ZRA Part 1 5-19-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 19th

Zaslow's crappy gala attire, All NBA teams, Why U Mad?


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. He says no runs and amp. Yeah today we're doing things sort of got past George looks mean. Those on clay was cool as hell can we come in like refill the ice bucket the stuff Torres he put on forty pounds of muscle since we started data you made him. Yeah 68. As it went 80 combat in lieu of flowers the family has requested that donations be made to the foundation. Victims come blooms suck on them. Parents need and only aids O'Leary then. It died now could you please put. Hey joy and so it is meet your opponent always seemed like when you tell me on the phone lines down. I mean all. All. And thank you guys are and where it all like good god on 79. I wanna get on. So as well Rollins and amber and area is a hot day morning hello Ron how are you have frozen up right where credits and room that morning. Robert morning. Buenos dias we are slim run on the boards and they show. Haven't looked in the area is laws in years you are other areas these are out this week at ease soon they'll infill and racist. Because there are the white audience he could have the FB. Yeah sure let's walk and on boom you know walk and how dare you how dare you. So Friday morning the nineteenth morning of may here is we get. Your weekend started. All right so here's Jaco and on. Where it's all about the basketball tonight that's for sure war Bly and and the Marlins a terrible teams and the plan on the West Coast they are they RO a brutal on watchable team right now they lose 72. Okay but it's butts today. I got odds Dachshund on new York and in design and gone to New York after the show. I'm nervous. All right your people. Doing kayak and garbage cans there's been in the streets did you see what happened history with a yard drive and all over the place yet I don't like to react more information I know I don't solve I don't need any greens in any droll or people in times where. Yet he an injured believers thirteen people I think he may have killed on the person. And it we don't with the initial reports were that he had apparently had huge DWIs in the past so a suspected that it was actually DWI and I terrorism thing. I did see the video this morning it's certainly looks intentional he was intentionally driving through people like yes maybe you were. Wasted and you we could do that as well I'm sure viewer. I can't imagine an obvious drunk driving or I can imagine how confusing. Trying to operated vehicle inebriated three times school her would be that seems like. And I am very obviously a terrible situation so I don't think we know though whether it was on purpose or whether it was an accident the initial reports were that it was an accident but he where it's that he was wasted CS and 46 year old set. A lot of young suggest I think for me I'd be. I would not be console driving New York City. Well again a worse yeah of course you wouldn't game I would I mean it's like you're not comfortable walking a row New York's right right I I would be Albert driver. OK you know I've comfortable getting coffee the coffee shop yeah I NN I would not be able to drive and in New York City you know like. Like I'm going otsuka. I'm going on so Montreal at the end of the year or condone wintertime this year which areas job on him had examined but good going until Montreal the end of the year. And and I I need to rent a caller okay because the airport is actually really far more we're going in Montreal. And it's it's ten it's can be snowing. Am scared I've never driven it's now cool I'm scared the idea of driving on the right sling gun I'm not looking forward to that to wrap the rain to cause the airport. And I and and you've probably driven on ice for the city you live in places where where they sell you lived in Saint Louis okay. But I ain't gonna get back for a real drag course and of course what where you from of course you driven in the snow. I I'm very nervous about that on the girls are driving a place on our for the city about an hour yeah. I now though the roads around B Powell then you're probably just riding on interstates rates still trying to rally on the IDC you know that's got an auto drive on ice on a black eyes to a black guys you can't doom and weep about Seattle and donate you're done. Yes so they don't let that saw me I'm done all right to the place and go drive a dog god that's my. I don't he'll be fine I think you'll be finding is they're staying I mean rather than they normally take good care of those kind of those kinds of brown eggs and say he'll be fine it'll probably be. Pretty normal to. He's very scares driving New York City I would never be able to do that's OK I don't know what's going on all knows from walking around there once hawk H other. By no one's going fast and up I I don't know and Tom Golan I'm definitely. I really annoying to drive in Manhattan are realizing you know try it and man it looks like it's why I love like everywhere we go I love getting cars and driving them like. Uga Uga France's word we go we went to I drove from. Was it. And I think it was a Paris to you what I try to place on the wrong side the road you would do that of course are really an unprovoked stone and I know you heard on that I never use I haven't done that I have an ice into Raymond in England that we do we we drove it was a from Paris Amanda are you know dressed up. Don't know I didn't I didn't and all but I don't know Rome remember I drove to wrong that was like it never got confused now. You now and then and then over in Europe a lot of gas stations are instead of being on broad side you have your rest stops brought against Asians are like down underground so. All of a sudden every driver on a regular road especially in Paris. And then all of a sudden it's like the hero for a gas was pointing downward you got to get off the road to go down into the thing and for the gas station is is like underneath like a subway here it's crazy. Or is her secret but you are driving in Europe. Highly not recommended for somebody like you hi I would stay away from renting a partner. I don't go to your man is now I got an idea that you're zero everything any easier in South Florida I'm not missed on a thing okay. Everything I need is right here come the war when they have got to play you don't let that thing and you can't find it here not everything I need is here's. Your wife never once Tony wary of as well just run the gym I'm going you to take your romantic trip to Rome. Three area butch early VCR and a supporter in Venice Italy floating city that is not going to be around much longer does a Venice is prequel. Right so you know what my own code and no one's gonna bother me and arguments aren't around much longer come undone OK then you don't and this year by the way is our tenth. Anniversary so it doesn't like daddy's girl