ZRA Part 2 7-17-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, July 17th

Deadbeat Jeets, Dwyane on the bench? Shoot from the Hip


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. I'm not going to find minutes from now you have a chance 1000 plus. Every day this week. 300000 dollar training camp poured his right and to those opportunities and our show every morning 7 AM. And Iranians get a couple opportunities. This morning every morning this week. To win a thousand bucks. It's. It's it's pretty amazing to me this Derek Jeter. I mean what other what other business would walk of life. Can you walk into and I mean since would beg others for money. And say they just Ehrlich an incredible amount of money who cannot walk a DC 800 balks are rights you begging for Nicole. Credible amount of money and saying and by the way I'm going to be inch. Of humanity does the hustle game going on. Fuzzy entitled game but the I'm very clear he title game as a that is again he's an idea that these billionaires are like you brought let me show you a real money or are you bang after. Oh yeah laughing I think there's there's real money and then there's athlete money and an athlete money although it was nice and and is quite you know. Quite a lot of it there's some real money in this city and I just think that he feels that nobody knows baseball better than he does so. I feel you're kind of. Is this side the race is is. Even on screen shots he's traded media wanna if you wanted these operations and because you're obviously one of the word that's most important you know nowhere to be aware of all I'm fine. But it. You also won the business side and you're talking about guys who are. Obviously in the next level in terms of their of of rate their business savvy bury these guys you would be the majority only senator. I'm still residing and act roster Israeli you don't worry must that he's he's developer can so he develops. Do you think he knows about. Organs or Jamar you Morton and yes and baseball and then Derek Jeter might. He knows more about business probably even then Derek Jeter potentially gaps already running running a sports team it's isn't very much just like running a corporation on the business guy I mean that's the business side according to talk a little buildings right through these are regular dolphins did it of operations is a completely separate building right I worked in the business building a unit which is right at the stadium. On the business side I mean it is very much it will incorporates. Life over there which. And mean and dolphins great corporation I work for but it's like running a business you know it's not like running book all I mean there's there's some things that are unique doesn't Iran's. Jeter aren't asked to run outside and certainly. What hair can he possibly have on him tenets asked for the money it's AM by the way I'm gonna run everything you tiger organization. Baseball to business. Like. Here. Again is this this is something that he's been quoted on saying that this is what he wants to do now to some kind of like news other fake news out of commodity when he wants meeting. I imagine what he wants you try to remove his baseball hat and put on his suit and come in every day with a briefcase and a tie in the learn the business side of baseball my my idea. Say he barely knows something about it but it it definitely is a bit different than in controlling what's happening. Obviously on the field in any sport. Maas apparently also serves in he owns an easy season developer in he has the businesses surrounding about it and he serves. On the board of overseers of the University of Miami school of business is active who lectures at present yeah and I got that I'm sorry. Most oh my he's. Server to go circuit he donated a million dollars an adult business school building the MBA built my. OK I get that but anybody who once you diversity Miami some money they're gonna put Obama -- somehow so that's how about we're usually so don't give a lot of clout somebody because there on the board somewhere he's been Brent Knight has won a jury is qualified to be on the board but. But don't use that as like your barometer of that this guy's awesome and business. As an MBA he he has been in my recognize. Even recognize the ought to be a hundred most in less influential Hispanics in the US idol Latino leaders magazine. Deadbeat cheats. Once they're on the business ever worry among these. There are among the editor and how hard these like you said. These are guys with. Real money okay Jeter doesn't have real money compared to these guys these are guys with green onions and normal Russell wrote yeah these guys you get in those guys that is not real money. And these. Let's laugh and the other into the phone when Jeter asked them for the money and that also says I'm gonna be in charge of everything. I suppose this holds a the speaker side of of