ZRA Part 2 3-20-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, March 20th

College Basketball product is poor, James Johnson Heat Lifer, Chris Kattan Interview


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. So it all afternoon broadcast. Thursday yes at hooters in Pembroke Pines. Turning continues on. You can join. It says me but I'm gonna go with meat probably be in then. He needs decent putting to me is supposed to be in this spot is his meet her till whenever and will. Perks and there are piano really mean is the main. In Missouri he's in the pieces Sonoma home. While it's yours start at 1 PM on Thursday to watch all the bass all action and who looters scored 23 ounce when he seventeen whose calendar collector car Phil don't Budweiser only seven dollars. Or does that he's only eight dollars as a hooters Florida dot com for location near you and that is this Thursday starting at 1 PM. You what you wanna hear Shaq. Being a flat earth there won't hear this is a problem as promised podcast. Here is Shaq. What did you make of the cutlery stuff. I don't there's a short order bu what was it. Bird flu flu. Check what are you talking about yeah. No it's not good news. No incidents and there is. No mercy it's not asking viewers to manipulate the minds. Which really what you see you what you hear. Here's the school's first magnitude jones' own Columbus discovered America. But when he got there there was some. Or fair skinned people were demoted or smoke another piece parts so what does that tell you. Aromas and just drove America found were a little Hillary Clinton are dry our political circles and throughout America could open. I mean I mean he's planning now. Is trying to hold me here is co host goes out clause and has called those picks could believe that it can post John Kincade. On his talk shows in Atlanta was close Brothers in their thinking carried over I think I was expel the stunt and she stuck and it's dirty stunned that he is about to have that conversation of exactly what he looked up because of what. I outs I don't get it man. Here's your arms and where oh you know I use I use the wall Mexico as a as an example and it's it's polarizing and and you of people from both sides okay. Why you know someone says there should be a wall the other people to say there's Ambien and yeah he's not a political topic. Does that. They're there for most things were most topics you could see both sides OK there are people on one side there are people on the other. Always been known to. Why is there a cited people who steal like disputing. The earth being wounded. It I don't know what does it do for you to try and save that it's not relevant terms dinosaurs weren't. That's resistant. Well that's different because over the reason that some people don't think dinosaurs exist is because you believe dinosaurs existed and it really throws off your whole timeline and terms again. Hannity yeah. I don't think it's all right hold dear the whole AB has dinosaurs by the way do you believe that dinosaurs existed you believe those bones are real that we found. Those are held a lot older than the Bible doesn't the year ended by creates a big problem from religious respect right right that's why you get people with a push back on the dinosaurs and thinking maybe got to conspiracy and whatever those those people are you know it it's a religious. Ideology rack point. We did have one text are taxed and something about they stayed earth is flat to try to disprove god or I mean I don't think that has anything to do little what does that do my god I got to I've never heard that I don't think it's a religious thing. So would you are to dazzle us point like what what is. What is the wise. Does that hurt his black. Why do they have a problem. With people let alone science saying it's rough and why is there a problem with that is why can't I sorted so but it peak I want. I know what they think. So are those people they think I guess they think that all the people who have. You know bins a space are in on the conspiracy Eddie defeat saying must they must think that their big picture last and that astronauts are all taking take pictures himself much I think it's this all the pictures from satellites are fake and and did and I wondered are pictures of other planets trade. I just I just wanna thank Bruce Willis and both he didn't do what he did we all be dead. Pump. Steve Buscemi homelessness and and now's a vague reference dude. What are you guys are those out Diego references that you present his regular already paying Birmingham top your game at 7 o'clock in the morning on Monday he's a nominal. That's going to be bad movie finally what movie Armageddon. Mean it was as that movie has been wow. Yes that was 1992. Stated did the world's sake ascendancy Buscemi Michael Clarke Duncan picked it. Mr. bonds. 