ZRA Part 1 6-19-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, June 19th

Tobin back from Vegas, Paul George wants out, Father's Day celebrations


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Exact slow runs it and how is going Romberg and looking towards the weekend at number of affordable for your arrest of basketball. Smoke like. Wearing another grown man's name on the back of your shirt is not. Rational great having Scott hands of another human being in your house isn't rational nothing exciting seeing his. Penguins are wars we're in simple. Brewers someone was eating regularly connect me involved in or some kind of deal while on the Cooper turns out. This person is called Brett wrong. On seven now. It's embarrassing Monday morning me and we started on the nineteenth morning of June handles in the morning from your morning. Romberg morning county. Sounds out of this week. And as a means so perennial winner and star coming your personality of the year that you can I mean how. Somebody help me not to be here last week on Thursday and Friday is a civil Russia and see your email Monday about it not and I. And that I've found that I've found out. Wednesday cruiser PD from other repeating here now. We think he not know the social media and so when posted a picture of him on a plane found that BO Sofia on an plain luck is the through your presence and everything has and you. All about mold this column I huge deal I was and I know I'm no wonder responded to detect stream winds doesn't said hello so menuing on a plane and they'd go to Vegas. You love the excuse you. Skiing easier commute these Q you were the weak cameras that the picture be sorted out of Jim Jim -- excuse you to the judge in the courtroom or have you gotten now that I could not an easy sell to see Jerry Manuel. He said that the Judd Gregg I would not hermit to not only guys use you as Atlanta court. That of course I would you had you giver to new one what's the penalty for contempt of quarries and the nine jails like My Cousin Vinny has it actually can be yes I'm kind of some of that do you need a good night's sleep you know we eventually you know his minions out on a good night from and I hear a guy that that what rob the bank because he was trying to get away from his wife he says I can't anymore remain on house arrest him how great it really judge of beautiful ruling loved it really is good rule clicking on the -- you don't thanks you know where you lively is a good ruling that degree ruins of the murders is one of our OK that's a fair point actually. So so what happened in Vegas this weekend man we were discussing on Friday it stays there we discuss what you get back by the way before I started this when you get back. Home to assess the grandfather clock police let's let's let's you is that boy's birthday has a little perspective. He misses his wife's birthday and his voice. And then spends it as a third was it her third the bursts of misses the wife's birthday enhancements policy on an airplane and I saw I saw her long Lieber they're photo with her in a bunch of like two and three or four your oats dude. How do you get away with and then and then. There's so far as radio when when we're nearly a going to be home for thought as the leader dear Abby Fuzzy buyer absentee or absentee father she says where are you daddy. I was missing fathers that's was in my day yeah right birthday how do you how conversation go to people that don't hold your wife hate. The station sending me to Vegas. On your birthday and she's Latin a slowdown. It when it went down is at them go to Vegas that that. An aide. Powell who while he's eight and I don't believe that's not a conversation I once I mean associated because what you say goes right in manor house. Exposed I gotta go either way it's that was suitable about him because you said you're gonna do what you gonna do another suit and tie his boisterous Atlanta hitter -- organizer and despite to because the vice president and that's number there's no fight. Derision are don't much matter swear. As the flags what you Sig write you man successor. I had and I you know that. I'm I mean like I. Like I control my house and an I don't know and out went now it's our writers posed Linux so is it was celebrated this weekend. You know. Things to do this because I gotta go get my new times award on Thursday. And Friday a real convenient too by the way that I don't even know that he's go to Vegas and I find I don't happen to be cobbled it aggregates is a war they don't tell me. This email you sent me Sig. He talked about on the show numerous times we did in June on Monday. Yeah Monday and do you not Sager emails and are Ron I know I'm very. Accessible idealism was battling Umar was as bad as the Miller guy has said from growers were in on the mornings in a the proposed jury site grade so abused into the thing where in the tape fighters fear into the system I didn't do that. I don't know I'll have been ordered with the spiders here where to find any played it. All's I know what I don't or an all out panic oral line like how's that supposed to go now plus possibly play this book I taped an episode of fighters during the wheel to play Oklahoma on an airplane Baja. And I get a text at 1003 eastern. Becoming a providers fear. Because guru Jim that's not bad Johnson birdies and a bad job. Lately league where you're not on the schedule had that he wore. I don't talking about it's is that job it. ID and for for for spending an hour to have an alternate to rated it's not a on the plane when you got this message coming in Gaza to lobby getting ready to go to the plane by the news Illinois and that's and that's annoying co host fury that's very annoying. Man what what else out of it UN. The Luxor. It looks Curtis is good and not telephone icing gamble now kind of on day. You know like Lester is as cheaper table yeah it's kind of like a semblance it's one of those Italians attached all the nice hotels and look he's like back in the daily use is on the stress away do you agree littlest pyramid. Again it's usually around this guy that's a locker Alan okay our next mentally back. My buddy a man boobs we nicknamed them boxer because impairments. I see. Nancy writes it's an odd phone to it did you go to the flight on Saturday that one on even under ward one. By low very controversial. By low blow Mosley is a crazy latex and workers would mean one by global like he did a low blow to knock the Alley with