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Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, April 20th

Gronk in the White House, More on Riley's press conference, Jose Fernandez statue


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Pick the number. We're learning. Laramie smoking guest today. Great song great shot chart we came out holds up best. And funny every time. Every maybe next week with the draft coming up like that they can remember is great Auburn job as you know show didn't see it and probably going to be one of the headlines prior to the dolphins pick. Funny every time. Is there anything that can top that for the dolphins this year. That was so dramatic. This guy got black male and adult benefited from the age of blackmail whoever they want leaders to get the top of the draft and he really want is to blackmail him. The day of the draft need would get him. Did she was going on what makes him now I guess one of the fathers as you were re chanting his statement about dudes on cigar all right yeah about apparently in high school he assaulted a girl as well on the father came in. Went crazy on the school had to get escorted out from illegals office but now he's recanted. We computer. Statement that he made an awesome Lyoto bottom joined his daughter and look British. It right now on 1000 bucks your chance to and a thousand dollar slammed on text in the code word C court and it's. Not a secret code is secret secret to third descent into 88 want you going a thousand bucks right now throughout the middle the month of may every morning our show seven main candidate AM. You've got a chance to win that thousand dollar slam dunk technical edwards' secret is 72881. That's its batteries may apply don't text and drive it's a thousand dollar slam dunk and 790 and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM south of Miami. Right here. So we'll delve that things bothers Maine and an atomic kids to camp like is he doesn't care the heat team to a guy who won. And and knew it would change my opinion if he was my favorite players acute and that always always worried me when I was younger because I. Is that numb and I'm watching your opinion here because I did it again. Neither do rock stars but we Revere them in their mystique in their ability actual blade on stage and and an end. Avoids the public eyes and also you put something out there about them not showing up for an appearance are being drug doubters summit is just it puts an even further and further up that latter of your law and in shock and off. If you if it if you if you get to meet someone who you look up to. And their name Altria. Could change your pinning it directly to you had some talk about yet. These kids today Dave they're they're they wanna meet in Iraq to those dumb that they find out wow he does not want to be around us. He's super disappoint how how it was Warren Sapp so revered throughout his easy revered throughout his career not currently am sang but throughout his career. I can name on my hands. Them the amount of times I've been with him. And he's been rude to people like oh I never heard anything positive it's never anyone's in a positive experience with warns that I feel veer ever period uncomfortable when I'm if I'm alone with Warren uncool. More cool but the minute that people start getting around this guy and me myself yeah from this is again comfortable I get on come. Yeah he's I'd never anything but him being super nasty to people. And and that's always something weird behavior if if you get to meet someone you look up to eats meat like when you're heroes and it works I remember on you know ice. I grew up in Glen Rice is my here are my hero OK and I was twelve years old the first summit got to meet him and experience. Was I mean was fantastic and great experience which is a relief okay. Peca is. Can you imagine brilliant talk result dislike here and I mean let's say he pulls the old Dell back Campbell I didn't have a state okay. But it would super wells really great and the next time I had an opportunity to meet him. Was like there's really long time leader who's always been 25. The next time I got to meet him I was in the same room with him. I had no interest in going up and talk and to not rated no no it didn't say that this thing was. Can older now. So maybe you know me and it was awkward that your weren't as jerseys and I was I was it was really tight and you know it's one thing maybe you really nice also Glenn Chrysler younger back then okay. Umi news really nice weeks in twelve years old OK and easy younger guy but now he's a bit older and I'm certainly older Timberlake. You know meeting this experience won't be as pleasant Bibi doesn't hit her. To talk to view. It's 25 year old who says huge fan he's a grown man at this point you know I was not interested in talking to me can be caught is. My first and only at the time in. Counts are with him was fantastic. I don't you again so you don't need to go on vacation the same sort of merger at a really good because I don't meet again my guy that commemorate their. It's perfect it does it need be ruined beyond what I call to on this family's kind of a chart at all. Related formula. Experience it was amazing. And and someone it's kind of forced me to go and talk to him that day and the experience ended up being even better. Then the first time okay. And on an American Beers barriers around we're now BF that. And experiences even better because because you have to be great did OK I mean just great dude and and now like I'm I'm