ZRA Part 2 9-12-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, September 12th

Canes get crushed for canceling Arkansas State game, fear during the Hurricane, Zaslow won't do "man's" work


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I'll post game news and. Examine the roller rain this. Moleskine music. Folks just tuning in right now you're hearing that's an easy listening on the apple or you listen on the ticket Miami dot com and hopefully you can stick with us. On either one of those options throughout the morning because we are not getting signal right now. On the radio or the antenna obviously you know was damaged we had out in hurricane. A couple days ago and the intent was damaged so if you're hearing us right now it's via the app or. The website and hopefully beat stimulus air and folks like to be -- go to stick with us nobody can be a dual podcast right. Yep I guess will be a political people or or asking now podcast last couple days till was not here so obviously podcast and pocket dot. Bob we'll have a today now. Love it's hard show what's going on are they able to get to South Beach really 'cause I've seen some pictures. Is is South Beach a. Moral disaster I saw the deal there blog so you just sit there early not late July on the Miami BL is not open until I was 8 am this morning experts were residents only in India to prove that your resonant that that now we will open at 8 AM this morning but it hasn't been open at all and you can't get over an area close and we are not supposed to be able to get over there so Miami Beach and what's the deal with the radio show. What I saw Mike Ryan tweeted out that they're not going to be on and today in their kind just leave it day by day because he has some people are out of Steve a lot of guys are are without power they had. Party previously you know last week it announced that they were often its through at least Tuesday is what they had an out to dated date announced I believe last week that they were taking when they say to take off Thursday Friday they banking they'd announce they're taking off there's it Freddie Monday Tuesday. Okay I'm not an about. Tomorrow tomorrow I think is is up in the air Oakland aren't great hopes. That's what districts those. All right well hopefully those guys are are back sometime soon I was almost one and when their muted in their radio show again. Like what I have now again I think we got. A lot luckier. Then we anticipated. But it's South Beach were just like destroy. Which. We posed possibility. Last week and they are we sharing your studio again and yeah like how or at the kitchen they can't just. Never do the show on now I think that's exactly going on about. Well our studio and outlook close Susan there's there's no television not even remotely and me and him as the funniest in union he set to disappointments. Folks watching on television. Although there's a lot of is that as low jerseys here in the studio that be kind of cool. Because now be on television abbey on ESP ailing young is as a big deal did not get a record one. He'll be ASEAN would remove those damned thing in ESPN would goes down right away. Our guests who book you're our guests we talk about move. It right outside and John Levine injury report big fancy blow over the weekend cardinals running back David Johnson and such a kick in the junk. You'd miss the next twelve. Weeks. Dislocated wrist that's still the you know like Kelly he gets are they say David Justice does think it's serious. X rays come back negative huge sigh of relief enormously you know he's he's missed three quarters season. There reportedly brought to buy and Darlene accident tourney seed hundreds and we're 73 X 800 Sam we're 73733. David Johnson suffered significant injury Alan Robinson. Out for the year honor. What other one of their big injuries were over the weekend those were two of the two big ones those are the two big ones yup. Say something else. Jacksonville. Kicked the crap out of use okay all and you see it's it's probably Jack's probably. Had been a big surprise that we had to know what won't be bigger surprise when Jacksonville. I think you can put Los Angeles but he 46 points up in McVeigh's first coaching him. Okay that's a good one because an increased first game that's a good one so it's of those who have to be the biggest surprise although everyone knows the colts are terrible. I think part of what I'm factoring in the jaguars is the Texans. You know they got a good defense they got a defensive line got JJ watt who's back. Yet the emotion of being back in Houston and you have how terrible it won't speaks Jacksonville was going to be your right Jacksonville and Los Angeles rams have got to be too big surprises of the weekend. But I'll tell you something about Houston. And this is bill Bryant. I fired today. I'd fire that I go my not to and I get rid of this bill O'Brien today sizzling. I can't stand and bill O'Brien is the second time in three years that he is done it's okay. I fire this guy today. Besides that you lose in the game in Houston you've got to have a better effort. Then what you did it against a terrible war with these terrible I don't may be wrong against the jaguars and at home get all the emotion yet the whole city behind you. And you know that's stinker but here's my big problem. Okay Tom savitch that's his name right now. He's the quarterback killed he wins the job okay. Eight hole mapped the first quarter and they put into Shawn Watson additional Watson's future don't know acts. When Tom savage wins the job in training camp pre season wins the job he's the quarterback. You've got. 56 weeks of training camp in pre season to figure out who's going to be your starting quarterback. And homeboy who wins the job. And it took all of one quarter. For a bill Bryant to say. I. Wrong choice go with Watson that's in me makes me nots it's the second time thirty years