ZRA Part 2 9-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, September 13th

HEAT's creative contracts, Crappy Football, Kyrie respeck


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We're Marlins game last night the Marlins lost solved and give you one story. The Marlins lost in fifteen innings last night the Phillies you know memo and the Marlins were in the playoff chase for minutes. And the three games over 500 had the easy schedule coming up you know. Yes you played Washington Nationals six times coming over the next couple weeks which Marlins don't six. By you have the Braves and the Philly it's okay. And you at 240 cents against the Braves and the Phillies a total which went two and six in those. 24 game stats yeah totally blew that and last night against the Phillies and the market walked off again. The real the real losses they'd they lost three deported braves this past week and three of those losses were walk offs by Atlanta. And laws don't walk off again last night and they actually that was the Phillies and actually got walked off twice. Last night BBC would have been ninth inning now I have ever seen it has any sports. A power that's true maybe it was. Already was like a local bore to watch the Marlins team now mounting up do you numbers silence and a that's rants against the Marlins and bills Arizona. Tuesday night September a couple of teams and race. So. I don't know that I never seen this before the ninth inning okay. The winning run is coming home to score on a base hit to right field John Carlo makes a perfect route or. And sing at the plight a fairly easily and crowd's going crazy and they come stormed the field at dawn soap all over the place. And the Marlins challenge. They win the challenge. So league leading yet. So walk off like it did goal celebrations like. Hey you did not win the game they've ever seen that before where you've bought the game was over everyone celebrates. And no lead is not over and they got to play six more innings. It's an Italy since the terrible calls a whole other game. And Angela the bar. So essentially walked off BA ya leave it up for you to doubt you last calling the game's not over tomorrow Greg straight into work c'mon it's Marlins the Phillies. And and they ended up losing in the in the fifteenth inning last night op. 967974. You know if you listen to us right now you all are hearing us because you listen on apple. Or because you're listening on line. If you law are. Please don't call our or wherever and Youkilis on the radio you're not gonna get us all on the radio because is probably there transistor because that was her team. A few days ago now. Is the age teach. Don't so even more getting. I don't think that's up yet but I believe that's going to be a lot faster than a regular signaling that he might just be that. Is working and it's not where it's not yet because we've got several tax from taxpayers and is now working at our. Point who the hell knows that's a works like why wouldn't that work at the shark is on the air 104.3. Law it is that come from our transmitter to. Do I mean you know the engineering degree here's coming out happens. Well why would wanna four point three HD two. Is that part of the problem with so why wouldn't I don't know right now while. Used to be transmitted but they yet they stole it sold for months well regents dude take back c.'s regional arsenals on on the air yet it's all. But when are when when African. Orderly goodness but the answer the bosses are listening and I can get in trouble these three things you Matt about Syria afford Medicaid and drove around. All day he and. Reaper all SEC. Although rim although amber while describing. Boobs last week said the word I'd just add runs and it's. I do repeated with YJ said I did not say yet hired. Really isn't one and all I did was repeat exactly would DJ and I know granted it's one of those words good FCC is very complicated on what they outline what they don't. It's. Again. So you name is that. On Friday last week but Emerson won and don't know words with a deadly mistake is to open dumped it like every match. O line can't erase the Internet you know that works there's no there's no dumping it Google in the Internet. Everyone heard you say Iran and its on Friday overall. That's. You press the wrong. Breast sounded Eric and the wind was adamant whip overall today I always there's. But Stewart and. Steve's WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SET to Miramar. Or did every day you guys are on the radio that's been a season getting stronger and stronger I did notice that'd be good RAM sitting on 790 you can hear some speed anesthesia. That's it that's dead on being translated third part pain. Turn the Steelers signal hopefully Beckham's Maxima but like I was saying if you're listening on the apple news and online hopefully continue listening they are. Otherwise Tobin what podcasts up later Youkilis and there as well. And yet bummer that that would have no problem that you can't listen on on 790 so if you want hearing now into one of your caller. Is not. It is not. When you had a morning before your morning what Taco Bell make you have breakfast crunch wrap eggs bacon and LT cheddar cheese and a house front all wrapped up in a warm tortilla. The Phillies defeated the Marlins 98 in fifteen innings the last. People waiting Marlins and then watch that team store to finish first and fifteen an accountant who count on one hand on two minutes. One hand which at one