ZRA Part 1 4-20-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, April 20th

Russell Westbrook don't give a bleep, Jeter teams up with Bush to buy Marlins, Riley on Free Agency


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. He sacks no runs it and he had his junk touched by Matt Ryan a lot more than as 12 ovals and percent for the. If they can keep going to home in time. For the don't make me breach. Yeah. Hey all I'm not right I don't you zoom is they do a million. And doom and I love it and I'm looking yeah she gives. Grown ass man. Burgers on the air field bulls like team. Yeah. Its share undefeated and get it together now it's on them now likes. Following this on seven and. It's. Now who who who goes who got a little golf I. Are scum. Our dogs and my high speed today. Colin. I school on its carcass in a blistering sun fire jam in the songs. It's so funny because when reservoir dogs came out and were we talk in his like 9090. There were made me feel like reservoir dogs or not. When reservoir dogs hit the soundtrack it's no good. For reservoir dogs what it's all. You know it's all music from like the fifties and sixties okay so like I'm in high school on the middle school I think okay liberals will Jameel a year old me. And Blake were dig in these songs better from like the big things in the sixties. And your friends don't know these songs. And you only known because there weren't reservoir dogs. It during my time and high school I came from an area word you know we were dealing with a tacky sex games we had a couple burn outs and hit piece. My hometown is known per capita were consuming a particular type of beer the most them and in the whole country so. I'm dealing with former and current polls angels biker gang guys. Burn outs. Not much really going on and that talent as well we'll pick that one last time you saw you actually sat down and watched Reza port aux. All it's been a long time long time. Probably a college hooters movies great great great it's. For folks who don't know. It's Quinton Tarantino's I guess is directorial debut his it's the first route and he directed where it's more talks Harvey Keitel and Tim Roth and Michael Madsen and great great move her anyway. Morning everyone's as a Iran's an amber is 8 Thursday morning the twentieth morning of April. At what are. Robert good morning tell me morning. We see amber is embers out today it was the next couple days. So she will be back on Monday. We a lot of gets you. No this one is a lot going on NBA playoffs NHL playoffs the Marlins lost yesterday afternoon. They aid they lose to a three up in Seattle they lost yesterday ten to five baucus is bad. He was spotted a two run lead with forty cents in mountain. Couldn't come close to hold onto what you did have a global really cool things happen in the moans scheme yesterday OK number one Christian yell which made it has had a patch of the year candidates. Okay. Over the shoulder catch. Face first into the wall. And and held on to end up first thing I thought. It'll literally went face first into. The wall that now's patting of course on the wall. The first thing I'd thought of Wallace. Thank god. That catch. Was not needed. Yesterday. At Wrigley Field. Mara. Because this stupid Wrigley Field okay still. Has. The ring. Wall. You know players. Aren't running and Burkle. Which means a run face burst into that padded wall and as you know ocean. Eagle face Steve what the cushion like you like red meat to lead with a shoulder maybe you know it. These were one gulf peace first no matter kind of padding is an. I thought he handled very well I thought and try to create maximum circumference when are trying to do some first dude dude to distribute the impact not only did okay. Ms. Wrigley feel the ivy starts growing every year at the beginning of the season and it's a brick wall in the outfield god forbid they tear 2017. The plane would ripples out there I mean to be a brick wall to wall gimme a break so thank god and there was padding their in the outfield. And the thing that actually happens yesterday the Marlins game ninth inning. Each euros at notre start a street Joseph got to start in two days okay to a three days there yesterday. And Ichiro got the start yesterday John Carlo was the DH. And Ichiro was up to that the ninth inning in what is going to be his final at bat ever. In Seattle. Because it is I mean you know yea you don't expect him to play. Half a dozen more years that that's how long could be. In told the Marlins are to go back to Seattle you only played at division. Once every three years and you know in three years from now the Mariners hold beat Miami and then you you know it's a big article in a six years. So luckily Eads rose last at bat ever in Seattle callers. The two home deep in his final at him what what realistically is going to be his final bout ever. In Seattle Ichiro. Homers to. Deep right field. Great job really. Really cool. The crowd was into it's I am happy obviously the score was ten spot for you Egypt reach that spot usual. And a really great moment for each road ASE resolve to a brutal start to see. Yeah brutal start. But great job that Ichiro yesterday really cool moments in what realistically is is final at bat ever. Be in Seattle on front of those great fans this boredom all those years now. The big story obviously throughout the day yesterday what is Aaron Hernandez did you find yourself. Feeling. Like do you have any feelings about it throughout the day yesterday because we get the word about Aaron Hernandez. As somewhere in the middle of our show yesterday and he has run seven and the new start to break so. Early in our shell middle the show we we got the word that Aaron Hernandez had hung himself. And analysts don't really know. What happened on and then it really does look like he killed himself but he didn't look like there was foul play. But why does everybody keeps him allegedly before they keep talking about Aaron Hernandez died allegedly. Yeah I don't know lanky like nobody just wants sin committed suicide. Owner of wrong hole and it. But he uses them is that attorneys and that. Man and his attorney I mean whatever obviously her leaving everything open for interpretation. Is what I'm getting at and and it's the same feeling I felt it's. Why everybody just has the question why why now why did he commit suicide now after all that and then and then the multiple listeners jumping by I think a development Ford for some errors yesterday and and the latter of them do the one that was further away from himself just plot plainly committing suicide is the ones that are more leaning towards the lead to clearer that we and the league the gang membership stop the the friendly being threatened