Fact Nugget 5-19-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 19th

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Yeah any else for you was quick fact nugget numbers defect. She Limbaugh. You already know. That's five million. It is Friday it is 848. Although. I did get a few facts in earlier on this week numbered effective again on Friday. GMT you ever did. Now it's one of the strongest drugs on the planet. In this one is released. When you sleep. And when you die in it's even rumored to be released the minute that your born. He's released where it's actually found in the human brain and it's released in large quantities. From McNeil plant during death's approach. You spend on tackling and O'Neal Electric's at a particularly Neil. Legacy and jail time. Potato potato tomato tomorrow the MT is naturally occurring it's like a psychedelic drug and it's been dubbed this your molecule for its in tents. Psycho tropic properties. It was basically like doing the most wicked amounts of Ellis the is my guess but it only last for short duration of time. It happens when we sleep. You say haven't only sleeping on diets may and I so I haven't I don't literally enjoying each tricked out when you sleep. Moment I didn't have in Japan and India and I didn't have a dream about David Beckham and I do it and yeah. It's got its own mind you see. I don't. Anybody got my aunt Jessie that is correct it looks like David Beckham on Miami exceed yeah lottery yeah. Here's a very interesting in the trailer. What's his name again in my music in the. I was during her own. And Cleveland. Yeah David Beckham. Rapidly we're making. You're gonna yield credit. You already warrants weren't weren't hard. By the way did you see me soon picking an than. The ultimate couple photo shoots and they're not only that now I just I hear Lisa Boyce I just go crazy all right. It'll cover running under a lot and am a resident panacea of course means and done well rates. This thing anyway you. Let it Sergio next.