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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, September 6th

Isaiah Thomas writes a Player's Tribune letter thanking Boston. The guys try to find out where Norris Cole is playing. Tobin and Leroy wonder if the Canes fans should be more nervous not getting another look at the Canes before they play Florida State. Tobin says people who are surfing during the Hurricane deserve what is coming. The guys talk about what happened to Michael Bennet being handcuffed for being black during a shooting and Leroy says something needs to be done about it. Robbie tries to rebound from last week with some more locks for the weekend.


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I look back and totally good here with few on the sick kid Robby is running the show here. Live. As what is or is it finals Leslie's big advisor is a little fun though there's one extra room. And then there's one F five flew to Puerto Rico's net created and he peddling his podium but that's right even. I don't have a dirty side in the clean side yes. The dirty side as usual than the woman that it's a brawny Zoellick. If this does it looks like you we will get the old dirty side Oca from this. Isiah thomas'. And now a days statement on his time in Boston as he is written for the players Jameer and obviously heartbroken. That that. Didn't work out about president tar. His whole he did nothing wrong did not draw except give her and anybody that any people and people. You know never really considered. That. Any queries is that. Team. Knows more about his injury. In any of us and make it clear. A draft pick. A couple of players. And get rid of a guy and you'll be plagued by injury. Or carry Irving. You do. Yes but that is like that was the thing about the thing about it the most of the old Dwayne wade thing when he ended up leaving Miami was. That he was in the spirit of these you know this guy was the link to everything great they are franchised and let president didn't have those accomplishments. But as Thomas was a very very good player for the Celtics he was playing you find out that he was playing the room injury. Another solid I was at the forefront of getting guys to your franchises of three major recruiter. It's just. Yeah that sucks that that meant that you get no reward for that. He was still used today that he. He's at his age. He was kind of are needed. An anti war they went where he would and and and so. It's. It's kinda weird debt where you are. Kind of fleece. That franchise that. Now you're not. Well it also I find it interesting that the Celtics coming out there and memo a lot of hopes for Tyree that he's gonna be an even better player. And all the numbers speak for themselves. Into grocery do good as this is good and I was in the rat bastard. But yet did you get better after leaving LeBron James. And this as a as a teammate. Too well would you think that. Dad's the most underrated. Aspect. Of lane with LeBron. That a lot of players don't realize a lot each bully. Don't realize. How play wit him straight and look look at. How. Unless such a much smaller level that he point guards when he left Chalmers and our poll even in them is. Chalmers far yet Chalmers is with the grizzlies Moody's I mean I missed all last year with an injury and still like. Just look at his production afterwards that Colin New Orleans. No I feel like he's on the thunder I feel like he's on the funder what do you what we went 20 wasn't new well I think he's with the thunder are good heroin you may be ready maybe you'll feel. Pretty competent and that's kind of my point that's that's that's my point and I just think that the Celtics have a lot of arrogance thinking that Brad Stevens is get a on crude. Some great mystery to carrier ring. All of you put all of the cavaliers woes when he was their best or top guy was super young let's say that can't be some. Great improvement but I also don't think that you should just ignore the fact that. He's dynamic are on one side very very dynamic I don't know that's going to necessarily lead to them. In this league east team all the sudden and so. Should wrenching things that are coming out that as an. Advisor there really wasn't gonna be ready. To get the could serve from Boston because they got a question and invest in that kind of money in them why it. Did you see what the skies that if it was to getting your team better by the pieces that he was able to. Org is sure getting to your team Al Horford and Gordon Hayward to bring back agent splashes and now are we sell little man. Question. Some people bring their liberal slowly carried. But I would. Say do you think. That Irene has a better chance of repeating the season he had last year or Gordon Hayward has ability to his team's season. He and. On the street Gordon Hayward