9-13-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, September 13th

Tobin tries to alter the Mike Pouncey bet so that the bet gets pushed back to the Dolphins first home game. Tobin doesn't like Derek Jeter bringing in his cronies to run the Marlins. A Michigan vs Miami college football debate breaks down when the guys find out Miami has to travel to Toledo in 2018. Leroy says you can't only count the good years and that Michigan is the winningest program of all time to which the guys counter that they only have 2 championships. The guys talk GGG-Canelo which leads to a heated debate about Brown Bears vs Grizzly Bears. Tobin is tired of Patriots fans making themselves the underdog. Leroy doesnt know how to download movies onto his computer.


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Go back to earlier I'd be there with you on the ticket. Dolphins take on the charges this week they're out on the West Coast and at this season started. LeRoy in this character of left the building. Question voice yes. What do county dozens of this week. And I will say well. I'll take mile like command and that's what I that's what I do. I think the Mets off the board but that's as mild it what if we adjusted. I'm so confident Nazis now what do we adjust the back. I don't like where it is going in how we are part of I don't know that's about this about this don't be nervous if you're so confident in his brittle lips. Snapping under the pressure of football what are we just change into the first in the dolphins play and see you actually have a best that we actually. Over her money games he played this year outlook this holiday quicker results because who promised overturn what you still have to throw for your power. I don't know I mean not that value I brought he's got a throttle and violent situation public this move. Mike penalty. Will play the first game. At first the first dolphins game at our rock stadium this season. Until until October to October date. I like it I'll echo I like it totaled Gaines played here folder so that's such a long payoff. Though we gotta get a payoff would. Tell little boy throw it and yeah RD not too bad. Lara the the got a that I off the table right. All the sudden you guys missed adorable no no no you wanna quicker. Oh he's stricken and skiing in these big seven games. We pick him independently. Europe which let me know that's that's that's a quicker bad yeah it is going to be over at this Gloria do you mean this week or Intel. Authority dormitory if you. We don't don't tax. My apologies to survive going to LA they're coming back go to new York and a going to London before it does. Only though you and I get to hear your way to go international travel nice try and that is officially off the board boom. Rewarded. How. Souza a David Johnson stalking a garden Hondas have great ability. The that is off the board Blair Burma come up with something else ya. That the deal Robbie as the throne actually mentally here from the amount of the Turkish bath. Not always on the balcony somewhere now getting off the mountain Omar grinned like they're just. Trying to protect homeland. Did it added it. I don't. But just you know run radius of the Missoula say yeah we're not already under outlook itself but we're it'll kind of tax about this. And here's the deal her love bleak dark transmitter which is way out ten miles west of chrome. Often Tammy AME trail right out towards the other usually takes these people this answer I mean I mean in that blood. So that's why we are up off the AM and FM a dial and now there's a chance that working on getting us back on the HD two later this afternoon that's an easier fix is different transmitter. That just requires only climb up like a thousand foot high tower and re aim a Danish. That of course would not be me but by the Williams company that does that so that might be fixed you know the more you talk the we can stop ethnic mutual. Why. Does woman McDermott is Debbie jeetz in this game that he's Geico on our. Am talk but you can't you can't just. And by the laid I'm the one that alerted you to that. I'm aware of that again. He was deadbeat cheats. Hired his buddies. You want to do better to reveal the good old boys club. Up in up in months park yeah this deadbeat she's gonna be cooking the books who can I get I gotta get my old my own guy to make you look good. So we can make all these trades and deadbeat you can go out smelling like roses. Like how does go on. Again. What did you Eagles gonna happen. If the guy who bought the team 400 in 35 million if you can afford players without losing money. We think it team a person that spends one point two you can do. I refused or your knowledge in his honor I decided. He's just the GM. He doesn't get to be owner when he gets his money back in five years that's not fair. That's called investment the issue the way that John Elway had a chance to buy a percentage of the Broncos back in 1998 for like four million. It would be like or I've but the number was but it will be worth 480 million today if he had taken it and widening. I don't