ZRA Part 1 6-16-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, June 16th

Zaslow, Roms and Amber kick off the morning discussing the career of 2Pac, the beef between Draymond Green and Lebron James, Why You Mad, and the cost of MLB All-Star game tickets.


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. The only place you need to go any did you graduate down codes David Champion for less boring get your right looking at three this trails or the streets. Called champion for about 478650234466786. Vote to 3446. For good champion for left for America. It's actually runs it end. How's he going Romberg and looking towards the weekend at the moment reportable figure out some basketball. Smoke like. Wearing another grown man's name on the back of your shirt is not. Rational great having Scott heads of another human being in your house isn't rational nothing eating all seeing is. Penguins are more clear and simple. Brewers someone was eating regularly to nag me involved in her some kind of deal while on the Cooper turns out. This person is called Brett wrong. Went on 79015. I'm an amber a Friday morning golf club prize on talking about. It's these 16 morning on June. Endorsing more. And good morning I'm over here giving Brett Romberg and mr. Graham lessons before we went on air you need to get on let in to Graham teamed John and as someone squat on manhunt analog. They can't get in. Rob good morning hey I know works and uses every name. We had slim run in the show Tobin is still bodies celebrating his big win Miami new times. He's out in Las Vegas disease he's on the radio I don't thing even though it's his lawyers saying that salt at the mayor had that conversation go down when he initially told her pageant had that conversation go I your house you might be able to get away with you might be I don't coach and great candidates but it's it's not be a pleasant conversation go out twice Latin charts and how and how how can that went our Karl. How could that have gone down. Peso all this Asia and is sending me to. Vegas. You know torque. And thunderbird that. In. And you know what should get the number yeah yeah parade and that's true a surprise to look at her towel yet because you know they have to be watched right decisions. Others that so it's not satisfying it's not just slowly and her on her birthday. It's leaving her weight kids all to herself. And on her birthday and I and I don't know how he got away roms so jealous are now. Freedoms are so jealous about its opener on thanks I wouldn't come back so amber or you. Going to see. Two part movie all eyes on me it came out last night's okay today's the visually you gotten bad review that review ways my heart. As review one of our listeners sent it to me on Twitter but as fast not be the only disappointing that is not even seen it because for example you know late. I remember when the bad members assuming you out super excited to see it okay and it got terrible reviews what. I can hear all of that members Superman I'm going to see the movie and likely going to really enjoy and guess what all that movie. Liz veterinary view is it healing necessarily expect critics to you by the to block movies are fine but I read the reviews and they were wrong about that though because you if you remember. Strip content was nominated for academy in Compton why it is the absolutely. Hey you know I think probably most hip hop movies not so much. I either of those amenities that come out that you know the critics are NASA's Kirk certainly going to enjoy that you don't. It doesn't noses at the same is not movies going to resent is a black maybe the puppets. And so normally I think that I wouldn't put much thought into you what critics say in this situation except for that I actually read one in the review was and what they critic was saying. Was really disappointing to say. Interesting that you actually that they you read the review because ever since rotten tomatoes I don't actually read reviews anymore. It just is one of our list or send it to me on Twitter sites cabinet click on the link and you want they were actually dinosaurs and what not I don't read reviews anymore you know. Yeah I mean I don't I guess they don't normally either directly on the slink Arad what they cited they said that it just really highlighted that. You know he was only 25 when he died in December he was talking that I vote amounts thrown out years was to enact. Now you know if I were ever to beat to bock man and you know the the biopic all on his life all eyes on me comes out today so moved by. People see different things I was gonna ask you is it by topic biopic buddies I actually either 1 and I am on the wrong. So so how are in need to 125. Years was he Hague for. I mean. For some you better meaning get my guys are doing something is very young and my guess you know I mean. Demi should I went to bat you know arts high school and then you know essentially Avery when he got out and I was not aware I didn't think it was his girlfriend changing right Jada pink it was gross remit Jada Pinkett at that high school writes well they did that movie together. If your movie other dipping into. I don't to block did did we always show is Regina check this you famous people on that. And that high school know Jada pink it was like he'd he'd long Jada Pinkett and other gains from the movie that you demand I don't you might be right I don't know. I isn't liars or you're talking about but yes I mean he was aiming you know he started very young but yet he died 25 so I mean. How I was going through that list of people who have died and rock stars who have died at 27 the called a month what do the magical two point seven or something I probably won't Janis Joplin Jim Morrissey and judge me and asks yeah. Vivid in my to a long list of people have died or Kobe also 27. How while. And two blocked when he fire that's amazing. Like two to lock wasn't kilt. Still let me put out good music today. He won it is writing it I thought about that on its forties I do think that it to Barack. If you hadn't died I think he'd still certainly be relevance. And you still see rappers from that era he darted ray's relatives right but that's the thing is you and you've seen a resurrection of careers and different media knew his rent income rates and that's my point. Is I think that. To blog which still very much be relevant in famous in its glory for an island music let's Harvard you know imagine that he wouldn't because I think you can sell. Above and beyond those guys isn't and so incredibly talented. But it I mean there's no real way to know whether you'd be I mean you know what I'm hoping GC's opening out good music I mean are rappers who have. You know been around for deck when he JC I. I am now music. Like mid ninety's