a means it'll blow and the lessons afterlife wrath. Who after the rest stop the fight he runs down. Well that's no that was the play before that though I don't know by word I got that right after the bell got knocked that putt knocked out hole to the bell so ward told the low blow and he won by like not a though. Would delivered. Several low blows to surgical love this win anyway. But late that reference whatever is to stop them finally did electoral. Taken need electoral the last light you know gives woods I'd stop the fight and once the mortal a tko yeah. I that sounds weird and see if that sounds straight day it would look like a rough night for boxing from your tweets. And I want it boxing because boxing with controversies boxing at its best sole grounds that it was appointee. OK see you at the net adds an interesting attitude idea I didn't expect that from the ultimate boxing pan. But I expect did you mean Marmol boxing purist and I anger on the restaurant again is very wrong but since it's you have. Really good seats really late. Like 100 level like right. Probably fifteen rows backs it was a mighty yeah I need to weed out is view middle of the battle for seeing. I'm glad that that's pretty cool it was cool that's that snake oil salesman you'll mark this hormone and I tell you. Former former former residents of Florida Panthers is now sell that snake oil. Four for roc nation and I guess what one of the fighters declined roc nation notes yeah we'll so he was like the promoters use base used basically like Don King. And this guy got so he's so cocky. And he's the wars. So like they're getting into at the press conference the gun on Thursday and Kovalev is ups and leaves and and yours. Real classy me classy Kovalev. And saw us quietly what he said hey outages after he just up and left put it into the face offer anything. And so you'll mark got very upset and so it's he or an extensive. A deadly game we talking game on point I used to be scared kids getting used to it yet. Used to be scared and I think now is way over and I mean that not typical of them ask you must get anybody. And it's gonna light heavyweight champion of the world I Ra I was scared. Kelly apparently Texas morning says Barr says big deal Tobin run believe. A surtax. By the way I have heard this guy get a review on two things. How many animal style. You had. Burger Weiss. Over there. You know a year here on the West Coast you've been probably the best burger joint in the world burgers and Las Vegas only it's in and out repair. You'd like to riding in now near Vegas three Giuliani had to all of a million restaurants in Bombay he isn't an outreach osu and money talk about us aren't losing out in Vegas I love those old person I've ever met. In and out immediately from here and seen and seen personal way Nobel prize in on eight and under from down under. That's your ads fact. What I did stop on the tour you should you're missing out. Says the billboard girls outback. Ago and then. But it is a 105 degrees and they don't need to buy dollars to get the picture them afterwards that the whole. LSU do I take some home. So was so overall the weekend good eight guidance on good UN money. None of them would what does that mean yeah you know on that a Connor. All right junior motorsports were there what what are you what are you will loss what bull would get plus why they go plus a hundred. But it would have been their own. While only irishman he's known him a goner so this is plus 500 Connor to win ha when OK what I mean it's if they keep going I the as you don't have this money away away regulation and he's around and why not get a bat on the flight Obama Floyd know you. All that yes you're you know hundreds of rights do not deadly not that Floyd. Do you many LC vet but what you bet on more Coppola I should have it but I was about a goal of some London MOCON aren't. Aren't very good so Tobin goes way Vegas. He skips out on his wife's birthday. And he spends fathers in the way that he wants to spend it on an airplane. I'm back from a man this weekend in Vegas. It's it's a hand in your house man on man you hand good for you man. How do you you know I hear more about my time at under renowned and now on all maybe maybe. Do you tell me do we wanna hear more about. You tell me. Being done. It's I. Let's get this morning star of the week off. We had a giveaway today. I'll add to its first develop the film war on the Asian auto show that these joke. Most of the three peace Jirga grand that's written there on three days' rest on its two Brothers and cousin but I don't mind and that's. That's on July 18 to get console right now live nation dot com so it's up at some point in the show this morning with a pair tickets he should now seem we Gilmore. Liken I seen Chanel maybe a road that will see her do it feel and I don't know you know it's a month from now I'm not sure what's going amble state. So there's a lot going on with the NBA will get to that coming out. The Marlins losses series over the weekend really aggravating to Atlanta because the two games of the malls Lawson Saturday and Sunday were both. Teams Marlins leads and they lost on walk offs on Saturday the morons were 73. They wound up losing in the tenth. And yesterday ending a two nothing there and they ended up losing in the bottom of the ninth I believe my humble roots get anymore chosen as armor on. No coal shot by Ozuna there in the eighth inning after the Braves scored four in the seven to take a 42 lead yesterday no Zune comes on the eight. And highs with a two run blast that dude is also eighteen of the season look you want to trade him. Sucks Loria. The so. I. I do it easily missed earlier that it was a dividend of 405. The Marlins are noted an ice that they did. Blood it is not and they lost by four yes that loss than not oh okay and how are key all the winning you sort of pizza man I don't hear about the winning home. What was it is Dee Gordon and riddle Raitt Heuer who just watched the ball go street and between them. They watched our guys went after the USA dot each other was gonna go after I don't nobody may have just watched about his roller by. These labels on their. I I was watching the team with no sound I was I was in movies a year actually I was I took my youngest son's even admitted. I certainly. Don't and I bought nudged I don't know that it's it and if it's interesting and I. And so I took my youngest son is he to callers movie callers three and those