790. The ticket WH XY AM South Miami WSFS FM HD game. We Prado week nights beginning. Here's what's trending. These headlines are pricing by indeed dot com are you hiring during the over three million businesses it is indeed dot com for hiring poster next job opening on the world's number one job site. Indeed dots on that time as we can see Cong I couldn't get to it. Directing your youth night and I couldn't get sort of got a seat at some point probably probably next week embrace all them Beauty and the Beast but it did that killing which is not surprised and on I do wanna see that to them. Beauty and beast a 170. Million he's dollar we rounds and in spirit. Apps district right and no real dollar in bonds and others don't. The heat now chaos. To the blazers won fifteen to one up our. Amy Willard had forty and it's new it's pretty damn good. Mean standards might be behind the three point line drill in threes there in the fourth quarter equities also do about it he was EE UEU was sensational. Backcourt truly good near complete defense. By. That's starting backcourt Willard and CJ McCollum. And you know the big guys they trade for circuit chiefs of her pitch he has done a nice job for them and it's. And and and they do some pretty good last night and mark you know. Okay Dion Waiters and plans and do anything within Willard. Was not really a problem okay ball was a problem was some Whiteside picked up four fouls in the third quarter. And as he was he was terrific in the first half mean the first quarter. And use one's just twelve minutes total in the fourth quarter picked up fifth foul early in the fourth and it sit and net. What do they true to fouls in the MB American in the NFL after committing a penalty say Francis profits of Lyman in her holding. You're considered being lazy tired your feet dirtier and you're not right you're either tired or multiple you're not in position and you know got a position due to commit fouls. It's where the weather in February lazy fouls on us on a regular work trials like you trying to get it. The you had any use. One of the fouls was that one of his bad. On the other one just like to secure his arm and there's clearly a question you have one quarter two of them were bad on his. Text their rakes and the earth is clearly fat it Platz is erotic cruise boat Larry Ewing it was see other boats miles or. Who wouldn't go round than the other boats shouldn't be seen there in their effort and point number he had seen her Verizon and and so little computers. It's James Johnson tried to save us less mania twenty for points there was not enough score on put up. Seventeen points here's more on talking about waking up no Orson eighths. Peninsula. You know usually do better than you put their hard work seven days. And I tried to be in that position of course was either Colin beginning of this food the season. But I'm the only fun but I can only because of cartoon. Because she sent everybody you know now. Boosted it to get and wants them better and hopefully get too high here and that's horrible. What does it mean we're worse I don't know that's how I was labeled or not the other half game back for me I mean they're there they're not that's how the sound byte with a label mountain. I apologized so although I do not labeled so who label that sound bites there they're not we cannot eat there or not a half game back. Labeled. Miami is that mentions he's night Tobin who labeled an analyst Phoenix 7:30 PM. You want me none of these are from Friday's game the summer it would. Oh that's from Friday near the other and the grounds are on the next page chorus from last night wow whoa what are you doing. Heard from last later on the neck if you do then why would the gore runs from last may be on the next stage when normally our most recent sound is at the top of the sound it's not true. Will top of these sound she today and that's who are you working this out then you guys hitting you don't simply just caught the sound she today. Begins the Bill Simmons that is a new boats to raise that sounds Bill Simmons is upright is well know so as Wendy when he's actually from last Thursday. Wow I mean it's who you need to figure you need to have some kind of meeting that two year old miss games eat us guys out on kind. I mean what is happening during what I would polar sound been gone since. I ate ice doesn't really makes sense I mean. You know I'm not gonna take sides here I. I I I just think you guys and I tell you what I tell told me into a cue up the sounds do you think he could. Tellme back Kate. Like I settled sounds like I said. I'll look at the angle I'm gonna take sides are right but it's doing a little bigger points or you need to be better as I was no wonder you got both my fingers pointed. That's true it's pretty amazing how much she does look flow mill road and she's great at deflecting via. Yeah any else Rosie completely show my heart out and I called for it didn't sound from this week says he hopes to be back by the end of the regular season I don't know we shows up from December when he missed when he yeah. This isn't a can't play this because he was injured on Friday that cool. You tell me you tell me. You're big you're both those sound seat over parents are and I'm here and said here's James Johnson talking about Dion Waiters injured. I hurt you know. When things like to have the total player that's so that's a quote what was going on right now is. It's tough you know could he be gathered ourselves he said Donna Tom how wrong. You know Roland because I haven't we don't make excuses. You know I think that toughness you don't just carries on. Now I will say this. Nexus soundbites he does say to date. Point outs and not take sides and button next to the sound bites it does stated dates and all kind. And targeted Al Goran Dragic in the and what his facts are like Pennsylvania and how and why no fees or maybe the Mastiff and insulin that is true nobody is sure they'll Friday night they were gonna wake up no worsening okay it's why didn't make sense because they're waking up today worsening okay. And there is that there is a date it's okay next to that cuts. Sure doesn't did this most recent sound is normally adult content and it sounds like I go home to put