ZRA Part 1 9-12-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, September 12th

Back from Irma, Week 1 NFL Rundown, Old ass Adrian Peterson


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Zest long runs in and here's something like pretty dumb and pretty ridiculous for out of touch what a country. This this James Connie are combing death. Everytime I see a three under from slimmer than anybody in the Twitter world about this economy stuff. I'm just here to return to Russian. So whenever you see when they don't put his first name is but only deputy to calm me anything it's all gonna rush and I. Did you think I didn't realize it was virtual person or just other things as they usually Russian sea though populations coming in just thinking yeah. Throws format. On 790 that tip. Ones as well around Emery is a Tuesday morning beat twelfth the morning. Of September. We live here we are back morning Emeril will see in good morning news's thing on Romberg Maurizio. Not telling the morning events and so we are back on the air today after a few days off some of us more days off than others. And we are we're glad for everyone who can hear us this morning here's the deal today and cry we all are we're not we're not on the error. On the radio because what does it we'll probably transmitters so what's going on television because of this Irma. GAAP tank. Nationalists and blowing stuff all over the all over South Florida including the satellite upper transmitter object. Need that for Brady nights that's what's going on there with a radio okay. Now I highly outlets are ready for hurricanes down here in South Florida. If they're blown off the Marlins root for the definitely not ready for a they are the president is definitely ready for teams agreed to all those things down better now all. Obviously I think that you ball down and now obviously. Eight year you're not listening to us on the radio right now OK if you listening to us on the app. Okay here's and the app because here's the team might be dot com so if you listened to was one of those two. Options. You know what or hoping he gets stick us with those couple options throughout the morning because the radio at least for right now lol OK and look at me William update 1130. Will pass and walk. But if you listened it if you can hear us it means you're listening on the app. Boy you listening online OK and we tell you hopefully you get sick of us win. Either of those options throughout the morning because is you're at least for right now you're not gonna get us on the radio okay and hopefully they'll work on that. We'll get that picks in a B you know back to normal sometimes says it's going now also. If you are listening to us this morning. It means. It very likely means that you waste your time this and does not our nonsense. Eight very likely means that you lie that it went OK with you during the storm. It likely means that you were doing all right so commissar and which is obviously great because. Bottom line is. You don't know much about what you're damage was in some force in the others specially in in you know on the keys mean and they that's okay. And and the south west part of piled all the western coast of a Florida. Big guy got hammered okay yeah residents who evacuated their but it fury mamma part if you're in the South Lawn area. You know and a lot of what you're damage was. You you got to meet you got very lucky because even if you got a lot of damage the damage would have been exponentially worse. OK we full. It was going to be exponentially worse so and Merrill what your scenario as right now and some people got extremely minimal damage. No matter what you scenario we we all got extremely. Extremely lucky did you get any damage Zaza. IE I did not have any damaged my home. Odd bit in my community there was obviously I'd and the trees that everywhere you know. And but no trees you know fell my ass I think it's adding I mentioned it on the year the other day were right on once in my house like for varied Egan. Palm trees on one side in my house all of which could have done damage if they were to fall my house it not for the very big trees and knocked it operated. I've learned from this storm once again the palm trees are really meant for hurricane. Prone area because the palm trees by far fare the best I mean it the huge bombs even. Watching the weather channel during the storm when the I was passing Okur Naples. And they had of course won a pair crazy weather reporters out in the middle of the eye and you know he was in during a hundred and in 1925 mile per hour winds at that point in there it's huge homes all around him and he didn't seem very concerned they're gonna fall. They weren't doing anything I mean it I think it's the way is long as there actually rooted and they've been there for awhile because against palm trees tend to Ben didn't eat dinner and at a now they seem. They seem to survive the best the huge trees like these huge oak trees in different types of pines and stopped that. Those the those are ones that seem to be down everywhere. Well we had a ton of trees down obviously in my neighborhood. Bly did no damage to my home. And felt really lucky filled real I mean obviously lost power OK I was about power and Els up and I got back. Okay I'm always without power for about 24 hours okay. Lost our got it back and at all yeah I missed our I definitely do not have it back mostly you left do you what you all you left. Like a week it advance. I do not and weaken it being two weeks in a dance in one day of every else you let them Tuesday I got on the road on use patents. On Tuesday came so I worked since he's everybody also evacuated on Wednesday through a crazy day where it was like. Teen our drives everywhere is actually was very painful that I left after the show on Tuesday. Silent or this on Tuesday and avoided the traffic there is no problem going over the last 'cause at that point Tuesday it was directed on the east those of us this history of the East Coast. So I went over to the West Coast I have a house or there that that I rent out normally Ian are renters had of course canceled. And so I went over there'd it's abort it which we did that so I mean it was a good day that I whenever they're registered at a house. Which ended up being very important since they were then looking at a direct hit but that happ that development happened a couple of days later and I was thirty sitting over there and and it kind of became too late to leave. And then the I was coming right at me you know that was honestly out of area. Stressful. 