we do nothing for me I don't like those movies. But he'd be he'd been dynasty and we started off this story with this team. In your face you're about as you weren't xxx theater no I still dosage X inducing detail not. And so the car is Siri is audited and ultimately. Or why didn't south want enough loose movie does nothing for me. So anyway I'm in the theater scene callers and and my son falls asleep like thirty minutes in. And you had a nudge them it's way early for you buy gasoline now I'm watching caller is an hour and now. You know right now I'm watching callers now and I don't even like this movie ultimately getting one big laid it might it sort of fall asleep when we see despicable me me. I couldn't care less I'll say to myself okay. The car's movie. I am now interest and and Allen to simulate what you earn Maynor the gold told dropped. Country manager meat eater. Millimeter movies manners and her from to have an air. Movies not a reset and this. Anyway now I want callers myself for rights and and I'm like screw this. I'll put them on scheme on my phone and I'm watching the Marlins now in the movie the America I I I don't care about this movie. So I see the end of the Marlins Yemen following on the on the team cast and I'm actually watching it on my phone okay and so I I see the play your tong and announce. And the Marlins they were. They were playing that don't play for the run an expert like do they were trying to. On a ground ball there not a civilian double plays they're trying to stop the runner at third. And sued JT riddle is playing out indeed Gordon is pretty much standing on the bag at second. But you're saying that both guys want to see all the Washington would no sounds on trying to interpret what exactly happened here. JT riddle you we have a shot that ball and did Gordon maybe Dee Gordon had a shot it he just stood there and watch it. But it deep Gordon goes to get that ball. You knock the double plays and all the runs to score anyway select was actually a bad decision by the. I was there have both of them had a shot at the ball big JT riddle set up and gets it there's no double play LGT riddles and after the game that it was on him that he is I don't for get is on GT did I go way he can do actually Keegan. You could dive or may not real chance their indeed Gordon it did probably would have gotten the ball. But in the gogel playing runs a school silly there's no sense indeed when trying to get. Real probably gray dove for the ball and tried to make a planet be kindest wants to go yet you. Watched it go buy yen and it shouldn't know that Gordon wasn't gonna go after red light pink laughter there even if he can get it according needs the State's second there. And and they had a funky (%expletive) like Marcel Ozuna and sent a plane the outfield was playing. In the middle first and second base then the weir chipped known on there and the ball goes the other side of the field some Mattingly muscle also about that right. I mean Ozuna they played the weird (%expletive) and Zune has put on the rights of the infield ball went to lessen the until game over. Always a riddle after the game said that rain last week that it was on him yet Zandi. That's 'cause I follows him watching course. We got a text and cars films suck suck no. Know that Osgood Mandy and hires not current cars on an event and it's like herbal Amber's got more on the marlins' closer headlines next. Gentlemen this double any. Yeah. Roll real. Wrote. Small. Hey Elizabeth just as Amber's got to cover on the show our Thursday morning she gives you just Tanzania game our response vice goes public adjusters and address its cover calling by five gay CPA embassy East Coast public adjusters dot com. Don't settle a lesson listen to adjust the tips on seven idea that moral four point three HTT using it. What it would get going on father's name and. Not much really searchers Jonathan lot of run around heaven doing Kris crazy work trying to get this thing Ritter from fishing tournament this weekend coming up so. Either get you on the whole famed fishing tournaments yeah and I do a lot of a lot of purchasing of things and items yesterday and I am iPad coming in town and is usually. There are around there on now on Thursday eating your team presents. Yeah I got like four pairs of shorts that don't fit oh. Oakland and what does it sounds better. Time. Now and I'm gonna at all I just Archie Miami white shorts are hungry we reduce seat through now mimicked not. Not like many issuance of Lucy Liu were not exactly as joy and relief from compound like sort of deliberately that we won a million. They're like horribly tight European tight which means understand perfect man friendly stuff you can't have tighter goals moving policy with a look like. You're gonna see my deal. Sure anybody quite Wear shorts like almost a white linens so it's like. The door where an Andes and needed my attention. I heaven forbid I walk through and I gets washed up on and then it's just straight up you know seat yourself any funeral home vomit. So I'm just. Are ever appreciate the shorts nice Cleveland's peeps out. Well I saw cars three for polish that. That's what it sounds like an excellent honor and bootsy does mr. follows you actively get mists of the big right that's right it that's good. Art I got a huge battle with the wife and a massive ballot in the morning. Mind. Well you thought of the led them Brothers and I would doesn't want David she's not supposed to. Enough with dismay here and nagging on yeah. More obviously you know I get up and do everything. And so I've been you know while she sleeping. For the most you know so I didn't. I would like to hear her side of that story. I'm good solos on Michael and everybody's breakfast and get everything ready make him a Mickey Mouse pancakes for the kids or some other going on now. An and I sit down and easily kids not a coat. She's given me the goal barking at me about taking care both kids well. I have to our mom here's the thing she thinks I really like him joy he. Doing grocery shopping or enjoy going to buy things at home the other uses like yeah. Time music he owns and I this is what we need it's like. She looks at means I won't do you wanna go out and are no no I don't want to go have to go spend money on stuff that we need. I just don't wanna sit here and watch your body language of having watched two kids in army veteran my ideal so I would rather sit here and misery. With few. And handle these