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Friday, June 16th

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I look back to LeRoy real live from the Mandalay bay we are here for Andre Ward Sergey cope leapt to the rematch. How notified the first time there are men this is excellent agreements and a lot of HBO pay per view decided night and it was closely contested. Want footsie with the technologies scorecards. And surgical lows not too pleased that result. Obviously. Onto ward fantastic never lost a four. One of the best champs we got Olympic champion with the man now roc nation Michael your mock our old our old friend from the Florida Panthers might get that meant they could join them. It's my pleasure being here it's a pleasure Paula took to the South Florida community. To mention before I'd still little Boca Raton actually back before you're stuff are still my whole Latin beat passion for the community. Me so it's nice to be with you guys today out of this poses different feel that code from running in a hockey team itself ought to nontraditional market to getting its those the boxing world over is this transition like for you. Before it was more than just the boxing world. It was opportune doing. Jaycee or his partners or something really unique and different and rock nations. You know we're we're fully diversified company obviously boxing's a part of it for. You know we represent athletes and artists who use words we've streaming service. We do music festivals. We do corporate consulting so. For me it was a I was able to join a global platform that was a little bit more diversified just morning team on a daily basis. Not that running teams advancing but quite frankly any dilute the war at this point my career. Had a great journey in South Florida. With the Panthers organization with the community. But this is where I belong right now and I can't say enough about roc nation gave his partners have been great to be great to my family. And it's been three victory for me. What do you figure the idea that guy alleges in rock as you guys want to get involved with sportsman of everybody terrorism and about two that really this is this going to be a thing roc nation and it's what's the partnership how do you think that other attorneys gone so far ago. Let's listen you know I think a lot of people doubted us rejoice that he wouldn't get involved sports but you know the police don't know the last four years there's been a weakness in America. That it had an impact of this business that we have during that period of time you look at our clients from Robinson Cano was our first athlete towards second after Kevin Durant who just won a a championship on on Monday night I was there in Oakland it was a wonderful moment for all of us. You've got guys that justice was a for the Miami Heat that are part of our company and Tompkins who of the Miami Dolphins Dez Bryant of the cowboys so we've got incredible star power. Were very attractive to agency. To an athlete that wants to be a start not only on the field but off the field. On the opportunities that we bring to the people to fill those athletes brands or what we do differently. And so what we did answer your question. It's been magnificent. Over the last you know four years I give a lot of credit want parades the president or sports division where the count as a rock stations most GA. Because they've really steered the ship on the sports on a part of our company and their vision has been apps we tremendous. I think one of the things that people. You know look at when you look at Iraq nations it's wanted to few organizations. That would take an athlete. And expand his brand to all of the other. Avenues of entertainment whereas if you have just the conventional agent. Or somebody like that they might not have the ability dude so when you see AT and you see all these up athlete to see you all over the place and so we the other things other than just. You know she. Contractors something like that you know there's no question I mean I remember my first meeting look at. In Oklahoma City graduate the company and half years ago. And Kevin George roc nation quite frankly because he went to expand his brand right. And I remember sitting down with him and I asked him you know keep your wish list would it would that you want to accomplish in the off the court. And and and we have to get a list of and together. With his agent in which climate we start checking the boxes are all the ones that we were beginning to accomplish and and in so that is or put a differentiation listen. But in today's marketplace because of collective bargaining. There's really not a lot of negotiation tilted to contract on the quarter on the field contract. The difference though between what each scene another is what to do that athlete off the court and how you build their brand. It how you create opportunities for them not only for the short term but for the long term. Post career development. But also with things that room floor and and that's the dish that we have right now. This this who gets the front side of my it was such a world when that summer of war and now that he's got the result you wanted. Take us back to. Everything going down last summer from from your standpoint watching what was going on being in the use of what was going on. All the sues everybody wants to regret that you were an on this the Celtics would have put cement and ending up making this decision that was gonna get backlash was it was a tougher. This it was very tough for and I think get a whenever you have to make a critical decision like that. You never know how little we turn now but I will say this this was having a decision with Kevin had to. Not roc nation not any but he has Daley's decision