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Friday, March 17th

The Best Segments of the Week in Basketball


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Calling 911 when in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service nine employees spokesperson. I totally NBC did just what it's video autograph boxing gloves from my little wet month. Sure okay and middleweight miracle man Daniel Jacobs the world's most famous arena. That's not got king's face their toughest test on the single punch middleweight madness a lot conversant Jack Jacobs Saturday march 18. At 9 PM live on pay per view lead installment back here. With Chris Perkins so I was in this. Chicken wing eating contest for a yeah I would you know what governments as to how did you do. Ontario is being mocked and a morning show today sigh I didn't do that well let me gave us. Our sports role is great cause into the giving away sixteen wishes to make a wish foundation a loose yeah and they had three different heats. We were and he won. And some of the four of us some desire was with slim and and and as slow and Romberg and Paris. And they they basically drop fifty wings on the table Kurt. Seoul. I didn't really totally pull my weight I think I had. Nine not impala weight hello John well now easily however long it if it isn't sure go right right. Until a movement will not division but yeah I think Romberg had 1516 made up for. My deficiency but we know we didn't we didn't qualify for next. Next round did you prepare and did did you did you start herself I didn't I I prepared well I I was going to prepare but in the there was a doughnut and I had to have Daytona. Now bracket the whole thing they didn't notice rub birth. Now. You don't seem to be a mayor who loves the concerts who loves getting. I like I. Why would you prepare like what are you prepare I don't I don't like Jordan Cameron out. I'll make a much debt now before you burn your Lipton and melts will what does it. Yeah a lot of it I don't doubt as Chris that I don't want that last swing with one minute left let's. Exactly. No meetings. No retreat where the drama that's a clip these as you know that's a big deal with me well I went I went to the comments I that's good. That's group put the windows malicious or wasn't it wasn't a problem with the wings weren't good Billings and we're great it was just. You have to hold up when you finish to winning. Yet or or dramatic yet to hold it out that the judge could study it to make sure that there was an uptick can take that. I. I don't I just re 79 to the ticket. That's pain and I show you know that's slump. No that's like that's like a mess join an Applebee's. In flight that's pretty. Did you you should we did you didn't you didn't even test yourself let them a dry run somewhere the couple nights early to seem well you'd like ballpark itself deny. And the preparation. No preparation. Has adequate attachment. That's the area. You should have been revenues he should go on in there and just or should do embody grist tool in May and sentenced Liam all over the place. Well admit they didn't give us the they would give us special grille to winning so wasn't my. They weren't Mike sort of Dallas and saw us the wooden it was a good thing in the tea and hot wings and that brings a whole other element into it. Rim leaders into it yet this is this hunger isn't the tiger. But they'll let anyone earning up T shirts though like Dave then there were teams like full fledged teens out there that look like they've been training for years. And subtle than we ever stood a chance. Somebody takes him they can ED a bleak tunnel winnings but things I do eating a bunch of wings in front of people would hinder me. Did you have any performance things I at all. Well yeah a little bit a little bit is. An. So some well that's I thought you would hit the Bluetooth I'm. Well I don't know I mean I I'm assuming you probably eight Elohim slim had to had to be near the 25. 26. It's an obstacle that might have both been double vision and I think I might have been the only one that was and then I then the thing was I had the last one. So they were waiting for me it says. How are urging me on steadily and at a better time. Glow. Beirut. It didn't work out so they go. Ari does seem something that didn't work out great here's the thing a universal mammy. Gets an eight seed. In the upcoming NCAA tournament. And you know obviously really good season for UN didn't finish all that well in the ACC tournament. Against Carolina after getting the winning in Syracuse and an end it'll probably knocking Syracuse out of the NCAA tournament that Turkey's not getting that win. But you and draws the unenviable assignment. I'm having to deal with Larry Izzo and Larry is a team that they Trout my Larry is lifting a trophy and it a Tom Izzo team in the first round of the NCAA tournament. And this is not one of Thomas those best teams in just nineteen and fourteen Michigan State this year. But they do have a legitimate pro prospect the guy who's gonna go on the top fifteen for sure miles bridges. And we know how successful the Michigan State has been traditionally in the tournament so. The this this could have worked out a little bit better at all Miami had a chance to get a seven B on seven line instead of the dateline. And maybe not being in the eighties sort of made some bracket as challenging as Michigan State the first round and then in the second round. If you get they're getting Kansas getting the number one seed. In that in in that particular bracket so. I it's gonna be difficult for Miami they're gonna need obviously their freshman first round play great. Any in this one but they're also gonna need you on Newton to give them up performance that looks a little bit more like the beginning of the season. And some of the ones that he's had recently. And the agony to shoot the three ball better than they shot it. Against Carolina and that's a bankruptcy by now he Fort Lauderdale Hattie Coral Springs the best election and the lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale and how he Coral Springs now Chris Perkins and headlines. You can XY AM South Miami WS SS. Omar. I'm here's. I. Seeded University of Miami will play ninth seeded Michigan State on Friday night in Tulsa in a first round NCAA tournament game this is you Williams third tournament appearance in Coach Jim Larranaga six years. In the previous two trips Tony thirteen and Tony sixteen. The Danes made it to the sweet sixteen over on the ladies side of the bracket the sixteenth ranked University of Miami women. Find out who and where they'll play in the NCAA tournament tonight at seven. The canes have been listed in the top eighteen of both the AP and coach's polls for the last fifteen weeks. NHL the Florida Panthers seven points out of the final wild card spot in the east their oft tonight they host Toronto on Tuesday the pair of third backsliding badly they've lost their last five games and eight of their last nine. Being at home not very good for the pets. They have lost eleven of their last eight at the BB and c.'s inner NBA the Miami Heat one of the hottest team in the league winning 21 of their last 26. They're off until they host New Orleans on Wednesday cut the gene is one game behind Milwaukee for the eighth and final playoff seed in the east two and a half games behind Indiana for the sixth playoff seed. The World Baseball Classic is going on the World Baseball Classic scoreboard is sponsored by game time at sunset place what you're seeing play on over seventy TVs. Pulled bar great blue gain time to watch play it win it there's that dang time players dot com. In the World Baseball Classic US earned its way into the second round in San Diego US base Puerto Rico at 10 PM Friday Italy plays Venezuela in pool. In police don't Mexico the winner advances to the second round now earlier today the Netherlands defeated Israel. Twelve to true those are your headlines. You mentioned a pantry struggles when they had a weird season. You really have led I mean they look like pick it it all came together and a five game road trip. When they went won all five games and no panther team hasn't done that before and then they came home with a all the momentum. And suddenly couldn't score goal. Yeah and then. I guess they're they have gotten healthier. Recently they have they did they had had Lou Lou the road trip right where they did very well then they come home. I believe they lost up four out of five once they once they came back home on the on that met homestand by. They just they just have not been able to get it together billiard players slipped and I don't. I'm watching their playoff berth slip away it's it's didn't two really good good. The time where you're almost gonna need a small miracle. I mean they scored two or fewer goals. Now in what is it eight out of eleven games. So yeah they've really. Fallen off in the sort of running out of time now you mentioned seven points back let's see a lot of ground to make up and a short period of time now. Coming down the stretch of the season of the year better positions. Even after what happened last night. And you know it that that. Performance last night I give the heat credit for sort of scraping their way back in an identical one point lead late in the game and then just couldn't finish. They they have the lead at nine. It was more I was like the last four minutes are called correctly. Ellington missed an open three days they did get him a good look waiters missed a shot. Which is one of those sort of ill feel any ill advised shots that's been going down lately for him. And then. There was miles turner got his own offensive rebounds. Sort of Karen came to him and that that kind of finish the deal there. So you know but but overall you know the week and you know then there's the he's gonna benefit now from. Getting Toronto twice more without Kyle Lowry that trial looks like a totally different team about Lowrie. And you know other than the shot that that. That core on took from Cory Joseph which kept him out of the game last night. You know Miami everything pretty much went well for them in that game you know they they gave up the lead Hillary gave a big portion lead in the polls lately. And looked at the box more you know that he Odom called the right now great they they had enough shot 94 shots. Tom they did shoot 41% but as you say that was more than three pointers not going down nine of 32. I'm threes but I thought of a lot of numbers look good program for the heat 94 field goal attempts eleven of sixteen and three paroles does not make great nineteen offensive rebounds out Al. Rebounded to Indiana by eight. I thought there were there were numbers at eight turnovers. Four blocks there were numbers that look good privilege he got it. I know that they word diddly here but I idol. I don't really know apply except that doesn't excuse I think they just lost that Indiana was better. Last night but I. I I I thought their energy was decent. I I don't wanna die don't wanna just blame it on second nine the bag to bag they. They lost to a team that played better than they did that night but I I really didn't see. A lot of dragon a round up up their energy was was good. It may be weighing late you know I thought it was especially good early up other beaten Indiana to a lot of fifty pit bulls and and doing things that did late teens don't usually do. Well to dig it up sixteen the first half and that's not that's not them lately and that's true. And and we've seen you know only nineteen in the fourth quarter ago yeah I mean they'd. You know it yet. I I read the book some of the numbers that you look for pro war on a team. On the second night of back to back where you would say they played Lleyton another player and 6 PM. I did this I didn't see enough to convince me that that was a major cause I know it tears us because as the NBA and then another team didn't play the night before but I. I don't think it was that I will look into what would be good on center this team will be right back fifteen minutes he necks and seminars and take. Yeah Aaron. The team. Yeah OK. Yeah. I welcome back on seven and I think at this Friday's second morning shows and you can't win a fifty dollar here's gift cards. A pair Miami Heat tickets to upcoming game play hockey and looters. Watch all the best well action with a hooters girls scored 