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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, August 11th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Are rare bright. Do voodoo voodoo voodoo who do. I just see yeah. I got there we allowed just. The hard rock called grown Robby and he started back at the studio pieces done Upton is vice shirt as well yuck. Rob what do you amended yeah in the murder each of money over into an adult and seizure. How is actually going to provide search and then be given to me anymore tax cut excited I've wanted to make you were civic. Ghetto to Minnesota or a lot of analysts and I figured that out when you Wear the same two shirts like. Pro life. You know Zain. Men and watch today. I could go much commotion again but did last time hey we got until the way. We'll give robbing me who put on their makeovers. But on the door aborted due to rob played pretty well it did that I like it. Played a game like election Oprah situation. And a book. This. Is a regal didn't bother to cave man is you know it really easy to use hair did address exactly intern. Bow. Down to grow awareness and security z.'s. Steady khakis. Feel like all the big stereo and. I'm. Yeah. Carrier ring on the whole foods and up this mess whose clean up the mess doesn't have his widow calling right. That's one out there and satellite siding carrier ring plane the other Dow near Miami man. Tanya and guys that you guys are making fun of this just stay with the Riley meetings and all that stuff going down but look who's building chemistry but that nonsense clippers remaining. And a chemistry here's an interesting question for you took over and sir since you or white Zagat. Would you take Brady. To the dolphins for four years only if that means. That the heat lose eight C continues. It's a Brady what's. Do you take Brady is court mega dolphins for five years so for years for you is that means that the heat would lose. But ten generate university years ten years of heat suffering right. For four years of potential dolphins' greatest buddies also pulled his days as we're about it took a break remembering prime Brady. Decent coach. Yeah you know what you. No. Why. He's cheap. I hope hope you you wouldn't play well with a Bill Belichick hey we're up. See here's where a team that is going god all wound. You what I'll Nazi Betty may is cloudy outside a you know. When you get struck by lighting and I would get by about a residue for years not ten use you attend ten. I'll get only half the glory or twice the suffering didn't mind. New England. Wasn't really. You were okay and before Brady got here there all right then went to pay Sewell plays to. That's it then. So. Ten years. Mean that means that that's like all of them out of by his career. What these experts break. What he is killing him like that Seattle can display. If your team despite an HT Noonan good anyway. No but you've curse them that's why they're fighting for the eighth seed you abandoned to mediocrity they learned a great. There are good. I mean I got carrier ring in a satellite that ball and I'll tell you can't go on charges of sat watching that video. Both beating Goran Dragic is upset watching us on what side blow I ever would basketball with guys all the all the elite and this. And he's in Jersey Pennsylvania so. Yeah right you watch him. Workout video goes out why he's only knows what I'm yet is how is no doubt hip hop the bullies them to do lives on and ended his DM is telling me tell you something about you two knucklehead who. Everybody is more of his pity you. Yes they are yet ordered the ball down most of Miami OK so you see LeBron yesterday. Referred to Los Angeles as. Home. Hit us here tonight. Now are referred to Florida's there's a difference Kyra how are referred to Florida's home now and I thought Akron was is on an actor only death but the thought. I'm gonna housed there too and enough. Com and home. Home in ran almost two years ago and ready to go for the shoe commercial is filled hole basically they don't they say home is one of the hardest. No home is where the check views of what it is what would sell you can't really say and great. I think Cleveland and the table to Baltimore let's check with the Baltimore just went home was Baltimore. Just have to say in the brow sort of Los Angeles unless I'm saying if he is a work get a lozenge is that a real you can't have two homes. You whether you houses can have two homes home is what you get to check the city can never go home again. Home is where you do appreciate it could only go home again we just thought well this check is Cleveland but he's calling a right now right now. What home is where users yet. But it's called LA has home. So does he wanna get us Jackson Ella and I think that's what he wants. That's why you got his pride is I think it's it makes our rights front and he's having are you still. You still don't Reba we have thrown watch. Well what do now all for being he's got some. We. We had an investigation. At museums. On the high end suspended. Right. No but scored diocese that he's working out carried mes no league doesn't mean nothing