and he having to take his life before his family it's affected by this. I'm leaning more towards that than just a rear rarer. Normal just I'm just commitments whose arm myself and all it appears that there there may be an explanation. As to why he actually did it allies about being a free man in in the state of of Massachusetts and money. Animals blowing money like it it appears now you know bad framer not to be here mobilized clearly something discussed with him and his attorney and I imagine. That conversation with bouncy about pouncing yesterday putting out now on and on instead Graham his mr. Welch who is his good friend. I had a feeling that if that was the case I believe parents who possibly knew or had a final talk with parent about what he was going to do. I don't know about you but if I feel like I'm going to be taking my own life and feeling alone and and trying to talk to a friend especially one who allegedly. Was a rumor that penalty to pay for his trial I don't know that's being confirmed. A report came at a ball sting nets said the town sees. Paid for the second shrine bowl. I have not seen it confirmed I don't know if that's trio OK well a good friend pronounce it clearly emotionally. Numbness or distraught but it affected by by his girlfriend. Committing suicide. Com put put clearly stating in his in his in his and his and his renewed call evidence to Graham post. That talking yesterday heard just yesterday we just talk or something like that and I got a feeling that gnome Aaron had a plan and at that that was the case of of avoiding. Civil suits and and his family getting. Money taken away from them and is targeting particular from announces planned out as escape plan and sure he couldn't get it that's true or he you know on his arm and he could do that possibly and his attorney was the one I was advised him about stuff like that. If that's true because apparently at some bubble all there in Massachusetts. Model takes water really interim leader bonus it's. Apparently had some bove a law there in Massachusetts where. Intel insult all. Of appeals are exhausted and you know. In it if it dude dies. Covering guys. The original. Conviction is vanquished. And he goes back to as it you know Freeman original Tron never took place and he's considered convictions overturned Syria's demand for. And if that is true. And lean toward that be in the cases to what happened. That makes cents. Specially why he would wait until after the second trial page found out you know innocent on this one and let's secure the personal. That is true little. Is there and Aaron Hernandez. Skating on his way out scanned the NFL really heart. Really really hard. Because it is. He's gonna now why did getting the pension and all that stuff and it's all gonna go to the family. Like on his it acts of this trip. On his way out. He scanned the NFL. Horror. Well not necessarily because I don't you pass and in your pension your 401K it's transferred over to your wife and your kids they cut that Joker and half. You know you you still Bennett and often through music you know often. But the look at the pensioners have put you on the replay how long was applying. Years yes and again installing a massive pension that is looking at that and nothing right through our percent better than ever something's better than nothing yes but but it's Hollywood a lot of people think where you're going to be meaningful benefits and and all that other stuff that's basically cut in half and if you're dealing with your child as well it's it's even cut down further so mom yeah I'm just I'm just puzzled Manhattan and that it had to be it had to be a very well thought out situation of discussions of rookie cleared on this you know this is the possibility if you passed away irks you die just saying it. You know just landed out there as an option I don't know you wanna do it you do it every wallet now this is the possibility you're going to be considered an innocent man. Once you get I want to get acquitted for these two charges and probably looked at his daughter and his wife and in the courtroom and this and you know this is what I'm gonna do for the fans did you feel bad in any sense yesterday by yourself feel bad. You could say no view and I'm about I'm too bad for anything. You say no. You don't feel weird tie until that rank and. I don't know how I'm kinda apathetic towards its 300 I don't know him and about a month from Ottoman and for somebody that I don't know what's on our for me to be affected by by the situation put it. I feel for a feel for kids are fuel for family members. That's sort feel for an unnecessarily him because everybody has a decision I make in life and some some. Some situations in life that determine what kind of choice or pats are going to be taking. But I'm looking for an excuse on why he did what he did. I just feel bad for now that there is a child that's that's affected by this very similar to Jose a tremendous thing child affected by growing up and always having your father's legacy. You know sitting there in the background of whether you're good you're not good. I'm sure stores and economic rows and have a little bit of a difficult time growing up. Talking about Jose for an answer mentioned nosy friends or at some point next. I make sure it was adding it's 7 and 8 o'clock this morning as you'll a chance to win thousand dollars thousand dollar slam dunk contests every morning on a show at seven hand and at 8 AM. We. So. Jose Fernandez been back in the news here for a couple. He's now largest you know some reactions here in the air to the nine foot statue that's going to be built. And Marlins park and talking about yesterday you know Dave Hyde wrote a column yesterday in the sun sentinel. And in his column he referenced. A letter. That. Was that he got a hold of I suppose that was sent to the Marlins and David Samson. Just being a fete bad that it was offensive. The statue was Benson which you knew was common and you can understand. People being offended over. And and the gentleman who rode it was a yacht. Is 888 father who lost a child in a DY accident couple years ago a Tallahassee. Which unfortunately. Nah happens more than you like in knees either in the college towns or say on the way to school like I lost a friend on the the way to school on the way to college late this stuff you know drug back in spring break or whatever it is. The some happens way too often and anyway so we're talking about yesterday. And it's. And the gentleman actually hurt us. Talking about it and and called Dan. Her talk about his his letter that that was that David. That that he wrote David Santa to hide reference in his column yesterday. And the time I just didn't work out yours and