24 hour period when that when the ice shifted and an even looked like it one way can be won at some of the tracks has a direct hit. On Sarasota. So we had to find somewhere to go because we had mandatory evacuated or that we I got mandatory evacuated here on Wednesday so right leapt on Tuesday but I but the mandatory evacuation went into a packed in my house on. Wednesday at noon they had had announced it. For my part of Broward and then I went are there and I was mandatory evacuated over there as well because my neighborhood of theirs also align pulled out what what. Jada. My mom my grandmother everybody at my dad everybody a mandatory evacuated all of our house says that mandatory evacuated or there or what did Sarasota. Look like how how did it hit Sarasota so we were all very very very worried of course we and we ended up by being goodness I have and a friend you is a pop in line forever indebted to him he gave me in my family his plays. And he lives out way way from the oceans and he residency plays here hurricane shutters. And it was it was a townhouse that it was brand new senior was at decode. So we all went and stayed there and it's it because he was working storm so that was that huge Lastings we ought somewhere that we are in order. Hunkered down as they say Deron people abusing hunkered during hurricane hunker conquered every hunger more than you do during hurricane. So we hunkered down. And that was an I was so a really good things that we ended up feeling safe. And then the storm hit and of course it hits. The key is first and then relieve any you know a direct hit on Naples and then came up and is it came up it was supposed to do they thought it was an actress come up. You know right along the coast is what they were thinking and then it did start jogging more west as it was happening so. Within that couple hours what you we were listening on the radio and they were saying is we lost power at that point. And they were saying that the I was you know jogging so did you I ended up actually going west of Sarasota on Skype IDE scissors and I'm sorry hemming. I'm over on the skies NASA announced it up this dirty going east of Sarasota so it went more in England's. Bombed the users as directly on the West Coast and showed that apparently. That west side of the storm was a little weaker than eSATA storm right so what ended up happening what is it not as bad as I thought considering the I pass I mean it it it it passed just outside of Sarasota minute didn't it. You know very very close to where we work. But considering. How close it could have in our it was supposed to go directly over us. It wasn't as much damage as I expected to also state who got the worst damage all the state well so when I was driving that was so it cirrus so yesterday it looks a lot. Like South Florida a lot like Fort Lauderdale a lot late Miami Gardens writing in here to I mean it no power anywhere than the huge majority the traffic lights were downed trees were everywhere. You know there was some billboards you know that had been like rips through guitar in a stuff like that but nothing. At that I saw that was she usually structural you know there is a huge tree at home mom neighborhood but it didn't fall on anybody's. Homes I didn't actually see any real structural damage in Sarasota but again like here just a hut in a no BS power and there's trees everywhere. But then I was driving south on and 75 yesterday. And it's when you gets the more south do you go to progressively worse that talent I was a size thirty fives I was going in from the interstate. But there are went by the time you hit Naples there were so many trees along 75 that were down and he's huge huge huge trees everywhere. So I'm guessing Naples Scott sling but I won't Marco Island it went straight over Marco Island. BI did it's I'm guessing mar highlands hat had her time well and of course the keys is a disaster rates. B keys to the needs is a total disaster apparently depending on what key. You're on some Ive heard Verisign guys hit the worst and a apparently some of the keys I think maybe Q and didn't end up taking the brunt of it at that it was more mayor and it was like a couple keys a while without that really took the paper but yet hold the Hokies. Mats is a huge disaster I mean the only silver lining a guest is the keys. A lot of those homes are herb bill laureate in the in the sense that thereon you know these huge stilts and are ready for. Big storm surges to an extent but I mean I saw one picture a house in the keys. That house has to be you know ten feet out on stilts at least in it was and that water was all the way all the way. House Romberg is stuck in Atlanta are canceled robberies robberies stuck in Atlanta. He's. At worst case to react tomorrow but would you let us tomorrow shadow land is getting hammered zero yeah it's it's it's titled rain and gain a bit of wind all but. They have but the thing is only they never had a trop well I like I write uneasily tropical storm out there obviously they're very far from the ocean. But they are not ready for her prepared so apparently my brother lost power yesterday very early in an hasn't had power sensitive. It but he lives in Atlanta with his family. And yet he said the trees are following falling everywhere and you know they're just up there they just don't get those kind of winds often so you know they're not used to. Nothing's been cleansed as a parent. Robert it's not Atlanta OK he was hoping to get out this morning it's. Not. You know you know he's got. News. Of its schedule to Leah this morning. They don't think it's going to be leave this points that's the case that'll lead Wednesday morning easily and every one against him and those and yes schedules I'm okay implied. But essentially. And you'll get back to more laid back and should go probably Thursday. Is well. So we like I said if you listened to a right now it means you like Leo and he got this warm. So amicable taxpayers taxing it. Can't be happy that you Abby Abby award possible that. Is pointless right now seat all the hurricanes throughout the show in. You know it takes your thoughts as late in the show on the calls and Nokia X line 67 ninths import. Treats Monday okay it will do a recap a lot of people without power. Okay and you'll beauty get deftly knock at the NFL Sunday single thing. And that means the little. Past due. So will. Updated and having it's going on. Analysts Portugal fun today and treats illegal Monday kind of as well give Eli oh. Yesterday within my power back when I did and you were out power for about 24 hours bragging about it hosting the shallower expect entertainment me hey now it warms our. All else I'll say it must be hard to tell men. I think there's like three houses and neighborhoods that has powered. Because I had and stay at my house and my in laws. I drew a justice of the damage was MI signal wasn't as they left. To go it was a seminal leave my door. My my porch light on. Come back lights still not only beautiful beautiful. You're so lucky you know when I was in. Stairs and yesterday the blazers at there's no power that I went back to MIA it into the house they are gonna make sure that it was still standing no power. And then drove all the way