know with the reasons just a big west yet and it looks like a horse. The president needs to do Cleveland. What will work visas where her. Yeah he doesn't have to be jumpers. He goes to let them know Rebecca Lobo have the last laugh but he has an open. I was there a while to set I never experienced that which winning. So are meant. When you're that big hits just keep on come on we Cuba now. Yeah to deadlines. WXY. And South Miami and don't you. Teach your. Yeah zillow what's going on breaking. The. International Olympic Committee is awarded the 20/20 four Olympics to Paris 128 Olympics to LA. Don't care to deliveries are sham. The farm in the Miami Marlins back in action tonight none of that matters that are only due to a 500. In Philadelphia get chilly for the Fishman a three point 95 ERA cardinal on the hill for the fills. Hadn't had a three point 718 ER as a released to the NFL. What's like Jeff Collison finished with fifteen arguments. This is it possible that that's gotten a ton is gonna and tow sixty home run it's possible it's possible no no playoffs. And no fake miles greens by the way their value waiting whether the mall and we will host the next home series at. Most part well looks like the rules we're also raise the roof damage yeah well. Keep keep on losing James meanwhile ideological police present hard rock hard rock will be okay. For the canes Toledo game coming on the one there are few tomatoes come here yeah. Eric returned to Toledo who did this they're going to Toledo next year and what does keep happening. And below you does. It well or wait. Long I don't execute. They plan Tuesday's. Action. Why why. Do have good. Do we Miami's gonna be blamed football games at home Wednesday becoming the school play against the they're really planned to mr. Gorman in Vegas doesn't get a player gets. It and I don't know huge week. A story. You know a state I wanna swap Q are you. Glad you want to Wear it. At least a store university like you claim to be. Has gone Appalachian State correct was supposed to go to Arkansas State unit and you Gordon Toledo Akron now. Maybe another university. With this Thatcher they usually you have. That is making those three trips. One. You know I'm this so we gotta do this because we're so I canceled but we have. That means you don't go to. Then go into. Homes and that big. Of the glass bowl that's cult. It. What do you fully. But if Clinton what are going to update you gotta go appear in the cold. But bright and early in the season Friday September. What they've built this. Did he violate a neat thing by an illegal play at Louisiana Tech. When properly moves that are properly in the big return to Freeport. The wind. Well there's a statement that was and its friends Romberg he's now he's in medical device a salesperson. And an apparent mix of wickets insults he does. Like console in those nickname was mutant school you know is very religious expense and Thomas upbeat while that some. Rock out there playing against LSU Florida and Alabama next year's. Do you read that garbage music that's bella he would if your. Eyes at least one game like that every U. Attendance records. For Toledo organs navy northern Illinois Minnesota. Marshall Indiana State Weber State Bowling Green Pittsburgh. And Bollinger or eight or whatever Bowling Green you. You play a school play against groups. I mean maybe maybe doesn't tradition. I don't know it's been does tradition in water and break. And do you. What they're garbage you tell you. Don't expect me to think more highly of you do you think of yourself. We do your teams checks at Michigan. Orders of the U wanna check you can't year. You know why why we can't do it yeah. Beaten them. So we gotta go Orman oh what are your thoughts that 00. With 200. It's an easy idea how to levered sources tell me Boone North Carolina not the greatest place to go out and what's the fix rotted what's easy fix stopped paying with him cook win. And you put a hold home with a real team at a news that when you would've spent a but the equipment and European markets are Stater Toledo. I mechanical convoluted politics you must go to would probably cost way Alaska's FCS school been getting markets austere Toledo to make a 12 plus you don't have to fly to tune in they drive they boss down applause also mean that not come back down and markets us to be at the band you know. They come back. He disrespect them say that stayed up a 100000 dollars use it use it towards a Toledo or clear state everybody wins. The number ten team in the country just played at south Alabama. Read our accordance of the nation. This nation in uniform yet Oklahoma State vocal mostly did. The coach is among its Oklahoma State. And if they do have the biggest. The single donor any college programs don't night. Today Yahoo!. Yeah blow you don't put. And so his his or you or your shirt he's given more money than almost positives due once the rush in where they aren't given half a billion what are plastic up north to south Alabama. That's because they got to go to the mall. And then it's Boone it's a vacation. You know