yeah we're gaga announced yeah yeah on comedy is not earning a long long term liquid Kurt Cobain would Nevada slung you know we assumed it to John Iran I mean I don't think that that John Brown a surprise rate. Also plus I mean what's good and the drug use might have to get an Ayatollah and Kurt cobain's talents by this point in his life if you're still alive. Prosecutor go walking around those slimmest of big John Bruntlett was something like hip hop you can. You can eat out a sort of and what's what's the word progressives oppose with. With the times so you know even though hip pop isn't gangster rap anymore like it was during two box heyday to rocket certainly probably change his style to be you know a little bit. More like what's popular two day where is Ridnour Von I Philly entire grunge. Policing and you know air as a. And site I can understand them still being a pretty relative band to combo for the most part out. And I'll Xerox are like the usually evolve so like you know much like everything I imagined furcal brink of default but. Are you have to evolve just that I think I think to talk to him I didn't expanded my only to talk would just be an artist I think he would be on that cheesy leveling to block it in one of those guys who have become the businessman totally. Totally tone really he's normal he's an intellectual man Bernard brightest he was very Smart or incredibly far. Acting I think is actually probably would have the next level too yeah yeah it was totally decent actor yeah you can write another one action actor for awhile as well so I think I think I think he would have done a lot of big things and in theater and movies -- he would even like a doctor drain you would have ended up building an empire firms sounds poetic justice. Excuse obviously what else what else is to block in where he you know played a big role where there are other movies not feeling there there's my line and couple but again. Five airlines with and their basketball Libyans and oh yeah a eight EU yes yes yes yes well is that there with the Eagles the ram area above yeah. Is that he didn't rule above he had nothing but trouble above the rim poetic justice. Bullet we gridlock gang related gridlock he was saw that would Tim although I don't know that's very good movie. Metals is assigning and there was not a pleasant and I nine witnesses there who anonymous society. Oh he was deleted the star and a really he was asked or does society really is. He was replaced after lo how do I don't Madison south central he was replaced duck or a dot. More throughout the pacifier. And horrible during a robbery were hang out every. And apparently when Amy baby boy waits and think it would is tired hey Lisa Gibson and yeah. Going to be baby well apparently the right there at the director had originally written that the home border to pop bullets they want into box and I Cheney to be asserted doing a lot of acting as well a free anywhere in Q it was a measures a memo we would it was gently. She was like the daughter of some. Pop guy and issues corner on trying to venture Brothers debt with the Yakuza or something like that Ollie coups and of course. I'll tell you what though I missed two buck Movielink right now it's at 26% of runs made it. Is that what the critics adware is that it really is sort of underscored that he died at only two point bribes so you know there's going to eat it they would essentially short career. And it's died it it felt sort of very hollow and that it I guess the critics didn't feel like it did to park justice and in terms of really highlighting. Some of it is you know greater accomplishments and well. It's as far as it being bad and just 26%. I know the first ratings and I saw that a couple days ago. It was an 11%. So the ratings I guess have been significantly better over the last 24 hours for to raise that much so we're knows. Mean just the early reviews were really really bad inning he's not. You know as bad as it's being portrayed. Put our Ari is gonna stop even go to see it in cedar lake are you allowed to do that's. No I'm not gonna see it this week out and sub yourselves to discuss I don't see movies when they come out period and then potentially not yours it is is the real thing I don't know I absolutely will see it. In a theatre and yes well probably that the but. The it reviews weren't going to affect whether I was going to go and at a rest of the theaters and that's good good as it wrapped. Deal or the review wolves will EU wants he movie is usually not in and out. I got a sucks in Manhattan comedy I got to try really like I just I don't like. People dictate what a model like Obama polite and free you of regarding Kurt and carry our regardless although Syria of freed them radio. It's a disappointing of I think also coming off of straight out of Compton. And that I think that there's expectations for her for the senate in a Taurus was pretty good TO and detours fifty numbers and runs me okay this crime members fund or I was I've seen most of yeah I hope this isn't our job right man I think I think this may cast the same kid for this movie. It was playing glorious CC play and biggie in this movie. And he hasn't seen camera I think so. Those are heard. Now and I really don't I know the guys who played two brought in straight out of Compton is not the same guy who list Iraq and has no that is not to think became stored as big unit to Aureus. They passed for this movie. Think he's in this movie. And it out consistency. Most of the comic book world who'd they have CDC. World McBee at Sirius and you're records guy as an adverse mixing you know yeah crazy things goal was just like that. You know old identical you know definitely make this movie better all eyes immediately Iron Man was and it's. Offered or credible hole and again in Bosnia and now and that be better. Yeah. How do. Still my. Thanks globally. Gonna see a bunch of folks out clothing shelter and had no way to see bud Clark's in the sand you normally get much socialism does as well. Going to be out there and foolish out today that he's to me and Amber's going to be out there host Sam would be out there. The other eleven target Father's Day he has done deal going on her hands and at some wanted to show today we accepted our boat show gift card you'll get it that way but. Today today's big deal OK because you know the UN fishing tournaments is next weekend right right Robert awry you know and you are. Our rights and you on fishing turned in his next weekend's Ann's. We are or we're going to be giving away abode entry on the show this morning okay got to make sure you listening at 7:20 this morning and Morgan gets you exactly Howell. You can win that boat entry okay so this morning we are going to set you off. For next weekend at 7:2 