over here know about our. And I am the me and my direct neighbor we are the only houses and our entire three block radius it's so don't. But I can say. I was expected to take that serial killer shout yesterday when I got in the shower and that that's straight up cold shower took one last night in this morning and I'm in the shower wait for the water hoping the waters and warmup that we still have some you know in the tank. And and the Howard's went back on in in policy he had it's snowed gut sick but then the and myself ready for long but I'm big myself. Why are we so lucky why don't we get the power Mac and he got all these that now get irons into some and that bought by. You know why why don't I get the power back right away and I see these reports out there map DL it's like hey some zombie Morgan be uncovered a couple of weeks in. I mean what is kill myself. Medical ending weeks I'm quitting colors of summer weeks I tell us and do every couple weeks double weeks. Very sympathetic to those people and it's it's not. It is not cool remove them and want you guys couple weekly adding here we gestured around you nom you can hang with us you won't we got a guest room I mean last know hey we were so tired of eating you know. Ships and whatever nonperishable pride. That we had so we went out to sue we knew what when outs and a lot Solis as her annual maybe blazes on Los Solis have. How pretty open and how awful part of muscles had power nothing nothing was you know everything was boarded up except there's one restaurant be square roots as a burger place. And it was open but they didn't have power. But apparently what they were doing was they must have had I don't know they had like a generator on our Fryer and as they were serving. Many enrolled in chips and guacamole. Integrates. And people were the happy is yet existing was packed wall to wall displays as it was the only place open around they were just doing cash bar. And use ordered street bar and they would give you you know the little fear that they that they prepare. And it was great it was awesome and that as we're sitting there eating our chips in clock enemy act girls they that the power came on. So I live close to Los Solis so then I fell for the rip it because the power came on all the way down and as far as I can see then the whole neighborhood has power and I'm thinking oh my god. Grant how are. So we driver car back to our neighbor Robert driving down a street house after house after house all delights on our outside. We house next to me on the left in the late sir rod get into my house. Now why. I did terrible you know how the right I mean no power user records and I don't get it done and major neighbor she's done the same problems I'm afraid in my ear now is it different got about. And now I'm never gonna have power again. Begin it somehow turn on all the grids exhibiting didn't turn around my house in my direct neighbor's house and so we're skirt that's Burkle there was calling FPO like. Don't think they're so and data like and I'm like hey I don't have power eight nuclear. Mean what Al little mere every area granted to dealing with millions of power heavy that he out reported routed Obama actually behind. Actually I should I call that one originally reporting what LA hey guys who still over here with no power. And address aviation. Power outage it's going to mean. A couple batteries speak for this DirecTV remote because I want to change channel and it seems the batteries around and violence and I want to good or station radio show you know on the many spare batteries around here illegally that's a thing and then have to go look for yet I want you do that. Me a favor and give me a favor if if if you can buy exits to double matters. If you can't find two double A batteries and I want you to bring your direct TV remotes like you that. Okay has changed. Some. Channel I don't know whether champ came I don't need the weather channel anymore. Aso leads Miami couple double A batteries and I'm not I would like you wore directly promote please recruits cameras got you by. Unbelievable I don't think I'm not sure the whole time worker may be one other time I have come in I think maybe have a once. Where I've been driving it in the morning and there is a live sports going on. When I'm gonna work which is so awesome. And hiding and haven't yet. Yet again like an hour ago 45 minutes ago maybe that was happening when we are driving in an around five so it add to that really really crazy eyes so Steve. And there was also means there had been given it was only you know 2:3 am on the west though still well. What I read only in old lately what time of their lives suspend. That seventeen hours at a baseball game. On those people's lives sell on this always makes me crazy. Did you did you get to see any of college football on Saturday night not a wing Alexander hello coming up. College football I'm a most of us and still had our eyes Saturday so he probably gets accountable to listen to a straight now but. You know Clemson beat Auburn 146. And knows you is a year typical grind it out you know two heavyweight game and I enjoy those games I don't mind low scoring games I I enjoy it's okay ninety aunts and and I I just it is up to be well like bull. Defense admits it is good football OK. And and those two teams good football means number three verses what is Auburn number eleven I think some like that. And but this always makes me crazy so Clemson wins and. They stormed the field after the game. I hate that. I absolutely hated storming the white you'll Thomson's storming if you're running great question. Storming the fields to be number love video ball in to konduz that's a little bit. It is kind of that they beat they were number three yeah right and they beat number eleven and rightly be over lowering teen Brian. And I hope I mean will at a home what I don't understand very very very early in the seas and soul what I don't want. One letters personal sort of feel means nothing anymore okay because all these college kids have asked her eyes storming the field. And storming the court in means nothing anymore you Suisse actual. Used to be so cool if you want to rule used to be when the Cinderella team would be you know in a number one number two team in a cell unexpected. Then OK it was that everyone went on every went he had now everyone's includes England also issued program it's stupid when big programs. Oh yeah it's eight Clemson should be embarrassed. He's totally embarrassed that he stormed the field against. Any one Clemson. Okay. Is in a North Korea ranked team in the country entirely departing after a writes let's send it for a subjective. Clancy and is the number three ranked in the country. Actuaries their groove there is not a single. Team. In the nation. That they should not eat. In Deval. It is matter who play. Number three. Ranked team in the country no matter who they