about the resorts they got at southern Alabama. Talk about slimy is resort Mobile, Alabama Michigan loss at state problem was that. Ten years ten years ago and we're also we're one when was the last time in Miami once in games in the season. Doesn't agree when we talk OK so if you're gonna bring up Michigan app state and we probably played in three or four. What. BCS games to see consistency because indie feature that the upstate guys watched the the old film we are. Standing. Ten and injured along the tandem and brought the minutes of the dolphins. Know an orca not a good. Peter is the here's the Miami fan you ready. You met with Michigan has to James should the Miami has spot. The minute. I just think it. Why do you guys the public is so funny chose that. You go to bowl rings. A part. I mean if you are back in the eighteen hundreds I think Michigan won and beat that the outcome of the book account when your season start. When you say you're currently you're you're a football where we start in a 1997. And forget there what he played football before that. You're Goodyear's. Okay what your good years. I like that which you know pay heed the self important do you. For 25. Years. Might have been one of the greatest stretches of not for Alabama. Wonder greatest stretches of football betting university is right right OK and it should but here's the problem one. You've been cleaned the ball was sixteen or set any more years than that. So do you not tell the rest don't you did George Mira. And an immense wag abandon the mad stork we had him yet. Well in a hundred years of history Michigan has to change its pinky finger of college football. Only. This news in the women's program the book well in culpable noble below they're tough and we are yet oak. And it is Miami even in the top hundred that's vacant any of those it's not. It might even in solid that's Muslim is my daily even in the top hundred of what. Cool it's not so it's a hundred. Go to. School when Inge. They're probably like to order total wins or when he percent of total of cam on modern like reducing its number one for the total and rang slowdown. Oh okay that's. OK it is Michigan's one notre Dame's two. Should die and I can't wait wait wait wait. Yeah L as three to Yale. Texas for Nebraska filed Ohio State six Alabama seven Oklahoma eight Penn State nine Harvard 101011. Tennessee twelve UST thirteen Princeton and fourteen. George residents are. I didn't either rob or anybody but it mount union seventeen where Bloomberg eighteen I'll win just doubts about 5055. Florida's 28. Scroll up pretty good support. It. It is. Miami symphony for some people are closer on Greg Owen a fourth. So that before but if you wanna go my win percentage but I don't go 0%. Is going to be even worse you picture yet because you got to adults fifty years a garbage. Good evil words like don't give me. An America villagers. Understand why do you rework Longo wings I'm trying to look it's all weird. If you were missing its number one go pinched that could be worse than 74. Which some numbers in don't got. A defensive player of the week that's the use got Kalus Campbell. Pollsters they beat the play gave vote now we're bored you all. Play the Olympics history not may. Don't use number eighty who come Britain I didn't. But you can't. Have gotten hundreds yet no no it's 1234. Fives seven. What do you owe it and he does it's weird while the suits it's that Tom Brady coming out of college going up but Ukraine. We look like if you look like 126 and when percentage toys that the Walt and I battled that's almost upon by. Almost. All you can eat don't let what stories expo yeah. I think it's a body part not think Ito. They're paid Ito is way down and on the list 26 body part that's what what me and had a kneecap well Robby. What's the wooden bird mascot. But Hebert will bullied. And Israel and that's the divisional one. My union. The division three now I think there's a sort of dozens of purple and violent and they have really been to visit to read related to visit three monsters. They're the mu co what do citadel or is there any San Diego and he does yeah Dakota and you mount union as the purple raiders and their mascot as you move cop a purple McCaw. Bedroom yes a mood car. The move 'cause his name like Sebastien but not not an easy purple McCaw and they are the purple raiders. Wait and rarely send their Rio countries of rape or somewhere constantly pistol Barry University mascot Bucky. Really eating at him and how surprised you guys didn't steal the money drunken Newbury College whatever. We actually did this goalies Carolina is loaded and and we are. Which birdies the tigers and as three of the tiger. Who would convert the tiger's name surgery is productivity through. Can pay go why you guys played against them. Not. Through football and imagine being proud of the way in this program. But only to James should she be James. And I don't brag about Michigan as much as you guys brag about my. You kind of do a only to make a point and judge who has not been mile debris is a football. You you guys I won't