when he this morning make sure you were listening. I'm worried tell you exactly how we can hook you up with that. Own entry into areas like a boat and five guys so whether you get the celeb is the fifth guy from a mistaken Oakland but I imagine you probably stronger boom everyone throwing your vote but Jessica 600 dollar. Value of getting your vote in there and then obviously you know the planning a party after in the whole deal of leeway in the party the night before. Lot of former hurricane players man and I'm sure Ted Hendricks who does a lot of stuff down here as well South Florida. It is about us golf tournament at Doral two and all of this whole thing embodies come lately. Lawrence Taylor and and all the other big names former dolphin players a lot of big things going on determined Jimmie Johnson usually shows up. Are you gonna do is just entice some leave a trail of green bottle Heine cans all the way to the front door and then Jimmy usually there. So make fearless and a 7 point this morning and tell exactly now you can win that vote entry. And the UN mach fishing you'll golfing fishing tournaments next weekend's. Would does it did you ever wonder what to block as you love to pock okay. You ever wonder what two blocks rule would be. Say today. Where is the with all the a you know activism. Man. You know the civil strife go all right now I imagine he'd be very involved you wonder what that would be like. I mean he came primarily on known and obviously came from eight on his mother with him I can't you know there was a black camp error in his in his stepfather is at large I'd activist is wells about his mother died which is few hours ago right she died last year is last year okay. But still it's spur recently announced on the on the note and she dies before this this movie comes out I assume she probably I mean they had to have been filming at or about rights and as a result of this for a little while really. There aren't so I think tomorrow to have an opportunity since screening bow wow O Connor. I mean they've actually held onto it for a while that's principals and analysts I don't know what I know there's a lot of people are on their death spread like cancer patient and Star Wars and some most. I think common thing adding the fact that we even knew about that story would solace because pretty uncommon that to happen we'll brits referring to his. JJ Abrams who made this all wars though the last source film laugh force awakens. Found out that there's there's there's does this guy who ease ease ease. Dying he's going to die is huge source fans somehow they got in touch wood JJ Abrams and more than life got in touch JJ music we use skin can my husband CEO. Screening of the movie member Dow's Dow's big story couple years ago and and JJ who set him up you know they'd they they went to his house make security its ailing Lindsay black's mother is going to pass away at engine I think yeah heart attack yeah yes I don't know high gear does that she what do while you seen things he has yet. And when that she probably didn't I would imagine he'd be. Varian I'll answer really amulets and to really hurt to know where his career would be too. Yeah and I am. They are relevant and it would know who killed them over the Fiorina the anger animal who's responsible old. Now all of a gang the prevailing theory now leaders said Knight name to. The guys from being adolescents are the dummy on April oh what's his role and I was not I think it makes a nice says that he was. Target is what is really is cynical claims that he was the toll is the target of those guys and Glen yeah hearted Friday killed him. Ended up killing two pock. By you know don't forget he had his gun in that fight in Vegas that few hours before he got killed since Sunday it was think it was in a related to that retaliation and other people think you know so night Rodham guilder. Our he did know how I would show and I happened kill some little thing that he was trying to leave. Us throw that in that aspect of it doesn't make much sense to me because I would I would think it wouldn't be in sync make us remember Presley is killing when he was his. Money that lustig may have lineup and so is it I know let's be on his files you've got with making sure man all sorts of money and I senators contracts between them with a record companies estimate. Would it made you don't continue to make a lot of money off to. Oxen are not present in that room aspect on the story earning my son's. Yeah there Africans you know should you talking about who we like he'll he's like around or something like the David to right do you plan on how. How scary deal with how to bury. My god he lives. Yes this. Game amber and I are going to be open shout down in southeast. He has eleven it's hard Father's Day fiesta elevens are is not a father normal his father beat their. Computer management earned. You know the president is going to be here today. And and is likely to promote the Narnia president Donald Trump is going to be here yeah downtown Miami. Valid argument affiliate channel with us. Mean do you really think that that's a man and support terrorism I don't. But I notify you got something going home yeah double they've already is talking at a best buy usually and a pencil that's yesterday on his trumpet is going to be here today. And let you know for the child's not in downtown my and I know but still like the B roads on the whaling they're still going to be traffic situation very likely going to be down there now he's gonna be in the Doral area so may not affect a whole but it's not gonna affect us on the way. I'd down into to the south gigs to rally is is significantly relaxed okay I'm I'm hoping it's not go into effect. We'll certainly not as it would certainly want to practice as much as when I thought trump was doing to him vomit and tell us that would and no it never turned the button over like he looks like he. You would never turn the bond over content yeah bringing them again yeah I did until you see it abundantly he would never turn it over. So by. 1230 today don't know what time he's leaving. The event we're on twos or threes on him reading the idea decide that it's Friday OK and just reading the idea of get stock in any. President trump related traffic to refine okay all right. I am 9 and I am I am a little. Agreed to make an appearance here yeah zero the they grab the special guest of well actually wrote to endure it they tell me I was a very special that's not just so they send amber your very special. How we needed and see this event more unmanned I'm excited just because I like meeting listeners. You tune in listener when I'm. That to sporting goods headlines desk thinks he's WEB XY AM South Miami and W. Except this age age old Miramar. See the headlines right you may indeed dot com are you hiring injuring over three million businesses that you indeed dot com for hiring Rosie next job opening on the world number one job sites indeed dot com. The Marlins look. To win their third straight to nine that they began at three game series against them re mr. Ailey takes the hill for the parent or their fish first pitch. 