up with the scrap all the time there's just no point of our Emily you think there right when their ten month long and they they know there right when the right eleven months and I'm not taking sides. Rights eleven a lot of sounds that area than than March Madness and lots of over the weekend so I'll kind. Didn't necessarily seeing reasons the shorter than normal rights Rosen are mostly me mostly every day it's just a day of sound because it's the nexus three days of sound which is the weekend. Al-Qaeda waiter says it's. Ankle sprain is much more severe than the last one from this season as the worst pain he's out since breaking his ankle back in high school. He adds that he has still not been able to put any weight. Telling officials argue with me about the so called the gonna go for the next three hours in my text about this so what happens and abroad men. Speaking of breaking ankles from epic of a basketball this weekend and oh yeah in her home now I'm not. And put new work at that why it's. And I'm joking okay and a little back and buy some workout and I went downstairs and little bit of that basketball work yeah on yeah. Even after about combine still strong Nokia is still strong I'm it's game I'm ready man am I anywhere you are. Put out there now let me know when you do when you're ready to go OK I will. Aiming guardians loss Friday to Michigan State 7258. The spartans lost to number one seed Kansas spent 9270. On Sunday that's right it's again some other notable school worse from the weak dance. On Sunday South Carolina beat duke 88 to 81 great game Kentucky beat which is hot states to close one watched duke as well. 65 to 62. Why are you worried that what's the point number one in there to go do much for Monday thing and toast is like. And duke can't believe I love it stay awake to watch as always with you is that I don't all yeah I sort of watched duke low. I stayed up late to watch duke lose yeah absolutely. Okay and generous and her on it yet that's that's exciting every year watching duke lose in the tournament yet and I I will sacrifice sleep and I did. Michigan and beat Louisville organ double off against Rhode Island firms Saturday Wisconsin beat Villanova 65 to 62 Xavier beat Florida State nine Indy one to 66. Almost got that adds up Wu. Anderson images are stored kind of emphasize the fact that actually you know who's in the leading board right now the leader of folks don't know we're doing a bracket challenge for your resume with you good with the sharks. Shows or seven Abbas and and loser last place dead last. Has got a surplus at looters in all on hooters core old dear Tobin and internationally. Basically senate and you NC whose UNC has announced a map North Carolina she goes. And that's the end Michael Jordan now. I don't want selling merchants there's nothing NCs are real it's rate now you know and but but. It's not so much what place you know announce how many points you have a via a morning that into their skirt. Campbell Tobin really screwed because Tobin is last place right now. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing impeded also have like bore the fewest points available. Knobs are actually emirates used points available but Tobin is like right there. Opens in bad (%expletive) already I'm firstly it's anti prefer your girl all later that standard of Villanova had. And it's already been eliminated so you you're not you're not in good shape. But Tobin in terrible shape because he's in last place and he also had duke did you stay up plus sixty duke lose. How do you check this morning. I've watched. As little college vessels ever are good deserved winner in the theaters this year and it's his or cause schools awful your images are also doing so hot either buy it you know my my teams still distilled that's the key is for whoever you pick to win the whole thing to editors keep one at odds of us were also raised the most famous person cause that's where now as players that. You know someone did ask me over the weekend you know is that as though don't you find college bass all don't you find it the products. Not very good how do you watch all the games. My response would be money. Betting on all the because the product is especially commits the NBA I do not think it's good product on now now you like it's tournaments. Because it's one and done. Pete Carroll lots OK it's great they're trying so hard to tournaments greats but. Overall. The product is for it's why I don't particularly pay attention I'll watch the hurricanes in the regular season a launch globally gators are in the regular season but otherwise I'm not. Watching college basketball during the regular season because the regular C called Basil doesn't matter so much doesn't matter we college football does. And and it's not a good prop. It's still in college basketball games are really fun to go to jail yes I would absolutely that's attends college basketball yes it's. But I agree with you I'd I have a harder time you know I have a harder time watching them now on TV than I used to before I was a big NBA expand its it's not that I watch NBA every nine an aide and now it is much harder for me CO2 really get a look at. On what's on what's the best in the world it's ridiculously Damian Miller put as much as Virginia that. Yeah like that's that's a disgrace what Virginia it's seventeen points in the first half. Of of a collegiate bass or unions in a playoff game Nancy it's a disgrace and the data bully is beat Virginia 65 should her crime guns. I don't I don't rub demanding that the