very friendly with him you know so. I have been but the point being. You don't always want to meets. You know the person that you look up to because. It will ensure which can hold we rapid and it's gonna ruin. How you feel of. Or you realize that he's just like you guys are doing and and the illustrious. Glow that is around him is no longer there because you're like wait a minute edit a lot bigger on TV. Or. Oh he's not that all. Owned. All he's not that bright you know things like that happen yet a low post the Chinese guys are not gonna live up to expectation. I was almost every time ever I situation is a rare example of the living up to the expectation most of time's not has that ever happened. The other way with your son because in order signed its that a lot of people through your connections. You know what. Added dummy to be events. At a WEB events be coyotes we eat whenever we see WB here. I I'd I'd park underneath the arena portion do. And you know where the players we're rings and you just know you can easily get to get a spot there are five like. And and so I parked underneath the arena and the wrestlers pork they're also in the rental callers and OK so. Whenever we're leaving the show we always will run into wrestlers who were kind of walk in with us to their callers okay. And the only negative experience I would say it like that that we're talking about here that want my kids had. He tried to say hello to one of the wrestlers underneath and it is when turnaround when he receives and Agassi's couple of which there. Old's girl actually is one of the women wrestlers. And engine is the answer is children's swing and cheese and of the tops and colonel Dan Owens and some of my record. No huddle know what is not is that elements in the media for Kramer Wilson and commonly now. But she as she did and at a time turnaround then. Kennel and as parents he's got a lamb women usually it's around the kiddies on named stood around and it has gotten so bad. They're gone the other hand that is just the opposite of that has obviously shown what he does he uses. The time that he spent with your son when he was here we have. Don't tell you most time most is we've run into a lot of wrestlers down their after the shell and a lot of them just when they see it keep it when he seen my kids they walk up to us. And and get down on one knee and hall today and men like most of them sue or nice preseason and time turnaround. Finally maybe she looked bus that you're never make up maybe I can tell us. I don't get to send it over that stuff because you don't know. What's hide your running into that person you don't know what they're going to in that moment the day don't necessarily want to be bothered in that spot. I don't get offended Campillo and it's seven yeah I don't get offended don't Britain's. By in little kids reach Eric and like I said mice and she's you know she's a bitch like an agency that night as Kelly yeah. Adjusted. Eighty elegant say that to him Liggett is kind of let it blow by Ian held by. And he didn't think anything up at like he is thought nationally in here as ear yeah. You know there aren't any bets aren't you don't always go option maybe she just got terrible news. Fairly just I don't know. Neither can appeal and her friend now I'm Hillary and her killer out. Albert and Allen Kalin people. Sailor that did what he got I I'm with the turnaround and a half smile right into how similar. Smile you know and insincere half smile it's right it's not that mark now. Headlines ruts like indeed dot com are you hiring join the over three million businesses that use indeed dot com for us next job opening on the world's number one job site. Indeed dot com. So malls laws as say tens fives the Mariners. Team is often the back action Friday against the Padres whom all of this is gay was Ichiro you went deep in his file that would likely be his file about. In Seattle so critical moment Derek Jeter and Jeb Bush are reportedly teaming up on in their effort to buy the Marlins. Adds so much love crazy they were doing with the lawyers decide we can't take on this crazy by ourselves I told you I I don't think if your gonna tag of former player. As as whole wined of being you know the figure had the face of the franchise sports ownership group is concerned. It doesn't get any better than Derek Jeter. That's the number one. Cannot get any backer. As I mean and you know maybe it helps us bars to go. Negotiating and that kind of stuff because Laury along as the Yankees and he probably reveres Jeter OK so maybe that helps as well. Bought if you're to pay a former player to beat a figurehead of an ownership group. That is the number one guy gets no better like that be really really. Your figurehead and an owner team but I think he might be one of the most revered professional athletes. To be where he was in to handle himself police handle himself in America like New York in the media world where it's very easy to stumble. Alex Rodriguez and a little bit of a tougher time with the media the Jeter and Jeter was out. In the streets as well but I don't know. He tells you ever heard about Jeter is that it prepares a gift basket for these girls on the way out. That's the only thing ever hurt nothing too lucrative about about him in public eye which is unbelievable nothing controversial that's the only thing you ever heard. That he prepares a league gift basket. Ortiz was on the way out ads they're Curtis and yet done nice thing looks easy but nice that the money clip on the nightstand might be a little bit. Cold heart you know he's the perfect guy though I'm on the way in on Al is and I don't care about the Yankees I'm not even a Derek Jeter fan. I'm weigh in on Derek Jeter and and whatever his group in his. Owning the money more to be really doesn't like chocolate champagne and a little flower to you know in order a baseball. Autograph ball it's got to be audible and a couple fruit lollipops got to be. Let's get induced some some playoffs a couple of play. Last night a Boise Dogg like we had the aideed we had the wizards beat the hawks won and I'm one of one washing up 20 and answers the rockets get by the thunder. 