735 yeah hum sound that's our. Rates are terrible by day at the Marlins had this thing where they like lose in the brace. So you know this is an opportunity for the Marlins they're 60500. Was a terrible record obviously. But even playing a really well for a couple weeks now so. Got a three game series against a lousy braves team whose committee is I think is very similar as the Marlins. But this is an opportunity now it's you know really really try and you know get. You know re. Ward 500. The Braves answered today they all are. 2936. And a monster point 935 so I mean the same record and two but the moral of the blame really well so. Hopefully this is this a chance worry you when a series in and you keep creeping closer 500 because I mean look it seems thirteen or fourteen under now to six under the morons they've been they've been. Very very good. The last public sending its. And like thirteen and 512 and five only last 1718 games slates. It's critical moment right now because man it looked like it was going to be insanely long summer. Doesn't necessarily look like that anymore especially they're gonna score runs with a scorer. Asia Claire president from last I meant so ignite is not saying former heat started around right. Killed two possibilities are you saying Reggie White junior killed two. It's now all lame defense and edit the preacher to preacher whereas now I pulled I usually important. The greatest free agent and history and now. Airliner is Reggie ray NBA had a security. Death Row Records and said Knight says that. They were trying to kill Sunday night to take over Dow broke records agility grace free agents in the NFL. To rescue I'd Deion Sanders right. Well in my in my guy go gradually impacting an organization program yet it's really rare specially in that league that. You sign a free agents like a huge free agent Ghazi signed free agents they help human to rule on talk about you sign a monster freeagent. And MIT helps lead you to a suitable and Reggie White. Why is it was was Reggie White kind of started free agency in the NFL it Reggie Miller trendsetter when it came to greens in the NFL. And course he helped lead Green Bay Packers to a suitable DNC lender had pain Manning. In my hair I see it that is for the modern day and age people following him around to see doesn't qualify for me earlier and because he had bit that that's unique situation because he had a neck injury in Nutley. Does that neck injury he never become homes a free agent you know so why that doesn't qualify for me. But Reggie White Deion Sanders of course when he left well all I guess he was region wants him to school one and animals freeagent 1001. So it you know Dion is kind of in that categories while but I. Kimberly freely a threads going like him believe why Detroit a food let him go I don't know I have to go back and read about it to in my Syria dining is type in Wikipedia. And figure out. Walt what what what the problem was there or why he ended up leaving Philadelphia and and went to Green Bay by a Reggie White I I think is the breeze Friedman industries. And also amazing you gotta it was about murder. Three month. There a lot of talking yesterday the warriors championship parade he wore a quickie shirts and a Barry shirt like Wiki on and it it on ever seeing how quick. The warriors will that has yet. Remember LeBron James were an ultimate warriors certainly have won a blank Internet fee caps etc. I run in responded. On instant Grammy put a picture. During an on screen T shirt on dozens Graham with a caption that's which she said. Mom that's funny. That's funny isn't. Yeah it's on I I think it's funny here responded it is funny responded and she says not necessarily mean most inventive of bird now. Funny that's funny I. I think his dream on one that little battle. Boy yes OK Jimmy Graham on had a shirt made and city did hold onto it for a year of today. And take some petty like that yeah yeah that's as to re minder a monster I'm definitely adding wins okay. But I also like that is that you know it's it's it's got it's got the big Q it's got the logo from Quicken Loans so it's a nice jab at Dan Gilbert also that broad has also drawn because LeBron made sure that he. He screamed grabbed. The shirt and posted it there as well LeBron knows what he's doing that's. This morning at a spot. Evan during. Also talk then yesterday and here's Katie yeah. Work everyday like two months is more like phone. Zero okay you can find this guy. Coaches and coach. And discipline to home so elusive yeah so much jewelry on their course so. It makes the world to me what sentences for you got. The plan that court right now and Oklahoma City right this morning which one. The means the world to me to win a championship for you guys eat they're going to be playing that right. We're going to the bitter departure mean same as as as you guys went to the bitter departure down here with. LeBron. No because we we won't like the old homes he never won anything yet where Lewis I'm a million times worse there it's I'm close. We won and we we've won any big big we were huge winners Q your friend Elie Bardem and oh yes and yes right he was like a diamond that we rented okay. Oklahoma City he was their entire franchise he was a franchise guy from the moment they arrived in Oklahoma City from Seattle. And an Oklahoma City has never won anything on top and by the way it's only professional sports franchise. And released out here we have three other teams and they kind of stink but at least we got three other teams. All goma city they got nothing else in the way of professional sports. And Miami. Always gonna be OK okay when it comes to. Trying to apple when it comes it's improving the team draws me to get free agents brawl between them they always be in the mix. Does Miami know at least three agents. Flock at Oklahoma City so you lose Kevin Durant. And a lucky that they cap Russell Westbrook at least a time being but you lose Kevin Durant and it's it's it's a death blow. Mean somebody might go to Oklahoma City with Russell Westbrook that's the shot you had no one is going to Oklahoma City because they just one of millennial moment I mean when free agents are isn't and now the scene. But it's Oklahoma City. Let me don't freedoms aren't there I'd colonel you know probably great success and scroll or prior in upper someone let me know. Let me know may be loads well you know first let's have