9-13-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, September 13th

Tobin hates the Imagine Dragons Thunder song. Leroy still doesn't have power and is exploring his options. Beast wants to know what his ass looks like. Leroy is appauled by the face he needs to spend thousands of dollars for a generator to help him pay for electricity. Tobin brings up Goran Dragic balling out in Eurobasket and the guys go ballistic. Tobin calls Hassan Whiteside's coyfish "stupid fish." Tobin wonders if any of South Florida's superstar athletes have to deal with power issues at their homes. Beast thinks Bill O'Brien will be the next coach at Notre Dame. Beast is worried about his Patriots after their game against the Chiefs. Beast casts his vote on the Mike Pouncey bet controversy between Tobin and Leroy.


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The court has the feel and not get rid of the overplayed this again ending event whereas oh Roy I Ahmed he was here. The GM often and they were having little Powell about not having power and now. And on it and now he's you look to Europe clean chin and everything. I had to go. Daryn Jihad on the face no tournament because I don't Armenia tremors. Let my face certain prison throughout the session 82 so tragic. You know bumps and everything and that's knowing who you Bluetooth alarmingly low considering it's certainly reed and Carl does go to manual written. Until you look Lama a Tomo an Oprah. A little left. The island culinary equivalent of Tomlin. So. Let my little boy in the same. If you see you may have who. Lian on the top who bled nick and with the stuff. On the ground. On the idea. I patent on the truck and brought us. I. Operated try and beat her dad I don't really give bill. Hi Jim Casey. Just seems like more of Jody so you're still. So what are you. Over the hard rock blues. I know I'm I'm uncomfortably but here's the problem noses and it was that bad I mean I got down yeah no lights on guys. Don't hit Gordon in the hospital and is is the problem. Is that we don't know whom you have to give tons. Oh they're still Annan there do you still out Bradley I think what is the deal. I don't want to have I don't wanna get a room and then also have to drop the month. And that is that one day thing and you stay up there when it's a one big thing was. That there's no look. What I know Joseph work. Is no way you can take a trip without pay to date right. Because the yeah. Got time to check into it too OK so let's go Rupert and right okay ready yet to be back tomorrow and over and empower tomorrow anyways so you would just how the little remark that I read the deal with the heat to a nine didn't go Romo led movement nightmares are night and wonder not cheap guy and I don't I don't know. A single moment. Because this is greater the other you know I did it look I have been on why looking. Bright they've priced Accra. None and no cruises who is generated direct you give a (%expletive) thought. I would think Blake and I don't know the low. Well. Did you hear my name. Are you ready. I. Your guy has Jed Jed across street. Or should take us a Holler she hasn't had power an all time. Her neighbors know and left in her neighborhood. She thoughts on broke into her neighbor's house last night in the morning and her husband her neighbor way. Johnny Jihad with pieces go saved their neighbor thinking that they're neighbor was getting shot and killed looted and they are doing Micah. And I didn't. Do you do you. They do that like the reenactment like the delta force are still digging down bin Laden he's more like yeah yeah. They're on their street and it turns out the name just forgot the Salvador. News it is open. And bush and a dollar and so she's like but I got a generator like Andrew and slowly just refrigerator. Don't know it. By the way have you been to the storm. Right. I need food that really needs to be great. And you know Intel remote team. Wherein it. Not an election run guest. Had executed and sure. Again here's and that's probably. For some reason I don't know what it is divine intervention. Did isn't sure why an intervention notice and you sit divide not to let okay job away. I sham. Roster far whatever it is Cooper city vehicle sitting at just where I am. David Red Cross street from grew and so I can go to orange road right and look at all the street don't have a problem. Well listen Dave he's always want to pretend it's a western current attic and you guys in the media. Drew far less yup you're little and know when there's a problem. All of area like when I leave orange road and go no boys got a robot at par via all the way to the White House every. Do you have more noble art so I had to go to the wallow over sterling right on indeed be road. Everyday because that they were the only place an ad asks coffee and some sort of food rent. Finally last night they had some water main situation are related to stop certain food at least they had you know cold drinks and stuff and then so that's sort of drug runners and that's that's easy and there is ghost town city moment is only three miles from my house like Irish and. Tom