simple brands you don't I don't. Dave Wannstedt. What ended up announcing that he wants its final years head coach the Balkans and he resigned but we know that hasn't fired he resign most six games in the year they were owned sensibly wants. Yet AJ Feeley and Jay Fiedler. Each rated Reggie feeling great great traits sec around negative Felix AJ Feeley and JP. They're battling who's gonna be is sort of core Mac now unfortunately. I don't forget which guy actually won the job. Oh whichever one of them won the job in the pre season it took all of one half of football in week number one for once at all on. And ordered the other guy. You got started saw it. And besides you know JP is at quarterback last forty years. And that's what you'll wonder how opal ball seen up to undermine other guys actually the right choice would be and once that red they are sealed if they. This bill O'Brien I fired him today. You got six weeks to go to your quarterback is and it took you one quarter. Of Opel audience to realize you made the wrong decision I'm sorry. I tomatoes is funny because I watched that entire game. You don't. Know the other thing that's funny is. You've never seen a game with a quarterback meant so little on either side because you probably could meet Tom's out of the jaguars quarterback scored in the same portal to. Worlds that nothing he did nothing and B ball control defense team and how about an hour of this. They're left tackle he's holed out didn't even play but the Texans so this so this I can you pronounces new this new jaguars defensive lineman. He batted the ball on savages and like. More times because nobody could stop. Whom so I had nothing to do with savage or how bad was that like it was awful so bodily or you are you direct Howard's move with. Just going against what you decide after five weeks we're putting your future franchise quarterback behind the line. Yes that's got all right there's that art and I'm sure they're playing on Thursday. The week this odd guys who cares let go with watts in you try to ruin his career should we. First ever start first week of bursting practice reps. And behind that line and you can't get real paid as some wanted he can move a little bit so maybe he'll fare better than that and savaged it. The whole week leading that day do you not know the jaguars had a good defensive line it's rye. Additional Watson may be able to move all the times and we do that every single week got a quarterback what is the mood is one when he played good depends what you. I find this bill Bryant today. Today reckless in. Its two months. I. And besides last year he does want. Remember that story on him in it in at halftime and very tired I'm not assuming that story. I don't remember that's made us off and have to Arnold wanna be getting. Also spill O'Brien because the as a master and then. Fire and I guess yesterday amber oh and okay text right in asking where are all wrong reasons. He is stuck in Atlanta. He was hoping to leave today he dipped yup and dipped I didn't show much self on Friday. Arby's Robert had to evacuate unions were evacuation down pine crest Annie decides to fire up the private jet you can do that after the show. They you know what they had to rule they had to be at the airport it's like to delete until attempt but he had to beat the airport like 7:30 in the morning because. All back up and delays in battle deal sold hours early for pride I don't know judge sand and how does it sounds like I guess bottom line is amber Willis and Brad Vince Tobin Brett Romberg Altman did it's the only one is actually throw five flea diss me I was here. Well first what you're the only one of us I think. Well no not in October neither hay out of me and Romney drummer girl's mandatory evacuated so happy excuse I'm here you look at it out now you'll Bowden. I did you know the nine by. Robert though likely not be able to be back for the show until Thursday's probably be able to get up out of Atlanta to moral. So when he got tape that's happened I generally echoing what. Us another tax rates and I hear the squeaky chair survived the storm did yes these things. These things will survive solid cat five no problem in single apparently never sweet eaters. Either way coming out and about fifteen minutes from now tool the week OK to win a prize yet steal something from politics and add those amigos Alder and binding. There and I use. These headlines still cracks you up these guidelines are brought you by airports are we to relieve muscle cramps in your legs and be reached sport they're works relief this fast acting foam can even prevent muscle cramp at airports early today at their works relief dot com. But in April ball the vikings defeated the saints 29 to nineteen. Seemed Bradford at game 346. Yards and three touchdowns. Delving cut a 22 carries a 147 yards Adrian Peterson was seen yelling zooming is on Peyton during the first half he is utilized very little. Making big deal out of that as sunny as Audrey Diehl oh and special begins at a UVs washed. I I think there's a reason why and I use an agent Peterson more than six carries first game of the year once I make. Would use him now while he's brash and not hurt some and and then on top that they. The ever present centenary games to be at Minneapolis. And the capital six times I I feel like they'd seen Asian Peterson all the route pre season and training camp more importantly in practice. And he must not have a hole like a backup running back and is when history know what a backup running back carries the ball six cards. You know ease the back right back. The ball now. I did see all the games week in Tokyo the all we need my salt. It was the first game last night owns Minnesota only give us over the weekend okay because obviously and empower embers are now. Well I have read about him is obviously you are totally on. We also make it so. If you look at the games now. You know I keep hearing about how awful games wore that football being played. And while I didn't see the team's record on an Obama. Let's listen to the the margins of victory here amber okay you tell me if you think that this was good football player of the week and preside I didn't see okay. But dating back to Thursday night which chiefs and patriots fifteen points. Nine points six points 23. Well. When he to 1013. Thirty not 378. 