but look. A bit different Arafat leave them okay so say for example say if Wes Welker song. Is the video. That Brady will work it out with. Who's the new guy. Patriots yet. We're here now with the new little white slot a movement and then in my new he's been their program but he did see net from right. Did you because you. Nice job he wanted us and it's happening it's happening right now the dolphins who you think ran ten and alikes that Jay Cutler. Cases boy is in town. Think that's the guy he went went he went to go find his old friend is old so early partner in crime Jay Cutler. Why did you we don't have this decision Tenet on surgery. He visa go it don't get on the way man not a lot though those he's hoping that he can strength and then I'll turn swelling. Nana he's hoping he can strengthen and his need to return for a playoff come back reach her womb because he wants me to come back and he's afraid that your race is gonna have old feeling would you. Would you like me to do is I would give you some key Beirut valuation. If you want to ruin your career with the dolphins and did don't have surgery missed two years. Mean today to come back. You tweak it again. Indeed you have to have surgery week ten I feel OK now you've missed two years so you definitely urgency get out let the fox into the hen house that's what's happened here. All right. Case is now back to this former flame. He is he's romanticizing about how him and Jay Cutler for two surly cats together and now. Maybe we can rekindle the relationship that was share price and those are nice project but yet the real pivotal with my square together absolutely. It that the principles and squares a cup a couple of chimneys those two and think about this. But we would sure. Republican pro. We'll ball because last saw him throw he had surgery we're sure it did he retired if we don't. Even though he's got play football again so you went from I sorry to re tired and now play football against Pete. Rehab isolate the footballs and other things I saw like Paul was it don't. Said he was drawn to a suns personal. Osama and average driver I. Hope I. I've got my iPod I saw like eight tweets that band of reporters claiming he threw a bomb to rookie grant. So arms fixed. He says that under the gets sore. Is it it is gets broke it's the endless brutal. It's got no he's got no worries of a sign that Disney they won't put visited nobody questioned the like we do have we knew deem yourself retired. That means you don't do all the stuff you need to prepare for the season and did you call back employ. You're you wanna you wanna be like if you idiots are a little chunky but if you went into the if you got injured. You know. And and it and they needed to they need to go get them back. Says it's still to fill the void and there's nobody on the team. And they and coast as you know how many are yet that had a I had two years ago man we had some good chemistry together. You'll be like you look through the glass window on tap on Buick but of all coaches do it. You given notice that doesn't bug ya so. What war. Could only play like the book. You know word I think he's he'll look easy to catch feelings no kids feel the coach. OK so you actually is gorgeous jets feel Owens Tony says Michael Beasley than there if the coach replaces you. With somebody and it sucks. You lose this job. Not now in the desperate. Because they got an out. You whose star running back LeRoy and order star quarterback Ryan ten hours of you know you lose their star power lose the two time Rose Bowl MVP I use it fine. And humorous that guy viewed as a coach of an out to the coach is already got his out clause brave therefore he's rekindling relationships. And it's not you know he's trying to make the best for him because the coach only go by his record. And therefore you all out today you know once you are all well out today I'm speaking lodge what I'm speaking logic. Ryan I wanna take a break and go what might hit it to the wall because some light blue why if you know it it rides NL had his druthers he'd much rather. Have Matt Moore be the guy right now than Jay Cutler. So quick so it's saying is. You would rather have a guy playing quarterback that you build. It's gonna lead your team to five in lip yes. Please don't work like designated you like me you us they did you pick out these what do team to win not now when they're not there. No way. Do you do you think justice was the focus about the he wouldn't rush here. What they want to use when exactly but all different shoot well. And so you think Tom Brady wanted patriots to go. The Dubai it burned out yet I thought yeah absolutely and now let me be clear there's always as the event is always a level of insecurity. But that's sport. Reach that way and that's a live because you don't have a guaranteed contract right and that's limiting disease Brady. Like Grey's got the clout he ain't going anywhere okay he's not listening to them by militants have outlets that Flacco. Like if lack of Flacco the comments follow in a cabinet you coming have a little fun. He doesn't want to seek happening there taking his job readout yet. Think