front and he is bummed out about it last night's segments and again not a wanna run it and then who's in particular harder Rothstein are crowding out dowdy Ross. India figure rights. Inzaghi beat northwestern 79273. Tested in northwestern beat you so cute distrust him like that Rhode Island Records you gotta think. And an all time at point guard and. Although the whole Gonzaga. Northwestern game there was some controversy man might that back. Possibly could cost him a gimmick northwestern could remove don't. I didn't see the finish but I Noble's it was a question a little Kennedy put blocked the shot by stuffing his hand up through all right now Roberts yeah. I'd I'd and watch it at NC didn't lose there was I've tried to bat well on. This World Baseball Classic scoreboard responds every game time at sunset plays like two teams play in over seventy TVs full Barr great to game time watch it wouldn't play the game time players A dot com. The west takes on Japan's Marin I'm via. Aren't you into that we want to. Really I don't I don't think I am. Because there are motherland I can't get to again get wrapped up its. Would you even if I'm trying to get fired up about the World Baseball Classic I wash. A single pitch of the of one of the United States games I can't get to it on the deal probably does. Under bash draining like that's I can't I'm trying to. Did you do love the world hockey though right like you watch that like you watched the Canada. US what's really religiously in the Olympics I'll watch all watch the hockey mile was you'll watch a world hockey game. Don't think so I mean to Whitman the Olympics that's virtual. Line I can't get I can't seem to. Yeah I can't seem to get fired up to cure for about this World Baseball Classic I don't know not into. Sorry. And that's our minds. James Johnson hasn't really stinks up the sale to weaken next. It's. And doing things its. In the. Sign coming 12017 mining Mercedes-Benz corporate run need five case set for Thursday April 27 in May from park log onto Mercedes-Benz overrun dot com to request the team registration packet. It's supported by yourself bought Mercedes-Benz dealers and buy Avnet. Right now for caller first person first reserve calls an excuse me first person calls on the content sites and 86 by the board 079 deep you're listening either Friday night or last night's. My post game show you know who the associates and T stores of the deem war okay Friday night or Sunday at either one of them will do first person calls and now on the contest line. Maureen say yup with tickets to an upcoming heat home games it was Friday's game against Minnesota yesterday's game against Portland's. We're gonna set you up dude do we do we want you to pair stop and we want to do it twice yeah. Okay our souls told who twice won only do it for. Yes don't give us the game from Minnesota and someone goes from Portland all right so give us the source the game for each one would avoid two pairs tickets while two winners. There you go to UC EC would James Johnson. Had to say over the weekend James Johnson has been the most pleasant surprise of this heat team this year okay. He. He is a player who'll I think if your mind me you cannot let get away. Now I'm not saying he earns the pleasant surprises of who has been a pleasant surprise but if I had to pick between the two epic James Johnson. And. You would pick James you would pick teams jump in head to head at he had to keep it real and only keep one Buick paid James Johnson yes even though Dion Waiters. I mean you agree his ceiling could arguably be much higher cracked. Yeah maybe but James Johnson's skill set is very unique. Very unique and the heat are deep at caller okay they have guards under contracts. And yeah it would genes John James Johnson does more then deal oh wait now Dion Waiters is obviously a better score although. I'll lately I mean. You know last nineteen Johnson twenty points like he he is a unique player and if I had to pick between the serial. I like I'm I'm the one I'm absolutely key engine shots I do not let him leave now I say that it's it's relic and a talking about. Reasonable offer OK if someone out there's and give Gene Johnson a hundred million dollars annually not sign in front nine dollars. But that's what happened with an offer that to talk about whatever the most is that someone is going to windup offering teams Johnson who make sure you keep him. I I do not let him walk away he's very valuable and has a very unique skill set and fits this team perfect over the weekend. This kind of stuff you wanna hear okay are you salt and herald. Perry Jackson Hole right out the odds explaining a lot of. You know what he can do and cannot do in the off season. Spores free agency is concerned and it really is an either or scenario like you're either going to be able to assign a big time free 800 on the eater going to do I don't adding those agent on. Attracting the big time free agents there's just too much money involved and staying with the club. On the it's gonna happen anymore. But they can either sign a big time free agent or they can keep their own guts like James Johnson and and Dion Waiters okay doctrine you're not gonna do bulk. You are double money to do about okay. James Johnson on keeping for shore but this is the kind of stuff that you wanna hear where James Johnson on the weekends a quote I hope I spend the rest of my life here and quote he's talking about. Obviously not just playing here but Miami being in my Amy and his family and breezing is Stanley year end. That's