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Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 20th

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. I'm all right he's still in June. It's exciting and is excited. I was at this they keep punching. No I do you must I've they told us like you can't help. It's you can you can instead of anger in the odd blocked because we tankers will kick forward but late if you go in the back changes that the kangaroos. Yeah so. Yeah. And it dedicating a trigger on a kangaroo really I'm really here is there added pinger that's offer the baby oh baby kangaroos are nice here. All you super nice apparently just angrily does do in Jupiter like he. He to have all the other Hollis. Beat. Us. The bad. He has a ten yours is the kangaroo lives in this house as there than it is watch TV in the couch and lazy and don't make. I kinds at William is he will kick you you'll kick you like he is easy go fueled a little little monster. Wait so the meat you have a bush yeah he owns a kangaroo route. Indicating who likes what Steve. Periodically. Your friend. Invites them for into them to the Qaeda group. Isn't ready legal US had been tied. Yes oh you're dependent on that petting zoo owe him an exotic animals right and am a racket on just his candidates don't know what you want in there and allied all right it's five dollars per person walked in the animals they don't. Yeah that's undergo fifteen other judgments on so's Neiman daughter. Common man my my wife and then I'm a little my little son don't prefer it. Had a say OK great so for knowledge ego. And so you can goats. Donkeys. I live come in ready to walk in and you can see llamas. You can't feed alarmist that's an extra three dollars and feed the llamas Ali actually about got a few the llamas his last three dollars. All we turn modest was Ole Ole mister Campbell. Like shock. What have an erection to camel. Ads next five dollars and joined by some cares for the Campbell. Then keep blocked it right there live something somewhere for some money here from a much Tony five in the hole feeding these animals chair. Walk back there. Oh exotic animal petting. I got to see woods back there too behind SP two and outlets walked in there like oh permanent. Action action ten dollars per person. All. But first thing SE. Minister in either. I gotta get up close personal dimension and you're so. Extra thirty dollars for you right mr. petting zoo now. Mitch and here that we had Lou move lemur. Who love my daughter mostly with kids apparently okay and fantastic. And get to the kangaroo that. Kangaroo that's locked up. Apparently he's not ready for people yet. And then there was there's the blue there was little jolly little Joey was was the Paddington anger lingers soft on it's it's an. I'm confused as a one of the approached. However. Here's what they screw up. Now you learned if you wanted to have a sloth experience. Molten slug experience. Fifteen dollars to hold them a picture with slaw. And I think they're marketing went off tracks there they street everywhere. I gotta say don't go away and won a little bit for sloth experience. And a real experience. Don't begin at the tenure room right so easy did swap them I think Ellis would slumped fifteen dollars for K that's it I'm saying because. Everybody doesn't like get the easy the end of his life experience and I did not but I gotta tie there's not that there's not a lot that's going back to doing next Sunday. I will say this does. You. You're good dad you rule you does he use and utilize your weekends yeah. Yeah there was OS follow weather your kids start brave take gain or your daughter's names and had a mole under or there's drummers leave the strawberry for. When I mean. I mean. You seem like you'd start taste than another and his son my skin was just said Larry my salary dump them in cold blood savage this kid he's just like no on. Green strawberries off the Bynum is like Smith pesticides and couldn't the not quite right. Let's get a true read one at least so you just take note there's serious of this with a strawberry nonsense is they don't let you vivid to get a shrubbery buck you can give me I've. So nobody haul it off with with a three strawberries. They don't is that you threw a bucket any charge you per bucket yeah in my wife's into this mentally this organic nonsense facility she thinks she's minds and hellish job and I feel like the ones the gorgeous or just is healthy and I feel like I'm getting more claw each others. That usually only picked to go when you can't think they're going to Unita. Strawberry pick him professionally I don't know what a good strawberry is someone says and allies who lives unwell will lose in Wellington. On 441 right near you know and owns a hanger why wouldn't doubt that this seem like great animals the stain Russo sweet. I'm just gonna put this out. And anybody know. Sweden and we can't make eye contact wouldn't. Well who I was and our mothers say about a sweet horses on the farm before but I wanna get behind that Kim would kill me to get some video of a ten year old on a couch watching TV. All I ask him. Another negative way at any sit there. Well that with a with a book mustang grew in in politics