Joseph Flacco would be worried about college town predicted not worried what would be rooting against. Look yup yup. Totally agree totally that it. Yeah that's why did you play tennis grown up. How did it play a sport I'd. Would you baseball OKC is an individual thing that's right you've played these play tennis yup you guys owns eighteen sports. Thank you you don't room first. UT beat the hell I know you Vanessa amateurs and that's immature I showed up at tennis practice if the guy that was playing like number two singles. Was hurt and I got to move up from three singles and two singles and I'd be stoked. Right. Well that's sick you're not excited for the opportunity I'm saying you know. Rooting for the failure of your team all just because the guy plays a position is you know I would never refer to ferry the different league but I would refer failure of a person you guys know how different they'll run right yes yes we've never had a bra. Putted. He is he escapes but hell I came because he was dumped it sees right never in no way shape or form ever. You have a late. If you if you lose if you have gone off in my view they were in the midst of be like for a season. As critical point that season or he's modern period. Now he is so whole im telling you he's gonna. Together he's got to tell you he's really feel. He's lying. They hit I'm sure Tony Romo do what deck press got exactly. We'll see that'll mentor nonsense bode well motion and I kept breaking his back you're right I'm not send us some idea who this you've got to. Give somebody helpful wind I must say that they should be accountability from the athlete bless us every care predicted by the way. Yet to have some fun announcing his job to a new headlines. Jeff. He speaks WE XY AM south Miami Heat and WSS best speech. Angel narrowed on your here's what's trending now from a concierge for many headlines desk he. No problem at a thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge men's dot com. And headlines are brought you by the fine folks at Taco Bell taco Bell's new doubled to loop but now comes in a five dollar box for the Doritos logo stock gulf crunchy jog go to meet Minnesota but it won't be around forever so love it. While last we will start and get right to the Miami Dolphins that brings us to the Coconut Creek Alamo training camp update. Covered every got a ball friendly and knowledgeable of the price you want sponsored by Samar grill governor growth. Home of the fish taco name that's forced our 2017 of the Miami new times. By God's ears men's Wallace GDP he got you sidelined him back in the game counts year's men's dot com and by Lexus of North Miami an amazing in the automotive experience. We have Adam gays last night talk about the team's resilience and come back. It's you don't keep plugging. Keeping her you guys stumbled. Plus our guys do our guys handled adversity mostly. It is OK she's going to try to fund. You'll receive a fine guys those are back on ruler of the starters. She did after. Try to don't let us. Evidently had a case of speak dean of the postgame podium which was inside air handler in an air conditioning support this early. He is media eyes and everything. We were gonna play cut about in three commented on recall on McMillan. But obviously now we know that the injury is not maybe a knee it definitely is a torn ACL you'll be out for the rest of the year. That does not bode well doubles of some injury problems camp. Yes. That's not good to see this early on mobile see what happens that is your training camp update by the dolphins back and actually next Thursday night hard rock skating and the ravens as the host them. Could agree got a moderate to give a date coded green got a mob friendly knowledgeable of the price you want sponsored by Samar grown coconut grove from the fresh start and MS sports bar 2017 by the Miami new times. Icons here man who on the CDP got you down to get back in the game 'cause here's Mendes got coming about Lexus of north mine enemies and automotive experience Akeelah Elliott has been suspended six games violation of the least conduct. Policy is three days to appeal so we'll see what happens there the bills have traded Sammy Watkins to the rams. And. I don't know. That's reason number one why don't shoot to number one pixel wide receiver. Did you change your life like just happy he's the Palin so like that's my market opens up. You can simply go to the same yeah. I went out and the love you if you want to read verbal I don't know I didn't do anything I seriously don't you in the studio definitely beautifully at the level of. But that wasn't there Blake lives that you it's the latter well hole. Hello Louis hello anything else robbing me well well I got my flak jacket on. Don't try to number one picks in order cedar beach Jesus as a sort of six intent. He didn't finish at the very Israel click the based on series against the Colorado Rockies memos Sarkozy uranium going to the fist and a 53 point 70 ERA is done great honoring our news conference Florida the the fourth of distance and the fans from the mammal via exactly getting you know your animals John Gray go in