probably it's met. I mean answering your supposed to be. Spanish and Rome flyer or a family out there to have a little bit of rekindle. Listen I'll ball finds some steps appear little run around takes an actor Joseph atlas I can all of those amazing old. You know all the architecture and everything needs at school nice. And that's it. Steps pool steps. Ever. And they're open in the streets of New York trim from people have to group ever been through Zamboni out earlier today and don't they and New York scares me is the odds you know. And I only a small city kind of guy and big city got okay I had my younger city man I'm okay round people absolutely. And I saw video yesterday it is. It was floating around the Internet do it was open. In August camera Baylor in the streets and York president birds can't tell you I was losing mindful screws that are now you when they're really not now you're whether he was lightning in a day he he did what position it all and it's I mean. That's what's going on. In the streets in New York. Actually good they actually using their no endeavored defecated in the South Beach hey if people like. Act like it all might god. I didn't and you questioned why you question why when I get off the airplane okay land on street the hotel. Don't three things in New York this weekend. Exactly three things one of those three things are this one involve eating a big old is that neither mr. undo and the Republican. Three yelled likely hasn't delivered to the room yes. I'm doing the sun this weekend okay you know three things I'm doing our. I'm going to a gala tonight. I'm playing baseball tomorrow. And sitting in my hotel room. Those the three things I'm doing it near her arms are so tiny and doesn't make any snobs say I don't really nicely no matter it doesn't matter now. Guys aren't strength than candid egg on their candidate and your artery had a nice view and a little early in the Parker and I think I think you're on any insane and transplants where you're at Dallas it doesn't matter it's night on matured as a pal I don't. And white and I don't own. It doesn't matter it's measures the enemy's long a look at I need to be nicer are going to be small. Three things. Gala tonight. Baseball tomorrow. And sitting in a hotel room intellect to go to those places a palace as a Robin Tyler miss and now nominee Allison summoned the hotel let's go tell us spots and tell. So that's room mayhem that's or don't. That's how we do it's. Mean you're not leaving inning go well with anybody ME ND year you're gonna have friends a bear on I am going out tonight to a gal and then. And then watts I mean you wouldn't you and then join them for us is that it's nothing I'm gonna lead tomorrow night you wouldn't go do anything not. Not normally awake and up a grab some breakfast probably the hotel and small and and I I gotta go the got a baseball and even feel Manningham you're across the street from seeing Patrick Saint Patrick's Cathedral an equal place. Yeah it certainly know that you got a look out the window all get a get a nice view sick. Leave the hotel or salt that you were in midtown. Act. Eyes. Just remembered silly on a minute ago I just remember yeah I forgot to remind Romberg. To bring a picture embers to bring to bring a photo guys glossy photo gifts. Of preferably picture of him you know in Miami Hurricanes gear all those St. Louis Rams getting would have been flown out of it and wave on air. Two to put up at the auction table tonight's. Effort that a different. What are sort of reflects well. While not in your your career the rams may be not quite. Hurricanes. Are great and even you know the ravens who didn't. Know or you'll have to play the rams. All right it's like oh hell is this guy rams for no we didn't and I I think I think I mean you don't next Simba who he. That's the first time we actually. That was a time that we found out that we weren't getting in the playoffs a couple of your game. I mean Graham who this guy. Think rams fans are scrambling prayer. Collect your photo which. The hurricanes like guy is guy must have been somebody glare and all time great college football team that makes sense albeit five blocks. So I forgot who I forgot to it's remind the rom dog to bring a picture to put on the auction table and remains moderate news. Gala organism the Smart rather something very reflective army around monitors can draw on organ to turn up on a piece of paper yeah we're pins are slightly and it is true. Their paper and is laid down. This flimsy paper laid down in number to be constantly observing the area. Snapping pictures of people with bewilderment. As good. They pass the ball high and see that picture Labatt homelessness whose title at WTF. Is yeah that's right they'll start the bidding at eight increments of five doubt zone been like seven box not increments of follow it okay. So you some of its five GB ten our rights dig into pocket old bits. And forego some care action all right. So. Yesterday it seemed like we swords get a little bit more news on what happened Chris Cornell was sorted our show yesterday. On. Terrible note because we found out literally minutes before I went on the air yesterday that the legendary. 52. Our early in the morning late. Last night Aureus two nights ago now we're talking about and so sorry get more information and it it. Committed suicide they found him in the bathroom. With some than hanging around his neck. And I guess where he was himself probably snapped and it's unlikely councilman floor you know. With whatever was hanging around a snack but deed the corner I guess or whoever you know found their confirming. It was on TMZ. And not joking like teams he knows the aid they get the information that's where sought first yesterday that they were confirming. And that it has been ruled a suicide. And and better yet as far as that kind of confirmations of this concern. Read the story essar in the Detroit Free Press where. Wasn't concert review because the story was written. After we find out that he has turned up debt okay. But then there's I guess like kind of like a concert review that was written. After he died at. Talking about how all. All right. This one is how is performance. Was not rights were was melodic rose situation he was but that he was not on his scheme and he looked weak. He he'd did not look into it's there or moments where he was messing up. There were moments where he was leaving stage coming back a few minutes later award the band zest Phil hi amen and they're starting songs over again. And he he was not in two and he did not look into the shell on he's he was forgetting words and having the crowd sing the words. To the parts that he couldn't remember what have you on and and that now looking at it like the guy who wrote again wasn't concert it was a review of the concert it's it's putting it together after you find out dot. And that. You don't it's titled eat you know something was all