Kevin had to make it here to cope with the an and he'd be a tough decisions of each decision wouldn't it to stay in Oklahoma City can be there below it. Illicit poppy challenged it was whose count you could always no matter what happened. Arm but he didn't want that he would or he wouldn't be able to roll. On that when you're 28 years old you know we don't respect the decision making me. Don't tell you know I was there on Monday night you know it was a great moment for him and his family friends. We're just very blessed to be a part of it. It was a culmination of a tenured jerk he's been in the league for ten years we'll think about that because she's only 28 years old and he's right the prying. But what we think about what he withstood criticism they went through last twelve months. And it help the season culminate with him playing arguably the best basketball of his career on the biggest stage will be his VP. It's not jumping on the bandwagon of the words were really leading the warriors to the championship because when you go back. Those five games would they be that big bucket they need to be shot. Happy with the would deliver. Idea that's the point here everybody uses that he think there's Kevin chewing. You know the warriors and they were already a championship winning team and I'm like. Like they all looked forward to him. To make those plays that you know they could make in the past or let. So let's remember to go back a couple of years ago when they beat the Cleveland Cavaliers for their first championship. Okay. They were that the cavaliers were depleted team yet tirade was injured but was introduced a one man show with kept with with LeBron James. On it and so you can make you can make the argument they couldn't commit whatever technically it was a full strength that that that Goldstein would not have won their first chance to your point. Kevin lit this team right let's also remember. You know people talk about the super team. Vista home grown team you know. Three other forced or as they try to it and what pieces tepid. It's also like the fans love it like it's it that the ratings depicted two like fervently that the people act dollars five but the do like the bug would receive an answer is something that the bugler checks to those that this fight underwear vs Sergei Kovalev the first I was very close I had it actually exactly how the judges that would never happen to us one title. Was like. Well it could of actually having offices open while duke won't offer to look at and never get that never happens Michael on. But there was some talk when this when this fight ended and and going into a rematch on to talk about retirement a little bit maybe not going in and doing a rematch what ultimately led to him deciding I want it to the skill that's when it back. I think countries and what his career right now that he's very thoughtful. Right the he has the right to be thoughtful. It would Russian to the decision he made very clear during the post fight press conference that we wanna enjoy the moment. And Audrey was going into the holidays in December come back in January and begin to think about what he wanted to do. I think he always knew that he rematch was inevitable. But there are some things that we have to accomplish internally and externally or has set the table for the foundation. He afford this fight which we did. He's excited about I mean this this is another great opportunity for him. In his in his career. And in you know I think that the fight of starry night is going to be much more decisive. There's no question about it arteries in the best career in the best shape of his career he's more motivated. Arm for this fight that he was back in November you understand what country of with wood which certainly brings us the point now having been with him for twelve rounds. So we we're really excited he's exciting Stanley's excited but it's a big opportunity for him. Is it is it tough with him doing is as has gotten pretty personal between the two a lot of jobs go back and put verbally. Through the media. Getting the situation with a going to be closely the ups the fight is there any worry of anything that's gonna happen leading into it. And all the backer or or be separated or do you think it's gonna. Go and everything will be settlements out of that's a little concerned about that beyond you know I think circuit about the crap. And why I think some accounts I've made you know throughout this you know the last eight weeks I think some of the going back between him and Andrei. It's gotten him a little bit ruffled on and so we'll have extra security here today with the press conference like. I don't know if you go back to go back to press tour. Com you know you you could see the hatred concede dislike building. Spotlight and is in so you know that's why I think that this is such an exciting fight for people to watch for people to purchase an HBO pay per view were. You know took my ticket to see lie because you've got arguably two of the best fighters in the world getting back after the rain for the second time in seven months two guys. That our tipoff at the peak of their careers. But don't like to try it doesn't happen very often but yet there we you have to wade they got to wait he's got you in there probably don't like each other. They think quite frankly each other they probably went back to each other how that's exactly what you want. Going into that the fight and that's what you have here on Saturday night so he got a pocket isn't HBO pay per view cannot come to Vegas to see the fight he got a I don't HBO pay per view rugged over a sub thank you for joining us Mike it's good to have you back heard in South Florida thank you and I appreciate Jonas will be juggling. Thank you.