201610. And three some loser and some of them okay that's a lot of blowouts and a lot of double digit moves. Lot of doubled as you like most games were W wits right more than half. It out very well. Top news. I wish I had football occasionally you can tee at my office connect. This is the Coconut Creek auto mall football a data Bankrate dot Amal friendly and knowledgeable the crazy ones speed and sponsored. Icing on our grilling covenant program and there's talk of named best sports part 2007 team by the Miami new times and Alexis in North Miami an amazing automotive experience. The Broncos defeated the chargers when he port 21. Denver blocked a potential game tying field goal kickers who is to listen well now telling. In the Broncos have the naked need in this one is over the mile high city. Most kickers name forget their cute name. Amber haven't armaments in Alabama into the columns in remarks saying owns. All members little bogus stinks. Or all it's okay this fact. Engineers will inspect hard rock stadium after turning it as we're in the area the team's facility in Davie was reportedly unscathed the while Marlins park group was damaged by hurricane Irma was any damage they can they not close the roof would what does that actually mean though it's a Busey pictures of at the end of outer coating on it in parts looks like an even. I'd like 6% of the year of the refused damaged but apparently it's it's safe enough to play but there is an issue that malls may not be able to. Play their series this weekend because of the same thing as dolphins in the police support. Some of the game in their out of a lake that are completely irrelevant the only thing T track of the stand. There there I mean you know rabbit and debt and thank you for not giving any standings update tampered. And and following the rules of the show. An element of what I'm totally pulling them up next our Miami Herald. The heat would only be willing to welcome Dwyane Wade back he accepted a bench roles speaking of the heat's. There practice facility was damaged as well now it's damage. At an overlay all right blew off that roof. Maiming hurricanes' game against app is you was moved to October 7. The Georgia Tech game was moved from October 12 to October 14. Tell you what I mean it's gonna feel really weird next week. Once again not have hurricanes football. It's a lot of time in between games Toledo a smallest regain number for instance could be game number two. He feels right now he's been a long time to watch minor league ball ball. Next week and once again and am no hurricanes football do an irritant of those asked clones and Arkansas State last week yeah talked a lot about it on Friday it made me angry. The Arkansas state athletic director. And and then and then Neuheisel made me angry too because in and all the zippers all. Easy he's completely uninformed like you don't understand what teams are playing at. Organs of state and it's really cymbal goes. The canes don't have the money to walk over a million dollars or it's a season make. Com to our contour stadium and take a beat down here's a check like that's what most big time schools are so instead McCain's. The schedule home and home. Okay that's even better because then the mighty Perkins gets come to Arkansas State big school like minor cancer knew what is completely uninformed that regard. And and then the whole you know you receive Florida's lion app I use plain have a canceled later in the day yet another notice all of Atlanta salt so just because the Miami Hurricanes. You know decides. It is to take. This thing out of the weight. Early and I was the school that you knew always you are you knew early on that that the teens who were going to be affected. Because in Miami itself was going to be affected. The effects on gains though were a little bit more up in the air in a question mark in and then it became more obvious that this thing was going to go up the state. This is still she went it's still. Lose to. It's close all we did it's it's mandatory calls all week it's still closed so. That made me annoyed me with with Neuheisel. It seems like you know easy got a personal bank. As we know Washington Miami there there's a history there it was especially when he was coach and Washington. So it seems like he's got a personal thing against universal mounting an add on to meet. McCain's offensive coordinator Manny Diaz put out a statement on Twitter ripping at Miami critics are canceling your speaking yeah I. I like it when they stand up like that you know Rick went on Twitter was a lot more Rick to light. Manny Diaz down he will he wasn't home back he wasn't afraid. I like you want them coming out you know I was like when Donna Shalala came out and defended the university Miami against the NCAA. And CAA with all the Nevin Shapiro stuff and Al pour their investigations. I was -- a great look for shall Leila. And I like it when I like a Mark Richt and and Manny Diaz or stand up for. For the scorn for the kids and that's Bob lemon you gotta be kidding me no no look. No one gives a damn about Arkansas State sorry uneven nor on the status I don't know human Arkansas I don't know early in the stage I don't care I don't care. No one cares about argot of state okay. Get used to don't care about Arkansas State you don't matter eating is completely inconsequential. Okay and the fact of the matter is. The game the next week against set this year was. Can't sold off I mean it's not seek limousines mostly