because the team that he played on him really you wasn't this early. Big guy. It how big blade is a lot like balls and wants to play. Yeah I think that movement receive goes to even shoot more than they did I think that's probably an hour or Connery you're gonna look at him and say he. She goes off about three. And any shoots the most soldiers say. What is the next Oprah carry its Arctic Ocean as much as that carried out. Now is that Currie is pretty. We don't know. We don't know that may be issued several times he won't be as good because every time I seemed taken during jumping game big bucket hat into the game. I think that's what they got a look at but I don't listen don't assume it's gonna have success. Right and we're like. All Norris Coles with a my type Tel Aviv Israel black formatting. And other acts. I ask you get a overseas Goran drier which in the Slovenian dragon did they get high enough and if I mean no kid out. Somebody said he's on the ground. Could this reactor is whether the fight won't find out what Norris Coles the first headline. QE XY and south why would you access to show it. These headlines are brought to mister Sparky. Together with a might grow mr. argue believes that using skill licensed electricians always torturous for your home. And family experience or special difference call mister Sparky today. Sparky. Now. Never cater murder Irma looming. Does that in a show on sports down nearly Roy. No dolphins game. That has been postponed. There was announced yesterday that it was he played a Miami. Some talks in the organ amid renewed in Philadelphia it's. No gain of skin got pushed. To their mutual bye week with a timid about. Inaudible play until next. Bummer your football man but understandable. My neighbors Arkansas State that's also post own distinct things. It is that's not getting. That is not that is not as good apples don't cancel there there and they're not there and Hud rescheduling that game where so Arkansas is eight and they're good shown against Nebraska. And it is not about it cares about no red wolves gave. It is odds that this is not a time to start to do about Florida State. That's what you gotta go down to. Draw from that standpoint. Maybe a little bit nurse who again are you bummed it all the deal happens we'll get another crack you gel a little bit Jones and upload. Yes and affecting every young quarterback he's older but he hasn't played him in the guy. There's some things that I'd lie. I'd like to see him improve. And you care really improved. You know on most things but I'll play. You know and the other thing is is that. If there in town. They're not gonna be doing any for. Him so. Now you got 5456. Days off. Get ready for the following game. You know. Is this team in a position where they can just. Because where they left most of us we got where do if this thing is badly of this if this turns into a situation where. You know we have some recovering to do if we have some rebuilding to do in this town. That's also going to take focus off. Prepared for the game and what kind of Kobe is this football really get in the situation. And those that you remind a lot of kids. A lot of mark. So would you and back home. We were do you. Know I mean I know a lot of kids were more Wilma hit they were they would stay on campus. Com. And you can just totally you know login as is that generators so. And are pretty strong building so you tribunal gave a power did go out later rumor going. That kid and very university after. Adds a lot of my friends who. In my house because I was local Armitage is hidden prowler worse than that it need. But. And now much we were just out there watching the fence was coming down and and in the in our backyard. Column. But you know he ended up getting back to campus but there were tons of power did go out and new judges as though litigants I don't know. I mean like. M and I data that has to be probably the hardest thing. I mean my son got it back to. Be out. But I o'clock today and if you go Sherman criminal. Media it's a from the yeah. Bruce is that it I think a lot of brutal on orderly ignored so it's. Like that is. Everywhere we look at. The toughest thing about it it. We're you gonna go north. Only way you can give away from me is if you're able to go west or if you're west com east. Going north in Bordeaux. Drive. Forced to give arms. It's rough man I don't have an arm a little earlier answers in renewed. You don't want to do you don't wanna be in visitors ordering too late but it's it's also one of those things where you feel like you need a little bit more. Time to get a good grip on what to do. Dated your fortunate enough where you can fly out of town and you don't have a lot of strings in this town and and you don't have family to take care of as far as. You know extended family in and an enemy and immediate