Fighter's Fury GGG vs Jacobs preview 3-18-2017

Fighter's Fury
Saturday, March 18th

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If everybody local Mullen and loses to open here with few lives in my living room. Or do little special edition. Fighters fury here's the other big fight weekend coming up. And the big boxing matches pretty cool movie you know I would say for our show we love talking boxing but. I would say definitely this what is probably 7030. Mix martial askew in the majority of our. Airtime and it's a big fight weekend there's been a lot of big plate news as far as. Do you she's concerned but this is this is this is boxes weekend for sure this is a weekend where you can an eagle opportunity on Daniel Jacobs. And we do we do a lot of coverage of that this week. The 123 show. You can hear you everywhere even myself LeRoy a beast. But got the opportunity thanks to the 52 HBO to get some. Some of their great analyst sonic coach has talked to Roy Jones junior about the the flight catcher has talked to Max Kellerman about the fight coach has talked to Michael Buffer about the flight. Sobering results you're in the this'll special edition podcast we're gonna do. Than and then they'll preview for you. That applies for tomorrow night. Best political things that have come out. Friday and they were powerless on Friday night. And that was a Mickey Colin making his debut masters we're guarded. The Irish Olympian. Who was make it has recruited he says it's extra debut and look at the stoppage in the in the third round. One of the cool things about that was he actually had Connor McGregor. With him there to walk him and escorted to the ring and they did have a whole Tomlin on the whole Africa thing Connors behind a fur coat. Bring in the Irish flag and you can pretty valued your car yelling. Throughout the entire fight so very cooler for the Irish. On saint Patrick's and Saint Patrick's Day. But. The what he's seeing things was that I Conner went a little rants to reporters this courtesy of the Saudi appears if I don't TV. I'm looking at night it's at night I think. We think nobilo. It's. You know who's gonna. And data content very intense that he egos at the biggest thought you'd heard much from him. Since the aerial Gilani thing. That that interview interview. It's been mostly Floyd taught him. You go to Iran and about that last week about Floyd always claim the money part of these negotiations. This week he had to do away. In ministry recoup about and say that. He's not gonna stop this fight happen. And I think that's that's. No this market in the can I think be used to it and getting their brand on this and in this can be. Marketing total fat but. But I think you've etched do you want Carter come back I think of this begun to legal battle that out of it and I. Conner never. Fighting in the USC again and I think you'd you absolutely need that behavior if you do away. So a Smart move by a by him to let him. Take this year off essentially golden Floyd Mayweather. As you're probably very passionate he's going to knock put out at a at the Vatican says is that's ridiculous. That. He. Ego. You'll hear from the boxing experts. An issue in this podcaster Roy Jones and Max Kellerman confident here among. A much show this week. But you don't vis vis the idea that that that power is gonna commit there even be competitive. Is a bit surprising to a lot of people. Are physically I don't I don't find it to be that crazy because physically. This encountered under the guise of seasons. Provider. And eagle bigger than so I do think there's a couple of things there. What does not people his hands. Aren't very strong. And Donnelly that put the just the size dynamic of it'd just. You know talking about a rumored to you know make article put mighty mouse there or even believe that I would say he had given what the system doctor about. But the fact that he's gonna go there with a common Gregor news. You know 59 and a half cinder block head shot you don't want giant don't click on McGregor and he'll hasn't hasn't brought his blood what strikes. Shirley about problems of his sides you know do you say they tell us about that bullet. Equipment that was parked cars got a really trojans. And the matches. The the only way conceive would stop its. Is if it's a party issue Connor is just. I figured out getting that ring. And he can't go wherever it ends up being turned twelve on I I think it's gonna end at ten. You know cars that Tony five minutes. I guess you break down the math that that's thirty minutes. Obviously differing commencement I think that's more logical that this being a twelve round fight. But you know this is does is it injures seeing. This is a whole interest in project that's going on here when it. Fans in general the media the media wants to see this. I think a lot of mixed martial arts fans wanna see this is the if you're mixed martial arts fans. First you definitely wanna see this. I again hesitation from. The people who were boxing fans first. I him as even as he gets because of those two things