9-6-17 Tobin, Leroy, and Beast Part 1.mp3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, September 6th

Tobin is tired of getting texts from family about the hurricane. Tobin doesn't understand why the Canes are cancelling the game against Arkansas State and Leroy gives perspective. The Dolphins are going to be playing without a bye week and Leroy says he was more miserable in the seasons with two bye weeks than in the seasons when he didn't have a bye week. Tobin has had enough of the price gouging. Leroy tries to wiggle out of the Mike Pouncey bet because he has an extra week to get ready for the season and Tobin calls him a weasel. They bring in an Arbiter Adam Beasley to settle the bet and he also talks about the ramifications of the Dolphins not having a bye week.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and you know. Even in the darkest day drop in your song choice is always make me happy. And just having that rock you like American. Nobody everybody soda literally knew if you. Hey. Do what you need to do it I just as this. Text into the next two hours are you guys 67 some for you guys can tax me. The text my personal over the next couple hours I'll dog dog and her relatives. Items I Don. Wives. Moms and dads. Friends. I hear it. I'm not a meteorologist I got no answer is I don't want this thing is due in. I just keep trying to do feel bad about say it veers off east even though I know so it looks like it's no east almost looks like we're still the tone of death. I don't know I have no good answers for anybody. Abu a question. Who were just maybe a suggestion. I wish. That the cone of death. Wasn't bigger then the storm what is the total depth of bigger towards us how they still pristine over the islands. And writing to us. Geeks go through that so far aware I don't like it. Narrow it down. And let them. People fly through that lead you know you know when it myriad down Friday yet Friday. We inherited down and up are of sports this weekend. Which I am not get a sit here and say we should be playing football. I don't quite get why the canes aren't playing your source. It's a matter of getting back is that America yet or it's just like as a matter give back Mikey you don't want to. You don't what everybody displaced. By the here. Here I just said you know I got a lot of phone calls from family. And friends. Asking me you know. What are my door to prepare himself like that and and I. Am now would tell everybody did. You wanna do everything you can to keep your family. Another reason why you want to Dudack. It's for the people. Out side. Or did live in a loose and rogue countries. So they can do. Better about your situation. Doesn't mom worry I got. Cousins and family data worried because again the cold to death is Jai enormous. OK so. They just went you know I got fairly usually they just from Jerusalem. And who were. You know were excellent opponents. So. I understand a wider callers so much and so I would love more than anything to say. You know what we're here. Mandate say I'll. Good. Yet all the other thing too is it's still got a couple days it's so bright and again getting calls from family. And his dislike. Animals and tell you don't have any don't have great answers all I know is. It goes just augment that it has like probably lose cell towers over don't hear from you only. I I. There are parents of an average had men there you know you hear through the next few days it's not like to find out any time soon that this thing is going to be an honest right. There's a little piece though the search in thing Miami hurt a little reason to legislate. This Arkansas game. I think. I mean in the eye and Greg are are they is. Not bad. And it would. Go here and not be score points and have them run nature Greece and on offense you can keep. Yes and also its targets a state. There were like yeah. Can't make it up and Tony seventeen. And Billy. Get me out there and sorry no no we're. Back sees it was. Michigan. Poorer wanna stay. More to stay well I don't I'm not gonna say a Florida team that's why try to board reported to convert him. Nobody would rescheduled but some say India a knock comes can save your plane went I don't pay him Notre Dame away. Did you go where did you pitch a Swede are there like I don't know. I I don't I don't relate to call this the the the all risk no reward game. You should nearest lake. I feel like given him a given the Reynolds a little bit of that apple has stayed voodoo. Are doing last year happened my. Kids here's should go and what we're now. Straight beat Michigan. I don't lifelong that applies to stay loose yep impersonal we have discussion last year. Nobody knows apple Russian state right now nobody who's our news Austin like it called the rock. Would you guys who do. That's like seven major universities called a stadium. And and