and so. And their you know guy explained. How they determine. Due to the news and if you live in a smaller. Development. Pages don't well yeah I mean not a priority. You're not late August so on the grid them with the hospital or agreed with the CSO stationery and all other lucky pressure off the grid problem were you wish everybody a bromide has. Word here. Little. Like you're the end of the world and put him and all they're literally gay anti. And that says. When he first you'll be shot. Here here's the route yeah you know boys are right by the power when you drive down. When you first go down near dead development or in your right. Is imagination for right yeah they have now. We drive all the way to with the house that a guy like Lauren and development they have a long lake and honestly when you. Well. We you to learn and go down thirtieth we. How this would. You rich city. Ditch. The Olympic. Were when you make. 136. Did. This. Show. And it's well you know those things. Maybe you I don't know. How well Greg I. Maybe you know you've been in the desert so long and and artists might not. Players and no I don't know dude know you're gonna gonna block your name is Jim oh Christmas lights out. And ensure a positive don't you. A. He knows that Richard sorry you get so. Self Serbs to Oklahoma are too little not so mattered. Yelling at me yesterday concerning. And definitely. Not a nice shouldn't don't think it will not though I mean here's what happened mimic and let me explain. Okay. I shouldn't tech fuel to the blessings because normally in what government. Or. We have put all. Screamed yeah. Mike got it bonds happen. Should you attacks. Dingle true lesson that as a text and and though I've Imus Imus you okay. So I assumed it went through. The text I've got. Was the link. Him. What I thought it was you because I thought you responds about it I'll hop so I graduate X and a needs or is. It never actually went through and so that's why. Are. Usually most of united. Now with the wood out arson. Doesn't. No matter what we do as far as like when we did headlines Americans are not on the air. That's an issue well well nor are the stream I had an alana. An international waters okay. No you know we're not. Does come why don't read on Wall Street in North America will not at the stream go to other countries in waters here agree here throughout last week we shouldn't eat. We should be happy that you know bless us with your present while. Listen as I explained it to me yesterday before I should ask them. It is harassment. Here and is harassment. Lehman salary youths and that harassment her. When I say harassment I mean Hannity ahead. Hey I are gonna age it. Q I have an area that government able back weitzman probably bulletin board to you but you never really not known. Now doesn't it yet or six lot smoother I thought that I really. We maple glazed. Oh yeah is that Clinton because they don't envy. It anyway so. That's the W actually before I give him a full moon. Was. I'd get more enjoyment out of our two hours together than anything else in my life right now I don't believe you know it's totally 100% true. Read my FaceBook posts lately and I've on Fogg don't visit the Oz in the original and you kind of down. Exactly. Exactly okay so. The best part of my life I would not miss this oh and lets the other shenanigans going on. It is not that some shenanigans going on today notion millions they were. I guess he knew them mercker certainly in good forties and around and you know it's easy to laundry here and yeah nothing heavy favorite in the rotation. To rotation once a week rotation one of solid and every two or three recruit I feel like the last three times that seniors that's been runner. I've worn it once a week in the last week's. Because I I have like my my pilot right now I cannot please ask you please call Marshall elements in there. And ask questions do whatever you want. You guys mark for an am looking to remove powers to really look at how positive. Should I feel about yet. So I got to live in. Like I can only get through to mourn because I have known. Rupp cup. So it says. You know in progress. We apologize for the inconvenience. We're working quickly to restore power as safely as quickly as possible. So there are worse assessing the cause of the outage. Will provide an update as soon as I got semester okay. It's us and that's OK okay aggregate Szymanczyk okay. And each are calling. It a bigger the automated. Automated. Figured. Utterly Missouri can't you know let's. Immoral illegal we should just call it on the air and then maybe by the time to martial rules around. And it. Is an out of drug. Why this shooting and were black. Get out person talks winning a proper I'm still. Too you don't. Always a certain way if you're here. And. Why did you notice. Every. We talk about what's going on in the world yeah and then the following question is he's committed and every. Now. As a way. Yeah yeah. When he when I walk into the studio earlier to check on him. Thank you in the show and brand new moon. And I don't know why I'm sure we'll zoom yeah Roddy elect McCain