I was always I was considered missile boxing guy that. You know because of this show because of fighters jury. Don't have you Leo right in its U. Mixed martial arts and and I love them both like it's you can't separate the two just love watching all of it. Which makes you wanna see this because I wanna see. What this eventually turns into what is the spectacle gonna be with this. Is there which is a car does to this. And open you can look at and say there's no chance that he can beat wouldn't. Kind of got a powerful and the NE AE is not a he's a very technical striker. And a very accurate striker and a very fast striker Conor is not a he's not. Who's a guy and he he's not of legal the Robbie Lawler for example whom. It is you know go to she wing while bombs from the head. That's not that's on him stepping into the ring boy Conor is a very very. Beautiful striker and has Tavarez. His hands are concerned and but the kicks are big part of that so that is a big weapon they're taken away from himself. You know I'm not about years as saying that. IE I think power is gonna win a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather. I don't think it's crazy he could win a fight against Floyd Mayweather. I don't think that you know people saying zero and a 0% that he did. I would Mayweather. You know if I half a percentage on it. I would say. You know well whatever who cares for us at 2.5 percent does that matter. I think there's he's out he's got that opportunity I would say he's probably got a windows about three rounds. Probably morally to let's just say first round in this fight. Is most likely to be quiet rate everybody steps of these big fights whether it's two boxers whether it's too many fighters. And a lot of the time resident of being a real fill me up process. That's second round with Floyd I think it's beautiful critical for Connor because he's still won't point. How the whole. Picture. Yet and so. That indicates. Once that window kinda passes I think Floyd as you figured out there's there's very few guys who hasn't do you know. Over recent memory Marcus my Donovan. Moto had a little bit overwrought go against him. That's that that's kind of the list you know many got like one punch on a machine Mosley LE one punch on him. But I think the list of guys are actually stood in there can heated with Floyd. And did make it looks so lopsided you'd go Comodo. And you'd go my da. You know guys who were ferocious weather up against the ropes you know Floyd does a lot of waiting out there. He does a lot of defending there. Does does he's not as slick as he was not as fast as he was which is why you know the the the June 6. Hedo Connors initial thoughts of this. What NASA when he thought the subject was to be. Ended the year beginning of Tony eighteen. If these rumors are true. That this fight's going to be. In June. Well. The other Celeste copper card to get ready for this less time to train. We know that he he's his fiancee has got a kid on the way assume he's got some personal things that. He's got me on his mind as well. He'll avoid is Floyd don't matter what he says no matter how profit he has Diaz he has the clock running and his his body and and what he can put it through and so. I imagine the younger he's able to do the younger he's able to be in that range to do this the better for him. So that's what that's about. That shifted over tomorrow night and we'll hear from our guests and I will get heavy as it is about getting legalized in Daniel Jacobs. You know this this to me is. You know so we'll obviously written apology to keep the the momentum going that well a lot of eyes are on him every time he said said there apple. Question Leon's Kelberg even thinking he looked a little invulnerable. You know is the wrong when you have that kind of streak going that troubles you does. You don't you wanna keep that you wanna keep that going obviously. The edge signaling though it is. Would be better for his career if you actually went the distance and Daniel Jacobs. And showed a little bit of vulnerability. And showed myriad chink in the armor. And that would entice. A guy like you know lovers to make no mistake you know I would say. Canal over strip Algeria Alicia were to put Florian shriveled Jia and obviously would be bigger but let's just say. That's off the table also canal over trip algae. You know I think for that to happen. Can daddy is gonna need to show yeah there's a little little window there he's the bigger man. Shows the biggest stars got much more to lose. That regard. And so. I think showing that spoke at a remote through everybody. Will be. Would be beneficial to. Puts us except I can't believe a terrible. Who platter but has been a good fight goes this has shown some vulnerability and I think that would entice. Canola to to step into the ring with him. As far as the as far as those who squared off and make it happen. You know the last are proud I was was obviously Floyd vs Manny Pacquiao. And there was there was virtually no interest from deployment when went Mandy was knocking fools