the ball and so they Jeter points usher decimal. Ladies killed eight people act is tiger he's good as you had. But I'd I'd I think not instructing your future I think you'd have a hard time pulling off the bench 888 soundly in Indiana that figured I'd sounds like they're best friends. They really love each other. Look it's one thing to talk about sacrificed up it's going to actually be about it. Amen you know him they are paying out. He also doing we also re tweeted a tweet them from Dion Waiters with a bunch of Fella let me ask him in English is let let's let's play fancy book the second you know you want to advance and I I like there's a browser does involve LeBron also our meters and Leslie fancy world eight. This two minutes left in a tight game. Was on the floor for you in Miami and a sweet ways back to back between wade and Dion a league of fine. Gay is at its two minutes left in the game okay. A lot of five and weight back on the team are stuff curry go on and I'm happy doing rants what are you don't wait slowly sipping as a world. Don't know the heat's Bob wade is back. So who or the flyers a tight game is two minutes left. Who who is close the game OK casino drive matches and ran a gas again you know waiters and then okay Jim Johnson you know James Johnson's and great. You know white sides in. So who's the fifth got. Was it was it his way. And it's way here's right to it I see okay I see a really. Awful defensive group. Rock rich and waiters and wait all of whom were six worn on with a game Lima yes. We can fly. So waves could be sitting on the bench Mir wins in the game what you like or Rick White and did you probably what did you have Whiteside and there are reports. It's always gonna sit on the bench or does he can be and will be awful defensively. Is all. Drug each waiters and wait six born under my eyes six worn under off. With the game on the line I. I listened wade can't come back if he. A week we'd move his comeback if he wants to be featured guy hey you know I I do think that this love fest between him on Dion Waiters does show that. Maybe he's OK with playing with him which will listen that he wouldn't. Eve the featured guy moving furniture it's a future of the surge in young readers that's got to take I I I did not think that. Doing we were coming back but I do think that this Twitter fest between them it is interesting because Qaeda and other content to their team was a smooth over well listen you are gonna buy. I'll announce that game but he believes if he wants to go somewhere else to be the featured guy when he goes on our house I mean and I don't think you come back to news. The heat for pat. You Casio they would not necessarily being the guy panic Assam last night and. Oh that I can see a scenario. Where Dwyane Wade. Please Miami heat's. And it's not any game to game 1 I am I can't believe. They're necessary. Meets attitude you're really going to be I don't release and it's but IE I don't see that. I think gallantly for TV don't mind. I mean I get you don't one. DL and moving forward 125 million only works. I don't think that he would do you. And decides that he doesn't play the style that like this team's been trying to play in the past year text rates and waver in our fans is Aslan I hate you know like Venus. Reach out. And writes me you don't see me going and who ruining your fancies. A. Sailors and bring amber or just the tips on Thursday morning the 8 o'clock hours sponsored by east goes public adjusters. That your assets covered call 855 get ECPA were visit East Coast public just not Connell self reliance. And listen to just the tips on am 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Makes you listening at 8 o'clock another chance to win thousand dollars would have started this morning on thousand dollar for a day's training camp our rights. You know training camp of course it's get going to the end of this month with the dolphins arrest the NFL. See another chance your chance every morning at 7 AM and at 8 AM in an opportunity coming up about 37 minutes from now. But declared some of them are a great opportunity. Ziegler the man. You go to Sammy you pulled me aside disaster. We have the money forget any preempt or get slain tie aim for again and pride and yet stuff. Does. Re your call. You want to Dwyane Wade and heat this year putting one I'm not on the heat this year. Did he formally. He's OK well then why are you burning or fantasy and is no need for that and then you get taken a step further which like hey. Fer a mid level exception and and Aussie yen okay later underground. Why do not believe that he would take one way back Billy's on this here. Every day goes by. That they have not spent a dollar of that mid level exception. I believe. Its board to wait wait who else would they take that we that mid level that would be better than Dwyane Wade. It reduces pose this past week and I don't believe