are hosting. They should be. Yeah number three. Ranked. Team in the car schori makes no sense and is certainly makes no isn't doing it would wind was a teen at the Lorraine. Oh. I hate that's why it's Clemson should be so embarrassed storming the field against any one. I'm okay witted if it's a small school I mean have you know him did that their equipment was at home and be you know University of Miami or something you know that would maybe be slightly different scenario of Europe. If you're a very small program in UB you know some big time program. Then in that situation I'm OK with that you don't get many opportunities to do that but a big time program like unscented that any of these big time football programs say yeah act like you've been their before numbers. The re ring Tina drummer you know when houses school 1000 humorous for a gate on the school Daniels started villiers if we're not allowed to write as you see doesn't allow. Are okay but regardless okay. I am I ice all the basketball games is a love gone the bass won't games okay. And one year now is the type of students to. I had a dual talking in class okay let it show up I'd sit there and I you know win the teacher come in and that can always only at Allah and pain in your ripped and then do you know you come out it's up after. And so so I'm sit around their eyes and I Adams or anyone okay because he's analyzed it and. Kentucky was in town. Whereabouts in town the games and doubled its Kentucky's in town this week take on the gators the gators are like the number tool or three ranked team in the country. Kentucky. Was number one. Okay. And I hear one of the dopey kids in the class talk with a public at a dopey kid in the class. Does it matter with the SEC rules mark beat the gators who win this weekend we got to storm the court. And they can. I'm hoping because it has to go way okay. But he kept going on and on I had to say something. And sit there anymore I had to say some at the way to make friends and finally fighters to ho. Number three ranked school in the country there's not a single team that we can beat that we should be storm in the courts we should be every one on our home floor. If you can't really hear it in your under rain it's a small program MB Kentucky and that's one thing but we are numbered three lead in the country and and we will likely fate to that game because we're number three word on. Luckily favor. You don't store there's a team that we should lose to do. You can't storm the court when you're the number re great team in the country. And Iverson award again Grossman semester when it what was their reaction yeah I don't understand adults. Just like all those kids. They did not storm the court they do not allowed to hellish job stopping yeah I mean this whole idea of it doesn't matter the SEC rules and I think there is they're out there with all the dogs surrounding. Oh those dogs animals bit. And it's difficult when you're sitting in the student section at the O'Connell center it's difficult to jump the rail the railing pretty high and it's it's it's difficult to you wanna jones'. So on the courted it be tough for the full. All games they have the dogs all rounds and when I was part of the media. As a student I was on the sidelines for one of the games that was absolutely insane and the swamp erupted sold out. That did that it was so insane. That I guess I in the mayhem I wasn't really watching what I was doing to draw crowds on the on the goal line area are behind the goal line. On the silent ends Friday. Risks ducts you know little two man laughter little my writer or something and I guess the dog was agitated because they are so glad I mean it was so loud on the field that you can diet. You can't hear yourself think. Said that whole thing Indian city stadium disallowed that you eat it that the data center can hear that calls they can hear it it's so true immediate here and it's unbelievable. And is the dog was I guess may real agitated nice that tool to close and animals got it officer screaming at me. But good hero and while I'm not able to hear yourself think. Real thing I'm not able to hear myself think no matter how loud and our worry am. And like standup comic and I my daughter and does well what I say to myself I can hear myself play hiking and I can't give us a figure of expression. I've never not anybody you myself always in my something. These headlines they brought to you by anybody to open. Yet these on the road to buy a Gillette on the man's. What I don't Americans wake up a two resorts say let's working to bring America's aboard ship for less. Vigilant. On the mend dot com via every fourth order for it. At any time you can't late he can't find the copy late you don't know it's outages is agreed not to run and great red products go quiet about. Let it hit the ball. The vikings defeated the saints 29 to nineteen last night must be nice if you were able to watch you know back gamer and a bad game and Brad an hour now just. Had to be drinking hot copier and now. Tim Brad Bird Renner in 46 yards three touchdowns Dobbin cut 22 carries a 127. Yard Adrian Peterson was seen yelling something at Sean Payton during the first half of the. You know. Let's start off a sub Sam Bradford OK Sam Bradford. He never throws in completions last year NFL record setting one point 6% which presented to disperse you're a Minnesota. And and he gets you know there's a lot of Dingell and Duncan is a lot of checked in down what have you. So soon he gets it you know it's a hey that's why neat that's why is percentage so high. And I'll take Hubble thinks. One of would buy the whole pays completions that is so high because of all the checking down to dig in dunking it if in that case. Why hasn't anyone else got that record and act like like he got the record. He he's he's the one who has the best percentage for a single season NL history he did. No one else it needs it okay more importantly I'm watching the game last night. And yes there is a lot of checked in down in an easy crossing routes in and what have you. Men some of those roads. Incredible. I don't Sam Bradford looked. Rates. Last night some of those throws. Our super difficult and he has half OK he sits back there you don't get injury prone label he sits back there and and he. Takes on hits while still making a great route some of those throws. War right on the money. And Minnesota kick the crap out of them that no on seemed socks and I'll tell you what else. This Sean Payton he should be each each each sheet. I can't believe this is the same head coach who did an onside kick start the third quarter of suitable I can't believe it's the same guy I mean. Where where where it is where it is almost go up chipset where did his holes now. This dude takes me two reasons your quarterback. Take a chance or two you know this double digits dean Hyder second half. And twice. They have fourth and goal