out when he was plowing through. Weight classes and divisions. You know what at no interest in that fight we didn't really. Get any interest from Floyd until many law sworn Manny Lawson were 11111. Malveaux Marquez knocked about the way he did it. That's what I think the inches really sparked up for Floyd that Disco in be dangerous anymore this goes with threats of my record. And you know we got the fight that we did that we got the team the mediocre at best. Quote unquote super fight. If you would've gotten those two at the peak of their powers I think you would have been a much better contest. Just the flu I think many. Mentally positive replace the Buick got Manny right after he destroyed Miguel Cotto. And they would've fought through it Mayweather I think you've gotten committee who is still on edge of many who is a destroyer. Committee who. Just to give little bleak and you know we're mainly found. Room where many found god who made it became very kind to. And and maybe and maybe also got off the Jews who knows me that's that's speculation about their for years. Broad powers hasn't been there from for stopping Austin would now. I do I do. Argued that with the people late in nobody's held a lot of knockdowns of that in that time to do so it's not act like he's got nothing left of those things he does it's just. Yeah it is easier to go there butcher phase of an abuse to a pulp. That guy's not there anymore I don't think that's I don't think that's in many parts you know anymore I just think. He's two days ago. Just to keep us wanna do that people anymore. That that's surprised. Spain left left and power that I think is still there. City completely go away but I think I think it makes. Physical traits. Mentality. The age all that stuff that went up being a skilled and I think with this canal tripled you fight. You know. I want to see these guys the peak of their powers or to seek an aloe still knock was like comes anyone any anything you walk through. Julio Cesar Chavez junior and and get Elliott walked student at Jacobs. If you don't don't make this crazy don't overs don't over complicated. Make those two fight. So we'll suitcases we give it I like it that he overdid OJ gives. I do think this is one of his toughest fights the dosing of is no joke he's he's he's. You know he made it bounced back from bone cancer. It is twelve fight knockout streak so. That does no joke at a realist and so we're assessment period some great kids this week. Oh start off the great Roy Jones junior with a best pound for pound fighters in the world. As he used his thoughts on Dana Jacobson in illegal often. As Roy is is really judge a book he's toughest test yet. Yeah actually the most definitely give you buy in the real command paint our demand and a miracle. That it's OK okay oh I didn't noted that the attempt to get to be. That was while men's journal geez last fight against Albert I tell brought him a good a good scrap the day as soon as they knew that he resented his his corner was not gonna let him in there. And get them or what what makes this guy so dynamic as a power puncher. Where he's just a great problems that would make a bad name nowadays if he government and Al Portugal can you gotta admit remember the old days that might type of Mike has a little bit because now Olivia Apollo portrait. But it was a recommitment outpost if they didn't stop to get your job and I were to be taken it to fail which of the G. Roy and a lot of these situations. Everybody is they get a PowerPoint who's got hit you and pay. But these guys know everywhere Mike Tice used it that all of. They're good they're correct. You know Mel what do you should apply to our problem full edition Allman a bad in this the nomads you know he would Jindal called dead but argue straight. Good digger be the miracle may have cucumbers from Spain from obstacle the most it would not maybe even be a group and to be it's not pretty quick and I want around. He had lived a pretty good but you double just know that you have what you are you were. You were dominating guys for sowing as it was it was almost tough to unified should change divisions to go get financing and get competition. Is should would you face a little bit of that like he's also a victim of his own success he's too good that he get maybe necessarily get the the super big payday fights. Of course we have to because same day you're being to be true to our loan up of how much it would come alone no beach. Dog group by Obama hopes. And that's why he's trying to go up or about a Japanese Camilla even put added strain can get out of the big load then let chat to is truly bit his coach took him to a leak. And seniority is where there are there well I wouldn't pay a big bear market would seek ouster return it to you within. Sometimes you can't actually Waco all your opinion that you actually got him booked a weaker. And saying bad cold took too much of spin to what dumb or what are really if you debt fears that you are usually you have their attention mirror yes you. Not more you'll buy the book when