disarmed and stated not around as much. Better in routing. Plan and ask him questions and a lot of questions are because he wore him out today and people found out that he drives it real crime about Gordon vehicle and they wanted to hello if you lose one of those survivor lists of rival a C one of those people. That he does that it will Libya Iraq we totally out in an ugly as far as I can't. It's hard and you can't please fax from the Everglades. Thanks so right his cookies yeah it's true. This so people understand. A guy. With his did you receive. Can Mo. And I. I actually don't get and he unless not to let everyone know what vehicle Robby does a drug pretty outdoor type vehicle. But you're gonna talk all I think it's it's paying the SPS have. It just. It just. It. At the mug shots loan that's when it wants the news and the dropped out to the rockers pulled back and reflect and and LA Hoya. Allah in Los home eastern Michigan it's. East or Michigan it only any Michigan. It is easterners you know content and no doubt. Let's wire for the future they do lose at home eastern Michigan. Get ready for Ohio is currently the role. Of a team yes exactly you see them lose at home to Michigan that's a sign. That in the future what are the Lloyd's of the precursor to the Rucker near the ground enemies of Rucker is back to normal for Opel. Notice multiple. I'll go back to earlier this LSU on the ticket and this. The last minute. This is roots man is what it is relative co monuments if you. And that. I think that's got on the board and he's stupid imagine dragons Felix siren of sultan. You get text just 67 Assam for McCall's rental on the tax sly and Longo wants Soviets over the canal and your apology Fo get to that. There's ever an eligible to Jack and we awakening at the interview coming up. This Saturday from Vegas were our go to Vegas recalled inaudible because guys who allegedly going on here you an idea in Miami. Hello. No homework although you would have power and they shoot you look at our millions although what do you what do last time even though you're there wouldn't be standing alone no never I never I would never. Put four. A tendency to ride to tell you it was a Jim this time and however. You know you don't know I've. This is our plan she's like you know region just done should just said that. She's a scheme that she's like you should've said you refused to do the show unless they put up your family in the MGM two. And I actually thought about that I was like man exceeded a statue of that was our plan from the get go that probably wouldn't located. Yeah we just because of it's it's probably get two million dollar pay review what they've spear a pair another day at the MGM but they got it. So maybe we did maybe we did botch that want if we do wanna you know himself club there's so much sleep on on down demand merry go around some places it's like ghost town. You and other places it's just super crowded dude just gonna come a coffee this morning. Edward play wherever it was like thirty mile a minute. Lines first yet now I know that yes some sources. But put near Joan when this whole floor because so high it's the second time you've had dimension that. Here's what's your point across Canada that was really good and the job. The couple made it clear that forum and I can see. It's so quiet and don't. And I think when historically. It may drop. I'm telling you I'd like. Well I mean as soon as it gets dark soon as it did so dark where you have the way laid down what you do now and it just gets. What's gonna happen if we get too weak to football and you're not able to watch. You know and you don't powerless we don't really mean for a secure I'm not gonna help. My dog and by the way I am not under threat of FaceBook post from someone that lives not too far from here that is in the same situation. And their credit to make fun field took the right. You have no drug. That might you know men. Like I don't like it anywhere which begs the question this is what but this would have been thinking about the last you know 48 hours. We took a gallant recently got a glancing blow from Irma right. Share a guy mile we didn't get weeding get with the keys got the data that he's got no okay or bug Buddha are Barbuda. What what it's happened here for years I never ever have you Andrew is is so tiny small. Storm here. This is the worst storm. I have I have ever been through this reason yeah. I've never been in a store. Where the wind. Was this relentless. This won't even even more and Wilma came through. We had we got wrecked so you've got the storm. Not a couple hours you're. Romp but it also it's because he came from east wasn't because is different Norton sound in effect right entire peninsula right. With this store via the wins a war. Minimum. Of 605060. Miles an hour. And up to eighty plus. More like 1215 or more in the I've never ugly aliens and it is no sponsor is. It's just like it's in the bitch to recover from those imagine if it was worse that's arms Brett. Again. Guess what. I learned valuable let's get the hell out if I can't. Look if I go broke yup right. In have to do