don't they just leaned back and until now the ball as particularly to tiger talks like he's easy being very well yeah and now he does is late you know this mr. anger was always a showman. The kangaroo upon resume is just past its prime might get looks like Tiger Woods on Good Morning America. It and Peabody he just lays like you always like playing styles asleep early this. You know at some. I was late yet known CD is old was his old Joseph always hanging out. Real close to the ground beaten anyway we had so we stumbled across this this was unlike you we walk around naked animals do we've been reminded there's I guess who's doing just. Get to the headlines new real quick and then we'll get you headlines then you like we're on the topic of animals let's do the animals' blood has been liking you your headlines and have been that exciting it is not a lot that is solid and wish we had to do it at a certain time in I don't wanna guess your headlines at the right time OK so there is there whose flaky erratic becoming anyway you're turning on and her comments apparently Tom before the show. Put anyway. That's three dormant. So I am a bone to panic yes and sell. This is out of Australia. A eighteen year old is doable is that boy a man on eight year old man jumps into a crocodile infested water to impress a girl. And so this guy he saw himself a hot little lot Tony four year old blonde and you want to impressed she had. His look he's not the eye of the beholder looks like here. He Canada as he looks he looks mysterious so he's trying to. Apparently were having drinks. And she dared him. You jump into the water is carted us just say this guy. Because of your eighteen years a wisdom. If she's telling the jump into the water with drug does is it there and I mean today is not going well over this guy wanna move to the next days. And he got his arm gnarled. Oh by this'll kroc who want to take him his death roll. I had a shocker. Started out well on the croc he gets you on some enough to get himself free but here's here's little Ozzy on his. On his escapades. He took a crock and somehow survived. But only Bailey now the whole country wants to know. Why. My son soon. Bad how. Back partisan war logs the eighty plus Crawford off then us try and so we've shown to guide and thorough and test the theory. This was no joy luck. I eighteen year old lead Appel pulled all the bravado and dragging to go he just mixed deliberately plunged into crocodile infested war since it. How many drinks since you had by that point that ten cups for gang the British journalist had been trying to wing Chris could only watch joining Holler out. As the crook attacked snapping onto. Late jumped into the Johnston river in the early hours of Sunday morning from the moment he hit the Walsh does the crocodile he team. Grabbing you some dragging him down he punched it in the snout. But he dragged teen seeks rages and was about to the full the death roll a split second desperate. Decision to doubt its eyes set ideas live the cult released through and that this days and one folk Dian. And pull myself they was covered in blood most of it still stay in team but incredibly. Frustrating Lleyton he has no regrets. To understand that life's that the country thinks that you'll one of the stupidest people around right now neon and do what's your response to that. I'm not really. More on this. And national true point. Initially were a couple of late might lose he's on the into highly but surgeons appear to have saved it. Okay wait let let's break this down all white Tom. Did the girl noted gators across the apps yeah after I got friends out there. She brought him a hair. And ten tenths. Mpeg county I know son him. Waiting. 1010 cups and Pepsi dunes. And let those among. What do up Australian slang it's your headlines beast. 790. Doctor WH XY AM South Miami WSFS FM HDT Miramar. Great no week nights beginning and say okay here's what's trending. My headlines are run Dubai indeed dot com are you hiring join the over three million businesses that use indeed our dog for hiring. Post your next job nobody on the world's number one job site indeed dot com we have some breaking he news Gaza Sox line. New yeah. It's it's gone to all yeah I heard again and they would start out with a ten and I got some muscle on neck in neck in W had a from all the reporters that are out that he practice including the buzz Berry Jackson. Ideal waiters watching you practice right now on crutches foot in the boot remains out indefinitely sprained ankle didn't sound good man I mean it was strange use. You're damn football when you get booted in your on crutches yes that they usually they went missing names being eased. I Tora and you wore boots with six months I tore my foot. And tendon torn enough for you not to do it and which show to Vegas without that yeah I had to braces and know he had it any way. I detour to attend that redo I guess every need to know we he start in a brazen 75. Philly. I mean any war flight forty years and enough just relax OK okay I mean come. Tech continue on then yeah it should do better because your little light. On to say everything feels the area for. Soon we will see things and seniors anyways so the heat content