for the Rockies four to four point 94 ERA for Fitzsimmons and Marlins park. And it's time to go look at the PGA championship leaderboard brought to lead one's golf shop on the 9800%. They guarantee Lee wrote who got. Well you need to know is of the 156. Guys that teed off. There are only sixteen guys under bar in having kids under is leading away at eight under. Gary Woodland. Born born of the war Bjorn a whole list than the united so good on yet till now I know. Door viewers you can't you just gotta Notre Dame became read two feet and he has an old dog yet Rickie Fowler. Shot. 100 days so he's at three under but he's done so he's gonna be up there on leaderboard. This week imports kept. Shots he's still playing. Through one. And George speed hasn't teed off yet lot of rain in the Charlotte area to self interest is there a media episode introduces Shia and if your brains. Gary Woodland Rickie Fowler. Works Catholic. And then you can throw to Jason Day Rory McIlroy I don't even aware were you knew he was I think 30 joyous exact he's he's two over and done Purdue days so. He'll make the cut but it. He's gonna be probably. I'd say fired six shots off the lead when it's also don't know UB ten shots because government has been stumping today. That's it. People want to know Bledsoe was on rooting against Tom Brady and I'm gonna say yes. Oh. When Brady went out and let's try to come any and said in the eye candy it's Pittsburgh Bledsoe was really happy. And I. You guys and I'm not saying you don't I have to be there for you guys and what it's only human. That if somebody starts doing a good job. Good players huge hit me ask you question we're more we're doing bright. And Ed. We have. For example Damian Williams. Yeah right yeah. And he says. You go hey you get a lot of playing time. He says you know let everyone play a observed for the whole year yet who choose that. Man that's honest and. I would also than say we're screwed who just lost the best running back in the league though not embrace anything I know. Don't make it into you love Vijay John oh if that wasn't what made the point when the Damian Williams whose search all of the league. I just did airwaves or seen all. The term example Damian Ryan serves although Italy this year for contracts going to allow. Came back to the dolphins I. You tell me he gets the news. That jade eyes bell got wrong Leo's. It was a little bit pep in the step the next day practice. And sideways. Flip side. That's the thing flip side law that. The biggest. Through I think we're all saying oh we win he sends a bad spot you room. I think I think he says I hope we win and you need to watch when ups and repeated blunders. You defeated the view Barbara Jordan OK and like oh I don't know let's do one game it's cute. Two games all right well enough back to a 200 yard games the three games. I'm gonna say they used to be booby traps around in ruins locker so you're showed me under no circumstances. We stream green routing. Broker Woon. Now none Wally Pip reform Lou Gehrig no anyway and all those polled know doesn't matter. Nitpick assembled to I saw Todd Collins withdrew infer Miguel Cabrera now know. And that Robbie about we'll find out about it was terrible what's the word I'm terrible when totally. According to your heart for rob greens and you'll two are in denial or moral immoral or moral. Well Bob Griese now root for them no no paying way. I know we could we will not greasy and you know Larry how nice guy goes 83 as a goalie must be the forgotten man. You think rock adjourn for this for the pitchers Lester. That's only because he had a lot of honey is around him and he wasn't paying attention Ron Crockett is rooting for his own self interest of sex and a beer so you'd think Keaton do you think he was rooting. For Marcellus. Number it's not that much about it but tells me you know that I don't know no know. Was hoping that he dropped every all the news we're not raw on the initial. Publicly will say he's rooting. But Little Rock inside. This line there's nothing little about rock inside these lines that. He is lying. It depends on which guarantee my news and Contra speaking of teammates who might wait that. At times via text look at the movie any given Sunday. On the other way that's a great point of that guy fit fit taxed down is passed on and really demon hated each other about true and they were not rooting for one another out point. Jerry folks' rubbed a lot of mysterious the wrong way and however his arrogance was warranted because he did charge the comeback. What about whenever I territories of I've not seen one minute of that sure you never need of any given Sunday and now want to miss. Out of susteren. For the sharks were the guys eyeballs on the field. And it's crazy you think people asking rooting for Ringo Starr now. Because you think he best got fired do you think Steve Perry Israel for the Filipino guy beating. No no no way that a well I'll. Clearly he had never played a team sport do you think slash was rooting for bucket head when he was playing guitar for Guns 'N Roses so shot no way. Actor as he has this job download it IA no shot you big