about Chris Cornell performance last night or drugs involved arena I don't know I don't know I data guessing I don't attesting to report a third week here by. Yet and then of course if you wanna get really creepy. The song that he closed the show always was I was covering which is a sonogram that sound has covered before. Is a zeppelin song called my time a dying. And so few wanna get really creepy there's the idea that he knew we use doing all along and he played that song is very and on its. And nose at. And and then in the middle of the show. The guy who wrote the story said he was talk that at one point in the show he was talking about again ETE can't confirm what he was referring to. But if you wanna put it together or read between the lions. You know he's talking about. That he feels bad for the next city. So is he talking about because Detroit such a great route and not go to live up to how great crowd Detroit is always talk about because it shows the McCants. Feel that the next city don't know. But you know the red the writers saying out you know is is this romances is is he alluding to what's going to happen. And then of course what like I said they close out the show the song pilots up and called an atomic dying. So the whole thing is holdings really sat. I imagine what your little bit of a story coming from the band members. Or forward that are emotional thing. Not obviously not in the near future but I imagine on the road though some deals that don't have a sit down with these guys and bill bill Bill Smith soprano the figure something out. Pretense. Very kids and a wife who who now lives here you lift your mind is why all and it looks axles get a seventeen years on I mean. You never know what these guys are symbolic counselor told Chris Cornell seems like a dude that. You know is not one of those troubled rocks are Leo now he's an artist are past any dental and he had. Susan went with addiction and the front saying it is you know Scott Wylie and guys like. Yeah yeah that makes sense you know. Chris Cornell in shock you don't sand yachts private Scott why don't die. And he always there were always asking going to MR RC being part of a grunge movement and in the Nirvana situation in the wants to ration and a rain Staley situation hey and rightly lay Staley died righted the only Syria very slow slow. Your shots doing with the guys who come out of grunge aerodynamic look will look what they all sing about them but they all did with her for so many years right I mean that's what that. Arrow was sort I mean who lived life in the fassel. No I'm seeing a guy like Scott Lila last year who passed away it is is someone who very publicly. Has had battles and addiction very publicly. Held and why is it's like yeah we also are common and it's terrible. Bob but no it's priced by Chris Cornell who unless you're super close to what maybe is damaged or not be surprised but unless you're super close to me it's very shocking. Very daunting to disease common in quite a bit on on suicides and overdoses. Every time anybody's in every during an in terms of a magazine or fashion magazine. Miami magazine whoever it is it's entering and asking him assume wanted to go to questions have to deal with his. Coworkers. It's it's in the business of guys that have. Either O deed or why are you still around how are you doing so well and all these other guys have suffered only not tunes yeah and he has comets are always the same it's like I don't know why you guys keep asking and highlighting in. And in doing the the rock star dying too young situation or Modine or did the biggest burning light. Always fades away early goes topology PSE and others there's mothers that are crying every day yes style wants mothers crying because a lot of other mothers that are crying out there for their kids that are either owed dean were killing themselves and and he's always commented on that's companies like it's a bunch of BS and and it's it's really ironic that the guy that that they always go to for DOD or the the description of what's going to people's minds when they're going to suicide. And that kind of thing it's it's it's it's crazy meant I know it. It ruined my day yesterday Allah tell us a listen to a lot of sound on yes there's is La audio slave yesterday and a resilient finding of course there. The big deal man who really big deal. I was does very affected by yesterday the huge bomber blows blows really affected by it. All right let's get to the sports Amber's gotcha headlines for you next. Not restaurants and says it's 117 arsenal food wine celebration it is Tuesday. Today and Broward County convention center. Tickets are drizzle is not it by dollars and proceeds benefit nickel where a Special Olympics aren't able leadership academy. Meet sample food for more than thirty South Florida's top chefs and restaurants use the promo code ticket. And save ten dollars on each ticket purchase its guests today at Orange Bowl dot org by. I I don't feel Lauren talk quite a bit about LeBron today and yet the cavaliers. And the Celtics back in action two nights as the cavaliers or look into step on the throats of the Boston Celtics this evening. I don't see any other outcome to tonight's game other than that. Happening. Eight this is a kind of series where I agree guide you know. I'm like say a series is over after first gobble game around saying it last night after game one IA I don't see a way that Paul's got a chance. I'm on the Isiah Thomas can be your best player on a championship contending team. And he was completely. He was a non factor is man handled yet. He was a non factor in game number one. I think that's how ever all four games that's right forty I think it's how all four games of all Paterno felt well by eight it appears that way. I think that is Howell in this series going to turn out for Isiah Thomas Torino four games he's going to struggle any major major way. When the in this scenario Ritter looking at a team that knows going and they don't stand a chance to another looking at. Let's beat the people that ruins. The other teams operate. And by and what I mean by that is I mean these guys for Cleveland need to be very worried about the musicality that Boston's gonna be playing when they're gonna be chippy. A little guys all like right where hey with a number one seed here Atlanta went that are being way more -- by vines that we and and you know you know little I. He's got a mouth on him and any tough do. Weather's trying to challenge fans are trying to challenged Chris Chris and Thompson got twice the size. Beauty you know damn well these guys Smart the whole crew were gonna become another going to be a little bit more physical because. Gonna try to ruffle some toes because clearly athletically and and and their abilities are are not going to be measuring up through Cleveland Cavaliers. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Peace I hammer. These airlines or ride your race he sees only at CC's enjoy the five dollar and change unlimited us they all your favorite pizza pasta salad and dessert all for one great race CC's pretty dismal seasons. Barely get a takedown CC's like right now six say and that's. I am I. And right now for seats yeah. How earned. Or else I need there's never time Atlantic empty where I'm going for freedom toast and rip these respondents subs or something you still never remember I was honest it's really weird man they got their mighty tree and where right next to relate you just go to Louis spot as many know by a bunch hurricane isn't that weird thing in our great how Haitian man. If you should on the spot is not a just and grown a south. Or do wanna to a new franchise with me or some it's it's the best man and you you really shouldn't you should check it out man and then like you said that money and it was good story necks out like that place yell they all. They don't bunch of DJ stuff there at time life they aid they carry all the stuff there. As the store. The FDA announces 20162017. All NBA team since on Whiteside not a line in the first team not on the second team it's not on the thirteenth on the list that is Anthony Davis three orbiter and beyond pre Jordan's. Yeah I and Hassan finished seventh. Among sends you hear promoting us and ridiculous has a son commented about their donors are gonna Norris. And now look at is a look at this now dad I will Wear off their circle back to this was our backs out. As roms mentioned the Anthony Davis he makes the first team along when James Harden. Russell Westbrook who LeBron James and quiet Leonard the second team staff Korea Isiah Thomas have injury and it's. And go on. So now I'm what and a his name is got a ticker home well it's really good my impact is John Collins the martyred president. During among green Jimmy Butler India Andre Jordan make up your third dean and Clark the sunlight I received eighteen total. Yeah it's it's a little bit lame IA. A little bit lame I say it's a little bit lame because I don't have a problem with him not making wanna be all and be eighteen some what I mean but now I got a problem with public as there an album. But I don't prom with him not make in the all NBA team you know. It's three senators to it Delaney that is some Whiteside is going to be ahead of Anthony Davis no of course not bank. But but there are other guys there who who did not make the all NBA team Boise caddie better case than some Whiteside okay. Call Anthony towns and he has a better case than some Whiteside to Marcus cousins I think it's better case then some Whiteside okay is that three guys right there. The two other guys that happens actually be ahead of all all those yeah. Rudy go there and the Andre Jordan did meal break OK you Andre Jordan I mean. I saw Whiteside is not is light years better offensively. He's better defensively. He's a better rebounding showed do you agree it's not like I'd let the league rebounds this year all right if you wanna say overall realized battery about the hundreds are okay he's not. But this year he led the league in rebounds all right he's a much better player. Then the hundred jordin. And this Rudy go there I got news few know what else want to say it notice stiff okay I'm tired to hear about Rudy go bear. Judy has no offense he blocks a shot or two game. And you'll swooning over him video rake over Rudy go there can't hold Hassan Whiteside. Shot. So I have a problem with some whites and not be all and yet there are three other guys who output ahead of any those two right there the hundreds owner woody go pear or get them. They're tired out I am the it in New York I am fired up about it because. Whiteside. Plus like I said it is embarrassing. And again I don't normally go the route of all there's they're against this guy or they're against this team are there against this city even normally does it Miami. But some white side okay. Is very Cooley here. That the reputation precedes him. And unfortunately. The you know. You can't tell me these guys were voted pretty awards but there's so senators. I had Hassan Whiteside. Hit his first team obviously and there's a couple other guys like put at a us on as well. No go bear is a stiff. And backs may be judging his body of work just like third judging and both sides former us most of the way he used to be kind of thing that's most of our settlement. You know me nots most. They'll honor their names not also anomalous Paul George and Gordon Hayward meaning that they won't qualify for the designated player extension that's part of the new collective bargaining agreement. That designation would have allowed the pacers offered George the richest contract in NBA history. And I added to five years and approximately 210 million dollars to this contract. Which is about 35 million more than any other team could have offered them so now leaders like now. Columnist he's going to opt out mostly play an enter free agency is what we expect. Pulled out on downtown and I I I mean I. I don't think I'm wrong when I say Paul George he has an a year left aren't like he's about how is he doesn't eighteen old Beck oh he's a year from now I can opt out you're saying well OK okay yeah that that toll to Gordon Hayward. Can opt out right now. Right yeah okay aren't. Yeah I'm in Britain Paul George and whatnot 2018. And let the whole conversation was had heat qualify and pray we would expect another rate instead. In other to freedom yet and so does Larry -- all credit they're entry nights and then James Harden and John Wall however do you qualify for that extension meaning both players are eligible to bypass free agency in 2019 at four years approximately 816 million to bear contract. Sure third reminder is don't BS armor of slush Brothers Narnia and in Collins Snowe. Now he wants he wants yell NBA team to be. All old gold seal or is he scanners analyze genre Pachulia was in first team on game all they should all be whatever but whatever happened with him in the back either that judge has been going on. Got to go and honored to clean it up take it out tomorrow pretty bad. There's a really really bad putting it from cleanliness or steroids ring. Requirements for sure it's on the front now. He's got to the front desk front area around. And it is called back who's on the run. LeBron James remain decent the first team for the eleventh time that ties them Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone are almost all time. Triple stressed couples. Game two of NBA Eastern Conference finals of soft tonight. At 8:30 PM on TNT the Celtics hope to get one it's their home courts he didn't really eat Turkey or denying it's I try to. You can hit up that hotel and bar and why does well. In between your gallons a gala start. Seven and cruel Ian might be sitting down for this earning pairing I think you're missing nineteen earned. Some very thought about it that I mean it hasn't blown out I let him is held