understood her to go over there may be Tony 198220. Days to oak Arkansas State road game you know art it's just literally cited a home and go ahead they sign a home a home at the older agreement opted not not this year but has got a bit of disasters clause in there are headlines. And why. Don't you teach your car. And these headlines are brought to you by western union with a western news at 1000 dollars for an eleven dollar fee for Miami and extent figure in the US he's been very hugs and overly subject to terms and conditions of service. Doesn't mention we got that news this morning that there's going to be no. Miami Hurricanes. Artists are on wolves game and it will not be rescheduled for this year. Addition that no Miami Dolphins game as you'll take up with him big bucks later on the season as. Luckily enough they have a mutual why we. So. Does that. Aggravate. It 'cause stuck out because now no breaks. No hurry now I've played seasons were no break. Now played this season with two by and we grew we grew more miserable with the tuba. I mean. Partly fading. At the bit around his longest ball so now everybody acts like it did the bye week. Is. Light. So important. Don't have. Have a bye week. And so for an employee. You don't say pima college ball caused all I mean that's an but I like right. When Michigan football season ended before things get. I think that the good Irish should always be after the Thursday investor believe the mood that's when most useful it and that's what is gonna maximize about how much it's. Doesn't Miami play in London. And you and you're gonna come back completed next week. I mean I think this week was that a that a Monday night game Rondo in the body was supposed to yet the monarchy it's Carolina was on the expo so what's so short week so now think about it which is more important. As to why the dolphins need to buy we give you go Monday to Sunday. OK. You have a Thursday yeah the Sunday to Thursday. It did you have a London shunned. In LA new York and London creature weeks. So. That. It is is I would be more concerned about that. And Wear and tear. That would hand. On someone's Biden vs that somebody's at madame fencing team as the wind and sun and I had smoked NJ and a baca. OO so eagles' week one with no order matchup probably should we go without mutual but we quarterbacks that's as bad and that's how I usually have to go out as a guy at every draft him that's bad because you would head their problem in a week eleven you are outside IL EI Jaya nine Tennessee teams I got a I got much notifications that are like Miami postpone funder of what is referred guy. Senators don't replace and Jai. So. Again amid everybody be safe. Do what you gotta do I I have. Three miles to empty so I'll be Weytman Atlanta close look through and then. You know it's too ahead. Ahead 300 miles to get a new week I got super lucky because I woke up this morning get up early as they're gonna knows bottom. You don't usually at a 7-Eleven that's right before. I get on the turnpike and they were all out all this all the polls are shut down. If I fully measure go on turnpike there's voting are eight dollar gas is one stop wasn't too bad it was seventy but it's it's what it's going out right. It is it is it. Because unfortunately. Smaller repercussion of of the Houston hurricane. It is our oil rigs are sure there and so. It now. Now on top of that you're gonna have all these this does gas rushed in because you're gonna be out of it. It and it's it's it's a tough week a error of Italian vinegar and oil is subtly are images what are rated BBC. Review in the jerk out there. And what's. I'm ready you wait without a storm and how waiting for gas went out leading. Plywood would not need water. People are jerks now into the mix and tell me what you got us at Home Depot they hadn't taken number four for the plywood in what is. Crazy. I just want some wing nut to start to finish my shutters. And I I have window shutters. Ran out you know I don't I don't boost the hurricane shutters too many times. To find out these wing nuts are like gold and battle that each bottle wing nuts in in bolt nearly. Yeah you gotta buy and buy that by the package and so now I feel like a jerk and I like fourteen wing nuts. Write him and Apollo in my hands that's the thing that sucks the most. About working insurance if you have manually put amid. Because. Some holes don't work. So you screws that crooked however the bank screws. And you're just market were to do work and and you don't realize that you got to court to screw our whole dead doesn't work permit until you got a one handled it just does not. I did like you know when you take them down you don't put him in order so value night. What you know hits on our terminals he. Has put Bob Dole house I live their manually. It was moved to some things going on kind of