plates they need to cancel the game you could understand what our needs our state would be upsets. Still don't plucky got. It's all sorts. Cardinals running back David Johnson likely missed twelve weeks with a wrist injury ain't jaguars wide receiver Alan Robinson is out for the year with a torn AC well that what is your Coconut Creek football update a decree about a mile friendly knowledgeable the racy once sponsored by Samar guerrilla coconut grove home that the stock go. Invest or part 2017 by the Miami new times in my Lexus of North Miami an amazing an automotive experience. You want it to you talk does low about the NFL because they denied the dolphins were quest ended October 1 game from London. Miami does not get a true home game now until October. Eight and a long time to wait bird ultimate game. Gets all the week so you wanna get onboard 78636007. I knew we could do that now plus. Like amber said they're Stephen Ross did in fact to request. The London games he moved back to Miami that's Nexus One good eye so we needed to all the week here mugged you know we're not on the radio and today we are available on. GAAP and on anything. Less that's on getting and you know we're available on the happened. Where available on the website but you know his problems of the antenna. Because it was her camp. And social I don't know I don't know if you wanna play too little weak if if you do wanna get I'll look I'll let the listeners decide. If you wanna get him for too little weak morning give away tickets from bumper to designs its next week American Airlines Arena Tobin. That's got bites of 786360790. If you wanna get amber too little weekend I'll let. Let the listeners to decide they want it we get a bunch of folks who warning on board you know we'll do it not a map to continue moving on tech stories and what did your station we can all caps of the bunch of exclamation points well called her inner. Elegance I'm sorry you know I'm sorry that that. Indeed these signal for the radio that transmitter has been you know damaged it'll it'll get up and running all they'll get to its I don't know. How long it would take neatly explain in the Russian oil I don't. Buy it luckily we are available on the happened on on the website and in the podcast I believe told a mob that or at some point here today to Texans should on the Coral Springs on tomorrow Kiet Tex signed 6797. Point. This one my favorite Texan of there on time. Texas writes in you know we were we were mentioned in last couple segments ago best moments. Became the first ever female play by play announcer for the National Football League. She did the game last night with Rex Ryan which of these funny amusing people people who don't think woman should be. Broadcasting National Football League in affiliate Rex Ryan would be one of people near the top that was screaming on the mound. But Ed Mullins made history last night. And I don't wanna leave out hope makes good point Rex Ryan it's misery last night to the first. How Finnish member. To be on Monday Night Football broadcast as well. He's rexrodt. Okay. So. Someone's ex and I tune into late money and it shall ball game and didn't even notice it was historic because I've heard that female's voice so much on NBA broadcasts. That I forgot it was the first time female to play by play of the and else is perfect choice familiar. Broadcast voice. Just totally confusing. At moments wood or partner and I love that that's so at at what point though. That's fine I Madonna actually that's fine but I'll take that because I actually like that you're so used to it with the NBA and hired does not even noticing when it happens on the NFL because it's historic. For it to happen on the NFL but maybe the NBA has helped ease that transition where people. It might have been word of an abrupt being if it wasn't for the fact that Doris Burke does cost some money and in high profile NBA games and and people are used to hearing her people are used to hearing just Mendoza now. For big time for big time baseball games and so maybe that does help with the with the transition now you're hearing it or you know Monday night. Off for earmark hate marquee game in game of the week. I only noticed I don't notice the announcers enough only thing I'll army. To a notice the amount you put ads in fifteen years ago this had happened or even ten years ago I mean you you would of noticed it would of making sounded maybe weird UN now there's just so many women calling games all over across so many sports that. That now may do we eat we eased into it enough where it doesn't sound weird I mean. She's been calling she was calling calls the audience I think for years great things about Monday in getting you actually when I see you know like her and currents beyond her and crispy on the scene and gains college football. Yes so we have heard her I mean it wouldn't be wouldn't be surprising if you had heard her voice over the years because she's called. Many many college ball games on big time games and now they've they've transitioned during the NFL. I don't skip to all the week because participation is lacking and it is very much like either we have one tax you once you would nominate American Airlines for jacking up races. The stacks are claiming that they're the only ones that haven't tapped their prices this week at a that's sure not but he's giving a big path Yuba. A view to. Their parents talked about it. Last week amber yeah I did the show on Friday on my own and I was about nine ample and you know you got these airlines. American Airlines is nice and easy. Tom did these you going. To commit pretty do like you diseases at all the control. It all away on me it's you guys. So American Airlines Arena has like they got that New York in general right because they've been involved in some cities. Some of these on flight issues over the lastly year right. And has as an American being. An