talk. Him this morning a little too about the puts a non other than our. Initial torts. Dynamic comments about it I'd I'd like to hear you know the other side of that fence Woodward a lot of people are texting and about arsenal frustrated about. Not putting this person on a pedestal because is just an athlete but he is at the end of the day another person who made about a decision to. Ended up killing two people on the boat so you are you you definitely Mon here this disorders. Past. You know cited. Okay aren't will get the call later on this morning. It totally got his number and everything at times didn't work out yesterday when he called the any happening here is talking about it sweetly ms. Dennis some merit. So we can call call later on this morning. And and we kid we could hear that respects lay an incident that I'm interceded. And now. In hearing from the people are offended over their being the statue of Jose Fernandez because I'm OK with statue I don't like the street being named after him. You're you're the statue outside of the ballpark at the statue and Marlins pork yes yes that I mean look it's baseball seem. Like that's where baseball happens and he was a baseball player was basal player that everyone really liked when he explained baseball. And he was guy who brought a lot of joy to Marlins fans when he is playing baseball space hosting and Clark personally Abu Dhabi in the inside the park. What Westbrook as well as being outside and on the ground what's the difference is. People in public or driving by and walking by and every day and some of those people might not be massive Jose fans or baseball fans and air reminded him asking. Wiser or nine foot statue of a garden and almost a double manslaughter. So let's. That's kind of the way I look at it whereas you know people are gonna be wanting to sit there and taking pictures of it. Somebody might be walking by and seeing people taking pictures what does nine foot statue in May be your brother got killed in a car accident for five days ago from drunk driver. And he might have a little bit of of an issue with that as well so I could see inside the ballpark where he brought so much happiness and joy to the sports fans of South Florida and the players. And management. That's smile and you know of those the unbelievable outings on the mound. I get it inside the park no doubt because that's a sacred ground that's this place. Bomb but outside even on the grounds even outside our I can understand people having way way more of an issue with the. I saw talked to a couple hours William Caldwell lump. Get that perspective which which I think most of us can understand. Always got your headlines for including NBA playoff action last night next Arab. States. Aaron from our sister station sharks they're going to be yet he came to an epic hotel at 270 Biscayne boulevard in Miami. This Saturday. From four to six. You Dresser on site on the sixteenth floor pool deck for chancellor pairs sold out Red Hot Chili Peppers to get their shelves on April 29 at American Airlines Arena. Everyone wants parenting it's and qualified three grand prize epic hotel concert series package. Includes hotel sale late check out the night of Russia associate Ullah loved late check out love it. Our. Amber is out today she's gonna be out tomorrow as well -- back on Monday. And discussed in lament the news of the day yesterday which was Aaron Hernandez and I mean I'd been by myself feel bad for a second I I do wonder though. ET to rub people the wrong way I don't know about the pound seed and and paying for the tried old fees and all that stuff that that that is not being confirmed I don't know if that's true or not but. You know pat and see my bouncy and sent out an answer may impose a very heartfelt. Post about. His friend did after he at three kid committed suicide yesterday I wonder of that rubs people the wrong way because I'm someone who. Is very critical and rightly so very critical of my bouncy and his brother went and you know few years ago when day. You know our our ballot tone and their way and there are free Hernandez hats those wholly inappropriate because. You don't free EC east possibly a murderer eat he needs to go to trial. And they need to figure out what's what absolutely should not be freeing murderers okay. This due to trial and if he's innocent then absolutely free him by. No not just marine and Aaron Hernandez who could possibly be a murderers and your right three Hernandez is stupid. And and it's offensive especially to the people who have been affected by this situation I don't it ended at the free Hernandez hats are ridiculous. I understand at the counties don't care about the people who were affected by those hats and shirts and their comments like. And all yesterday there lemon tarts and you know counts he's guilty. My fault like being a friend and and and people are gonna be upset with what he's saying and also. A set and of course and I just I southern as a few honest to god in my house he cares right now about what people think about his friend just committing suicide. Ounce you don't care and an all seizes his body has but he just passed away as he killed himself whose body was going through trials has buddy. His buddies a murderer yeah but but how he doesn't see that side of compels him. Even beat and murder counts is family. Emerge somebody else's family members and county doesn't seat those crimes. I see my friend that I went to college were so I understand and and I and I did it. Arm as my moral compass jacked up from a probably. But I have a biased opinion because I've I've gone through something. Much greater. That would affect me emotionally. Then trying to be reasonable and understand. The grounds on which those other family members and people were affected by the stand so I understand how to comment was it. Wasn't probably not something that he should have done ya. I'm not gonna go to social not not I don't know strong Italy did yesterday are grown I don't but I'm not gonna go on social medium and explain my feelings of people from I think that's probably more private matter for me to let people know that I'm hurting them. He's do you find that to be an odd thing and you're talking that for always do find that to be odd winner. You know he's going out he's essentially writing to Aaron Hernandez mean what what he's saying that are you saying to enhance biggest. I mean in this case. Debt like he's not reading your answer in mostly a little weird thing to me on FaceBook and Twitter or an answer Graham where you're writing to someone. Who'll. Really is not able to see. What your your post so I don't understand lie your posting. It makes sense. How often has announced postings by the hour I