a real problem for a place like this mean it's it's it's literally it's literally ate it it's a franchise. Yeah rusher. When a guy like Kevin Durant leads there. LeBron leaves here OK I like. Well we're certainly hurt in the interim. But hey guess what the back in the playoffs two seasons later. Three seasons later which is pass easily we're pretty damn likable and and and pretty damn good even though they missed the policies like we find. Or fall and we Oakland CA championship. Without him there and local citadel yes Oklahoma City or middle attack. Western covered let him against top ten there aren't there in the lottery and got a top pick this unit were still pretty good team but. In Oklahoma City like is anyone think Oklahoma city's in a place to contend in any time soon I've probably not. Right and talks. Mean they added peace. And regain your best guess though Miami contender before Obama sitting down say yes. I didn't you know we'll see either with the amount of money to get the play within the absorbing a console Alia and my my guess is my only in Miami Sony's rings are willing but I will I will like to see really cool move. I'm out of OKC but I think I'm I'm expecting something really special throughout their art itself man and good guys run an ad team but you lose Kevin Durant and it's it's it's soul crushing for that franchise how quickly those people and embraced that new addition this offseason like how quick do you think the fan base is just starving for some new on the road against someone messiah they come in and help lead them to. You know back to the top once again. Kevin Durant also took to Twitter to clarify its comments about high re Irving being better than Allen Iverson grant tweeted I was talking about specific skill when I shot off the pay Rihanna AI thing I think high res handle is a little better that's a legit straight. That's. It's true you are so all angry anxiety that the problem and I said yes it doesn't make any difference if he's right the problem is when you write an entire generation warship Allen Iverson is a losing battle they're not only ask you rational conversation. It shows you will see your rights because that's why a Durant. Comes out of its way to. Clarify. The comments. And then when he clarified I looked it. There replies to his tweet and war. But the whole the whole point in clarifying is because he doesn't want this impression out there that he's dissing Allen Iverson who is absolutely beloved. But. He's right in what he seemed there how are your main issues a better ball handler now and Iverson wants us. It there's certain skill. And ball handling is one of them that that Kyra that that a player can be better than Allen Iverson ads and Irving is. The best and I've ever seen. There's Eagles a balling it's like part of his body is craze probably the best ball in the I've ever seen OK but but overall I mean you know Iverson's arts. It doesn't mean he's the best in everything. Alonso mornings at that got fired the Palm Beach post he says this next being met Pat Riley is doing. Will be something it's national and what you expect on our end quote it really really lot of special he said. I think this is going to be even more special considering how it all fell apart. He said that if Chris spies hadn't gotten sick keep things Manny would have taken out Cleveland in the east now that are like. Anyway very confident is reportedly still decided not picking up his morning three point eight million dollar player option with the bull most viewing her one LeBron you and Tom do right. Way to zero Chris Paul's gonna do an eye on it but it. None of that matters as he could pick up and he'd pick up the glare option between three point nine somewhat LA LeBron next. No Nadine says like position himself right now you know maybe he needs these be there in the waiting I don't know. Marc Stein reports at Miami he will go after Gordon Hayward in free agency tell you god bless this Marc Stein man that that's guy's guts and integrity because he. He he's been laid off by ESPN NE is still working through the draft and he's at work until after the draft and then. The contracts not call it contract but he yeah. He is contractually obligated to know. Studied Ed and war was in that spot they want that word keep working and you is like peas album let's you know annoy and orders on dagger looks like compared to Merck's side betting your Reagan abroad a sums in the air and he is being noble by continuing to work. I I think he's probably contractual I probably two and zero aids noble. That lower import appear loading up to go after Gordon you're. I recently right Alley to station team deal instead hey amber what we're not gonna renew your contract and I don't know what you'd EU how long a contract as a let's say it's it's a few months from now we're not renew your contract in a few months now still coming award and putting forth that effort can tell you I'd be contractually obligated to still. That's an arts I can you. For the next job you know I might be that he's as workers like non computer summit of the mitigate that option you know the state also worked your non compete. Who draft. Hey come solve his noble. It probably has a non compete Roberts probably are. Non compete that applies even if he gets laid off you probably has I it's okay B wrong you as a mirror AM actually pray I'm on. And finally China just cinco Johnson wants to fight. On the main GMAC undercard oh okay. Our rights now definitely by that point but yeah I mean I guess he figures say they're letting athletes from any sport there. My little big shot at it yeah might. Hopefully by an Al. Joining us himself from from the parade yesterday from the wars rage on your dream on green with a display and so when the warriors brand by a nobody like you want here's more to advertise let's do that next. Female sales went up in the moment. Ross Taylor he's our basketball can't get her kids they need is evident sixteens going on right now grunts in mid August. Coming Glen Rice you give that number 41 up in the rafters soon. He's won the coaches there got Tony guarantee really run the campaign yet players who stopped by the instruction to the kids. Single one we got all the leaks for more info log on to Miami Heat camp. Dot com. Or earning Arie joins her marry. Range on how grown and raised their voice let's freestyle manly job on our fourth or give into it Amber's Amber's her way into the to block movie. They cut it came out last night officially comes out today but he came out last night terrible reviews but that's not stopping amber from go to see it all eyes on me she still gonna go see when you go with your boyfriend is he is. He had to. I mean I denied it not like I am New Guinea can you name your songs and stuff. Works