say this would Michigan you're all about tradition and storied. Past might do. And this is Elliott did idols. Spoke. There only one of them was shared. Yeah with us Georgia Tech so as one or whether it's Barbara what are Nebraska Nebraska tomorrow to Miami this year rhetorical attack. There are minus Lugo the wash Washington that's. One was also stolen correct we should sex. True. And it would between. And and it. Not have a than not he's an ounce on bet on football teams say a pick somebody and adopted son. So slow so therefore. Therefore if they would have had that win that was stole from them. Then there have been top 25. And when percentage in the correct which would have a greatest in the thigh. We're an Ohio Michigan won their first title in 1901. Yeah I was like these teams. Including Harry Brady or no matter run 01020304. So you won those beeping put morals would still be trumpet sixes and nights and on its. But it first tribute to trigger for got thrown up no difference on the would be trying to figure out why is he throwing the football have you ever seen him throw passes like the 1950s. Yeah it's the balls to return at 10102. With a real for the year off for awhile but then you came back with a vengeance. In 1923. Under field dios of course now. But it is out there due to judge I would murder somebody on the football field when he final 126. I mean. No he went a little while to play 32 what they want politically segregation. Would you pick Jibril wouldn't it. Back there. He'd be to be Arab three. 4748. Also we don't only have just two to welcome I don't like where you wanna start the modern era of football because let's just start from when you start dialing count Angelina item that they use to you what pocket watches. For winning championships. When they get away rings that's an account 64. Or better. As soon. Let's city 73. And that a billion to the knees so Murray beats that we get 97. Then we get two of the ninety's. And we get to to the 97. Set up. So very. Big comeback happening in the NBA we'll sign up on next. Don't that I had and it was still a few on the ticket. In addition a 67974. As oil of those ineligible G jackets the showdown with Transamerica a lot of rest takes on uniting a lot you know collapse of the Deutsche image of the world. Don't miss it this data is endeavour's sixteen starts at 8 PM debut Karr lied on paper view. Caught three of the content slide 7865340797. It's expired before. 07 and he will get themselves reachable you can elegiac get out of this and this came out of the telegraph LeRoy. The should Moody's trainer he claims. While he was out on a training run with a lot Keyon. They were encountered there in big bear California. And they encountered in fact it's a brown bear. And he says the bear. Mustered a Lofton. And back down. Do you believe that story now the mood. This year yeah him. But first the ball is not even handedly. I understand right and maybe maybe the bears made it embarrasses I have to. This doesn't regret this a story Macgregor or tell you know limited China go to little magic value of pixie dust of shenanigans to get cells but. You don't think a lot in its here's America now no. What hobbies got a diskette is going to be like let's go. Toronto Drago yeah. Drago it's get a better drop goes here the better but not a lot can no no do you dangle opulence and it's it's it's better. Mean polish. All lose once. Oh about the clause but. Claw I. He has bigger reach music report so by the time he uses for. Its ease of brown did not not not a grizzly bear what's the measurable. I met your looking up the measurable on the brown bear. My that's brown bear brown amber what to use city. Obviously a zero wolf looking at me. Where does brown bear fit in in the bear category like as far as black there are truly bent like this is proud barely gets to five feet. Change your mind at all. Now makes the story will us impressive by Glock in strainer like brown bears like Paddington disease acute need to Marmol. Not like patting in this is brown bear. Mean you look in Mountain View of what else I'll. And Ted salmon when his claws out is yet this show it to talk to me about the brown bear claws because. I feel like Mr. Big should. You are out there are Mario LeMieux and. And this is kind of it's the full size is useful size of a lot can look at that really is Fuzzy. But I tell her new look and things like Amanda and bear some usually parent mom. It's grizzly mama grizzly to brown. You're only bare hands as well Guinea there is any floor dangerous. Brown bear claws. It's that brown bear claws. I. It up Scott's it would be if we do those things in. Eight. And despite. Dad's meant. Despite their size brown bears are extremely fast anime clocked at speeds of thirty miles per hour I'll get more putting him in a ring. Will implement a ring. I'm proud learned you don't close. It looked like he got a a. Well manicured yeah I go old. Woman. So that Britain but went with the clause eight of thirty miles or not they're more likely than black bears to defend themselves. Hard man from Kazakhstan. The