115. To 111 Houston is up two nothing and answers Russell Westbrook had the highest scoring post season triple double was asked about that the game so how would you. Great when you look at your mind and a box score how would you grade on how your car you mouse okay the world as they've blocked. Care and gas and Robert cares so much more about the Schobel Dolan Westbrook does. I'm a hundred now I don't care I don't care to win or lose arms is all about my dude well really it seemed to more times on my mind that obviously the team that I'm going towards the Miami Heat so another third die and I can watch you wanna see good performances I just wanna see mama at all. I I I think Oklahoma City maybe get to game maybe. Also or is blown out the trouble is a stay one tend to 81 golds is up 20 in that series scene Kevin Durant. Did you did you guys see the movie the patriots pull yes it is trying to get at the Hernandez headlines mall move. Sending ground in the socialist stress tolerant. Yes office. Did you see. He's a circus where he's traveling through the White House look and her secret doors to open any pops in on spies hers. Presser the daily presser at the White House really funny actions create a community health and Spicer at some with the mom I'm okay miserably and responded are you sure yeah and what he's been watching it she. Cardiac latest performances mean everyone know most days he does need some help it appears that's really funny actually in the case spies. Let off the Hitler and who's his dad I know it's advised. We don't compare Hitler anymore anyone aren't that Hitler Hitler is the worst at everyone else comes that matter who you're talking about there's Hitler. Everywhere else what you underneath him. As spies. And his handler is bad dude man. It didn't go Broncos who works. And it's. The mood to he has beloved and eager and do whatever he wants but I'm telling that my theory though is that craft. He's like listen. This yet as Aaron Hernandez all over sports and do some go do something funny it is viral. Okay boss saw a lot of players didn't go on Wallace's. And this is blog and then the picture that was released of the comparison to when Obama was in office and they won. It's true but it's look at the majority of the senate members are sitting on the lawn they were saying let's line. A lot of those all the people that picture was staff members as well another sitting on the on the lawn of but he said only 33 players when you area citi's note there's no fudging that I mean I'm burglars on the last night. Apparently almost all of them is 53 admirably Rasner. A lot more players. Ranked armament with the national when the national chairmanship of the White House or blog does it ago yeah. Lot of guys that didn't go look you guys yesterday little shade that Donald Trump apparently threw. Because number residential man president Tom Brady didn't Tom rating go through the any management from speech. Not a letter asking members private dinner with them out president. You know you know Tommy images are gonna come down west palm won't Gisele Bundchen is apparently way anti try. 35 g.s and golf carts. At the country club in Palm Beach to follow trump around no one not only had 35 grand old car just Austin in Colombia it's always money for jobs is to Alter every weekend I heard plus I can any party at the damn beach. Our energy security that that their spending. On on trump security in the first ten or two weeks of office. Is almost like Obama's first term like it's insane the amount of money that they're spending on. On trying to strong president do shown throughout handicap or don't we get all managed man you know relatives of dungy oldest tip man. Broken sleep and bare it all North Korea to settle down now for the guy that kills on family members look what are you doing that's stupid fat kid. You you're the man. I. King finally it Chinese factory workers sticks a nearly two foot long Elop is. Leaving acute care has constipation. Or who. A bullet right next time you Israel the ex lax. Now or or the little little orange dubbed. Elements that you give little kids they were in about ten minutes. So Pat Riley yesterday and he held court he loves that day. You mean I tell you lots he loves it he loves stand up there and everyone asking questions and worshipping him he loves yesterday. He had it'll say and actually I thought there were several things or super interest in coming from the heat president's. Next. I was in a deep. Until American Airlines has his day starting at ten and between ten and in sixty and was this teen culture day what does that mean fault. Most of the merchandise at the heat team store is in the 50%. Off its finals hero to this man that's and that's amazing I have just yet present and buy stuff. I really I really should go and get it do you do on the Internet to you know yeah I know you gotta go I I think I'm heading there after the show it's adding I'm going