family. You don't go and India and but a lot of people don't a lot of you'll have ties they got to take care of their property they got to take care of what's that what's gonna happen to their business in the Kansas openly instantly cottages wanna hunkered down. If you're in next to the water obviously. Get the hell out of there and oh somewhere Morton word in in Linden. Find as a first or near ground but I mean. It's it's it's a very very tough isn't a lot of people are. There are hundreds if it is then. No right now you just gotta. I mean hope for the best. To best you can have served their deserve a sucker punch and I'm just telling you right now I just saw video. On one and islands. Of like eight people hole and on to a rope. And attached to eight truck. Tried to save the truck. While wind. Blowing pieces of building down the street you deserve that I hammerhead shark come out like tornado ripped torso in. And just ops guy you on the head if you goes to Mercer and in this thing I'm just say. No vision no effort. Media and anybody who goes out there and tries to serve if you try to get some monster waves you don't get goes down here as much now. No. Punch from the shark free. Three deserve. Crazy I've sort of person is that in acknowledge that I thought you all so. Not trying to put staters and get his home opener quite yet. A three men rough week right. You know it's also one of those Greeks were as anybody in Florida play in their game. I think Florida State it and and and Florida are moving their games are. And yet playing for. Her so there are some teams because they don't they have like before it gets up to them they have like an additional two days. So it won't get up there until like. Sunday night Monday. Right to the middle or top sports and that is mover up early get him out of the window right. There. Crazy. Crazy crazy drizzle we're back on the. Do if you on the ticket. Rob is blocks coming up later on in the show. Would think you're a look at the bright side thermal Brothers Dave Rodman can make him a few extra losing it. No sir and stay category 5 march. Feel a lot rob and I when you Darren did you. I'm back. There. Called on seven get out. To be a great way commercial l.s early in his career. So our view together Genesis is leader of the Michael Bennett thing I didn't. Here he wrote deposed in this letter today ours is dear world. Saudi August 26 I was in laws they used to enemy with a McGregor I. On my day off. After the fight it was headed back to my hotel 700 people in her with our like gunshots. Milieu the only area relic from the I'll look over if you lost days please opera singled me out pointed guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being in a black man in the wrong place wrong time police officer ordered me to get to the ground as the lead down complying with his command not to move he put a gun nearby had it wore me that if I move I will blow. Might be he would Loma bleeping at all terrify your views boasting a place. A second officer came over forced agendas knee in my back. Million difficult to breathe. Protestants handcuffs on the wrist so tight that my fingers went numb. Goes off for the few paragraphs but obviously very. Very. Emotional. And hard throwers from like about it. And DMZ release videos some of the incident. Where they need that pick of the arrest them put handcuffs on. I. You know that's a resume resume is tough to read refer wrote about it. I'm. Drew more shocking thing. About this news. Is when you go to TMC. There's a guy there on a balcony. Yeah and he has a gun drawn like. Why does one all and where cops feel like any drug or gone what are guy. You. Screen better. I've made being. Viewed on the situation. Immediately changes when a cow field because the way I look at it. Okay. It's dead guy had his guard drawn. To other cop probably has grown too. So we knew ichabods. If if there's. If they're officer. On the balcony and you look and down. They're big guys and hey cubs and nobody drop the gun has no need to draw is gone from its. Current or go to another cup. And he thinks that companies that he's drug has got now that is terrified because. Usually the guy. I that's been handcuffed. At least comes around him draw near. Is a demand now re totally yeah I'll I'll also. The problem. With this too were. Okay. If you have two or three cup. You know how to. Kim. Robbery or. In the McGinty. Okay. So they can go to dinner together. Date tune where they write a report. He can say hey this is what we're gonna sing at. Okay. That's real world stuff right dear you got. How to blow the balcony has gone drawn. OK all that has to be justified. It you're gonna justify all bets are. On the police report. Which is be sworn after day. I can't cavern victory in with comments and on lettuce is a violation adding it's a brother