garden that the suns. The American Airlines Arena tomorrow night 730 your tip 630 is when we have grocery come up pregame shows as though Tommy tiger right here on the ticket we go to the World Baseball Classic scoreboard it is run by the final two games Amazon's ablaze watch your team is flat over seventy TVs full block full bar and great food games I want to play it when it was a game gamblers dot com. One game tonight the first semi final the Netherlands against Puerto Rico you can hear that right here in the ticket. On tonight at I believe maybe 830 start time the first pitch is at nine. Well the second semi finals tomorrow with the United States claim we will not really care that is in the heat game we will have the final on Wednesday night though right here. And the ticket. Meanwhile. Other news going around the world of sports tigers hoping to play in the masters he's bald mom save. If I'm Tom Brady's Jersey Everett alien Mexican journalists who stole it. And the one that he wore for the game against Seattle as well that's interesting that. And a double sad NFL stories which is that. Dwight Clark has said he's been none diagnosed with ALS and Gale Sayers has dementia. Not not good and that's the students both Obama and don't always gives who's going to be pretty dole. All the credit he's got to be at least seventy. Gil says there and they're in a so some feel one's feelings and yet I hurt. You know about this this longtime robbery with Rajon Rondo Allen and now known Ray Allen are known. So we knew it and what. Couldn't ever and checked there and it coming you know please. And it happen again. Played some of the doctors are doing enough yeah Lola. How many yen. Okay well. To do that and I mean it's the 78 time in like three months old second Riley bigamy you start. Using border bodies and that's what's gonna happen well. Evidently it now the culprits been a complete and despite what we got sent last week which we will not talk about. In the men's bathroom. The culprit is someone in the women's bathroom. Throwing paper towels and the handicapped stall to. I mean for the love of god knows wonder drug to publish again to go take a we worry. Puts a services in this building and honestly what is wrong. Anyway there is on Rondo is beefing with the Ray Allen that's that's long been known. I. Here's what's going on syringes on Rondo is holding a vacation with his former Celtics teammates. For the 2008 net NBA championship they're gonna have a ten year anniversary. But. Ray Allen is excluded from the trip. Because. He went to the Miami Heat. Really don't. And so wait so. Whoever it. Let's be clear. So basically. They are doing to him. Which you have done to the brunt. Yet except light and it. Wait a minute. Bono pulled delay away bosses walking around big boss harm and he just looked in here any dealers all distinct. Or. Big boss. Or anybody gave us I would sneak down the hall MF anyway so Ron Douglas who Rhonda said Rhonda said I don't. Don't worry so much I have to hide it. Oh that's the communities it is so worried you lose your coordinator position. O. I love you know. I'm home he's racked up. Yet anyway I had rawness and I ask a couple of guys and I got to know and no head shake. Which I think news is looking in the mirror. When do you when asked they isn't it. Hey. Rondo. You're a team man or like a second you're gonna you get to determine that I don't feel like Rondo should be the guy who gets to be the barometer Mary. Late Braylon. It was good Rondo in the commercial for sports senator it was pierce Garnett. Ray Allen Mary original Big Three. It doesn't get to determine whether he's kicked out of the trip. Do celebration of the team in 2010 get their butts kicked in the certain kid in the semifinals. Celebration of the championship. At idle. I have team Betty. Hi pills. I would not even. Did not IE LeBron jeans. Requests. Or. Presence. At an anniversary of a championship team that's easy. Blitz. Like dance the BS monitor just I don't know I learn. Are you to lead I keep it real man. Or pity about everything they know you take this is because of what did this eight page you would not. Go all ready if there were if it LeRoy if I have in the ten year if word 2000 Tony three. And there have been the anniversary or a 102 dozens went to doubt the inverse of the back to back champs Obama can't you can't. And I LeBron James Jones of the party. What if you lose you cannot light it we didn't get nominated to head some type of get together this summer. Yet you can't deny that I don't know why no so I'm while Joseph for your own reasons why. You are team petty. You're not going to be eighteen peddy above celebrating. Championships yet every time I say you. It's not. Every time Sadie you LeBron got to two championships and you go OT the idea. Well because it's. He's a rat bastard. But here's a rat bastard whose champion heat so the celebrated his championships. He gets to come back to the party. He does not get to come back to the fuels American bridge I sure hope we're around when this come when his day Kumble here's how I head off and just live will broadcast live I have to say. And I have questions about your sincerity. What we're just you're just saying this to