ZRA Part 2 6-16-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, June 16th

NBA Superteams, Dwyane Wade's Future, the UM Hall-of-Fame Fishing Tournament, Lakers and Celtics 30 for 30


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service known employee spokesperson. He answer. Return of Freddy Gonzales to Atlanta. That's that's that's that that you spotlight tonight ready. In Atlanta in the ATL. It's new ball globally bright that's in place the plane. Plane Turner Field anymore right there and challenge this hour yeah. Damon green took a lot of jabs at a barometer of the day of the warriors championship parade and he started off wearing eight parity of the Quicken Loans. It's a shirt but I like Wiki which of course references the quickness in which the war years. Now like that sent Dan Gilbert sends out its weak ad drain on green yesterday town that's not a good luck because you know it's it is just so I can resulting I I was able recede to myself because Deng Gillard has been blocked on Twitter. Which I love I mean I'd just love the idea that has blocked I don't even know why. I mean I can guess why you're right that the whole life is my. Oral. Her memory LeBron more than ultimate warrior shirt when the cavs won last year selling list. You are rising Daniel has been a baby. Don't it's not a good looking yeah you're right LeBron get on the plane last year where and wall was a funny shirt Altima warrior. Why do wondered if it didn't go over really one is tricky to read assumed. Steered dream on our trademark infringement. IE it's I would be that of bad luck I it'll him because because I think it's a Gilbert complying with the do we essentially how the battle ugly DO brother my logo and news suck nag. Slow drivers bonded over the minster Graham rose to keep it up the picture oh dream on sticky shirt and the caption wrote that's which she said I think it's funny. Using a burial of Michael Scott that's funny. Green also when it seems during his speech she mentioned that LeBron is that he'd never been on a super team in dream on yelled you started the super team we're opening look. Look let's be honest here okay if if if you're LeBron. And you sit on the stage American Airlines Arena and your claim and not one not two not three not four a EU do that because you believe you just. I mean. Did you know so weird it's so bizarre I mean c'mon man lake. That is you know. Russell was drug agents and analysts on their claim and not one not two not three enough for. And I don't understand a super team it because people were is so when we heard the LeBron clip we assumed that LeBron said in its I'm I didn't I didn't play on a super team. Were not a super team here's what we were thinking he was saying. But the national media when they're covering the story all said that he said I'm I didn't play on a super team in Miami. And I but we are like we are super team here in Cleveland and I I don't understand. I understand that at all times Saturday how would you. How would you categorize is. The cab zoo super team and not that he I during those years is your team. One I thought he was saying in general. And two. Heats. Had had many war superstores. In Cleveland hall of famers yes I mean. How are your Irving when he joined joined Cleveland carrier ring. I've never admit the post season was huge loser okay. Kevin Love had never been to the post season music huge loser okay Chris Bosh. Was the best player on the team that won the division at one point a couple years before that you know what we know and one outage it not rewarding great teams Toronto. But you is best player on team that won a division title okay great. Dwyane Wade in the finals MVP. And the prime of his career. That he was joining that of course you know a couple years later Ray Allen you know cries forties golden all of fame. That the talent on Miami. Absolutely trumped. One he joined in Cleveland and clos. Oaks and clothes. Alonzo Mourning is it that hot wired to the Palm Beach post. He says it is next teens in the rebuild for pat Riley's quote unquote something's special and don't forget eat you know he also married charters. Is it that had to rebuild with Chris and LeBron. We've seen him do it. Time and time again I trust this will be no different. I legitimately excited for. A couple weeks from now with the free agency anywhere drab dress and six days and the heat are in a position where they can be major players. Because CEO of the box situation. And of course they have a lottery pick now he they can't read the lottery pick. But they can make a selection. To draft for other team ran and trade the players' rights right after so yeah that it's it's a loophole they could they can essentially trade draft picks so. That the heat can can be very serious players that night's I'm excited the draft. And and then with free agency afterward you know normally excited to be annoying good lies. IE I aim I'm into it this year. IA I think that the heat's lead are obviously an inquiry position Arabic and the heat are going to be go to. Sign any the big guys but they're gonna be out there trying to make moves and they're a great position to be a make trades okay. And that's how it's gonna be done in the NBA these days that's why you heard how rally talk about way roles and really you never said that and hobbies I I don't think that's to be the route I think the route is going to be the traits although you know you do have this this idea out there are now that Gordon Hayward is legitimately