ZRA Part 2 6-19-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, June 19th

Paul George to Miami tea leaves, Big ass engagement rings, Fake NBA rumors


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Dancers dressed in on calls for a couple of kids excited 67 I imported embassy to buck movie's weekend. I did not. -- As that's the story and not quite as it wasn't an associate opening weekends and he told us that he gets a tax. I told my mind I did that on the radio last week leading here is a good opening weekends and let's ask him. I'm aren't being donuts again. Also the very next weekend's yet ball we'll see you mean like in the reviews. Although it's a high I'm John eyes some people ons as the media saying it was good okay. When I look at prime yeah does not run tornadoes now because now what how Giuliani spore yet now now it is what it is it's not really gonna change whenever it's that now let's see. All eyes on me 24%. Is that the audience or or the no I don't care about the ought to give me the audience score early on its who has been behind me the only cause seventy cents a seventy year I don't hear the critics score and do I like. OK I hear all of the people are saying I'm up you know I'm a woman at the people's I'm. Boy I'll tell you this this Tom Cruise the mummy I think it looks cool holy god is again terrible reviews 16%. 16%. The mommy no Bueno doesn't look cool song Kreutz. Now gets no Bueno it must be terrible. What Melissa see opening weekend and it looks bad to mean really my sanity so now my parents. I just don't make good movies. Is Tom Cruise still make good movies. I don't know I've never seen those Jack reach her films in a new Jack reached her movie come out recently of those movies good and two people like those movies. It's about us yeah. And in the garden taking him I thought it was really tough one that he did with Jamie Foxx were Jamie Foxx is driving our money's not an online nobody I thought he was a bad motor scooter than it was a movie called again Hilary talk and he's hit. Hit even hit man and daddies hit in them you know I was a really good for the time ago. A bit of the movie with him recently that was pretty O I I haven't seen it but apparently it's pretty good is that that the edge of tomorrow with Emily Blunt. Where he keeps. He keeps going back and timely easy and reliving the same war you don't talking about Colby edged Martin movie apparently is really it's a scifi movie the movie apparently pretty good. Carl. Tom Cruise though apparently I don't know we still hasn't of the box office his second week is moving the money. Only fourteen million dollars that's a much made week one but obviously it's nuts on me very much money at that point. I'm anyway I guess Eddie Texans shown Coral Springs normal Ki attacks line 67 ninths import Cleveland did. Gets pulled George Weisel cancel regular season go straight to the finals that we LeBron does have to wrest the trees a league who as adultery. The regular season. Beating up that. To all treated. The regular season. Aren't many doing articulate I'm not really sure that means means he's cheated on the regular means you. Hotel bar in order to last arisen in a text says ridiculous at full grown man like some whites out assignments sponge Bob remake that. Full grown ninety a tanks there is no fun. That's what I think. And other textures as he ever tell you man put a ring on incident quite texting you about a boring conversation am Summers and cold though. I loved her I sent him that tell you wake up please call you mr. putt putt about a nice area there it up with some of the fellows of the mine and you and gonna get mad at him for trying to lay the law down and out. Yeah some although there's not reading on my hand early July on that and know that I might be digging. You know I don't strain put a promise during on competent as you likely to do your boyfriend know how big you want the diamonds are being. What have you ever to hold him how big you want to be yet seen them mama told me wooden. And it isn't out of five carats a liar or negotiate. Towards what's what's your what point in leaving. I got excited today and I you know iron on game that I leave some mornings so I cap. All white body and spoiled on climate parents. And let's really close race starts that off. Who and joking. We're all academia are now. There noise during big it's big again I guess. We're in your wait let me put it on and do you really learned my hand is really being myself. Around the. And one that he got the original the third upgrade yet and I guess how can I guess a big isn't Zimmer I saw a year ago members of my shares it doesn't yell and searing. It has really easy to reduce its really an unbelievable I guess audience I'm ready guessed that that ring that your wife is currently wearing is the not the center stones five. June milestones are thugs like its Larry kids are all right no one's saying now owns five Madonna and lady over nine years. What do you book and T nice we started there I put on numbers of whites and rain while we're at a UM game. And I made sure to happen. I am it's just a near suggesting it was severe she is the exact. Exact thing rings eyes it was very I yeah. On the