Riley is enough suckers to fall for this does blue bronze in disagree imposed. What do you do see that post. And you have any and the wonders of bringing him back you feeling maybe it helps bring LeBron back in wade comes back with our. I didn't I didn't notice you wrote to LeBron every Nevada. I don't know there was an essay that was. Yet because the reason that sucker bet other's eyes and that was the desert or Bruce who do you wrote hello Louis and down and out you can pat Pat Riley at 262 on PR. He's on Twitter you could find him. Don't pack what you don't know how to get in touch with them. Whom all losers you uncovered that apparently is not done to better news is I confirmed to normal now he doesn't really is a national story ever told uncovered levels like building for years ago right yeah yet it begin it was a bit on the national lost hold on culvert. You legitimately on comedy like. You were little and what did you get to work as Marlins or you can read my earlier breaking story. Not just felt like it was that once I hit one the whole journalism thing wasn't worth the high. And the like was no you know what happens you just do the credit yeah oblivion had all the time. All this time OK I'm constantly reporting things and and it's you know than on any reporting back I'm constantly moaning and that's that's always like that. I wonder if that thought does go in the eats mine is all right. Let's say LeBron is unhappy on the Macedonian and the west the west is a bear it's crazy crazy heart and there's rumors that he's gonna leave is gonna go lakers. Want judges do it all down here again and if you're gonna do that I really do think the only way to do that is you have to bring and do right by doing. Except that. What next year would be four years later. Forty years ago. One of the reasons Betty let the heat was because when it was kennel and now four years later. Our problem now be your Dion Waiters. Team doubled again but it doesn't matter is when we wouldn't be that guy okay. We yet and they I think dad's run he had not heard of Dion I don't LeBron recruiting you. I what's going on you cannot. I think he wants part of the middle able to Muster has on the yeah that's exactly we know I think means. Let's be clear okay. If you asked me do I want to win heat or someone to meet. If you ask me is anyone better with a mid level except you get into and weight of course not we yes we hate. Is it is is such a bad thing to have a guy who previously to a wake my president of course it's all great and the reason I don't think it works is they don't. Think that he fits that role. Oh yeah and yours is lying to us again take a shot on. That would be a better shot to take every don't you think it's weighing in all seriousness for a vast numbers are donating its work why is it. What the such aren't sure why wouldn't you were trying but I don't think that that's something that will why don't work out I don't and in two ways to try full. To be sitting on the end of the bench. An audience DB sitting on the bench at the end of the game of not play. It can you know I don't want AB and that's and that's the key is gonna be where he I guess would find it worse IE actually I think if I was him. Would find that harder in. Then maybe not a crime on a championship team in all seriousness and maybe I'm not you know maybe not on and they documents. Or you know soccer championship team may be then if you're sitting on the buns I guess maybe European of that. I would think it would be harder in any other uniforms though without maybe being the one exception because at least with the heat. You know you have your still so low but of course by Miami and you always will be in those fans and so incensed he will always be that guy. Because you're kind of like our shining a light even though you may not be that guy in terms of basketball. And frankly that these common effort to rein no matter what uniform he's and where he's going to be banks in the last few minutes a game. So why not do it a place where you are so loved it you're still getting a standing ovation every single night. And all of your mertz is still selling and yet every opportunity make money off the court as well and you ever wonder who has profits as I'm sure they'd make a pass him there are so. Why not do it heat uniform. It's why we signed that deal last year like he would not have. Now one of these guys when years Johnson. Because to win looks back data and says man I should assign that two years forty million court he's so should OK I can do without the reportedly dollars less this year. Don't stay in Miami in behalf because we know is unhappy in Chicago on that team Sox. Com but although he probably looked at and wish that they had offered him the tear deal that he wanted. Back all ears or the yeah yeah yeah I mean bow at both sides probably have a little more Brett on on how it how it's gone Alaska. Now