interest in Miami. Am Meyer Marc -- reporting the Miami he will go after Gordon Hayward in free agency Zach globe reports he Carol quote unquote loading up to go after Gordon Hayward in free agency. Sure Ito really good player I would love for the heat to sign him but for years under 35 million. Past. Six. 133. Million. You don't consider. That and pack. Green raid is reportedly still undecided about digging up his 23 point eight million dollar player option with the bulls and he's Lebanese Lehman. Neatly enough money on the table and don't go. Paul George says he thanks accuse happy. I don't think he was either but I don't think he's getting anywhere near that anywhere else were they talk about Butler bounced into right now he's going to haunt him he's under contract he's under contract but. I mean would you tell me and and your guy who assigns no contracts that involved. Million dollars you know you tell me if if you earn a place like Dwyane Wade who has made a couple hundred million dollars. In his career son can you look out how much is how much money's Maine as trees and a three I hit it off the court as well but let's just look at the basketball career OK does mean a couple hundred million dollars claim basketball. Yes he's up to get anywhere close that 2425 million dollars that. He would get was Chicago right now I'd always get a few million dollars I don't know between five and ten million somewhere else. Guy. But you know how do you weigh in. Do you weigh what that's worth one EU made a couple of hundred million dollars. And you're gonna. Opt out to take less money. Or and be happy or do you get that extra 2.5 million because say this is gonna be the last could be the last monster payday. And you're gonna suck it up for another year and hope that. You and your family enjoy I think Chicago the only parity draw a line. I think it all depends on how much too pointing to has left in the tank and nobody knows out of it in the way that he thinks that this might be in form. I think that he will probably go ahead and try to bounce and go somewhere and try to be happy in his last season in the NBA. I think he left for three million dollars essentially is what he ended up essentially leaving brought out of the regular proprietor Merrill's approach and you are living I don't know he said he left or so the good the Syrian army and of if he thinks he is a couple more years left in the tank. I I estimate that he's gonna go and take that money but either way no matter what if he does take that money. I can't see. Getting a maximum effort Dwyane Wade Pesci Dwyane Wade. To me I don't 179. Million and is claiming eighty something percent of the games next season. I think it Dwyane Wade takes this option to stay and make all this money. I don't think it's heart is going to be into this at all because clearly we saw what happened mid season wash your Chicago. Com. Whether it was the team going out with each other just expect an oddity go to Jack in every time had to go to war. Beers he'd be happy somewhere around saying if you left he'd be happy I mean that's a broad assumption where are leaving full well I think he works yes the thing he'll be able to figure out where he wants to be happy regardless of the five to ten million dollars that is going to be physically like he would necessarily know you'd be happy somewhere else or exploit he had Ainge got I try to be championship are this couple options. Either you go and you put all your friends are gone that's one option and they're not old area. I understand you've either don't let your friends. Or eagle let my bells there's only two options. I do think going back to Miami would be option where OK you're pretty confident you're going to be happy in the situation such as you know what you're signing up for Obama should he would take and how much are you an awesome that's a pride blaze so he left do you set for pride in not for money. So what he's gonna turned out tweet three point eight million to come. To the heat for five is not it's not turning down 23 point eight million dollars it's it the ways it's going to be locked out is yet turned down. Two years. Forty million dollars from Miami. To come back and play for just several million yelled at me like what I'll do what she wins for Miami by the way he does that right like there's huge win for Miami but he can't do benefit when it. A avenues that. I didn't have you turned down two years forty million dollars. And then to say OK number I'm gonna come back and replace Thomas Buchanan you gotta I don't know I can do that from a price perspective because you don't opposite and have a crystal ball OK you don't ends up being like let's let's. You turn a thousand years. He turned on two years forty million dollars and he kind. If you're come back to the heat and it's exactly five million. Our exit trying to fit everyone on the salary cap and insulting the army when he heard that it's two years 29 million is when he and opponents and what you do when you again unit crystal ball regardless of budget doesn't that ring and it's it's it's ultimately you know going through season and I sat with guys that known coming from other teams. They came for the payday in Saint Louis there's a few guys that came for the payday. Tennessee Titans offered Drew Bennett. Something like. Eighteen million her seventeen or eighteen million dollars and the rams' offer him 31 or 32 and then Seaman Jacob Bell from Tennessee Jacob Bell got 36 million dollar deal. To come over