line. So that's the bottom Harris our guys this is the body is just about loss and we're likely that's at a 100000 dollar ring. Indeed the match may be north of that earlier. Another and so big and that's not all is the only thing you got to worry about the band because you know you can't go with a cheesy banditry gonna ruin. Put a mostly I just lined. I think you would just be like as single diamond like it's my right Veronica and man like you but. You want that now but then again you're not going to be wanting to Wear that out all the time especially were removing the office two you're not going to be told mapping around. Not really getting it by ear bring it. Told digger why tell you how she wanted the ring no diamonds. Well as a good going there since Williams surveillance on him as soon as amber and that's way immunity to understand our capitol into account. I love her arm. Around me out grows big fat fatty access to do love him for him trailed. Show me had bad thinking he was big bat out of the primary her for her money always is comes from is once got some money anyway I know is that my daily Hughes who stricken the waiters and it's just bringing bread. Those first day broke his joke meant that you try to get him signed a the what I am now and how I behave absolutely it was a milestone. Let's take sporting goods. Headlines desk these these WEB XY AM South Miami and WS at this age age old Miramar. These headlines oblige you by Sam's Club that made this your best forward ever would delicious savings at Sam's Club. Save on sharp rolled juicy pork baby back rims apple pie and playing more sapphire museums club dot com today. And be free agency is in a full of facts. Quote is reporting oppose horrors a sold these are to blame so we even free agency after this season. No surprise he reportedly Aybar signing with the lakers when he's a free dinner. India has reached out to teams to see they're interested in trading for Paul George. In this season that includes Cleveland ESPN's reporting that the caps are willing to enter trade talks for him without assurances that ECB on the season. It was confident its championship culture we'll sway him to stay here is we don't worse. This is the windy Santa. The browns under contract for one more year so in the Bronx size. I know how he thinks. He says go get me Paul George and Dan Gilbert's gonna say wait a minute of it played a minute here. I can't I can't stand all this money you know at trade away a guy that I got under contract for multiple more years and Kevin Love. I kid gimbal. That the tour you guys are gonna walk on me and the brawn is mindset is let's try to win the 2018 NBA championship that's we're gonna try to do. And deal with Jeff think that way. Makes it here's the thing. Did the exact same thing and Andrew awakens you dad doing either way Andre and I cabin month. No I understand you had Andrew Williams under contract for you know many years and you trade him away for free agents being Kevin Love went the eggs and. You didn't think LeBron is leaving then the next year and they'll touch me or where any under Reagan's eats he wasn't content only one what do you have on gloves he was not under contract for her one year re wasn't going to leave I mean you knew you some more confident he wasn't going to leave than you do after this season. Especially when the rumors are that he's going to go to LA. Seem rumors about Paul towards do you lose both of them and you lose your opportunity to build for the future if you get ready kept them luck well luck. AA you're gonna be right he's bargaining tapped yet be right because we heard it from wind or straight there and he knows what everyone is thinking and what they're all gonna say I mean it's it's the cupboard we just heard the entire conversation. So moving ought. And so it is sentence notice on. So big strain in the number one pick to the 76 Ers Philly intends to draft Washington's mark health all Sears bolts. First brought the are pure muscle as a as a player and as young man just being humble and I think are just a hard worker we do every Tuesday no need to go 201. So it's a shocking. You know Alitalia. So so so here's raptors up. The sixers it'll become official today have acquired an immortal overall pick for Thursday night they're going to select more helpful they flew an in flight emergency work outs. Over the weekend. Before they signed off on the deal so affiliate choirs and number one pick they're gonna select more skillful and the Celtics had worked him out as well. Yet the Celtics are are getting arm they're swapping picks in the first trounce the Celtics double slick number three overall and Celtics also get. Next year's first round pick from Philadelphia. It's raw more. The Los Angeles Lakers watts. The sixers have put a protection on that okay. It's protected between picks too. And fought. So that's so funny but. If they don't then get that picket the pick lands between two and five minute stays of Philadelphia. And then into when he nineteen. Boston and instead gets Sacramento's. Which for everything that I've read I I I haven't seen at its protector and that's my guess is that it's not so. They they swap picks this year and that also getting