fell wise Michael Bennet has come out with his this letter about an experience that it went down the cops and him really really bad run in the in Las Vegas during the Mayweather. McGregor. More on the dolphins in the fallout from this hurricane. Postponement. Back. Here also got mad that elements and one adult ticket. And get one if it's free tickets loved him tickets are available now. The Miami dot com he's the discount code ticket to get as to what's lost lives last. Yeah I could have fooled again. When I saw in. Yeah and you need to do principle you. I just you know what do you do you it is it's in some places. Like. First reaction. And I get mad people. Because it's O I guess thirties that she. And I'm like OK did you tweet up when he. Sweating gallons of gas at six but yes rudderless right it is so I. I wanted to kick us open and not because I. Guide. Dog about their driver Robby Tebow getting. So now I have no get. Serves me right. Serves you right and got text in Texas a six and as and pour love here American stories lady to or shopping carts of water. To resell each Bolivar ten dollars after the hurricane in almost arrive in Allendale. Net that's wrote I respect the other hurricane capitalism but it like price gouging. This there's a certain lie in a camera for a Wilma. God bless China gourmet chef. Allred if he'll be taught how to how. Wish that matches and to move. China today they knew they were doing because they had these long gas lines that we're going on now Turkey when they walked around it worse Elliott may or did egg rolls men. Maryland who want to do so and hot dogs at a baseball game. And they were there were cool clean it up. But Celek for a fair price. Mission gentlemen you know we're. Well here's what scored he may have. And power go out. Pizza though it Chinese who oh yeah had you don't. So far you are. My heroes I read it here so you might want to be careful you'll know their coach and be Kevin these Dem won his locker room in my backyard Villa in route they're looking real fat and juicy after a couple days. I'll throw them out of propane grill and there is some old monster well I. Normally. I am all set. We will bring propane grew movies normal group match that's right. Girls. How are now version and who have propane no no bullet but but. I do have. A big pot. Andy Bernard. Has improved. I'll make it happen. How will make you happy. Some would have some some tweets came out after the dolphins the dolphins game was close on the street there. There were some odd different scenarios out there there are talking neutral site. Not a series. Or. If a friend. And I got. A Murray given up aren't we are given a home game. To go to London yes okay. You wanna lose another home game to neutral site because the hurricane. Bomb man I don't know see that's a good question I I guess that's got to pick your poison thing for the players. The box like one Chris Baker's on the box piece 83 Saudi is here NFL players association. Pleasant edged him playing sixteen straight weeks hash tag player safety this is crazy clearly nobody is thinking about player safety and no one knows not just to medicate yourself while we just play on Sunday. A lot of anger face and no geez they're not in that situation now where they have to do Oklahoma Jim I don't believe government there into London and give up a home game. And there obvious an argument about home game here so they don't have that they don't have as big a scenario to want to try and save that. I give. And again I have better and on both sides. We're understated. When you played on a team that's sucks. You wanted to be over. So. Year we had to but. Almost 313. So do we really want to extra weeks. Of that. So. There's been times where. I look forward to Thursday night game. Because we get additional time. And we treat that like about a week so. Like I did I get boy. I had this same time. It saw. What are the alternatives. Would you. Be willing. If you're a dolphins. To give what are your home games. So that you can have your bio. That's what it boils to. Steamer. NAS. Adam eight NA asked you know but do people dead beat. Hey we can squeeze this game did. We lose a home game. Like the Bucs would be a lot more vocal about this from the dolphins have been anything they've been on the dolphins have held pretty close us. Also this. For the dolphins. Didn't die notices small potatoes compared wall or all face in villages closes in the context of football. They've they've already dealt with a lot this off season between the injuries they've had losing Ryan can't help. So roses I. I feel there in some regards like another piece of adversity that they'll be able to handle. All right right and everything has already feels like a bit of this new season you're Miami here's why. This such an adult. To star in season tango. You've lost a couple of