Doolittle what the problem due to a bloody may start to work that would have been because. I'll talk to what do you got a week into are in about a whether or do we or data we went after it on the ball and Willem Andre Ward of the left Vietnam. On the then world. What Warner Kovalev and he's trying to. Our immediate I've kept in media might negotiate and come home do you give me the technique. Yeah I did very kitty Newcombe I didn't do complete and they will while we could not. I'm the world because I was hopeful. Flat Coke would give under the make it where you know hey that's just me. We're talking the great Roy Jones junior he's on the call this week on HBO pay reviewed a lot conversed Jacob. Now I want to ask about jewel of a man you've been in the news with this you're USC headquarters. A little bit over a week ago. What what's on the man I give us the scoop or you're gonna get this fight with Anderson Silva what's going on over there. No longer the globe house dealt with something that a little of that talk about it until I double B was all bitter realized I didn't really wasn't bad at all about their fight between got a bit about some milk with the launch an advantage also understand that the argument would you. The army in this situation would become a ligament looked situation what you got done there they'd he'd get up. Carla McGregor is not there for them not to receive huge did our share of this out of this situation they'd be able to have because. Without them develop and cut programs go McGregor wood we have an Apollo pro forma despite they would get away at my mind at that price could generate. Glad to understand you have people are told me in that situation I'm glad they are having a hard time making them but because they're saying that hey we created too little and appalled at what action we used. Give you our opponents are getting promoted a guy that we need and we won't get that apartment if not crippled. Woman thing. Do you do you still want to do that Madison sold by the feels like that's been rumored about you guys for awhile. Way ahead we will pull while I don't motivational speaking get out of that country or go or are they gonna be more than to make that happen. I don't know how they're gonna go I would do if you've got story of course but. Are you basically are above being sample until you know you look at their way into apple I employee I don't have a lot of kind of way. And so loud that do we acknowledge they have an okay cool I'd never done to play a bouquet happened nobody. But it had to battle have a lot not a parent may have stumbled a bit of bark control. If they want to Dublin and they would need to Gordon pushed their mobile star make it happen the kid to ground and keep waiting. Because no portion of the day and keep my own doing and people want to look I'd get too old have a chance to win it. Then you're crazy you're giving tours they go door that we should to a flu delegate rich and they're told to would you say they are but they're also a liberal. The justice on the royal it if I did the choice Serbs he wins this week he beats Danny Jacobs. Yeah you get a chance what we we get to seeds herbal. A well how are the big buffalo future would you broken memo. And I actually adding alternate much outreach W great to have most of the women are Camilla gorgeous shot victory at the government accounts averaging outings. No I mean so our feature would give birth to them that are now you do that while your probably guy I want to go hey gotta be whereby you them. Do you it would had to leave bad and he wouldn't have been an agreed pinnacle do. Astronomical amount that would usually at an alum who was Margaret admit women but I'm not watching their butt beat by what that would leave it. Don't feel like our future would you buy the what I did Jeb is every of. Everybody thinks that that's lawyer would it would hand O Connor because it's his sport I mean it's it's it's lodge who think that. What do you think they'll flood of him at him moving to fifty you know it that's a that's a big historical nominate have what he'd do it against the guy that that wasn't a boxer. Can you defend yourself how what I think about you giving it a number of what did you what do you think about I think you give. You ask your question you've got to college we can't really we don't kick got a real because united prime about triple a you you don't get credit for border amid column area. And blow a little bit tired but that hide rated but that's how he made he may do Palin put it but why not. You know certainly won't be prepared and do it all the time to vote each and you may moment MM didn't used to bark at how could you fought company. We'll talk and Roy Jones yes you catch him HBO pay review this upcoming weekend Connecticut locked into a son Daniel Jacobs. Royal be on the call with Jim lamp in Max Kellerman wrong almost forgets Gotti a man. I get your promotions or you are you gonna be on this other shed embrace Reza Kendall fight what are we got that thing. I hope we need to bear sole chairman