American Idol I. I I don't know I don't had a problem yet it was American known or thought hasn't been one of these things that we'll pick out who pick up the passenger have a united perot's united the guy got dragged up ga united and I and I know southwest has had a couple issues with see it's he and it protocols and south I didn't let us air can have a problem that meeting. All anyway. All America and it has been getting hammered the last couple days I guess because they've been big grosses offender when it comes to the jacking up the prices. I I don't know I mean that's what some people are saying that they didn't cap their prices although there was the tweets about delta before this I was an adult I was the one that was showing no. Like thirteen hundred dollar jump in in ticket praised not like when I'm done and the guy I mean asserting any forecast here's. I don't honestly all the I Tillie tell the press about airlines is negative all the time Brinkley and Philly have good airlines are not the best companies sport they're not the best in terms of customer service generally so. There aren't there an easy targets. Yet gains it is lousy in the jacking up the lamp Presley got in trouble. For jacking up there are against overpriced gadget because there's just no rhyme or reason and when it comes the airline prices like prices are up or down the door of the gods. Prop the problem with charging them with price gouging. It is it's not easy to approve an airline prices ticket prices fluctuate so much anyways based on supply and demand that there's no real rhyme or reason for your ticket prices. So that's it's really hard decision it's really easy. To show that somebody selling you know package zephyr hills water for 45 dollars and that never normally happens. And so it was really easy to show brace out crowds in there it's really hard for your ticket prices because ticket prices are are artificially sex. We don't know what's up with the airlines when eat each other out in trouble we don't know what's up when the price you know normal flights you know let's say Atlanta as 200 box. And study finds 11100 lightly we all we all know what's out there but. Also mentioned the other day. Points you know are we not only a look back. You know at the end of the fiscal year to people run that airliner they don't look agri you know. We are up this year you know while we were up member that weekend and we jacked up those prices. Those flights out of Miami boy Allard -- Graeme move that's why we're up. That's not to be the haste and make it up money to wind and she just supplying. Like. The PR hit. Is is go to be worse is it's it's worse. Than a the little money relative to how much money airlines make the little money that they may. From the price gouging over that we can how worth it. More what's duke jetBlue apparently did a great thing Jeff apparently had a 99 dollar one way flights at a Miami at a four Florida whatever was is worth. Like the opposite OCC do the opposite. Are we looking at the end of the fiscal year Blake and down this year are almost in those 99 dollar flights that we did that weaken it her all that's right we should have done that. Lose. Lose enough money. From this past weekend. That they're gonna look back at the end of the fiscal you're like me and we really should help those people out. Like why is also POR. And doom you know cheap it's not only would say because they say these airlines and a frankly when when you're talking about American and delta Iran and united I guess he's bigger airlines they say it typically aren't that affected by the ticket price PR so. Where there'll be some angry people upset that the prices Ramona. People still buy that ticket for thirteen hundred dollars because they're in a desperate situation this is just a sellout airplanes which. Overbooking and selling out their planes is that is that waited that you have to do it to make money in the airline industry apparently Floyd. And that's fourth filly that's the way to make money biz model score right but it's still sell services. That you cannot provide. Is the only way a work only in May when they actually doing your money and model is escorted. But I'm telling I read is that these articles this whole airline name you know mag I know about the whole industry in and that's how it works economics of it all right I can I'm certainly not an expert Nike ads I can't tell you I'm. Going to pretend to sit here and understand it. But I know that that's really important in terms of their profit. You know me and my shrink or customers that's how will make money by tricking them. And selling service SaaS and goods that they have not every seat. Basically if it when thereon and when their run an empty planes or half empty planes are leading on line kind of money it's it's a dirty business and walking drive every now so I think he lines in your words if you were running American Airlines I think maybe they would tell you otherwise and in fact. Then selling out these planes for Max ticket race at this point even a desperate situations at the that. It's still worth Y old because it PR backlash as angry as we all get. Apparently you can't actually stop flying American Airlines or delta air and another is people still basically for the most part fly a because is you need to you know live it day in that American happens to be the place you know in three months. Did the airline that has the ticket on the place you need to know and as you know and you're able four at bats and you're still going to fly America and even though you heard the story about some yeah charging thirteen hundred dollars during Irma the somebody and apparently that's how it worked I think in the history. I think they got (%expletive) they got you like like I fly delta Ali delta I got my adult credit call are okay and something really bad would have to happen on delta for me to say you know what