players already taken that option of buying twice today so I think yeah. And it is it is jump in players are having a great time in his place at the room is full on both sides. Mean it is is pretty amazing down the big four note. How many of the finds himself. Want it's already set one is Maria and because the other night we had. Plea down to the final nine players know some pros and its managers it's a great mix of players coming back on Tuesday. This is a second in the championship and second of on the floor. The third event as a 2650 million dollar guarantee on Sunday at 1125500. Dollar fine when you million dollar guarantee that on Monday and and on both of those events and hopefully now that June 9 player and he handles on that involves a lot of when the other. Two events on Tuesday please call anybody agreed to fund table they have with the you know there's a lot of guys talking about it you know that wanna be the first one to what do you do you know what you would have to put up a multitude. And you know the run back and instant trip that would be instantly trending on Twitter that would be that would be all over I mean that they would they would only give you a bronze stars. That group. And it's you know what you get if you were tabled. You kind of ride that wave will be your president for not vote on that tape. If you're able to connect to different ebitda and you work your way all in the final table. You've bad may have looked at it they don't have to travel new cardinals and after one of my the 2.0 yeah if you come. My heart dropped like kick up set up. That does set up his perfect. It's for if you wanna multi table does all the relived due to spin around and throughout the next day that's true and yet this here this week the street brokerages to what you really. Yes super comfortable very comfortable when they got to have the best stuff cousins will be your teeth. That's true Antonio Alonso you gotta yeah that's that's when he noticed do a swagger and ending up that that that done up with the glasses they have the fancy headphones on latest on this got. That came to business today and I think he's he's looking to take people down you know what I looked warm bed knapsack. And hopefully K instead he is. That means does that mean he is knows that every even written down you don't pick up it pays spectacles I've you know dress and I didn't expect you to the Mayweather style words is that Siddig. But don't you on that you'd be amazed. Now nothing is that I always W you can still come here play your regular games he regular cascade here's play the room and I can't believe like I'll say this. It's almost. Better. Then the old poker. Because this roomier there's more room to TVs it's more openness closer to every being. Yeah you can still get everything you need to. Distance businesses out of medalist Marion area is Imus and the PGA no there was happy about that he's got that rock you put it back so again what's so the viva they're able to do but today and tomorrow. Yet they combined today and tomorrow don't mind me now. In the final action. Twice and three million dollar guarantee we're halfway home. We have enough rest this album back to four million like we did last year bills making it to five you never know. Men's tournament on Saturday history that's pretty good men started they were stopped my amendment as it always always appreciated somebody's always always fun. The day trick break we had a little bit retiree Irving Hassan Whiteside fallen out together. Did he fed decide about that next.