make reported about Rondo none an up or use our ridiculous you sounded and it was okay. Which is the same thing you do now to poke holes what's right before our break it's official. Your favorite. Not mine or your favorite Tim Tebow. Has been assigned to the class a South Atlantic League Columbia fireflies. After spring training. Where that Colombia is far away for a Major League Baseball bats where they are single lane. Class today. It's Columbia fire Imus and the firefly is gonna make on those jerseys. He eat and that has really kick in the way lottery for a minor league team. Oh really what to watch still empty most famous we amiss definitely. He would kill for that you got guys who might light a guarantee my wife will make me buy her these guys. Got two hits and two remote I'm dare against you the ports and losing Mets are bombed that they're not. They dating get those who have to go there but they're bombed it like Rahal. Human slot every team. Tim Tebow playing baseball Palm Beach County. Gold mine agency million dollars suddenly join us any good and actually people might get booed in Colombia that's SEC territory and you come back and food. Reality here you think everybody loves to I mean maybe the crowd inspire me spirit Doug indications are obsolete. Yet it was getting booed in his locker room. Mind. From you guys are just got a kick off to team. Because Tebow is in town are saying man you saw how they put team as a whole one prayer group a mile one flat screen and they gonna be good with him. They play it's very communications park which has eight top attendance of ninth. At all period communication part yup. It's to be every game 9000. Plus plus loans and that guarantee you get look. Contrary to what you may or may not believe. Let people enjoy watching. Famous athletes being good they don't like why didn't athletes suck. They don't so he proceeds from Diebold. Disease Tim Tebow but if these women listen I don't I doubt. No I can't always does not win and that everything on the. Don't go but everyone's gonna monitors imagine the first pro homer on the Tim Tebow hits. The people Imus Ellison got the other hat you're gonna have Mexican journalists sitting in right field Tryon to coach that. Apparently courted not sold on the black market. What's he would want is the guys play not to sell the John I don't know there's a lot more of the story of an only a newspaper and hon Doris is involved there's also too weird stuff going on fifteen minutes he does next. Okay. And. Don't hustle they fought with the good fit your boss is about more pain they had just do it how dangerous sport and sports. It's always a plus second quarter. News. You cut that down was his formula because. Population that's some good looks a must have some good looks like she does want to watch growing and our children around but still. I realized that her she needed you can blame me for most of them or all depends from McKinley had been before. It's okay and then you can post from the room tonight. I hear James Johnson think gore on dry gets. After yesterday's loss of the Portland trailblazers. He got deemed us today. Who's who wants 51 before Damian Miller scored forty or not I mean points against the not at all from downtown pervert from the airliners or twelve you scored 27 points. Just from shoot injuries yet imagined he matched the increase its. Yeah you'll have a big day. Yeah he gave you as he was in colleges just today any did get a great game from Dragic use six at Tony to a solace in foul trouble on the second half. This gain was from James Johnson Jim Johnson was glorious day but on the shooting yes she was and has as good as it's been. And so they had they had trouble there too he dropped 3436. They missed the chance to go to 500. And a background outside. The playoff this year where it's still very tight raised. Not a big question at TSA. Is. He would leave the loss to Diaw is how long Xena be America's Deon said that. When he originally heard DA coach was Friday night. And he said that he thought the original infraction that he thought that it was he says the worst pain he's felt since I want is a vehicle with this is not. This is say may go before I left to Yahoo! or it's in the here at the same ankle against the two rules before yet but it was but he said this goes much worse it. So. Arm now and he was harder yesterday late. And he knows that no timetable thing and he is kind of going other Sany hopes to be there before the end the regular season which mission believe this is going to be. A long time injury is gonna come out awhile where he. As these would say. Always. Wonder. When the guys in the boot. I meant. Yeah and you see Dion his own Josh Freeman took a FaceBook. Thomas has a page picture MSU press he's on crutches other Menino put any weight on it. Some minutes that's a that's a tough loss speeches. You know then at the big the big key this heat offense is not only men. The three point shooting with the creating of those open shots and a lot of that's been going and Dion get into Iraq can be able to find open shooters so. You know to lose what are your guy is it's a big blow men. Is it safe to say he is. In a tight spot. He's the best guy and he had to get a shot