out of practice Thursday in his return for game three of the Western Conference finals is quest. I want to Selig mr. deeds tonight like you and John McEnroe on the street drawn exact cars that there's got to be a video unleash their view. Or highly illegal if I get good deals at the open and a garbage can downtown man. Eagle eye recommending and I would never I thought who you comb cattle. I would never soil is as known name like that I would never do that literally. What are you gonna do you have to go to the restroom at the cal. I mean I'm gonna run back to normal. I hope in the shuttle you know goes back and all dollars I know that that now is the hotel restaurant considered a public pressed her really because others like he used city immediately in my room. Not using. I mean is the main service it's perfectly reasonable and one of the lobby though the lobbied the lobby Cooper's got really nice cleanliness going on a little to find out. Hope not find out by like Aggies a late she's my in my room and so if you're on the row. Oden you gotta go you go to a hotel you just walk in the lobby the nicest bathroom Muller. You lose there you go Arnold and nicest feeling good ones in my home better for me now. The Marlins familiar you know things like here at the Kremlin wants you on at it it'll hang out house they lost to the Dodgers have a detail. But another dreaded night. India. Technical data it wrong and it's there to try a 120 more times figure out oh another Sonja. NHL Western Conference finals at ducks tied the series the two teams that he is a 32 overtime win against the predators. Ali Al least penguins are trying to even up against the senators who lead that series two to one that tonight. 8 PM aren't. Toronto blue aging is suspended outfielder Kevin. Large U games for an anti gay slur resume and he used. An anti gay slur uses specific word and he was over heard using the word. And it's. The MLB has suspended campers use of the word he has. Made numerous statements of balance. Apologizing. Aren't gonna work and we heard. It's a word cancel her hair was in and afterward. I I assume yes. I believe that that was the word. And so I heard your boy ain't busy on an ESP generating a song and all about and I'm not Manny can come on that's ever come on. Yeah since last week I responded. No no please let me tell you this Eli and well and easy money generating. He's yeah. I and I'm glad he's doing god it. Try and there's a word you guys are here are your feelings hurt so that is he hadn't gotten back to. How the quality has got back to I got I haven't exactly reached out by it not underground coal bloated yeah your okay emblazoned. Yeah. I Atlanta Braves are mad. And I entities that are limping is that after home run Wendy's and actually saw the breeze and being in the night last night in a percent. Rio because it's all about seven included data. Batter walks up the mount that it's so. And finally I heard co host Christine Lee he once fox sports to stop cohosts. She's been Donald went nuts with this headline home it's definitely not every and that's a closer all he's getting. Jack in that spot. Don't you know many jokingly call it a hundred feet away from the other guy and barely get sick Andrea. Oh and erasing once fox sports is happening on our volunteer while she's and on. She's grown hair out they are mine I guess that says that at pretty bold right there. Give it to boulder. On the network. Who should be allowed on television and news tonight is that I only wanna. Talk about him anymore I don't wanna continue to let him be apart by a light and keep his name right amount. Isn't dressing right aspect of it is interesting because she was the one she and she's discussed them on the numerous times editors and try and with the Ebola. Nibbled. Are you in the house. She's I hope they restoration who he isn't what's happening among all these networks just to get controversial statements out of them. Because that's potentially what could happen I think there's no place that NTB no matter what kind of ratings are going to get on December ironic. It sounds like she needs to get a clue. That's a kind of a chronic. Community here and it's no place on television and I'll kind of ratings you get aid you know years in new York and pour. The inner Simoneau John right now. You get a clue as an estimate of how nursery and we're so Wallace. She's a don't threaten economic personal jokes don't mock mean and don't say you're going to look mean it didn't know that you're not going to blowing I. It hasn't thicker skin. You break announcer if he wants to come on and look me in the eye and be respectful he can still disagree with me I'm OK without but I will not tolerate what he did yesterday they also Politico. Yeah gimme a break. I seriously. Movie loses sleep over the bar bald as one talked to will help cares. Again isn't right it's interesting because the way that this set is set even with the not looking her in the I think he would he would have had to turn a rounds yeah until she said until she actually said. While I want you look me in the AI I didn't even really realize because I was watching the video he was looking at Colin but that's also how the did the chairs position I don't really even realize that he wasn't looking Harry speaking to her. And obviously in his radio job we need all the time to each other and don't necessarily look at each other the whole time. And so veto on the radio it's easy to do buy it it would have waited that studio set a quit the studio set up definitely contributed to this whole. Thing now I'm meant you know to change arrangement of dance studio. Now didn't they I would I would tell grow a little bit isn't that big a deal drilling not. Are you any else that's had and I'll tell you Sunday about LeBron and I'm looking forward to tonight next. Who wouldn't. Thank you supply Columbus module into Louis called Famer of course we gave it out earlier this week needs when he seventeen inductees Jeffrey Loria answer right. Well loser that is right time and that was courtesy of Florida lumber more than just. Lumber or so Matty on the tax line why. They're all very upset with you telling you that they lost respect for years that Lavar threatens. He is why he said that big dollar brand is not for women and. Was not easy they shoot and then it's not when it's and it's a literally it's literally a fact that it's not winning because you may choose that better for Manso. It it's it's fact that you know I went and he actually has women's apparel on the web site to just a. Doesn't weird yeah well I didn't IC editing the note I have as a woman I have no problem with it you're starting a brand you starting it a declared marketed to learn and want to show. Close I don't. I don't really understand what her objection was there. That aspect of it doesn't didn't did I know she was saying that. If you wanna be successfully need to market to limit what I understand that