and why. How he used to run I don't watch I mean listen to and planning to listen to my went on to rock yet but I don't since he. I don't think he you know owns all of albums and own gold you know owns his poetry books like I do and you know I had told us he and I really I Hindenburg copies of. How how about that why you two copies and now he's the person as well as in the pouring another. Big number two left off. Not a big deal. MIT I see either CD's today is they'll have. There you go. They yelled when blessing you listen to blocking caller. Over you telling oh yeah yeah okay and sees the listened to a and a very good. Yeah it's getting bad reviews last August saw amber she's still got a C a two recesses of mining and attracts them really Ezra Williams religion to yes yup now as you're as good CIS upsets from the ninety's in light you know. And we know that your era wanes and didn't see you said that's my specs get the CE. It teaches is better pizzas to rights. Slims ads are mean. Mayor that I always make fun youth for liking ninety's music and to buy died in 96 and it's kind of ridiculous and I are so. Clearly late ninety's music. I see the difference steamy new though they also like music from today as well that there's no difference no and you do not hundreds of program does not. So music and today all those other was arguing during the break that Pearl Jam is very much it's changed except they've they have very very much involved. As an ounce on the same date. On his last. Does that look ridiculous like for instance you know Metallica when they came back count with when they wanted to go back to their roots of hard core garage grunge. Did you enjoy it. I aides is that his last album because I lied my eye on her last album as I I don't like it I've not heard this last album comes out of Dallas. An idea I heard the once on the due to Lady Gaga I memories I have heard. At least that is that the thing with this album that has been gone back to what he's done that ride the lightning in her last album a kind of went back to the old school justice for all right the light now style so hard though but I don't it is our court battles that senate right yet like tomorrow menu X every two years old -- yeah he also does sound the same as he did back. Any. You know why I love I love Bon Jovi but in you went to the Bon Jovi concert adding get to go to the Internet posting in cancer ranked. And with Bon Jovi that's an artist you when he comes out with new music a lot of the times he still sounds like. You know his original style but it just doesn't quite late in the. Yeah Maine now a guy. At any amount. I did not return here. Yeah. Am on James ballot and now. So I'd Dan I'm on the lookout on the ticket ninja you notice. I'm on the lookout for the all star game the all star game this year in less than a month. And they're gonna continue like late. The taking care I need to lose a baseball boo guys got you at the home run derby day again how many are you up on all star game tickets. I have the home run derby seriously am I'm good there but you're good that you just now you get greedy you know you're saying you're only dealing organist and another segment Dugard. His ire on the all learning I do wanna. I wanna go to the game I do I do wanna go to the also. He did yeah Terry you did say they are and our million dollars arena she acts that I thought I yeah. He's gonna had been around and on the airs that you could. Pressure him. On and on radio blah blah it's for none. Not pressure Jeff Conine just oh and I'm early iron CEOs and now and then you finally get ticket in that I heard that you turn down all the all star game take ads and decided to just go home render any and all. And you know you're upset about 700. Down can't turn it down and that I don't want I'm not gonna take my son to the all star game to don't thing that he would enjoy it. As much C with a home run derby and especially the Chrysler government take a moment or small set Romer injury. Although although I did ask boo baseball movie yesterday we get more tickets now. Yesterday see this as if he were supposed to do here. Pay a lot of money for. The home run derby tickets I Sydney a lot of money it. I'm I'm I'm for regular price and get them for face value. So money and Bynum and secondary market where they're obviously are raised on face value and and that and they're still very expensive okay so this was due here. I'm paying regular price but the very expensive. So I ask baseball boo yesterday okay a hockey and it worked we're trying to make sure you follow his sore pocketbook is new pandas but Bob Boone. A basal lose both Tommy and so last baseball blew yesterday. Say pay. We're all are my seats for the home run derby. Oh now you are getting greeting well here's the thing is so we had to be that you're in that ballpark it's supposed to Wear my seat tell us as do here OK because let's just say. Let's save the tickets that I'm paying for for home run derby on the OK. And if I were pace day. Hundred blocks more vicious for example. I don't pay a hundred bucks more to sit. Lower level item on secondary market OK. I would probably consider doing that. That's why I'm asking where the seeds are to say how comes all boards like you know don't be greedy Tate take. You want to do that AB you're gonna do that than you need to does buy them on the secondary market to begin where it once you fasting called him a favor. And somebody's got me tickets and then I'll think you can inquire into where the tickets are and I turned down the tickets. That I was then you would just take feminine you'd sell them on the secondary not. I don't know here gathered identity identity yet. But I did as I asked him yesterday said hey where where my tickets for home runs or would you do you know what location my tickets for the home run derby art and he told me that they are facing the field. Yeah I he stood currency as he says it though I mean that's my answer that. Specific ticket meaning it's take care of that and probably answer reserves the right. Absolutely so yes I get this email from from the Marlins you know I know tickets to the all star game tying home under every minority is the all star game are to continue to be released. Leading up to like for people were out there right now into looking get all sorts against. Paint tight mean tickets are gonna continue to be released because you better sit on ticket ninja so I I know the way these things work but. Hold onto these. Packages for you to violate Kate Burgess the home run derby and the all star game together and then when they realize that no one's buying that package their release them on an individual basis so tickets are gonna keep pouring out you know in little spurts. For the all star game and yesterday was one