whether you believe me not packing amounts I wish I gave that money to the weight in many civilians Chris Bosh or when I was even when it when he impact believe it or not but. It was an answer reader that's Hines I mean of course you do because he didn't even get response now Chris Bosh. Then I don't add that I wouldn't believe him because then Brinkley does would have been pretty darn good team that's last season or Chris Bosh had had. In on it and it there's no way to predict that but of course now when you look back out that you know Chris Bosh didn't work out isn't boycotts by anti sect. Love that to him and his team. I just I don't think Tulane would be able to swallow pride for I think it's possible. So you want tourists would. He's glad the alma Dion. But again there's one thing to say it and there's going to be about it and you know. Like the like he'd do that all the time worse Botox on hey you know world we're not the kind of team we're nineteen it's for everyone knew more about sacrifice year and then resell that guy on that hole you know speech. Then actually being about it is different story relates wanting to agreed weights and then when you're in the middle of its and you realize that some you know. I guess sacrifices that there are like eight always easy autos and be. Yes that's true but where is between going back in your mind that you don't think that he can come here because you don't think he could handle the role. Where is he going where you think that he's going to have the role he want. Stack up that's that's not the point that I would focus on what I into that line is used to take a lesser role. In a place where. Where like this summer brand nominally anyway rabble of lesser role would not give Symbian and you think he'd be happier in having a lesser role with the heat. Stay any contender and don't forget he be taking a lesser role as you just as the playoffs. That's a factor. A factor into your cholesterol Tina just does top or not. Western colleagues he probably have a if it did team is underperforming of the teams is still flood into mourning at the beginning the next season and he probably have a whole lot bigger role is not an. It also but it also Levy stays very is Jesus and eat it they're gonna plebiscite totally like we know he does want Stater mean we know. So does assuming you want to think you're a season. When not be gotten out with my point I don't know where else you're going and he's gonna have a lesser role making any birdies no cost of goods pay. Why not be where your beloved. For twenty million a year. And left. I know laugh but that's because he thought it was going to be as good and he realized it wasn't. His bats that's why in this in this does situation what does that mean let's every every weather means we got we shoot from the hip soon man okay all right. Yeah same today I I don't even know now all of a very attractive place. I was gonna say he got 88 are you lefty lasts for 24 or whatever racing left up or million more is enough four million for must with the mid level in this scenario. That's when it works well it could be they bottom out for tornadoes big. You know leagues are resolute conversation. About about what that was like. Coming back being in a reduced role I was an electric is yep yep you know what a lot of play by Shaquille O'Neal OK I might Shaq. Don't CEO and runner MVP let's tag it what they're feeling Dion and wade are AM a lead they eat out don't want the camera and beat anyone. Yeah. Sure the next season. Don't want to that I got to that is is doing tried it his way drink doing tried to pride full I wanna do in my way and realize his way it was wrong. And realize that he's not happy you realize you OK I got some money but at the end of the day right now I basically heat on. What I help build down there in my whole legacy as a Miami Heat guy because let's face him when he does come back in the building there's going to be some cold shoulders in that building towards anyway. I don't now I don't know I think you're wrong about that. I think Iran zoom on the have you not seen the text me she has we've been talking about this album and families in there and saw but to phony seem yeah monument to get it metadata. Drains a three yeah I think a lot has been afraid all. Ready every uniform all of this has going away and doing tried his way people pissed and tries when he rides and any can nationalism is Tim of course. But he try his eyes. Now it's time he realizes that look you know what I'm gonna give them all giving him onto your way now all of. Take your mid levels. We'll do whatever I got to do it. To come back home and be where I'm supposed to be and I think that's I think that's what you might get a little taste of your biggest cold shoulders. But I guarantee those arms are gonna open up. It's totally with this LeBron when he comes back next season tokens on the Lam. No