play yet. And now. If anybody gets banged up so war or anything like debt. I mean it's only if you can be remade roster. That's so how deep do you have to be just to make it sees all of the donors about now as many passing through another week practice ready. To go got extra week I think well is also. As well I don't know. How. What's. It until we can't do. It. And yeah. I would go up. A little. Well. I'm going to be. Arbiter. Didn't back. And we're in agreement under a McCain yeah. He's got to yeah get tonight what are. You are in the situation that applies. And you guys did say week one. And go to the team to me it's as we wait why that is and that is so cool. Rat just. Just if you wanna get technical. And I think you lose your content into it we want that's not true he's ready to go out would not at first game. We. The spirit of the rule. Are backing out with the mood cashing in millions. More. Like. Jared got. Suspended for six weeks this guy does we know it doesn't do the cupboards aren't you weeks it's gained. Sort of bye week yet so I don't want to kiss. Don't do you get paid seventy week. Every Hillary. I guess so if it do you get paid and a bottom we Amy I'm getting at is that it's an inordinately Dugard and Erica Bragg eight and so. Because you get 72. Super annoying if you'd have to review after well here we go we got one. Good afternoon as the fins fan I would give up a home game to assure a bye week I think their rest this season is valuable but they're still gonna be played eleven weeks before that Black Hills transit cheers arose from London is your to get that opens cheers I don't know I look at the bright side. Cutler has another week tracked. Him. It's local Dublin carbon cigarettes to. We got the tapes I'd love that. I loved I loved colors explosion and we're you know I'll listen all I gotta Zynga. Myself and about your clothes. Or where it gets on the yet what is ours so the sound Robby this is has LeRoy is tried to weasel his way at all. Don't know if you are nowhere. LeRoy I have a bat. Toward port doom is on the line. You don't put the dollar boardroom it's our own little humiliation. Set a punishments for. It's it's an accountability factor for saying dumb things or really hot takes that you need to back out. We had a simple that my county plays the first game for the Miami Dolphins breach. Wide berth into the Miami Dolphins LeRoy said no I say yes. Loser faces are boarded do let's here I'm confident you'll be back at the start Christie's. I do I'm. Yeah. I go door were. One yet you say no real. And on what I'm. It'll be the start of the season. The season and had no where I don't like. Unlike the you'll know I didn't. Really. Or do you know what a load Randy agreed. To a number. Of every doubt would probably win XO. OC said it would. More because it is ready I'm saying would make it seem like he's in house of cards ready to take all of her what I'm saying this is dead. Odds are worse if you get another week. Or not. You he's already could easily diverted got to practice this week so and so who answered don't practice to prop you probably can't get any mortgages of the order and it is weak UIB go this week's action that is it's you who LeRoy. The practice. No no it benefits me that there's no gain so bets. Now. Well if output and letting it until next month so important it is written I regularly get additional. Never portion. Anxious better. I don't hand and paid my debt you know don't go right now I am turning my back I knew you whom are from. Who do. You. You have come and you have a Reeves let me urinating on. Mike have you reach into a hat and a lot of red so don't tell me you're not British and Indian. Unbelievable. You're disappointed that people go. I hope somebody says. I do street put to the bit for week eleven. This. Week as we should I stood ready for the start of the season. Is it lets you. Play it again I'm confident you'll be back. Let's start the season. A the time. I. Go. Dart board and weeklong yet say no really I'd just. I don't like it is true. It's not for the offense. This. Truly. And because he's played this we lose anything and Lou yeah you. Would you do here. Here's what the Bettis. Oh I am yeah. They have already in your words. I am confident. I am confident. At county you will be ready to play it won't play week. Want you. Now stop. Week of the NFL season is this. Week what are the dolphins no no no no no. At a grocery and this is weak or correct. Is proud to play in week one. You'll play a little boring week one play we went and they'll exit data to know NFL season is seventeen we are. And we have a bet. Dead I don't see. Will be ready to play and won't play week we'll how'd. I can't believe. She. Is quite a week what I thought there was only one wiesel a militia. If I would I thought there was only one rely on the Sharon did you