2.3 ounce to 1017. Hooters calendar collector cup with Phil would Budweiser for only seven dollars for those sick he strongly eight bucks. Isn't hooters Florida dot com for location near you. Listen is that as Lou Romberg and amber to win on 790 and FM 104.3. HD to the ticket a pain in Miami Heat come back home. After losing in Indiana falling to 32 and 35 on the season now one I was in nineteen out of 2524. Tony is Tony when recording Taurus X 10126. That's right yeah 2126. Which include obviously the thirteen game winning streak to come home for finding homestand. Against four teams that are not in the playoffs right now in Toronto which is playing without its point guard. So I said earlier you know I think a foreign one stretch here. Which she in pretty good position. Going down the stretch yes Chicago has a soft schedule which god has played really poorly insult against odd bad teams this year and the air. They've been struggling terribly of late. In a Milwaukee's a team we haven't talked a whole lot about as I thought they fall out of the picture without Boris I'll that you weren't Parker for the rest of the season. Then she got really good place for Michael Beasley lately which help keep the minute and Chris Middleton has played well he's comeback from injury he started to get back in the groove a little bit. So this is gonna go down to that the last. Few games of the season Miami does have some favorable tiebreaker is. Which could help but. Didn't EX four and wonder homestand I think is pretty imperative here. I don't think so and look when they had eleven home games remaining I would say and you do you probably need to win all eleven of those. You've got nine home games remaining now four and one is OK on this homestand that I really think you need to go 50 no you. You've got you've got to make up ground and end and and then maintain net and to me the home gangs who win those home games. The road games are are not that tough but they or role games and that it raises the dude degree of difficulties so. It. I know on this on this homestand Jews I don't see a whole lot of room for for air here. Well to get to know enough I know Indiana's is is sliding. I did a member. Com. What what that. What would that lost cause. For dim there isn't there they're going the wrong way but. You can't you've got to take care of it yourself in other words can't tell a Chicago didn't come on India Canada and whether they have a soft schedule weren't easy schedule you've got to do it yourself and to meet the home games are are at a place where you make them. The most grow well I'm looking at deemed the pack into the heat's schedule so you go to their last you know they get through this fighting stretch and then they have three on the road the Celtics at pistons the next. At the Nixon the nuggets at home and then. They go back on the road at Charlotte at Toronto out Washington Cleveland and home Washington home. A lot is gonna have to do with who's been arrested at that point and you know the wizards are competing for the number two spot. So they're likely to be pushing until the very end. And you know Austin competing in Boston competing Boston is is in the mix and they're still competing right now they haven't shut anything down. It if you look at that home game against Denver. The nuggets are still in the mix for the gates got so they'll play. They're they are primary players. You know so there's there's not a whole lot of you know maybe Cleveland that second last home game of the season. You know LeBron is that common in on the second night in the back to back again. So it's very possible. That the cavs don't play LeBron and that woman he sits again. Before playing NC rather than playing a city you know they they believe there in Atlanta. Again the night before. They're in Miami. Yeah that's right there in Atlanta on Sunday at 330. And then and they'll come into Miami so maybe he will play that last game that second last game of the season but. It sort of depends on where Cleveland is in the mix at that point if they've got the number one seeds sewed up which it probably will. Even though they've been inconsistent of late may and maybe he sits down and maybe data as she helps that he can in the playoffs. Good but. You know I'm not a I'm not a schedule. WLW. A no win loss guide. If I were to be that type of guy. Though the the last guy for the seat. Is kind of rough ride at that Charlotte is they could be playing for something net Toronto. They could be playing for some and at Washington. Vs Cleveland and then vs Washington. You can have teams here that are better playing per per playoff positioning or or something along those lines and and you don't catch any breaks so. I don't like looking at the opponent and what they have on the line and home in Rhode if you're on the second night look back today that is also a factor but. The heat doesn't they they they need to get out there and and win their home games that's that's. You know role games you've got to win those two but the home games that's that's what you've got established this is our place this the place where we're going to win. And I I actually think they've done a very good job of that. And this protest comes in and he'd better than the three teams that chasing. Well we saw Indiana last night right and they they are being there are struggling that they they've they've been trying to find. The right lineup and Monta Ellis coming off the bench again yesterday. That they've they they've been they've had a hard time lately kind of building building much consistency. And you look at the city other teams have been chasing Detroit's. He traits that a weird scene this year because their two best players most people wouldn't would think we're Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond at their worst lineups have come. Would Reggie Jackson and Andre Drummond playing together. So they've been a little bit of a paradox this year they've been hard to figure out Milwaukee. Again nice I misspoke on Beasley heat yes miss some time here recently but he helped them he helped bridge the gap a little bit when Jabbar Parker. Out went out but Milwaukee and any honest is having a tremendous season my youngest is like sort of real like a real dark course. In the MVP conversation he's not gonna win it but he's gonna get them he's gonna get us off a few votes from people because. Sort of the steps that he's taken the growth he'd also be most improved player despite a growth in his game. This year or they are heat better than Milwaukee. The heat is that he I don't know you can say that that he has clearly been a hotter team since since the halfway point. But a better team I don't. I don't know if I can say that. I'm tremendously and say they're a better team in Chicago I think so I think they're better than everybody below them. Then there's no then there in Chicago and then Charlotte. Better then. Milwaukee and Detroit. Or Indiana. I wouldn't say that. While Miami has three wins in Miami has tiebreaker on the box to say that he veto that they are 31. And they had and in all all three of those wins and uncomfortable to mean they had their a couple of blowouts in there. You know they lost one earlier in the season that last one. That the that the one that they lost in Milwaukee was among the put in the 1130. And then you know three games later they beat Milwaukee went went to fourteen and thirty and then. A heart beat them again a little bit later in the streaks so. They do to learn to destroy them there. Let me look I thought empress yeah and then they're down 21 idea right but they have one left with the choice. And Chicago they they lost the series. Two games to one. A they lost the series teams won the lawsuit claims return. First return down to Miami and then they split two games. Up in Chicago with Charlotte. They are there one and two against Charlotte but they have one game remaining. We Charlotte and now with the Indiana. Their two and one that they don't plan pacers again so they have the tiebreaker on the pacers. But they fell fell obviously last night. I I could say I could accept you when the machine is is better than then. It seems that it is chasing. I can set that aside and say that receipt is is hotter. There there there are playing better overall than most teams right now and I don't look at that has kind of bad it's better to be lucky than good it's sometimes better to be hot in good so. I I could see that he finishing a hit of those teams is that he does that mean that he does a better scene I don't know that he. Definitely a better seemed imminent in the second half of the year their their playing better at at this moment but. Where event last over the last fifteen games. I still can't ask okay we'll put the seat in the play also I can't say yes they're gonna make it as an eight seed for succeed or whatever. I think they're gonna make it I think they're gonna make it because. They let them for a couple of reasons one is. They know what their style is at this point they know what their game is taking get to EC the last sighting the in Dayton game where they didn't play particularly well they didn't have their point guard had a chance when nothing at the end there and and their clutch numbers this year have been good to have been good. Date they've also got the benefit of having played ten guy so consistently. This year you know was Walsh's opened up the rotation to include more guys. That nobody's really worn down he hasn't he hasn't killed anybody would with the minutes per game. I think that'll help here late in the season. No not in position to rest anybody you just give guys a night off but like. Even Dragic yeah knowledge it was a wasn't ideal but him getting you know three days off. To rest his legs I think we'll give him a little bit of a second wind here for later in the season. So that's that that's the first thing I just think that they get the fact that they're playing ten I think really helps them. At this stage and also that they know what their game is I mean we we've been talked about it it's no this is driving kicks spreading out the three point shooters. These guys all have confidence now you know. So who the question is who doesn't make it. I don't think Chicago is making it even with soft schedule like this and that it's to mess up there right now so it's gonna have to be the Detroit and Milwaukee. That Miami's gonna push out one of those two. And my my hunch is that it's going to be it's going to be Detroit the falls out. I just the way that they played this year with I Marcus Morris is has been good. Continuous Caldwell Pope has been good especially of late. But it I I just there's a seems to be something a little bit off for that team this year so I'm gonna I'm gonna say. Mine I'm gonna say Indiana makes it. Miami makes a Milwaukee makes it. I don't I don't know I well the only team that they'll put out right now is I think Chicago was on the on the road is not going to make it. I just see that scene crumbling in and really not given a damn the other seems. I I I think that they actually want to be in the playoffs Chicago I just I'm just not Dillon it was that team I think they're just. Do you wait to get the heck away from each other. And the rest I don't know I can't. I can't put the heat here and yet because. I'm not I'm not a 100% sure that their health does is going to hold out there and depending on who misses games win it's it's been that type of year for the heat that's that's the only reason I say that. I know right now there's no tears they've been in but it's it's been that type of year where it's been one injury after another. And I'm not talking about drug it's missing missing the game but things have just seem to happen that way all season and I'm not sure that their space yet permit the meant. Injury simply don't you feel a little bit more comfortable with guys that would have to play more minutes at this point like well we talked earlier in the air like a justice Winslow injury seemed like we they would be crushing it crushing. And then Magruder stepped in and did a lot of the things that you were hoping that that Winslet did. Now all you have a situation we lost Josh Richardson for a long period of time. But the biggest problem seems to me now finding a role for Richardson he's he's been rusty since he's come back in May. But but I feel like they tin. I