inside the five yard line dealt by double digits each home. He kicks the goals are down 96. OK for big goal kicks the field goal. I'm all right you still down two scores body then the next time down they're down it was too. Went to 29. It's six. All are always like that OK your zone saying I don't I'm sorry. It was it was 20/20 six to to not a yes twister tonight the next time down. Fourth and goal. Can't get enough real goal. Is still down two scores and it's time now down to two point conversion as well. If you wanna went for touchdowns on both those tries you couldn't come one score. Kick in the field goal make it 2912. To 26 at twelve that matters 292 when Al once. All we know much please NFL coaches and this is coach. Who obviously has the has equity okay what are each mile it takes some chances to ease their forever and has won a Super Bowl. So garden did an onside kick us. And Annie Annie can't let Drew Brees drove the ball on fourth down not once or twice. Its performance and Sean Payton and they got goalie Jim Peterson situation which use a story in of itself. A lot. I don't know much JGB. Yours and my guess is not. They were booing him is that true Arizona heard this morning. The whole crowd was booing him is he's starting a bit like the instruction and see when he put down apparently will probably is billing him later this morning master having him on ESP generating didn't seem right adds it is very high that's what they were discussing is that it's I mean what is he what did he do there and it. Solicit that kind of reaction and tonight but. He hit six carries I think for the game OK and he did not and the saints. Are not good news agent Peterson. Early in the season when he's got a full tank okay and they're not gonna use him. In a game at Minnesota. When you figure head of some extra incentive here yet know he wants to stick it to on. If there are pretty used in that game I don't know how much they're gonna use. And they add all three running back deal that's not bad not the fantasy football fans got Mark Ingram. Their use and re running backs the whole game not just too if I could use agent Peterson last night. I don't know how much they're gonna wind abuse in the season and and it can't. I was frustrated apparently had a comment after the game about how he wasn't you know being utilized or something in the legacy clarify that statement somewhere. That he was at that he still has the has all the respect first coach that he just means you know he built in to run the ball more often yeah I think it. That's of probably overblown lol you know that that he was upset on the sideline but there's no way that that's an easy scenario for an entire career. Yeah he's all fame OK and his entire career he's three down guy. And to get six carries last Sunday stand on the sideline like that's. That's going to be a tough situation throughout the season out of cesium that develops special because they're using three running backs and Adrian Peterson's going to be an issue to not see it. But invasion Peterson is going to be issued some what even he will not last season the saints. He will not muscles Lula Dwyane Wade and bulls asked if it is a little bit like exit its economic silk like Australian Beers can. I mean this is still freak though. But ease but he's going into a system like you don't know how they're going to treaty not. Inoperable Jesus anymore right they don't they don't care that you're not Adrian Peterson and your ears guy. Running back can help us. They don't care they appear not all day you're just Sundance needs they don't hear your some downs. Now they some doubts. During your whole. Football ran to San I had an opportunity checked the fantasy football scores which I haven't had the opportunity to do yet and I had a head to head match up with B Jonathan got and I would like report that I won. Yeah it's kill me. Mean you make the senate this week or be killed in no I will I will never make the sandwich is by the way isn't the wish of hurricane on Sunday I aiming get a chance to double check my lineups steeler we're gonna do a whole NFL recap coming up a few minutes the speed at which. Our humiliation pool will make its debut this week. Okay the wheel humiliate. Did you even have we been we men delayed on the selling an elderly couple times because of the incident is darn Erma we we could've done it in the last signals. Do without you guys originally bought my own home crooner. You know so so we delayed it we delayed its to this week and roll it will make its debut at the end of the week you. Usually don't need listener suggestions on what we didn't go to jail I'll know it's not as mean Tobin made up the majority of these millions and well I guess personally don't like a -- I am and lord of the we feel so I mean you're gonna lord of the real put up a I decide what goes on and that's how it is and is this good god we got and it'll it'll debuts no immigration. But we couldn't. You know the storm a storm delays things all right Altman's Buccaneers gets canceled. Humiliation Paul gets pushed back that's about that we had euros lured the reelect the most familiar QB like wearing a tick me so no it's. Right off every humiliation when involve. Mean new naked and a group argue as naked and I don't worry every surely I can involves us all make it. This is not a sexist we don't this is this is equal opportunity we'll. The Broncos defeated the chargers when he port 21. Engineers will inspect hard rock stadium after tornadoes were in the area the team's facility in Davie was reportedly unscathed. Marlins park's roof was damaged by hurricane Irma. Arcane Irma is. Winds also damaged the roof of the heat's practice the so called car meets. Out of practice. And a couple weeks. Born the NFL deny the dolphins' request to move it's October 1 game from London and Miami doesn't get a true home game now until October 8. And not to outline its. I let's do our all our NFL recap me amber has no clue what happened in the NFL a lot of folks just listen in now you may not have a clue what happened the NFL Sunday luckily. For years you'll we have morale knowing each earned fans and run down. That's fake sport is we have rental rundown next. They didn't. Intend. It's an old run down here in minutes ago a lot of folks who may not know having that happen. Over the weekend it was weird because you know we were obviously without power on Sunday and only a name is so hard on him you know I got. And by Monday morning I don't have a close look what happened in the NFL it's like the general didn't exist yesterday. And I don't love ever. X that before war there was all these and a volumes and I have no idea. What happened. Tides weeded out but I have I have never cared so little about football in my life. Of about eight other than this week out yeah I mean just even just when her remote was coming just a turn to figure out. What we were doing in trying