another first round pick which is likely going to be pretty hot. What does this mean. Obviously Philadelphia thinks it more gulf Fultz is a franchise who saw play oak cranked. And it's a really cool thing for Philadelphia especially because they've been bad for awhile it's a really cool thing for Philadelphia because that means that Conan to this season. They are going to trot out alongside shall unbeaten but they're going to trot out. To. No more picks in the immortal Fultz and bent Simmons as a member incidents what was you don't ask your concern is one of you wasn't so. Ian played in Russia has been injured so they are sent out to number one overall picks both of whom. Are supposed to be franchise caliber players OK that's. Really cool for Philadelphia. The flip side Boston what's Boston don't hear. It means that they either don't think full so. Is a franchise. Player. Rate or they really believe and Isiah Thomas. And what they have well and they wanna stockpile ascent. From morons sitting. If you're Boston. And you think mark health Fultz is a franchise higher which most people do this and in my business OK I don't know about that stuff. But most people do and Philadelphia. Cool you're really. Believes he's a franchise player as you given up another first round pick from okay. Clearly believe he's a franchise player. For me it. Means a ball since trainees picks and getting a superstar player right now. 'cause if you Boston. You don't trade down two spots OK. If the kid at number one is going to be franchise player if you Boston. Each rate down two spots is also pick up another asset in next year of very hyper jump pick. And you wanna to acquire another high first round pick along with this year's high first round pick its rich red clay Butler for a legitimate store. Right now to meet it means that Boston is not keeping that number three overall pick. Zero to acquire big time player by Thursday. And it's. Which I think is Smart on Boston's part because I think Boston's in the position to add one more piece and I knew who you have a very legitimate shot at making it. Two of the NBA finals and actually have a legitimate shot at beating the warriors but he certainly have a legitimate shot of making it to the finals. I then the other. Aspect of this though is some people are theorizing that the Celtics really once. Who's they've waited and now I'm just passing and Kansas is Aaron flaw it's guys and I don't get is that who they who the anticipate the Celtics won. And some people are saying that they would that the Celtics won it Jackson Kyrie they want it they'll like him better than all they wanted him at number one. It -- Billy really won its faults and so why not slipped to third and hope the lakers don't take camps are some people are working under that theory is well I tend to agree would you write in their stockpile and their mainland this year and it penetrated all. For. Did you want mettler they wanted to get some zoom another hit that vacant package. They Al lot of high first round picks out just added another one okay either from LA next year or from Sacramento the following year. They're going to trade. One of those picks along what number three overall now it can be for old George it could be for Jimmy Butler. Oh whoever else I don't know blood. You can't trade weighed in a moral overall pick and it's going to be a franchise. Caliber player. We gonna have forever he's nineteen years old more skillful. You only do it's if you're gonna wind up trading for a star player majority status in league a ball is making I don't think he's a friend to aspire. Rule proven thing is what I'm I'm Berlin like in his fact that not only did this organization learn something. In losing last year but they'll they they found out ultimately what would the missing pieces of the puzzle war they found out what the deficiencies of the Cleveland Cavaliers were. Not because they played in the because we watched another team play against them and just to annihilate them so I think that as an organization as a scouting department. Knowing where you sit. Is probably the most important things warmer you lack what you don't like the fact that they came out of that thing. Without injuries. I think there's no question market in the early but sometimes your question mark of one your players you can come back healthy do we need to find another solution for that possibility of him not playing anymore or or him having limited minutes I think that would Boston you know exactly richer which you've got. And what you need to matter what you need to subtract I think there's a question mark. With Cleveland Cleveland who he we have our Big Three. But then again we need to add this we need to do that we've been there are so many things in the Cleveland area that better better a little bit grey. But you really don't know at this point time on on what the procedures going to be. Who's going to be staying was going to be going clearly. Boston knows exactly what they need to do by making this move adding Boston's actually trading candidates. Pot if you get Jimmy dollar is way adopting him. He opting in is is he opting in Chicago without Butler. To quash from. To question Arnold I don't