hand. At the nutrients yeah under. Tax rates and I heard amber say rhymes with and it's and it was glory as it was is. That it. This is the go to creek mall the ball a bigger gonna break auto mall friendly and knowledgeable Bracey one sponsored by Samberg grilling coat and I drove home with biztalk and invest more to our 2017 by the my aiming at times by Lexus of North Miami. And amaze an automotive experience. Tom Garfinkel who will be joining us on the show later announced it's hard rock stadiums suffered no structural damage the facility was inspected by a team of engineers. Fill us appeal of refraining from landscape name but they'll be ready to go in the teens plates we don't. Our Google also said at the team's practice facility will be good to go after this West Coast trip. I mean it's several months to get the ball so that your time all split personal. You see I'm middle of summer and this is an creek. I'll. Agree on and off friendly and knowledgeable the rays once sponsor is Margaret and Obama is happening passports are 2017. Miami time ambulances and are my name enemies in automotive experience. The steam but they lightning and the age are needed two point seven million dollars to arm a relief. Winners will receive one point one million dollar bonus deeply seven he deems that he is seen on the. It's Dion. Guru. Now by you know its old one point one million dollar bonus mail room. Yet 19 dollar bonus if he logged 17100 minutes when he. Angie odalis has ever played by the way it is a little more than 15100. In season is most he's ever played itself. Privacy and Eminem between him enough then Millie always a weird one you know Pete gets toward the end of the season what do they don't the final game of the season. And Kelly Winnick is. Now forty minutes away. Forty minutes away from getting the bonus now forty minutes is never something that. The Intel Wendy's and quick Matthew good calculators 17100 minutes divided by 82 games that's it it's completely LP. What are you adapt average to get that because let's say. That going and funny he needs you or forty minutes you have three calculator sitting in for him as a show tournaments so it's so he played. Every game you need averaged twenty minutes a game to get that mark the just of the 21 minutes a game what it what do you played in 75 somebody five misses seven games a season. 75 games into 17100 how many games it has more realistic. A Pulitzer announcements well that's totally doable. Nights is probably gonna get a bonus that. But it's cool way that he did it because he gets followed under an unlikely bonus so it doesn't count against the salary cap. We tell when it is gonna play 22 minutes a game you think rights human hope but he apparently never happens. But tell me I always wonder you know let's say needs forty minutes which is well over. What he'd normally plays in the game. Game doesn't really mattered to final game of the regular season already locked in their playoff spots. I always wonder how that war studies. This Kelley deal with neglect this delay. That does he would slip into one of the assisting good Gasquet go to coach Spoelstra that he can't bottom yet so so does he let it slip into like Chris Quinn zero as a he'll corny. Forty minutes tonight man for remains me a lot to me. You know little bonus on them trying to build a pool in the backyard. In case you think that the that that team and it once they tell you wanna million dollars no not the smut or that's in the white coaches there that's so what does it help out of my soul. Quietly to the players think you know what man there's no way they're complaining forty an insanity know exactly how many minutes a needy don't wanna plainly. They're gonna play me so much less like let's it's more reasonable number what 625 minutes he needs. And many places twenty formats. We. K a DJ remembered DJ what was that story that's exactly what happened hand yeah his bonus yeah. That he thought he was basically guaranteed to get it they started pulling him. Yeah always always on her tournament to gain 30% of accounts would normally plays mostly game then. I eat so I don't know when you signed that. Bonus when you when you sign that cons but if I'm Kelly Winnick and sign an act contracts. Williams Hobbs in agent. He's a scene my agent. Saying it's. At the end like I had. Think about this now the entire season how many minutes I play even and that's why you're not relying you can't your agent wouldn't that you and the million are relying on the million dollars. Now I guess a guy like Kelly Olympic never click Hellenic salaries ten point six million and it's a million dollar bonus you get. But it's like Kelly Olympic semi close at ten point six million Sony. He probably doesn't care so much she's like wildly amazing bonus. If I get another million dollars but who the hell cares I'm in ten point six million. I mean what it who million before on his initial rookie contract so this situation he's probably got a guy who cares so much but at. You you've seen as a million times and especially evident football crystal balls are very incentive heavy. Sport when it comes these contracts and like you said referred DJ talk about it. I don't vows to play bad you think about that stop all the time wrote the good teams clients room. As Kelly Olympic and see him all over everyone else's us not jets all the time I. I Blakey czar to hand out team are great guy great aren't they and in gray haired big fan and a great especially in his boss