to prepare for that with my with my family in and just I mean it I was so focused on and her mind making sure things were safe that I Anders I mean I could careless. High and mighty people know it's like old logo global though gears of global mobile also on board all lives are more on what. Knows you know life is more important football know your mind at life. Is more valuable and stupid points or about Opel. I care about Opel. Listeners so awesome and you had the ability watchful and so many people are just stuck inside for eighties and with nothing to do to have you had power. In your gonna watch football or you can watch on device and how how great is that allowed care about it I mean how many hours do we really lacks a letter to accomplish by doing at apple reaches its peak at. That it. Yeah you gotta be you that we had to turn it on and off body you know Sunday morning it's that we can't stick with the entire. I know I can't try get trying to re easy to turn the turn off whenever I feel it when I saw had power and ended the night does an about medevac. It's Amy back end. So you actually not know all the scores for the NFL might learn you something here Devlin learning these are all let. Let's do it Tobin and I am. And that means we'll balls back. Sunday even though you may not seen it it did Abbott unseat them and don't have. Happy and I was reading about it and cancels cork is are we in a power no although I don't get there terrible idea. If I can't see the games they are not allowed to happen. Well they know and none game's end of the middle Florida deemed none of them happens. Let's start out while the match Bingham was one of the better look at oh. All right the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets Edsel it's the action they asked here's bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor. DiMarco the fullback is it enabled like give out to the left side deploy the tailback first and goal from the duke. The throw went to tour. At put it builds up 146 in the third quarter the bills would go on to beat the jets 21 net. It's wild and down the towers are considered to be one of ignited the worst team. In the National Football League falcons and bears did a nice little contest there. Here is Matt Ryan 88 yards. Wanted to give him some time. He could make a move in the parking. Reset snag an assailant while putting up fifty I'm glad hospitable prepare for any stamp parliament the 36. Please. Hurt. It's down to Atlanta. So the falcons would go it's one to ten at that point in the fourth quarter they win the game 23 to seventeen. But the bears. You know about this to me to recall when he's getting hot waiver wire pick up this week. Randall wildcat within the wrong way and it. Catch in. Egypt what this book well this week you might hit that we liked wreak. Called win. Get that make Jewish last name not rigid path I'm not adieu. Now it's go on to win 2.3 seventeenth Steelers and browns got a little NFC north action he's a bullet into each shoot a low pressure. It. Eventually black and Atlantic cabbage. Following other Internet zone is they shouldn't. Defense looked much. Dallas the first score of the game. The seals or go on to win 21 to eighteen Ben Roethlisberger passes brain talking to for ninth all time. Passing yards and history in the NFL yeah hue Jackson very critical you rarely hear this decision the veteran very critical of Kenny Britt. In the post game he'd drop the wide open pass in the fourth quarter reached first you brown and the coach called an inexcusable. Draw you never hear that's what the Steelers they hang on to win two when he went to eighteen and I want it that one. Antonio Brown amber. Eleven targets eleven patches soon as everything got pretty good catches everything electorate would Whiteside this offseason radio. Lions and cardinals big turnover afternoon for Carson Palmer all Matt Stafford he makes the most money. Matthews got it takes to get through Beers that's deep enough. Yeah. That's that rookie Kenny out 82. Touchdown that one month double figures in the fourth quarter lines and going to win 35. To twenty the real rough afternoon like I said. War Carson Palmer. One and a big story of the week out. Well as well it's Jackson Jack Carter that they existed play and they Houston as a team wants to atop the standings and the steep rise. To the whole afternoon. But all out blitz them it's not. He didn't follow that again all of them but don't think our kids about 4540. Update 230 on the ballot the fifty. But did the applied touchdowns touchdowns active help our running back. Hurts your maintenance you heard of there in Houston. That put Jacksonville nineteen nothing in the first they were going to win 29 to seven. In not exactly the afternoon at the folks in Houston more open for. First game back shut and let out a little yeah you guys because everything that happened at all. You know I feel like the saints return to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina go a little bit better than it Texans return and used it is so badly want the Texans have a great afternoon of some of these people to cheer about. And the jaguars they walk. And they kicked. Amber the jaguar even to attend sex schooling and so actually it's cable broke the jaguar sack record one whiskey it was best put in football. Cannot sacks. The jaguars I don't. The people and use it can't get a good read how. Did you give much. It's a watches to 29 to seven Jacksonville wins and Leonard Burnett hundred yards and a touchdown the rookie good debut. Raiders and titans this game was in Tennessee hospitals all Oakland. I'm gonna throw. Wow. Ever say there is sent Roberts pocket. Quick step dad came back up lovable and certain Roberts doesn't appear that music city. Real quick snap that was the call the raiders went 26 to sixteen. Ravens and Bengals a little bit AFC north rivalry action there Cincinnati as had Baltimore's number not this past week I heard. Are down at seven. This show live series you know why couldn't complete 45 yard line. That's. And. Jeremy Maclin looked quick slant and he takes it to the house. The ravens would go on to win 22 and nothing. They shut out the Bengals. Eagles and Redskins. Have a bad Philadelphia defense tactic that goes doesn't. He has. Eagles are gone to a thirty. To seventeen. Over Washington. The rams. Jerry cop. They're head coach amber who is 31 years old announced the grant Shawmut bank and 31 result of they put up 46. Points and Tennessee back to work. That's one lesson it. Intersected far sideline. It's not an. Now LaMarcus. 