shots. And I think that Clinton got her you love intimidated and auditing this new track. Clemens starts now. Sounds very end parent. Happily get hot. They played this into a win. He's gonna back grave yes the. Back a date back pass you back. Someone does that send them the zippers on the fans on Twitter all to set the set and cemeteries like I'm its QB so agree when you meet your return. Sounds like that. You're just seven right now. Accounts do Americans he so that that your first day back and uniforms the delays as well. He broadcaster. Because everybody in mountains because I'm all of nationalism be damned. I I don't get him enough. Why do we us and we should do appreciate if you just put your arms holding arms out like this a win for the because. There's just wait for the hugged you do have a boom boxes building to we have is as low with a boombox on the cell greater yeah French go get an engineer remain on for sure. Because let's face everything has buildings from 1940. We where it would review in the Sarah's hasn't gone outside his house some Miami yeah it's an umbrella pseudo aren't aware amber has no idea what movie we are talking not good to for radicals say anything when John Cusack it's very is under so I'll use tiger is even heard all of we shoot from the hip that's what your lawn told us rights we gonna do that. All right as next. Daniel Jeff Conine celebrity poker classic at Seminole hard rock hotel. It's August 7 when 101000 dollars and other prizes proceeds benefit opponents club bounced a home away from home for the families of children. Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital it's really amazing he noted isn't exactly describe but you got Joseph DiMaggio children's cost. Little at memorial east okay and literally across the street. Is Cohen's clubhouse and you you get to stay there aren't so bad so. But it warms my heart and stayed there that is the siblings and it's it's really Olson. You to take part in the live and silent auction enjoyed VIP party corrode Japanese restaurant before attorney gets going. When a seat by registering to take your money dot com for more info on attorney or to make aid donation. You can visit conine poker classic dot or. Up real quick for people who were having trouble one attacks in for the thousand dollar for days or right every morning on our show this week 7 AM and data and you got a chance to win a thousand box and be Texan Micky ward at 7 AM that we gave you when you've got back the wrong error message. Now it's it should be fixed by now all we can tell you that you're tell her as a sex was receipt was received. The wrong message bounced back TO which should say lying you know labor entry whatever and it's and whatever said which made you believe that it didn't work it did war. And it's likely been fixed but the one it's coming up at 8 o'clock sealed another chance. In about sixteen minutes from. Seoul. Was it Friday. Friday or Saturday after it would stay where Floyd and common Gregor did the final. Press conference in London Adidas Friday it was Friday the final day yes so isn't true. Always a fake news that invade even taking private jets together to each stop big news what's the big news so how did. It's it's just someone started fake news on that. How did you confirmed that its stake news because people of were on Connors planes whose figures whose elements of because yet because a few days ago he he got this like. Report to war or insert in poster some gamblers likely to these phonies there on the same. I do think it's Sony's lead that would be on everything just Fermi villages its perspective because. You know guys are role with crew is I mean. Grade I mean you would think exploit in Lloyd and I jets I know the money team has its own right it just a noticeable sort of Avery that's expensive you got to let alone pay for that Whitney jet why would you need that. On tenured jet oh and already he's you have your own crew to fly I am sure his jets pretty much fall I don't like showtime is foreign Floyd ease pain is way on the solution to the sun apps I'll I don't know maybe show it may be showtime is out whenever you want to apply and your when your on your owns I don't know how to. And get by without pain free gas. I'm not really am you know are maybe they pay little or imported his name for the cap injury and uses his biggest you're right I mean I was in when I use my private. I don't really enthusiastic about so how it's years. Jesus. And and and I'm not matter diamonds really you have any child ever. And it doesn't bucket list robbery you have. I did Taylor spring is here at paragon of riots never been honest the way we've never. I just sat first class one time. On a plane. Once I'd never been on private jet I've flown first class one time I think I've let EL IR is well dad sees. See nobody out there yeah it's really hard to go earth that's art books and relive it and