kids as opposed to going out and coming back and watching you scream and have ridiculous body language about hanging hanging out to a situation. So she has she goes are she goes to what will Brett you like corn on the parts a hole. Jack do you also like you know I wanna do on Father's Day. Seven and told nine that night at Tutsis I want crazy ladies crawling all over me today I would like to get absolutely boatload waist up I would like to do. To go to all people don't buy things don't sit here and hang out would you want on Thursday. Love to be on a boat and polluted looking at bikinis. Other girls all over the place I would love to do it now. I don't know this is what I'm going to do because is what I feel like I have to do you signed up for the family man by the way. The anniversary today bay. That's sporting goods headlines desk thinks he's WEP XY AM South Miami and got you. Except this HD true Miramar. I would not be inverted and the balloon. She hasn't done yet. I mean I'm changing announcing that I was mourning of emotionally had on the town discerning a partnership put on account of the corner and are you want to heal and bring about a point she may not be worthy of vehicle Romberg clothing when he made right come later on and it. Do you find their brides are my indeed Doug Palmer you higher during the over three million businesses is indeed dot com for hiring. Poster next job opening on the world's number one jobs they indeed dot com. Did you usual ground whether it's coming out of the way alerts. To. This entry through. All reports that Paul George is holed the blazers he plans to leave in free agency after the season. No surprise here reportedly favors signing with the lakers when he's a free agent Indiana has reached out to team to see if they're interested in trading for all storage so I don't rental season and not includes Cleveland on that. This that's a kick in the John clay can you imagine your viewpoint of the fan base star players in their for a while like so many years and I mean essentially walked in the doors and you know he's Nina go hey hey you know you and now Alexander is now you know wacko ray like now you know. It did present a weird situation because. Paul George's people are going this and it that dared to strategy either rate thing and they're giving the pacers a heads up to abusers and try to get something for him but am with a report out there are so public and he's going to. Know what to go to LA. In free agency no matter what it's what do you get back perhaps for one year uncle is who question. An I I I do wanna talk about that extending their ramifications obviously with the heat and leading up to Thursday night this Thursday's draft this there's a it'll be you could have sent a lot of action. With the NBA. Coming out of this campus the rumored to be the only thing but if there's another what type of juggernaut style all nicer store will run franchise organization yet the prep I don't know how little is only hear your. And done thing applies to every team in the time it doesn't it doesn't the Al the Los Angeles rappers thing means very little to my well. It also means very little to the cavs are part of the caps are willing to under trade talks for PG thirteen with Al assurances that he stay beyond this season. Cleveland's confidence championship culture quote unquote it's. An overall I don't care don't forget it's a big George still wanna stay after playing out the 20172018. Season look final year deal. Don't forget clear and I did Kevin Love and worked really they trade for Kevin Love on what. Could be termed. A rental you only had one year left on its contract and might and they ended up being Hillary sign and the candidate who's who's Cleveland giving out for him right record I have no love know that wolf. But also you know your rights and they also gave up a lot for Kevin Love when they you know treated for a rental Kevin Love each day treating Andrew Wiggins who was the number one picks so. Click done that movable force that's not to say they wouldn't do it again that they wouldn't. Risk doing that again but I'm number one pick mentally right it's a limited for now because now you would likely have to give up and actionable. Player espouse a guy who never played view which was and. Definite upgrade. EG vs Kevin Love I guess an upgrade I think it's an upgraded vigilant especially carriers is that without beat the warriors. I think you do a lot better in the absenteeism of of Kevin Love and not from the Oakland I think people underestimate Panama and any what George is better than them but I do think you underestimate haven't loving and her how hard it is right you know are answered the gold they're warriors tied it does is it just decimated whatever kind of game Kevin Love could have contributed in the last and I think if Kevin Love go somewhere else we do a lot better have in my. I do think it's always CNET or well he had I think we'd see it again we see that your local. I think it's I think it's an upgrade yes I think it's an upgrade specifically because defensively Paul George is one of the best defenders in the NBA best perimeter defenders. And camels import defender. And if if Cleveland is going to compete with Golden State. It's a defensive end my talk went only got to add Carmelo Anthony Leo look look loans and about basketball OK Carl Anthony doesn't help. The cavaliers for a second. All George well because Paul George is a super defender but here's the thing OK in a while it may help them. It it may improve them over Kevin Love. If you're Cleveland you find and pulled George may not be the guy but you gotta find to add one of these guys with out having three Kevin lollar unique because because. Since they lost in in 2016. And they. Kevin Durant giveaway one of their main got a seagate Kevin Durant they. Kevin Durant so Cleveland finds a way to that not replace. And at an Indiana on the tennis and and later took last week well ideal hypothetical scenario pulled shortly we wanna get. Yeah. Make a trade for Kevin Love. Yesterday yeah okay worse it that that's that's after Cleveland's got to decide if they wanna do that being because Indiana would make that deal so fat. Does that play into Cleveland's mentality at all also that you anticipate that it's possible that LeBron. Would end up leaving as well for Allah it's a LeBron and Paul George and could both leave you after one year to Los Angeles. The small but that will yet cash shop