feel like they can withstand. In injury at this point to pretty much anybody by drug richer Whiteside vote. Org or waders. Org or James Johnson I I think what and I'm not saying that that I'm in is somebody pessimists say a week yeah you know three or four games. That to be very critical when your you have to overtake somebody your your best night by a game now. So that's that's why are still can't put me a million. Glance at its excellent he couldn't get a lot of hate this. You are what one guy who they think you're being too negative. That's me I'm really. But Kirk so you think. They he are just hot you think this this this isn't who they really are they're Tony La last six games and lead in the top teams in the league. They have but I'm not I'm that's why why would you say that they are that they are definitely going to make the playoffs I know they're playing well and their hot right now but. Is it is that enough like his is is that enough room for you. I think I mean what what have you seen in the past. Three months that tells you they're not going to. What tells you what what revelation that us humans are towed tells you they're not gonna go form one on this home senate and I title five and older not gonna beat. A caps seem to not gonna take one game from Washington. Free throw shooting and and have squared off prints. But not listen and look if you ask me though those are the those are the teams build those that means that. I think could hold esteemed and I I'd like this team. There and their play in hot they can both punch and counterpunch. Let's hear or see anything wrong with that he's not saying that they have a flaw but they're definitely going to altered dome Ian and I'm. I'm just a little bit. And they they can't seem to get over that hump they haven't gotten over that hump yet. I'm not convinced that they will do it by the final game of the season I dined. And sets up for them not to do with don't you know I mean they've the yeah they've caught a couple of breaks. In and they you know which was one obviously LeBron not playing here in Miami which helped the then you went up invalidated that win with a win up in Cleveland. Right now and then and Toronto they catch a break which aggressively this cartoon is gone Toronto on the schedule late in the season but no Larry so they look like a little bit of a different team. Then they got the bad break of nineteen yesterday which was challenging I mean I we can talk about whether or not they had dead legs and he didn't but it was a challenging assignment. To go to Indiana that quick that. 88 or right after you play that home game the night before by it I I think. As you know to me it's Eee PC style repeating itself over and over and over. As we have during this period of time I think you can buy it. If he he was. Relying on on one player who's had been a streaky player in the past like waiters to save them every night I wouldn't feel as comfortable with a making a playoff push. But we've seen that on nights that waiters doesn't have it. They've been able to win because other guys have stepped up and done things so I I guess I feel like it's more sustainable but Wu Wu will get to the the text here we got an open door policy coming up so. Wanna Texan on this 6797467. 97 for the heat making the playoffs. Also call in at 78636. Those are seven honey we'll be right back. I welcome back on 79 and he did so again. Even so only zero interest heard yeah. Its first lead of the text line. I'm John replied to a lot of moon. You can register now for -- each hysteria seven I did the tickets fastball bracket challenge to consider Miami dot com you can win gift cards and wing parties from looters and a 200 dollar gift card from golf world of South Florida. Sign into the bracket challenge now the chicken Miami. Dot com gun world south Florida state of the art shooting range gunshot and training facility sign up now at ticket Miami. Dot com are now. We'll do our open door policy segment now so that I can let some of this stuff. On the air if the deal when I see a team like Florida lumber in the South Florida dorsett restore we can find over fifty model's interior exterior doors and stock every day. Florida lumber more than just slumber let's go out to the phone lines and we'll get to that the text line here in Texas 67974. Zach you're seven I've taken. I was so good guys so I'm glad you're talking about the heat when I got a remark Cardin and I'm here for Chris Bergen again. Brody you have conviction in ATP enlighten me every time when mr. Dalton did he always well I don't know I'm not sure work. They might AT no ordinary insulation. Look at look at what you I feel like yeah I guides me you rely on numbers too much you know and I'm sure it is because that third down conversion rate and grab her free brochure distributed down on. You just automatically so that you don't understand. There's problems with the team where they may not make it play out what our level well. The double play in the playoffs in the heat will make it play out to deck your numbers go out the window you can explain how the golf we may deplete oxygen explain. How the heat will make a play out because you know we do we were wrong. I thought I got you I'm not I'm not a big numbers I am not a big analytics guy I I do go off look and beatle quite often I got dice. I've got to keep a mix but. My my my thing that he does is this I recognize that this is real but at this point you're behind. You have to have a spectacular finish and get some help from somebody else. Ins they held three. So it can't happen I'm saying I am not convinced that it's going to happen. And they're recruited as Couric no no I don't know is I'm I'm I'm does that is legal the legal part of the country you're old mark Kelly do with the daughter used to you the most pressure mr. reported. I love being a senator Dorgan then that he actually being you guys. Our guy really can't. Are our school a school Damane Barnett supporters. I can't expect. That's all of you're not a big numbers will really know I'm not I'm not a big numbers analytic guy and look I'm not I I have been consistent with BT I think that they should go forward I I'm not read it to the draft pick this cycle you know including. I thought I saw some in in the C. Before their road trip that they took where they went what one dollar one of Borden and that was about the point with many were up on him there there at the point of no return but I did idea gusts awesome and in the and that's why would I was given the the deadline though would always give how many plays how many games they are bite out of a spot. I didn't realistically think that they could make it but I knew that they weren't you know more steam in the in the NBA type. All I'm saying now. It is I'm not convinced they're going to make it I hope they make it I know you can be optimistic. I'm not convinced yet. All in John Hinson had. Got to go. It was a move to purchase up for his final bowl yeah. What a little problem going good they're a little bit numb to it a little bit because. I'm I'm allowed Bob double barrel low that he batted well. You know what. The truth and the mound and also. I can't do you eat because everybody wants is buying into the Oreo. He make in the playoffs without Dwyane Wade the heat late in the playoff M blame Brian Gay but I want that scene. And around the would you isn't there another level they can go to tackle the so I think that it. I I think that goes to all of you know he's on the plane leave you realize. All of you all of rebel does now and. I mean into the college rebuilding all of that but when you say you're rebuilding. You're not a playoff dean and and now and saying you know you're gonna go to BL all all color. I don't bit I don't CNN any minute they didn't make the playoff. Yeah act and put them there at heartbreak and effort or bagel place Cleveland. They've got to get out there L old that play Toronto they're gonna get. Pounded and that's not I don't think that's a mighty little baby. And it may have been lifted I think you have got to really look at that let you know break it looked like any. And ultimately after the break you know they they met Jerry young yeah Hollywood and a great yet. I I'm not I'm not I'm not even looking for greatness. I did and much much being with this team is they've they've comedy L a long way I'm just not convinced yet. That's it I did you know why I guide I have lots of conviction about earnings Ryan Timothy Dolan the guard position and and and what makes this team go but you're asking me big picture isn't as a playoff team. I don't know yet. I I just moderate and the reason that I'm I'm Bonnie on them again is because I I think. That they Fallon game that works. And they're able to get to that game. They you know for awhile I didn't buy it but over the course of this streak and then it's it's a comeback that you have been the game that got me where I was like are at their in this since the very end and I think. That they can actually do this with the Houston game. Because they didn't play well in the two previous games they lost both games and I Houston game. Just how hard they play how aggressive and I understand the caller. The previous and that the last caller about is there another level. Has that was always an issue with the old. The heat teams of mourning Hardaway. Was he played so hard during the regular season that when they got to the post season there wasn't another level for them to go to. A man and the ever because everybody plays hard in the playoffs that's not everybody plays hard every night in the NBA. The heat have been some teams just because they played harder than them but over the course of doing that they've discovered a game that they can repeat. I have I have no problem with their style and what you're asking me 83 black and white yes or no question. And I don't have an answer to it I. There's a lot of there's a lot of billable. Had an answer. Well you know what there are a lot of other things that if you ask me do I think smoke was a good coach yes well what drives this team the backcourt what's reckoned to meet the bench what's third probably Hassan Whiteside. I I can give you answers and a lot of different things about key endorsements. Richard. I just don't I guess I'm not in a position say yes they're going and so what if but if I say yes then all of a sudden these people weren't sex singers and pretty. It does race. Site. You know this is gonna bug tellem what they want your opinion of not they're gonna disagree. I tell you what you wanna hear you wanna hear they're gonna make the playoffs I can't tell you that. Learn all he. Now what do we have time for one more call killing a seven iron to ticket. If you are I back like that question on whether or not they did get outs things are I think they're more or less stumbled into Spain. Arm that black couple are much because of the injuries again last night. Eric Eric bolt just aren't aware that. Our our guests at any games frustrates me when you don't Raytheon weighted bag or are not back at Joseph six minutes left in the game. Use are always told army. A young kid struggling to reach where the real bought into what you had four. Sure voted on a quartet all part that would be started opposite plus us bishops from the three point Bart was great this deep debt each went pretty. I'm these young kids that that they clearly struggling from the outside it didn't distort that the other did you play ball didn't outlook hasn't played an important quarter. Up for the last two weeks. Arm is like you forgot about a call light they got high basketball IQ who let indicate what you're keeping out publicly cheap shot I I. I'd push it. Out of the lineup in the fourth quarter really frustrate me and yet these next five games. They could go what this war because these teens do things that will affect species act into their arm off fourth quarter. And McGrady made leaked leaked a lawsuit thank you further. Our parent Iran need to wait solar six minutes let's bring back clears these initially done that. So there wasn't that different I I did that mean it's interesting Magruder hasn't played much in the fourth of late but they bases basically gone with a Ellington is the three. It width width James Johnson at the four spot along with the sign on once the songs come back in mountain and you know they've had they're clutch numbers are pretty good this year actually you know what Barry did an article on this which yup I'll get to after the break because. I hit the clutch numbers are better than you think and it's not all the guys that she would think we'll be right back on seven and ticket. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah. Welcome ought to just get the goal here where yeah Christopher yeah me as well. If you can still post news and fox tonight look ahead lives here and it. Got some time yeah conversation we're having yet to. For a ball also. Do this to me and stayed really loose cannon. I didn't look well I will say this as a reporter. I'm glad. There don't you fire and thought man this kid he is seen as fire life it would Lavar bowl and the cameras that NCAA tournament are Mets made him. And UCLA is gonna to deepen in this tournament though yes and Omar keeps talking rumored or no Lamar Berry will win a couple of week I feel like in a more about him that I know about his son now this agreements are grief. So we'll get all that here in the second half first here's the thing. So Goran Dragic is going to play tomorrow night he's you can see again the swelling went down enough. Then he can see out of his right eye and that's good news for the heat because we saw the other night. Was. How much they need him to run offense. For the seem to get them in the sets and also. As an attacker. To get those Scott clean looks from the outside so dry it's gonna play on Wednesday in this homestand talked about yesterday. Four and one is. It is the least that they should do on this home stand there and have a chance to make the playoffs we saw again. You know that we've seen again in Milwaukee is not fading out of this race are Chicago which has been struggling even got to win last night. So Miami means to have a very good homestand and I got this homestand against fourteen that are not. Currently in the playoffs and another one Toronto. That's not playing its best because it doesn't have Kyle Larry so. Dragic the news on him is good that's very good for the heat's. And everything is set up for them to have a strong homestand and that's a thing Brooke T buyout before lord Alon Ali Coral Springs the best selection and the lowest prices in South Florida. Audi Fort Lauderdale and Audi Coral Springs now Chris Perkins and headlines. You may know why AMs of my. Why has there ever be do you Miramar. Overall. Here's what's trending and. Heard. Iran drug is practiced today and he did player that he is playing wins against New Orleans. Now drug it's miss Sunday's loss at Indiana after taking an elbow to the high against Toronto. And sustained a right orbital consumer version but he which has fifteen games remaining and a half game behind Milwaukee for the eighth and final playoff spot in the east. And two and a half games behind Indiana we're the number six spot. Florida Panthers host Toronto says 730 tonight at the BB and CC and the Panthers who were on a five game losing streak are seven games seven points behind the maple leaves the final wild card spot in the east women's college basketball the fourth seeded University of Miami women host thirteen seed Florida Gulf Coast on Saturday in a first round NCAA tournament game at the while school sooner in Coral Gables. You women making it six NCAA tournament appearance in the last seven years World Baseball Classic is going on our World Baseball Classic score board sponsored by game time zones that place. Watch your team's play or lower seven ECB's all bar great food. Game time watch it play it when it visited gang sign players dot com. In World Baseball Classic action Japan beat Cuba eight to five. Dominican Republic plays Puerto Rico at nine tonight. And the Netherlands is at Cuba at eleven tonight are you hiring join the over three million businesses that use Indy dot com for hiring post your next job opening on the world's number one job site. Indeed dot com. Those are your headlines. All right then let's get to this Goran Dragic. You will be ready for rocky eight whenever that crowd and. At that might indicate that we make it got better. As soon as I felt like drugs in the humor to Levy seems to be under a pretty upbeat guy I guess last season was what's gonna supplements are now right where this Libyan away from this clearly and everything. But he seems to have an altogether now he sings third. His personality is coming out his his his play has has definitely taken a step. Forward and yeah you you hear me joke like that cup teammate did a belt but I had insists it's good that drug which is is upbeat. And he seems to be in good spirits because. You know this one of those things that. You know you did it could bum you out just a little bit just you know why me why now but it. And doesn't mean it's much even went through that for a day and it was like to put ice bag on written. Let's roll while he's lost a variety of teeth. I asked if he did Tyler John Tyler both of them they leaned to their head a lot alum I'm not saying that. You know it's all the fault that they get hit so much of both guys had had tooth problems and in Goran is at the point where he's just basically keeps losing. The new independent the new TT gets implanted in the air he loses the next one ready the saudis is constantly recycling them. But yeah I think they need him as an attacker it if we know we saw he is indeed a deal on that takes bad shots seem now that. Graying some nice those bad shots are gonna go in and we you know he's how to stretch now where. He's been a playmaker for other guys also so it's not much you look at and say he's been selfish. But it helps to have another guard back there. Who is also attacking spraying the ball out to shooters. And soda get charged back for the Strachan and look the pelicans. You know they have future how an eight. The rest of their guard play's been pretty spotty did the cousins. Are combination of wind. We've got Anthony Davis has you know it's it's gonna take some time to develop and it's a team that's not where it's going to be out of even a thousand entries into coach next year away. What is a wrecker within the guy thought it was more than five last night Soledad. Well as a good one game they won but he was out. Well they they've won one game I think we've seen and that they are great but they wanna game with him now. And. So they haven't gone goes well I'd I haven't seen I haven't seen them play together but just from what I read my highlights it. It it looks like it's off to a very rocky start you which might or might not be their fault. Well they don't have any spacing on the team you know and they they traded for they got Omer Caspian that deal all soon shooter and he got hurt and they thought it was going to be out for the season said he waved him. And now he's coming back and actually there's a bunch of teams that are interested in him he manned up with a contender. But yet they don't have any spacing to the two in the three spots so he makes it difficult in both guys Davis and cousins like to drift outside at times also. I so they can space for each other. Bonnet yes so far it's been a bit clunky. Putting a. Nano and Jrue Holiday them restrict create and Syria there's I don't know I think not a decision and apparently the knicks are going to be interest in him which is. A very Nick's moved dole dole campaign right right and it out while like Jrue Holiday he's he's more than it's funny when I would I. As our call him at that Ed at UCLA I just. I thought he would look like a shorter guard. Many dozens of NBA and on the loud vocal and adamant he's like what 63 innings Lauren. That's he's long armed and I was like I just he looks like a short reply I think kidney because he looks young maybe that's NBA yeah yeah that a that might be I remember when I first saw him in the NBA are likely you don't look anything like I thought you looked in college but yeah a long armed and decent side always thought it was short. Not only doesn't remember did you play with west Burke was he on that because I thought I thought well as Westbrook from one year. Out Al Al look at I think he did and I think he did they had because I didn't drew a one and done wasn't. Marshall was it was a six man on the team and that team is loaded and you know also Kevin Love and nineteen to. Yeah it's. Mean. I'm the C zero all of a sudden. Who came out listen three players. And boom boom Nazis I'll bio mom not the ball. Lou Lou well the lieutenant Ryan Wright is is that team opened the season with the following stars are Jrue Holiday and Darren Collison numb look him up the 08. 09. UCLA eighteen you know laid on nine most Burke was gone because that's a little did I stood there in the Westbrook men and blue monetary left the year war yet. And west the west is coming off the bench for the team for good portion. But I don't I don't like Jrue Holiday that New Orleans has to keep them by. Taken it back to tonight's game you have a huge bad quarter of venison I that date you should be able to exploit. Record we'll see this are not only takes us on embedded but a son and end and and Doug James Johnson. Okay I don't know about Willie Reid James Johnson the. About it's gonna have to handle one of the two guys sort of the game most Oakley yeah guerrilla Anthony Davis were six members. Five minutes relic that's that's about it but it's a good job as a team defender but that's a different kind of guy doesn't items seven points and three rebounds in the first five minutes well that's one of the. Things are that then this is going to be interest thing about these two guys as. As this continues because most teens her plans stretch for us now at that forced out they're not playing traditional big snow. And need these guys are gonna have to defend Anthony Davis right because mostly most teens maybe have one traditional big connect I would defend cousins. Some of the other guys have to defend anti Davis and makes it more challenging I think you know the each other combination. Of those two will be fine but they in the offseason any dance pacers and I'd probably do need to resign. Resigned Jrue Holiday you know further from them but but looking at this is this yesterday on the show you even I thought you got a bad rap. I felt. After I left simply because she's not a slayer no I didn't know Intel says that is there. Well I mean if you listen Sharia sedate her basically just said he needs more time to evaluate this is the playoff team you gain 81 is that one organ doodle that. When they evaluate its own little thing I don't cut I have to make a bold declaration among before the sealant and bit. Yes their playoff national radio is about it's about making bold wrong declarations. I know I may I make declarations about. Pretty much everything else I I just how do we have to go down as their revenue hole again. I don't I don't know right now whereabouts poll asked me about what you think. They said they should pay a Dion Waiters next year. Asked me about a whole lot of things this morning I'm undecided right now are among aside it. I'm inside it how they're a good team I would doubt I will say that they are good team they're hot seem they're playing well though. They can shoot the three they can do thin and as I say that they can punch and counterpunch. And I don't but. You're not the only person flummoxed on what they're doing now what what what they're doing is of the senate before the show is unprecedented. 1130. 