off good or bad. Debt you have the best chance of going it. I think I think Goran still in that category now too because of histories. Will apply and Deon I mean he can make a numbered Dion takes the re easy shot like gone out of the norm and have like do idling gore would take risk and just you know. On the season progresses you're gonna need that T months to eighteen. Mario shots but making them. Yeah he's he's he's doing the crane kick on some of these. These are these creators like he has. You know he does the BB crazy sauces and that he can make anything I think I think Goren does the perspective though he's gonna look for the smartest shot of the smartest class and I think this problem from there we. In and be with their crew last year maybe right maybe they were still in efficient basketball mouton. Are you adjusting your tend unit zealot that is the can. But but he just say well let's just turn like space invaders sounds. Moon picky here yet. A little bit yeah you you can't right now we're hearing it's pivotal. Doesn't. Despite the lobby can sell it can someone explain to LeRoy that we figured out there it's not contingent doesn't make you know he's put an end Mike. And remembering you don't hear that let's that we wrote well. It. But I do wonder though guys from him we can you know a Mike Reid is going to Mumbai. And there's a lot of knows is that speaker. Speak to do is show because of the new diet but Ahmanson vital clue lot of stuff there's a lot of lightning. Who Billingsley is a lot of love bubbles a lot of reflexes yes. But I won another slate. What are we satisfied with now for the season to grab this point Kelly good McCain is like the view like all okay loads normally do most of her drummer who's been through. I feel like defense zillions so invested again because of where the season's god like. Would you want this to end up like what are you gonna be satisfied with seven game series the caps. Doubt make Abby yup losing the cavs in seven games that that's the ultimate goal for you yes Susan fight against a won't be happy but you wanna fight. I wanna fight you'll fight cattle now slightly countdown. Realistic. Won their rain on the parade Brooke because they just had three guys who scored under pour into. What. What do what do you get it right there and that's that's not let you at hello this big debt is is is an Arab east. Seventies is that had is losing Cleveland. War are heard. Advances Hekerob beating Boston or Washington. Well obviously I would take its value value and the cigarette you know and take advantage into the sack around on the you'll say it doesn't and the book is in the caps. No obvious I want them to win the I saw yet and yet no cavs series I give you. Little Zeus and use it average are gonna advance let's find out that digital hornets aren't unless I'll take that that's fine. I'll take that you'll take that you'll just take advance I'll take it to advance share even though you. I'm giving you three wins or Cleveland or anti immigrant woman started eleven in thirty previous three wins over Cleveland lowly new building not to think about it. All it building. Losing game seven where previous three Cleveland wins. Or give you four wins over the wizards and Celtics in guinier ask you to step in the second round deny your right I go back to my original. He's seven games against the cap sounds like a recap I was accused cinco three cavs all the time of golf's core. Yeah I don't way and I drag this stuff. All the possible scenario would you pick who would you. What Daunte yeah you always take winds the and he won't go to you what you gonna pick the Cleveland scenario he's from there given all but I'm just on Sunday in Cleveland. Boy what is his back. His best friend LeBron who is given T shirts do. There and you know plays to the enemy I. Want. The team that I brute force to win. Three cavs wins it. For Boston rents for Boston wins really know 300 C a and Venezuela but all winds are pretty irritable correctly a former. If you're a fan of your scheme I mean you want your team to win the question for your leader is here click I know that there's no love loss. Between the city in the city of Boston I get that but in reality between those heat franchise in the current Celtics franchise like is there any bone depict there. No no but there's still a bone to pick against Cleveland for sure there's drama there figure out the nerve screwed field going to a seven game against the heat. They do beat each. You remember a time in my duties she all brown would have cramps so clown just takes and what about Jordan with baseball. What about people going to award. You'll watch Jordan do anything to you all so much. I mean dual kinda Arnold wants him when he does Doug great this basketball player. Tebow to be the greatest college football player. You know could be could be or is pretty new and no are you in the jumpers very. Guess who. How many yards Barry Sanders ran for his senior year at. Oh homes 3000. Jim was a record. Or. You got to lose that your only loss. By you're really big role in the UN doubly more wind and up here moon. This all the way you can put this to where I would think about it. Lose Ohio State the still make it to a final