to the rams and Tennessee was offering a much when he won. Tom halfway through his time sitting there is a Christ man number one you surrogate thing to do get injured when you start to get miserable. You didn't pays her a little bit of a fat cats there's Pamela. I don't need to get the effort on as much as I needed to 'cause I just got my payday. So you're going to be dealing with a lot of misery and in the idea that you're sitting on your stool born a sore muscle and now I don't wanna play as long. Like now like I guarantee you Drew Bennett or Jacob Bell stayed with the Tennessee Titans. They would have been starters do have been allowed by the community is over there the football players and a community or just love to go anywhere they're just rock stars. You go to a community that really doesn't appreciate football as much as the Tennessee Wednesday night during and in the rams area. Com. It is it just. It to ruin a guy's career it'll ruin the ending of a guy's career put a deal that was so I think if the way to let's take this money and stay in Chicago. How much more of a foregone conclusion would Dwyane Wade beat. If he didn't make the move to go somewhere else and really try to do something special yeah I I don't I don't know where do you draw the waters two years at the end of his career going to be talking about the dates you'll never ever speak about the last two years of what he went disappeared in Chicago didn't. Given that we think it would opt in the heat on differ between three point eight and then go to LA where rethink that you know LeBron the banana but you may end up in a year from now they can't do that this year anyways I'm with a bronze contract. Or come back to the heat in a year for now heard very little money to retire with. Money trades your legacy never does I mean is it he's made a 179 million dollars claim bass on his career and and that's was is on the court as bath and I've learned more in line asking relying on I'm Kenny Perry to our real union Newton make significant on and I'm not one of those who says hey when you made this much money what's the war how much more money you need libel idealism massive difference between 65 million dollars and 24 million dollars like I I wholly get that okay bought. I also like like I I wonder I wonder how works when when you've made a 179. Million dollars. You want five million dollars and be happy or do you want to 24 million dollars and maybe be happy but I. Are you going to be. And I need to be doing right now that's why as a means decision is easy seeing where these other offers even come from anywhere is getting five million dollars well. They're certainly teams that he would be less happy than being on the. On C android team like Miami. You know that that's that's more than five million guys I'm John can I get the thought process on this well we're talking about the MBA from a basketball work guys have the ability to show up. At basketball practice or. Through their facility later on there's not like an off season involved there's not. Other pre season is Alex summer league's work guys have extenuating circumstances were there hanging around for the first month and a half two months to get ready for a season. It's not like a lot of other major sports drug dealing with Hillary I don't activity is decent facility all summer already. Yet intellectual asset. Official and I got to doing Wainwright and I guess it's not gonna be the one of those guys is going to be the guy that's on vacation enjoying his time away from basketball because when he's there. He's there is my little guy here and now. Right so I'm thinking. I can handle five months six months. Of misery. Or 24 million dollars I couldn't handle five million dollars and smiling. For the same high amount of months now among dormant. On the Tony for god memorandum of 24 and a. And the when he I think it depends ratify it comes from go to Cleveland to hear him oh it definitely depends what comes yes. Deathly depends you don't get much when he made you want like election ninety million dollars among. Greedy and I I it it's reached its its common sense. And even greedy it's green man I. Mean it's it itself. Preservation and put it this way the next the picture nineteen million dollars is not gonna change doings life. Add all the American would change I don't think she may let me bring grandkids may be losers grandkids section ninety million dollars million dollars utterly what I believe. Gathered Greinke is better get a go to work and figure out their own god and fortunes. Oh yeah let me know all of ours out for your daughter's. Hey don't go anywhere caught that at 720 weren't exactly got to get. Your boat entered into next week's U on fishing tournaments all internment we're gonna get you up where you say you'll with a free entry your bucks okay you wanna get on that's. Listen to an excellent job. Among them. It's score. I sell. You know next weekend its view on the fishing. You hall of fame pitching turner raced back to Dallas Ron Clark June 23 June 24 Ted Hendricks sees those. Its all time UN grave robber is going to be there bunch of bunch Caine stars of tapes. Entering your book too expensive. Taylor are about 600 dollar deal yet expensive blushing you know you get your bucket if you get all the captains merchandise stuff like that it's it's a really cool event man and then. Again on Saturday after you're looking at plan against first I'm planning it's going to be catering the food this year so. It's going to be