Bill Cunningham equipment possible is gonna happen down here now south what do you think. Our outlook to a academy Evan and I sure hope so Roy thanks in time ever miss Alicia and enjoy call this weekend you guys okay right. That's Roy Jones junior he really ditches everybody this is pretty amazing because. I will say this till I ended days. Roy Jones junior was Floyd Mayweather in his part. He couldn't find anybody to box and not so he moved up to get to pay day. In that women everywhere HA BC and yet. And then it just. It was overwhelming. He kept moving around moving around he would fight anybody anywhere. And it caught on tour and I think a lot of people lose a great Roy Jones junior was. Simply because he has a lot of Lois. Yeah absolutely buddy but. You've got to respect the challenge that put forth on himself back is this Floyd Floyd would you know Floyd's always been under the guise tucked in a calculated a wanna have you. Right that's heart and that's what form. War weight classes aren't restart yet now it happens because incredible if you're in good mover and a to weight classes right yes so yes it happens but it. For weight classes tough thing. So thanks to Roy for for making time for us this weekend you really feel like heroes and that settlement. You know Canadiens Roy. Have. Has a little bit of a crossing. The same problem so that's and she perspective to hear from royal that also engines said. A little bit insulting is there I think with with the idea of Floyd. Getting to that fifty you know market against a mixed Marshal as Fedor. And I think that's I think that's a common unspoken theme right now in the box cutie we'll hear more of that after it happens I think. Bush. Yeah judges quoted about the idea that I was gonna get to fifty you know he's got a duty as a guy who doesn't box. I don't understand how that wouldn't bother. I boxers and historians. I'll move on Max Kellerman. Of first take the same skip doses are placed on first take. He is also use all solar merchants are placed him on the HBO broadcast. Partly with Jim lately and Roy Jones junior. Max always has her thoughts on boxing and so got a chance you dive into you triple jeepers Daniel Jacobs with him. Where does no word is Daniel Jacobs or were calm back ranked at coming back the historic comeback from bone cancer to continue his career you mean you've. Heard a lot of stories in the sport where does that one golf for a. I don't know great academic. They're they're so pretty credible story to bock a great story. The ideal Jacob would adopt that you're cool look later the watch that he would have a critical look he would the public eye of his era. Can't be right future it turned pro sport repel. Really do all the right things that would be it could be treat pure out what he would cock out. At the Iraq troop at the fighter probably bite people it would go concluded that guy debate will buy what they did she is different that. You brought it back. Problem with with a bit of every ticket at a time. That's Jacob go below that group they are. You don't battle yet are we hit the bed at you know pat walker the pure but it only log. What it can't look at it because of pure luck that but at the cult eat better fighter that the law Peter Rupert. And the good part especially early quite a good boxer. And the a real good guy go at you fighter to report. What what's better forgive Eddie this this upcoming weekend because it almost seems like I was I was talking Roy Jones this weekend. And and comparing their careers and he's almost a victim of being too goodies like hits it in this is this a run that he's on it's tough to get opponents if they feel like. They're they're taking on a real challenge a campy so is it is it better for him to do a smaller guy like Daniel Jacobs or is about a for him to. Shows some vulnerabilities and maybe go the distance what works better for him in the long run for his career. I get just keep doing what he do it which is just destroy get beat buddy I would describe describe looking at eat that. Jarrett beat. Day for your actor David Walker. Don't you read it. Out artist who can have very high level opted Butte silver medalist at that and look at a gold medal it can be to the world championship the top international aperture. I'd walk hard the temperature by. And Ed as the crow what the eagle football I knock out. You probably prep we be really aggressive knockout artist like crisis it is product. I eat they're all that I led by drew intent on her Bible let that happen. The other got it but what we engaged. Usually the equipment guys off that could be not heated up you'll get a great fight which I bought like both structures that spurt that apple got held the hole by. Because you'll all but knock out he'd like apology. Know how to the other guy like OT dot eagle got to cut off the rate he surgical hybrid jet. You will you walk a couple of cheap by port Garrett he beat up you know this. War I Tibet what Ed go despite that didn't want to buy it because the leak haven't got it would get a lot to apparently. They're