are you here you'll are. You are you sure you are fleeing. A rat because of the storm didn't they always say they always say the rats that the first to tell that there's a storm comment and you see yourself. Talking about her book I'm talking about a net of humiliation and you saw that storm brewed in the atmosphere and use orient off the ship. I remote. Welcome back to that earlier where you go abuses by the way you're in some room that he's got a urgent care. We know he's okay right. OK so we do are return. If you guys are just tuning into green and hit an expert because it just tuning in LeRoy tried to Welch hall. It's hard. Not to the dolphins. No it doesn't I dat. He shot a well tomorrow accounts NetSuite even played their first game is considered week to the NF l.'s c.s are let let's go out through the eruptions announces Q greens are just such who's a real fight at a Beasley. Read W porous dirt. He's really Judah are reads or hears about a bad person on this this and did ask the question. Go ahead Robbie I'm confident you'll be back. The start pre season. I don't I don't think I. I go dart board then we want yet you say no no. Now there. And no doubt Beasley. Had a bet we at the dog boardroom let me just to throw a shame punishment such as nipple clamps first segment. Where mail romper something in that regard. That was it counts he plays at the start of the season is ready to play the sort of the sees no doubt CNN. Ago he said we won if he is and then LeRoy Hassell throughout all of us who wants to cure for the did you know and I know she's ready to go he's not playing week one is he ready to go. And of course ready ago. Who we play error. However. Is play in week one. I ordered maker not a pager I would. It's do or how about this. Week you are familiar with the NFL season. I thought our window opens the first day what week will there be. It. You. And week season a little bit but what are the language word he'll be written for the Balkan. An opener in the that would be actor you're technically not required and again if artwork of merit. I would wonder moderator note. All of the does not give. Shouldn't you shouldn't get shall we need to Muster a series and. Believe me they're not do anything to bring emergency. Yet her pectoral week anyway because they're Alter on the ballot count which articulate guy to let you know you look at what you do here on Brady who is a little. We are. On that. Kimono Credo and I'm not work that he can color in my life well. It's they're good dole I'd enjoy expense account trio but you're a beat or my health and and get married now you question for you guys that are directly. Yes. What your plan. Put some rocks in my pocket and Parker don't. Report that our. Minds just local shelter and passes were where were Roland and I don't anywhere I don't know what is things going Beasley. It mostly to upper cut to say that you know who you go to where the one of the states were going to truly know who seem like good options. Yeah IE. I really real thought it allied air I looked at hotel double and a and I believe you don't even I looked at me. But it's one of what are the goals of the East Coast then you gonna be in harm's way to get. Well that's the thing that I just wouldn't be able to or when you gotta be mobile and you gotta have or haven't yet Pete the common truck or which I think that. I. To we're under no circumstances. Is that in the evacuation route. You gotta be. I could not and not go. What do you agree all the oral and get her to call a death is biggest. How. America. Like. Eagles gonna hit some Cuban mound in the British and on 222 New Orleans. We're. At the look. We rewrote some hot face and Chris Baker of the books basic way of course about the dolphins do. I was sick because I think the dolphins RT did so. So used to dealing with crack this isn't it kind of feel like our premiere what else are you gonna take away the starting quarterback and starting defenders like. They're used to all this on the stump it's gone down our this year yeah I think that. You know seven and on a secret. That even an and that price. Ito. Content cheek I really think that this. This team has gotten the body blow after body blow and and EBB cumulative security and key deployment sixteen weeks general thing. I know in 1992 hinder it they won 11 or 5 am Reno then ordered the Ernster had now. I. Adam is a great coach I think he's had a long career. It's not yeah I'd I'd give them a cash chewed out seventeen I don't think anybody can be that really record they have sort of the. Agree now here here's my my question and in a broader content Texas. Is that. You don't would you rather like the isn't a bad spot like it if you ask Stephen Ross and has. You know this city of Miami. Do you wanna give up another home game to have a biweekly. He's already going to London. You