500. Kyrgyzstan should have been current you don't you don't play like one of the worst teams in the league and then suddenly your 62 and pace in the second half of the season like that is. Not normal now and then this team has not been normal. And yet I I don't feel like there's anybody that's necessarily gonna crash earth and I feel like with certain guys. There's still a little bit more room on the upside like if I'm still waiting for the Josh Richardson breakout game like I feel like double column at some point here. They'll be a game where he scores eighteen and he looks like his old self the entire time he hasn't. He's had moments he's a flashes but he hasn't had only just the consistent complete game like that like I feel like that's gonna happen here eventually. But as far as Wellington's doing. It's I mean he's a three point shooter that's what begun for easy shooting and higher volume now and they're running him through he staggered screens like they used to run. All right Allen through the media at Miller and he's getting clean looks as if it's it's incredible but it did the catch and shoot ability that he has been and the the proficiency that. That's that he has it at running those plays occurrence. Yet there's this group hadn't. Hadn't done that. I don't know that's a basic all play but trooper Ellington to do written and for the Gaza to a sick clean screen you'll see a whole lot of blue good chip checked and the you know the sloppy swings on this Ellington is coming off of him clean. Catch and shoot and there's going to be cynical group becomes so it's a little thing it's a until of the game that you don't need to get let's duplicate check well when when Ellington shooting the ball so well so. It is it's also very detail oriented team when you look at things like that they do them very well. In all over it. There's holes is not over calling plays so he's he's allowing them to read and react but they're getting very good at certain things. That they do and they're able to go back to those things repeatedly and you know so that's why I do I do see them in the playoffs that we look at. Milwaukee and Chicago. You know the way the llamas is playing here. You know I don't count Milwaukee out even though they don't have Jabari Parker there as the year. Chicago with a win I again I I don't ever really soft schedule down the stretch but they're kind and there's. Sarah and Sarah supplements that that is that is the one team that I don't believe there's there's gonna make him that's the team that I look at and and I say now and I don't know make it doesn't. The others there's indecision about Chicago. I will be decisive that they're there to train where they're not gonna make. Perkins. Colon. Congo does and I train wreck that's right. Yeah originally but still no chance urgency and then yeah that's weeded out to people my career in comedy cut me Mick. Let's take it will be back on some of its. We'll. I register now for hooters in this area 79 minutes against basketball bracket challenge of chicken Miami dot com and you win gift cards between parties from looters hit it 200 dollar gift cards and done well in South Florida. Sign up for the bracket challenge now is to Miami dot com. Genre to sell Barneys stated we are shooting range gunshot in training facilities. Sign up now at the ticket Miami dot com. Slash two weeks. Even slowly back here with Chris Perkins taking up until close to 7 o'clock tonight. So one more ball continues to talk you're not familiar with his work. He's the father of Alonso ball and point guard plays freshman point guard. Plays for UCLA who's gonna be a top five pick in the upcoming draft probably don't number two number three most likely behind mark health faults. And the easiest two Brothers. Who were playing high school ball where the father has claimed at least one of them. Brazil is going to be better than Alonso. And he's made a series of claims already won was that it's look for a ball will be. And Seth Curry. Yeah or Alonso. And so blogs a ball better than step our city is already already after already been Korea already better which is it is easily picked and it works he picked a good time at least it's when staff's been struggling a little and his jumper right right worst worst three point shooting percentage of his career might as well jump on Molly's third in a trip to Oprah I. Up and now he's. He set a couple more things one is that he's seeking one billion dollar shoe deal for his three sons. One billion dollars billion with a B income and income. Com. He and once the package it's a package deal for the three sons he says. He told USA today. Billion dollars it has to be there that's our number billion straight out of the gate and you don't even have to give its annual front give us a hundred million dollars per year. It's. The brilliant. Brilliant Klein is a great film for the about a if you have a hundred million they could sit here goes away. Paris last month the blondes or didn't signed with Nike ideas under armour when he left college and NBA he would sign with a big ball on brand. Filed for the trademarked the phrase last year and was granted the trademark last week for use on athletic apparel. Still waiting for the trademark for the actual logo which features three d.s for the suns and the model bill fitness. Additionally. Lavar ball has claimed that he could be he could've beaten Michael Jordan in his prime one on one. Bit. So much stuff about this dude is incredible list. Yet that that might be the most incredible right did he go to Michael Jordan what now now we we gotta say low bar bowled by other. Is is what is he 6627. These people like he played at Washington State it and then transferred some. What University of California loss in the Arab don't start. Like California State Los Angeles like that one and those of us all and one of the state schools yeah there is all school but. Good size dude and will give him this heat is. Where do you think he's a loud mouth her or whatever. He is marketing is marketing this learns very will right now he's getting publicity. In he's out there and he's going to be out there and you're not going to be able to ignore him he is gonna get some kind of a huge. Deals for well his Alonso was going to get some kind of a huge. Endorsement deal Lamar is not going to get it for him well Alonso with his talent it's going to go to law bars the lower dating at the Alomar who aren't going to be don't know. Well let the best part of this and and the names and get a little confusing here because this is also someone with the initials LB. But. Let me on bell Levy on bell he'd be running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers arguably the best running back in football right now what one and I say and. Four point hate when people do that so I mean isn't running back it's not in rugby right there yeah sun and hearty you you're only Al would have been the best Goer. Right because yeah yes. I would have been there all you need guards do the football Cutler but I don't eagle there of their people to. Bad and I don't thinking of them keep personhood status. I'm not draft one in the first three or four rounds tests I'll put it to you like it. With the dolphins have done in the parents yes. I'm so anyway Libby on bell. Tweets out LO oil man look horrible really saying anything for attention so you can be Michael Jordan one on one and both you all primes man. And then they. Were laughing and crying MO geez I'm done. And hedge but he didn't stop. Lavar ball you have to understand you have the whole two points per game the Washington State you know damn well Jordan would torture you. The for a ball and 88 when you average and hold two points a game but I should stay Michael Jordan averaged 35 game with the Chicago bull. The good. Lavar is bar is getting attention. And who can minutes Laura didn't. Apparently not a lot. You know it's easy this is into the average to point that you would you like two minutes. Yet he wanted to do it this is this they don't always know curry decided cargo. See Jane I've got the surgeons the it does that's legal arguments Diet Coke and a success career it that what cal state Los Angeles he averaged points a game here he started and played twenty minutes and I. Look good did you look to be preaching this week. The may have played right field the team he got it if he could at least late night elderly and credit. But I did play a neighbor it's not that's right that's right exactly the Pittsburgh and thousands of notions versions. Lavar ball. He seems to be a good father though and I mean it from this level that. He seems to be financially successful I think that he's a personal trainer I think that I written an article. Tom aid to the dog through the sonic drive 100000 dollar BMW's. And and he talks about let that like yeah so I got my boys BMWs us that's nothing you know that's nothing compared to what we're gonna have. He seems to be 888. Hearing bother I I I really amid the USA today article bit. The the mother who believe as they age middle school. Physical education teacher but she takes care of the academics and the politics here are the athletics. So. These could be any any loving caring responsible. Father. The he just shoots his mouth off to data mine doesn't exist says. Little thing to be a nut job like Mark Moran of Islam religious Ed who boo boo at Romo quarterback on an a strict diet no sugar and he's running drills it at a young age in the backyard. I a very involved father right. Earl Woods ready blood and bad are you relieved very involved father if he's may be allow melt Earl Woods. Look at who Archie Manning was very involved father right eat he duke with with Eli in the draft. Volume in one you want gonna San Diego right. Right so that is best for stead. The best sports yeah. Is that it's best words that can you do not want oh red red and blue slumming just. Best as an overall lightly the only team or will be built to be overbearing and as far as they didn't seem to be dues. China there's some of these. Well look I think I I if you could name of so much in Griffey senior seems to be a good sports today have relatives and was deeply before are you right. Yeah he played. I mean sport dad and and they didn't play they just seemed. Very caring and I guess you say everything you just Obama. From my normal brain yeah I'm sure I'm sure that's horns element Childress sirens on a normal. Good sports dance but. Look bar is is is this. He's he's taken listening to a new level because. His son is so good enough I'm trying to think of good. In in baseball football basketball. Because we have like tennis and golf and and some good some of the of the lunatic advancement. Baseball football basketball the com. The mood though over the top dad who had eight. Gifted son are reluctant. Second ranked second overall pick. It doesn't seem like you see this nomination these good. These Indian teen sports ugly reality that is later I was watching team sport and into the indoors outdoors golf tennis and yeah until they are more direction as Korea there might be you know. He PLC at this level you see all the time in the lower levels an optimist football monopoly in to see all of yeah. And he kind of CNN and M in high school 21 lead in college he kind of guys out there and it ever get this high. Writer CS like though that the fathers for the parents have a chill out either like him knew there was very involved so that. Allegedly got a financial leveled against slumps to get some payola but. I I don't I don't know that he would meet a guy do you got it right. I don't you let a nut job father well and on site had been maybe you qualify that is not. Job trying to extort schools allegedly allegedly allegedly allegedly. It is well I mean let's let's let's bring decimal things he said so far can the thing about being better than staff Currie. Ridiculous is is is ridiculous and he's confident in the sun so I but you don't have to go to that. You can say he's the best he's the best player in college basketball and leave it live right. But in trying to get on Schwarzenegger viewed these as someone that. If you're trying to make him angry for these kids every so there's an agreed you can sing song Lucy said they only play for the lakers so right. Call us right I forgot about the net I listen I forgot about that with. Bill. I mean Kobe did that then me like right when he addressed the heat these comments. Eli didn't Sudanese. Yeah well Eli Eli didn't say don't play the giants but he made clear human platelet charging go back to John Elway John Elway made that was there who do really famous one he didn't wanna play. With the colts and he got his way out of there. The so this not the first person I recited the only thing is. It it's. In the NBA that the the way that the lottery works. Harsh he'll be your choice correct I hit team in Atlanta lakers anyway because they're gonna end up with a top three picks so it may just happen to me it's great that play well in into the any draft worked their way we've gone and got books and I'll tell you know well you know what I mean you sell more power in the NFL though because because we used to see hold outs in the NFL you never seat. In the NBA. We never even talked about player rookie signing because it's just assumed everything is slotted to a particular. A spot in the draft. Baseball. And