some illegal activities. When you go. I don't know where they're gonna say oh he was trying to get degenerate. I'm just go and I'm just put it out there because look and isn't sure Amos and if you invest money get the whole home or no I don't yeah I. Isn't there ensuring. When white people would it rained sort my electricity flickers. Okay. When we hit the neighbors said they waited seventeen days because of POU. Realism of yet the call after thirteen days. Now this shooting. Went up they almost are hurdles month for insurer for let to electricity and you say that now. Now. And those men and dollars and she does this guy comes in listen man. It's undervalued iron out of power over the last two days and families displaced disgraceful man. Brew and we all have our problems let me go to Blake listened to six people died in a nursing home in Hollywood because people just yeah didn't want to deal with them. I mean yeah one's got their issues and Cameron's problems away the next that doesn't mean that we can prevent. Like relax and get out of here with that. I happen to. Government. But little else. It did this guy on the 561 due to water and how does a radio show you one remembering. I don't know anybody late. Yeah. Is now at. I'd be don't have power. In going. Wound. Who have over Britain could be words we understand that there's got to be some but that's not what we do super optimistic Ollie about it that's a slight gap what. Do you would you Greg. What we don't. You should yeah yeah well she's a student far. I was on the air yesterday and so what we can sleep well at your house he was my lemon did not slumping and I'll let let one appointments yet. Yeah like Goran Dragic putting. All. Believe and hard pulled on my aunt and you can hold on. What they each race haven't already called Chris dumps closing is all over him Lothian this was urging his plan. And he put that all evil in it damn blender. Understand I figure the dragons common what is he on these rankings I see all these records coming out. I ICI CIC. Logs of all regular where's where's where's Koran. Couldn't be top ten because the storms come in to congress that's all I wanna say. They got the bill and learn to congress that's what police he says the drag the idea when he unleashes hell is this right that is pure cars. So all upon nastiest we should be if that's right gore on. That's what she did Crist just posing as these knicks and shot around there with Chris dobbs oh look at these games broke. And bulldozed Crist was against traps. He's an American ship most of our. All they got post though it was gore wants face right item to the hole and semifinals. Slovenia vs stated we're teams Romania. We are all you bitch drafts we are. Pretty unique teams there in. Who's pastor. BT eighty fig. Yeah. Well listen I'm just trying to get your focus off power and I'm trying to get too excited a gore. It's. A game announced Thursday due to any athletes down here it may not former athletes Lira calculate. Let's say job posting it deserved process to deal a minute without power. He ultimately there knobs and I think you know not a whole new level I go on who it's against if it. Finally got a generator to fly. We grilled you all don't but -- hotel life as as does the sun does he deal with any no power so that intent by the way I don't know what I did down. But he did demonstrate integrity of the oh geez and they're okay. That's great to hear I didn't who's gonna happen who's just stupid fish but I don't know how do you well let's just say what it is and and honestly if it goes what fisted died they can just replace him before he got home. On. But do you think and what. That's that that's offer shortcuts to look where that's where it. There's this decoy sharpen that they don't. Let's. John Edwards the dirt you know when the club directors and the blueprints. Right yeah I mean what them guys write. Well with go get a double went up for now it's a tidbit though it's blue it's. Regards but it yet beater if they have their latest as slugs dead fish do you think you would notice. That you're a beauty knows those you know those finishing there. Yeah. He's got names and personalities. Of all shapes and you know OG OG and number oh geez. It's just a play. Like you think you think you'd think the subway not discounted a little spots boyfriend and your president now a young kid in the Tolbert household. He's got two young kids oh and oh yeah. I know one of whom comes off the top rope every five seconds and said it no punishment and it does that surprise to you all dims the brakes. Played it do you think he gave them like. Do you think winning Gary union new thing if they were down here that have. To do a minute without power now does it famous John Carlo just general Russel Arnold LeBron and cement or I don't think so but point is it. They can't fix it for the super famous they could feel like Mickey figures that power. Now Mickey a reality is I mean those cruise ship operated and they just brought in their ships instead of other people on the bottom on the ships right. And we at west none. And now and Al Haig comes solution