think wasting you don't get see there's there's nothing worse you. What got him either way it is at the ages that and not he would opt in and then take the buyout owning it's I think it's decent theory I mean I. I saw my theory like someone suggest Saturday and I think it's totally possibility that it's a good theory that that that that. Person tweeted that meet up but I I I think wade is going to opt out I don't at reliant on the packet timing and butler's not there I can imagine waiting. Op well. Here's some money I just have it marked helpful she was one odd Demi might not been about money is it Martel Fultz is is the player that everyone thinks he is if he's the player that Philadelphia. Certainly thinks I don't hire back confident that he's app player. It is on he's bad guy always seen didn't meet the NCAA tournament if he's that guy I don't care how much you like one of these other kids via Boston. You can't trade out of that spot so to me it was not picking up another asset which they did it. And they're going to flip those picks by Thursday night and that's a final that's a book. That's a championship in 2000 eight's OK they had the number five overall pick a year they traded to Seattle for Ray Allen OK and then that. Enticed Garnett. To agreed to come over to Boston via trade from Minnesota lately they've done this before. In the tech series and Isiah Thomas can't play and another ball dominant guard Josh Jackson is 69 defender and score I mean that is. What some people are guessing is that the Celtics actually want Jackson and that it well and it Jackson or faults. Well Isiah Thomas is only under contract at least one more year along I admit bill a lot of little things about it. Very well it right sodas or by Boston right sodas loss and you got yourself it's apparently about a year ago the word is that Danny Ainge tried to trade Isiah Thomas so you gotta ask yourself and a year from now well the next offseason. Are you giving. A five foot eight. Guard. Who can't defend anything okay. And obviously who you know when you're going up against the star player is a guy like LeBron is gonna shut down offensively you give animal 170 million dollars. I think said this is an indication that you bar. I think there are two I think that they would've Capps is if they weren't intending to do that I think this is an indication that that they are and the main do you think that they can win a championship Isiah Thomas. Maybe Marla well. People keep texting and about Isiah getting injured mom talking about a catastrophic injury were guy might not be able to come back I think they set Isiah down have a limited limited injuries obviously going to be healthy for next year but to address that comment yet. I'm I'm talking about more the catastrophic injury a broken or EC dollar that type of. I Osama given Isaiah Thomas and sentiment outpouring they will. I think that's fine and anyway these is your cover on time I like Isiah Thomas did did you know leading data height. They know they need height you need to know these things Eads eyes. But that doesn't mean he can't have Isiah Toms out there and opt I think I think neutrinos picks but Thursday. Miami Marlins lost two out of three of the Braves thanks to a bullpen meltdown there's Austin Atlanta or sorry night print ballots at the game winning hit. Marlins closer nationals tonight 710 via first hits. Bricks cap era won the USO then as a boy Robert assume present. Please matter. And finally Michael Phelps will race as great white shark during shark week. Yeah in his eight years Shockley got he's overrated. No one gets all excited about shark Korean too much germ great mix magma of hair on the back minor crow because they know what's care it's football camp season. I'll haunt me and it's these that you about your hotel room around 10 o'clock at night in it's shark week you saw National Geographic and I know. It's football time when we're sharp we expect NIC. It any us generally good. We can end it there and I say add one point to sell we give away paired tickets for you to see should spell at the feel more. That's coming up this hour's urine only weren't dad's got a good show I'll consider don't that we'll see don't feel and I don't know what is coming Renaissance. The red. Once there you go amber. Red tip my tong and asked me or. Does George saying is going to be out of India enemy for the heat next. Diamond trade deal. Paul George or Gordon Hayward. If good. Nolan or not they were. From the Colorado Rockies hit for the cycle completing the cycle with a walk off home run up to him moves came out. That isn't that and also move. Hits for the site. Hole with a walk off home run. It's awesome. It's it would be considered arrogant right. Two to go ahead like kind of encapsulate that day with a bunch of pictures like making your collage may be campaigning a mural somewhere on wall your home but would that be. Of that tank you. Seeing juggles so. Hurting his voice letting him paint a mural on the wall love is something you're painting a mural on models known are not only in the cycle army home. Joining is finally doing gladly A-Rod style marine like. My yearly cents or something he's really for maybe like a picture or