I don't remember a specific taste I don't know if you guys remember top man toppled who the pitcher. But when I was in in Dallas he. He was super and in Arlington Ed Martin's high school or in Arlington Martin high school for a while he was talked about as the number one overall pick. Ended in the draft but. I as ever call Atlanta hip the number one hits he didn't wanna go to Linux so it most as a lot of baseball players do he threatened to go to college he needs to review draft me I'm going to the University of Texas. I believe oak cliff has our call ended up drafting them topple. Injury plagued career but dominate but are you added baseball you you because you have leverage Shapiro a top pick of going to college and you could just go to school yeah of course there's there's. So that'd they keep pulling back on track major leagues was like you are right there are safe Jeff I you pass on this but that's yet you don't see it you don't see that comes leverage or that kind of comment being made like like Lamar he'll only play the lakers and in basketball. This was another one when Barkley called his assertion the reading from SB nation story. When Charles Barkley called his assertion stupid the the elder Baldwin reply or respond by saint Charles what might mean maybe he'd win a championship. I was dribble. That was good move. And he's compared to some branding Paris Michael Jordan. That the thing is I don't know that we've gotten to know Alonso balls personality all that much I feel like we just know Lamar balls personality. We're really Lenovo are a lot a lot more than enough and Alonso. And and I think that's I think that's the way it's going to be throughout this tournament. You know I people heard sexting is not he reminds me more richer Williams Richard Williams. Richard Williams singled out Richard Williams was was held here. At first I just the way out were calling especially when Venus is coming up about Richard Williams kind of sealed a little bit when when Serena started to come up and and. You always Richard Williams always said that Serena would be better than Venus member. Because it is Venus made her first and sit and write and it was like completely dry eye or at least a little while. Somebody says since Tiger Woods there wasn't good sports their Earl Woods did overbearing but a good sports there he wasn't a yet he wasn't it wasn't a nut job but what's he was extremely restraining and his instance on golf blood. Not not overbearing jerk this takes us about Lamar ball who has some very good text America and if he was LBJ's there. If if if if if Alonso was LeBron. As the sprawling not a whole lot of different knew LeBron was stone cover of Sports Illustrated law that but. Yeah. You LeBron I mean the bronze on the cover Sports Illustrated when what he was sixteen. As the chosen one your. This comes in this is the other side that this topic by saying things like that about this he's actually sending asylum for failure. There's no way you can say is any better than curry before he wears an NBA Jersey beat keeps talking about a son in that way everyone will be going after the poor kid. My guess is that it. Loans always been dealing with this his whole life by dumb I'm gonna guess there's not the first time that it. Lavar has popped off this is just the first army set a national platform because Alonso is now a superstar freshman at a high profile college but. And yes all throughout they day you would all throughout little leaguer and absurd. Everybody in every Jim Knowles Lamar ball I am going to guess that. He is this in his. Like I said. Every from armaments way to keep his didn't stop that no one checked them for good news I'll do all we just don't poisonous and so let's let's let's go to 61617. I thought you go to site -- days he's talking smack into any correct have you seen Friday night I think I mean I haven't seen in this number I'm pretty -- is a -- would have a year. That is we got to let yes that's always you not only big dude I cricket out yeah yeah yeah nationals film of San Antonio. This is goes with Iceland is what I suggested earlier mean we'll do this read some of the pastel and the bar ball sayings on Twitter. There's some good ones verbal says he can speak Braylon here sign language. A culture. You know it will go to break Labatt U attacks those 67974. Things that you will do that here on the show things that Lamar ball says that either here suns can do we'll be right back at 79 ticket. Oh. Oh yeah. Hi Gary South Florida and seven and in particular wishing well and bumpers on this Sunday from noon until two. For a chance to win Miami Heat tickets and enter the bracket challenge her son at 500 bucks enjoying tires crunching at eleven and. Am weary team colors and a 20% off your tab besides they're wishing well how invoke her town. Stevens only back with Chris Perkins here on 79 at ticket. So. We really didn't steal this idea from the Internet because I didn't know that they were doing and although I shouldn't assume something like this is going on on Twitter. Which was the things that will horrible. Says. This. That this one's pretty good there are brawls and Easter is coming up I'd like to remind people of my son would have risen to its. At. Its group. It's as islander you go out I don't know. The ball Stanley can do spacewalks without space suits. Bowl and we can walk Lama. Omar says it needs rainbow sprinkles he coops rainbows and overbought and take a wolf want to unload. It. If the market controlled little snack he's done so that's news here in Puerto as an appearance on the recruits. Here. The horrible says his team would come back from being down for a less. I'd like us doesn't it. Doesn't do like that went yeah Lamar Lamar is he's a nut job man I mean. Broke primates. From that standpoint from a me. You know sit down and shut up standpoint but. He does seem to be eight a responsible. Father a five bedroom house the swimming pool he seems to be. He's seems as though it is there is he treats his kids well they're educated they seem Smart. Who gives him just enough. To pay don't but then he would you run amok faxes like you can't remarkably because he had this successful. And Communists like not look his son is going to be a top three pick on the marble can kill two stones who won birds move. Look at our ball says he eats chick filet on Sundays that's as good as good of the ball and we include community and 12 it at that at a yeah. That's good. Because he jeopardy with the heat check the areas and it. And while my son to beat Chuck Norris. Costing us policing that this is that it isn't and I didn't release date is there out of it is literally it's a north alone can usually you originally. That Ali is the point of all boulevard ball has basically become the Chuck Norris game basketball to a yep so usually gets much of a sweet sixteen new units will be similar to that point yeah there's an availability only complacent. With. It's is this going to be a lot of fun what I mean you boys were more ankles and that's right that's when I love my political and what have you seen the bar Alonso jumper. Yeah yeah I it is. Donkey go and funky jumpers right -- well Shawn Marion and your member Jamal Wilkes oak will beckon at a with the lakers he kind of like get a slingshot popular the release point for word Alonso is jumper a little money and he brings it brings it from his belt. But it Marion. Mary I almost shot from it it appears he shot like between his chin in his nose it appeared that was Marion release point all entities as he also slipped Shawn Johnson and always it always was salty all almost incidental you have one insurance ask him about let's go right when he Terry that's it wouldn't wouldn't I don't riders would ask him about it was not do it was he was British and and Marion was like one of the nicest funniest dude put. You started asking about the jumper he does. Alitalia head he always quick with his jumper is bad his joking knows trial found there are about a hundred toes. Yeah yeah. It is I mean Shawn became all about the difference between now and then shot and no I don't I don't really go into jumpers and now it is it is it is that Chauncey is. Is there anything as Shawn is a really under appreciated players like if you look at his numbers over the course of time in Phoenix. I can put up really big numbers and it wasn't all this product the seven seconds or less like he was married and and and outstanding defender also are at the fan yeah and and then he'd change his game a little bit and he you know he was instrumental for Dallas in the 2011 series. Against the heat. Kevin Martin has strange looking jumper that your two. Our case and is now people are incorporated a celestial Lamar Balkans fixed Shawn Marion Jones should treat a crack at it as an. Little artist suns could be the all star teams Lamar says is some leverage triple double in the first quarter. The ball not only can beat the heat big wheel sleeping. Lamar ball is the only person Chuck Norris is afraid of if a it's pretty over it's over then I. And if his son was is a bustle saint blondes it was a bus in the NBA because he was too good for the game. Look at this little more both Sears if you were driving to block would still be alive off should be good I thought. Yeah I think that Linux that's really good. See what you mean we're definitely got half a block is an extra for the ball and that's good. They're there is the one between go through. Ul bill Carr early this dimension to an excellent mental hospital bill Carr in medical defense. You heard rumors a truck that was his nickname medical bill. Or Zuma to say. Create he had an ugly jumper to behavior he. It's it's. You know Ewing did the first two and then he east streamlined and a little bit but no we've seen some guys that will within our own government loans the balls game is. Is impeccable is completely scares like. Yeah this is it like it's it's is a high energy game Tom. He's he's from the Lou lots Leno and he's he's emotional life he doesn't. He's he's high energy cluttered you can dished the ball very will. From good score. I don't I don't know what the criticisms are up his game I've not seen him enough blood. I'd I'd like what I see. And dumb dumb dumb actually start to like the father. Actually here. The ball only has five championships before being drafted this year all won by the youngest. No question is no joke or that I'm not sure are. All this is good he still listens to the ticket on FM. Actually you can do about AC 2104 void period and they seem to indicate that Smart as members of an OK okay and the I bits and Donald Trump would have voted for the verbal. Who's he didn't would have been a voting irregularities. Check other input into our raw. Breaking news the wall marble is the most interesting man in the world stick crazy my friends. I mean that this is gonna be all the talk until he's drafted Ernie. And yet but that it would lead draft then until he plays like in the actual his first game not the summer league put in actual name national stopped a list. Breaks out yeah I don't think it's gonna stop it looked Lamar is not gonna stop talk. Well I don't think he has that did them cleaned him talking as listening. A will listen you jerk yeah you should go someplace amigo you know I mean we're done. Actors he's still got two other kids would want this one is still an easy play next year is going next and always committed is he a senior in high school. I don't know yeah pinkie it's so it's. We we are we are going to whom he hearing from from Lamar ball at some point. We will soon come out but I. For the next year bow while Alonso was a rookie in the NBA. Yet there's still have that bigger platform it'll be a new story win. Different teams come in to town you'll wanna do your own Mon Lavar bowl story and he's he's got another year show. There was an ordinary game in the back pains I think it was in public policy the posts of the daily news where they'd they'd they did a great big full of love lungs oh. They see saying that they should be playing for lottery balls strain on the knicks like he ends up in a big marketplace. Might or LA or New York. Chicago had him on the nose on hand this year. The horrible says he knows Victoria's Secret us. All alone with the law will be Republican senate voted to. And. Okay yeah. It's sponsored by the full screens are Romo danger heating up