to go brother you get it you get an employee discount too or no. On top of the fifty marketed do that minority even 50% only doctor do you should thoroughly. Nominee and 50% off is good enough for me it's nerve also free pinched nerve by the way he talked to the non Jewish listening gosh no error should know around here and it's someone who's like as is like going reading okay M coach coach that's a good way to put them coach not fit teams and I was good enough for me alls Udonis hasn't going to be different photos and autographs doing two and 330. Eton school nick what he's done in the pony is well money's gonna broadcaster showed they're starting for a model for racists on this one. How we tell me that there's a term. A Jewish turn out you don't go people racist. OK I know it's round. It struck me to stop Robert it's not a term for being cheap it's just it's it's essentially the Yiddish term for being a move each so it's not cheap it's Moochie. That's sent us. Even a broadcaster shows starting at horror. And Eagles a photo of the re a straight. Maria them. My he Larry O'Brien Richard trophies Bernie ZB eighty dances and to be curtailed. And that is today at the American Airlines read each store from 10 AM to six and 50%. Off everything. Riley held court yesterday Pat Riley spoke to media like he does at the end of every season and. Early on he was asked about. How he feels about this team okay because it is it it's odd how old this team is revered now. In South Florida. They're gonna be eighteen has remembered for a very long time I mean it over forty team that lost in the second on the playoffs. Is is a favorite of many fans but hate and anti meat playoffs. They wanna play a series. And this team did not make the post season but is thought of very highly now all let's hear from Pat Riley on that. I I'm not all. You know sparkling and Fuzzy haired okay that's not my makeup neither has been something like that but it. But I do love this team in the and I love bogey. We have built. By and that's the part that makes you wonder with Pat Riley. Mean keep team together that the make the playoffs. Because. We know what his MO it is like he's about winning championships I mean it's winning and misery. And it's about winning championships. Or. You want to bottom out. And heat are right smack in the middle. With this team. And wall we all believed that this team could have done some damage. The reality of it is. The Hulk no play offs and Pat Riley likely noses while that it Justine did make the playoffs. On the good not to compete for a championship now. So. He's not as emotional about it as we all our. He looks and his team and says you know what I put to get their team that was not good enough. To win. Was gonna make a play well it's. He's not gonna feels good about this team as we do not now does that mean the did not bring back guys I don't know it sounds like their own to buy. He's not going to be as impressed with this group as we all are because it is within its winning championships or it's or it's not. You need any on Pat Riley talking about keeping guys like James Johnson and Dion Waiters this offseason. We got a good group of guys I love this group of guys that we have to build this team from them and then we're gonna hopefully make the right selections I hope that the end in the and James in the rest of our free agency collected here enough that we're going to be fairway than even they'll be fair with us we're in a whole new era. Different stage. A free agency. Now now part is interesting. Oh kind. Don't. Don't gloss over the whole we're gonna be fair to them and hopefully they can be fair office. That is Pat Riley setting not pay you yet bigger offers elsewhere. But. You know who were belts. You like it here you come through here we like you you thrive tear that your best you view career here personally and professionally. And we're going to be fair with the kind by the free. In every sports. Is not necessarily fair it's great to the player. You always have to pain free agency always. And that sounds like the heat's. Not wanting to overpay these guys to keep it be fair. But it's not going to be. Okay whatever is the biggest offer you can get you come back Dawson Morgan matchup that that's not what that sounds. You know it is too late you tell. With Riley it's it's no. It's not beneficial for him to go over the top with praise and these guys it's it's pretty easy for the for the players to do it because. Fans who went over that kind of stuff when they hear. You know like this guy wants to be here he loves the culture money's not a says the biggest thing. It's kind of it's a big thing to get public opinion in your favor Ruth Riley he knows that he's deal with agents there's going to be negotiations is gonna via other offers and that things change. So it's a lot harder for him to go all in on these guys. Any mentions at the end there with it punitive marketplace now at CB eight Denise and pat on the CB and I'll explain what it means there. So that in terms of your strategy this offseason and gone after rather well are there enough whales out there to execute. You know. I regret ever making that statement because now lets you know that's always out there. I think the collective bargaining agreement is going to dictate. A lot of things about free agency into if you go back to 2010. In and we were fortunate to be able to. Secure. The services of LeBron and in CB and Kuwaiti. The rules were different the money was slower. They could sign sixer deals. That sign and trades. You know