not flying delta anymore listening really terra bit of news and really really terrible. Like in united took a big hit after that whole removal of passenger from the plane they'd taken a hit for awhile and some people were you but people were. Buying up their tickets as they drop their ticket prices you know and to keep me you know people are or buying them up and scooped it. I don't want outlasted. App on delta really drag got a plan I'd still have proudly flying don't is still flying now I do know that some of the lesser this cheaper airline like the southwest in the jet blue's they they pride themselves they built their business model I think on trying to. Al do you the giants in terms of customer service and that's why they they've been successful and turn it in addition to also trying to keep their races. Lower but they nick yeah Nacchio and other places and they still trying to get their money but as I know that those discount carriers some of them had that been part of their motto all. But apparently with the monsters like American Airlines and delta didn't and you know the united they're not as concerned I think about appear affects a ticket prices. You know. We mentioned last segment you asked me file is upset last week with the backlash at the Miami Hurricanes got. For. Canceling the Arkansas State game at the dopey Arkansas state athletic director. Ya Rick Neuheisel he's morally bankrupt. And any other people I don't care about the fans their own shady UN like that's map that's couch applauds. Lie you know it I I am and it annoys me and Manny Diaz was very upset about Mark Richt was livid etc. The last few days. Did you here or any backlash. Toward the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Not playing their game this weekend or not. Scheduling it for saying. Another van we all do that it's NFL teams I think maybe the stand fair isn't quite as irrational it's as the college football because would be an about. How available to what are the media people I. That's a tribute. An eclectic like media people I'm professionals are the ones who were really. Notice him back we are we did as a college football though I knew what the but the gators are why Ozzie gators were scared what was at a year ago they're scared to play with us they canceled their. Game against Alice you went when there is a hurricane coming I mean we do this to college football program and we don't tend to do list and I felt. That with the kids. But the NFL. Which is Easter rat I mean look we know how it troubles me some money but yet. Is news acts like how toys of business yes to be sure war. Bought the NFL is eight business okay college football while we know it's a business. Tended to be bid and its its its student NFL is lit the NFL's openly admits that right right. College football we know it's a business but it student athletes the NFL exists. For business purposes. We do that where all the criticism over the safety in the rescheduling or not playing. Hurricanes game but with all the Buccaneers meet. And played in upstate. Okay cool. I am dinner and a professional re like oh do you make them read apparently at least you don't professionals here. Vick hit no criticism it's this dude it's the colleges. I get all the group one I I don't know. You know we do it here too though I mean you guys sit here Robertson tyranny and says you app is scared I'm pretty sure that that was his take last year when you laugh. Canceled a game against Alice you or or even you know why you must never you know doesn't play UN and that often is because you know the air force are. Different authorities are depict your schedule one wins and losses make all the difference in the world trying to put a national championship after a worldwide doesn't this play into the story I mean certainly it helps and the gators they ought to play Alice you write so they cancel the game against you when you suit on schedule every year SEC you know I'm saying though last year they cancel the game against LSU over when her hair coming and they say no lol great and that's it you know that that help some with the schedule. Well did the schedule being to the same degree with an FN a part of that might be because that play Austin and a dollar more expansive now in the college about layouts and certainly caused about playoffs didn't even used to exist. When do you laugh and Miami was doing you know rotating schedule of every once in awhile so you know there is you can take every winner lost council lot more in college while and in the out of fouls so you put more is just. Strong yeah it's it's just strange that. The school school the schools get criticized. For putting the safety. Of kids that. I had a football. When the NFL like look you don't want the apple was the professionals you don't want the NFL players have to leave their families this. You know time of a need an emergency situation but at the very least you could rationalize saying hey this is George shop. And and and like they'd they don't get the greatest. What the. When. I'm so I wanted to I wanted to get around to. The dolphins in the game in London you know amber I brought up last week and by the way we're glad everyone that you listen to us right now. More likely deny TAU made it is storm cat. And I think Lee certainly made it through the storm yet but it if you listen to us now you know like it it's if you listen and he's the keys you know keys there. Not even money beetle back I think is seen her showing on the news what they're doing it too is that monitor who's trying to get back there is that one million cars they were shot trying to get back to Florida city it looked like. And they were showing a graphic. On channel ten about what you need weed you now even be able to try to get back down there and I think you need you know multiple proofs of ownership of the home down error and error at the cops are stopping every