of those dates. What's like hey limited number of all star game tickets goes so I jumped all from what I was doing a jump on my couch and ran to my computer okay. And it just five minutes after I got the email. And I won't let the guy is my chance that body all searching rubble of the friends of the slam would buy one ticket not bind to and on top of the two from the night for. So I go online to check out all star game tickets. And they're so expensive they're like the rear quarter. And it's blowing in the upper to act and it's like I can she justify paying that Maureen to sit in the upper deck you don't Sam. We don't know what to send you would you pay several hundred dollars to Sydney Oprah as her first world problems worse sit. Partly. It's it's its own world problem if on selling you that it's very expensive and I don't wanna pay a very expensive and it's. For personal problems doing reporter no you're willing to behave based on where the seeds are in the stadium that. Is true that's true yes that's a first world rob yes. I don't I don't want to see any would be happy to just be in the building. I don't wanna pay several hundred dollars to not be receiving game mentally is at all. Our it's the all star game I ain't buying your theory about Marlins gains in needing to have really good teacher he games are. Any sort of you know in team down here that you're seeing. During the regular season throughout the regular season but it's an all I mean it's a once in a lifetime. The upper level would be in in the ball. A bonus and the Obama is the first round. The first round you know you have a great seats and easy us in the fat burning on an Uzi and rob you you you can you shake your head when. Ask any celebrity. A nurse and married. This directory now is killing me and I wanna leave out the segment with. Booze you it's too cheap to buy a ticket face looking mass. You're seeing a skit this guy's killing me on tech's Imus morning this guy is going crazy he's he's doing something for each and every single one of us on here. But at the end of everything is face look amass have you seen the skin yet I don't know and you to. I don't know what is bothering you. Tom I'm loving you know he thinks I'm dying laughing BBC it's funny isn't it he's trying to send out. This is discussing is that the Murray's first things Rawlins and a cheap home run derby ticket can't talk to your manager look immense. What does that mean to dodger manager easily math there's one chance like that again can't talk to Amanda is looking asks. Went to Rome. There it's it's always been around the I've heard this ever since I've come down nearly back to nine DA put. But. There's a skit outrage now I think it's on YouTube works on FaceBook which remember what it is. But as a guy that like inner Jackson movie scenes and it's like real. Real movies that he finds a way to go and put his own self into the movie and it will be like a real cool scene and all of a sudden he'll go back in the Buick. Man that you showed up at a nasty dirty turtle face of demands and he'll do stuff like that it is it is it's really come we have to take it sounds it is hysterical if any don't. Just as I don't like running things and it was one of those things no it's like and I'll see you probably things out of this arms does that mean I'm I'm just judge yes I agree I recommend not clicking on all in the lounge and I'm just GM Ahmad. Ozone hole area almost as good of a segment as continuing to talk about does this all star race. In waist and a fifteen minute segment on some tickets in the Marlins face looking mass. Yeah that's funny. Let's see why that why you glad it's. Sex and the film full strength on wall he attacks on 6797. War. Coming up at 7:20 this morning looking in forty minutes from now we are going to have a your chance you win a bowl century into the U Lamo. Sports hall famed fishing tournament next weekend okay it's back it's an Alomar on a it's on June 23 and 24 next weekend Ted Hendricks he's the host the rom dogs to be here. And we're gonna get you a boat entry in forty minutes from now some actual way to tell you how to when it's set at 720 make sure you're listening 721 you can. Keep yourself into that fishing tournament next weekend I'm. I'm glad. OK so Osama assaults and clips from the warriors parade there. Yesterday. And drama green man. Not holding back at all yesterday morning years of a dream on green he was going out LeBron throughout the day on instead Graham yesterday. Here's stray amber did you hear I do I love I love what are your mom's doing here's trim on green card just yeah. What you do so. Spurs nicer drain mine doesn't quite agree with the bronze assertion that. He's ever played for a super dangerous amounts not a whole year to think about a lot of things yeah man yeah. Scan a lot all of us Chester now dreamliner. Miami comes off as wholly unlike. I don't understand what you say that I love it. I think it's funny it's lawyer is not enough likable always going athletes to keep it real you always hear on bullets to be less PC and actually see what they're thinking I think it's funny you know athletes ever have the nerve to do it dream on green. It's around me I don't. Not I mean I like it but I can also like to think it's funny and also that he's a jerk and doodle up to where man he's got. I finally shares consolidation happens and they cast stepping overs Duff Greece quarks in having. And you know grave stone cookies are the leader board an all the with a Halloween party wire wire invade jerks but to remind greens a jerk for saying in some stolen body on work. Rights dudes can give people a knots. Body of work rights. Well what do you mean by body of army sergeant I agree that he's really just won a championship quickly at any certainly in a position do. Talks have believed to those guys I would like. This sure is that dream on green more but I'm talking about all together body moratorium on green and yeah. I had and are pretty good career let's not pretend like he hasn't. There's there's endeavors should have a good Caribbean jerk why does nothing to do to the other using really good Basil Blair also jerk. We both legal player a lot of time on my team jerk. But that's why guys don't really funny I don't like he's where he started junk being aside but that's why these are this is why athletes are so sterile and boring. Because of this idea that during mongering does you either I think Alex I need to enter. Well I mean. You know he's up you know when he's up there and I would. It's different or do you really think it all the time you also think he was jerk and his baby face that looks a futile what's funny and vote you know the look it's possible that if if you think certain things you can make it York. Rights but all of literature