no matter what LeBron leads but that's why Cleveland would consider doing it because of they actually do believe. That there's a chance that LeBron can wind up Lieberman take. You eat this or trying to convince LeBron to stay in that spot. Trying to maximize the bronze stat you wanna make sure okay it really got one more year if we may have only what more you left to LeBron. We can't just sit status quo we got to try and do something that we think can make how young this Kevin Love that look on his deal. All mean he's he he it was just signed Malaysia Chile or you're last year so we win three more years so and. But it wouldn't know would it viewer Cleveland though and you were convince LeBron was leaving any year. Then wouldn't you won a beach treating Kevin Love in say another year for that I have that money or future assets. For a team rebuild why are we talking about trading Kevin Love right now have to go to Saint George so I'm saying like and how did you pass up this opportunity then. If your Cleveland if you really think LeBron. Only saying you don't wanna trick Kevin Love and then not have any show. Did you hear from now ire completely screwed LeBron leaves. Paul George even had nothing whereas if you were main retains Kevin Love you would have Kevin Love to trade away. In a year and you I would thank you know a few guys I'd pay expert team rebuild that. I think I think it you're gonna lose LeBron it doesn't matter what else you have on a roster it's catastrophic and you're likely initially catastrophic but it near Cleveland you'd be thinking OK how do we get back you know in a few years is. Really plays in a favorable bronze. Game of our when I have all my voice on the team because imagine if Dwyane Wade does elect to get to a lot of Chicago which he doesn't wanna be and are now you need any doesn't chase the money. And he's not really gonna be getting much more. Then what are you figure ten million dollars you'd be lucky to get ten million dollars a year. Lucky and he's only gonna sign a one year. Earlier I really don't even now they could be right I really don't I am now. Do you think he's gonna. Decide where he's gonna go do you think that he would love to join LeBron and add some bench worker add. Some more pieces two and only three person out of five on the floor Ross are now so they do acquire PG. Possibly make a run and he brings into winner commences to rain to come over to the Cleveland Cavaliers did very limited cap space so what are we all Syrians and yeah you know speed and power are even offering him because at this point what's the matter you know you're you're already. Some like thirty or forty Miller thirty million dollars over the Kashmir is what's another five. Someone made a good point to me they're Daon on Twitter about Dwyane Wade because it is Ian you know I I I don't I think doing weights and opt out okay. By. Some made good points me that way wade is going to opt in. So he gets you know it's when he for the 25 million dollars or next year but he's going to be one of those buyout guys you know in. What do we talk in March he's gonna last year where this way is to get the entire 25 million but you know sports talk and you know how much she's been paid by February march sexier probably around like 1718 million dollars that went already knew pocket. So you get buyouts and whatever they give you left on into the asthmatic voting made it on a money. From. That's from next season and then yet the buyouts and then he wanted joining whatever team you want. It's probably fair would make a run at the end of the year you're saying yeah yeah yeah and this is this what you get money. And you get to join another team. You know it two thirds of the way through next season I I think it's probably a a realistic scenario in here and switched teams mid season and he wants money Graham Menendez has. I agree I am not seen as I expected him to just opt in and then in a year ago were ever you know look that maybe LeBron go. I think that wound has been water rise and I think he's just probably. Apathetic towards going anywhere is it true I think that one love one spot to go to the Miami Heat. I think that's been caught arise that'll burn so I think everything Silva is just not be traveling memory Gordon capitalize. Miami Marlins lost two out of three debris does things to a bowl and now down on stage last Atlanta five or Brandon Phillips. At the game winning head hears is I'm. So we get a ground ball up the Middle. East. Mused about the let's get again. Where this second. 24. You gotta get better Greta riddle there. I don't know of you to maneuver again and you gotta get a better effort on board and net in court and maybe could've gotten the balls are mentioned but there's no sense and even try to get the ball. It's he's covered second base in that spot. And you have to have the double play with a runner on third OK so important that even matter according bit then you move the ball Gordon had to cover second base. And Marcel zooming up and who was playing in a weird shift not only would he not been able to get to second base in time for the double plight. L those ourselves as it has to do if you get a bolt second please please deposition before so it ye it it was a it was a weird spot the Marlins. With the weird shift. Bottom line GT really has made about a plan I'm. Am. A Celtics traded number one pick to the 76ers filling intends to draft Washington's mark howls all studies. Last time. And twenty something years I believe it's Bennett it's been twenty years or something I don't think I may not in it sounds eating it up so it's. Much less on the no moral rock picks in trade now of course. Then a more overall pick. Was she raft did an OK early nineties were talking in 9293. Was drafted by the Orlando Magic. Where they drafted. Chris Webber. Okay and a few minutes later traded him to Golden State who traded back Anthony Hardaway. They are made of thick it wasn't before that it was may disagree with the chasm Riggans. Right they selected Wiggins and like a month or two later date they traded wigand's but was last time the pick. Not the rights to the player. Has been treated. And that's that's at C I don't remember I don't know when my eyes to. 93. Who who who does that rate Chris Webber not try to sell sorry that's what the one that your test but there the player was treated not the actual EA six Brad doctor. Brett Doherty darting really the cavs acquired that pick they'd in you