had no idea and the county sheriff's musica and it really is not too. Into opening up to personal life it's it's it's all that bad and this particular case announced it in general. It's always weird to me. You know you you're you're posts in that being. To someone new who has passed away in. That person that's why can't read your hosts like I don't understand why you're doing that it's. Anyway at that that's me that's just me. But I I don't have a problem with with what Mike how he said yesterday because the reality of it is. An anti India and is his rant okay dolphins have a problem with ample assured him like I mean it's eighty and on short him like why would what's that want. But but it's it's really not a big deal I mean in the end what he'll like it or not. It once it's Brent OK and you know we will probably they're not once is for. And as friends that. And tease her about it and I yet it's okay he's clearly a good friend. Would you agree with things he said are not absent pounce. Clearly a good friend would you agree with the things he has said or not in no problem like Audi not feel that. That his good friend no matter how awful person his good friend is. How can he not feel bad. That his good friend is as killed himself so. I'm someone who who had a big problem with pound see where in the free Hernandez happy is not as could your friend as a mean of murders get to run and. People that don't understand up onto the ball on that. Pounced he's probably have or had with with Aaron Hernandez. For years and years and years you were told to. Play for the guy beside you. Camaraderie. Cohesion and come together teamwork everybody Shriver in for one common goal it's pounded into you for years ever since she's a little kid playing sports tickets pounded in your brain. You develop that relationship with somebody. He doesn't do anything to affect you. At all. And the counties understand he cannot write off his friend. Because he is a murderer I'd I'd and it might sound jacked up for everybody out there listening. I understand. The that the feeling snap counts he has for his teammate. Not only just a random teammate because everybody has that further teammate don't go to war quote on quote further teammate. They got their back back kind of thing prom but. But in terms of being upset with what he said in his feelings and putting them out there I'm from a no problem whatsoever not a prominent Douglass is meant lines and month. He was once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. We don't. News coming out quite heated headlines in the amber Allen. The next couple of days you you'd Ametek good. And venture ticker takers plot. For headlines the next couple days sure thing man the semis brought you by CC's now CC's three new deep dish pizzas. The original deep dish hopping your chatter and garlic parmesan. All the limited chain a little of a favorite is five and change. Doubled up updates on the air and Hernandez thing as we were and what you got which Aaron Hernandez is this is from from reports of buzz report they had John 316 written on his forehead when he was found. It was written in red marker in his Bible in the cell was opened up to that passes what does that passage mean what does John 316 means for God's soul of the world that you it is only this one and only son. Whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life oak now what does all Austin 316. Alston through sixteen means odds torture yes that's right. Jose advises attorney says the team that they are going to launch their own investigation. Into aaron's death Aaron Hernandez's agent Brian Murphy heats we yes absolutely no chance he took his life Chico's not a saint. But my family and I loved him and he would never take his own thing and does this fire is curious this. I saw his face the same got to do Casey yeah dates yes then Maru intern now I recognized him. Yes but via the agent absolutely no chance in my my guess is they agent also said no chance he greeted duller. His guess. Is there was no say again and Moses say they lost the Mariners ten to five. Malls are a lot of home runs and it was enough to all the solo shots so. Young yellows when DP also a crash in the outfield real equal catch Ichiro I was Cuomo when he I am Bethea and yesterday's game they're off today. Back in action tomorrow against the San Diego Padres. Will update on the Marlins ownership news as Derek Jeter. And Jeb Bush who like the wonder twins they're teaming up to try by the fish. Loved it they've joined forces is that why should we be adversaries. And only one of busing get the team. We can join forces and we can both get the team. The cure the competing against an outfit in New York write them what does what does numbers were talking about here because the one I don't miss it is originally talked that's not gonna happen that's true and the team being valued OK I get a sense and it's this not a million bucks are not a billion dollars psalm you think it's worth more relief corps. Saturday at 800 I think 800 sump and you wanna that a quarter to let's say this things one point one billowing into a double eulogy one point 61 double him. And I don't know back who we haven't gotten any numbers as far as what's been nominated and I get mom when. Six and apparently had a season and impressed I'm just say he took a lot of topics. Saying things that you regretted ever make in the whale statement. Had a really really strong defense of justice Winslow which of those kind of cool. Also at up to us on where things stand did with the bosh situation kind of but not really. You hate to say answered but unlike in its quest to dislike gonna this question has been discussed enough in and that's been. That's been discussed but it's but I think there's no there's no resolution to it right now. You guys I think all have the information you doubted that. That's that's that's behind the possibility of what of what can happen but yes on the road you know we don't have your Christmas services home. Look at there isn't anybody. In this organization feels works. In a CB and I do. You go sideways at the end because of the feelings and and things of that nature but the last three years. Then the professional basketball player. No has to go through like you went through. Had to be horrible for him that just a few really couldn't compete but he couldn't play the game that he La. And you know from our our standpoint I don't look at and know we. We got anything lesser but we did not have the room for two months the first year we didn't have room for. Two months when we probably could get to finals last year we did them. It into the season this year and so we dealt with that as an organization and try to work our way around that as