it's gonna be really really cool back to back two day event would now were gonna get you a free entry. We're gonna get you boat into the turn that next weekend for freeing him to partake in all the events are just so people know it's not a moron on its. A lot of people say at the postcard and but for the most part it's going to be based out of founder's park which is right there around. Mile marker 86. And change 87 may be but this rate there. Array in the heart of cammarata there's so it'll be it'll be real nice about oh here's what we got okay this is how you don't when we're gonna do it today. Who won his. The five starting offensive lineman. Brett national championship team okay 2001. Right now now this is not for. It's the game that was in 2000. Three to 2002 season and then the game into those blurry. This is do your your team that won in 2000 once again took place in 02 Greg technically generally for the vote to get this when you beat Nebraska case at the old one. National championship and there is a little bit of a trick that when there's a little did right hand turn the Arabic you're right that's why you listen right now because Romberg right now is going to tell you who the starting five once. And you're gonna listen next hour freer you to call who was a starting five for that team and you give us the starting five if you're listening right now. Robert is tackling knew who the starting five was cup. From the left side and you deal Bryant McKinnie the monster then you're groaning and moving down in regards spot shook Rogers who started the year off. But then blew his knee out and that's a trek Ed Wilkens was a woman filled and that was train and it was mark ambivalent and I was walking Gonzales sites and there you go out so McKinney. Wilkins Romberg. A blow who is a clone Brock Lesnar. And and and Joaquin writes rights and there you have so that was your starting five on the offensive line. Now as protecting Ken Dorsey in Qichen that Nebraska asks okay. Next hour and you disagree Q called some point next hour. We are going to tell you wouldn't this year chance to win. First person calls and gives us the starting five for the Rose Bowl and boom you're gonna win that boat entry now. Don't trying call open win if you're not able to go if you don't have a bow if you don't want to gut. Don't be stupid okay if you got a boat and you wanna go this is for you sit next hour and 8 o'clock hour. Makes you listen for your Q call so Romberg is. Owned by the way I should also mention. Loves art shows got right hand heal them by ten hell is gonna join them at 9:15. This morning okay. So you wanna she'll listen that shrines and l.s gonna join them 9:15 this morning the dolphins quarterback he will join them. And there Uga coming on zero from him coming into this segment I turn on I turn my might be a little bit early so. As you were yelling Gloria and Romberg off fair about how a sweater. I know about about how they surge I let the outside they why are you ready Sergey. Agents in swear or say. I they Sergey the food. What you were yelling about. Is because text or written and as you're going to Brazilian steakhouse. And you're licking your chops with bacon wrapped again caught one man. Look it was the first thing I keep my mind a strategy as. An online it's out with rolling over the years later today definitely it's on the menu they survey. I think on the menu is not too. Put up with me grabbed one of the best that's what any mention or to me a little delays rep in the bacon right through for the chicken hearts wrapped in bacon have those as well. It's every single to resigns say cows what are you have a chip. They so it's. His powerful second deuce and progress from odd odd ID myself I know called Kennesaw and his. Eric and out on the I'm a whole lot and he owes me toward a lot eating and I'm starting to realize that's our game Gabi unlocked again the guys and I'd go before you meet me an. Lou I mean they warily I'm really emanates sausage you'd that's deceased Sally as we don't need no nonsense about Sony reason. You know he's he can mean red link takes good. Putting a part of it was at moon was a antics couldn't put. And doubled the action man. And jewels cells in the Jewish. Oh really like match me. But beens as what do you we have another drama and don't do loans won't win another time in the morning America is as 350 dollars for all star game seats too much. But it is sixty dollars for a deal. Now I'm not painful it's wrong not best that I've got a. I'd say it's not that that's a more expensive UD did say you did tell her I'm like I'm learning that the end. My mind a little idea was Martino apparently drawing is two dollars not bad deal walking into one of these places. I've never been in one before you've never been in that sex is not now or never and I don't like we have problems I don't like it I just never yeah. I'm afraid there's going to be a guy in the corner assault himself you know I mean I'm just kind of weird about that I just I don't wanna I don't wanna see anybody you me and I don't like it paid you'd go oh I feel emasculated nice ones where there's. Nothing like that app and Oprah's the place is the place is clean. Just because this is it's clean it's just taboo from Sony and he's he's driven arsenal and Roberts are talking about going into the the story. You're talking about like the novelties. Is we never did and when you never commandeer and we deer wait to read Halloween costumes and are not a lot of women go there