can be right I don't even know yet I was ahead of day 86 drafts so let. It's Philadelphia 76ers straight down authority to the replay was ready to a train that hit. That's a wondering what Ozzie and that was street it's as it was ahead of the draft and it says that they treated him. In exchange for rain instance of the way that it's a written as a bit confusing either way it's been a long time. Since the number one oil looks I got who has now rated and that happening. It hasn't officially had apparently today to become official and legal office the other 95 business and open over the weekend so. I don't know to say right now but this is pretty cool. Stood here backward in on whether US Sam is this vessel and does a real team effort between my integrity Claude Harmon my coach and mates avoid peak talent just appears on in everybody put in a lot of words you know even Girardi and trainer so specific special moment. Where do emotion. When he won. He's got this you write a two million dollar per hour notice in Yemen school for saint real ID and the lustrous amber they're Ugoh. All year round and bring him some a report suggesting. That win or lose kind of McGregor is like on fighting in the USC which completely contradicts every sports. And I wrote on Friday that said Dana I expect some two fights later this year and the FC no matter what. Any idiot told how to convert is making for this fight. The big remembers is making a guarantee 100 and hello Lou no I would never fighting any series is yeah me again ideas on how much money you made so far UFC. I would guess in the high end will revive OK and some points out in Asia and I was on food stamps so her heat so he's gonna make 200 million dollars to fight Floyd Mayweather. Why did not just I'll play her. Okay except for he did say that about every fighter ever I mean it's the same thing with Floyd why didn't really can't play on an all time ago except her boy you hit it has tons of money and I are right interviewed Floyd. Back in probably arming and what you're probably 2008. May be and he it was an during the interview he's telling me that he would. You know fifty million liquid ink and he's done fighting forever and he doesn't need to work another day in light of these out of spite again. Used in pickup lines on you as what it sounds like you did tell me numerous times it's yet ultimately are the bad sounds they have them finally. As. He wouldn't he wasn't lying either in the boy did he didn't have despite any but and hundreds of times since spent. So that's what these fighters do it very hard for them to aid to quit. Right up next we learn about Floyd one apiece from amber. So. On Friday. We went to Cameron I we went to eleven it's hard Father's Day fiesta and eleven's ours not a father. And monitor its father wasn't there we did not show canal arm I did not show he was feuding with the man to man of his word. Stuck demand yeah that's right he's aware of what explanation did any yet. It is and I told the truth to anyone who lassie is you don't sentences each for the Mets daily. We even sedated I have got on the money is no secret. Yes seeger. So but this was actually agreed about the lower. I think very excited to be there we had a ton of people all try to win then went right he wants spots and and they all we're able to bring a Kasten. Now that pre two Hilo. Miami and all like good food goes event it was actually really good about it did you eat in the meantime I am seated so clearly there's gonna band obviously doesn't drink. Accompanying those drinks did you have your chicken wrapped in bacon and. I know I I did I didn't I think get after the food and. I don't know you what is he didn't get after an economy. Now I didn't see you lead and why at all. I just as those early in today and I I had things to do that nine aids and notably ray good to go yes slightly tell how lousy what I feel. Six hours later this Delhi I I yeah imminent deal that Sandler. So I didn't eat because I was some scenes are barely eight I had I had the roles as they have those fired cheese bread things I did make an exception for an Abbott. No I didn't really get an opportunity to. So I had had indeed it's let's find the point is on the way home. All my god. That horse is sucks now now I I got home in a you know I I it's I did a decent round only to meet our senate to get home from south which I don't even know I need you knew didn't do that. State along the beach just just climb to be triggered yeah I assume Washington up you know and and then eventually you'll. That would be a terrible idea normally Washington all the way to Norway and he was so much longer. And then trying to cut over that's funny how for Italians in North Miami of RCW tried to because ninety I was sent down to southern India. Yeah so in 95 north they completely shut down 95 north and it was 5 PM so high I didn't realize that we lasts polish owl at 5 PM. And I just instinctively got on and you know fits to go out the 395 to government Gartner. And then I pulled up the GPS when I wasn't moving for such a significant period of time. First you know additional largely because it's to IBM in Miami I'm not moving like that saying you know that's to be expected. Was not moving for like a really long time and then I pulled up that mean it was just I mean it couldn't have been more red all over at the city there's really no way to avoid it. Doesn't definitely made the rate knew I was pretty blocked and there's no way I can turn around pull Majid to get my call and report of the GPS when she stuck in the Red Line death. I know when we were and I mean and they get really needed the GPS is thinking even though address our need to get those expressly tiny to date 395 over. Nobody hears an incident OK so so amber said that she pulled over. Give me an hour and a half. After an hour and a half I had gotten off I just gotten over MacArthur on to Biscayne so bad is that how you run for drawing and a half what's like two miles. I mean it's it's a few miles I needed a few miles. And so I was still unbelievably presser in. At this point. Now wasn't now I was so an unbelievably frustrate you didn't at this point. That I ended up just giving up because I mean it's right up pulling of the GPS and and and just everything was ready to resist no notice how many Diane. You tell us that you hold up the GPS now it doesn't matter because you pull that I don't know too late okay so into the no matter the black. And more