and you look them. Tony no doubt I'm telling you this guy I certainly signed him. This is exactly the type dude there even a La okay. You don't like playing against him looks goofy he's he's got some of the dirty moves okay. But this guy has loads as well because he looks goofy. He's got an a dirty moves as well. But this the kind of guy and how India. You know watch him play in several games in this season and he can't allow them dark in them you love the way plays you know love haven't pre team. Speaking of the belief Angela Goran Dragic yet when it. It's board's latest Susie it's Albania a lot to advance in the semi finals for. Its. And it's. Miami Herald is reporting that an investor acknowledge dared tutors slams. He wants buyer's agent Casey close her office insists that so many you know keep on peace and quiet those books. The lakers announced that Bryant number Ian number 24 will be retired on December 18 against the warrior and so down on yours and snowed. Him. So on ever announce he's making an NBA comeback. So what several Mariana I damaged in seeing a potential Stephon Marbury comeback. I'd rescue knock wood a duel with Megan and be returned. Dude is still out there were Brees played overseas straight bowl and he's like fifty years old and he's bald and like you always use. That dude was so good he was the original don't stand the National Anthem guy. Any sense up black ball ultimately recourse young black on it's been like fifteen years since been leaning still dominating in professional basketball Corzine a black ball. He was like the regional don't stand for the anthem like she's Muslim. And he was society he originally used his back turned I think and then that because they wanna have in the back turned. He was he was praying. During a the National Anthem and it was a whole big thing I mean this is more talk. One years ago mean I don't remember that Yang played played the nuggets most his career and it was a really big he was also. Really you'll play. Is calling governor didn't come up this idea now now mark chmura growth is the original. Don't stand for the National Anthem got. And he was it was that we didn't pay the guys who won the Olympics that one year that was in the sixties right they don't show up they put their fists up when they're on the podium. Yes yes I'm the National Anthem. Yes I suppose I'll talk about like when I'm talking about like our four major professional sports although we'll forgets no. What's his name former Marlins first baseman Delgado calls about. He's due out tomorrow what's unique about national income that anthem or god bless America I don't know he you know one of the other sinking now. He's not come out for the National Anthem either he would utes in the dugout. He sees one ground snaps and stand by a dual role would be easy Renault fairly back. A guru rove was doing the at the protest in the three and three league this year victory. He was in the death. You know I'm just annoyed him. I rather do it replaced that there's this went left leg in the first game stuff injury. Speaking of Big Three Josh Childress earned a contract with the nuggets after his play in the day really interests and I Oscar. Jaguars on our shot sad pond gave one million dollars to hurricane arm out relief. You garrisons weigh in with all these rich guys to come over the top of the biggest addition we'll give compliments at least now he came to Harvey Harvey Harvey. Well I'll donate your courts votes I won now you. Name do you think do you think give your do you think of your Mickey you're thinking of crowd because now I have to I clearly it's got on a war out here that I did a Houston. He's definitely got a double. And now you're gets the rich guys think about oh used in. The good bad and you're like Revver billions billions they go to these like big dinners that amber you wouldn't know you don't want premium cable. But they go to these big dinners and you have to violate pieces of art for a million dollars Jesse could show off how rich you are. So I just wonder if these rich guys and these things with the hurricane not a disaster with a light. Steve Austin's three million. I got up on I literally slow planet that's. I would tell you this a charity world does a very competitive it's very oddly competitors that is that big in that. Anti charity and it's very strange charity world is a very oddly competitive. Type. Thing when you're searching for things to watch and cable when you hit the menu button I I don't have tables as a no no. Hours I can't search for a bleak in other words it. When I went and you'll remember on the way and no one you do when your surgeon for doesn't watch and you pulled the menu button and it says like premium channels. Really what the hell is that it says premium channels. Jon bones Jones B sample also was a failure by a US AD Avery in a lot of anabolic steering it terrible. So he can't be easy for Europeans not even losing guys date Jumbo Joe's a loser sorry. And greens is that Irene that I read three did not surprise opponents aren't and that his level of respect for Irving went let's listen. Occurrence in this article and Russia that they. Tripled p.'s trainer claims his biter and into a brown bear while training for his fight with canal Culver and that they are back now. I mean nobody believes it's all fat whopper in that as a whopper clever one. Error back now. There's not a bogey at. Apple unveiled the I ball and a acts which means it's time. IPhone acts and copying and I