just used it to the harder yes seriously. How do you fly your prime or just straight to the hill and over gonna let you know once you land your helicopter on the helipad at. At the hard rock is really recipient of an angry and Robert Robert flies first class and went available if he'd he'd he'd buys more than beds. That are in first class has Rob Reiner will slow bio life flat bed on a plane but he will not by HBO and still important product. You don't feel weird lying down and sleep in on the plane now there's nothing weird outlined on a plan to me I mean. Now smoke in my guys I don't know and I. Ask in me and they're done. Seems peculiar to me and sit and sit and operate for about six hours seven hours straight is nothing cool okay and at all. I would shoot from the head to live and got a funny sound or something before I read this so men. Okay it's sponsored by gun or the South Florida. The pretty good choice were all levels the shooters 700 pal and wrote in Deerfield Beach gun world of south blah Ayatollah chip and hit what are governments here are let's shoot from the hip boys what guys they get vests on and just boy is ballots included not. Let's soup and I have boys Michael Irvin tells CN's annual it's a real amazed by Sam that's why he's likes you wanna get hurt really bad. As what what positives you want to put out a Michael Irvin wanting to participate in a mixed martial arts fights he's been hurt really bad really fast are. Any or any right. Why not do that or any flight anyway. And he's he's he's he's an older man but he still endure or even and Letterman's are now older and I mean yes and he's made his money and he. Aides and do well and why are you anybody. Still eats all right. Well I'm close. Opens laughed at. State. Media nodes into many dead OJ sits in his parole hearing coming up soon. And they're going to air line funniest yen this amazing I was like yeah yeah that's ridiculous I was thinking about what is it. July 20 CO ST how has really sound Thursday I was thinking about this recently when I heard about yesterday Ellis like. What would. Why the hearing that all would you why shouldn't be I would definitely watch it. So then if I would am going to watch it so why would definitely watch him I'm going to watch it that's why we're idea right why would I ask myself why would they are some like that. There area because I would definitely watch. So it seems like the perfect hunting to air right. It if I am immediately say when I hear about and I say I'm definitely and to watch that and I'll Beasley should be some that they air rights. I'm deaf. We get a life I mean I just I don't. I don't like at it to some wire you I mean he is noted. Yeah it's it's OJ who is obviously at a very much a fallen sports figure at this point I'm not sure why are we giving him air time. Will. This rate in Canada 1000. High school we stop our biology class to watch live OJ trial didn't know. That was I don't chairman Howard that was back then let me tell you get like guide then it was all shocking I was around I was algebra class like guy I every once class stop me it's the luck of the draw before all that great allies and I can't stand it now to day I'm talking about a 2000 more than eighteen. I'm watching. And we haven't had enough for the huge saving in and then there's the multiple OJ movies as last year and is OJ's everywhere it's like OJ mania and now we need to broadcast his parole hearing another news network but on ESP and why he's still early were still celebrating his sports career is at this point it's just now. Oh well. I was really I don't even closer to you. Closer closer I can we get shot by an cartoon done here's some malls in China. They're now starting something called husband pods which are places where wives can leave their husbands to play video games while they shop. War oh team sheet in. Game change and primitive and it. Noted what's better playing video games awards had in along with your wife pulled her purse. I didn't know it completely zoom right will instead of doing that citizens sex are you guys getting them but why can't I know enjoyed. I'm all I need to ask you from the Chinese. I mean are you kidding me. Any what does this this general cried when the what are we doing it and you'll really women are the only ones who shot and all Allen. You really. Go shopping with your wife and holder per zone not I don't know no other women that are showing no I do I do not I hate go shopping my wife but on the auto occasion and I do. You know get me husband pot broke you I hear he's not used to go shop anyway iPod. Give me excuse the English she goes in the Dresser amigo tries Stephon guess who's float around asking girls say that looks good on. Petals and an Iranian we stress on you enjoy talking either way I love so I went my way and under is she what she knows almost signature bond. That is the easing idea. Became interim all.