for her you know costume party. I just found out that a photo went on Tuesday how to save 20%. Dammit I don't I'd I don't like those stores like I can't go in there and I feel like people are looking at me in their reckon I mean harness. Is that yeah hasn't said to me because I taping day can't told you want to hustler when I first are working yet that's got I was told me. I Albanian and be elegant hustler anymore we it would have meteor recognized. It that's embarrassing Rio. I mean. You know sure to be and why is it appears you amateur should not be embarrassing year old I don't believe it you know isn't it. An adult woman now I will still tell you with a story like hustler indeed open a huge majority of the story is not. And those sorts of novelty items that Romberg was shopping for a when I mean there's a lot of vetoes mausoleums close your regular clothing mart like. That places it's really in my life I let my mind blowing yesterday I want to merits all the stuff that's gone on I'm sure is a person. New wasn't there and I feel it around you when they're brought up the mail when they're immediately I'm kind of like. Doing what he's looking around like OK I'm standing here once spot but I'm looking myself for you only like a mission on a solo mission rush can't find it when I'm buying her now all right so I'm just sitting there and we still in around. It didn't hurt you my boy when you saw everything that's available. That your wait could go purchase by may be. The replica. Of your deal now more into my wireless pressing of the Bertie. My wife for nineteen inch giant block not really what I'm looking for at this point time in my life. I'm looking legislate going and doing my big the good thing you know the the nice pay emigrate husband and I don't think enemy kind of deal. Which I was not the case I'm aware that I. Iman nice husband here's your anniversary did it in your anniversary gift of a plot code it's your mind hunt could cut our hands and you are crazy yeah yeah yeah and he's usually god nobody actually in so doing give us how old style or might you talk a little self control. Treasured gift of my ame deal and I'm looking around the stores any events. On and the and personal to people that work in their mean. Skeptical really skeptical but they're not judge you mean their late. No I don't run there I don't know judge I'm still uncomfortable so I look at her she's a dagger and I help you and houses like. I'm not prudent first bomb thinking that it's gonna be like our our ports are working now on account and then something Eminem walked and m.'s media. Nights but I walked in there and obviously hey slob. That bad but I was late can she was gonna help you arrested. Yeah I'm looking forward. The clone Willie is keenly right Billick I'd be laughing isn't saying yet. I beauty in an when he knew receipts but I don't feel so ridiculous as Obama arrive again. Clone Willie. And the she goes oh yeah hold on let's go home just walked to the back Graham Nash and the leading yet the clone Willie. And I am I am kind of like I'm I'm listening to her describe. How this thing works and how it operates and hires boasted do this and then. Still sounds dangerous he's talent he added to. I'm I'm I'm embarrassed for you at this point but with the way that she uses her verbiage is not like it's a medical terminology don't mean to sound like she's trying to be you know PC. It's just straight empty words MP words and see words on be so embarrassed I'm Julie get adults I'm certain sweat a little bit must align well when tennis was a little bit and then and she starts going in the lubricants and has a cycle Catholic I think a good amount. I guess covers ever enough you know we're gonna jump people sort of coming and historic and I had done some myself I don't know who had an inordinate human. So amateur I got it yes we already know. And the worst part about it is African door doing so allowed every time you go in and out of it. So he got an exact person coming and I sneak out of which recently dining out of course you can't make eye contact anybody this head down. Anyway if anything else and additions that is she's an Bernie Ellis editor Kurt the two enemies we still have this. Usually I get home so this is you order a wedding anniversary gift it's us. And we hear assists thirteen. Paris is another teen yeah I attend this year I attends here at I mean that's letting me let me idiots that don't buy her clone a willing. She likes. I think that unregistered elevens are buzzing PS does present a Miami on tequila register close samurai are gonna see there today coolest going to be there. And D. J. White I mean who knows you need. DJ's gonna be their right. The data into the northeast eating dinner meet our new species beginning our conversation on the mid day I think it was yesterday or the day before about you know it is strategically placing beast in you not next to one another I told you I like peace and he's a nice guy albeit doesn't like him. But to listen the mid bishop then oh well don't like you hope aren't. He's so deliberate that you're in vis a beef. I I don't have I don't Brohm and all I told and tonight's east doesn't beat. And neither has got IP is a wanna be friends got enough those in his life that's OK I'll want to on the so they several undies a great sponsors who are held Macon today have been audience keel. Essays Nicki on Miami team ambulance on the owned. A busy noticing guards he's goes well we just as above it the Miami Heat. Brian