can't or don't wanna go to this thing I had money to huge Dana as any in the past and build a new pipeline means that it's Amber's Adler it does he get the iPods. That's right I'm so excited I did seven great this and when he was seven W seven I have a seven is good it's good I do enjoy it unplug it I it's I'm I'm excited that most are in the means that slim that I'd trade with five or six. Now what's the new thing with this iPhone hates what's what's the new cool thing you're really into this facial recognition. That's how you're cute line and your phone does it all. Skated face why sounds like more war. Somebody can cut your thumb ball for the get a thumbprint to viewers this is way better it was killing recognition can you imagine what I have in my phone of some and cut my normal accesses. I'm so goddamn important that's happening. Maybe an instance facial recognition and. Apologize for Jonah Hill calling Donald Trump we'll wait promise on Twitter. It's been very viral story man and Ted crew got caught liking it more on Twitter people think the warrants are looks a lot like his white dot. So obvious that it was him he did not get hack the woman is is a much better looking version of his wife. It's so clear as a. And I didn't. Did your what is quite keep running like that behaviors like you party front feel okay about back easily see guys who looks like he's seen you're still hitting your husband's type I. I don't know about that Felix eagle look at and say wow she looks just like me only a lot better looking what do you know it. I don't know why I think you got got. But it's so I don't know we out of his I think I think I still battered then looking at a porn star that looks nothing like you know when he isn't he he's into her. Now blame it on to blame it on staffer. That it attitude because as if he's blaming it on sever I wanna name OK you don't get to just say snapper someone else at some miles. Although a name and you know I think I also want. On a picture and imagine staffer who runs a sort of accounts likely young and they're much less likely to make that mistake and an old guy using technology Heatley did he tell where these situations were some who likes porn. It's always some old guy who doesn't know how to use ha they think nobody can see their life right. See that's what this tee it apparently he did blame. A staffer Gilligan and weeks of Quentin gonna miss that he didn't get all wanna after an hour my shot this Stafford who like some tweet was named Ted Cruz yep we know his name. Have a Entegris is Kym Johnson yeah I like some board. I feel like hey people like him so much more ball he got it humanize them speak because I don't what would happen to think he's. Two's come out and simulate masturbation you follow. Word yet and he's like super. Religious at this point like you come out and heat but that's what attackers is going to be president Arnie went as far as gonna go with that so warning not the lake. What what should what should realize you're not gonna be president. That these guys ever get kicked out of the political world anyway then all of Carlos danger he still hanging around so it's a surreal you like the port. And we will. The appeal of that Brinkley I think that's one of the appeal problem why he'd he'd did it rise to popularity in his political climate beat duke being at the clock speed on to the table and he's on is that people nicer people categorize him as honest likes it she says he wants to say he's not political he's not in and I think that people found that I grew interesting pick and that's what it is is you never get regular politicians. Just you know whatever completely. Opens and they rarely actually take a fall were ready and there really rarely get picked on or. And that and that it's time that entire senate and house them all want to. I'm. So I'm. It likely better server to. Opera returns he's a he's flight from Atlanta. I wonder if this place in pine crest ever actually lost out of progress is palate and does it by telling you way they say he's staying on Twitter doesn't apparently on Monday and pine crest. Well okay I think that's nice I'm replied as somebody I don't know if it's true or not an answer us last hour. And shore you know the irony would not be lost if he hadn't. Lost power and immigrant ran on land where he's currently without power for a couple days now. Amman shortly be regretting that situation buying it. But what you said it appears he lost power by aggressively go back home to power to up but but he's got a generator. In his house in congress doesn't. This may conversation that would be better served with would Romberg here but. You know we talked about this will be yesterday and it's hard for us it's hard for us down year. To rule. Really speak intelligently. On this topic for yourself I don't know what topic regarding but I always speak intelligently but. The gains apparently you know I noted that happening NFL this weekend spread and watch it okay beat teams apparently. What's it. Post some good ones okay. But overall our view that for the most part it's blowouts and yeah very low scoring game see over exe and Diego and Denver NCAA games is second night of the month the second half Monday night game and I'm not stain upper that's. Although an animal gets that coming up but apparently game was rather eventful may broadcast standpoint but. That game may have been good it was Tony forts when he won. Except I'm pretty sure it's morning or seven for most of the