man so storm and Stephen ambler rooting for this guy frank Ferrer right now is on toward them know. Not in spirit guys is they hate each other allegedly. Dion Waiters and some interesting things to saline. Royal. On whether or not Tyree would join him in Miami right eighteen bed. How welcome back. We're live from the Sahara program on this Friday got a big weekend plans men and yeah really I thought I was backing. Oh yeah. Yeah I can't win them you know I don't Ruby Tuesday. Because them a weak governments have no wonder and every time I have a conversation. We are told me you would say two weeks. Today is says McGregor is open media worked out so it's normally talkative I don't know I think mortal go talk to smile about probably the Mayweather. Rarely does have gone out of Mitt maybe that's an ace in the session. The lobby or make it about. You know they did this it does seem ministry or he's going after days going after music he's gonna go follower you know that whole deal and then he had this to say the media. About the idea of the fight going the distance. People these days is not able passport. And I believe it is not rumored distance at all so he feels great I feel another way we're told. We both confident in our skills there was just a decision. Do you have to finish something doesn't feel like when these numbers of people say. If he goes the distance that's a big treat for now. Because it's. Because this is its. Demise Olson. That stick. He sees that McGregor is able to go this is them you wouldn't you review looked at as a mr. McGregor well partly because what you know bully. And how he kinda dances around the content of punches and that does not people laugh. Now and you have to kind of be the aggressor. So it'll be interesting to see you win you have to boxers. Who say they're going to be aggressive. And are really aggressive fight through slumps onto by the boxing community that's kind of turned on this and they think that. Just because. You know McGregor doesn't box that he's gonna get beaten into submission. And I would just say those people. What is that on Floyd's resident Brian especially and what is that on the ResMed the last decade Seattle look at it I look at it that way. Forget what congress can do. Just look at the way to Floyd fights. And if you win the distance. It wouldn't be anybody doing anything other knew what they've done through last. We now finds the only guy editing knocked out was god it was count chickens that he wasn't looking bright wasn't looking. So it's such a good clip one more hate Whitey white kept trying to hug of played I don't know man. To register John hug of your problem welcome. And is it the one to thank. So I think it it is the thing that amazes me about despite. You'll think that more people would be excited. About it because it's a contact. Most Wharton. And you know when you watch it mid may the first thing they tell you is what the specialty of big guy is right. With these striker. Where do jujitsu. Whatever it may be where do you as a wrestler. When we get you on the ground and so is interesting to watch him evade his seat. How. And you can do the specialty of the other one and why is this sort of say oh this guy's only a boxer. It and they're gonna fight in his specialty. But you always make it sounds so like all of this never happened he's never been about he has about what he's had to defend. All types of fighter of the great things from me to from the boxing community with this but there's all this weird anger that it. Happening and it's like hey guys like you. There was no one's saying you gotta choose to watch in this and trilogy personality you can enjoy at all but this is where it's this weird divide his I'll boxing and I got. Ya know like the first one I liked watching combat wise was boxing I was heavy in the boxing and I got into mixed martial arts mostly because decide. You know doing the show on some disclosures and as an amp. On the but because of that I I really did on the ground this is an amazing sport is a great art to watch into the in the octagon. And you just. I think this is unbelievably cool about a guy has. Becomes such a star and in demand in the span of a year and a half. That now he is talked his way into fighting Floyd Mayweather 400 the biggest draw in in in boxing. Since pace in. I mean it's unbelievable. Well and what what happens in the in the ring like. What should rapidly would probably gonna do what it does everybody Bree comes at a very small window like a lot of boxers did. Yeah I'm gonna change what I see from Floyd Mayweather the last. Ten years that he's gonna write on this. All out flooding guts war is like he's Arturo body all the sudden very I don't think so like I just I I don't see that. Side of Floyd changing even if he feels like you must tell the media. He's got some. It's that he owes fuel because of the hockey I'll fight for that. You know he wants to come up Macgregor because of all the things he said yeah he's doing it for the honor of his people like those doggone well that. I always go too late payment you don't really change who we are UConn are who you are. Drew