an organization in as far as all of the other things go. I think in due time we will run its course and take care itself I can't give you definitive answer I registered it. I answered the question insurers talents that a lot and you can't really saying he does talk about it and we ms. green is in news pretty used in the eighth. No I heard the comments about bubbly and something council what was the whole bump leaping on on. Resilient Fuzzy haired and bubbly or something can you start out the press Arizona's lake Hughes showed up on the strong front about how Mattie was they didn't make the playoffs. Related and released and that way because they what he did start talking about the guys use super nice about the mall. Well a lot. EU is great history is always end and he loves that yesterday he loves sitting there in front of everyone holding courts I mean he wasn't tomorrow. Because is one voice their X bolster the one voice. Franchise during the season has one voice the coach but Reilly loves that yesterday man. He got sent a lot of southern port talk about soul will circle back to when rusty undertone. Ambient leftists today all the series going up to he of the was as being the hawks 109101. The rockets and by the thunder won fifteen to 111 and the new warriors they've looked Joseph losers 11081. Kevin Durant suddenly came out calf injury. All right Andy Ellis and tonight's schedule York Cleveland and Indiana game 3 at 7 o'clock 8 o'clock is Toronto at Milwaukee in any San Antonio at Memphis at 930 David his dale. He was fine 30000 dollars for his comment doesn't. Christine is covering it for him worth they're not letting him pay Werth that they told that we got you coach no doubt we got started is it that came out some players low when their head man comes on the stuff we got you. We got you always that the fine for the coach that support of labor saying. Much we got you got you. I don't know when that is our rights last night Russell Westbrook scored the most points anyone's ever score with a triple double in the post season. And the NBA playoffs next. Did you watch much of the team NHL playoffs last southbound into capitals in May not leafs last night greatly and I watch lots of goals great game great team unbelievable game especially the first period. Capitals got back in that series game they had to have us in that series now teachers got seven games written all over it and our interests are. Did date today end up losing last night they its weapons and sweats laps. Yeah the the NHL playoffs like usual. So far have been really grates okay ia Robyn mentions there that Anaheim. The move on Minnesota stayed alive yesterday Saint Louis had a chance. Two suite as well Anaheim is now the first team that has moved on to the the next round. Ottawa takes a commanding 31 lead over Boston so Boston playoff teams Bruins Celtics and bad spots. Not a good week so far from Boston post season senator than. And now and tonight now. Tonight got the game that that would series I'm most interest in and that's Canadians and ranger course that series moves back to Montreal 195. Okay greens are right now guys got their hands and do. Game five back and that's down barn we are today has tried in more out okay Canadians and made some way and that's series. And he got the penguins who gain advanced tonight. I and each guy what else on the creditors can complete a sweep over the Blackhawks went shopping. It the black cloud like now with a whimper that they're really swept the first round. And and sharks and others I mean I don't want to second that series has every means at 10 PM. And that was tied 22 got seven games written all over as well enjoy blessed never disappoint auntie not dialed in right now folks of first round that's fine. But once it moves along second round conference finals if you wanna watch great sports okay. You watch financial policies and it never disappoints. The NBA last night's the the first the first game the first series we'll talk about. Houston Oklahoma City gossip on Riley gets the okay Pat Riley spoke yesterday April while mole circle back to okay by it last night used in takes it 20 series lead over Oklahoma City it was a game that the thunder let double digits really the entire. They were up 910 points hold my Oklahoma City and in the fourth quarter. Russell Westbrook essentially shop Matt and her. This fourteen missed fourteen shots in the fourth quarter. Now overall in high scoring triple double in postseason history it 51 points ten rebounds. Thirteen assists but the other gorgeous 22 points in the fourth quarter score only 43 insect. This is were I love. Mind you look at our outlook on on sports. I love me some Russell Westbrook so I don't care if they lost the game last night. I don't care I guess I love the fact that he got a high as triple double. Burr but Tony wanted to keep light and probably he's in a care. I don't care what this team needs to pick up the slack here lets you so what does this say about his is also in stat line. So how would you. Great when you look at your line and about school or how would you grade on how you are you mouse. Go. And I'd I'd love that answer like that that's what every athlete should say. When it's their game humble. When. I'll get them are in care Hamas leaders who have for you were competitor that makes me more. Like him even better he missed that are fourteen shots in the fourth quarters and I don't human F right there in the post game altering the fine. He lives he was seventeen of 43. Shooting last night's shut them right at any game in the fourth quarter. And we we did this before where would wonder if his teammates like play with him. Only two other guys on the team shot in double figures Vick told people at fourteen feel tense and and Andre robbers and had twelve. Field goal taps and then he shot 43 times and I think can be a problem. When the fourth quarter rolls around where it all the sudden one of those guys meets the Adams at three fuel times last night. Three. You know I think. I think there are situations where. You know. He's taken every single shot and the ball winds up in home Boise hand in the middle of fourth quarter and it's like. Kind of know do it it's you know they're they're they're not in any kind of rhythm. Everything is going through Westbrook and you eat you know UT can't stand around Alice in a stand your ground game OK yet thirteen assists and clearly other guys don't suck but. It's got to be involved if you wants other guys to be able to make plays in the fourth according can't be standing around the entire fourth quarter. And then all of a sudden he got the ball on your expected to make a big plate like on the gets worked out very well and when Westbrook is missing