46. To six. Los Angeles international and make based debut. You wanna hear what went wrong for the colts here chuck we're gonna. Given a big plays. On defense in the pass game. I never really get into rhythm pass protection. Lack of pressure. Unnamed. Man we're gonna ask him. And don't credit 49ers. Coach there very you know video. Is played extremely well today. Got their asses kicked 46 to nine excuse me up 466469. The Los Angeles rams over Indianapolis. Plagued notes there are very bad team. Very bad team Indianapolis if you get your ass kicked that you can't give credit for the wrong team if your job. Live what he said you notice. Unnamed. Man who got our ass kicked into. Credit 49ers. Coach okay. Uncle mark wolf that's that's so bad. Isn't it played. No idea who they play that's open has lost a forty point that it's I don't. That's the worst coach in the league that's a hole that adds you know to god I mean. You can action you know younger replacement but you can credit for you want to ask you to go when their game then the crowd it's the forty dollars. This city. Right at the coach ray in the coach right at the state the State's current president Ford as immoral. She uses. A month. That means and Jerry rice's you don't feel and not the Seahawks host the Packers. But rod and Jordy Nelson put it on Rogers. Seventy denying it was the Packers victory over the Seahawks. Seattle Seahawks impossible to include not move the football Eric some credit for the 49ers as the Panthers. Beat him like three touchdowns to. First and goal Carolina that's in the 309 balls with the right cash. Stewart and McCaffrey the backfield. News section down to secure the team for the crime. Touchdown I feel the excitement level was low. In the Carolina Booth there low low energy Panthers beat the Ford not a credit the 49ers and Shawmut bank. Panthers went 23 to three cowboys and giants on Sunday night ball boy you'd think there'd be a good game right amber how whizzing giants look and see action. It wasn't. Tight end as to the last. Your savings to. Just not easy. Dwight making us. They guy you know that I would be humorous elements mourn fancy ride started to act on more about that hands cowboys went nine and nineteen to three and O'Dell Beckham did not lie. Finally last night the first bought double header Sam Bradford finding step on digs war one of his two touched third and goal from the two. Seven seconds to go on the first app wrapper from thirty balls takes the snap hooks right court picks. Yeah. Great catch. Vikings end up winning as it was not close it was not a good football game. Vikings beat the saints 29 to nineteen. And finally the second part of a doubleheader last night's. The chargers. Down three. Late in the game they have a chance to time. In the Broncos have the naked need in this one. He is over the mile high city. There's the new. Victory to the Broncos they are now thirty. Paul Volcker since nineteen. Before. So Broncos went 2420 when he knows that he made history last autumn and it's football Lamberth had because that moans. And the first female. Play by play. To call a national football I didn't know that that's very very cool her partner was Rex Ryan. Rex Ryan was the color analyst and Italian if you give me a list of people who don't think a woman should be calling play by play for football. Rex YB four finalists of people feel that way you think. So why did she give historic shots are Rex driver being the first opened that voted foot fetish out. Person encircling a call it a dozen historic broadcast first ever female play by play announcer on now on Monday at football. And also first. All in first out soon. Finish. Many Ol to call. A National Football League game on Monday it. Oh and one nod for is not the first ever open that he's in that answer for the community ease and it is it is just dear community its entry community how was abroad has received. A lot of I don't know I didn't see any game is at ten and fifteen and I guess you got me the first game that it. And it's not good at. Yeah don't now. I know it's. First female play by play announcer for money it actually means leaving behind games are very very long time but yes I think she's a first and fell. Game raid that. I think so yeah and they and they put her on a man and I'm as I am just wondering about what you know perception was that bad romance really relate. Cool attributed to see it something that I don't not sure I am I would've thought that I would necessarily get to see. And when if I mean when I was a little girl growing up loving football and and so I'm and by the industry has changed and friend at that direction their. There ain't no reason that a woman he would talk about it as well as Romanian. Is almost don't pay enough attention. To. The announcers during the game that's what I play emir color analyst is normally somebody who's who played the game solely they Il here people's able woman could never do it as well because they didn't play football but I didn't mean outside the majority of your play by night guys never played football as well. So if color analyst role I think that would be more difficult for for a woman to get because. These days that tends to be coaches and former players. But it's says there's no reason that they're camped more females calling from the play by play. Wrong there's some per caller Doris Burke obviously not play professional and she does scholar. On not NBA. Well you know there's there's certainly color analyst in the NBA but the NBA's a little different because he MBA they could live via the woman. That easily could I think Doris Burke did play in college and immediately you easily could have played in high school or college or earned WNBA are overseas. So I think witty and yea that's it a little bit different I mean that you always hear that with. Football with the ball specifically. People always over a woman has never played football team girl playing the balls are you couldn't you know being an analyst what are. So let's do it has Doris Burke at the same school Ozal Ron Ron point guard for products. Are right now do not know that and and down just Mendoza. Just and those does color Sunday night baseball world and now she went based largely softball which you don't seem seem remote. But she you know is I guess the other. Female coloring analysts like a regular broadcaster. She says and it based on every single Sunday and Doris Burke is doom games all the time just all over the. As are still a laundry football league maybe one of them be chemical analysts. At that that's not stupid you look the laundry volleying you know like ignorant aren't now home it's it's really stupid it is. You economies and I would like. I mean it's it was it did the women word and very good shape in their turnaround in and nothing. Like that's a stupid if I wanna if I wanna see. And win in naked or scantily clad like I got a computer. I mean he writes in with him like I hear it aren't they're not playing. Ball and that's that's like watching him throw zoo like who enters with the new regulars against aspire report. That's a nice surprise every now and then naturally upon late at night in this and sheiks that are running the football and says this is fun yet you know