and embeds though that's the whole scene. You know I mean think about this. We had this conversation was he Hugh Elliot. That if this did not happen we'd take it upon themselves. To make the changes necessary. It's hard it's hard to do what is good read or. Which type of player you are what type of professional you are is hard to change once you've still bad for a number of years ago employed. It's just one of those people that he. Can make people miss time to deploy it where they look. Full respect they gave him let's go until I got hurt people this restart about all all fluid as the media what he says he's lost a step emulate. Eases some of public and does get jobs on the front of the press stories like to be honest Mike any beyond payable forty years old and I'm not who I was when I was thirty which is why I mean why would you we don't need a breast glib but that after noted that watches plus it is it's he's not only woods cannot say that that's a look at a Wendell that's not gonna be good enough they'll only thing that. I think. Is that if Conner comes out throwing hay makers who won gets through. Intimidate us they didn't. Like does you get kicked inside the phrase. They go where the judge prison bull rushed pushed that's for two years. I know YouTube they have the greatest knock outs among teens. Like I mean. The guy fell like six feet and you David radiates for fox wrong. Oh yeah for that we'll sometimes look. You can't beat Richard please. Put some gloves up we saw him to deal Anderson Silva chin out. Quality houses the word this instead of movie geek she could face. Yeah well he could but then it got old. The use of that and everybody is young the more he's old do work anymore like Larry bird's it allows thirty years you're. I'd be curious on how did something what if woods institution now and then and Ted Kennedy that last look at it. Yeah and I just multi user is that. What are Conor and yeah. Realized boy came heard. There way. Is there are plywood pillows and coordinate their work cut instead. Yeah their fight with task of the parent they're gonna vote on. Whether or not they can get eight ounce gloves now than in Los athletic versions of the decided we will vote and and decide. If you guys can use data ounce gloves. I don't he makes it worse for Connor because there's no move. I you know the good will that's going to be a huge advantage for Connor I don't. I don't necessarily agree with that because he's not getting hit lowly. Is gonna be a disadvantage for the common good disease thus those things that can accumulate on you so I can kind of understand what Floyd wanted to go he doubts about style because. You know eight outs not enough for around slate it's not it it it's it's not going to be this this this grand difference of pay. You know he's going it's you he's got a flat line only you know how to present flat lined a lot of guys is put guys away he's put some amazing. I you know on the money shots that have accumulated it and and then you know and ended up finishing off guys but the one punch shots. Now Jose Aldo. That's the he doesn't pour it was pretty it was pretty flat line but. And for the most part he he he is so accurate and devastated with those shots but a lot of times. There's so accurate they they're stunning guys does is amazing U I that he's very accurate and he does appliance like a lot we know I heard just on this becomes I guess they would that I hadn't heard yet what whose instinct. In boxing. He does get a you know way you know it's not about an event. But when you get a guy hurt. You can jump on them. And edit yourself. But if if Floyd does get knocked down a few what is done. Does Connor. That kind of power or heat consistent and it ten count. That's done and stuff first of all people confirmed. Its Floyd won the ground he would go bananas good. And bad news. Thank you can't in the end that's my thing is bless you and of itself isn't what if he's able to an evening evening if he is able to lay a glove and nothing can put him on the ground. That's the one right there. I would think so on. That for him certainly don't do that against one of the all time grip boxes are going to be enough through a culture of rematch if it's if it's so weird dynamic that you have a guy. Who makes. Everybody ms. you have a guy who's very accurate but doesn't. He's not a volume puncher who now heads so. This seems like they miles woods is two days which stars to. Should I mean he's going to be looking for a spot Lloyd's gonna be dancing around have a feeling and this is my own opinion dead. Content go to rush him was an attack that. You realize it doesn't hurt him. And then what's the over under on handshakes in this fight when somebody gets hit that say. Didn't hurt me in every I think you'll see it more broad. Lord I think we'll see from both yeah I think was wheel comes going to be Connors going to be talked him and be nonstop. You when he gets it. Bit special live. Like that nonstop as all are familiar and look sort of off the nonstop let's was going to be I was there would make them up for this fight all I know is. Is there is nothing worse you can no