fourteen shots in the fourth quarter and gets Angola doubts a lot. And James hearted so foreign you know. A battle between MVP candidates hardware that door man because boy did at 51 points to 35 last. And big comeback they win the game in the fourth quarter. Nuisance up. Too well I think Oklahoma City may be gets a game in Oklahoma City. I have and I've felt this series goes five Max. So I think Oklahoma City could get a game in Oklahoma city Oklahoma City are surprised all night last night that the thunder warring controlled way they worked through three quarters. You had Washington take it 20 series lead against Atlanta and wants and needs this game. I was not I was I was down in Houston Oklahoma City is a lot more instinct to meet the hawks ours on each senior team to meet in all the professional sports. I don't watch any. A military uniforms either I just I I it's a bush league team you know that okay. I don't want to second the hawks the wizards down to lose in that series OK there out to vote now Washington the old wall great backcourt white allotment. By left and worst record in NBA history as we talk about them when they're down to low ball on the seven there and never come back yeah remember that and there and they're not a victory and get swept you swept. And and then he had Golden State rule the Portland trailblazers without Kevin terrain and with Currie. And Thompson and not having big performance is neither of them had twenty points. But McCollum and Willard for Portland combined to shoot nine of 34. Now when it gets like that and yet not win a single game like that. I know it's a rants dram on green scores and single digits. Thompson and Currie scored nineteen points apiece. Annuals like thirty. Boards nosing in answers and and you know what. If there rants is his hamstring or leave it to rants hamstring is the slightest bit so you don't blame game three and there's no there's no there's no. There's no reason. Even if don't go into but he got the wars were lose game three I don't even know how planning team for. If he's still a little bit sort there's no reason the wars so far and away better in the Portland trailblazers don't need Kevin Brett isn't high rent. If he's the only stupid it's a war. They answering heat cannot come back into is 1000. Right now ramp from I think it's history. Is it cap mean it was capture okay our greatest. It would be users aren't yet those have all that that make it's that I am umbrella on. Don't go back in 2000%. Don't even know it does not gloves. Neurons there with Katie in the warriors this is a thing when you know the Big Three kind of came together. But like we're wayward miss games it almost like they looked more comfortable I said well wait a sec with outweighed. That's kinda what goes out KG and the wars like they do just slip into the sky natural. Under his persona much less understand the warriors. Mean it they've they've played they've banned gay they've been one of the best teams of all time high in the last couple years without. Direct pennies. Relatively. Close just coming back like they they they develop real nice run while he was out he's on the back I think fifteen and four without that they are going. The road or I think the first four happened in the first like Iverson had they are struggling early in the and then they want Iran. So. That's what happened last night he had all three of the home teams go up 20 tonight though you got some interest in stories okay. I San Antonio can obviously put a stranglehold on Matt is that games at 930 tonight. I love when the late games at 930 dizzy just just a yet the probably idiot swept San Antonio absolutely owns them the day this would be the third time and I think forty years. At San Antonio beats meant this I don't think the grizzlies of morning team during that span I think even swept the two other times and and Andy I mean it may guess what Tia the teaching part of that series now. Gays what do David fears he'll do. Meaning it didn't rant at the end game too doesn't help the middle Tennessee your. Does does that some weighty officiating any Nash and you know what what did David philatelic that was a restaurant moved by his dale. Take that. So what does that do. Tonight's that's that's the only thing to keep an eye on because we know San Antonio is going to win that at series. Toronto Milwaukee is at 8 o'clock tonight and that series all the suns got a lot of juice to OK 11. Undated combo is the best player on the floor born on a and the raptors had big problems with him. I would expect Milwaukee to go to once bossi because the raptors historically been a bad team one team. Even on their home floor remember last year against Miami Heat won game one showed one game two also. The raptors historically are terrible team one team so they lost game one in Milwaukee they that's backing number two. I wouldn't count about tonight's but I expect Milwaukee to defend the home court decedent. And then he got cavaliers who wore on the way to a sleep okay in Indiana but. I don't be surprised at the pacers get a game. They had Cleveland and five so won't be surprised Indiana gets a game but I'd probably lean toward Cleveland get NetSuite over Indiana. The what I find offensive over. The analysis the instant analysis is a rabbit in the NBA policies every year game to game in and out. The putt that annoys me about the instant analysis with Cleveland and Indiana. You've got a little bit in the the cavaliers. Back on track they found their way. Europe Europe CJ models. Open jump shot away. From from everyone freaking act that. I think about that don't is that. The cavaliers they found their groove or. You'll need. And all and jump shot away. From the pacers having home this series. I hate that's. Enjoy though like I want to see who's good in the next two guys in the Ross that Paul is the worst team. Every game. After these losses he's taken out his roster. He has no problem well nobody wants out he has been there and everything you have done school law in this league. As far as what he's concerned what you chill until I got the entire roster. Is that a PR was talking normally the press conference yesterday. Talking about him what fashion I thought I heard that I thought or locate PG a popular and any icons phony that got on the podium. I listen to pick that up I quality I ID Paula Jordan is the daddy he should be going after his offseason with a you know he's a great two way player to de cassis at duke their dues long man I don't care like I would be awesome here. Runs that's the guy go that's what you face. That's that big Big Apple they'll call he does Kuljanin you have to find William Internet newsroom you know you don't have to search on the Internet to