in a quote from one. There I'm having a hard time believe me they gave you power but damn boat I can give power running row if you want it I got a whole upstairs and if you need. Earned. And among them I mean listen you play and junk in my floor in my. None of them to impact movie you've probably heard that and that's that's bad none of that astounds there's certainly. With this cow bill O'Brien and disaster and in unit next go to Notre Dame that's resent. And I think that the new Rivera and that's the ones starting Aurilia. It is an Irish guy bill O'Brien you think they're ready for a Brian Kelly to begin yeah they're tired of his blustering really phase. I just think there's certain jobs that you do. Week to be all smooth. Let's have a level like it in and there's certain jobs can't do badly. And be a slog right. That's why didn't I called and there's no way it last year's civil war wins last year with the quarterback it's starting in the NFL. Shut your blow hole. And speak to sort of have this cut. Thank god thank you shut the hell that's a minor stuff right there was 10 lead in the third inning. Not to work don't we don't win games that Miami and it all of a sudden the that is true dream she is so don't ask we've never had an impact. Couldn't find a position for him yeah I run diner and a bright talent than XP the next market down mark the date. No I don't know where bill O'Brien and Amber's gonna be the next coach at notre it just is named O'Brien bow. Last and it's like I don't know it's because it like Belichick Leach's. What they've been and yes story are the total ice factor in the hole. A stairway to know because he's Irish folk coyotes who has been the most successful nice Irish Catholic notre. Of the Catholic. So far as I'm concerned this government should. Moves us but I mean October its earnings Catholic theology actually is certainly not I didn't do we can beat any other bit. Christian denomination listen I'm pretty sure it's tough. And you have no idea and that's true and I both know how this guy it's pretty readiness. This in about whether you have our night is like talking about your friends and team nobody two years. So I sobbed as we can stomach for that Robby for that Robbie ask you can he's going down the street to now by the way how dare you make our guys and losses public is laws. Oh. On you every media outlet on this comment posted a screen shot of my ass kicking right on touchdown dance mix added to that would counted die. Didn't have my number one pick really you know some pointers on wasn't starting Thursday and there are angles. There's an hour football. And hosting the angles are home. O rules do we know of why we're all it was the golden rule but wait there's probable mineral well it's. Blunt. An. Amber and I am normally not. Who don't even Steven though like he's gonna he's gonna have a game where he's just fine. Me and how he's gonna all those weapons is not going to be a complete cluster bleep out a way it is two years ago. You fire your coach and quarterback over the same performance. Against the same team corrects. Jet nope this time I'm not saying anything. There. And disarm I think Brady me. How to beat them here. That just are what if you could. Say that again I want to say that again for the record. I I I kind of think Brady might be done. Can you tell you how this works. I'm I'm gonna tell you as a is that as a bullet to ease and it was a reverse jinx and I'm hoping that that no two that's never got in the arc in season and if you're mentally this works cut that out of the pocket and let me tell you how this worked my. You. Hum. A football career is kind of light. For roll calls. When you take that initial drop. You never going fast. The two urged to become quick. Mean a net you don't give answers you get old. You get smarter. You make better decisions. And at one point. You don't have enough. How were to enter the you don't have enough work to those leagues and so he has the patriots fan but they didn't use it here's the thing. This is what boss yeah you know does abolished from you know they wonder what to how they want you to doubt. They want to assure you pick jeweler. Us. If you you can't leave the ground are you knocking on the dogs are right. Who are the only NFL dynasty of the 120 years we start off the seasonal lawn we're not gonna we're not winning the division. Were underdogs it's still had it re not all think they're gonna do it because all you pundits. Accord ballads of all the media pundits and the trust that you'll be nineteen and oh the front salmon is a little bit weak on the op. And here I will say good habit to the worst heat vision. And Jay Cutler. I gotta face. I will say this sudden paying. You don't decide whether it's a little bit of Super Bowl hangover you don't decide when it's over we all agree is the most of rumble why Miller. No that was for sure hundreds of lying over. Did it over there shouldn't. Lose to put noble brand what that listened. His rules cannot be trusted that he heard an achievement since there hasn't put out a better if they don't want by Abbott and not important if you