fuels and dancers convenience stores. And all gains thanks again from everyone here at 790 and FM one a four point three HD to the ticket there's no way that peace can eat that food right I mean he's got his is. Thing going on brightly he he can't eat all that meat right. I'm wondering if you could break it down as much as in Houston that's one thing and doing with red meat right takes about a at least 48 hours when breakdown of these pieces stake relief. Haven't he'll take you 24. Chicken picture 2.4 in between eighteen and 24 that's why it's always good if you're pretty eager meat protein. You and do like a different style of of love meat as opposed having red meat your body takes a long time provided avert that I mean I'm not so I am. I'm wade Al into this. Lakers Celtics thirty for thirty on his pals watch and again last night okay. They last night don't watch in a much import three okay else watching who's news reported Caylee much in part three is. Did you two nights ago part three but I'm watching classics what from sun so watching the I was watching her one last night they'd be replayed at target amounts are replay oh yeah are simply replaying them. I'll watch in port three Lessig threes at the most inching once meet its older and eighty cents a lot of stuff that there's like things are remember there. There's also a sub I was really young so I forget it's okay. But like you what I mean or. Carolina was in alive so there's all sorts of stuff and that I didn't know that was that I thought was really interesting enemy and what's remarkable too is just showing. The I mean the stuff that was going on back then it would you know racial issues of course and end our. Also so pervasive in the NBA as well because it is such a unique sport I suppose in terms of how many African American athletes there were participating in the NBA and ends. And then when you actually had one named as coach in what was incredible though was just I mean. Questions that reporters were asking and felt comfortable ass being an I mean it's just. EA is it was sort of just remarkable a livid I mean you know it you know you know what happened when you know it was they are like what. Ollie they were asking. Wind Bill Russell in the culture asking him used player coach here yet you they're asking him do you think that use amazing but you match that I was. A reporter hasn't do you think you can be impartial. And coach without reverse racism like he was going to discriminate against the weight play Ers. Because he is black guy I mean it is just how. Even work with him as player coach mean it when when he's in the game to played most against Bill Russell when he's in the game is like decent coach in charge. You more player coach. Or is he isn't making substitutions and from from the law. Is I'm I'm dead series what is actually happening is the assistant coach George. I mean I think it but I don't know I may assume. And the bronze Alec Blair wrote now are. It's got no I mean one of those who do reasons where he has a lot of power you know essentially behind the scenes they respect his opinion amateur is actually. Calling things while he's active league play each. Ray was player coach houses manager was Pete Rose a player coach and it would just decree would be hard to make the arm. Remember he once. Don't make no. I mean and yet he might be like intertwining really was here on I don't I don't think Simone I thought he was he rose as player coach at one point. Was been player coach for Bill Russell obviously James. I really weren't damaged or burnt him that's it it it isn't seeing. Lou the racism aspect of it. With with Bill Russell and of course is Boston OK cool I'm glad he's reputation art well now that's part one has a lot to do with bonds stand and then the introduction of Larry Bird and you know how how the re soul environment. While watching party last night OK and it's it's it's you know the Celtic teams in the mid to laid him irate about Pete Rose was player coach Wright and that Nancy was what year was. On an almost have been. Its slimmest Sany 4086 seasons. Player coach how long I knew it a new. So anyway the this is in the mid to late eighties and in other shown the Celtics. Where. Like 75%. In the league is black. And Celtics. 75% of the Celtics are whites then and nine white dudes on the team. And you know that's likely not a coincidence it's almost in and you'll all horror. No you're you're appealing to your to your audience okay tear treat race. And I thought and it now now let's also not forget you know the EEB Celtics can be. You know considered a racist town and balls in B series is down subs can be 75 or some white but the fact the matter is. I mean you know the winning championships so clear that big it players still. That Rosie to see where Bryant Gumbel is one of the guys who was being interviewed at this point OK I don't really interesting points where. Yes obviously you have the whole racial and white aspect to the Celtics in Boston in the eighties and yell lot of white players in the league is lack. Okay except maybe with Red Auerbach would that point of course the presence. But he's running the team and you know maybe uses video is less about. Getting white players in a white tone. And more about trying to find the type of player who was undervalued because no one else wanted them Blake. In the eighties in a predominately black league where the black players are likely better and he's finding. Lot of white guys were being overlooked in a really