find those cultured man culture and so does that Jesus LA. What you have noticed though so far about the series okay. There's a dominant player in each of these series and that's the team that's in control okay beat tonight acquire Leonard. On 22 compo. LeBron of course and you go to last night's you know Westbrook and Harden. John Wall Bradley deal. Obviously you know the guys in gold states. CC you look at the heats and knowledge of immediate course worse. So when you look at the heat. You got ask yourself. We think this heat team would be a lot won this year in the post season were upset that Dayton and then out Erica we think they could have made some noise. But adding I just told you. Okay. The dominant star players who's told you about. You feel like he had that got. Yes. It's one thing for. You know gore Ron and Hassan to put the numbers he did in the regular season had been his before. But the post season rolls ready at stores. And antibody got it is named. Under to corn ball LeBron Cole why Leonard. Westbrook. Hoarding in the show on wall. Gorge bush just on my side that aren't are not an a class of any of those guys mention. Second round playoffs and that's that's your post season's about to reluctant saharan. But that's the group that's what the Posey and about me you've got to have the best player on the floor. And pay the Celtics look to publish the best player on the floor. And and Boston's best player is five foot and also. NEC now he's performing. OK but their best players five but nothing they're down 02 right now. You seem to scrappy team can get you into the playoffs but once they get into the big show. Yeah I get it on a senator percent to just let it slide and understand is they don't pat made me comments about. You know signing up his guys signing up the guys that are currently year keeping the guys that are in house already here. I think that's just to a certain extent I don't think twelve million dollars that you know Dion Waiters is is in the ballpark for. Look how he knows this investor and media. Is related talked about like earnestly that rule be there with them yes that's that's it yes that's stood out to me also. That's an out to me also but but he also like there's also the sense of reality with the situation. That is not going to be. This home run out they're free in siege is because the money's too and he also made appointed to take back the whale out yet and also the drugs he's our leaders coming out there right away. So badly that you do. To. It's it says engineering this country wants India and battery design. I mean even pads is like. You know an aryan substitute teacher but no. But sometime in terms of your strategy this offseason and gone after rather well on whales out there and it. I think I regret ever making its because you know now that's that's always out there. I think the collective bargaining agreement is going to dictate. A lot of things about treatments that you example on if you go back to 2010. Users anger fourth extension team I mean security of the services of LeBron and and CB and Kuwaiti such rules were different the money was lower Greece's they could sign sixer deals. That sign and trades. All of those it's crazy today. It's a lot different in in for any any great players with the team. Is going to have to. Give great Paulus. As if Gordon Hayward is going to sign for twice as much money's the heat's on LeBron James. The imminent. Merlin. Like. How much more is he going to be making annually than the war on drugs are a lot and that's why not incidents angler and you're a lot war. These guys who we're gonna get Max contracts he gets starting salaries around thirty million dollars on drugs and X seventeen next year and bump bumps make some boo -- money to not next year armed and two years yeah. Why you Matt white lies next to. Few Texans don't you like it and of course brings on monkey attacks line at 67974. They feel a thing in nineteen minutes from now you're gonna have a chance to win 1000 dollars thousand dollars slam dunk contest every morning ourself. At 7 AM and at 8 AM. I'm glad this morning. I don't know if you saw the story on the news yesterday. By Marlins man you know you'll Marlins ran. Mr. aren't DOE is right now you see Intel needs you know Marlins man right devil and spend many minutes on the phone with you know he's at the Marlins games. Analysts. And Marlins man was on the news yesterday not at a baseball game but was adding his car. Use at a press got its war means he's in public he's got to be more bullets man it sees like a superhero character. And is dressed up in his Marlins theories Marlins man and he was there's a press conference yesterday where. He'd. He'd donated. Some money during a lot of money 121000 dollars to the family. At HP. Trooper close we're sorry you know who was struck on the highway and the dolphin expressway recently. And yet been in critical condition you now. And he'd donated a lot of miser Stanley to help pay for their payrolls in what nods and and it may be glad that it's. That he's doing that because is. He's a lot agreed that a lot of good stuff like he's weighing involved in charities special to make a wish foundation. He's way involved in that kind of stuff now look I tell refers. A little bit a little bit eccentric okay him. He's say he's a bit of a kooky personality okay. And eagle look at awards I guys dressed up in the Marlins gear at the press congress is looking for attention. And my reaction that would be yes and so what. He's also doing this move this year where he has bring in the honey it's a he's always on how things are I've noticed it more this year maybe knows what he's always done actually bizarrely he brought it troop with a. Yes but not my answer is yes he wants attention clearly likes attention as very obvious and my answer my in my response then. Then that would be so once. OK because is overall. Who the hell cares about the attention he's getting. The idea is that this family is being helped. That they get no money. You don't always resort back to you remember that one time would Drew Rosenhaus worry he saved at. He saved the person at the hotel where it performed CPR on them he revive the person and musical arousal and every every news show possible death took. Bragg at. About saving the person's life and Myers Mans responsibility. So what. The sabres life like you brag all I want to without cares about a bright Sen Byrd bought as a matter he's doing a retention personal lie in both. Because they hit men and and I feel the same way here Marlins is very obviously. Lot very obviously loves attention. Otherwise. Why are you wearing bright orange gear every single sporting events sitting in front row loves attention and