bear mode ready don't speak as stadium go look up see these secret the most dangerous animal and has X and it's. OK so why do you need vegetables or the bear and you know they are aware of how do you spell cossacks Jesus is. I don't know ten is just look at what Bora threads here as more. Ask your hat with the national animal Kaz extent what's the national animal of cossacks parent. National relative to. We don't. What's our national. Bald eagle eagle it's the I'm obviously go lock in to kick the crap out of a bald eagle. Then he would go like 81. Shot steps back. Town a shot eagle. On. I'm where. I'm driving. Ms. blue who feel better because I'm in my atrium of the national animal comics and as the golden eagle. I don't know eat it is the world's who it is one of the largest fastest in the endless raptors in the world. But prison and a paper congress and also a snow leopards he could be a snow leopard and then antelope. Oh well. What's know what the snow leopard are you crazy. I mean you're not a union out quote cool cool they didn't matter. Lately you know I can't believe Bob Thornton's phone without affordable policy that that's thing. Monster they don't want to mess that it's sort of look when longer tail. Newton and and and her Erica oh yeah you are deflecting. Back to the brown bear. Not possible. Three miles an hour so it's a blind mentally I feel he grounded out to earlier. Would buy thirty all night mile an hour and well known it showed the bear that you're competent no no backs down. Yeah. That's the black bear the Blackberry will retreat to the brown bear not retreat. I assure you know I read late this. I'm not sure Anderson retreated men then yeah you sleep. The black panel retreat the brown hair does not reach for it until you sleep like demo demo via so we. That green when. I was grizzly. The backers they partisans there's been maybe yes. Hopefully move. Pat what's up with our panel how pat yeah. We so there's somewhere you can attack you'll run right. You know there's another as you put argue sleep and other mayors and an hey I'm just gonna multi billion dollar complex about it. We're just want to know where it is Beers. So that abrupt ultimately yes strangeness in isolation let's bare walls a beat pot if you wanna be at bear come hoping it would be were. I know I. I can just see you in the dark naked with your junk on the floor try to stay cold the bit. But brown bear next he also with the his job by floor when it would you rather ago a month with. Without more air conditioning or sleep in America. It. On the darn important doomed sleeping in a better gave. Them. Brown barely covering real plus plus an. Impediment to the Kennedy won those bears like in trail blazers. At the bit to get Ed Baird Somalia and out of traumatic prisoner and that there are gorilla suits you if you know they put the guy who grew the suit. Indicate Eads would root beer nobody really don't grow up right. This is in the W Baird have played their words with him LeRoy as we need to look we couldn't keep. It is. A brown bear AK grizzly bear at bank and sending pretty have been bigger. I I I think a grizzly bear killed a lot get to Brownback towards. Richard irritated just over dug up 521 I'm not a lot did you lose a limb you got up. The answer is that all grizzlies are brown bears but not all brown bears are grizzlies. The grizzlies in North American sub species of brown there but the Latin name vs. Marked as harmless. Yeah you know this out like Gomez Lebanese or them again. Yeah and nine Tripoli alienate you wanted to rebellion and understands OK a brown and all brown bears are grizzly has been known and I don't know all grizzlies are brown bears. But well brown bears are grizzlies select profiling. The same it's no it would be awesome profile because you're sitting in a grid doesn't there does like say and look. All grizzlies. Or brown bears would not all brown bears or greens like say this OK okay. Oh no. I can only do this or. When that. All. Use of these have nothing to do distaste and or LeRoy theoretically go to without. All. Needham scandinavians. Our white. But not all white people are native skin and it's. Boca. But. I'm not I'm not going with the super how grizzly AKA brown there. And so with a generic brown there because that's the story telling to only chance you have a little brown bear brown an important route there. Maybe only five feet tall but when he up to thirteen hundred patents. Thirty well. Are up an apartment the bill invisible war Colombians were you. Ever smoked or your way too it's all who six point. Oh were given mixed martial artist about a chance at just about to close. Yes clause to wait so you think they're going to be an acute brown bear an. Face what about John Jones. Is he owns a force that is the ever not on the burning. By the way Erica California State Athletic Commission is overturn that fight to a no contest officially today. So here's your money no obvious to give the money back I think that's the gutsy thing but it could via a product of some of his purse to. Dinner Korea but out of Korea's gonna