all of those things. Today. Is a lot different tune in for any any great players with the team. Is going to have to. Give great clause. Probably walk away from. 65%. Mission accomplished or whatever the number might be. To go somewhere else is gonna look up to one agreed to come Qiyue we're gonna have to reluctantly. We're years. There it is. How much of a roller coaster opinion is that in the public of how random person ball. LeBron James kind of scorn salmon into pat really look like a good person and that although we did lose the number one basketball player in the world. Another impacted Don and and and that. Instance then he turns around and loses doing weight and a lot of people did not enjoy. That whatsoever in almost looked upon pat with a stain did not like pat at all. Mom as the season goes on. Wayne comes out has as one on one. Now the public opinion again of PR is the increasing he's on the rise again if you're looking at how the season ended. Coming back thirty wins eleven and everybody smile on about Cairo's decision to get rid of the wing now the play outcomes and. The Miami Heat are no longer in the playoffs are never made actually. In the you're seeing Dwayne wade. Playing in the playoffs and doing well and winning guys want to end on seed one game and we know we're doing is not surprised. Dizzy and its way back to being upset with living doing dope meanwhile we talk well apparently just said. Would you double what it was eloquence and about the CBA India paid it's a different time now is what does that mean. Means that they're not they're not going to be able to do the things that they did with the Big Three there you go. Vega. To say enough for. Long time now. And it's beneficial. For Miami to key Gene Johnson in Dion Waiters. Because it is number one insane as long time you'll worse. The Indian team that's competitive. And EU EU bide your time the next couple years being a playoff team being litigated times than not and you can strength. Work and so he could strike me you know when it's hot. They're not gonna get any of these big free agents. Not get Blake Griffin and Gordon Hayward knock against Hillary okay. Not getting any big guys and if it means paying in thirty million dollars a year shouldn't and SPI was PG thirteen. He sees it can't. Record he's gonna wanna reopened to the deal post next year he sees a solid player yes I I would trade for Paul jeweler yes old George. What would change your team in any very positive note about and then but would put any. I'd like I do like hearing from pat at key. I mean a court. I like here and from that they're not put all their eggs in that free agent basket. Like they have the last couple years I'm tired of that you know just because they got. Discussing a Grand Slam in 2010. Does not mean that that's ever gonna happen again. A free agent market place is a lot different now. It's offensive to pay Gordon Hayward thirty million dollars no teams winning a championship in Gordon Hayward thirty million dollars. The way to do now is the treats okay. And he knows there. There are not signing any big country. It's. And I like that he's not put knowledge and it's now past and anymore 'cause it's it's a pine tree it is. Let him go after the disgruntled source call following companies pulled Georgia's. Don't know a guy like DeMarcus Cousins this season. Let him go off to those guys aren't you bring back this grill. You bide your time and then you strike when there's an opportunity. Donnie not getting those big free agents get what I had. There's also not there's not let those guys on transcendent free agents like you've got it right clear exit Kevin Durant all right I'll take. Reilly going into room at least take a swing and don't tell he can you imagine Gordon it would thirty million dollars imagine. And Hayward at the in the Hamptons taken meetings we get at a twelve million dollars Mormon moron if you look at their numbers are not all that different. Not twelve million dollars a year different prefer and am I. 63 guys in the NBA champion came within thirty million dollars or Hillary want news like earth but. Aren't you Texan has shown across rings are monkey attack signed 67 ninths of enforcement Texan here they propose apron and a statue mall sparkled never step foot in there again. But do is never have put Mont park again that's actually looks like it's go up you know it's it's getting commission and now looks like he's going on by the end of the year yet. Now whole like that for lawyers Els who wants beat her for that'll you know ceremony. Yes they were talking about it's. Dave Hyde Dave Hyde wrote a common sense and Oregon hold a ball club letter from from a gentleman who. Wrote to the Marlins and David Sampson about it being offensive the Jose France satcher and and you you expected that you knew that was coming. Okay it's. As difficult situation right there and the Gemma who wrote the letter lost a child in any drunk driving accidents a similar situation. As Jose Fernandez young owl calls and vault accidental correct fans and actually heard us talking about it yesterday you wanna talked him right there he had seen right here rather that someone come with some direct kind experience and would be offended. With the Jose Fernandez statue. Our Islam William McCall talked to Max so. 6000. Dollars last August that it chancellor's style slug guys would listen to us. Now if you make 12 every morning at 7 AM and is aiming to be a code word you text that word to 72881. And he'd 1000 box on another opportunity in about seventeen