longer fight it may have made or box and if you do to head series. And didn't get knocked out picked an extensive use it to David commissions that they give license to prove he is still pretty. We get through the eyewitness accounts that. Back don't they are very loud and Seminole hard rock her. He's probably back at the studio glacier Friday and even then there. No I'm right is okay what you think. Your guys that's in zero. I'm home runs you know I've got Jose that was a touching moment I will I will say that the club off the week. Any crack gets out the home run and I actually. Oh good thank you guys I mean I'd I really do mean moment like too good for the kid. Yeah I'm Tebow for forget him. For Dedham. He just gave they kill holy just. Don't you search don't listen listen bird catch him listen listen forget them listen. What did not impress so I passed eggnog pressed. And letting you know what are its own single day. I mean he you don't Ricky he's breaking these rankings we're talking about. How many famous guarantee home runs we have the the dine you with Bay Area steal home here and the dying here with Beirut and not. Guarantee a home when he shook the kid's hand and then you know home run that. He sold that kid he can I now know that did not happen. Who because he took he took that baseball and he acted out listen man. I get it I did I understand it. But did you know legendary off the field. Up great guy at all that stuff divine. There's going to be a day were some skeleton rules on electrons are okay. That guy there is. There is under this and that. Mr. Big I guess I'm not skeptics guide I think they need genuine in what you know good on this world that's that that's that's asking a lot of seance just gives you got skeletons in the closet doesn't mean that old tanks champion ace I've got. Loads of skeletons. But. Because. What no just Liz and I. I have is arguably my wife all the time because she's obsessed with him like obsessed and like and not healthy manner. And unlike Alley. I'm like okay he's good looking you like him fine. He does a lot of great things from people. I'm with that lake I love his charitable instincts all itself unlike charitable instincts nearly to death the same I have no idea. Robby is that the same year Hussein's commander. There's not all terrible past. The external things again as well. And end it was in the he's in his Greg Abbott knew that if he's not perfect and no one is perfect. So there are so good not perfect so it somewhere in these group that's perfect he's not quarterback in any Town Car and that's a Major League govern as he wouldn't change positions. But somewhere in there there is some skeleton that eventually going to come out. And it's going to surprise people but it won't surprise me like what. I like what I don't I don't I don't know throughout an allegation hell I'd got thrown out and I'll see I'm I'm there I would like you I'm not I don't. I think the world needs more to do books guy so I think he's a great person. My job is not one or two my book because my job does not. The question. The man's first mobile personal tomorrow I'm not questionnaire quiz Luke his athletic. No I don't question his personal life and all this but I don't do that let's say he sucks says sports. Doesn't mean that I think he's terrible ideology that targets more immediate hit a home run and single leg he sucked at it at any level of a sport right. Correct her but he has made everybody knew you can't take away he's one of the greatest football players college football players a lot of mobile absolute. I agree. Gets it done and questioner never questioned that I'll Lowe and John Spence act in those amazing cathartic moment. Execution of an emotional blunt is a terrible call on that was a well Somalia did you do that kind of on the right side on the far you have flat screen getting you those who was that guy that was Carl Moore from Florida on the Paul yes they ruled that a complete. It wasn't the only I was standing right there goes the biggest Crocker crowd ever imagine not really judge you know what I applaud Brady CNN for not shaking that bastards and after the game you pick the FD damn field goal. For a little is it was night there was nine at three in the fourth quarter at that time that catch already fraud and does so likable or birds and the kids do not cockamamie thing where they tried to have two quarterbacks. Yes Sosa bounced back what do you know I think what I thought it was just an altered corn game wasn't it wasn't more snow to court play the first gave his Mormon suspended and they both played this now and Alia hey of these woods was in Grozny prairie a day. You know he looks good and underwear. Bands are hit. Data they mean they may they had to Lowe's did they have scrimmage is but there everything's closed to everyone no one knows anything I got an acoustic night and ensure sassy Pete Williams alone though and I'm Robbie album and it is I'm sure sassy. With Robert DJ and troll and Belmont somehow he manages to get skew page from inside the practice I give my of these run was going on around you never know how good he isn't a week