dealing give up on that no. These guys are finally was moving just ice. Maine now so I ended up just. A little over and did not bar in mid talent mango little nice cool glass of pinot. All in the Gaza map I see this I can tell you anything about myself you know. Is there any little bar scene this is what image on a dive bar she stops often at a rest her nine year under the nice restaurant you're gonna go buy yourself says is also the bar by herself Monday. She's got some wine she's ordering some food. You get hit on when you're sitting at the ball our journalist is an idea to try it right. Did not have enough or. Take why is that I don't know I don't know I I've told this area don't tell our. As a savvy are you order Gaza remained people think your roster that is is that he. I can't un. I've been all it does although I've done it before and I'm never gonna since I think I'm offended you should do as an experiments. I've got a. Yeah nobody was thought okay I'm. It doesn't matter how sick you Sanders and are you ordering a lesser rosy I'll listen on the other side of the bar Andersen report on my iPhone OK to be all we're gonna see what happened. That's how I need. I don't know it's real but that's how this conversation occurred I didn't want to it was a hotel bar and order the rose by myself pilot in eagle on of his sister by like lion hotel bar you know I had as a linebacker on that night then again and I told this story my girlfriend and she was the one who told me that that's why it a year now you know women of the night dale but then I was it because nobody nobody originated out. And you know how much. Are offered me any sort of compensation package of. EC didn't eating get the rose so I don't know that answer I don't know if that's necessarily a fact of anybody really Smart you are extended you are the bar and having drink yeah drink and your input your Buckeyes is owners on gamble on that's my go to their. So yes I'm by myself. And Gigi who don't. Yes I have an aide yeah. Yeah so please. A lot of times that on a woman of course I mean I've I know my wife along done my god I'd love to see you go on track after being down so maybe behind you got a right to an hour and got to be hidden camera maybe get in the way back machine all that out but you checkout would take a look at my brother and hands. So so what does that look like what does that look like. I mean it wasn't there is nothing you know you learn English or return I mean (%expletive) nicer refusals even I was oh doctor I do I must say you're going a little bit of hook but were you wearing we will we wearing a sitting there wasn't I was at a work event earlier in the and I went green. But my head on black pants and heels and that's hopman. But you never let you go would you go to work. It is now you know and she loved had I look now. Girl you know so. She she puts an effort to my friend and ex governor. So I bought some of the bluntly like what happens is does god is caught wearing anything laid Tito review elegantly. As I am again IA would nights there. And guys plop himself next units are talk in the hat. Is he across the ball our Emmy spotlight has more. And I really hope it doesn't look at the show so odd that conversation what so I I sat down at the bargain on. Sitting maronite ordered my stop and science and Merrill loan and and when I had originally sat down there is. Other people sitting in they got up and allowed their spoke girls over and send my ones I consider resist there's dispute seats open next to me at this point. And so a guy comes over and he asked you know the seats are taken into he's on the phone he's clearly there to meet people. And kind of try to hold the seats that are available and then the conversation he's having on the phone at the all the traffic. And meanings of the fun I tellem and 95 cents down things that people that he who he's trying to meter clearly stuck in the paint and they are no lenders anywhere why. Amber didn't. I just told of the 95 was shut down somebody's got rabbit ears and listen. Conversation is certain art and the traffic and whatnot. And then eventually his friends showed up and then so when his friend showed up you know I obviously left them alone and but then they kept talking to mean his friends and and there was a woman there as well and so and so we were having enemy had a conversation about Mayweather. And McGregor and big conversational but back in Arabic MMA fans. Ands. And insert how would you like to ask we've doom yet they ask what I do him. And I mean they didn't know him tonight Nightline is there. And so anyways I Minnesota Amy Allen and then you know islands are we even and then. He did ask me my phone number yeah. Yeah yes sooner you know to leave and I had to yes we said. You know. I know these guys that I had to say that you know I am born and it was said oil over at the sad I mean doing these diet. And and. I see why you mad white blood sex and the show on the Coral Springs almost he attacks on 67974. In the 7 o'clock delicately a pair of tickets siege of bell Chanel is plain Fillmore July 18. Tickets on sale right now live nation dot com so anyway parity it's in the 7 o'clock hour make you listen in for bats and hate. 790 it has to live coverage of the NBA draft it is this Thursday night it's hosted by Josh Reed demand Tommy tie to. Curtis Stevens Sandra. It is like from the X and east plaza at the American Airlines Arena it is this Thursday night starts at seven Youkilis on the radio or had the Reno for the party it's sponsored locally. By Coconut Creek Subaru. Friendly knowledgeable price you want grind fuels and downs as convenient source truly sets beyond convenience and by Bono Mack how excited are you about Thursday. The draft yeah you get real dry out for the NBA draft not normally but I I'm into it this year because is it seems like there's a lot of Jews. You know between it it's a very. Talent and draft apparently a knock him telling and know a lot of these kids but it's very deep draft apparently. You guys trades that can be made ERD in a massive one of the week and what looks like it'll become official today that Phillippe. Has acquired the number one overall pick and the heat are potentially. In a position where they could make major mode so paid depends on Chris Bosh salary and that by. You know that things can happen this week and on Thursday night so why I am I am into it. We're not talking about one guy that that handles a lot of the