notice a top spot or would you rather just play sixteen general. Funny you should ask that because I mean that it equator poll yesterday. Hand 70% said you would rather have excellent and quite grown among. Who obviously a lot more stay at home game and players do so I think there's a web portal where. That if you're at it both teams didn't happen all week in week eleven. Number. Underweight play that and delighted that interchange because they had out. I know players not happy about it sure that it'll wanna be here. Or so a lot of dramatic here but I and I know that there is real concern in that locker. A league series of players in hell and all that. Having these guys under which brother are out our next few weeks in a row really that strong export. It would have the option still. What a bunch of her take on an edit wanna be options to look at any I don't go to Pittsburgh. We're will be discussed the possibility is an and that you know they. You'll you'd rather not another whole can quickly because. Point one that there were other and I think it can go out at the rate this weekend it will instead acting just. But you know let. Her hand again aren't you grow in the right just you know it all and be ready but a week what are their. You know here here's what sucks it in and I looked at it from a player's perspective. I've played seasons were read and have a bye week so it was a while ago Bert so. You know I've also played a season where we get to buy Wii which who we were miserable because our team stuck. Our. Current right it would never end. But here's why would you go. Sunday to Thursday. You grow. You have on a Monday night game don't you. You very much. Go Monday to Sunday. And big you go London. Who the following Sunday. And I mean that is what I would be worried about as they play here is that you know you rarely did do that. A once a year. And usually your bye week is involved in that some kind of way where you inconvenience that way. To have to do this. Two or three times in a season. I think that's gonna take its hole and I think in a fellowship may be looked into. Only because that might look we can't ask these guys go you know Sunday to Thursday. Go to London would go bye week and then I have all these things happen to where you're on Ivins sixty week. Weekends more than we would like him to be this. Had to literally go there I can't consider our political minority counties could earn number. Five. And four million people think you're you're beatable Gordon or I can't why did it play. Morrow. All right you think they would agree that Decision Day last Friday back satirist and look they're really pretty clear that this is gonna care. What got you do then you go to meet. Too often when they're so be it. I think they could have been more that the current in the early on short our happiness because look at it in our potential and again that potential. That potential real. It's that significant law at all not double by. Users are thanks for the info no thanks for errors siding with LeRoy but I mean these are. Are we do is. Joining us on short notice thanks meg you. Oh. Yeah. Minimum severe renewed Vegas has canceled all bets regarding dolphins books game. Does your bet regarding the dome of the game it plays is boy. Only two. I'm asked to blending is about this I'm not just don't do this is. Out of a box dolphins it's a might county that in this house is Durbin if the if there wasn't good at Vegas. On how many games called you would play over under how many games bowled you played this week. This year. That would be off the ball. I did Deborah wood so beyond. Mean the only thing I'm losing a game it is sort of like a win win loss lurking this is the least that a sixteen game schedule right if there was an over under situation. He showed out there there's nothing. That is it's not like Cain situation where there saying guess what there's no game this year it's it's this is it's got to get many good win Miami does how does that work with with the king all the gonna go over under with 79 went to kings goalie and three. And you get your money back because deemed one of me to do it's good to go seven for you still lose about because extra game when it mattered. Most would have to be within one game. Yes. My job you do you that's amazing that is impressive research that has one more present on the road we need to. He's gonna ask Robbie about Tibet and he shouldn't bail would be off the board and I don't trust. I don't know I don't drugs we know. Accusing goes to his heart and I don't know sometimes were his loyalty lies immobilized too to this era of the bat or the actual that close. It's Wednesday. We will rework room opened and so we we give Robby is that. Tomorrow watch TV out blocks later you're already looked at this week. In and how can I had americans' confidence a bit captain.