it's it's. Nudity. Mixed in with one of the all time greatest television shows game around the other way around I'm watching nudity or. A lot already all time greatest sport is all I know but it's it's horribly plead now but like he was horrible I think it was more I mean I am only watched a few minutes I know when he it's good but I those girls were way better than I expected them to be and it to the point where at all it wasn't I didn't think it was sexy because they were playing so hard. Look I take it it really she really goes six of were. You know all the I mean they learn some Syrians saved and they were they were taken very seriously and look. If if the if the women in the WNBA were playing naked they would still. Instead of just being bad basketball they'll be naked bad basketball would not be below. Oh come on that would definitely I mean this is so apparently sexes more men would watch. Allotment. I mean unfortunately and it shouldn't have to happen to the shot the thing is to minute and you realize wow it's really terrible pass on this week's excludes the naked. I would much with the ones wouldn't be one of the greatest of all time with a nudity. This should they just they just clintons and agency that random dude it's that you're as popular definitely not not even gloat. I said no no Orlando went. Nuts not even close it. What you. This did last name salary was just so much stupid nudity and an even makes cents. And what why did I need to be some urgent duty in so much sexson didn't add anything we shoreline. Plus a personal offended myself and I'm the only one who feels this way because I should like it because it has all the nudity some defending myself here. But the fact of the matter is I think. Rickie bad rinse it's about zero nudity you'll break him back and at historic. It's so true. She tell me came with a broad Medicare this much about to brag in a video becomes came up so in without some boo this. Why the books a problem. Because the TV Asia. Not that any of the books are bonanno. Now Matt well no but it mattered little in the books 'cause of the show were the book is not support the books I mean genuinely obviously they had to have been popular in order to get a TV show from the I had never heard of the books over the TV and. They're excited I didn't read the books at sets I don't usually kind of books that because the books and heavenly boobs in the big books on its boots and not at all and other citrus no boy you know you think Internet. You imagination of thinking. You know I don't regret that he's still one of the talent like all drug you've got to think about it that's all you're you know ward did not think about it on the show. Your inner tubes in knots that you think David Jones would not be as popular. And it didn't have the new I would and I do not at all think it would be as popular tax rates in naked volleyball would be fantastic big bottle would win would be okay because eyes. Anytime you want and nudity. Two women that's obviously great volleyball. Ease of rates and is easy to watch doesn't matter it's men and women playing basketball. The women blame has sought to hear what events women's basketball it's not. Okay women's volleyball great. And tennis greats. When the women's basketball is because go back. Women's tennis TU is great Scalia but he certainly argued that a woman in tennis couldn't I mean that the women playing tennis don't compete. We don't compared to the men Cirque every manner or are significantly better. At tennis so what's the difference there. What do you mean like the WNBA. You're arguing a ball because your comparing it to the end might need another does that for some reason. With other sports we allow the items are sort of sit in a class by themselves I mean the women's volleyball isn't as good. As men's volleyball and it doesn't seem to anybody and then when we get to the NBA it's just NBA specific. Women's golf with and as it is men's open that the losing a father anybody do they usually get a credit to the you we get to the you know NBA and it becomes as big problem but it's not as the women are as good as the men nowadays is a reason at all why the last night and saw. All of they want eight in volleyball is just good at tennis just as good golf just as good but the basketball. It's too low to the ground it's 21 athletic it's too so low. It's no different from the man team. From way to Europe costs and the scene basketball certainly not on that money loans just a different type about and it's too loaded ground. It's and it's low low. It's it's just gent is just a women. But you see your saying it's because winning can't jump as high as men and but what's odd is that matters a whole lot in volleyball. Although they get up for what I mean you old little jump as high as the men do involve Obama may not outside but he still I mean they're still do seem it's the same game it it does not mean the with the women in volleyball guaranteed at I I would I would guess that the women in the WNBA have probably higher verticals some of them at least then the women in an in ball at all yet that are we on the same yet that five on his phone and a ten feet all. The way that rim got to Wear it again now right well that's I mean that's with the that's what it is it's it's that. Basketball. With the women it's low. And it solo to the ground it's not a good game they lowered the group. Would you like the sport more I would not but I mean you're the one who's just known as I'm not I'm asking yeah I think I think the WNBA. He's very athletic I could I I think that's insane that you don't think the WNBA is athletic and maybe you ought to depreciation workers are not a woman I mean. I couldn't come close the athleticism of any I NATO and I love would have. Criticism of those women his eyes I'm audible I'm only soccer long women's soccer. Law doesn't compare the men's soccer terms of the speed of the game it's still great as women get those women can't run as fast as the men's frankly yeah Abbott is so great I agree to run understand why we do that it's. Yeah you can take any sport on this planet. And the men still jump higher and run faster and really when it seems and it didn't suit alias to meet basketball great and there's something weird to. They are with that for you I think is your said to basketball now. And that I think your Beagle and stands here and say don't let me know goes the games not such group people go to the dog only goes in the loneliness is I don't I don't I don't know I agree with enemy we know you probably can name WNBA players right now. How many professional volleyball players five maybe five can you name five professional volleyball blares out exactly. Name five. You used to be duels you name odd Adobe match trainers wife planet did I she'd be the only one testament yeah it's rights. Became part sort of fight me that Matt Treanor definitely you know ram regular.