at the Coral Springs are Romo would go over 2000 new condos CEOs Buick GMC's day and the only vehicles. I'm a couple more attacks on this thumb. Ronald on the way stuffed animal gets in the current team here. If it's about the money stays in Chicago fifty if he pops out it would become that he is a role player he may just retire and I companies and retire there. This the sex comes in a mob barber cuts. He's solidly yesterday but it's rumored that. Scenario. And dealers reinsert. You know. Carmen also under contract don't. But in he has a no trade clause all of this is not one of the places he would exercise that for. But those are use in the Barber's giving bad information total non saying I'm saying that that mean he Carmelo could be traded. Right DC still under contracts. How how long is his deal with the with the the the next he's got two more years left one more year left and this one I don't know. This this sixteen where they will take less to go to the LA clippers with CP three and get reunions blessing. Well Hillary has always been an option for him yeah LA is always an option Carmelo has. Yeah has has blown one more year and then. And then he inning as a player option the year after that so. This text. Dion said it best this is mod bleak but that it's Italy ego and the elevators it's that could take it to delay would have to. Bargain with with waiters to come back into low waiters don't. The young Tony and columnist. It and none of the Waite county rumor I'm I'm I'm not sure. It says. So anyway a lot lots of lots of thoughts thoughts on this and other people are saying wait till the LA lakers. Ice into a magic. And good magic pulled it recruiting job off does he have the juice that I mean that's gonna. The lakers are open right that that while what do en us one. What what are the lakers right now and I don't know I mean they've got three young players for three or four young players that they're trying to build with. With with Brandel and Ingram and rustle through and then they basing just to announce an entirely that there tanking you just shut down below to hang your. I mean you know with you know what's interesting is up for the three guys who left the heat this offseason. Joseph Johnson ended up in the best situation. Of the three of them. Point situation didn't look happy the whole year Kerr and wall gang situation he got paid. Buy it and he's gonna continue to pay 84 years 72 million dollars by his role was decrease their they play them at the three wood she's being. More prolific at the four lane. And then they shut him down for the season with a month left. Its members and Joseph Johnson ended up and you saw. On a deep team that's probably gonna be fourth in the west. He actually ended up in the best spot of those some of those three guys. I'm still make him very often that Tony in our country well you are known Ariza had driven new instances Dahlia yeah he did he at least with Utah does anyone remember what it's a. The buyout last year and then signed he signed he signed a new deal with the it was a two years 22 I think something like that nominee got this off season. The systems and I say well wait option for next year sucks up in Chicago and signs a one year when Miami the following year calls it a career. About this makers will get Alonso ball and James Johnson in free agency thinks that the that with people had a a legitimate stone equipment. Texans and continue his role was to mention the young guys know why I know in and that's part of what he's tried to do out there but. Yeah I thought he'd have more for playing a role when he had. Than I thought it hit this month in the heat gets Dwyane Wade Carmelo Anthony do you think it's possibly to get Ron Harper to run the point. It's true you're a true because it'll bring China banning access our wanna get to the current team right now because they were impressive again. Last night and it's just like different guys take over different quarters at this point right I mean. It out Dragic was it was tremendous. I didn't realize waiters is done any scoring until the end of the game. They got really strong play at a Whiteside. And I know but he and Ellington yeah I mean that they you know and and white side hill in the matchup against the bigs. Date you know one of the reasons they were able to get through it. Was because of the way James Johnson defended markets cousins for long stretches so one into this this is from Hassan Whiteside. Talking about James Johnson's defense. Blood marker called the markets took could to do decayed YouTube for the war over this if there's not like you do garden. Nobody's going by Coke so I think that NFL we need to talk about people talk about it. So he'd talk about his defense he actually there's another one I think here is this also from some. JJ in the morning and India are so these kids know what nobody knew it the best friend so go look it up. Melanoma so it's this beautiful flawed because ago. To me and nobody's fault but we got to cut and your blood vessel made the defenders. How did you come could no more of an NBA you know a lot of movement on these phone call litter over mambo sendoff from the adoption. No more. James Johnson James Johnson number one the scraper is not. I think it's on red Barry's column it's. Not our that's does that very wrote about that right now what are you holding. Under. What he's holding his particular man to. That sounds like you know the Hasan got that right off the Internet from Barry's column or maybe he's subscribing to the Miami Herald this doorstep. But a cold one way or the other guy he's talking about James Johnson and last night. Yeah that is that is a big reason that the heat were able to go smaller is because he can defend bigger. And that's been such a key to season and that's the one thing that they knew they were getting from James Johnson that he was willing defenders was a good defender. The ball handling has been you know the positive that you weren't necessarily. Expecting we have more from the sun actually we were talking about the analytics in this. He he has some views on not on plus minus. In politics plus minus but you know you don't you call a plus minus all the talking you know if you have a real plus minus 1000 mourn and do not look at all. Different things like Sonoma and how many felt like I does this have the world. Then their life position is. You know plan our team defense. OK so that's. And you know the song was sensitive last year about. Being the on off numbers let him on the floor and off the floor and that for a little while it you know did the heat were better team defensively. When him off the floor and that changed in the second half of last season I mentioned the stats yesterday Chris we're talking about this that the numbers where. They are actually. Did they are still better defensively when he's off the floor but they're worse offensively. And end. Did that seem to me is what Erik Spoelstra always points sewer or has point attitude this season with a sign he's playing winning basketball. And really I think that's the bottom line the close bizarre and it is easily good defender. He's a IE a match up problem for pretty much everybody that he plays so you know he's. He's going to be a starter he's gonna play starters minutes he's going to be out there at the end of the game less three more minutes he has improved his free throw shooting. So. Despite what the numbers might say and I Sonos. Eight crucial part of this team who is going to be out there and Ed at. Pretty much every crucial part of the game so I am not sure that you can really draw any conclusions about. About SR and through those particular numbers. Well yeah I mean it's it you could see his impact last night. You can you can see LSI which is really I mean you're going the whole thing against New Orleans right now. If they they don't have a ton of shooting but would those two big guys one of your big guys is going to be able to at least. Limit one of the other one season and and he was able to do that. You know Davis and cousins put up numbers that they weren't numbers and ended up Killen Miami. Again I you know what I was watching was more sort of Miami's motion offense and date they were really christening cleaned that last night I mean there's a reason. The Whitney's see how open these looks are from three at the beginning. And that's a credit to this ball sure and that the play designed and it's also credit to sort of how. In particular and specific. The heat Norwood all their actions and and that all the screens at the running around in so many guys on the team are willing screeners right now. And and it's it seems like Ellington has always. But it also seems like by the time he runs through that second screen. You EP just watching him you can tell when they know when he's coming off that screen. And he's gonna get an open look. Or he's gonna you know and and it is not a lot of extra wasted motion that goes into it because they are selling sync right now with him. So. You know I thought he was really good again a quiet night from Dion. Almost. Almost and our garbage right from Dion and I don't mean that and ended. I mean this shooting he was he was five for fifteen from the field including one of six from from three point range. Three turnovers. Three assists. Who steals. One rebound. Statistically it is at. Not much there and then but he did keep fire we could see that Dion Waiters competency. Let me say this about the good this team is in the in the little beings and and Ellington runoff that those stagger screens is a perfect example because again. They're good clean Lisa screens you don't see them getting felt regards stick in their butt out or stick to their tip out. Our most Marines third it's it's them these little things that this team executes. But you exit to that crisply you get Ellington the open shot and that adds that dimension to your offense it's. It's it's it's almost indefensible and so. Those those little things are but help lead to a night such as last night when the heat go sixteen to 35. I'm threes and neither is a shock that. That they make sixteen threes proposed wasn't it last week to innovate their best to dame. At eighteen and sixteen and 181 game testing and the other 32 and in France is a three game so yeah that the sixteen made three corners there's not a surprise it's a it is not surprised 35 attempted. There's not a surprise that these numbers go with what this team is and who they become. And and also lasts another thing in the free throw shooting was good to just get a cheap for them this year they were sixteen in nineteen. Last night and you know you look at any and plus minuses in everything. But the best plus minus on the heat last night was James Johnson plus fourteen and the worst plus minus some New Orleans last night. DeMarcus Cousins minus fifteen. You know so I mean the markets put up you know some numbers had nineteen points had nine rebounds. By it. Miami was able to mostly keep him in check so. Coming up on Friday Minnesota they've been playing much better late that's going to be challenged for the note. By the way we got a head the Dalton resigned guard Ramon Busch ride yeah we're gonna today. Look let's get into more than next time and see what the ramifications that are we'll be right back and some ninety. Okay. Yeah. It's always. Clearly in Pittsburgh gets sticky and it's still close to 7 o'clock tonight. Well we'll have a good drive if that's what you're doing right. As soon as the Coral Springs on all nutrients so is that as low on seven I need and FM 104.3 HDTV series. An hour before every game getting ready for tonight's game sponsored by Taylor left. Of South Florida. We'll March Madness just heard USC just blew up Chris Perkins in mind brackets and beating SMU. S and had a good look there at the end the little runner in the lane and left it short. Now got him in my reader alone a lot of points lead in the on the table that's school you know tennis that's so that. You that you and about. Thirty million others struggled in the culture right now. I don't know what many of our many and what and Manny Navarro had in his bracket. You don't want. My bracket. Yeah I I got to UCLA duke and mark are actually gets fact that he's in the final score. OK you are also plan B ceiling in the Arizona. And my beautiful. Order Trimmer or can apparently you're joining us right