that's the kind of stuff that you want to hear of when you're talking about hey you know wean get a couple guy is too white had taken a little bit less we also. Signed big time free agents I just wonder. Like where is the balance where do you draw the line between. James Johnson is Andy says here it's and it's life it's definitely most enjoyable experience ever had in his career he's been empty for awhile in nine years I just wonder where do you draw the line between. Being incredibly happy which. Sounds like he has there and play in the best battle was grew which he absolutely it is what are you draw the line between exacts. And. Money taking the most money possible because. If you take the most money possible somewhere else. You may leave. Very happy like he's really really happy here and fits in really well this organization. I think some of that depends where the other somewhere ounces. Bright. I mean that would make all the difference I would imagine. It's a place it has never did I. I I I I don't know Latinos that he's super happy he and the heat will have to make you may come edited. It may be the biggest offer but I have to make them competitive offer OK so do you take. Less money with guaranteed happy. Yes. Fur. A lot more money. And maybe happy slid what do you do that spot. Well I think you waited factor in. Not just where in terms of you know what city. Max money somewhere that. You know whatever his max's that he was offered eat no longer the really big money somewhere that he was still -- going to be able to contribute a lot and NE and it will happen to be ablaze three volleys Stanley might be you know some happy and eve I only like say keeping me mites. You know maybe it's colder weather you like the warmer weather in Miami but at the same time maybe that's not the deal breaker in that spot another words. Whereas if he's offered the money from an organization that you were really concerned about what his role would be on that team our award he's really feels like his family normally get there. I mean at that it's impossible conversation to have another warrants without knowing what those other options far. I do with being that if he's as happy as he says he is here then you would be willing I would think that spot to take to take less. General how much less but it depends it ball exactly how much less I think depends where those other offers are coming for. In LA Dion Waiters is essentially said the same thing where he's he's. Dealt with immediately and that he'd desperately. Wants to sign long term. Now. And article on it immediately and doesn't even include can't. I work both ways man where a guy who's been around like that can either appreciates. The being happy and take less money or court the other way around where he realizes this is my time to strike and I. Gilani physicist working itself out hand and hand were playing well. Finding a home confident. That's one part of it and then also the fact that your family likes. It's a huge factor a lot of people don't realize how important it is that when you're whites are developing friendships and makes her happy you're you don't have to come home from work may be had a hard day on the basketball court. Yemen sunken shot Donaldson you walk in the door your wife is is is pissing and moaning and bitching about. Today's chatter coming or giving you happy is really good and then you got your kids that develop friendships and you know there having sleepovers are there haven't birthday parties to go to when they start developing friendships as well it's it's very tough to pick up your famine especially him as many times as he had to do it. It's it's really tough on an athlete number one to travel by yourself but there when you bring family around and you have like established may be little bit of roots in the community were a lot of people are friendly with each other now the neighbors might really care forum. That's that's going to be tough for him and he will probably take a little bit of a discount. But don't get it twisted if he's gonna be able to make accomplish a million dollars you'll be able to buy a house here keep this family here and do the travel thing you may become back when it's all said and done that's how much he likes Miami. But but if tecumseh giving a little bit of a discount Nicosia totally happening. Pretty big quote right you know I hope is for for a guy who's. Wage earner running art in his agent I Zia Deion he's in his agent also just beat him. The GM of the team it was having there why Indy why he won't let me. Well a lot of the times it is they want you want the team they know that. You know that you wanna be here. Yeah you want to teens know because you want an offer from the team Billy you don't want the teams know so much having James aren't gonna get offers that plays right Amy we are weaned we know he's gonna have a job. After the seat concert not like you're trying to talk team and giving your job pays spewing a bunch of you know. Miami first kinda target in your definitely start negotiating power shots you get more attention on the market and Dion Waiters. Golf goes and because it's a fun direction in the league is going it would dose. Close personal young man he's got more attention menu your saying and I James Johnson being a rare skills enemies it's as I can't. You get over the fact that Deion young and he was the fourth pick in the draft him. You know not long ago I offers timing that's huge. Stands also shooting this year like the fact that he's it's too prolific three bolts