Michael Bennet is disgusting and and just as dale and Michael. And in people. Which is you know that's why. Car governor knows is unfortunately without a job and football as near Camden came out yesterday and a lot of them out solution all. We just about. Okay you can account car. You know Michael bin. Yeah it'll be able Clinton about a situation. Okay. But we do something that I. At least look due to a minimum I mean I allowed us and saying. No way. You just tension. Although no other way. This has had. If it's not happening. Look into it. And the ads did a unified problem. What corrective it's also tough to reduce EMI competitors. Who's edit going to use this event where everybody in towns. You know I have a good time mode of Mayweather McGregor as Irish hooligans galore. And on those who millions or even from this country are probably gonna get. More. How are you as it would be right it is critical and I we critter. We would there. I had to drop Irish men. Asked to share my own ride. And Al Gore and on other side attack. OK so low. If yet. You've got to have written. You can go and Evelyn I mean because. Of the week. I. Not only do what may comps. You can pay him so I don't. Need that. Probable is an always on. God yes we're. Going on. In this in these guys you know playing fraud here on the on the on the MGM lion. And those kind of it takes going down under is like. I. Got here sir. Just. What can. I literally thought. That once and I had somebody get to. Because. I've never seen human beings be able. To. Should. Bad. And how. Michael it was. Bright out. You're more now what. Did you do so would since this guy off the plane was me who again sober. The only sober Irish and I saw I was on Macgregor or any other duo Brusca a few wobbly tours in that I. So a lot of my shots that press conference live and yet the post fight on Friday. He's with his of his is notorious Irish whiskey yardage that branding out there it's includes senior came out. And his Lanka and penetrated despite. Now now to do in the Superman thing where it's like every week the lore of Floyd Mayweather gets a little bit bigger equivalent. Not only do we win this fight we do knee injury and we didn't show up read the strip club the entire time. Every week it's an ad out a lair and a layer and not only that Floyd did any of its foot. And not only that Floyd did any of the flu all week it. It was amazing. Freeze. Then resign there was Wallace in and that's that's. That's a tough read from the year from from from Mike about it he with a letter that went down and you know. That a lot that'll be good to see too if it when whatever he does get asked about this. And the idea to zero there was some Seattle there was some Seattle college cabinet flirtation earlier this year and it didn't occur. And a lot of them a lot of laws of that that that may be that zero. Because. Guys on the Seahawks are more willing to speak out soft like this. Maybe in an asserted their quarterback is. That. Maybe haven't Colin there would've been got too much of a thing hanging over aware. Doris seemed like there was a divide in the Seahawks locker room of who supports Russell was Ollie Wilson and so you brought in a gala can't cabernet. Would there be this pressure due to draw on a gala governor cruel come to the sport and be vocal on stuff like this. Him. You know maybe two and ended up just being in the medical ball players don't play I don't know but it. I think that's why a lot of look at that and say well that's what I was deterred did you see. Bottom. Ray Lewis came out. Matty was on an idea and well. And you rescind the ravens were gonna get ready choose signed him. Until girlfriend drew some things. And that was apparently the other thing that that broke. That tie there is like Colin and getting union. Baltimore. So. I don't know I mean. Legal grounds in the Cuban tourism good job now so where could he what could she have possibly. Weeded out. She. Only. Right exactly but it had summoned due to it was a comment towards the ravens owner determine already boosting those go on down when there and asked in and I believe she. That's an unflattering things there on the ravens owner and also whether Lewis. And he was saying notion that that was the case. Where. He was gonna get the gig and and that's what and causing it. Yet I was also situation where we talk of this with the with the Jackson the situation where the owner. Seemed like he was the one who put the wash on that when. The football he wanted to make that group. November shot as they. Not so much body. That's not rule. Once the next advisory your new ones like on down we got that was the really does is to Tijuana is a real one that what do we just get from managing their own. And to 2 PM as a comic how. Half time advisory and Europeans and a real one I didn't know the real