with your hammer in the year. And then like my face on it is around sore you want joining the call will call home run for the cycle area let's hear that. Coincidence pitch. Gets the cycle. With a war zone three run. Winning them over. My fly is teammates. Please his ball mark rock did the Iraqis. Sweep the giants. In a four game series. For the first time in franchise history. They're still all alone in first place. Finals school Rockies seven. Giants five. The Rockies are twenty games over 500. Past record in the National League and never again aspects. I never wanted doughnuts. Best in the NL. How he didn't know they were good. I Datsyuk. Have. No idea had no idea compose and more loans right now at camp annoyed with them because they had an opportunity this weekend and they. Wind up with to walk off losses to the lousy in Atlanta Braves anyway. So Paul George over the weekend the and by the way have never had a cycle no one's ever hit for the cycle right it's never happened no cycle that six dollars. Six or seven now. 127. They'd never hit for the cycle in the cycles civil hard. It's more impressive than the no hitter right. There's so many more known era history based on news cycle aria cycle so amenable there really are but the cycles crazy hit for the cycle. Anyway. Zealots you sound jealous at how dumb things and I got rings show work so he didn't name is Paul George pulled Georgia what's the pacers know over the weekend. That he's going to leak. You leave that demanded a trade requesting a trade but he's letting them know that he is going to leave. After the 2018 season. We just sort of like doing the same thing as your putting Indiana position ready breeding must have betrayed your. That that's that's their decision that your your your commits them through the remainder of your conduct Healy you while going get nothing I agree. I agree so I mean it's not I mean it's okay yes it's their decision. They essentially do you know you were all right but come on. Yes what effect did he. Hazy you know was being reported is that his people leaked historian because it leaked the story. Then it becomes a very very difficult situation for Indiana. Because now teams know Ole then he's going to the lakers are wants to go to the lakers. Or at least one of the Los Angeles teams in a year had a story not been leaked and he had just privately told Indiana. I'm not a year and a year you guys might wanna think about doing something about that then Indiana pentagon and treated for and in teams would have no he's not. Obviously for aids free agency in a year but they wouldn't necessarily known that he's definitely wants to go to LA it's not how I out back to the story puts Indiana really difficult situation. Let's figure out how to gets out lately been what you just said OK it it doesn't seem like its servers Indiana. Any benefits. So leak that knowed very much harms India soul so what is the benefits. Of all Georgia side. Leaking at that. He has informed the pacers. That he's going to leave via free agency in a year from now and that he prefers the lakers what what. Is I Izzy plays it Paul George's people trying to get old but it hurts to play and and trade for him now all I would say hey I mean but at the lakers know he's gonna go there anyways I don't know why now why magic would do that wound magic just sit. Other teams from trying to work out a trade with the Indiana because. They're like hey we don't give up a ton for Paul George when he's going to wind up leaving for the lakers put upon the lakers OPEC. Training for poll George. You know the lakers trade for Paul George let's say. Indians clearly gas and number two overall it okay fine. And Indiana's also likely an ass from one of the younger players to be Julie's brand dole it can be De'Angelo Russell. But just it's one of those guys and the number two overall pick for Paul George he can't do that if you're Los Angeles because. The whole idea. Is to try and compete for chip beach and right now but saint Kabul to three years now me. The ideas compete for a championship. And. You'll get you'll get much closer. To competing for a championship. If you. Paul George you team not trade away all you young pieces when you had pulled George to all those really Olson on peace that's prob not have pulled George. And nothing is probably why the authorities yeah there are yeah that's. It's probably you injuries and Paul George once stick Italy is does he wanna go to lakers they have to get rid of everybody I'm not sure. And also a trade bureau and also if your outlay in year very convinced he's going there anyway is what I'm a wider did you give any help our. Well because you want because you want to eat it here's here's why I think he objects okay. Because. I and it's why the going to loss it first Aussie and as a means very little to me very. All of them and write these years and that he can go somewhere Allison in the culture to change eminent economic staying fine but if you're the lakers and you believe that he's. And he's coming there in a year Peary and and your not that sap that he's gonna his mine's gonna get changed you're gonna roll the dice. I don't do it on the lakers but it but it B lakers you do it because