second half the charters got the couple quick scores and made a game of it had a chance entirely to the gaming not a very good mean. I watched all of vikings saints games terrible. Terrible game although I thought Sam Bradford was really impressive and I'm just talking about because he's got the big completion percentage and actually I feel about. The completion percentage record that he set last year and all the deacon and Duncan it if like I I still think it's super impressive I don't care how many underneath throws he's naked because. If it were so easy some sort of record everybody else don't you someone else will would've would've. Passed for 72% for an entire season he tipped you got the record so it is impressive to me and watch and redeem on Monday night's. He's making some serious. The rose okayed downfield. Most of passes or are shorter but the once he's thrown downfield. And under pressure and getting hit. And you know delta and caulk pallidotomy cook though on Monday night where there wasn't enough for. Adrian Peterson. To have a bummer of a return game. In Minneapolis. But he's watching from the sideline. Out and Coke break his record for a vikings deep via. Right and does that backs to the whole thing you know as per night per vigorous before being salty. Yet you run all right he seemed to bits all you ran as the perfect storm of being of a pre heating his choice. But anyway. You know what other gain that back in again to ran nineteen is double digit victory and the game was it was that football. What was Packers Seahawks good again we'd. Was Packers Seahawks good to one score game but I don't see up scored nine points for the game and sound like it's a very good team. They're good at. What is. It what let me lines carnal scored a lot of points but Carson Palmer at three interceptions act could have been a well played game. Steelers browns close. But Ali good game right Susan browns are good at browns ran it. Now out and see. Falcons and bears. And bears probably good game game was tight. Yet Matt Ryan Doumit is staying and you know Chicago yet some new guys. To recall when the big fantasy waiver pick up this week they go on that. But otherwise what what team could it could possibly be in good. Mean just what I've read and escorts falcons bears may have been good Steelers browns may have been good at. And I I don't feel like accuracy looks good 79. Especially when you're talking about offenses like that would Russell Wilson Aaron I'd expect that Beckett had to elect put up. Two good games. This week. So. Usual point. Conversations better served when robberies here but you see these articles that are now coming outs on. Eat you know on on 53018. When he break down numbers that kind of deal. Just not how bad the football actually wards. In week number one and my question is what I'm wondering. Okay could be anomaly. Extremely small sample size one week Oka and although we do look around the league I'm not sure war. How many really good quarterbacks we had in the NFL in quarterback plays really lousy overall in this league. And defense is so sophisticated now. And defense of players are sold the unit and so fast and so strong. That it really doesn't make that position quarterback sold difficult. To play now. But I'm wondering let's say it's not an anomaly. Let's say the plate is actually more right now. Fix its. If fix its well I don't know if you do I mean I don't. What what would really make the play. Poehler. And night and headed it. Ian. You know when I mean like white what would the difference. Well you know Georgia I mean I I just feel like a massive overreaction number during that after one week. Let's say baseball for instance okay base all the pitching is way ahead of it it is okay pitchers are soul good. And you don't base all you always get the rumblings of them choose ball. You don't know what's true out but. That's a way that they can kinda countered that learn low key they Jews the ball on and you get more runs you get more home runs it's a subtle way that they can fix a couple things. But isn't the thing with baseball one of the things baseball is there is more room for improvement and pitching essentially then and hitting. Like there's always been strong hitters in baseball but it did with the you know paging you know guys pitch way way faster also used you and we mark. On faster right and there's some that are. You know some of that comes from Mumbai and I think if you look up you know the it averaged a speed pitches and you know it was a lot different but there's not a guy. Carol Marin county right and so you know you have more a focus on that more training or you know it Bob what ever it knowledge in terms how to preserve your arm and an eight you know maybe more. Kids I guess growing up focusing on it this sort so another words to me that's an entire sort of generational shift in the sport where. Pitching had this room for improvement that maybe may be hitting didn't have in the seem. Respects it with football I don't see this as as big whereas this big generational shift I mean we're talking about. I'm one game now I'm not saying yeah. So good now I mean like I said that the players. I I mean you are the defense is so much better than they were you know in the nineties and the early two thousand's I mean there's always been teams have comedy I think. So Edsall I think citing I didn't defenses. I mean it's like this in basketball too. You know focus of ego in check outside the Atlantis is and