become Champa legitimate rebel vacant but as an example came back. Came back like hot lava. Both secular and yet we still want to know what you mean miserables out of there with bees suddenly there I said that the team is. Lebanon Tennessee was doing research. Yeah. Yeah I want it now. I know I don't know recent I don't know what's the national animal comes extent are we like saying that all people who abandon dorks but not all dorks are getting what about this I am not nor is there a chance that triple he's got better cars better on the almost in tens of bleep hole but not all believe pulls in Michigan fans. The good that's cheap shot you wrote. I'll go with it might come summer Vermont school. Is that it is what is their chance to win. Is there a chance that Steve Brown bear has a as a gas tank like McGregor. And at a gas out and maybe mayor Dave go locking can hang in a couple of rounds. Don't the human in the world can't run thirty miles an eyebrow sold thirty miles per hour 15100 pounds of this it is going to be close does not run in. Good luck instead enough that demonstrators say the US and yeah. Like he won't let him. Once why did it's well. These. Are well manicured or your role in the core goal. Even in those clubs or gotten filed and I think the quote dude image. Or call and to release or a liar yes yes. Yet. I disagree spoke about it but it's yeah power. Welcome back some of the prime minister there with you on the ticket. That your but it signal whether the superdome by other means of the apple war. For the Internet I hope will be up up and run regularly Charles and it's a big gesture in blocking and stuff out until much of that really via. Rumors are found in California thickness. Any news announced this hasn't picked Carolina mr. inner balloon will. You are safe it is to me on the let me see if the Texans not given us the news. All right you're. Groups. Other brown bears in California where and whom yet you would think of a place called big bear. That there would be theirs there then again they used to admitted they used video wiped out like if you're used have gears I don't know do isn't their field beach. I haven't seen on some of that fake as deer found that they got none Hillsborough. Heck yes. Well there's grizzly bears there Richard technically brown bear. So this guys claim another grizzly bear show which doesn't make it five foot version now permit the giant makes it 74 racked. Now we are not out of the coastal there in the inland where none of note. Though California only has grizzly bears on the yeah yeah I wanna accept I wanna accept it. What Angel Sanchez is claims that troubled you took on that date grizzly bear back down there. In the division appointment California's environment like. No. And the brown years no I don't know but agree I think that we have a grisly but remember right which is technically we're out here are. I'll relent a relent and I'll say it is agree is that may not be knickers and a I. Politicians so but if you give me a heavyweight. So we are definitely. Robbie we're doing to Olympics tomorrow we're picking our team it's how we gonna pick our team to a select them out of that ever gonna select the one big gains or Pickens. Friday were doing the picks we all picked the same games no polar drawing a teams tomorrow Ottawa to rural figured out of how I so. I Robbie. So your first lock the weekend to be Cincinnati right why and everybody knows that little draw and it would draw tomorrow but yet the present rule because a child's play yet. Mean is there is no amount of spread. There you would be as ultimate. Ten points 1015 points. I would think Pittsburgh would be a lot bigger in London and the battle over himself. Mean this past week Houston's offensive line last week against the jaguars I did it was. On where you will cut its Campbell. It spent a grizzly Beers. He's like yeah that does indeed look like a beer and like. If the news as soon as the jaguars center is normally would she signed the jaguars contracts you've packed it up. Like that's last road you go full out or anybody grab yet money grab Julius Thomas. Jared Roderic. Yeah is that I was contract it's easy street from then on out there you ride that thing out no demands you know demands. Right but Nicholas Campbell comes out of the gates signed the big monster contract and then does that. But it does he end up with 544. But away b.s to your your heart and other won't say total care our almighty. Beast yeah do you know to record for most likely yeah. The deal. I think it's eight. By Derrick. Thomas. And he would have got nine. Root. Craig. Avoided him for Seattle into a touchstone in the end up losing that is correct you are correct we yours. You as C and guess who gratefully for who at that time was an AFC. Through Seattle. Did you see that a lot of people are upset with Carmelo Anthony's recent ranking by ESPN's. Cruise only because he's behind me zip on over all that's a big east before they shoot well he's before from Allah. If you've seen them and moving around a basketball court lately don't feel it this is Phil