you wanna be it would all from the most money you know. If Miami were to trade for him which I do believe they will trot. And I haven't cease for couple months and net net announce officially thing because they're they're going to trade in India. If I'm Miami. Here. About the prefer is Los Angeles stuff. Trying to make a trade for Paul George and say hey. I got a year of Paul George. Convince him that this is where he wants to be on top of its. Unable offer him 45. Million dollars more. Than any other team as freeagent OK and then it pulled George wants to leave Los Angeles who want to leave Miami Beach. If you wants to leave this this organization. If he wants to leave a team that that would likely be really good. Annie wants to leave the 45 million dollars man we give it a shot yup you want you wanna go to LA OK that's fine. I lay very still wrong legally. That it the heat were to make a move for Paul George. He'd leave the next big cone did he did like go to Miami and it's Ingraham there's that which by the way. Remind me to circle back to that I'm glad you brought that up okay for a double no. I'm destroy it circled back why do we tackle Aaron. Some of the middle very important stuff oh brought up OK. Let him go into anger to circle back to that. If all Miami. I'm trying to hoard after Paul George and the prefers loss and listening means nothing to me okay the heat. Traded for Shaquille O'Neal when he had just one year left and they gave up a Hawn. For Shaquille O'Neal you know why is because you're confident enough that he's gonna like it here and off he's been re silent keep the heat treated for Alonzo Mourning. When he had just a year left on his zeal and power a new hey you know what. I'll be to convince Alonzo Mourning is the place for him he's one of signing a long term contract here. They've done this several times you're confident enough and the guys don't like it here is like the culture isn't like the cities like the team easily organization. They you're gonna wind up keeping them. And it did heats. Woody and not farm it's a roll the dice obviously because he's not resigning ending right now you have to wait a year Nikko wind up giving up speed you know what every to give up. And the wind blows and for not them but it sure. Trying to win here if you mind. Gamble giving your are you winning this year we monitor margin depends what you're giving up. At hesitation I think there's a couple of teams in this in this conference that are. Are looking to do the same thing but a little bit of a better shot of competing for that number looks I don't know how the heat. I I don't know how he would require him does that mean that your involving a third team. That's probably the best way to do it because then you could start throwing assets around in there that they you don't have okay. But if your Miami obviously given the fourteenth pick mass virtual door. And you'd definitely given a one year younger pieces of its Josh Richards entered justice Winslow may be oath okay but even in those three piece right there. Are are probably not likely. Not enough. And I always say it likely incident definitely not enough for two reasons number one Indiana's loss a lot of leverage of last couple days because of the information leaking out great like. I don't know what India has muted yet for Paul George anymore. That's a big problem let's writer Indiana you would have never wanted to salad it's got to be George's people and I hate so that's why he do you have a shot here because Indiana has lost all kinds of leverage. Seems you know a team in a city like Cleveland did. You know Indiana's and ask for Kevin Love. This legal wanna give up Kevin Love was under long term contract when you're cleanly and you get to convince hold George to state their long term. If your team like Miami you eat your competent a union to commence pulled George stay long term. If you're a mid market team you're not gonna give up the hunt for Paula George because you don't know you're gonna be it would keep in you don't they examined some mistake. If you're Miami though you won't make that move and now Indiana's loss all kinds of leverage its like Miami does have a shot here now. I don't know they have enough you know said their fourteenth overall pick Josh Richards injustice wind so it's a bit and it close enough but the same time. Mick rob. But at the same time. I think they had a shot at Goran Dragic and they gave a lot less than ten what I just mentioned to get going on dry heat it up to draft picks okay. Sure one Williams. And Norris Cole. And did egregious corps go under about what number seven and and and Justin Hamilton they gave up less than what I just told you. Who are drug and assembled doors lot better than Gordon. I'll just a lot better and demand more Indiana wells Indian is gonna get offered because I mean at some point dirge is going to take what ever so you get something in return for him it's not a normal trade and I. Similar to have a Goran drug H is it was out there everywhere that one wants out he's demanded a trade so Phoenix had no leverage anymore and on top of its. And also dictated what team he wants to go to. When it's a very similar situation also have been