four. The play off. Or beat Ohio State. And not play. In the final four bring you get to. Go to a humble yet. What would pick. Playoff they fail. Chance one at all since we're all. And yet if you win it all you look we know they're not gonna win at all like in this this arena we know that I can win right beast away team to win what do they do them. Until they're going to be the scenario my mother heard what I did I just. Did I don't feel I'm to be a because I did a show on Saturday missing the whole thing on this which was I'm even past. The end of this year and I'm home I'm looking more forward to. Next year in the steamy really intact. Minutes as good jobs these guys have done since being eleven and thirty I did pass to next I want to know if federal carry over I want to know if they can get out of weird Alan Alan don't they get off to a good start this hey yeah this is one I'd make history. The door of the year's ride lead at least thought about what's happening next I'm just enjoying the hour. Oh what's happening actually keep every hour of CNN we Amanda's car receives via. Why don't people to sit back in in Jordan because it's not will we do. OK but at some reporting. You've got to look back and say that was and yet realized that. The move the likelihood. Of having the mix of so badly is what goes and this is now that they've been playing the best basketball for this long but that they were one point to see with the most losses in the lead. The video did you gonna have that combination again on heat team is quite likely. So that's why I just find it weird to start thinking about stuff in the future. Especially when RA. Get it this year wound he that he got to meet with Kevin Durant. And the way John was going on and assign. You're gonna get anything like that the offseason importantly we're gonna get it's jacked up for Gordon Hayward meaning oral Lee Griffin meaning. But knowing there's a scenario. Under which Carlos Boozer who's playing where in China. He can join an NBA team for the playoffs. Heater costs spots. He put Carlos Boozer in the Rudy Gay classes of somebody's been in the heat rumor every year's NC doesn't happen. Lake Carlos Boozer Rudy Gay Amare Stoudemire all played for the heat all I'm not a Meyer did put me I know. Eventually but we all get that last vacation Ron Howard. To one hour address exactly as guys who always tied the he always and every hero Rudy you know what one point liberty. Mark my courts are there will be for the minimum but you'll put that he. Now to get. You don't get any easier and every he rumor. Every year Rudy did and he last hundred years every year. So they'll be that that one final score when Rudy Gay. Stick on that one leg is gonna get two million dollars pledged that met minimum for the heat have a question yup yup. Closed who's still play events and China and China. But you all the great players go as we know from Michael Beasley. And Jimmer. Starter. Smokers being over access to Chinese Jordan. And. Back totally illiterate being so busy by the way I was brought to you guys Grossman's office while the and got them all and blizzard. You see no real handle. That's one choice of either change the way you experience sports. Ringing and I got a weakness guys this week guys goes from USC London time Martin Casey got. Holes are all knocked out all kinds of stuff. All kinds of music business some in the student relives yeah. Oh yeah it's. He's going towards the around douse those of the body like guys now that's hurt. Real birthday throws a switch to tie gets a mop topped by the chin they scramble. Circling around circle around couples moves on. And Casey loads up the boom you're gonna. God. Oh home. Sleep. You all know. And that is more popular they're smooth in the middle grade kids in young William Lewis and athletic guys like his hair march Casey I will say this. The other guys seemed to be prepare for the KP did you cannot dig but not. The cars right any during the fight. Why it got right to root. Right through. Ryan Newman had beard like he has a button. It just makes you go night night dead like yah rock and soccer robot. News. Down you have to wait for it got to move before you realize Corey he he's out. How's wild man pretty cool you'll see alone in the street to Z fights and riot act watchable GI special deal the old judges for the champion. Check out violate your music theater draws on the other guy won but you know it's boxing whenever eagle on these grants CL McGregor this week he was in using New York. And he screams at these box importers. And opposite. And then says that the unit deals closed being yanked he says that's this Ria news on the soon. Is I mean the bigger it was daylight and what's is not stand in the way to the things happen. Excited I mean. Do you think this will be the biggest money make a fireball to. Will make more than pock yeah man at where ever. I got to see the promotion and I miss you with these guys are gonna do. Do they think the thing that. OK may I know how much might be the exactly and that's why I wanna I wanna see. Wish we remember I remember that lead up. For Pacquiao Mayweather was a five year build up. And the wind's left forever. Bristol new people he is still no to him