in his game. It sort of offer but again yesterday golfers they're not a lot of guards not a lot of big time guards are in free agency. This is a bad pretty tight lies I think that the whole ankle thing. And talking about possibly knock him back to the playoffs twice now this year I I yeah I think I don't think this bodes well for him at all like at all in all this was the wrong time for him to do is because he is flaming heart rate now along with the Miami Heat. And having he might think the beginning of his mind if the heat don't play as well as I'm not in he's like gaffe. I'm might be you know making making this team a little bit I might be the in his hazards and a little bit bigger than they think that the show. Won't go on a list Dion Waiters this year that might inflated had a little bit or ease possibly is going to be like this. Look I really wanna be here this happened at a horrible time when I come back I need to come back with a vengeance. Which you know again getting hurt at it detrimental time the organization kind of rears its ugly head and says you know what we needed you at that time. And the most when you got hurt and I think that doesn't bode well for a guy like Dion Waiters. Who did come out and say that he wants to be here he wants to be the leader of this franchise. But don't get it don't get it wrong here that the Miami Heat don't want a player that's gonna be getting banged up all the time and supposedly the leader of their franchise. I that's some quote though from James Johnson I'll spend the rest of my life here for an impending free agent having a career season you don't hear that kind of stuff very often like that goes to show you normally there agents would let them save that kind of study just goes to show you like cool what kind of team we're dealing with here in the kind of fawn at that they are having right now on how much they really enjoy this season. This is special team in your talking about a bunch of guys who you know there are new aren't more and potentially their last stop in the weeks of the worst are going to enjoy their time here the most because. This is the best third time he's ever gone and we Fred I'm really. I notice I'm that was evident most American fourth from the UN to the heat game I saw something really special at an on court marching the heat all they were enjoying themselves Friday in Atlanta the whole the whole series of of gore on stealing the ball a long if you want to know. Having an open under songs gorilla in the crowd totaled one or two minutes of other serious opened on the court at one run and he showed me you guys run off the bench I've I mean each other coming out on the arms race while James Johnson's three was in the air you know that you see you clearly saw the camaraderie on Friday night you really really did got stuck out to me sitting there watching that. You guys US and debris doubled that you want all the talk Crist tanned necks have rights Arnett live and easy to be down here actually plan to match city casino and it's it's good timing is the and the last week went Chris Rock on we're talking a lot of writing jokes and break double bill talks Chris content. I'll do that next. I look at bats as a runs and amber are here to saint Monday morning we look at the comedians are we special love that folks. And it live on joining us and Iran fuel on bouncers convenience stores gas line truly sense beyond convenience. Biscuits and who was actually going to be down here magic city casino in Miami next month. Is also Dancing With The Stars Gary is there he is Chris content policies on Dancing With The Stars. Premiering tonight 8 PM on ABC. A lot Chris good morning we appreciate you joining us and I'm wondering when you are when you're walking round the streets New York Los Angeles whatever it is. You did it's Hawn impressions when you're on set and a lot which is the impression that folks mostly. Shout outs he went EC went public. I am well I environmental air is that it most of these shout out you know like whether it's Barack dies mango or mr. he whose. But in nationalized. You know I think it was probably. Done about that he hosted the values saying are yet. Show. Us what it among them all on when it came impressions are to highlight in now you know. Well what are my or even though the elevator came out in mean you can that's not this Alpa chino. You're probably you know ever wanted to get their output you know it's a but the agent and Robert you know it was quite. Output you know previous two ways and a Mormon myself accused leg opposite appliance. Is lined up with you know. And good job that you don't see where he just like he would take a moment but there's a scene and we literally where. There have been movies in the course of course. There's this sense that scene where. It's always great actor would be able to get away with it like they're. When he walked into the kitchen and you let her develop properly. And the thing is there's about it like all of 1000. On an optical. There's lead. When he stormed our. Tonight can I can easily give us give us a blind but she'd give us some of sensible woman to chino. Well. But I could do another one who we are good. I am I always borrow. Yeah. Do what he can I give you the Pacino and clearly knows why don't want to do it right. You don't want it all right you hear me ready now. Yeah. I'm. Chris can be honest prozac has been honest. Yeah yeah. Chris is irreverent impression that he wanted to do when you just couldn't master. I couldn't act there. I you know. Never