we're. Withdrew dozens and the things like that they'd they really get a lot for him for for their franchise guy and he wants you know that. Wrote this kind of added that everybody in the league knows that. It doesn't feel you takes a much to get these guys away yes I do think you know it's easy look and say hey what are you gonna give up ram but. Indiana's a total leverage so I I I do think that Miami is is in the net. Slip George's people have leaked this. Possibly too obvious it hurt to get the lakers to buy it on him early but then also so the only go to. Only money right but then also so that it even as a lakers don't John. So that the only teams that are in the mix are teams are trying to contend now. Wave your Paul George you might be Indian pay even if LA doesn't enter this conversation the Aggies are rolling the dice on becoming an a year anyways. The only other teams are going to be interested in me a Brighton leaked this information and would be teens who feel like they can compete rate now 'cause otherwise what would be the point. What got you gotta look at the motivation okay and the motivation is coming from Paul George's side. And the motivation is because they want to force their way to LA right now because Tate LA can be his preferred destination in a year from now. But if they could force a trade to LA right now that not only does he gets go to his preferred destination right now but he also gets the money okayed because my and they get the rights and they can give. The bidding of my best of both worlds okay B goes to LA right now so that's magic and I don't motivation. What about Paul George leaking a monster rather he wants to go to Miami OK if it up again. And I'm not as a fascinates library port 07 I need. And we're gonna send you Yossi shoval. Should Els who relied Fillmore July 18 tickets are still right now live nation dot com so caught five right now. Bernsen negotiation they'll piercings zero no nobody I would go there and onto the show. Future yeah I would go I would I would check them out that's pretty equally at the NBA draft on Thursday it's going to be a big theme this weakening heed our BM an opportunity be big players know how does the Chris Bosh Sally work and if there's an amateur external they officially. I mean I am pretty sure they do not officially. Released him yet they don't have that money cleared on the salary cap yet they could be all that onto any case you know works out for their team to trade it. Forehand side I don't know and I am not exactly sure why they haven't released him yet. But that could happen by Thursday and then he'd become big players spores trades are concerned. You had the sixers acquired an immortal overall pick from Boston. I think that means that Boston is going to trade away that number three overall pick plus another pick they're gonna treat pursue personal. A big balls and get mad draft a can't think they're going to package trade for Thursday night. And Philadelphia up makes a monster movement really cool move for a fan base that is been put through a rural stretch over the last 456 years. And and now all the Saturday to be trotting out. Two number one picks and Simmons and likely Markoff faults at Saudi next season to. Law the next individual and beat that's pretty cool U verse six of standing by an act like that's a lot of fun right there. So we gonna get to balls are reasons dram so pulled George apparently. Will all what is important stuff does Levy he'd like something on answer grand. What he liked he liked to comment. When somebody said. Go to Miami. I hate to you like this. You like this harness his duty about it to your seat right now like it's so it is best of my music is so NBA free agency. It is that the liking on in sir Graham. Is a very good comments. You don't know this is they're not violence Ingraham now not. C a normal mr. Graham posed very easy this to throw away alike because GI just double tap the light. It is sometimes like a perfect booty like LeBron James even though he's allegedly zero dark thirty idiocy imperfect booty got alike sometimes it's the highlight however. Get a comment. A guy like Paul George who gets a lot of comments. NBA superstar and a lot of comments and no media asked to go. To his comments. Score all through all of them. And then pick the ones he likes. And I don't see any screen shots of go to Los Angeles joined the lakers however. So I said go to Miami. And he liked it and an and is it real. Or it's real why. He's I mean how do you get more real and that is not an easy thing practically telling you he wants to come demand not take and fake okay. Well so I taxes are also pointing out that his baby's mama. Lives down here and ten and one that he iron and Doc Rivers daughter amber that that's mr. Kerr won that and yeah allegedly offered money to the forests are against you haven't or abortion and then it happened Canadian. Light bring things they could work against us well. I would say. But there's a whole lot of fast lap Liesman baby's mom is done parents but a ballot say it's our guys certitude that is different and not any good to be near has Giles. Maybe maybe she's just got that magic honey pot who knows why the way if anyone believes