old entertainer. So if we get to be built different that they pure entertainment book it entertainment but with the exports I don't know. Up up up better Gary EDQ will be yet retain that could keep it. Well now that we're talking a Max telemann museum in the call HBO pay interviewed a lot conversed Jacobs middleweight manage guys don't want to miss it does upcoming weekend. I'm not only that but it's it's it's it's almost rare in boxing is as you're getting a pay per view card and you also get chocolate Tito Gonzales the guy and his ilk on the card him. Can you best describe the that this this guy to maybe some new guys in Washington nick is it seems like he's he's he's a small fighter but does everything perfectly. AP got a little bit critical could trigger a way to do it usually right you guys eat a little quicker that they had your guys for whatever reason it. Because there are people ought to be pro Atlanta. And also get an orchid. Or let it ought to eighty or you know look sort. That he could that they are by AB it's up to do it goes those ideology. All work. Got to go a small guys battled belt but he beat him PP eight were quickly. And you already said he could that be considered a week to beat people up with a way to look recently which you looked horrible horrible Al. Get used to not a chocolate people up the court by the way. The guy we've they've more responsible any secret that it would about chocolate ego he beat the content more like it is pride. It quark rocket you don't get records go go. You know you get beat and special led the decline. Max I I you Dugard jumpers take you don't grids has taken over. You guys had Floyd Mayweather on pretty recently and he really on your show. Let it be known he was and sit in the car McGregor thing an iconic gauge from when you're talking to him. Do you he still wanted to see Floyd against some of the young want to it's a key Thurman a Danny Garcia. Are disappointed that he's going this route to go after a guy who hasn't boxed and that elusive fifty you know is gonna be at the end of it and it's not against the boxer. I would certainly Garcia go to get caught watching them like Lloyd because I think they're all good. But eager to date actual guilt pound for pound tight Kyle. I can take that barrel but at the chance to be the bad speaker help Brooke. You like right up or killed rookie at the account propelled kinda guide you or shocked the caught orthopedic gatekeeper to that. People don't report could look cheap and Ed got what role her although he let it ought duplicate. Cult wrote did. But ultimately gave it away 00 a truly great fighter like they have been a couple of weeks you'll it would be hard look at it can't. You know I completely agree that bigger guy that early in the fight although I would ever at Celtic L who he would be frightful beating caught stoppage. What is it let our speaker pat Crue lead. Would be that powers everything a reputed quite that in order to be eight leak weeks later you be willing to do think that rational people don't. That said I would look at the winner of Brooke and federal debt like Floyd Mayweather would want the fight yet because. The winner of that like to be especially the way to what are particular you can not just because they're. That guilt. Aaron Crawford. Somewhat like. What it will look like it'll it'll be good yet correct they should be crushed it to do that. Because people are up or thirty out to support your the guys who they don't what could buy a real fighter who had a chance to beat back an interest by. Not I Wear it the car and it. I don't care if Scott a McGregor is people actually get it boxer who ever it. Are you get beat what are your considerate is experienced in the pocket. So. You know why we watch the fight because spectacle you know I'd look like because recorded in cockpit Arturo. And there is no way to split dipped to get by but we got it like. The rules go it could could a boxer you know kind of regret that got an octagon eagle what the shot because Lloyd has the financial clout. Back Cotter let got. I element for a idiots out here Max cell if get if triple Ji wins and assuming kanell wins in May and will they face each other awful that will they be the each other's next fight. If they don't it's because golden boy it up can replicate it. Like look packet that equaled employed the couple. Yet they're not record think it will take that by habit bad you know. But could you create per voter to get out because they could all the other side are gonna take expect try to they get out of apple beat trip Eric if that happened. You could go Cadel Olympic gold a good critical but boy. I think that. Yet they Oscar De La Hoya is that he caught up but what he gave controlled Coker caught everybody. I would think that the promoter would actually got to be paid because it could Belo yet the fighter willing to fight everybody. It got off and I suspect we compete up like idea it is here. Thank you Max take care. It thanks in Mexico for making that won't happen force of making time for us. And