good players in help Larry Bird Kevin Mikhail. Fame so okay. And then you look back to the sixties work you know what in a league that was predominately white and black players being overlooked yet he went on to build Russell. You know so maybe it was less about and really using point or maybe it's less about. Trying to appease the fan base in all sitting getting white players and it's more about finding that undervalued player who. No one else is really looking acts. Thought of it like that and those root cause we don't know like demanding a Bill Russell on him at some really interesting point they would make in their. Art one did focus a lot I would at least I haven't seen the entire part one yet but the part of what's did focus a lot on the racial tensions inbox or. That sheet of rivalries and lead into the and via. And then of course I I shut it off plus and watch the rest of it today. Where Isaiah Isiah Thomas. Gets into that hole. Like he's all in trouble because he and the was Dennis Rodman as well I remember correctly. Where Isaiah out there but you know back then was in nineteen. Yet probably in like 8780. Eights and pistons and Celtics became a big deal. And me in 87 celtics' loss a lakers in the finals 88 pistons lost the lakers in the finals bios knows. Celtics and pistons in the Eastern Conference and Isiah makes that he makes the comments how Larry Bird. If you are black Q to speed average player that the only reason that everyone gives him all its attentions because he's white that you are black you just be average he's not that good. It hampers or Rodman back to mop it was a good. Deal at the time. And Isaiah is an all kinds patrolling a shot if I remember correctly and and I shut off right when they were getting to that hearts and it is certainly can man like. Isaiah Angel at all like guys there you don't on I've never liked Isiah and you know it and here's rim. I'd inches Ambien around Isiah. I don't wanna talk to Isaiah. Remember I remember love it's hard to this one event that one of the steak houses were Isiah Thomas is back Danny was the F by U coach there and and Isiah Thomas like the gas is the ARRIS. Years ago. I refuse to go because I don't wanna be around Isiah because he's got that huge smile. And and it's like that call us honored to be won over yes that's what he would do in the evil evil real in the OK you'll conned me. Into into believing that he's a great dude he's got that. And so my goal you know. And the way he hawks seized charming Isiah I have a seat at the comics strange because he's so charming growing up from where the army is the English learners and so when I was 910 years old prison not mean I don't like guys are hot. And in Isaiah was this sweetheart he was on all the commercial real con man who's doing all the united waste yup although although the boys and girls clubs very marketable always smiling and he was a swine. On happen hi I'm I'm not putting myself in that situation. From to sweet talk me all the sun life ball under his tell all about that that. Lot of sectors are pointing out but of course the earth as a player I just why it was such a big deal him betting on games bank is it possibly fixed gains is not just a player. I understand their. What are you pretty good way to deal we've layered coat would just managers of big and Merrill lots absolutely. I think it's a bigger deal for the manager. Because if it and forget the playing part of player Pete Rose deadly cared so much rally play Pete Rose is gonna play pour himself. I think there's less of a chance of him manipulating the game. I as a player. Compared to minute delay in the game as a manager to manage a year human appealing all kinds of pieces in the game as as a player. He's either tries hardest Leah and you only have such powers where fights right it's it's and it just big deal for the manager and player. Again it was users flail that's right down three pigeon no easy these you want to play well as a manager now. You can manipulate hundreds of things like that so much bigger deal man yeah. Ears you guys talking about doing things the warriors through the last finals to get their money for game five. So even makes it it makes it into the they can get Kevin Durant. Oh you mean last year stick. It through the vinyl blasters but it Evan grant that is who got the area and a look on her right I'll take on the consideration. Amber's got your headlines plus in the 8 o'clock hour. Yet that 2001 cain's trivia question you listen pre Q Nicole. You tell us the answer that question all give it to you again coming up and we're gonna say you up you when your boats were negate entered in the fishing tournament. Next week. Yeah OK yeah. Okay yeah. Okay. And keep get peppered with these videos and from robbery to Jim. Pretend like he's working out and pretend like he's playing ball. Run around the streets of pine crest made insulting videos and trash talking to himself. Bogeys this away yeah writes it's going to be really disappointing when he loses its. Tiger recover from that figure while dump fire doubled for you to recover. You'd be rights and inside. Hamas a shoot around between the three games are shooting right. Yeah lay lay it counts against same two boys don't steal our right to get her out that's. Yeah myrtle layups cutting the scene with dunks this I am Dublin south site game OK I'm about that just. Okay. Okay. Okay he's not distract man. As much does your you know an island Limbaugh. You know here is here it does well in here.