thought if I did a quick little question from my audition. Ever remember back in 96 if it was he was like it is and it was that. My it was in my vision and it was Christian Slater interviewing a vampire. In interview and milk are. Basically resists all right it was though I. Herb empire that are the starter on an angry little viable. I love the yeah the idea of you pointing out it was you know chris' later back in mid nineties where is big because it would be weird to go and do. An audition today doing Christian Slater impression. Guys of that in it would put out you know I think of one point of view. And I got on the I month it would is the ball. Out on. It's he would like it you know I. No. Got up. And help us. I got that. Does this mean don't we got Chris Getz and hear it as Dancing With The Stars season premiere it is tonight on ABC 8 PM. Chris how did you convince Garth Brooks ago engine that mr. Pete hers mango situation right now and I'll go when you brought on the flowers how to that go. Wanted to do it though it was this sort of expect you know it was. It's not the other good thing replica. Somehow I don't know why they apparently had like people throwing mangoes and among the states like it was about a he's been as a bad thing but you know it is. As a real threat now it was fun to find out there's a lot of many you know get those ones who. You know either buying government convert that always. Boggled my mind. A bullet point probably around one of the people are you know of course but that's what I would proper date I would like you know what. You know not like you're you know settlement since that report the producer of the Soviet aggression Warner about you know what you know what ethnic. They are making a mangled the character mangoes stretched across into the NFL world and there was Tynan by the name of Kyle Brady used about six foot 5270. Pounds. That would do angle all the time all year long on and he passed. Yeah it's pretty impressive. Very. A one I wanna get even a conversation we had at a few days ago here Chris where. The standard Amy Schumer Bodine Schumer right now has got our comedy special what folks are saying their claim that she's. That she has stolen jokes I what are here are the yeah. And I want to hear it's like imagine you're actually coming down to Atlantic City casino and April so you're you're doing standup you know one and under doesn't happen that comics are. Not even consciously that subconsciously. From a joke they heard ten years ago okay subconsciously. Maybe they wind up stealing a joke and that must happen rights. It. A lot. I mean it has happened. One. Like one example in the north it ever got back. And click this is cruel and I have some of the Nevada where there as the timer. Were part of a group but the rattling that probably request photo as. Nonetheless as the on the West Coast but as city and that there was a meeting in our resident Jennifer Coolidge. You work and a lot of recruits were up movies and she went to broke probably. And he's really fighting as he did a monologue there working with. If he was calling it a boy for a call epic by half or was it. Which he kept leaving them another masses and then another masters and I just spoke about this as you're out would you leave another message. If you look like 1520 masses. And that's centers right there are. I thought I like Datsyuk is right there. That. I actually thought arose early that I felt I mean that. I am saying he started picking up the opinion all right and I don't know really. That. What it's wingers so that apple product I mean at least they spoke out. It I don't know because I have no idea how it ended up the movie on it that but that's the situation the crab capitol I want them. In this spirit I wrote his grip where they were the whole idea of a synopsis for the exactly that's paying them and the for the you're not payment. And I told my lawyer are quite a couple I looked at my wife Ellen yergin the putter is the point being in my word civilized. Let you run a really spend half lies in the courtroom with this other you know it was brilliant. And what role model but that might opt morally forward. Yeah I put them so. I don't believe it. That we'll ever have a problem but yeah it does happen. But out of the residents feeling good you know but it was but not among the good stuff before I guess so. It was a joke is doubles more personal and work where you are right grip is that a lot of work. That was the way it goes out to be more personal visits potent and that they have been pilot something like whatever. Because you exist they. Claim. Seven stakes and despite the obviously everybody. When we are having this conversation a few days ago it also brought us into this conversation about whether comedians use writers at all when their writing their standup and and I thought that that is certain points as particularly I would think it at the EU list level at a certain point that you would. At least brighten your jokes by eighteen that people put that there would be a team of people helping you with speed and do you comedians. How writers for stand. Yeah actually the majority have. Occurred that. More or more means that writers don't. But that doesn't mean they don't. Do her own stop and help you know as far as writers. You know analytical auto writer you know these guys have writers are. But I. Are not to let always I mean I do prefer us apart. Chris thanks a lot for joining us we appreciate it Dancing With The Stars season premiere it's tonight it's at 8 PM on EBC.