fifty you know three the issue was issued mentioned I think 51% of apparel sales are two women. And that's fine you'd be missing out on a huge opportunity. If you don't at some point institute women's clothes and marketed to women but it. I don't find it to be a sexist issue. Here's a guy. I don't disagree. With what Christine leahey is seeing in regards to not have in the bar ball on the shows anymore. I would never able marble mission out. Non of you guys would wanna have more on his guests but it the world to meet. I would never had Lavoy or ball on the show. And that's my problem with this whole situation. Is because. I've put my money when analysis okay I'm lynched in this war ball on the odd incident and being on the show. He's a Clough own. And eight you know it's ease is that these networks these other shows. That are waiting for that controversial moments okay. To have them on to have more on the exit wanna get the ratings and raise a good I mean it's it's our bread and butter okay app puts one table here's the ratings okay. But. I'd put my money analysis I think is the baubles cloud. I am not instant atom bomb shell OK Christine leahey. Also and that's a problem. With a more bull. Because he's so the Hershey and luck. During a mile. And a half and only shell. She was fine marble be on her show don't count show being on her show ever in the show on at this one a and I expand until. And discussing him to give it a citizen gamer until it was quite an upset personally. Okay support right Jack who. My money weren't an office. You more bulk to affect me. Personally. To take a stand there and not one problem wobble my Shelby's these clown 1 at 8 o'clock when Michelle. Kristy Lee. Got a problem. Personally affect or two he wrote to her though he was incredibly refused to return but she's got a problem that now all of a sudden. The network should pay attention to her. Because it directly Balt poor. I don't think it does surprising coming from him so important that he would that he would be Grunin and end. And very critical of him as a father and so clearly that rubbed him the wrong way and she's been very critical of his brand. Publicly and so obviously he went into that. That situation with Colin how her hands her. Probably already having you know certain feelings to words or here's why I had an and he was very very root. But even if even if she hadn't even as she hadn't discussed ten. It previously and it would you be that surprised if it Lavar ball had been rude to somebody or controversial and I don't think you can happen to lose she wasn't I think he would have but I'm just saying you generally Lavar ball is is a bit of a loose cannon rounds in the isn't you know and it does network no doubt it did does feel a little light the networks are parading him out there he does them has a moment I shot prompts it directly affected her. Isn't. Anything new. About look more ball two days golf now. I in fairness I am watchable parent and why you're here in quotes her convoy you're assuming took place there. You learn anything new. About more ballclub days of them by and a three million dollars and that's what it at that would be the one new thing that the Fed rate melody and I'm very messy wreck three lefties are one billion they amassed in park. It really anything new about his personality to have a duty as. I some people feel like they learned that he is very sexist and that's. I'll I also don't think it was eight. I don't I don't think you had as much to do with sexism has a lot of the people deal I don't think that's really gross about a couple days ago if you believe that then fine it's a conversation I'd I don't believe that that's necessarily what took place couple days ago. But. Leave it with its her role on the show and I was referring to and you also based on the plane and he spoke about she smug about its children his kits like I think that's more. Yeah but but and on top of that is one thing for some person comment about your kids but does this leave you have any children of her own. I don't believe so I don't my president now so that's another thing it's like not only do you not have any children of your own and you've never gone to raising children. You're you're sitting here from your podium weigh on the other side of the room which I have to do 180. But you still wanna comment on the way that I'm parenting my children it's just I don't think it works us. And on different shall I mean she commented during a conversation that she was having with Jason whitlock and also on national somebody else out. Is it how hurt Hamas or other area so so you know she is having a conversation they were all discussing it I'm not sure exactly. What the context was the time because it was some time ago that she made those comments about his parenting skills. I do question the comments MA I don't agree with the comments she made eye she jumped to some conclusion to not buy. But I don't agree with you Romberg that you can't have a discussion about somebody in. IP in this medium when you haven't walked in her shoes otherwise none of us. Jobs not enough it did parenting is different animal. That's that's that's that's debris you know that's why you say you keep my family's main heritage. I don't know all the things I don't shoot I was I can't. Black shoes don't come I don't unleashes children that's fine I don't have kids I have opinions about how some parents raise their hits. Now that's that's I don't county we all opinions he and that's and that's what it is and you can't tell me I'm not allowed to have an opinion because I don't have kids now you can question the validity of my meaning you can tell me in on understanding you may be absolutely right because I haven't been apparent but that's not gonna stop me from having she ends about how some people raised children particularly. Some people who I think in Inglewood are ball by the way does not qualify at all in that category for me but there are some parents out there who I think are bad parents. Ands I think they're bad parents and I don't have kids and out like I need kids to think that they're about parents. You know my knee and and Lamar ball I do not think is about parent I'm not putting him in that category I don't agree with her comments about my. He's bad parent either I I think that he's doing his son of an injustice here and these writings haunts him on your early part of his career in the NBA I think it's. Yeah you know like and Simmons a sister right solid she Sheehan like Benson and sees that. The number one draft pick from last year the sixers team played this year it was actually really cool thing for Philadelphia because. Next year's sixth grade right right he broke his leg but I think you'll recollect. But next year. Is the sixers like they had a number three pick coming up next month so not only are they gonna start next year hopefully with a healthy indeed. But they're gonna have a number three