single percent are in a US one. At least when I was driving by yesterday US once the Q there are signs everywhere US one to the keys is closed. So. We're happier if you listened to was now only ease certainly made it through okay and hopefully damage wasn't too expensive. We overall. Us here in South Florida we got extremely lucky you know I was I was worried on Friday. About about my house then. I am really wants I was worried you know what to work its safety purposes they want them fly away so it was a laws. I mean I was I was I have to admit I was genuinely for the first time maybe in my life and I am glad deplored in my entire life. I was genuinely scary too for my safety all actually say the first time as a person ever against air from a safety and that was because. I had evacuated right into the eye of the storm and so then when that I was common. I was like yeah I was good on Friday and then you know sad you know not if 48 hours away and lack contains amendment Saturday to check and then it's Sunday. And you know in its story common stern old directly for me and that it dot dot and in my entire family that I was very much worried about and I did not feel. I don't one point we lend headed in our boss had texted me acting on Saturday. And he'd sat you know I hope you're all but over there would you mind coming on her which you know when the when they wanted to come on there that's when you know that your India hopefully that zone of of the cone and IA at that point that he Texan -- to come on I didn't know white. I was going to do because. I am brazile when he has an issue and cast your only not as heroin and neither of you guys on the West Coast and turn problem properties afraid of and ZI. And it ships and the you know Latin. That's street would Levy a space you're awesome superseding the strap and somebody now who is in the direct path of the storm. And I happen to meet and so I'm over there but at the point that he texted me. I didn't know. What we were gonna do I mean my family all of us have been evacuated from mandatory evacuated mull over places in Sarasota and we are trying to find somewhere to go and our only options were places that we're all glass Ian had no hurricane shutters. And sell it we were all planning to try to sleep on the floor of office that these offices my dad's office in my dad's office building and they. It's all glass and it's not there's no hurricane shutters and but there are some internal rooms and we are hoping that you know the building would hold. It hints this you know being at this time it was still a category eye I think art category four and you know it'll look like it could be a direct hit. And that was our only option and so I was really that was a first time in my life that I was genuinely very scary and I was very. Unsettled at the thought of having my nine year old grandmothers sleeping on the floor of an office that you know we're all huddled and some hallway trying to stay away from the glass so. It ended up working out I ended up you know I had a friend you I mean people are so generous during. Hurricanes and during storms and he ended up allowing me in my whole meal money on my three dogs stay at his pleased to justice the most amazing thing ever. Ever since he working the story I would gas and stuff like that and Tony I was really will be eve and I don't seem really nice. For the most part there were apparently police having patrol at a gas stations over here because some whites did burn out but for the most part people are really hoping people are also neighbors helping neighbors which is exactly way what you wanna see an end in. I was very much held to my feeling is very much help than and then once I knew I would I had some mercy to dull one once I knew I was going survive. Then you know I fell then my attention turned to. Oh cry at how as my property going to go but this was doubly earth and I he's worried about my property aired my values my concern I used you know I don't wanna deal went. Who Connell my house I'm missing sea gulls on my house here and I'm annoyed by the on the good and you damaged my home week's super super super lucky dean main neighbor behind to mean here in Fort Lauderdale their like a metal Fannie and flew off. The top of their roof. And we NA I IM guessing it hit why else because I mean it was in my yard but you're right up. Where they had to my house is but it didn't cause any damage sound. I was and their fans ruin. And yesterday when whenever when I want panicky and outside in the morning it was so and empower yesterday morning so we substance or a kids on the street it's you know 6:30 in the morning at once Ron and out of their home because the first time you can add your house and like. You know eighteen hours and I know it's a power Zoellick we're all now on the street. And all all the other man you know on the street and I am really amp so it meant only other man on the street and that there are all like the star no cleanup. Which relieves and yet should he saws and shanties. And call this off and get also what do you do and I mean you re not you'll love chainsaw enormous setting and I'm standing in the air trying to get reception in my cellphone. Detector and check out orders fell score matters and all these other guys like they're doing is doing like manly stuff. And the singer itself what they need two things 1 I I I am I hope no one looks at me OK because they're doing manly stuff and I'm myself on. I try and hold it up on hold up more and more to hold up trying to signal you know moving around. It would double sweat and but but mostly empty myself or my. Yeah now I'm not do when any of this I I've I'm not doing and it's I mean like not. I have friends tried to Paul Nunn. And originally I had a handyman lined up to do you think you are able to make it back over yet and I canceled the intimate. And with that being a terrible move us. Well I just