salaries in the NBA that's like you're a guru when it comes to what teams can and cannot do in terms of salary rumored salary cap room for now he's got to log on to talk does he would mind while the final kind of scenario we could figure with a heated like what your options he's total we got that going to get salary go to guy had a mother who about remarks. You want a number given them. You wanna talk to her parents whom. Yes he's a guy talked about how accounts of some data and trying to get either one I like both those guys large wanna know what we're dealing with here coming up to Thursday what oh what the Miami Heat can possibly do yeah you know with the Chris Bosh really isn't. It was a conversation relationship to products and money and health care about it now there's a reason being is because. We've been barking for two years now how to get Chris Bosh is money off of the books possibly whether richest and trader or cutting analysts are now it's official. But what kind of room do we have now that we have the multi media so we do. We do that I'm I met this morning. So yesterday AIA I saw the movie callers theory although it was hardly your in his I don't. I don't like man hours movie Larry the cable they're not good okay great server but I had to see it because my youngest son news is. Diana see the movie okay so. I took him yesterday in enemy he fell asleep halfway through the movie in. That's annoying to me not that he fell asleep but it's annoying to me because it's not a movie that I mean an interest in him watching so now I'm seeing callers three bomb myself on father's things. But anyway that's not appoint a mat out the port a mad about is. Now you you're not your your girls are not PH where you started taken in the movies and it okay enamored doesn't have kids but Tobin the movies right. Also when you take all time tickets when you take your kids the kids movies. You go and understand. It's good to talk. Nice it's wanna talk and Theres gotta have a little bit respect to the other people appear. But it's K it's OK to Peter's building kits you've got to understand there's going to be talking. Kids are gonna make some noises it solid when those deals we see a regular movie on a date night and people are talking like you get aggravated some like that you. You really can't get aggravated at a kid's movie in the kids are making noise bots. But it's. When they kids yelling at the top of their lungs. When kids are running around the aisles at the movie theater. You've got it control your children okay I understand talking. I understand it gives you a Latin and a whisper a lot of and they should it's a movie Peter skits okayed by. What hat your kid. Show a little bit of decent behavior in public. I mean that's obnoxious to me that this kind of a guy who has. Spotlight mag light. Illuminating the whole theater watching the Marlins know I'd never do that I always put the brightness all at the absolute lowest known very respectful. In a very respectful whatever it is so we'll probably has it set that he slept through the moving. No because really wanted to do a redo of the Allstate got this what I was at all Heyman did you fall asleep like now. So civil what happened there at the U postal isn't just rest and my lines that. Daddy doesn't admit that he fell asleep and whoever movie deal and he and then Dalia Rabin right of any on it agreed to their did you like the movie yeah. All people do the same thing man then you're young when hurled at the same thing you got to get taken. Rely all the time but you can't get mad that the kids are making noise during kids' movie but I mean you know again at one point eight I happened to see at the core my toes right behind me. But one kid he sat in the chair upside down. I mean. Apparently you are exactly they were in interrupting here. Viewing pleasure of your cars or greens what wasn't upset because they don't care about that movie gladly give him a parenting is going on frankly killing meter more than you're willing to admit to himself for spat lightning McQueen. So Harrison tell my kids what are you got about this morning. Now you guys had me share that story in meaning angered tax from the boyfriend showed I opens the door. Got him polar bear she's on the broke the ice. Until it it all knows he did say anything you Euro attorney object in his congress remark was on the phone when you. Now button and some doesn't run as rabbit ears of their satellite. Owners and the problem. Separately the island throwaway thanks guys thinks products for cereal to have a dates on Friday night all. You know what's been in my business but and any time bishop and her cocktail of not come out get out and I'm sort of I'm I'm glad this morning yeah. As much crap that I give my wife. It's our thirteenth anniversary today well. Lucky thirteen. That you got yet permit I want to AB I'm my issue for fifty you'll see. But today's yearning in this bar America this morning and sixteen years. They've been together Obama. Very soon as he behalf your life. But a lot of time. That's a lot reader has a lot of time to spell one Bernal my god but you are someone who was European numbers are. We knew she does a dollar not to listen to the beginning to sell a story about television that the. I'm glad yeah. Because in the midst of free agency it's important know your franchise stands and support to know your star players taken in bloods no. Let the sun light side has some serious serious goals when it comes whose career. A month I gotta catch Obama. You know bush for a moment back. The idea Momo. And army are trying to longevity like monster ball you know this about Lucci. The other mound. You don't man. She admitted to game six. Also want Bob editor Darren. While the good you learn of salute. So we're like little room. Google bought some. They get irons are good god people like lawyers. All manner you went through lawyers. They get every. Let them go ahead and that was very different. Burger on these fairways at all. Yeah it. Apple sponge Bob. What's on Bob. I saw this one fumble in my kids to know what the hell was going on I don't get on a man and acumen and remember dance or are the old timer. I thought of Danny so what are we gonna star fission and he lives in a pineapple under boost when they said is like the Betty glad he's there you don't sleep on him what was going right it blanked and. Showed the crusty crab police and lady and care. It employs sponge Bob. Been around forever.