overall pick making its debut and last year's number one overall. I got pregnant women Islamic him why he he patted me on Twitter. Really remember he came after me you know I guess and it's by a. I think I think a lot of Alonso also asking above local law Alonso and he's rebut any gas this year because you get your had a lot of lists where. And Simmons his sister yes Jewish she took offense to what happened. And you know sends out sweets I can't wait fir from then to dawn on lawns those head right in front of the you know he's daddies and like figured a lot of that's. I think in the first couple years in that respect and he's doing the sun a little bit and injustice. You know what's gonna happen when the bought ball the way Diddy Diddy UCLA teammates. What's gonna happen the lawns of most draft by the lakers and the bar starts talking about how odd is De'Angelo Russell he should be playing point guards Milan's a lot of us got the ball on his hands not De'Angelo. It's like that it's just not like it is all going to come down to how old guy in Alonso ball it decides what it's gonna come bouncy because of lawns a ball ends up being. Oh great great player he ends up being an all star his dad's actions will have made him a ton of money because it is interesting how his dad. Is taking the branding. Of the ball brand into his own hands and that could end up being a very Smart know. Turning down the studio could end up being a very dumb. He certainly has gotten all the free advertising anybody could ever hope for. I just don't think that Christine Lee he comes off. Any kind of OK you know what's what's the aura Morgan Fauria you know it's it's it's really easy right now. For her to be all offended wins the did things that would bar ball says in offended with the networks and television shows and radio shows that put him on their error. Now that she's in the middle of she's standing before it happened. It does seem insane yeah push it yet you know you you what hasn't guts you you wanna stand by you know these these these these these strong opinions where. He's controversial. He he's only it's only for ratings I don't know why the networks are put them on anymore he's been a loose cannon you wanna show some guts. Had that opinion last week ring okay not Q in the middle the storm yesterday that's onset. On an inspector that. I'm not a big drama about a you know one of the type Christine Lee he's number one fan keeps texting and have a tax sign and and accusing us some of you know degrading Christine leahey enough position it was highly Christine Lee dean and I do issues she's incredibly beautiful she's very Smart and I've. I like her thus far on on the shows and I've seen her on sunny problem I mass riots. Diet there at this this was amplified and I understand why haven't worked in this business for as long as I have. When a man tells you to senior lane you would automatically singling out. You automatically being that it's a reference to your gender and it may have been I agree with you those out slow it very easily could have been a reference to the her role on the show. And the musicality of the set to being with that he that she's legitimately ten Fiat is weird sat where she really sitting behind him so I I could see him even saying that. To a man made in that spot so I was idle. Think anything that went down with nearly as big of a deal it's as what's been made of it and that's not even a not I'm Christine Lee you arming acting uniting Jews. And scraped. I heading gets I get to LeBron is doing tonight what he's going to do tonight that was that has me excited won't get to that OK why you mad white glass next. Hi I'm like man why glad you like yeah. Film calls rings on a multi attacks on at 679748. NBA plaster on the ticket that includes tonight's game to Cleveland and Boston every game of the conference finals and the finals. Given right here the NBA post season on home for the Miami in the NBA. 790 an FM 104.3 eight seats in the ticket I am glad this morning. I'm glad this morning because there's growing New York wall now nervous about them night you know at their open in the streets. In in two weeks. The Wonder Woman movie that's coming else. Now why surprise that is dead ringer marijuana tries 62 weeks from now cannot senior although by the way. Secret I already bought my tickets. No you did please do that I had died during a sit on the show you weeks in advance and buying your tickets to Wonder Woman I wanna make sure I get a good seat. Prove its Q what does that say right there. What's that aren't there Romberg teller what is tell us. If your friend saying go purchase receipt with yours gay bar scanner scan code to get my tablet it in the wall on the phone there isn't ridiculous irons one element. So Larry I'd throw like the premiere the night before you all saw it as a revealer you know there's an it. So it. Is the fact that Jesus truly does it make it that much hotter view it's he says she is so it's yet school out of control yeah it definitely it did steadily cool thing. And it went on how many books that clinic is eager to go through there are it's. So that's not something that. That's that's why I'm excited and I'm gonna see wonder woman in two weeks all right Alison then I'm glad in two weeks now when glad that is. They swords put the movie out for screening. OK at the critics are sore and review it very good review rules now and not animal loving concern about that. You're just the first reviews. I feel like that's happened recently with some of the DC movies where. The first reviews are really good and everyone sees that members of soup man hates though even though I loved it's soul seek our rights. But hello concern with the wives you know how good wonder woman's going to be although I'm gonna love it no matter what's. But the reviews to store are overwhelmingly positive. And that's a good thing so I'm glad about that amber what are yacht. I'm mad the. Because. A mother. As the woman who I believe it's only 32 or 33. Has been paralyzed. And out of it is is in California after eating gas station and not chips and this isn't actually at her and I really terrible story and knowing like this never happened she put not shoot she is on her to read as a gas station. And within hours. Started experiencing symptoms of fatigue double vision vomiting. Difficulty breathing and now policies in the hospital she's. Essentially under responsive seeking an open her eyes. And and she is one of several people now who are sick from the exact same cheese at the gas station apparently it has. Vote so let numb toxin which is one of the most deadly I guess Thompson's panel how pleased as hot melt well yeah. They about it is at the same toxin used him Botox. And which is that is what vote boxes but I guess where is and somehow that seems sort of talks and ended up in food it's rare for it to happen. Apparently it's definitely. Or the attorney sister she sued obviously