now in Iraq and jewel announcers NiSource gas line. There are truly steps beyond convenient. So many. And lots of the players throw a log on other heat players right like everybody's. Is the happy as team I've ever seen. That they're really entered into that matter I mean bottle like that have a Mark Eaton you know applaud. Probably about this 48 run you've been all of this plus minus are very keep their players that saw outbreak. Change jobs and the fact that the that the player released a cute number one and I both beat our. You know he's talking about gore aren't barn that B Felix EP did not want to talk about a result would have ever imagined that a lot of white that would our club so. But that's would have gotten through this quote dispute everybody's just go low around built server but he also when you 22 and target your lucky. Well well yeah I mean I eat it occurred to me Manny then you might have read Derry Jackson's article right because didn't Dara. They married just right about now or magic Johnson's. D.'s are one on one. Yeah actually went about god who told us that yesterday at practice but Berry wrote about it afterwards yeah. I think he actually confirm this or meet today as a worthy numbers because the look everywhere. On balance that's not NBA dot com a great website which showed me last year. And I've now become you're a master I did so I think he showed me exactly New Orleans. And indeed James Johnson is being number one I saw the cyber war bit. So many you know have zionism is all a joke you don't feel about that but oh what James Johnson gets defensive player of the year and is on this is like. Second. Third. What he is still going to be about. Yeah I don't know hot bat I'd big break out earth side you know it you cool thing is I think he's really trying to prove. The cot at at this vote everybody else. That he's he is all about winning and and not about himself and not about the numbers. And you know I talk to you. You know who this Hassan Whiteside is because obviously for so long. You you know eaten some from current team and if you don't it's gone was the kind of guy who do you know he'd get an assist of the game EB make ensure the score keepers. Nudity picked up an assist you nor I got part of that bottle ox so. I think he's trying to really go along with this all merited that he does not care about that but he was sort themselves Udall ballclub smarter people Melinda losses. And so that's what all of this stuff is coming from the heat and you know what actually true real I think he's really body isn't you'd say yeah here at the moment where he really Salt Lake. Cosponsored a quarter was last Sunday when he had that crazy back to back with the territory here at 8 o'clock in the nab that 8:6 o'clock in Indiana. You know 41 hour later whatever awards he did that ease the Arctic as Archie model Quaid as hard as he did. In nagging you know the heat loss. But the fact he played that hard. Showed you got something really made it feel like Rambus got really gets it now it's not about how to motivate although I look at it I'll keep you had a password. This is we've got to be every right. Talking Amanda bar for the Miami Herald he covers the Miami Heat Josh Richardson. Looks like he's getting a little bit more comfortable eight es do you T think this is about where his minutes are gonna stay at this point you can Spoelstra is a bigger role. In mind for him going forward. You know it's funny because I think initially obviously given just this supposed to be that. Focal point of the seat in the end and he never brought the bigger role searcher. But the way to achieve this play are now I don't think spoke really want the master or are they the only way Josh. Get a bigger role oldest something happens to all dark. Our or something that are underwater curtain an Odyssey that happened to us. Or those guys have been big upper this report put. I think right now this sort of rules are jostled a recent arrests at this season barring injury and you know I thought the dark of the night we conceded that go ahead three pointer but what else are what I'll do what I say it. That had to look so good considering it doesn't see these are shooting to report pre wrist injury everything will be in already to think about it XP that I was just in the small leak in spite. I know how it goes well good for him because it it's been really frustrating seasons or respect he also record entries. Really for the first time in history or he's never been. Are you forward and not so good that he just can't do it hit that shot and and also leads you more of a sudden it you know you get another weapon on the perimeter. Stability Alli can Dragic yeah and everybody else is hitting streak after the salt that you everybody turn to one about to get a report that it's a pretty powerful thing. They are many what are you expecting drama from the bench tonight. Go one did the way they've been playing they've they've been a dog that's huge. And I'd. I guess energy. It's a supplier of energy when you what are you expecting from their bench tonight and and going forward. Does does anybody standout James Johnson and and take on it under a different role or anything like dead were gore would what are you looking toward their. Well I think I admire that you know James Johnson talked about earlier there are actually some defense to Mexico and right or you could use in my car at the alma burst your. Org or you know he steps out and try to hit three quarters. I'm sort of more out of that's better position anecdote or beg your Barack. I think you know tonight's academy or where you you're gonna need a list from JJ defensively be expected at dot Osiris Ers are. Much is that. So you know but look at it the same thing eerie actually eat they eat these stories really went on to become the vets with degrees the heat better job that you don't exploit these. You know JJ this course well. I think as long as everybody's contributing. The sort of secret to success with this team has its secret owners. Are getting offers from everywhere it not to happen Carlyle bought were DR waiters are sought out security Google are you know what to eat special because everybody is a ball. So many Navarre from the Miami Herald. Ellington in particular. Look at Jerusalem is numbers I know it's on this coincides with him getting healthy and and win this streak happened but a lot of their best lineups including him. Right now I hate you a little bit of a surprise that he sees he's played as well as he has been good on defense and end. Sorry to be playing Ellington wait yeah I mean aren't we would appear to restore the way it was. Or didn't seem to orders you know getting hurt broke the bat and and and stole. You know last week in the immediate danger becomes facts about my peers what he gains dead end and you know started to play well they are hurt and I'm not surprised because your weight talked about this is what's your job without much weight he's lost a lot better shape he's beaten physically. I think you'd like 222. It's what he first got leaked out about to a reality just important are those pre. I mean he looks slick we're out he's coming off Thursday the house passed equal adopted catches up all had just sold out shoot that it. It's really immediate Eric edit credit those who keeps. Street conditioning coaches are taking another guy getting a little and look we couldn't we can make you compare that marred when archenemy. Are an Odyssey sixty million dollars team option for next you know look like a bargain yeah. Yeah that was gonna ask you about that because in a right now they'd have they cleared a much money off the books. They'll have about 39 million dollars to spend but that's assuming that they don't vote. Pick up the option on Ellington and the ice and the other day on the air exits mean it's a no brainer at this point that they do with the way the game is involved. It's have a three point shooters and knock down three point shooter like he is six million dollars is not so much CE is sort of think in the same way. Yeah I'm right I think certainly you're sort of earned that money now are you ready initially when he beside that you know you you thought. Albeit you all the way Nellie didn't know you don't you don't pick up that option that is doing now that we see. Over the last 45 to thirty games without question we need it such a big part of this she even. It is so great poise throughout the game where our keynote high alert in a park is necessary at orchard or respect or want to get the credit. And and soul do you need that option eTech got a hit. Shock coming off beat and it just isn't another development. Sort of the way you Babbitt does it was the starting lineup helping stretch the floor waned as this is being with that would he got back. They many I don't know if you looked at the schedule and try to it to break things down as far as. When you expect is he to actually seat at eight playoff spot orders seven playoffs Goddard. But do you have any thing he did you have any idea who win it could happen whether it's a week from now work or two weeks from now. You know next week next. Tuesday and Wednesday Milwaukee Detroit and Chicago. Are all playing back to banks. Yeah yeah I mean it is at a spot where maybe they see. You know six the sevens moderate to have you thought about that. Right yeah I mean I think judge you know the first slugger got the eight spot by the end of the right right I think the Bucs are playing the lakers at the moral. Milwaukee to act Golden State there are about six in what those trips so. Odds to beat the bucks it's all out pretty quickly here you know I know the lakers sort of sort of a I'll put Golden State certainly it but apartment. Are so maybe by Sunday you know they could be that that was very dear. I didn't look at the schedule so David you were Detroit's blank who grew at robust growth Detroit played and I ma. You know you're ninety Troy it is playing tonight. That sent on who they have but they they are. It's runs sir the other owners the Toronto tunnel at home there. Yeah I mean they spear tersely immediately that it's a Laker show up in the side played it right every there's a chance we could be the seventh spot. By the Internet access but you know this to be at of this five game homestand. This aren't they build it the opposite side of both sides you know I actually got Portland on Sunday ordered to pretty much but I also see them. You know I know there's still competing the last artist to be here. About match of forum glitter playing in the embed them you know. Our they've already beaten drawn out Arnold coming back here for another day in the DH. It's Minnesota team is that disputed any it's not better than not that backed group are now these political play so. The night would be a nice big B you're gonna lose one of these five according to act like that happens but. You know really good playing so well. I had you know they could show up again and to score on those also attributed exports thirty period and to eat what I guess. It Goran Dragic this year was Amos are gonna Manny Navarro. The way the core ons playing this year is free as he's playing is he just seems happier Tierney was last season. Yes no question are reacting GT copiers and the Serbs that. The team's winning now you know I think in the beginning it was frustrating for him. I think he's so we sort of like where we're really not it's back act octagon or not you stern actually up the Boston team that they had promised went off. Offer those 25 points in the fourth quarter and NBC force in that dean. Without more I would basically lived with us army injured it in that game justice sir back in that terrible it's great to be but there were talking with. Would corporate about fifteen minutes after that game that you just like Matt. We're so much better then didn't we wolf we are not what our record that's yardage book Domtar do you work pretty achieved. And eight turn out to be right and end you know I think happy because dispute are gonna that was set but I. I don't know it's just buried it it because wait so argued that a bigger role sort of ran out and be tortured if you people are. But I think it just because he he he feels vindicated that. BP is as good as it's been the last that's what it says it. Many thanks for the time appreciate it. There are secured my parent will love we'll be right back.