three of the season when he throws for a state if he plays good scores out yet to great update Robby thanks. Through the canes have a week to. And the markets are stacked in Jonesboro like we Treadway and I'm not making these good things. Dated him from that duke. Is most. Of them are negative everywhere we've got apple actually stayed is this Arkansas going to Arkansas State yes go window could judge the state is not jags Bruce I don't know I don't know how. It's it's it yes Arkansas State is in Arkansas Jonesboro Arkansas I'm sure it's great if you're in the Mac. Yeah how would be surprised that they start taking the bus the football games played in the summer meltdown on the boat whatever Sunbelt. There and connection are going to Toledo. TI has homestead. Go into the lean on them yet. They'll. Get come. Up that. State totally hour slower and that big. League. Michigan don't want none. Yeah I miss you don't want this really don't want this you know could we got a three games would you don't want this you don't want because you Perry. You know mrs. I was traveling to you don't you don't like those three boom linebackers. Run down whoever's most proud man you have vetoed not I'm not that I like like my goal my my coach tell me the great philosophy of the Roman gladiators thanks go by the way a lot 300 for the first time last night. Overrated so what's good to better it's better his lap I was overrated. The electorate to better I mean visually it was a good movie but I mean it just I mean whenever. Every time you watch a movie there's like ten years after its popular if your home here all great the movie is it's it's always overrated that always happens. Really SI guess all you heard protest all you retain all you've heard for ten years people say how great the movie is an NB Farley wanted didn't didn't Canon. Can probably get out again and no no he shines in science he says put it can and it I probably got going on tonight it's a pick and bribery. It would action we got and I've I've given up on pre season football and I heard the night. Really eager look like finally decided the way to go I don't even last night but I got lucky with a ball additional loss of a ball that's been my guy low he took the patriots didn't you. Yes bastard. If you jinxed us. Chad Henne burned deploy us. She's into the matter you know I'm not I'm kind of the reason that usually Chad Henne a second chance did you see any the general your two million. Do you see the gist of Tom Brady like practicing his footwork on the sideline and no and element was just look at data like one hell he's doing. Like Brady was in a trance on the sideline practices but Orkut to glory its video. Now I'm a pass on the no machine that helped me too bitterly the bronze tones it for football knowing all of us to begin a drive to oh god you're spiel LeBron so Dion Waiters use in Philadelphia this past you right Philly cheese. And Philly cheese. Is he resigned hip hop sensitive seven dot com. Do it you connect and it was asked about playing carrier me. And he says listen I mean we got our album. But I wouldn't mind having him gone down Cambodian with me. And then. The gas a what do you think about the whole thing going down with LeBron he has not surprised. I know family so we have total and I don't see them. Bobby Knight comes out of breath. It's. Safe enough these are. Have you learned so it is very very I lose seven of them now I respect him. He won one blues though. Okay on the bigger will be. Today. Who today got them when you want to be good guy. It was nothing more. You don't get Paul Robinson. Very good news. Someone's got to lose. A they don't they're. Not surprised let's be who we. If Pryor reed is the story you team viewing women's championship. Would view no no no did you hear what President Obama did you a year what I sit. If I read is this to our. Of your team. You're not winning it's every should be able to make cookies but if you have different ingredients that doesn't make him the same cookie therefore that if you're gonna make better. Rowdy at your license brains and I don't know totally green bring that down because you cannot. Tell you no doubt you'll freeze all new look racked that would mean you. You yes I went to a biblical make the same cookies but there if they have different ingredients. Cooking no it is really. Have you had a you've got a ball mashup what you don't know is correct and that he hasn't as the sole house and it's correct. Mrs. fields young not not the same arm and a public's brand that is not a game is better in the big cookie and it's been fun. But right now hello right now and right now Tyreke he's chips ahoy there could typically give a little bit closer. To us. Now is the big stadium but what he does not an ingredient what he knew a solid strategy posters ingredient. Really yes that you know doses though called Israelis really should be should be needed would probably did you know XP does little up. You're quite. Rolling it out and Illinois and just knowing there are huge man yeah. You think you've Kyra reads this to our viewers team you can win a championship talk just on the deck.