that we're gonna take down the Paul George jock kiss he faced catfish picture. That we paying enough in our studio then you don't know Jerry keeps real yet do you think that's. Do we don't suit you dearly if the difference the dream Paul George coming to Manny and not coming to mammy was us taking down the photo of Paul George making that is it pays ball is down. Paul George not dictate what happens on the show. He is not remotely and make it down so fast let's also before you you can prove anything else. Let's also not forget Alonzo Mourning coming out last week. And saying. The next he rebuild is going to be special. She humanity they do that and I know you can bring us any non yeah I think. Yeah I think there isn't any. This is that apparently it's been this the sun and breeze okay. Now. Crazy happy couple days ago our rights you know loves the stuff more than anyone slim slim loves this stuff love nick loves. Because he loves Twitter. He loves heats. Need luck he's the type. He's the heat fan Lewis got it wrong he is the heat and who is scouring Twitter and instant Graham and face. For any any type of I'd heat. Rumor nuggets with booklets is sitting on sitting in Utley is sitting on sitting incorrect so far. Well rough and I like eight months I've follow Lance Stephenson and Lybrand now allowed anywhere I can now has a possible connection to called Marci you can't open. Stuff fell out a he loves. And so what happens. But and there's a lot of people like him on Twitter who love this rumor mongering it's fun to rumor mongering. So couple days ago. We get this taxed from slim. It's it's it's copying someone's sweet who writes on its. It it's for all these are the pictures it's a picture. It's a picture of someone. Abbott a nice pros and top table. Sit on the water bunch of boats minutes is paradise on and and it's sweet says raw. He Hayward snap. This is in Miami. So it's a picture. From Gordon Hayward snapped chants. Of him apparently. Sitting. On the water looks like Miami with fruity ring so I thought Tenet says parents. Okay and amber gets all excited she writes back until you adds big exclamation point. Cyanide it. And. And then I didn't that a little bit hit and then yeah he's so you're getting our let me I mean nobody red beaded beside you gotta calmer season I'm fan but yeah I am now. Amber's all fire Albert's he was with Amber's all excited now. And that's it I'm really excited. Number rumor critter he giver and again and then and then the. Only. Minutes a couple minutes later than right's hold up. It's not real. Tough. So it is rosy red emitted a low and is free agency so you gotta keep up they'll move mongering. Makes me. Kris others in the problem IE only you'll hate on I hate it's okay. I like true fought not fake fought OK I hit some. Aaron talked to told about this new port. It is not a board with a whatever is about money amount then. I'm gonna say that BS. Free agencies in town full effect. I am instituting new rule no allegation telling you didn't read it us. Did agree to I mystery rule on the show aren't down with all the hot tips like hot tips. Like information that dumb to do. But ignoring the show will send out fake accounts. Free Asia emotion Rao ski reports. Fake Marc Stein reports. Okay from the fake accounts really do where we're the we're not. When I is actually an old OK see you can't tell it's the real Twitter account. Even though we know HMO's are not using a million followers and reits what do you account that's 25 followers lodged okay. A darn shift their Bryant rights rights. Okay aides on chapter. Instead of Adam because I am instead of Vietnam is an art and and and it looks like can am some fools ever won. I'm not known for that this year I don't see any of it coming from anyone on the shelf. So once during the penalty system okay you can send over some you could send over all kinds eight sir Graham he chats snaps. That you once OK it's going to be real Tilly he hears a bit better not be followed applied to say with. No it's fake Soriano the sort of false excitement it is gable I apologize. Aren't doing that this year or any ruling bit there's going to be a penalty system on the show I got. I need a ruling because we got non we got we got a text from the streets. Inside sources. His of the text then street to talk and Paul George is coming to Miami this year from inside source inside the organization. I have a close friend next to bosh and he said they have inside George news he said ways Johnson already said inside. They're coming back. So get ready mine and I'm. She humanity did that. Duncan and yeah. Yeah. This is the true oh boy at the hotel that's those who did. The same guys. Worked out. I'm just I'm Tony we need we are instituting a penalty system one doubt the hot tips the only information you can. And if you followed a few minutes later where even late in the day. With I'm sorry that was fake please disregard there's going to be a penalty OK we Kamal with what's what. We know with one count dias. Some advisors are telling me that he's having a second baby with the Simi baby's mama was the stripper and another had nearly isn't just. You're not in Miami and don't you think I'm telling you not here and it's.