and her family has seared. And the her attorney is saying that it's computed human error that that's the only way that back her Kirk. That is human mistakes for I mean terrible storm and I love not to achieve. I mean and don't kill me yeah he. Robber what are you got from little mad. About this before every. Really and his wife assume for sixty million enormous. Like in the divorce here now she's alleging that she was tortured sports what does that mean. I don't know basically plague living with him was toward searchers actually torture that you quoted as saying it was sold murdering. So oversold than murdered living with Steve murder while under angered him so she deserved sixty million dollars. When you see you feel bad for him in that spot and not the woman who didn't may have. Been tortured. Or she sang that she suffered a prolonged torture maintenance and insurance severe mental pains since third abortion as a memory about to argue this of the divorce attorney. To surrender is around xenophile seized from. She's been suicidal and more but I can cope with their nasty break up a divorce attorney just remember that from the tank. I'm not arguing I'm telling you why am I feel are a feel bad for Steve. Did the Disney you know the documents were not filed by a lawyer apparently believe. Seeing is represented herself trying to it was not clear him. Always resort to bring the thrashers now rumors situation room from it and reading about it. Yeah I admit I don't think the steep part Harvey is probably in too much danger Arab blues and a sixteen. I'd that's why you mad YE glad this morning. So I I gotta get my act together okay because you know I told you dale I am acting I don't know what your talking about that you do you use soon them right. I. You know many coaching my my son's basketball team this summer OK and to. It not for some do explain my oldest son is only eight years old okay. So on to coach my son's basketball team this summer I think it's going to be a lot of fun things be good OK in my son's readable player OK that'll be cool. But like last night friends here's my area my act together the last night for instance okay. My son had a different league he had hit a lefty semifinal playoff game last night's. And they ended up winning they want okay. Which is a whole another story August that a second but this day they won the game but here's ready get my act together al-Qaeda. I gotta tone down. When I mean by that is I had torn down threes OK I was. All over the referees last night I was not happy in my behavior I was I mean I was. No and does not have. How are you doing are cheering disease on the only got his studio this morning that now you have to change your flay have coming back home let's see what it's gonna cost you a couple of hundred dollars. Because now that your kid won the semi final he goes to the finals you have to now flight back in time. Not to be able to wide is now inside what is curious in that spot when you're there and you know that 200 dollars is online at your kid wins. Are you cheering free now. Oh really yeah really doing knows very dynamic and under the breast. Do know is very abbey for a couple recently you know you're right it's after the game you know world celebrating teams also bring their super happy they're going to the championship game now they're making him. They're in their you know great Ron. And I says now widely on when his goals and 200 bucks. But anyway I. I'm unhappy that for a couple reasons one elements and be happy he's he's he's the best player on the team and if he would win this you know this because the other parents think that he's the best where a team to as a matter I mean effect. I suspect this exact. Did you not think your son was going to did you not have confidence in your son that they that he was going to win this the conference heard a semi finals now and because finals why did you book this flight. Because it made a run okay there they're date if you go back a month ago they had no business being in the championship game they've made a run. Okay I'm really fun of this you don't really cool is really pursing that went in my mind mosaic so your your opening lose right he's like no no and I am I want them to win but and I can. You know like Dow's mad at him on a course on on the public dugout and they have no bids making all the way to the championship and had made a run it's really cool. A lot of why I want them to win yesterday because. He's he's my son he's the best player on the team and do really cool Paco and championship of my son being investments CNET thank. That scenario may never happen again in his life where he's the best player on his team and when it seemed that never happened again someone who went. But the second what were you would want is because I've told this before I never hear the end. Hell on its on his team last season. We we we were out of town we're in Boston and we don't miss his championship game and it lost a lot of points. Okay he didn't want our rights. And I I never hear the end of it I mean that conversation deceased so they win this weekend it's over I never have to hear that. Incidents again but it's like I said if I'm to be the coach of his team this summer and they get my act. Again as I need to learn how to beat him tomorrow who's you don't have the referees bowl game I still have referee gets heat. Yes raptor game but therein lies my problem you see like what you promised he's got to the rules right thing sure Africa. The rules. Each and of course we know there are no rules of basketball one on seniors. Every lead every age divisions got a little different quirky rules okay. I want the referees to know the rules OK and when they don't know the rules that makes me raise you've got to know the rules okay Alka parents out there born sandals and reprieve don't you got an oval. All because it bears are just focused on and their kids only lire assumed that these referees probably. Did they switch around probably probably wrath mall you know all age groups that you know I don't wanna hear that because you're getting paid heed the to do job due to it's. No. Yeah I did anybody else is an umpire on the list of all the people have other jobs or it. Get it to dot. And again hazel I was pleasantly and his journey and wanna do or females wanna do is show up. Would your snot nose kids and watch him run up and down a court and try to make it right on. Look here excusing it did it tell us what you're talking about when your coaching are you going to get me. No it's hurt that's the only people get paid out there the ref is the least it calls on. No attacks are asks when you coach your son's seamer you going to bring a championship rings court's got to shall a bit there and no doubt how much and you're not wearing them tonight I gotta show them your back right or not. I know where did you brought that a man and interesting you brought up I would tell you. That's an ax.