Chris Kattan Interview 3-20-17

Monday, March 20th

Zaslow, Roms, and Amber Interview w/ Chris Kattan 3-20-17


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And from an engine. I look at bats as a runs an amber here it is a Monday morning we look at the comedians are we special love that folks. From San alive on and joining us and Iran and fuel on bouncers convenience stores gas line truly sense beyond convenience. Chris Getz and who was actually going to be down here magic city casino in Miami next month. Is also Dancing With The Stars very is very is Chris content of the seas on Dancing With The Stars. Premiering tonight 8 PM on ABC. Chris good morning we appreciate you joining us here and I'm wondering when you are when you're walking around the streets New York Los Angeles whatever it is. You did at Hawn impressions when you were on Saturday Night Live which is the impression that folks mostly. Shout outs he when they see when public. I am well I environment or is that it most of these shout out you know like whether it's rock guys mango or mr. he goes. But. Why it. You know I think it was probably. Don't have a bed and he boasted the values saying I yes. Show. Us what it among them all on. When it in your impressions are to highlight in now you know. Well what I think it was you know they're they're came out to mean either that fantastic album you know. Yeah probably she don't ever want to look at their output you know and it's a at this. Stages of the opera you know it was like. It's you know previous two ways for the Mormon myopic views laid out you know lines. It lined up with you know. And they've got you know an age where he just like. He would take a moment but there's a unity is literally where you have the movie see the course of course yeah. There's this sense that scene where. And always great actor would be able to get away with it like they're. And he walked into the kitchen and he let her develop properly. And the thing is there's rather like all of 1000. On the topic. Italy is that when he stormed our. Tonight can I can all be so give us give us a blind to chino give us some of sensible woman to chino. Well relative but I could do another one who we are right. I am I know what apple sauce. Yeah. Do what he can I give you can do what she opened Carly goes way I don't really want to do it right well you don't want it. All right here you ready now they bit. Chris can be honest prozac has been honest and yeah. Chris is there ever an impression that he wanted to do when you just couldn't master. Like sitting back there. I you know. Never got to feel like a quick little question from my audition. Amber we've ever back in nineteen they'd flood issues he was at its stock. And it was that my it was in my position and it was Christian Slater interviewing a vampire. In interview with milk are. Basically assists all right it was felt like. You're empire. Starter on an illegal hit a viable. I love the yeah I love the idea of you pointing out it was you know Christian Slater back in mid nineties where is big because it would be weird to go and do. An audition today doing a Christian Slater impression. I'd. It was put out you know I think of 1% that do. I got on the I month it was is the ball. Out on. That he would like is. You know I. Know. I'm not. Help us. I got out. So you don't then we got Chris gets annualized Dancing With The Stars season premiere it is tonight on ABC 8 PM. Chris how did you convince Garth Brooks a go ahead get into that mr. I. Wanna do it so it was this sort is but you know it was. It's not the end that they currently does. Somehow I don't know why it is currently like people trying mangoes with him onstage like it was. He says that things look you know I have as a real threat they know it was fun to find out there's a lot of many old get those once you. You know either buying or mr. convert it always. Boggled my mind you know a bullet point probably the wrong wanna do the people who are you know of course but that's what I would proper state I was. You know. You know that but I do it you know that's a consent to record the producer of the Soviet aggression Warner about you know you have attachments aren't. Elemental mangled the care to mangoes stretched across into the NFL world and there was tight and by the name of Kyle Brady was about six foot 5270. Pounds. That would do jango all the time all your longer on any asks yeah yeah that's pretty impressive. Very. A one a wanna get you and a conversation we had at a few days ago here Chris where. The standard Amy Schumer Bodine Schumer right now is got our comedy special what folks are saying their claim that she's. That she has stolen jokes I'm what are here are the yeah. And I once a year it's like imagine you're actually coming down dramatic city casino and April seared a year doing standup you know and and I are under it doesn't happen that comics are. Not even consciously that subconsciously. From a joke they heard ten years ago okay subconsciously. Maybe they wind up stealing a joke and that must happen rights. Is that. A lot and I mean it has asked. One my old one example in the north than ever backtracked. And claim this is cruel and I have some of the Nevada where does the armor. Were part of a group but the ramblings that probably request photo as. And go to west as the on the West Coast but as city yet. And that there was a median that are resident Jennifer Coolidge. She wasn't a lot of the Christian or else movies on cheaper too broke for example is. And she's really fighting as he did a monologue there where he would. If he's calling a boy for a so called epic by up or was it. Which he kept leaving them another masses and then another bout this I just spoke about this as well as you leave another message. If you look like 1520 messages. That senators may well here are. I want aren't like that some winners right there. That exactly Don lever in the early. So I mean that. I am saying he'd start picking up the opinion aren't in I don't know really. That. What it's wingers so. That happens on its army facilities they thought if I don't know because I have no idea how an effort is it that bad bad. The situation the cramped capitalize on them. In the spirit by road trip where they were a whole idea that the opposite was. Exactly that's paying them and that all of the repulsive statement. And I told my lawyer are like a couple I wrote at my fight ability yergin is part of is supporting in my lawyers civilized what you want to really span pack of lies in the courtroom was this further you know it was written and about role model but isn't quite Bob Marley forward. Yeah let them. Oh era of there's a problem revolver but yeah it does happen. But out of that it was you know feeling as you know but it was but not a going to the opera or are you so. Which itself is over. More personal work waves out right rip is that a lot of work. That was the reason is not to be more closely as the bones and that they don't plan that something like whatever. Because it does say. Claim. 78 and despite the obvious that everybody. When we are having this conversation a few days ago and also brought is in this conversation about whether comedians use writers at all when their writing their stand up and and I thought that that is certain points as particularly I would think it at the EU list level at a certain point that you would. At least brighten your jokes by eighteen that people what that there would be a team of people helping you we stand up do you comedians. How writers for stand. Net that hit the majority have. There's a sort of more or more means that writers don't. Our. And that it would mean they don't. Do her own stop and I help you know as far as writers. You know and a rapid auto writer. You know these guys have writers earlier. But I. It's hard not to put or I mean I do prefer us apart. Chris thanks a lot for joining us we appreciate it Dancing With The Stars season premiere it's tonight. It's at 8 PM on EBC.