and I'm I don't every single heavily professional athlete in the world is jerk are -- oh come on every out is a pleasure to be a professional athlete you had to be so competitive like a different level of competitiveness like me you jerk I've because everybody would be that competitive they were all staying with they really thought that they all be insulting each other and throwing jabs and and basking in the glory of winning. I'm at and I don't mama Gloria deplete their opponents are percent but there is exactly what that are really nice that the war. Record the how does not speak guys that are nice that usually are you guys you know Alito is better numbers genuinely that they don't have that competitive edge word you really if they really upset with they were thinking. That they'd be insulting the guy and the other side. The they'd be. Standing over and a body laughing essentially. I think most professional athletes are Billick back there so damn competitive. I think at at the height of certain points and emotions during a game I think just about every single guy would like to drag their deal across somebody exactly on the ground. That's my point speaking of deals. I'm glad this morning as a toddler. What testosterone injections. May cause your penis or year amounts have lowered the outlook or deal you to tune double inside. She is a very old or nine guys yeah. Really not anything in my guy and us Singapore and we thank you just it's such a kick out so funny girl to get out as you know it's funny. Serenity knew how to deal they compared to about twelve year old and in terms of side is and then he I don't know if they Don prisoner about to get as significant a lack of testosterone he's 34 or list element. And they gave him. Certain injections and his deals doubled since I will they think they actually give guys there's tertiary on the sites. Well there filming poor like they actually do injections and other Hamas you notice how she was sane as you sing about Iran's easiest kind of for me and for. Hello the king of the elevator up to me do you think you are under the though this kind euros and analysts and throws you randomly ended. So happy that I oil yelling at him as I know how Francisco. Gatorade robbers fired up this morning until Muster the wanna drive the big truck maybe it'll. The team. I I. I Dexter and the design found BO what insult apparently their poorly run around that really doesn't get in on the tackle relaying. Lately he's. Been on the deck line number is slated to begin the guy called Robert blamed as the one who insult that Romberg you don't learn a lot of people Tommy had no means blame. This morning nobody's here they're glad the you know I talked about. That little present for anniversary yesterday. No I don't know that are called healers and we have an idea of all the time he Allen glumly I guess is the new owner of a Corwin who. I may ordered one this guy and I want the store and got me like they took the sample and they have that they have to take that the that the vibrator out to make sure it works are. Because they do come with a vibrating thing through so. Looks like the clone Willie off looks like good comes across it was a running 59 and nine but the bad mouth the bad. The gift that keeps on giving nine lucky her. No we didn't do it view if you clone it in the meat and then you get it enticing me I'm Obama and nervous and you send it off and then they send it back DO. And then how are you go what are you gonna do a comparison to mate Sarah like our kids are their returns like when I remember when I. I admit you rate their home you all solution and you put that deal news this deal. And you make it at home Harden around you know this seems dangerous. What are you know ours is my thing I'm a little bit concerned. That once I make it. And then I like remove all the excess. Gel or whatever that's around it. I'm more nervous than me like really. Yeah you're gonna tell small and not be as impressed and I guess that's my guess. I'm like an adult you delivered that someone in the that a little bit like to the base of closer I think it's Q do you think you're 11. Amber's got good headlines plus maybe also the for heat fans get excited about next. They have more than Obama. I mean Nicole Smith. Found my children. We've gotten comfortable distance and I am completely right I think it's a puzzle that's hard to do this song at the radio ready for all of my Armstrong. There every you know every time he threw a couple of as I can't do I ever heard all these finally Lindsay. You know it's so difficult it is dropped an F bomb. Maybe an inward to get a little bit of trouble you know you drop it and bombs he taught to recover him might be hurt. Both of those are numbers those mum on little but clearly if I didn't coming in your pocket. Here in the 7 o'clock out organs say over the fifty dollar gift cards fall outta shall OK you know amber and I were both going to be there today. As three clocks three of five via the limits heart Father's Day fiesta. I gotta I gotta save some room because as. Those those Brazilian steakhouse is man and you got the button in Britain bring bring you that. Being that chicken covered in the bacon like bring it on over let's go bring it on over alone. To me and I haven't and I'm injured Brazilian steakhouse and say. Stop -- leaders showed well let's go well gosh I don't think that's the only announce a song about all the footage Howell. But it sounds very good aid do you finance creature with text text is these day Brazil is. Very very so here you like your home that night in your licking your bench social shadows more high end is that we are sand above the law signed in a faux British I was actually at Leavitt towards event last year at the same time his Father's Day event last year there was one I remember it being pretty good team. Is the one I typically notes and I. Chemo for me was like the original of these resilience. And it's Time Warner downtown. Bayside overlooking the recorder called. A port cal who's at the bottom of one of the highrise is one of the hotel or something like that I was the first one that I used to go to do. I've had rosenhaus state leader for in my little wined and dined kind of dinner. When I was with the greatest sign form yet that's at that place dispute all white cloth really really nice let's let's sort headlines or not. Quote that Dick Sporting Goods headlines desk place these WEB. XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. These headlines are writing by Gillette on demand dot com forty million Americans wake up to a Gillette Stadium Gillette are working to bring you America's number one shape for less good at Gillette on demand dot com and get every fourth order for free. York Miami Marlins. They start a.