many people are still getting to know kind of regret I. I think the. As good that the nature of seeing. Something that you've never seen before. Is he any Zach does get a drop people like crazy these bank guy. I mean he has a lot of weight Floyd Mayweather an X-Men. Like Floyd Mayweather could clear end up being a good guy he. It's a rich seam and the right guys are frightened it bush and the other thing too is I feel like this is gonna have a lot of boxing fans in Floyd's corner for once right. It's weird that oh I'd be good yeah. Yeah and equals all of us saying sit there and when a lot of what is your well you know weighing in. Although most element Mexico's gunned down flood last week when he joined us here is like. Now he's not fight in a boxer and so I guess maybe somebody who'll take like that like. Because you don't have to fifty you know LeRoy I think that's the one thing like he's going after that big number. Fifty now. He's not doing it against the boxes so I wonder if there are some boxing purist right cool. Throw their nose up to it and peace lobby about. My problem is is that. If you look at the last guy that was in very similar position. Is Floyd Mayweather. He did the substance Floyd Mayweather wouldn't. And we don't realize O'Grady has Emery Joan shoot. Yeah and so. If Floyd Mayweather goes undefeated and save his last fight them is against and non traditional boxer a guy who. Isn't a boxer. Fifteen years from now. You're still gonna remember him being undefeated. Not like remember Roy Jones and say oh but he lost all these fights. Maybe but you can find Biden a fight he really isn't a very similar boxer Mayweather just heavy. I always wonder about out of Floyd's legacy like is this is the legacy going to be that is undefeated or his legacy don't be that he made a boatload don't know a lot of money Elliott if I. I think that's going to be his lusting in lasting legacy more so than his record. That could do more to pick his record I think definitely people sale. Laden that don't give Floyd the credit he what are the site Pacquiao weighed about my didn't fight guys and electron you know people are scared to give guys rematch is dead yeah I. I think people I think when you are initiated that is naturally would come with a producer who did you fight absolutely. You know so. But the fact he's dubious fifty you know against the guys never boxed before. That's a weird one I did I do wonder like got a box. The boxing people going to be super onboard that are they really liked mom and what is that I do I get there are a lot of box and you were like. This is the sideshow what's it is what's that mean it isn't it is it is what it is is gonna mean. Probably one of the biggest even tends to go and in Vegas. Or whoever it is. They're trying to make some is set up 45 and go to garrido lost yet has an Indonesian garrido teacher rideau chocolates itself. So we're Tito did lose I thought he he. Adam did dig jumps John would do the shuttle is your abs truly screwed out of his fight and I thought Terrell because. Key it was a nasty budget he got he had had by. Weis is a self bombers dimensional fighter all I need and don't leave it there and all time and he's disliked got crimson mask. But he was partly the punches he was get all the responses but the judges like opinion. You know. Do you must because appliances and her husband had bought Nene Nene. Nene beast oh no please can you get here your bone to pick where their company out and two minutes or euros save for tomorrow. I am gonna nine and any more than two minute news you know getting it clear why I will say this on posting now on our FaceBook page Jay Glazer. And FAS one got a hold of the video of this Mexican journalist New Jersey got video yet I think how to go down and I'm post and right now told to. That's crazy I am well one without ever since series meet. I am now with the FBI released the video over the have you are released the I love you Jay Glazer got from the FT. I'm a more I want to say hey your meat. That. All this time. Everybody still looking for. This Jersey in they have video. I will say this. And it's all right it's. This march to more haven't even well I haven't got no. Act that it is an investigation that not crossed the border probably into something to do with the slow fashion of the investor when he got to credential. To be in America that's correct but then he went back to Mexico. Which you know there's extradition aerials as yes. Nobody in Mexico wanted to buy the Jersey. 'cause he's saved it and also is a football player and soccer player. Dissent. They know Tom Brady in Mexico yet or shall it'll Robert usually. Asks yeah end their seasons ago. Was no you danced and let's all please. They go it is tumble that you want to Whiting Gaudenzi reluctantly cares who we is like you know was Ronaldo he's the one married. It is now I know do Zimmerman for the Olympics like one of the one of the big ceremony to users Gisele walking. Positive feeling this is what is bizarre over the real big games looked we made this is not any US house goes all this. Happy birthday. Sue you. Lose good c'mon happy birthday. Suit you are probably happy birds. Today game power ride only. Below the daily. A memo.