finally we let's talk to one legendary voices of boxing guy who's. You can say. These are probably is a top five most famous figures active in boxing right now let's Michael Buffer. Michael Buffer is is it is seen it all done at all and Jesus got to cash in about it mentally a telling you got to. Meet Michael Buffer win this year and had this fight down here at the hard rock in September 25 team. And possessions presser and Michael Buffer walks Adams all. Late and have a Bermuda fortunate. Especially over these last few years two mile annual meeting Roy Jones. You know. Having having professional relationship with with Shannon covering him who covered the guys that to a factory in SE has agree to oh and Evander Holyfield. You know many times usually slows to come on the morning show. It's all very cool but I would say do the real time have been in law. In bodily blows that's Michael bleeping buffer diseases so put together he sodium professional. Maybe there's a broadcaster element to it. And other we have different jobs but he is still a keys prepared he says he says things correctly. He's old school it is just an element of likable for the you have to respect. Blatter also like giddy about it because Michael offers always late. The signal to. The major fight is happening right now so very cool I do you talk to him Michael think for the time really appreciate it. A hundred bought your bank here. Is what where does mass square garden rank among these the places you get to you get to announce. Right at the pop I mean if there's anything close. Her. You got revealed to a month ended pretty exciting to fans really. Are vocal and supportive but there's just something magic. Magical about Madison Square Garden on hold out fight night it. It just legendary you know because debatable that they're great fight but it happened there in the past. Do you do you still do a lot do you dual reminiscing when when it comes soon Saturday night and you get to the building are you doing a lot of thinking of the times you've been there before or is it kind of like old hat is it routine you at this point. You know a little bit of both I mean you know I've been doing it for awhile and it film Belichick I I I love the new speculation. The court in these. These high tech get screen up above those that become more fan friendly for the guys that are in the knows we need. To make sure they never missed any of the action which is. Just part of modern or today when you two you don't feel like the cowboys. Stadium or or Madison square Gardner of these sites that. You know list stadiums and Arenas. Michael curious what keeps you going it seems like you have the same passion you've always had and and you know and the Brent just mention the events and you know I know everyone is different takes on its own kind of personality distinct feel but when you get there used to have the same feeling you always got when you get too big event. Yeah because the bottom line is I'm still fan that I mean I've really. I love what I do. But at the same I just loved being there I mean I'm I'm. It's so exciting to know that as you know like I guess they introduce the fighters but I get to sit down and watch the fight and and really enjoy it. Was Spiegel Michael Buffer here on 79 that's that you guys can catch a lot conversed Jacobs inside an eye on paper view because after the one misses at. Mike what it will what does your Rea a what is your interaction with the fighters does that mean you'll you'll walk around now in the sport a box with almost more famous name than a lot of the guys to step in that really got imagine a lot of them. Walked in and they meet you for the first on the got to be an audit on I'm going to be introduced by. The voice of boxing so how much interaction you have with these guys before you get to say their name formative. I Enola and it sometimes you build up relations yours. I've been doing all of the Klitschko fight over a dozen years. I did almost every Oscar De La Hoya fight. I managed you into your Sugar Ray Leonard. And that is you come back after your came back and forth haggard and a half dozen or so quite he had after that and I've built up friendships and relationships and some time. You you have pay a moment where is that the thrill of victory and the agony feet. Because of Love Boat guys I mean I remember. For example I could back away that George Foreman in his second career. As a Mohamed Ali pain. And it's true that hated George Foreman because I was an Ali guys that you wrote in the business. And then when he met a guy I somehow I became a ring announcer and here I am introducing George Foreman in this second comeback in the 1990s. And the second coming of George Foreman has this wonderful. Lovable. Gentlemen in guy be allowed to be around. And here he is fighting Michael Moore who I knew it was ninety years old and sit there and they're quite there yet. I knew his family and his mom and all that and he knocked out Michael in the tenth round become heavyweight champion of the world B 845. I've got tears in my eyes