by the storm hit each hopes to OK it's not just calculated. I ran along with every other meteorologist and university to meet on these guys. He's still warm meteorologists and you let the terrorists. Know any I don't have deny it has been zero would be Huntsman I don't think it dragging her means. Zoom model though the seventies. You're didn't mile the new saying that that screwed it there was urine models the original you're a models also had a going to the East Coast know and it and it got less. It it went west before us and the and WS modular whatever and as European debut you're cannot models are always matter I don't know why we show the other models anyway Europe had a first prop Sierra I I canceled canceled a handyman. And and then my boyfriend says the next day am I again. Let's end it think it's really coming over the west you know certain really Trent Latino media and those shutters and he said I am exactly yeah and is instead doubled its unacceptable behavior Tyson and there's primaries out. These Heisman there's no amount of money. That I wouldn't pay to have someone do the shutters. Now when I say there's no amount of money as me all is as a you pay a million dollars owning a million dollars because no one's charging a million. Okay million dollars is not what do aux. Oh whatever someone. Is like the most that someone is going to charge you for the shutters. I will pay. I hope whoever year you're getting to take them down is listening and now yup charges are now we already got that set up that's RD range and you worry about that. But there's no amount of money I save the guy in the other end the phone and grin I got someone who who's who we know who does well tonight it's a random person okay. Did I wore on the other end of the line. An insane okay. How much are you charged media the shutters there's no amount of money that he's gonna come back at me with the number to say no to do myself I'm going to say yes. It's a there's no amount of one pay. To have the shutters and same thing we're all losers like god bless those guys on my street and the other families who met. Okay those mental than those a re I'm not a man okay those other men who were doing the cleaning and the machete and a chance is like. I don't any that's OK I pay my taxes. Cooper sitting come by the clean everything right I hire a guy who Duma shutters warming I'm not doing and it. I don't do would look at I don't know and I. I don't Cooper city comes rank Manger you're probably aren't going to they're gonna Christmas clean up our own idea and it's the streets like on the streets I pay a homeowner association. That stuff. That's a painful. Okay you and me I'm like yep put on the Kirk also what I don't know I I don't know how I mean there's nothing else to do live chip in no way you gonna make the formal suckers and I guess you and in an eight week. That's great I'm dripping sweat and go into a house so that has no wasted an Adam medical chill result and a shower then feels good my cereal killed in cold showers now now give it to you do. Do you have it agreed upon like it's it's ala cart with with the with the long guy like he'll do anything because normally when you do long and contracts disease that will. You know cut this area though you're right leaves your rights and he's vendor to say to me when he comes to saying hey you know we're charging this action because in this because this is only. Some do you dig into the hands of a lot of machine and you except that I. Talk the guy he's become why did you tell me what I tell him because of all the stuff beat him. Does not deal. Usually life would find you more attractive and be dead right I mean he says there's nothing higher on gun this morning and you guys need a politically attractive OK I've got this weekend doing something right and. And slightly less than once again you see you now see. You see so much physically for lately my daughter John who likes won't pose a soccer. I just always a good habit telling you always do and physically you're real Manto and you're always there and all the physical labor's it splinters in my hands this morning I don't get me getting ice descent and I did get late you it manually be nothing I did the usual is that Islam move which is nothing. I got some action last night is the soccer these guys it's a ball or something. Just did my normal business. Sound their live my life. Is watching wrestling on TV editor enjoyed Arnold wrestling I've watched or. On Sunday I don't know how I go online and now I know you Dolly and now I want all the iron censorship is a good idea. A lot about myself the powers out famous coaches go to sleep disorder and you slept in my lap up. I've watched all are on sale opera accurately uses terrible news show on his view of the deuce. That is ridiculous sex what is and like it's like this the goods like New York prostitution back in the seventies it's discuss the -- James Franco it's a good. You don't. If you can't impressed even our two guys. He plays twins and I would like him put that's a tomato but if you can't impress me in an hour you don't get an hour and a half. Like once once our past on the premiere of the data. Need that extra half found which led this into the next episode like you better be wowed me inning giving an hour from now kangaroo race and every minute when they play twenty teens bring at least went. You know that movie FaceBook universe that movie social network chair okay army hammer. He plays though Google Voice went. Well I I thought years later that there's not too dudes. We want. Who dudes who play the nickel Boston why I didn't know that there weren't too. Real too I know. 20. Shortage of of twit identical twins at Hollywood I hope the Ron recall announced it there are identical twin actors in Hollywood around that seem major run so upset aiding and partly it's one. And played on both. For years but it was two dudes.