advisories in and minor advisories I always thought that every advisories supposed to use was the it was something strong. And yet this is more like at 8 o'clock advisory. Monitor advisory. I look at all the queues. Here's the thing because this is this is the arcade or whether some more information than ever. With not only being in South Florida. The fact that she got Twitter updates every damn second and I can't stop looking away. Now Nadia every advisory to be a major advisor and every as well interviewed. I'm registered. And 222 days ago. I didn't know those crazy guys flew into our store. Pretty sure had a trip. To want to see every two. Loads very. What I want sunscreen rely an update every hour. On all of the charts would make distinctions were on route lines is going to. You are not being corporate vision here. Load. I don't know about it antics going on their. A guy for some reason. You don't says uncommitted some conclusion. And I'm very. Hey. I am not common good. Conclusion. I see a guy would in medium somebody's back in a guy above him on the balcony has gone draw. Now what kind of. What kind of threat because under the assumption you don't pull your gun militia ready use. What kind of threat is probably going down where a guy felt like he had to get his gummery. That's not a cop thing SOB on her and then does that people can solely for. Kind of conclusion. I got would have gone. Argument why I'm terrified of guns I have never touched a gun and model I am so under. Wednesday. If god. Get worse case scenario. Because I'm terrified of. Associate to appear in that situation and he is complying Annie is not to ending the other and it's scary about that as. Well. Does resolves anything that he did take down the giant football player. And do that good they need to remember and that's why that's a scary image. It is what was he thinking in that situation with a gun being drawn as they got undoubtedly got on submitted in the with it in the in the back. And the other houses he and well what do you make it does make one all move. Isn't out there because this is our data and. Again. I don't know I don't know why I do know this. Renders people. Sooner somebody sees gun. Chaos in some. Regardless of who told the net gonna. OK. And if you had big gun. Debt becomes part of the solution. If you don't beg god to. Fight. And it what are what are you. Know. And endemic. Country. Bed as. Could be Gaza meet and suddenly it. IC could go to. I mean that's torque of the solution. And I think whoever has bagged on is ready to fix your problem. Or a situation. Where I got it you don't. And they have a whole. Who. Pays term. Ax what ever. Dead insurers. Like. So when I. And that's even pulled a gun out terrify. And could download a cop thing. And other embittered gun. And tell me would you not be intimidated by somebody. Politico I'm out even if he's cold and it took a shot. And what you don't TV. And every time I've seen. Big gone all out by top. More than likely. Is being here. Rigorously erotic. And got a rebound. Are we are now and. Can I. And yeah. Are welcome back still to LeRoy here with few on the ticket. Probably run on the show. As we're Dillon hurricane Irma. As it's Daryn down on South Florida. We'll continue to have a a year or you on the ticket but don't really know we're going to be tomorrow though. That is the weather's getting crazy and you got to you. These. Amateur god has weathered the night I know might not need executive order could juggle good to reroute. You and is out. So how so if that is the case we need to take care some things and that means Robbie. Who last week you know shoulder. Last week sucked me and believe knowing you brought the rockers rule but this is not a a war and Don you get a chance of redemption so are you gonna pick all West Coast games. You'll go some NFL I go to college or are at a though this is an odd college Oxford. And I kind of a bonus and a belt to provoke an art art. I know she will yeah let's go man would've gotten our analytical in my blood. I guess the smallest of a lot. First got Penn State and its could hurt. It's happened. Last year it. Beat Penn State and may have cost them a chance to play in the called final play them at the rivalry game but it is a lot different. In the world last year and a secret state a lot deeper than they were when they play that game and we to leave last year. Penn State's role in there are fired only minus 22 at home they want a bench last used the ultimate to Pittsburgh. At this week I and over time Youngstown State and we want a go at it coveted Tony too easily and it was a rivalry game by the presidential rule over Pittsburgh rather era revenge are. Solid. Explosion but boy it's ridiculous. Like you love the idea mother revenge factor. What is welcome to our. Alabama Fresno state Nick Saban is notorious