is better to defense is now in the NBA so what Morse to guys. It's true in the NB day because I think that today's basketball is much more sophisticated defensively. I mean with book file out and play it ravens and you have you know that had historic deep fences. Yeah illegal they're always a focus on defense like Billick and football offense I don't feel like football with nearly as lopsided in the NBA and that sends pretty MBA used to just be all about offense but I think adding its players get bigger and stronger and faster you can do things on defense bigger stronger faster is it is a shift in any sport and so it that's the but bigger bigger fat charter rostrum both sides of the ball so that shouldn't not in an of itself shouldn't be the shift because you're. You know receivers also bigger stronger faster in addition to your quarterback type thing but it doesn't match up perspective than you'd then you're an even playing field. But it basketball when when Pat Riley in the knicks in the mid ninety's started to muddy down. You know the gains. Ott you can make rules changes like with a deep we on the hand and game where you can't touch the guy who's got the ball and and that also in the scoring what do you make some subtle adjustments in the NBA. You you could fix that. I did hockey to eat out of water Panthers back in 96 and they played eight clutch and grab style defense and they changed. That's in hockey. And as a result a more open game it's a quick two line passes seem to make a lot longer passes like. They were able to make significant change in hockey to open up the ice and open up the sport. I ate I don't changes you can make and they already have eight can't touch that they'll wide receivers that the five yards like. What what other changes you gotta make it. It if it their all or at the if the play it the actual football. Is back. And I know there's about to start from your your farm system because one of the things is changed in football is how guys are playing in college. Yeah it's all gimmicks it's a lot of running god I'm really trying to do more to post I did I really that Alabama. Yeah I thought it's bright and adding it's a lot more profit out they want to play it down because the back of the law that's that's gotten gimmicky to like. These these guys aren't getting tree in the right way for how the game is played at the upper level. I guess I don't agree with I know people say that and I know we have attacks and attacks I need to teach these kids how to how to block on the alliance aligns the NFL sock. But I am I'm is that low on this one I mean you you know you think about the dominant teams in the in the ninety's and you know they were the eerie indeed signing gun they were very off I mean they weren't they weren't the ones that translates you. Pro style offense is I would say now today yes like Alabama husbands all region teams quit yet yet I mean I is there. Expert year's team had success than his his system didn't work in the pros but my point eats. But that that goes against your argument that's my point so Hawkins or merely very successful in college football. And then not as it's so so today the teams that are successful publicly while our more akin CO. Pro style offense it's. I would you have more I would you have more guy is ready to make that transition CU the NFL from quote unquote farms of. Here you meet your undergrad are you this difference though between teens how to success in college football analog prospects and where they're coming from a lot of these prospects. Where they come from the quarterback wise they're not getting set up in the right systems that don't take snaps from under center. So that's that's wiley when you're looking for wise deplored the the place a pour all over the lead. If you're having quarterback prospects in line prospects command. In different types a college systems in Arizona after becoming formally programs there to be prosperous and marketing trained in the right way. That's always dangerous my point. College football has never been. Pro football in terms of its knowledge of what women's college football's. Training you know its players. For pro football a secondly there's always been a difference there and I. Audience I am adding it's closer now than it's ever been but I I don't. Yeah. So that's not named yesterday. A Nantes. I. Most of the. You know yeah. There's a great season. That's when. Less than a deadly and not that they double don't have want a candidate not now that we did not know how to do apple. But we're told they have no idea that we doubts that the late what do you know they'll look at those guys and bring back yards. So ray. I yards one a little too much capes and on the edgy nerves it's true. I I think that the interest it is not there and home. But. Anyway. The heat before Panthers have a priest in the less than a week hockey writer on the corner pyrrhic. And that also means that basketball is right around the corner the heat have training camps starting in less than two weeks. They he had a pre season game. Less than three weeks let's get a whole week that's pretty awesome right there. And yesterday. Did you see that dream on green prison speck on carrier brings name to be students. Where trim on green had a thing to say about the YouTube. And he was talking about carrier being. Morning at a Cleveland and don't know Boston. And key as. A lot of respect now for retiree. For what he did it. And says quote. He's basically saying yeah okay