correct them. And and Robbie rules. Which I'd go on board or racist white board and put them up there. Rob these rules cannot be trusted I'm under any snow and stats I'm gonna pick winners this week by the way saws is Goran is garbage. I'm gonna he's guarded I mean he's he's torching all of half of the world. The important MBA I've been saying this doesn't matter. This three guys all courtroom who said one of the best young players and believe. He port. His lot he had asked the unit eight. You see this in week. Okay I've been doing. On the other side. There would get a Wednesday it's a football week dobbins or of their season this week take on the chargers Philip Rivers looked. Wednesday. I don't even look at it that way will. Our eight day five. If I have enough power and pay no power no full blown. Like we've spent. A month and a half. Saying how sick we were both the pre she's a full ball ready for this season start we ready for this we ready for the at. It's at you and when the don't actually practiced. Yeah in California. Another California but I feel like I hadn't seen any updates in California. August oh did you know you can still have I can get the so I don't you can get in my power I had not seeing any out of Seattle news crazy guys. I don't see on TJ gyro and around again and more present issues and I can just put dobbs rights in California and former H and still only 1045 whether. What activists. I don't feel like too green to thirty. Maybe three to surpasses the Mets field that he's. Bone. And we don't know he has so remnants. All. Know which poker. Poker. And yet so so. Dignity but it only counts as our 45 Steelers since you have been missing like every other Shelby's. I cheese that's you you were any of her for these weasel to house tactics that he was Paul with the dog reported doomed. So tactics no and weasel pact we have to update the dark or early morning. Millions like you don't get to explain I don't know did you stop the weasel tactics. Explain the weasel tactics I'll decide if he wants out of the pounds he'd bet not because the game got a group. Currency opening the season for the Miami Dolphins he doesn't want it says not weak one anymore that was the bat we want. Even though is that when she got close and rich. He will recording we went out and if you would against they would take the bat off the no that is off the board. I bet the bank. All too wrapped or some other guys I said if you think he didn't play week wasn't doing so again but to where you. To Welch's that's what I got it. Gives irregular voter seasonal Welch and. What's your logic on that. Mike not to go open the season for the Miami Dolphins the starting center. And and he'll let it slip knot the back door like it's not then they. Shame on my music visual Robby what they Vegas. A right. This is lost our board of doom. Different rules different standards now that that's off the board you know that's what about the evidence. I'm confident you'll be back. At the start he's. Do I think oh yeah. Gold dart board and we want yet usually not know what this week on. To lay injured no one really cool and you. Know if it is a half. No more does do listen to great football player Jarvis Landry with this three. Football isn't back into the Miami Dolphins take the field. But I'm looking forward to the season openers. So. This season and estrogen footballers and back after users corroborating testimony that's right. I gotta tell you. You learn to witness he. He and other tell. And I both of them born out of the low would I vote that the board of the the bed is off the board routing. I didn't vets stays or is it time and through early break time again I you'll go get it and independent. We. Who we had Beasley noted that I'll get I'm going to get someone in my county netted out at. I've already got someone from this building that has no allegiance to any of us. Come in here and decide who. Who made to mingle the favored by five I'm going to on all find out gal did Mickey albeit somebody now I need somebody who doesn't when. We talk about sports instantly about. This is about and cared not about sports it's about the ethics immorality lies but this is the this is why. I have I question. A question this upcoming season because now I know you're gonna use weasel tactics to get out of things we sell one thing at the house of cards. It all falls down either or not the bats or you're not. All right do we get dirty bird on the show by the way here we show up to gyms and work out and soon as teacher tuned. To read things flock N'sync. To ref thinks that's that you are. Rune working together conspiring and conspiracy you ask and if so shut up while you yourself. It has had a when I don't say you've never talk about additionally due to the that is on the board. Yes my you know he did not start week one gulf go far enough out of the board now you know how to about. Right start of the season and you sure we don't see him. Started it and and it started it and we aids is not easily set it equal I am confident he's going to start the season I'm confident you will be back. The most recent. No. Yeah. I.