Jackson's propaganda. Glass and out of the sixties. When you look while winning women's top toy easily give up points fired now it doesn't matter. By the way. I hate to interrupt our boy to Falco and hope that the top of here are boys and starlets Scot light and the taxiing. To the text machine in my personal phone. We know OK you're freaking guy I do you have an actress. They knew it starlets southern Oregon Dixon Helms region and listen. Listen listen. Oh. I just don't I love. Listen listen we love you on and get the starlets. A someday but I look identity in a nation right now. Guess what too much stuff going on you guys you have to have this week. The four of us are playing until this week. Okay I didn't okay. Often an additional orgy or regroup. We're eager. To grow worse score of all former us. Starboard yet spoken bull it's gonna remain my teams sucks. You got a pretty. Yet Tom Brady great he's on the end is that he's at the end and you know well I know he's probably our best there's nothing morneau in the pages finished trying to make it seem like you're the underdog there's nothing more annoying than we are the underdog menthol segment Arnold's have a column tong is it's basically over dolphins and ancient and smaller as their quarterback beat you he did not train all offseason and you need to practice for his new job. Which we are talking about you have to play usually don't weeks lust and pay. You think people have forgotten you don't score Americans into solutions they played and put you talking about. You he got you got you tournament don't you get to play twice. And that the new rules. Mean it's an open these patriots. Did a little bit little cult of disrespect that they get to throw all around. Like everybody is after him all the top Tommy Boy he's he's finally against it this Ali. No no he's not you lustig into the chiefs got fat and sassy you went flowed. Into a really good night isn't it yeah. Just get your wanted to Cooper city tennis courts or from. Visuals and lights. Usually go out and drink your warm water. Somebody Texan. Pay so so seldom. I also mud I resent it or bring that down. Well but you preserve rights by yeah I got a ton ice and water and we get ice scream. For. You'll you'll under Phillips a model seriously it's an Yasuo bars. When he got downloaded video watch some you know wants and some Michael Simon Phillips of the Sullivan on your total only answer them like that. Watch a movie and in light. We MySpace with some or this movie the Lira after. I don't know who would only once. Did well it resembled the months and that is download. And and then all of a sudden the wireless the magical and and that it puts it on your computer so that way I don't have to spend forty dollars on wireless Internet. Although. I kind of got screwed the last time we're on the play because all of sports news broke. That last chip to Vegas Tyree got treated well I don't Jones guts it. Got off the plane and just got notification after notification of just shocked enough death. Terrible. Well. Needing care you as a Marxist he was among amongst the millions amongst the mall and they gave us the mood of flu. Yeah there's kind extending hooligans. And Vegas Israeli government now Armas allowed on this. Bigger budget triple AGQ just a notch and more zealous fans than the obviously it's our debt the only coach. OK okay. It will be a moment now or never forget it model because like a lot of these boxers like they're. Undercard. Right or that was a double may leave it right it was the community and Goldman well. A lot of these budget is totally tell me who they are on the fly. Right so he's like watch this guy. Why is guys even they're gonna bring a giant Chiquita dole out there right here right soon as they come out. This repugnant. Troops to try and angered at how the market on the eight apparently not that I'm being born mop or a news. To get knocked out. And then walked under ring wouldn't seven belts the president has more about those boats were on the line. It was late McGregor bring it is it's enough. Don't forget the money belt that was online that it was garbage. He didn't know until we goes right. If ever. That diamonds or what ever just a lot of good putters lead. You anywhere. And ice I sort of got out to Alan too I get my credential. And the Ahmanson and the go to the wrong room but apparently went to like the crew room like where everybody all the trainers would go a lot. Circling around the belt is a good order and three million dollars a year ago I just said I don't there. You rise. Trouble in wherein. We're large group as you can share who British man has been hit more committed to shoot. I glued to golf course and the kids who are like a thirty minute drive he's. Is that we had hot rod. Well what do that was the distance. Actions aren't as someone you know the only way. You got about two for reasons meego was. So we are forget about all to do renewed and you're stupid non English is not a guy acts sound like leader as it's because it is Goran Dragic. Dozens owners of he's he's in weeks. We'll talk to it.