I'm ready deliver big. It says a lot. But saying that once again he wasn't freeagent agree untreated anywhere between it's and don't hear war ago. I'm gonna make it happen that says a lot about who he is as a competitor his character and quotes. I got tired I disagree. I mean it says a lot about and as a competitor. Look silly like I I eat I mean I think he sing it says a lot about him as a competitor because he's not afraid to logo on his own and go anywhere he didn't have control over where he went. It's a lot harder to do that another words when you're not a free agents I think during months. But your competitor don't you wanna. Keep competing in the NBA finals every year widening he it will offers and I think you've ended up in a position where he might end up in and BA finals and sedated I know. But it. I think that if your am real competitor then you bed bound yourself available now and then you believing yourself. And you think that I think I'd rethink that that he can be extremely successful on that he can lead a team himself that he's that he's there and at that point has the rear ID as a super selfish. I think if you're thinking they had teaming up at the brawn and writing the bronze materials isn't is the most competitive routes I am with the green on this one what are you rock I was ever riding the bronze coat don't he anyone he was there before LeBron and on LeBron came back so I'm not say he was writing the bronze coattails Blake he put himself in the position obviously to leave he wasn't scared to leave LeBron I mean. Well as long as LeBron was there or not but it was high res choice for LeBron to be there but his along LeBron was there. Hiring was essentially following LeBron when he was. Writing his coattails are not cents or Amy was benefiting from a bronze greatness and I think he it takes I think it takes some. You know a holiday is it loud and benefit from your own greatness and put that on display because you know you could fail miserably and frankly your not going to fail LeBron is on your T. I look all these guys. The ego so massive and got had the Massa veto appeared integrated and and most things that you do in in your profession you guys have a big ego. But the ego is so big on most these guys that they believe that wherever they go. They're going to be able to leak they're gonna be the re. Click OK that he sucks now what I sign or could not be a reason they don't suck break like that eagle is so big I'm good enough. We're going to compete or go into content I'm that good I'm going to be able to put its net position. But this was a guy to permit in this guy who'll. Want it to be top dog who wanted to be done a number one store it was. Not being a competitor but that is being a competitor and that's all cements. Is sign of being a competitor is that you want to beat. The topic you want all the responsibility that is the ultimate level of competition. Yeah I think that it's not as if we're talking about you know James Harden for instance. I understand what James Harden left Oklahoma City. Our rights because they went a little publicity you just in the NBA finals and your team with Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka and Russell Westbrook like. You're gonna own the west for years and years while do you wanna leave these wanna be the man and that's selfish but there's an aspect there where. James Harden. Was never going to be able to. What he has in Houston and in Oklahoma City from a from. A professional standpoint but maybe even more importantly. From a financial stamp. Okay because if he's never able to have that kind of starting role he's not gonna get now hundreds of million dollar contract that he just signed okay. In Houston so I understand it from James hearted standpoint what do wants a leave the super competitive. Situations go beaten and somewhere else. Cut your urban got the maximum contract. He'd take curry takes more shots a game of LeBron. Curry Irving averages 25 points a game some to me it's a much different situation and got a team's heart and was a star player who was also when he very competitive contending situation. You'd think it's more competitive to leave for the money than it is to leave for the challenge until I could not agree with you lot no I think. Personal I think your personal situation is a lot more important is most important. Asked the most well I would say hi re Irving's personal happiness was on the line here ray because we know he wasn't happy they're all. Good except one of the reasons he seemed to not be happy is because maybe he didn't feel like he was in a position to be the most competitive for himself. I you know I. I think that would James Hardy and leaving for the money title thing going somewhere for money makes you competitive I think that that in really negates the competitive nature. Of the sport is and your choosing clear and sunny over competition bureau paid without a more talking about competitiveness. What we're talking about would dream on green is saying calling him more competitive. I tend to agree with green the more competitive move is to go try to do it on your own and not for the money just for the sake of doing. Woods or headlines. We'll check out what's going on hard rock stadium any damage damage wise and what not and also let's get the bottom of the dolphins how hard they tried to get this. Game in London moved back to Miami before they were shot down by the NFL Dalton's president CEO Tom Garfinkel joins us next.