for not because he doesn't to wanted to on the smaller schools actually called and they just wanna get the game where. Alabama has offered is it just worked out there are minus 43 and ask him on making presents its nearly Google may be touchdown in their. And I Alabama taking it easy to get 3530. To nothing. A is a state portrait app makes him elections are that's what we learn how a couple of small wheels mix even kind of social. SEC schools not to get smaller schools kind of here you're one of those every guy on the the had a nicks era in rant about how via the media started Purdue to happen. That's usually a lot when that play a little school he's like all oil and even our by the games you guys are clearly know it's gonna happen. We got a well Austria are on our it is a general rule especially this happened last year love Michigan and home especially gets bad teams always covering the one winner had last week. Was missing covering order a right animus betray their play Cincinnati at home. Cincinnati the week might get Austin T Michigan 34 point the original notes a lot. Michigan home it's a bad team such that a new kick off its usually calmer tree from Michigan when it. I Michigan recovered 34 points of Cincinnati it's a culvert turning. But if you're gonna rallies indoors who have your school. Omelet his laden. We honestly do I still have questions about them offensively. The good news is is that they did have a running game to probably take some of that pressure I'll stay put the idea could throw to another team. As long as an OPEC it out of people being he can't. He score more points employed to do put himself out of Oregon routed. Medical college are our staff were USC. This team is always do historically the worst team music always wins there was one year. Stanton was a 42 point underdog at USC and they wanted to give him before last week in the big write offs and cultural history. So this game is really predictable for USC to be giving six and points and the air particulates coming up apply. That that's a little bit highest ever look at Carnoustie that it's and Arnold and struggled last week its western Michigan. Extent are easily cover this. And over here who oversee this well I mean some Bieber gets to be a team. And it happens every year when a Sampras number two in the country new season ranked one UC number two average and young team somehow you up on this game and USC Aybar. When this team you gotta never know this week and step into the well our auto show last card locked this isn't the biggest alcohol Georgia at Notre Dame Notre Dame is at home giving four. Half point Georgia is with her back according to cookies and is playing Saturday and but Notre Dame I think that there overreacted to an overdue earnings when last week route armament it did go forty last week Brian Kelly's hot. For the dude giving born half point cut a lot mr. SEC team. No other moment. Georgia plus one habits. What's your failure of our own yes general there's a tomorrow night. The patriots and chiefs general rule it's there's an apple but because I did a person that science we use that everyone's start of the season our season. This is just the general patriots at home at night cover rule minus starting a Kansas city Kansas City. Sorry to be running back in Korea on and I was driving draft and hide a lot I still don't know how could Corey on his. Patriots at home minus nine automatic and nineteenth repeated automatic. It came out you can elegant machine that was present. Those those they NA that dues lane and top Lehman I had you know I. I'm not bitter I'm nodded and Sarah last week it's already in the rear view mirror man you feel utterly Q. You could thought is he gonna come in LeRoy C an incumbent despite a a little little gunshot is gonna come into this thing. And maybe not throw his rose full arsenal all out in his chin out there and she's doing all those slow he is he is not show it all live I am proud of the way you battled through this rotting 2000 Lori doesn't react easy Siegel a bit iffy to start or like Dario locks for. And then you are that you want are you do you put proof in the numbers believer in the numbers they are you in the ass here I don't know I feel like you volume had a nice bounce back you're not sure. Locker. 03 news and you Shimmy your peers are. The season now different venue. Is that my picks are usually better for college. Early in the season. And better for an NFL later in the season. So I usually try to re NFL alone early. Early in the season because you don't know. Nobody. College yeah you read that looming improve. I'd go out lead personnel went to Stanford you registry. Or Pittsburgh and Penn State all though I mean this. His State's glued to. This stage really good Pittsburgh July works much right. Boy. Is that a state straight to our two guys.