minutes from now. So make your listening every morning to us right here on AM 798 FM one a four point 38 Steve to the ticket. Unity got a at a situation a controversial situation which. You know is from the Marlins standpoint comes from a place of emotion and you know they're trying to do a nice thing. In putting up the statue of Jose Fernandez but ultimately and expected. On the mall and not seeing it that way they're seeing it through their own prism when when in re outing and a lot of people were upset about the Jose Fernandez statue and and especially the whole large but the larger than life part. Adding Boggs a lot of people are upset about it that they're making it nine feet that he on March and because because he did something bad and you're also making it. Larger than life like he's so great you know that back and add to its I'm I'm assuming that that adds to people's frustration you are Russian and I'm not I'm not Russia's central Tokyo stature unlike. Streak on grass and the size of why the size of the statue would make it different. Makes it seem like he's greater than he is he's law that's they said he larger than life but he's greater than any years and now Reid is and that's a really bad and I don't like the street being named after him but we're talking yesterday about about. A letter and I'm sure other people written letters to tomorrow until let let those written the Marlins and David Samson and it's offensive DDB statue a lot of people have a problem with its. One of the gentleman who have a problem with it his name is as Robert B he wrote the letter to David Sampson were talking about yesterday that Dave Hyde on got a hold of and and included his calm in the sunset yesterday Roberts here with us. On yours talking about it right here is talking about the letter US Iran Robert morning. Yeah good morning actually hurt. You guys and I amber talked about it yesterday. Now have you you wrote letters David Samson a Wallace have you heard back from them in any capacity. I have not had any response from them out. What compelled you to actually like would you debating whether or not even take the time to send a letter or was it a no brainer you had to write them. It was say it was a no brainer and it goes back to when it first happened and and and having some. You know in that that that's from the depths of the sadness that you know is and his companions staff had had on all of us that. There was the hint that maybe something is something was wrong and that alcohol was involved and you know start to think it about it then you know what what's gonna happen but. But hope for the best and and kind of put it out of our mind but once we heard that you know alcohol was involved he was definitely driving according to the evidence that. It seemed obvious that I had there at least you know send them to my concerns were heard. Yes and folks like Robert who who have dealt personally with the situation in a lot of people out there are listening I'm sure at that. You know do you why situations in bald and and god forbid you deal with a situation where you lose a child or someone close to because that situation. You're in that spot but there's a lot of other people I know there's a lot of those people out there who even are not directly affected by DUY in that kind of situation. Who had a a big problem with the statute you got a big problem with the statute. I do's and Obama I would tell you that you know. My my sons Kevin and mr. conventions though and Morgan. You know were killed on Labor Day. 2015. By a drunk driver. Are going to back it back to back funerals you don't see your France. Suffer seeing your child in the casket. Changes your perspective on just about everything. You become very sensitive. Does something like this and and and you feel like you have to stay you know step out and talk about that. How law I wonder how you know and I'm sure you have a permanent connection unfortunately with the other parents. Of the kids who are in the call with your side not I I'm assuming they feel the exact same ways you. Absolutely the exact same way out of the he would I heard that I was gonna appear which you guys this morning and have text to their support and you know absolutely. Agree with Leon I would have sex. It's a tough spot you know all I can tell you we we've reached out to David Samson we will like to get them on the show at some point soon and and just kinda get a response and it's too bad that you haven't heard. From them yet but. I mean I had a hard time believing even even with. There's there's been some negative ripple through a lot of negative reaction I think but it's probably didn't know 5050 some people OKO that some people are not okay with its. I got a hard time believing the Marlins are gonna wind up changing their mind no matter what the reaction from the public is in do you think there's any scenario would all would there's enough reaction. That the mall on site to not go forward with the statue. I would I would hope so I would hope that the power of all the voices that they're hearing not only that but. You know these are their fans I mean our families have been stance for the oral. From day one and you know there's the connection is with my son you know there wasn't the bigger Jose for at this plant that Kevin boot sequence. A huge fan of his we have the actual debate. Which is surreal that you as a parent to think about actually having a debate of what you're going to bury your child wearing. And you know on paper for and ministers it was one of the last