and I'm happy for George. And I just have this horrible feeling in my gut because that. This young man I've known for his whole career you know just got knocked out defending it heavyweight title for the first so you. If it's the win lose situation what you gotta be bad and you know and we've got to fight tomorrow night. I've gotten to know Danny Jacobs a little bit more and it. Really really nice guy who battled cancer and was pulled a few years back. That he'd be lucky to walk again for the get cancer and spinal cord and you know it's just it's an amazing story employee. He's changed his nickname to the miracle man and he's got this. He's articulate. He's that personable. And well spoken and just. Night to be around them the same time I've done all of Gennadi fight the last. Six years then and I'm friends with him and his wife in the inside and you know the same thing. So it's going to be you know a little bit of heavy heart beat me but I I guess they are a pretty big triple C span. And you know I had I think he's got the edge here but I wouldn't be shocked. If there's enough that we could. Jacob is one of the middleweight well. In your time Mike would you would you would you think is the thing that I guess is the X-Factor. For making a guy a mega star Abbas is gonna take a lot and he's doing it all in the ring and he seemingly. He seemingly is doing his part. But I always want like why why and why isn't a guy like you that you're locked in draw on the way Gallagher Floyd Mayweather does because what they do. Talent wise it's almost on its on its on equal footing it's on equal level now just has beautiful to watch on fight night. So but just your time seeing. Boxer after boxer what do you think it is that really captivate the fans that that makes you go from. A big star like you that he is too I guess a mega mega star like Floyd this. Yeah I he noted there was. Is the way things involved with Lloyd. You know he went from being a dad. A junior lightweight champ to a lightweight champ who way he has super lightweight and welterweight champion and an end. And that created a lot of everything was on TV where he had the right opponent does the right time Ricky had about prevail or. Are fighting stars. Make you you know it's a bigger star and thirdly of course because to win. And Gennadi have had a situation where. You don't want everybody realizes he's just gonna knock it out. Nobody wanted to fight him he really has struggled to get opponent demanded that situation with Capello. Canelo was the a freeway had Cotto. And had the WBZ title. And then you know it mandatory for him by the number one contender they could not he had. Put himself into with the WBZ you know you're not he had these other world titles as. And and then they said okay we'll go ahead play cabello. And then. And you know promised the ball quite knew if I win there and many didn't Benny Hill of the title and so you just keep missing that little age that that would give you live superstar of that Mayweather because guys wouldn't buy them. And now it's been what 23 years and you know he could mean the for a Mexican fighter to give up the green grass. The WBZ title which is like every young Mexican fighter dreamed of having the W him and that's really. Here's the big reason here and it's not just financial like. I don't wanna fight this guy about my head oh maybe I could maybe you get older I got a better chance. Meyer thank you for the time we're looking forward to the fights this weekend I can't wait it says it's going to be pretty fantastic card to get chocolate eats on the card as well. Sort of authority here in your call the photo here and introductions and and the results and all that and thank you for the time really appreciate it. Good to talk view. Stay warm and helping Dunham and that helped Florida land reading your art but it'll get better stay assessments they say all right take care guys. I guess thanks to into to our loved. Impromptu podcasts here boxing preview for tomorrow night he'll offer conversion Jacobs. Erica law can win and I think you'll have to deal with the instantly though. He had a feel he is going to. Coppola he killed in the it's an issue pursue relations play maybe like. Tenth round I'll go with. Did its we very very presidential apology. But I also think if he does do super early I do in this empathy because Delphi on the back burner they just do I think that's. That's the ramifications of it. You know so. Looking forward to it everybody enjoy the fights are on Iowa full recap for you Sunday morning at 10 AM 790 the ticket. That's a demanding our customers streamed at seven and taken out. And check us out there. And everybody enjoy the united and everybody in Orange with a Russert day is important separate itself. Of those listening I'm sure coated jury their day and and a preview themselves in to watch the fights so. Yes that's it man this is this is told live from the living room. Live from live from my couch. Is is comfortable fantastic I was or you do every show here a levee guys and talked she sued.