that's obvious. And it. So what. He's given a lot of money to charities. And he's helping out this Stanley which is really really cool and really really great so. I'm glad this got guts and attention their yesterday exceed actors that do great there happening now. That dude is a lot of money to charity all locked. What are you got. Robert. I'm glad this morning yeah. Reason being as I'm finally glad that none milk is getting the attention it deserves I noticed that our stations are yesterday heard of bunch of ads were not melt the amount of protein that's enough milk. And how this guy loves the taste of not milk that's three got for me. As we shocked to hear that around and not milk but. Yeah I'm I'm. Kind of taken back. Little bit wonderful also a big deal Manuel liked don't know you'll meet personally and for and not into Mueller's regular milk cows would go on and well there's cash it was Barack cashew milk Alibaba almond milk. We've got all kinds of stuff that rice milk even an honest I'm not but they've got all kinds Brazil not milk. Brazilian not I'm definitely not an act that does leave early version of shout outs. So what are this morning. I'm mad Tom Coughlin. Does he does that move the old curmudgeon bedroom where he thinks. Take it away the ping pong tables out of the jaguars locker room is voted to now lead to wins. Now well if you wind. You should take plea portals out of the locker room. That will lead to wins valuable RA is Albert holding out. Of course is holding out first of all why is Branden Albert sold ask gonna go to voluntary workouts for its but he holed out for a deal. Does that do not want to go to voluntary morgue hustle and out you know what I drew a YouTube beliefs about bread and Alvarez and whether he gets DO does get a deal. If he's not gonna lead to any more wins or any less with the team sucks badly portals and does nothing but for talks on the other team the doomed it's over. Our rights there yup that's why you mad why you glad. You see this story couple days ago though don't Beckham and his makes you mad. Oh tell Beckham. Did eighty. Did it did a football camp for kits a few days ago over the weekend in football camp and I am sure is expensive and probably also those deals where he got late bunch of underprivileged kids who were all sold off fortune off to be able to attend and what not and it's normally how a lot of these people can't scout you know and although Beckham. Who don't camp shows that ninety minutes late. To a camp those two hour session. He called out for charge an inner city kids to I don't think you'll as Beckham knows it was one of the bandit Brothers. Who called out. Early just in general called out players. Charge inner city kids and less fortunate kids to come to their camps yeah when they know damn well that the profiting off on them like I believe last year he got all over Stefan curry. For doing that for a campaign that I mean was. Crazy expensive put a lot of these camps also I think in the player do something about it. Yes I would imagine he can but a lot of these camps run by the sponsor. The sponsor. Has an agreement with a player that he's got to show these camps and the player really doesn't add any sane at this price tag. Who goes out to do that is dealing with his foundation has my guests in the foundation is the one that's benefiting. Which ultimately if you look at a lot of players foundations they do do good things. But there's a lot of overhead that gets lost in the foundation a lot of friends cousins buddies that are handling. A legal analyst for me he's part of the foundation so welcomes a little bit of a bomb messy situation. Most of his old job back gum okay in Julio has been tagged to the maturity issues not cut a deal. Ninety minutes lady shows up to his own camp which is only two hours long you know all these Stanley's own ship in a corner money to be there the Griese was late. Is cited to miss his flight because the night before he was at Coachella. Okay. And grading get on the red eye flight which the sponsor was paying for him you know to get back. Is satin and as a feeling it might not getting on the flights and now it's the morning on the sponsors like freaking out in trying to get into the city on time and whatnot. And bugs the hell out of me man because it's so just pay. I don't care about other people who do don't want. Does it matter that their families and kids by the way who have paid money. To meet me in BS football campaign. Slate that you know what I feel like doing coach ally am gonna sleep and that I've I don't care. And that's you and you know what you know is the worst part about it is also Beckham. Like Lee is one of those kids at one point in his life. Was one of those kids at the football camp wanting to meet his fever Planar. Is likely one of those kids what not to grow. And Anderson general. The athlete who doesn't give a damn about other people because they're all famous now. And got money the big superstar. Want to cares about. This responsibility that had to these people simply families and kids. Makes decreasing and I hate that name my guess is he didn't check out the calendar and realized that Coachella was the same Wii tennis camp I guess eating care all of yeah I think he'd be put priorities in order his priorities in order there but. A lot of these guys have commitments in the season and a lot of them. Get asked to do many many things and it's very difficult to remove. Your duties. And and sacrifice your social life in your time that you have supposedly. Your off time and and give it to charity and give it to during that we got to get on that flight I was really scheduled. Of course if you agree to something be accountable you know be responsible be accountable and either I get it com by. I also understand. Him the store started athlete BMI you know lawyer. Big sponsorships might charity my foundation. They count opinion doing something like this so and. Only when he got there minimal interaction with its minimal. And in my guess diseases that. In my something that he was kind of obligated to do have not a shot was actually not something that he really won't. Was into doing it was probably something along that the foundation slash. You're committed contractually to were threes. Suddenly you're busy. An. This is one into me. At this point. It's why it's why me and like I remember. I mean I well as you know Alltel Alltel the sooners' side you'll were up against it here but but I am I am I am I have a story that's. Not similar thank god blind but fear of when you're meeting your favorite. Player as a kid what you want you'll wrought you don't have a terrible so regiment me for the first time when and company knew that I have search your way next.