things we talked about now he was a bigger dolphins fan so it ended up being also curiously but. It was on the table to bury him you know in Jose Fernandez Jersey because it was such trash. It's terribly ironic you know. Terribly ironic. Yeah I hope that in some some fashion the Marlins and out of necessarily get back to you personally but. Some type of statements. That that they can have some kind of response for the folks there's a lot. Who are very upset like yourself and and I guess it's. You know I would hope that that there's some type response that the Marlins can put out there. I don't know if there's any justification. But it it it's not personally to you would you like some kind of response right. I'd like to see and I think they have an extraordinary opportunity to have to take a tragic situation. And you know they're right here it's while I certainly understand. You know how they feel of where they come from you know this audience this effort. It is better spent on you know education. On drunk driving on now both you know driving the vehicle on a boat. So that you know if they can stop one instance or two instances or stop one family. Or or group of community that have to go through this with the loss of someone you know accuse someone else those carelessness. I think that's worth it I think they can actually make it a very positive thing if they stopped and thought about it. Robert what's your feeling on on the fact that he was a famous athlete world class athlete. And and the other names of the other two fellows that were on the boat aren't mentioned as much as Jose's was and are not talked about. And are not brought up as much as Jose's is and I imagine. Do the fact that your child and his friends I imagine were not headline news all over ESPN as well. Does that have any kind of animosity or is there any kind of extra. Hate or or disdain towards. That the media in the way that we. We re kind of portrayed a larger than life sports athlete as opposed the normal person that was a multi an accident as well. Well the it around that. Eddie and Ilia or the other that you gentlemen that there were killed and in Jose's. Incidents. And you know we feel for them because as you said you know there's no ESPN's special for them there's a trip here with a look. And you know there are families and friends are suffering just as much as Jose's yet so. Resentment maybe not I mean I remember you know that Jose be you know the service this special game you know we we arbitrary. That during that but you know very respectful of that so yeah it kinda understand that you know one person was well known and these others weren't but. You know to the point preferential treatment or warp core going beyond talking by the street name burst capture name. I think that's where we draw the line kind of and that's where you go from you know saying oh they were famous ballots you know becoming. Offensive to others that that you're going to honor the McDade is larger than life not foot stature I I think that's the part the realistic about. Robert does your feelings change for Jose Fernandez for instance you said you watched a game that was a real moving and remarkable game and all the players had Jose's. Jersey on him and what happened with Gordon that night. And you watching that game not knowing if Jose was the driver dodge is your feeling change when she learned that Jose was the driver. Bread I was disappointed once you know it was in the back of our mine that the country has bit smelled alcohol at the speed now. You know which is deceased people. It changed a little bit. It's certainly didn't that the time in a week. It side opened such large wounds and out because our our boys or such other two boys are such huge fan of Jose. And it happened a year after we lost them so it was such a stark reminder and that we mordant wit salmon and the pictures of the family isn't any of the players that can't ever forget eat court. That night and so so it really didn't change much there haven't been left at that point then no bit move god may be put a plaque up there in the stadium. I was going to be okay where I mean you know at the end of the day a lot of people were suffering about it it's just got the point duke. You know larger than life statues that's why we started to have a real hard time when yell let's end. I got Della personal tragedy Robin is I guy I know there's nothing that could be said dear right now to make you feel better about anything okay but. I do think the Marlins should come out maybe not you personally even though you wrote them but they they should come out with some type a response to the folks who are hurting. With this situation. It's it's a difficult spot for everyone but we really appreciate you spend some time and us this morning thank you Robert. Absolute thank you and all the time these guys spent talking about it if you can save a life that's very important. Thanks Robert had to have a great yesterday appreciated. That's that's Robert and Robert lose. Who yeah who who and that letter nebulous and yesterday. When we were talking about the letter that he wrote the Mann's mom was probably a mound have some commerce wants and probably gonna say something to which we we try to get David Sampson on the show. He's welcome to respond here he wants but it it probably have to have some type a response as. You know the intention put a statue was not to make people upset. Like the intention is for everyone to feel good about the nuts on the case out of won't feel good about it a difficult spot.